Page 6 Promoting Local Businesses to Local People OUR AIM Just Why Would You Consider Using Torbay Traders as a Promotion Tool for your Business. Out primary aim is to turn Torbay Traders into Torbay’s leading marketplace when it comes to promoting local businesses to local people. We want to gradually educate the residents of Torbay that whenever they need a service such as a mechanic, window cleaner or even fancy a Indian takeaway to be able to connect their computer to the internet, logon to Torbay Traders and select the service or products they require with no fuss.. Our principle aim is to turn Torbay Traders into a local and demanding service that we can all be proud to be associated with. Torbay Traders will also be networking heavily on social networking sites and carrying out massive advertising campaigns. £60 per business / per year is really not a huge investment to participate within Torbay Traders, but when we have a few hundred businesses on the site this will give us powerful ammunition to publicise Torbay Traders to a vast audience and at the same time to promote your business to this vast audience. We also have a electronic mailing list facility which we’re capturing local residents email addresses and potential consumers and once we get this to a good level will start regularly sending out electronic newsletters where we can offer discounts for services and products offered by advertisers of Torbay Traders. As we grow Torbay Traders and the businesses we feature, our advertising budgets will dramatically increase to allow us to reach a even greater audience and promote your business at the same time. Gary Vine Associates | 21 Lummaton Place | Torquay | Devon | TQ2 8EB | Telephone: 07958 052422 Email: | Websites: |

Torbay Traders Media Pack  

torbay traders media pack