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ZG ZHENG GU PORTFOLIO 2010-2017 1933 Mcintyre Street, Ann Arbor, MI 48105 734-3537110


TELE-PORT Graduate Thesis Arch662: Future-Julia McMorrough/ 2017 Spring/ Individual work Throughout the history of transportation development, there is an obvious tendency that the travel time reduced dramatically and the effectiveness keeps increase, which reveals that people can travel faster and cheaper in future. Nowadays, international travel time has shortened to minutes from years and crossing different time zones happens daily for many people. If the traveling speed is infinitely close to teleporting, what will the future be? Under the prediction of a fasting changing and globalized world where the perception of time and distance collapse, the project aims to predict the changes in the way of traveling and how architecture adapts to it. This project is proposed as a teleport station for those fast moving people in 2167. In a high-speed society, how architecture can provide a highly efficient system for passengers to travel is part of my concern. Another issue I considered is how to ease the teleport lag, brought by the instant change, by developing a space-time four-dimensional architectural model corresponding to different time zones. Defined by passenger flow, available space on site and desti-



Teleporting is just a few clicks away. I don’t need to wait for my boarding time in the station. Cause I can teleport at any time during the period of time I selected on my phone.

The station is next to where I work. When I enter the building, ent time zones. The skylight represents the local time and weather. My teleport trip starts from the upper level

People no longer need to wait for getting aboard while people need to wait for body recovery in the chamber to ease the teleport plans.

I am going to Tokyo today, so I go to the Time Zone 1 hall where looks like the evening is approaching. Here, I have options to stay, waiting or get on the chambers on the conveyer belt to teleport.


When I get to the teleportation tubes, the signage system will guide me to available teleporters. The time, the light, the temperature and the humidity in the tube are as same as Tokyo. level, passengers can lie on the bed to teleport. The comfortable bed in the chamber will help passengers to shorten their body recovery time.

After luggage accommodation, I device next to the door of the teleway for to adjust my trip plan.

enjoy the body treatment on the bed whether before or after teleportation. This full body treatment is designed to restore my sense of time and then my natural vitality. In the station, my body has already got used to the Tokyo’s time and weather. When I walk out of the teleporter and the other end of the tube, I am already in Tokyo.







REPLAY Housing Design+Integrated System Design Arch662: System-Sean Vance+Kimberly Dowdell/ 2016 Fall/ Team work with Omari Tabor, Yurong Wu, Sijie Dai Sited in the historic redford district, the project intends to sustain and amplify the optimism and playfulness cultivated within the artist village and redford neighborhood. Accordingly, the facade design intends to foreground the such community spirit and identity while bridging the past and future. A number of the existing brick facade are preserved and incorporated into the design for the primary street facades. One to two levels of additional building space is constructed on top of the existing street buildings. Translucent channel glass is chosen for the top level facades to illuminate the neighborhood




The “Re-play� Artist Village is a complex with 18 buildings towers connected together by a continuous ribbon playscape. The builidng is a mixture of separated uses. Public programs such as neighborhood center ( A-3), resaurants( A-2), commercial/retail (M, B) are located on ground floor in the podium, while resiential units( R-2), childcare center(E) and rental offices(B) are located above, entered from the ribbon level


RIBBON SYSTEM DESIGN Continuously using the same language of ribbion elements, this project is proposed to creating a vivid public spaces for residents, where people connecting with each other as well as the nature. The playfulness of the ribbion design catalyzes the playfulness on the current site. The secondary platform also also providing semi-private courtyards for residents. It also opens to the public during the daytime. Ribbon System in Multiple Scales


Edge Conditions

Aggregation: Activities on the Ribbon

Concrete Floor

Ribbon Strcuture



FACADE DESIGN+ WALL SECTION Bricks shingle systems are utilized to carry forward the aesthetic while allowing the building envelope to wrap around rounded corners.



FACADE DESIGN+ WALL SECTION The residential village in the middle intends to adopt another facade system to distinguish themselves from the commercial buildings.


PNEU-PRESIDENTIAL LIBRARY Applying the Pnueprototype into designing a new monumental presidential library

The inflatable structure features variability and adaptability, providing possibilities for the memorial prototype to travel and adapt to different and environment. Instead of being a concrete building, the presidential library potentially can be an informative system containing four different scales, which are the object, room, building and urban scale, to approach mass in a more effective and flexible way. PRESIDENTIAL LIBRARY SYSTEM







BUILDING SCALE: CONSTRUCTION PROCESS In addition to the information dissemination, the inflatable prototype also represents a new formwork for construction. The concrete cast molds can be optimized by the inflatable structure, taking advantage of the inflating and deflating features and inspiring spaces can be created in this process.

Step 4. Deflate

Step 3. Cast Concrete

Step 2. Steel structure

Step 1. Inflate



PRESIDENTIAL SKYSCRAPER Under the con-struction, the growing presidential library never becomes complete.



Pneu Proposiation Studio Arch562: Proposition-V. Mitch McEwen/ 2016 Winter/ Individual work


This propositions s ogy of movement t mail and informati today in hospitals the only large sca Yards neighborhoo Strcuture; Epheme

studio fixates on peumatics. In the 19th century, pneumatics vied with cables( as in cable cars) and steam as the technolthrough cities. Steam, the most polluting of the technologies, triumphed. however, peumatics stayed relevant to confer ion through 1960s, when it got replaced with electronic transmission and telephonics. Pneumatic conveyance remains as a mean of transmitting bio specimens and drugs. New York City is building off its waste system in Roosevelt island, ale pneumatic waste system in the US, to develop a pneumatic trash system for the mixed use high density Hudson od north of the Highline. The design work of the studio is organized within 5 modeles: Waste; Apparatus; Information; era.


PNEUMATICS- INFORMATION+STRCUTURE The responsive pneumatic arms provide possibilities to get information and also convey information. Becasue this structure can response to different pressure to generate different motions and forms. This information in the pneugrid system is the human presence. From certain motion pattern of this grid system,we can figure out different living moments when people are inside of this system. The effect produced by the pnematic agency can affect social or culture part of human life. Installation-human presence



VACANT MEMORY Renovation of Beijing Friendship Store 3rd year studio-Fang Jiang/ 2015 Fall/ Team work with Yukun Zhai The renovation of the old-fashioned commercial space will not solely redefine architectural preservation fads, but aims to recreate and restore the cultural relevance of our built environment. A new Architectural methodology yield meaningful multi-use development, and in contrast to current developer driven products which seem to eliminate our city’s sense of variety, wonder and nostalgia.







LAYERED AXON This proposal transforms the store wether in relationship with environment of exterior spaces through combining landscape with architecture, or in interior spaces by creating lively images of urban life which includes secenery of market and people’s everyday life.


LAND-PARK Wangfujing Commericial Complex Design 4th-Year Studio/ Guangxin Wang+Tianqi Yu+Jun Chao/ 2013 Fall/ Individual Work

As a consequence of rapid horizontal urbanization large scale buildings are inevitably created and make a strong contrast to surroundings.My intended approach to the project is to seek for a harmonious way that modern highrise can adapt to a traditional but poor area without environmentally and socially destructive to their contexts. I found it is necessary to consider a solution to balance the extremely class unfairness that will appear around the site in the future. For it is going to build a mansion mainly used for higer-income groups.


A wall is usually built to avoid the contact of people living in a poor condition environment with people working in luxurious mansions. As such a landmark buidling can play a significant role to the regional development of this area, I suppose to transform the landmark into “landpark �,allowing different classes groups to understand each other better and share the community resources. Continuing the tradition of attributing design intelligence to materials that exhibit desirable behavioral properties, this project speculates on the current nature of such a practice.


PLANS+SECTION+ELEVATION How can we maintain sustainable cultural practice in an area that will realistically sustain massive functional trauma? Adaption to these changes is essential to the survival of Chinese culture with the presence of modern buildings. The proposed “landpark� contains a series of public space that closely related to culture, environment and economic benefits. Section





BREATHING Beijing Tonghui Advertisement Park Urban Planning+Media Center Design/ Undergraduate Thesis-Zuo Wang/ 2015 Spring/ Individual work With the arrival of the information age and the development of the electronic technology, compared to the traditional develop modes of the office building, the demands for a more dynamic and relaxing working environment, which has more opportunities to communicate with other co-workers and companies, keep rising. The main concern of this project is to seek a way to interweave the office space with human



MEDIA CENTER ARCHITECTURE DESIGN The main idea of the design is to build a connection between offices with outdoor environment, and interweave the privacy with public space, in order to build the interaction between people, nature, and space together. Underground Floor Plan

3rd Floor Plan


2nd Floor Plan

Standard Floor Plan



RIVER BEAT Zhengzhou Waterfront Leisure Area Design One-week Workshop/ Lars Grabner, Qi Ding, Zuo Wang/ 2014 Fall/ Team Work with Justin Ping, Tyler Smith, Di Wu, Brianne Papendick, Yuting Wu, Yanan Wang, Ling Liu The site can be understood as four unique districts of use unified by a similar language. These districts work to engage the surrounding environment within the larger context of the Binhe district. Redefined elements are overlaid with landscape and built form to generate a layered environment of water, circulation, and program.


MOUNTAIN Chuiwei Gallery Design3rd Year Studio-Qiuye Jin/ 2013 Spring/ Individual work The proposal trys to connect the environment including the lake and existing trees with the architecture. While the environment outlines the architecture, the muesum redifines the relationship between vistors and nature.








FABRICATION Fabrication-Zund/ Wood-bending/ CNC Router/ Long-span Structure/ Kindergarten Study Model


REPRESENTATION Fly me to the moon/ Chicken Ville/ Advisor: Perry Kulper


Work sample 2017 Zheng Gu  
Work sample 2017 Zheng Gu