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Goodlettsville, Tennessee

Rachel’s Garden A Playground for All Abilities

THE VISION Rachel’s Garden is a project of the Goodlettsville Fire Department’s Kids Christmas Charity that will install a universal playground for the children in the City of Goodlettsville.

RACHEL’S STORY1 Rachel West is a lifelong resident of Goodlettsville and the daughter of a retired captain for the City of Goodlettsville Fire Department. She made good grades in school, has a ton of great friends, and wields a wicked sense of humor. She has been in a wheelchair her whole life but has never been one to complain and believes what her mom has said a million times. Things could always be worse and lots of people have it tougher than us. Blessed always with good friends and wonderful caregivers—both at home and school—all through her life, Rachel found ways to have fun but it was not the same way her friends did. Her chair forced her to spend playtimes watching friends and classmates swing, rush down the slides and run around in the playgrounds. Her wheels would not move over the mulch and gravel, and even if it could, there was no equipment she could use. As she got older, she relived the experience at an amusement park during a school trip, inaccessible for the most part with her chair and to add insult to injury, even the bus ride to the field trips required separation from the friends she held dear. *1 Contributed by Jen Todd, Tennesseean

Rachel West is daughter of Fire Captain Ricky West and a life-long resident of Goodlettsville. Rachel’s testimony put the wheels in motion to find a way to address the need for additional park amenities that allow every child and caregiver of all ability levels to safely and joyously play together. Through her story, the GFD Kids Christmas fund decide this project would be a benefit to the City and the dream of Rachel’s Garden was born. In support of this project, the Kids Christmas fund established a separate account under its 501c3, the City earmarked a portion of land for the site, and the preliminary design was created. Finally, a kick-off meeting was held with stake holders to seek community input and to enlist them as ambassadors for the project. Rachel’s Garden is budgeted at $500,000 and the road map to our fundraising goal is challenging, but highly achievable based on the generous track record of our citizens. It is our sincere hope that this project can be a community effort that creates new bonds between neighbors and strengthens those that have always been.

INCLUSIVE ELEMENTS • Safe, smooth, spongy surfacing • Double ramps • Transfer stations throughout • Specialized seating & handholds • High back swings • Parallel play • Lots of shade • Fun, educational play panels • Fully gated playground • Double gated entry • And much more

INCLUSION What is inclusive play? Inclusive play is about ensuring that all children have the same access to opportunities, regardless of their specific abilities, needs and backgrounds. Creating play areas that are truly inclusive require careful planning. As such, there were a few key elements that were considered in the designing of this playground: mobility impairments, sensory impairments, learning and developmental disabilities, and behavioral issues. Maintaining an inclusive approach was at the forefront of discussion across all aspects of the playground design process. With these design standards in mind, it is our hope to create a facility with quality, fully-integrated play experience for all.

Inclusion is simple: It is about allowing everyone to share in the joy of play!

MAKE A DIFFERENCE We invite you to join us in our efforts to build this universally accessible playground for the children in our community. Your generous support will enable ALL children and caregivers of all abilities the opportunity to experience the joys and benefits of play. This destination playground will truly impact thousands of people each year.

1 2 3 4 All donations will go directly to the Rachel’s Garden Playground fund. Rachel’s Garden falls under the GFD Kids Christmas Fund, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Your contribution is tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.

Grown now and an aunt to her two nieces and a nephew, she still has to watch them play from a distance. It is easy for her to imagine the plight of chair bound parents everywhere with young children able to run and climb and jump. The amount of people affected by playgrounds unequipped for individuals of physical or mental disabilities is vast. In

SPONSORSHIP OPPORTUNITIES From individuals making donations, businesses sponsoring playground equipment, corporations contributing grants, and volunteers offering gifts of time, we welcome your support!

1. Buy a Brick

public facilities the same as the majority.

Purchase a brick to become a permanent part of the playground project. Bricks are a great opportunity to honor a family member or loved one, to pay tribute to a favorite mentor, or to celebrate your passion for securing play for all! Detailed information for brick purchases can be found online at www.rachelsgardenplayground.com.

Parents in wheelchairs can’t be with their

2. Create a Fundraising Event

2017, 15 percent of all Tennesseans lived with a disability, according to the most recent Disability Status Report by Cornell University. That is over 100,000 people that for one reason or another, cannot access

children on the playground, siblings can’t enjoy playing together, and even children on the autism spectrum can be overwhelmed or otherwise find it difficult to have fun with their peers. Goodlettsville wants to provide an opportunity for parents and children of all abilities to play together. The Garden will be the playground of Rachel’s dream. The poured-in-place surface will give her the opportunity to roam around the playground with her nieces and nephew. Special playground equipment will allow wheelchair-bound kids to roll up to a glider or swing, giving them the ability to truly play with their friends and siblings. With sensory-friendly equipment, even children on the autism spectrum can enjoy playing at Rachel’s Garden. This playground for all will soften the harsh reminder that Rachel and others with physical disabilities are not like the other children. It will hide for a time the thought that they can’t have fun the same way other kids can. This time, they can all play together –

no barriers.

Plan an event to benefit Rachel’s Garden and we will highlight it on the Rachel’s Garden Website and Facebook Page! Fundraisers that propose the use of City facilities will require a Special Facility Use Request form. Contact Parks and Recreation Director, Amy Mitchell at amitchell@goodlettsville. gov for more information.

3. Donate to the Fund No donation is too small! Your monetary donation, no matter the amount, will significantly impact the project. Monetary donations can be made online at www.rachelsgardenplayground.com or in person at the Goodlettsville Fire Hall. Checks should be made payable to Rachel’s Garden and mailed to: 105 Long Hollow Pike, Goodlettsville, TN 37072.

4. Sponsor a Piece of Equipment Playground equipment can be specifically sponsored for this project. Funds can be donated for items such as swings, the main structure, spinners, and much more! Prices are listed with each piece of equipment throughout the catalog. If you are interested in sponsoring one of the listed pieces, please call 615-851-2245. For other ideas you may have, or for additional sponsorship opportunities, please e-mail info@rachelsgardenplayground.com or call 615-851-2245.

sponsor levels Orchid $100,000 • • • • • • •

Premier logo placement and speaking opportunity at Grand Opening Dedicated e-mail blast Featured story on Rachel’s Garden website Direct link on website Premier logo placement at playground entry Recognition on all event materials, marketing materials, etc. 7 dedication bricks

Hydrangea • • • • • • •


Premier logo placement at Grand Opening Dedicated e-mail blast Featured story on Rachel’s Garden website Direct link on website Premier logo placement at playground entry Recognition on all event materials, marketing materials, etc. 7 dedication bricks

Camellia $50,000 • • • • •

Website recognition Logo placement at playground entry Direct link on website Recognition on all event materials, marketing materials, etc. 7 dedication bricks

Tulip $25,000 • • • •

Website recognition Business name placement at playground entry Recognition on all event materials, marketing materials, etc. 5 dedication bricks

Gardenia $10,000 • Website recognition • Business name at playground entry • 3 dedication bricks

Rose $5,000 • Website recognition • Business name at playground entry • 1 dedication brick

Main Structure


Children with all ability levels can access this customized structure and enjoy a variety of activities! Activity panels featuring musical components, puzzles, and games fill this structure with opportunities for cognitive stimulation while slides, telescopes, balancing stones, and a scavenger hunt leave room for imaginative play. This structure features durable perforated steel ramps that allow easy access for two kids in wheelchairs to sit side-by-side or pass each other. An accessible Aero Glider provides a unique stepping platform on both ends for more kids to play and increase the swaying fun.

Bambino Playville


Playville, designed for ages 2-5, gives children their first step into big kid playgrounds. This multi-sensory structure gives younger children a taste of perceived risk with safe, fun activities designed just for them. Playville will help develop balance skills, encourage discovery with activity panels, and stimulate users through motion activities.

Custom Fire Truck


Users of all abilities can crawl through, under, and over this custom built fire engine. This pretend play product helps develop cognitive, social and language skills as users role play, make up stories and adventures, and explore endless possibilities for fun.



Let all kids play in perfect harmony. The Concerto line of outdoor musical equipment allows children of all abilities to experience the joy and benefits of making music. Designed at a more accessible angle and height, these instruments can be played comfortably by all kids, including those with mobility devices.

inclusive play Playtime is a vital part of all children’s development. Not only do kids love spending time outdoors, but they benefit hugely from this too, learning and developing within an interactive environment through a wide range of sensory experiences. But what is inclusive play? Inclusive play is about ensuring that all children have the same access to these opportunities, regardless of their specific abilities, needs and backgrounds. Fundamentally, inclusive play is about providing opportunities for all children to ensure that no one is left out of enjoying these vital learning experiences. For children with disabilities and from different cultural and financial backgrounds, many playgrounds are off-limits, and inclusive play is really about considering the needs of all children. This doesn’t mean that every single element and apparatus is accessible to everybody, instead it is about ensuring that each child is able to enjoy a range of play experiences. By providing different types of inclusive play equipment, all children can enjoy the variety of activities that is essential to their development. Creating inclusive playgrounds is also an effective way of bridging the divide between children of various abilities, and giving kids from all backgrounds a chance to mix with people different to themselves. Socializing is important for all kids, and making sure that children play in mixed groups from an early age helps them to learn about diversity, and to develop empathy towards others. Children who are exposed to a diverse community early learn how to be inclusive, and are much more likely to feel comfortable around others who may not look or act in the same way they do.

Ref: 6800.00

ZoomTrax $18,000 ZoomTrax launches users into fun by providing a smooth ride with an element of perceived risk. ZoomTrax delights users as they soar from one end to another suspended along an overhead rail! Each unit accommodates one rider with the option of a standard disc-style or accessible seat. The accessible seat includes an overthe-shoulder harness that snap-locks into place for security.


Unity SpinR



Classic whirl design offers familiar spinning experience—promoting vestibular, proprioceptive, balance and cooperative skills, sitting flush with the ground. Accommodates up to two wheelchair users, in addition to more kids without mobility devices. Added single seat gives extra support for kids or caregivers

Whirl with angled sides delivers a unique sensation and active experience. Climb, spin, stand, sit, lay, hang or balance! Complete with 2 recessed, outwardfacing inclusive seats at transfer height with an inward pitch to support children with poor trunk control or without recessed seating. Accommodates up to 10 children, encouraging cooperation and socialization.

Ref: 6800.00

Unity Teeter Tunnel

Unity Swing

Swing Along




Unity Teeter Tunnel encourages socialization and cooperation as kids learn to work together to go up and down. Unlike traditional see-saws, many kids can participate at once - stand, sit, lie down, or hang out in the tunnel while your friends push.

The Hoopla Swing provides an inclusive, motion experience with opportunities for both physical and social skill development. The swinging, rocking motion is very calming—especially for children on the Autism spectrum. The shape of the swing supports a child’s body, making it perfect for children with physical disabilities who might not otherwise be able to experience a swing.

The Swing Along is a multigenerational swing featuring face-to-face seats: one for children under 5 and one for a sibling, parent or caregiver. Deeper seat with chain suspension in front of toddler provides more support and multiple, easy handholds. Promotes social, emotional, visual, vestibular, proprioceptive, and language development.

Ref: 6800.00


Funky Riders



$2,000 x 2


Children will be drawn to this climbing element. The Inchworm is designed for children ages 2–12, but it is sure to charm visitors of all ages.

These fun-riding friends come alive when little ones hop-on offering active, pretend play, enhanced music and delightful sound. Funky Animals are designed for one toddler. Overall height, handholds and footholds are lower to specifically accommodate young children. Even the animal’s head is lower, so it’s a more ergonomic fit.

Safe, fun and easy to engage; children will love climbing up, over and through. Children practice control and balance and become aware of their body position in space. This Flower Climber is part of the PlayTown line, which was designed by starting with Early Childhood Learning standards encouraging imagination and cooperation.

the garden plot Rachel’s Garden will be built in Peay Park behind the Delmas Long Community Center. The City of Goodlettsville has donated property for the playground and will locate it near the Splash Pad. ​ Peay Park is located at 200 Memorial Drive, Goodlettsville

Hypar Shade $2,500 x 6 Offers a unique shape that will provide much needed shade to the playground, inviting those with sun sensitivities to play longer. One-piece fabric for maximum square footage of shade coverage, blocking 94% of sunlight and protecting children from harmful UV rays. Ref: 6800.00

Benches $600 x 9 A durable steel construction with powder and plastisol coating protects the bench from manmade or environmental wear and ensures it won’t rust, crack, peel, or warp over time.

Picnic Tables

$1,100 x 4

Made of durable perforated steel with a powder and plastisol coating, it will withstand manmade or environmental wear and won’t rust, crack, peel, or warp over time.

Shade Structure


The Pyramid shade is a four-post structure made for areas that need extensive coverage. The fabric is knitted from a high density, polyethylene infused with UV inhibitors.

“This park will be a big asset to the city of Goodlettsville and I hope it brings joy to all those who come by it.” – Rachel West

Rachel’s Garden Playground 105 Long Hollow Pike Goodlettsville, TN 37072 Website: www.rachelsgardenplayground.com Email: info@rachelsgardenplayground.com Phone: (615) 851-2245