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WELCOME TO FIMBA “ Seidman offers innovative and relevant academic programs. One such program is the Full-time Integrated M.B.A. (FIMBA) program. FIMBA uses ERP software to convey an in-depth understanding of how various academic disciplines interact in the business workplace.” – JOHN REIFEL, PH.D. DEAN, SEIDMAN COLLEGE OF BUSINESS

“ The FIMBA program combines a rigorous academic curriculum with work experience and leadership development. The program is accelerated (14-months); the curriculum is dynamic (innovative and integrated); and the leadership development focuses on the individual (you).” – SRIDHAR SUNDARAM, PH.D. PROFESSOR AND ACADEMIC DIRECTOR OF FIMBA


BUSINESS AS ANYTHING BUT USUAL The Seidman Full-time Integrated M.B.A. is unlike other programs FIMBA is designed especially for recent business graduates looking to jump-start their careers and is perfect for self-starters who are prepared to learn the most up-to-date business practices in the classroom, on the job, and across the globe. FIMBA is an accelerated 14-month program that features integrated coursework with a holistic view of business. It emphasizes business ethics and sustainability, and utilizes a process framework (SAP® ERP). You’ll develop leadership skills through a combination of rigorous coursework, experiential learning, and professional training in a fellowship environment.

“ FIMBA was beneficial to me because I did not have to stop growing in my professional career. I was able to continue working while pursuing an M.B.A. My immediate goal following the program was to secure a job. I was able to prove my abilities and work ethic through my fellowship and have accepted a position with Steelcase. In general, I aspire to work globally and learn more about innovation, user-centered design, and entrepreneurship.” – ELIZABETH BLAIR FIMBA, 2012 ECONOMICS AND INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS MAJOR, FRENCH MINOR, GVSU 2009 SENIOR BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT SPECIALIST, STEELCASE


OVERVIEW AND CURRICULUM Most M.B.A. programs require experience before you begin your degree program. With FIMBA, you’ll get business experience and an M.B.A. at the same time. It’s one of the only programs of its kind in the country, combining the most up-to-date business practices with real- world experience. Features include: • An 11-month, well-paid fellowship

• An accelerated 14-month program

• Exposure to local, national, and international areas of business

• 42 credits of 600-level coursework

• Study in Washington, D.C., and abroad • A fully integrated curriculum that takes a holistic approach to modern business

• Students earn an SAP® student recognition award from the SAP University Alliance and qualify to sit for TERP 10 certification as a part of the program

• A strong focus on business ethics and sustainability

“The students know how business works and understand how the ERP software (SAP®) makes business more effective. That is priceless.” – SIMHA MAGAL, PH.D. PROFESSOR, DIRECTOR OF SEIDMAN ERP PROGRAM, AND SAP MENTOR



Program Orientation


Integrated Business Processes with ERP Systems (using SAP ® ERP)

Team Building and Communications


Global Strategy and Intensive Global Experience

Sustainability Principles and Practices

Business Prep Academy

Quantitative Analysis for Business Decisions


Corporate Strategy for Business Cycles The Washington Campus Program Business Ethical Problems and Perspectives

Essential Business Technologies

Business Fellowship (Full-time/40 hrs per week)

Leadership and Ethics

Career Placement Assistance Business Fellowship (both semesters/20 hours per week)

Basics of Integrated Business Processes

Fellowship and Career Planning

Leadership and Ethics Academy

Professional Development Series


THE FIMBA STUDENT EXPERIENCE COHORT, PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT, AND TRAVEL Students enter the FIMBA program as a cohort of 15-20 motivated learners. They spend the next 14 months together – learning from their professors, their experiences, and each other. Their journey also takes them to Washington, D.C. and abroad. Along the way they’re encouraged to complement their academic experience by taking advantage of other opportunities, including: • A dedicated professional development series designed to train students in leadership, group dynamics, and professionalism, and prepare them to advance their careers quickly

• Dedicated Seidman graduate student events • Seidman Alumni Breakfast Series presentations

FIMBA students also receive support from our full-time, on-site Seidman Graduate Office, which is rated by students as one of the best service features.

“ The unique value of the FIMBA program lies in cohorted design, career development, and professional development. The combination turns out tomorrow’s leaders — today, and allows our graduates to stand out from their peers in the workplace.” – KOLETA MOORE ASSISTANT DIRECTOR OF SEIDMAN GRADUATE PROGRAMS




The Seidman College of Business is an inaugural

to excel in the global arena, they take part in

partner with The Washington Campus (TWC),

an international business trip that exposes them

a nonprofit, nonpartisan educational consortium

to cultural mores, business relationships, and

that offers extraordinary immersion M.B.A.

business opportunities in an emerging global

courses in Washington, D.C.

market. Locations visited in the past include

To ensure that FIMBA students are prepared

China, India, and Dubai. The destination FIMBA students participate in TWC program

changes each year as the marketplace

every fall, gaining insight into how business

continues to develop.

and government dynamically interact. Upon completion, FIMBA students receive a certification of their competency in understanding and applying the essentials of managing business, government, and public policy. Learn more about the program at


SEIDMAN FACULTY MEMBERS PRACTICING WHAT THEY TEACH Seidman faculty members are committed to excellence in teaching. Seidman professors have actively worked on strategic issues with more than 400 businesses, including Steelcase, Meijer, Alticor, Herman Miller, SPX, Lorin Industries, and Donnelly. This real-time world experience brings strategic advantages to students in the Seidman FIMBA program: • Fresh problems to study • A faculty on the cutting edge

“ For its health and well-being, for its

• Proof that business theory and principles taught by Seidman FIMBA faculty are not only valid, but also valued by business

“ Team-taught classes encourage students to

sustainability, and for its security the world

integrate multiple perspectives to analyze

depends on ethical leadership in business.

and solve complicated problems.”

Doing the right thing in the right way for the right reasons can be discussed, practiced, learned and applied. And our leadership


and ethics program gives our students ample room to do all four in a challenging and supportive environment.”

“ FIMBA students have the opportunity to participate in the “The Project” competition


sponsored by the Western Michigan Project Management Institute. This competition is an excellent avenue for students to obtain real world skills pertaining to project management.” – JAIDEEP MOTWANI, PH.D. PROFESSOR OF MANAGEMENT


FELLOWSHIPS/BUSINESS PARTNERS FIMBA fellows receive more than just professional experience. Through mentorship they grow quickly as people and the real-life lessons learned in the workplace are transferable to the business curriculum, helping students grow exponentially. Plus, the personal and business relationships they develop during their fellowship are carried with them into their first jobs after school and as they grow their careers. That’s why an ever-growing list of powerful local, national, and international businesses are eager to participate as FIMBA corporate partners and provide fellowships for our students. “ What we found is that it’s a great way


for the student to get to know us and us to get to know them, and people who then join the company excel. As the school continues to build its reputation, as we continue to see good talent come out of the program, it would be kind of crazy not to continue to build our relationship.” – JOHN MALNOR VICE PRESIDENT OF GROWTH INITIATIVES, STEELCASE




CAREER DEVELOPMENT AND EMPLOYMENT SERVICES FIMBA students receive support from Grand Valley’s Career Center from the very beginning of the admissions process as they work together to develop the students’ candidacy for fellowships and articulate career goals. Students enjoy the Career Center’s extensive knowledge of current employment trends and connections with local, regional, national and global employers and are given opportunities to interview for competitive fellowships working in ERP/SAP®, operations, finance, management, marketing, or other business disciplines. The Career Center connects all students to career-related resources and opportunities that enhance long-term career planning and preparation. These services include job search assistance; access to LakerJobs, GVSU’s online job management tool; workshops and seminars; career fairs; on-campus recruitment; and interviewing strategies.

“ GVSU FIMBA graduates have been well received by the employer community due to their academic, applied and global business perspectives. Additionally, the ERP skill set (SAP) seems to be a major draw.” – TROY FARLEY DIRECTOR OF CAREER SERVICES


ABOUT SEIDMAN COLLEGE OF BUSINESS AND GRAND RAPIDS, MICHIGAN The Seidman College of Business at Grand Valley State University is fully accredited by the AACSB, a hallmark of excellence in business education that has been earned by less than five percent of the world’s business schools. Seidman College of Business is located on Grand Valley’s Robert C. Pew Grand Rapids Campus, in the heart of downtown Grand Rapids, Michigan’s second largest city. Grand Rapids offers countless social, professional, and recreational opportunities and is only two and a half hours from Detroit and three hours from Chicago. Grand Rapids placed second in RelocateAmerica’s list of Top 10 Best Places to Live in the U.S.; seventh in Forbes’ list of happiest places to work; and made broadcast journalist Bill Moyers’ list of Cities Leading the Way in Sustainability. West Michigan is known globally for making furniture, but the region is also making a name for itself in health care, life sciences, aerospace and defense, entrepreneurship, and more. As a result, Seidman College of Business has a record of producing high-quality graduates who fill the needs of local, regional, national, and international businesses.

L. William Seidman Center

Grand Rapids, Michigan


Se i dma nCo l l e g eo fBu s i n e s s

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Fimba Brochure

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