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Mise en scene I have chosen Simon Murrell's Red liquid pouring into glass indoors for this project. This image shows the moment a higher density fluid is poured into water, it was shot in a studio using a curved white card background. The red fluid is cordial.

Simon Murrell is a London/South east england based photographer who specializes in drinks and animal photography. He works both as a studio photographer and getty images free lancer. His body of work is very dynamic to the point that he boasts to his clients “chances are I have photographed something similar in the past�


First I aquired some studio time from a friend, then I made a tube with a hole cut in it made from white card to isolate the shots and placed a light at the top of the tube. I then started test shots with black current cordial as the red fluid, I ran into some problems because the fluid wasn’t bright or viscous enough, I solved this by adding both sugar and red food colouring to the cordial then simmering it down until it was more visible in the water. Getting the actual shots right was simply a trial and error type affair, whilst keeping the glass in focus was easy getting the fluids interacting in focus was much harder however it was eventually achieved using depth of field. The lighting was also an issues as only yellow bulbs where available but I was able to quickly sort this out in post production. Test shots

Mise en scene  

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