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November 17, 2013 Worship at 10:30am Sunday School at 9:00am (All ages)

Worship Together od


November 17, 2013 Prelude Opening Praise & Prayer Welcome & Ministry Opportunities (Pastor Phil) Call to Worship Songs of Praise & Worship* Morning Prayer (Geoff Switts) Testimony (Greg Bandy) Offertory/Ingathering (Praise Gang) Hymn of Preparation Children are dismissed for Jr. Church

Scripture Reading & Message (Pastor Jim) Closing Hymn* Benediction Postlude

Junior Church is located in the CE Wing - for children in PK - 4th grade Age appropriate lessons, activities & snacks are provided. We invite your infants and toddlers to our Nurseries where there is a competent staff waiting to care for them during the service. *Please feel free to stand or be seated during the singing. A recording of today's sermon will be available at

We welcome you to our worship service this morning and pray that you will be blessed in the presence of the Lord Jesus. It is our desire to glorify God as a community of Christ followers who love God, love people, and make disciples because Jesus is the way, the truth and the life. If you do not have a personal relationship with Jesus or have questions about your faith, please feel free to speak with Pastor Jim, Pastor Phil or one of the Elders. Communication Cards ~ please feel free to use these cards to ask for prayer or to update information. If you are a visitor, we would like to have a record of your visit. Cards may be placed in the offering plate or given to an usher on your way out of the sanctuary.

12:00pm 4:00pm 6:30pm Nov 18 Nov 22

Nov 26 Nov 27

6:45pm 6:00pm


TODAY Care Group Leader Meeting Musical Rehearsal Youth Group THIS WEEK Lose it for Life Youth Group Event UPCOMING Thanksgiving Service No Wednesday Night Program



This Week (11/17): Crib: 9:00 - Brenda Mills Crib: 10:30 - Rachel King, Kelly Fischer Toddlers: 10:30 - Katie Jahn, Carly DeLeonardo

Next Week (11/24): Crib: 9:00 - Jane Stevenson Crib: 10:30 - Sherri Benner, Shelby Switzer Toddlers: 10:30 - Michele & Danielle Sloan


Adult Sunday School Classes - 9:00 am 

A time when Jesus wants to define the relationship with us. This class might make us laugh, maybe cry, might challenge us, it might inspire us. Because Jesus doesn't really want a bunch of admirers; He wants committed followers. The question on the table is: Are you really a follower of Jesus or are you just a fan? With Travis Phillips & Will Gideon in Preschool Room B.


Old Testament Book study of the Jeremiah. How his times and message speak to us today. With Tom Bischoff in Preschool Room A.


Kingdom Living (20’s and 30’s Class) - The Insider- Bringing the Kingdom of God into Your Everyday World. With Greg and Suzie Bandy in room BH-1.

Wednesday Night Program 6:00pm - 6:45pm Dinner 6:45pm - 7:45pm Praise Gang (K - 8th grade) 6:45pm - 8:30pm Youth Bible Study at Nate Caldwell’s home (18 Droms Road Ext.) 7:00pm - 8:15pm Men and Women’s Bible Studies 7:00pm - 8:30pm Worship Choir (9th grade - Adult)

Midweek Bible Study (Men) 

Wed. 7-8:15pm: The Image of Jesus - Looking at Jesus as our Role Model for Manhood. Led by Pastor Jim and others.

Midweek Bible Study (Women)   

 

Wed. 9:15am: For mothers of young children. Katie Fischer 885-9576 Wed. 7pm: David - Seeking a Heart Like His. Susie Bandy 377-0079 Thurs. 9-10:30am: David - Seeking a Heart Like His. Donna Williams 399-2319 Thurs. 1-2pm: 1 Samuel followed by prayer. Nancy Snyder 399-3045 Fri. 9am to 11am, alternating weeks and homes. Brenda Mills 399-8787

Care Groups Care groups are an opportunity for you to share life in Christ with a group of 6 to 12 others. Through studying the Bible, serving, and praying together, care group members find the mutual support, practical love, and encouragement to grow. Various Care Groups meet twice monthly. If you'd like to join a group, please contact Guy & Kelli DeLeonardo who will help you find the Care Group that will best fit your needs - 384-3879 or -3-

On Tuesday night, November 26, at 7 pm, our EGCC family will gather in Buchanan Hall for a service of thanksgiving. It will be a special time to celebrate together God's faithfulness and goodness through the past year. We have so much to be thankful for! As we sing and hear the stories of our most beloved Thanksgiving songs and scripture, Pastor Jim will share God's heart for his people to live in faith, trust, and gratitude. Come and share in the joy of God's faithfulness to us!

Reminder: There will not be a Wednesday Night Program on 11/27 (Thanksgiving Week)

We are looking for adults and teens to help out in the nursery for the Thanksgiving Service and the nights of the Christmas Musical. Please sign up on the sheet near the toddler nursery if you are interested.


The Diaconate will be sponsoring our annual food offering for needy individuals, families, and the food bank. We will be collecting non-perishable items today and we are extending the collection one more week due (11/24) to a greater need this year. Please bring your items to the altar table as an offering, during the service after the ushers pass your row. Thank you for your generous giving.

Please help out City Mission this month by giving coats, gloves, mittens, hats, scarves, etc for the residents. Donations can be placed in the provided area in the Hall of Missions.


Philippines Typhoon Aid The Missions Board is collecting a special offering over the next 2 weeks to aid the typhoon victims in the Philippines. Please place your donation in the offering plate. All checks should be made out to EGCC with the memo "Typhoon Victims or Philippines" to denote it. Thank you for sharing in God’s love for the people of the Philippines.

Samaritan's Purse Operation Christmas Child Shoeboxes need to be returned today Join Us in Praying for Operation Christmas Child During National Collection Week! This year Operation Christmas Child plans to send over 520,000 shoebox gifts to children in the Philippines. Please join us in praying for victims of Typhoon Haiyan!


EGCC Preschool Pie Fundraiser

Let us help with those last minute Thanksgiving pies and breads! EGCC Preschool is selling fresh baked pies and breads from Mourningkill Farms Bake Shop. 10� Pies for $12 & a variety of breads are available for $5. Delivery will be Tues 11/26 (8:30am-3pm) & Wed 11/27 (8:30am-11am) If you cannot pick up your order then, please make arrangements for someone to get it for you or call the preschool by 11/24. Order forms are in the narthex or in the hall near the office. Orders and payment must be received by November 18th. Checks payable to East Glenville Preschool.

East Glenville Christian Preschool 50th Anniversary Recognition Our Preschool began in 1963 and is preparing to celebrate 50 years of Christian ministry to preschool students. We would like to commemorate this special occasion with a reception to take place in March following the church worship service. The reception will be open to the surrounding community, many of whom have attended preschool here. If you are interested in being part of a planning committee to support this event please contact Susan Perregaux or Linda Wachtel. We are looking for EGCC church members who would like to show appreciation to the preschool or who have a heart for event planning. Contact: or Linda Wachtel at


Bakers Needed We are looking for cookie bakers for the Christmas Musical Reception on Sunday December 15th. You can bake ahead cookies can be brought to kitchen and we will freeze them. Please see Cindi Phillips if you have any questions. Thank you!

Youth Group Special Event Friday, November 22nd 6-9pm   

Middle School Girls - Tea Party at the Olson home High School Girls - Girl’s Night at the Kraines home All Boys will stay at the church where we will play Airsoft and other games.

Finance Report Weekly Budget: $8,073 Tithes & Offerings: $6,583 Parking Lot Fund YTD: $20,192 Parking Lot Fund Offering (11/10): $285


Prayer Guide Answer me when I call to you, O my righteous God. Give me relief from my distress; be merciful to me and hear my prayer. - Psalm 4:1 Praise 

The Church Work Day!

. Prayer Requests  The Christmas Musical  Church finances & Parking Lot Fund  EGCC family’s & friends’ salvation  Pray for EGCC Elder Board  Send us into people’s lives to share God’s love in Christ through our witness  Those who are unemployed, church especially those who are a part of our church family  The marriages and families within the church  Our church family shut-ins

Loved ones and friends who need our prayers…  







 


Greg and Susie Bandy - for Priscilla’s job and God’s direction Please pray for Andrea and Pete’s Slover’s son-in-law, Steve and their daughter, Kim, with the passing of Steve’s father, Raymond DiCamillo. Please pray for the family of Jimmy Ktenas (owner of the Burnt Hills Café) who passed away suddenly last week. Please pray for Lewis Mulone, father of Joe Mulone as he has surgery to remove many cancerous tumors. Jackie and Dan Guillaudeu - Jim Barber (friend’s brother-in-law) who was diagnosed with brain cancer. Emma Miner-Squires – Jacob Miner, 3 yr. old brother of Kaylee and Elizabeth Miner, has been re-hospitalized after complications with epilepsy. Please pray for his doctors and family to pull together to get him home. Prayers also for his sisters to have strength in this troubled time. Ann Van Wie's friend Helen Collins who has Parkinson's disease is in Sunnyview after a stoke. Pray for relief from pain and for salvation for Helen and her family. Andy Yuhasz, a Flannelgraph Ministry volunteer, his brother will start dialysis in October 31. Pray for relief from pain and anxiety. Jim Hale is now up to walking 25 minutes daily - prayerful support for continued recovery. Greg Bandy requests prayer for golf friend Jim Slagen to find an acceptable kidney donor, have a successful transplant, and grow to know Jesus personally Susan Richter, Margaret Shaver's sister with Endometrial cancer. Finished Chemo. Please pray for wisdom about radiation treatment.

Serving Our Country & Community   

All active members of the military, the veterans, and all of their families Our President and National Leaders Our local leaders and government

Missions  

Mark & Rae Wilson, Guinea (SIM) John & Melinda Bernard, South Carolina (UWM) Unfortunately, space limits the requests we can run continuously. Please continue to pray for those not appearing in this week’s bulletin. Please contact us if your prayer request needs to be updated. -9-

Missionaries John & Melinda Bernard, South Carolina (UWM) Sharon Carlson, New York (IAM) Alex & Laura Crum, New York (WBT) Glen & Beverly Ewart, New York (IVCF) Joseph & Tamara Hill, Arizona (PIONEER) Paul & Nanette Holt, New York (IVCF) Rev. Ted & Diane Holzmann, Germany (TEAM) Alex & Fran Knauss, North Carolina (TWR) John & Gail Morris, Colorado (AOE) Cherie & Rick Vedder, New York (YFC) Gordon & Sara Williams, Wisconsin (WBT) Mark & Rae Wilson, Guinea (SIM)

General Outreach Conservative Congregational Christian Conference, East Glenville Christian Preschool, National Association of Evangelicals, Mekeel Christian School, Spa Christian School, Dorcas Society and Flannelgraph (EGCC), City Mission of Schenectady, Capital District Youth for Christ, Latham, NY

Retired Missionaries Paul & Grace Bartholomew (WBT), Claire Burford (BCM), Ruth Gibbs, North Carolina (SIM), Cliff & Melba Greene (WBT), Betty Hoffman (AWM), Rev. Michael & Athena Kantartjis (OC), Richard & Priscilla Mellen (WBT), Rev. Edwin & Sharon Pedersen (SAM), Natasha Poysti (RCR), Ardy Soules (ISI), Fred & Goldie Stoll (SIM), Chuck and Muriel Davis (AIM), Evie McNutt (MM)

NEWS FROM OUR SUPPORTED MISSIONARIES AND RETIREES: From Joe and Tamara Hill: "As the year goes by we are reminded of your faithfulness and your part in God's provision and care for us. We trust that God will continue to see your investment to bless the missionaries with whom we work and the native people whose lives are being touched and transformed." From Gail and John Morris: "We are thankful for all the support and appreciate everyone's praying for us." From Rick and Priscilla Mellen: "We really appreciate your giving toward our work and ministry for more than 30 years. The Lord has really blessed us through these gifts (in retirement, Rick continues to serve in outreach ministry in Duncanville, Texas).

- 10 -

EGCC STAFF SERVING IN HIS NAME Rev. Phil Sears Assistant Pastor

Rev. Jim Smith Senior Pastor Sandie Wanamaker Director of Worship Ministries

Nathan Caldwell Director of Student Ministries

Susan Perregaux Director of Children’s Ministries

Gina Vendetti Administrative Assistant

ELDER BOARD Tom Bischoff Dave Brzozowski Alex Crum Jim Fischer Don Kraines Gary Williams

WE WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU! East Glenville Community Church 335 Saratoga Road Glenville, NY 12302 Office Phones: 399-3151, 399-3105 Fax: (518)399-0302 OFFICE HOURS 8:30 am- 1:30 pm Monday through Friday WEB SITE: E-MAIL: Office:

EGCC Christian Preschool 335 Saratoga Road, Glenville, NY 12302 Linda Wachtel, Director 518-399-6894 or Conservative Congregational Christian Conference

We are affiliated with:

National Association of Evangelicals

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