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Gator Bites APRIL 2013 // VOLUME 1 ISSUE 1 CNH KEY CLUB | REGION 5 | D28S

The Official Green Valley Key Club Newsletter

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Newsw 4LetterDivision from the LTG: Hello Key Club! My name is Richard Immerman, and I will be serving as the Lieutenant Governor for the 2013-2014 term! I like to go by RJ because I am named after my father, and to distinguish who is who, my parents have always called me RJ! I currently serve as Secretary at Coronado High School, and I have been in Key Club since my freshman year. I look forward to a year of service and fraternity! I have many goals that I would like to achieve this year. The first, is to create a sister club program. I believe that this program will help create division unity because multiple clubs will be working together to participate in a variety of club events! I would like to create a sister club program because I have noticed that members who participate in interclub events are inspired by the other club’s members, and they are more active in Key Club than those who don’t participate. I would also like to increase service my encouraging more service events, as well as hosting more division wide service events! When I am not working on Key Club work or serving my community, I love spending time with my family and reading books! I really enjoy spending time at Disneyland. No matter how many times I have been there before, it always feels like there is something new and fresh. I would like to study history and political science in college, and after college I would like to pursue a career in politics. This year, I look forward to meeting and talking to each and everyone one of you. I would like to talk to you all before our term starts so that way I can find out what you need from me as Lieutenant Governor, to make your club the best club it can be! I believe that each club in Division 28 South is an amazing club, and we can make our clubs even better this year! If I can ever be of service to you, do not ever hesitate to call/text me at (702)-503-9016, or email me at Smiling in service, RJ Immerman

5Letter from the President: Hello Key Clubbers! My name is Ji Eun Bae and I'll be serving my home club, Green Valley Key Club, as club president for the 2013-2014 term. I cannot wait to serve with you all this term--it's going to be a fantastic year! April marks the beginning of a new Key Club year, and I feel as if Green Valley Key Club is already beginning our term with a bang. Our chances of growing as a club are truly limitless and infinite. After the Annual California-Nevada-Hawaii District Convention and the short Spring Break, the board members and I have been working together to brainstorm, organize, and execute many plans for the club. Our enthusiasm and passion for our home club has led us to set some challenging goals for the year: 2,750 service hours and $1,500 raised for service. Although I must admit that those goals are quite challenging, I have not a single doubt on our abilities as a club to reach those goals! In fact, I am extremely excited about our club progressing to the next level together. I hope you all are as excited as I am for another Key Club year! Green Valley Key Club, thank you for giving me this opportunity to serve you. You are amazing. Serving With Love, Ji Eun Bae


Old Business E

Helping Coach Hill In this event, we helped out a health teacher from our school, Coach Hill, to set up for her health meeting. 95% of our fellow key clubbers went to this event especially because it was just inside our school library. It was a fun and easy way to hang out with fellow key clubbers and help out all at the same time! It is also a fun and easy way to get hours for sure!



Vincent Nguyen: “Green Valley's Health teacher Coach Hill is trying to host a meeting regarding health in the school library. To set up the event, she asked us Key Clubbers to help her organize various brochures and manuals, laminate health cards, and help set up various paperwork to be received by the attendees of the event. We also helped clean the table to make the meeting room really professional. This event highlighted one of the moments us Key Clubbers worked really well together as we delegated each other’s tasks and sorted papers like an assembly line. I had fun at the event and by the end of the day; the coach was really appalled by our efficiency to get the task done”.

Nia Fernandez: “The day we helped out Coach Hill, I folded programs for a health meeting. I also sanitized tables. Helping Coach Hill in her time of need made me feel really good especially because it was a great way to hang out and bond with my fellow key clubbers!”

Tyler Dancel: “In this service, I helped Coach Hill by putting the name cards into the slips for name tags. It gives off a great feeling helping out our local teachers and I would definitely do it again”.


8 Old Business Contr

K-1 Day (04/06/13) In this event, we went to a middle school and help fold, cut, tie, roll, and crochet plastic bags into mats for homeless people. They made us watch videos of how these people live and how we can help them. A fun and heart-warming event!


ARTICLESWFP Megan Leavitt: “This was my first K-1 Day in my whole three years of being in Key Club. It was cool to see how clubs in other divisions interacted with each other and how similar they are to our division. It was also great to see all of the Circle K, Builder’s Club, and Kiwanis members there as well. I think it’s great how everyone in the whole Kiwanis Family has an opportunity like this to join together and make a difference. I’m glad that I went because it was an experience that I will never forget!” Tyler Dancel: “What I did in K-1 day was a great experience overall. I helped cut and fold plastic bags for 4 hours and had lunch with my fellow key clubbers that came. It felt great knowing that the effort we put into helping them are for the homeless people and it gives off a good feeling after the videos they showed us about the homeless people and how they are managing their lives”.


10 Old Business Contr

DCM (04/24/13) Our very first DCM this term.


11 Vincent Nguyen: "At DCM, the divisions of 28 South all gathered at Valley high School. We discuses past, present, and future events through the LTG and the presidents. I made a lot of new friends there and had a lot of fun socializing with Valley and Del Sol Key Club. We had really delicious pizza thanks to Valley Key Club and everyone seemed to enjoy it. I especially enjoyed how much awards we won as a division from DCON. Go Pandas!"

Ji Eun Bae: “The April Division Council Meeting, which took place at Valley High School on Tuesday, April 16th, was the first DCM of this 2013-20134 term. As Green Valley Key Club president. I was excited to give my President's Report and let other Key Clubbers in the division know of our progress as a club. Although Valley High School was far and not as many members attended as they did the March DCM/Banquet, I greatly enjoyed being there. The pizza that Valley High School prepared for us was amazing. This first DCM made me anticipate the Green Valley DCM in December even more�.


12 Old Business Contr Thomas the Train 1 (04/06&07/123) Isaiah Ricoy: “Thomas the Train was super fun. I volunteered at the Nevada State Railroad Museum where they're trying to fund raise for their facility by offering rides on Thomas the Train. My main job was to safely board the kids on the train and wave at them to have a safe trip. I had fun helping the children out at Thomas the Train. In addition, I also helped direct traffic at the event and facilitate order at the parking lot. The attendees of Thomas the Train were all really nice and I had a lot of fun helping a lot of people have fun”.

Ji Eun Bae: “On Sunday, April 7th, I arrived to Nevada State Railroad Museum in Boulder City at 8 o'clock in the morning. As platform attendant, I helped passengers get in line, load, and unload safely. I also held the responsibility of answering any questions involving directions. My favorite part of the service event was when other platform attendants and I waved to the children in the train before and after the train ride. The children were so adorable, and waving to them and talking to them were pleasant experiences. At this event, I felt like a little kid and had so much fun. I can't wait to go back on the 14th (since this is a twoweekends event)!”.



Thomas the Train 2 (04/14/13) Ji Eun Bae: On Sunday, April 14th, I volunteered at the annual Thomas the Train event with my fellow Green Valley Key Club members. I signed up for train platform attendant and initially worked for the position; however, in a couple of hours, I was sent to another station to work as bouncy house staff/assistant as they needed help. Securing the little kids' safety and making small talk with them at the bouncy house made me smile. Not only were the children easy and fun to talk to, but they also made me feel like I went back to being a little child! Overall, Thomas The Train was an amazing way to spend my Sunday morning, and I'm glad it's an annual event-because I would love to go back and volunteer again next year!

Megan Leavitt: Going to Thomas the Train made me realize how happy children can be when they see the actual train outside of its cartoon series. It was a great opportunity to help our community and the children at the same time!

14 New BusinesstT Color Smacked! 5k Run What? A 5k run where volunteers will be helping with course set up, packet pick up, color throwers, and water tables. When? -Friday, April 19th(5pm-9pm) & Saturday, -April 20th(10am-2pm, 2pm-5pm, 5pm-9pm) Where? Impact sand & Gravel (250 Pilot Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89119) Class Representatives What? Run for GVKC class representatives positions or elect them! When? April 22nd Where? GVKC General Meeting Interested? Contact any one of our board members! 4th Annual 5k Race for Hope What? Timed 5k race and fun walk to support Autism


See you there!


DID YOU KNOWk Here are some things you might not know about Key Club!

>The California-Nevada-Hawaii District is the largest Key Club district as of May 2008. The second biggest district is HALF its size! >The king of rock, Elvis Presley, was a Key Clubber in his high school years! >Key Club International used to be an ALL MALE organization! >Key Club exists in 30 different countries! >There are now clubs located throughout North America and the Caribbean area. In these groups, thousands of students are receiving training in leadership and service.


(Last DCM before our new term )


editor’s NoteV

19 Hello, My name is Zarina. I’m your bulletin editor this year and hopefully the next! I’m very honored to be our club’s bulletin editor and just being one of the board members is such an honor! I get along so well with all of them :) One thing you should know about me is that I LOVE writing. So expect long paragraphs like these on all of our upcoming newsletters! I’m so excited for our upcoming events, especially relay for life! (Someone please bring some pho/noodles, thanks! Hahah). If you guys have any questions, text or email me. I’m always free to talk, even if you just want a friend or someone random to talk to, I’m here! Yay to me, I hope you liked my very first newsletter!


ContactsAK Ji Eun Bae, 11, President (702) 715-4493 Vincent Nguyen, 11, Vice President (910) 299-7434 Colin Hoang, 10, Secretary (702) 635-0648 Tyler Dancel, 9, Treasurer (702) 556-1140 Zarina Aure, 9, Bulletin Editor (702) 806-2274 Isaiah Ricoy, 11, Seargant-at-Arms (702) 445-4618 Mr. Adam Patai, Faculty Advisor (702) 689-2244 Mr. George Hedges, Kiwanis Advisor (702) 417-5477


Thank You For Reading! 8360 Red Oak St. #201 Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730 (909-989-1500)

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