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The Coach and Horses Kew

by Guy Woodland

The Coach and Horses Kew

The Coach and Horses Kew ISBN 978-1-905547-37-1 Publisher and Photographer: Guy Woodland

Guy Woodland is hereby identified as the author of this work in accordance with section 77 of the (UK) Copyright, Design & Patents Act 1988. All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system or transmitted, in any form or by any means – either electronic, photocopying, recording or otherwise – without prior permission of the publisher. The views expressed in this publication are those of the author alone, apart from where specified.

Proof reading and introduction: Katherine Stephen Introduction: Katherine Stephen Additional writing as credited First published in 2013 by Guy Woodland Tel: +44 (0) 7772 049872 Skype: guywoodland e.mail: © May 2013

The Coach and Horses Kew A dusty journey

Nestled in between the sprawling village lawn of Kew Green, the ancient exotica of Kew Gardens and the tall rambling terraced houses of riverside avenues, the Coach and Horses has been a Young’s inn providing a warm welcome for travellers and locals for nearly two hundred years. Now, in 2013, it has gone through a rather dramatic change. This is a photographic diary of the events leading up to the Coach’s grand relaunch, documenting the transition of the much-loved and much-worn pub - through rubble, noise, broken machinery and dust - into a smart, elegant hotel and bar. You will see lots of important men called John, dust, intense conversations, dust, stressed staff, patient customers, even more dust, shiny new kitchens, coughing fits, moments of silliness and even the odd smile or two. So this is it: the moment Nick and Pippa, our fearless leaders, have been waiting for ever since they took over management of the hotel more than three years ago. We’re back, we’re better than ever, and most of all, we’re glad that the building work is finally over…

CH 1 - The Last Service 6th January 2013 - 10.59

6th January - 13.18

The Atrium and the remnants of Christmas. 6th January - 13.22

The function room which over the years hosted many celebrations and parties. Right: Something’s happening as Kat is now perched on the sideboard. 6th January - 13.25

6th January - 13.30

7th January - 08.33

The underground carpark has some strange vans appearing. 7th January - 08.53

A John appears and discussions start. 7th January - 09.02

John very calmly carries on discussions with a not-so-calm Pip.

7th January - 09.03

7th January - 09.54

7th January - 09.56

Strange things are going on in the cellar. Left: Without appreciating the upcoming tide of chaos, doors start to appear in places that they shouldn’t be. 7th January - 09.57

Upstairs in the kitchen, people have hurried conversations and then the first of the fluorescent vested men arrive. 7th January - 09.58

7th January - 10.15

Men with computers and mobile phones arrive. 7th January - 10.25

Yesterday this equipment was used to cook food and it’s leaving the C&H at pace. The rout is on.... 7th January - 10.25

7th January - 10.30

Like a swarm of ants, more and more people arrive. The dance floor in the function room disappears. 7th January - 10.31

7th January - 10.33

The kitchen is stripped at such speed. 7th January - 10.38

7th January - 10.40

Flags come down (opposite), meanwhile Nick walks around his rapidly disappearing kitchen.

7th January - 10.46

CH 2 - The Arrival Of The Two Johns 7th January 2013 - 10.52

7th January - 10.54

Unification - the two Johns who will, one way or another, be loved and hated over the next 6 weeks. 7th January - 12.15

7th January - 12.31

Top: 7th January - 12.32 Bottom: 7th January - 12.40

Reception - here one minute, then there!

7th January - 16.46

Kitchen gone and so starts the process of noise and making dust which is to be the scourge of the next few weeks. Dust, more dust and more dust.

7th January - 16.41

Top: 7th January - 16.41 Bottom: 7th January - 16.57

Top: 7th January - 16.42 Bottom: 7th January - 16.59

CH 3 - And So Begins The Second Day 8th January 2013 - 09.38

8th January - 09.40

This was the walk-in fridge. 8th January - 09.41

Base camp and the new temporary kitchen. 8th January - 17.50

Steve the sparky ponders.

9th January - 10.31

The now non functioning air-con units. 9th January - 12.41

First site meeting.

10th January - 10.59

The first weekend has arrived and the two Johns have left. Two precious days of no builders - silence, pure bloody bliss.

11th January - 16.41

11th January - 16.16

11th January - 16.18

MONDAY - they’re back........

14th January - 15.52

Trespass - they have entered the restaurant, our last place of sanctity. 14th January - 15.56

15th January - 19.31

15th January - 19.32

Left: Meanwhile on the roof a lighter moment as discussions take place about the removal of the air-con units. I wonder if the goings-on are visible from the stream of planes overhead. 15th January - 13.33

15th January - 10.11

15th January - 10.17

Left: Crazy breakfast service with the cellar kitchen and chafing dishes. Meanwhile partition walls are starting to appear.

19th January - 14.12

Invasion of the bar in preparation for the new back office. 21st January - 12.42

Steve playing with the electrics - again. 22nd January - 09.21

22nd January - 11.05

23rd January - 12.23

John explains to Sam the fine detail of the build. Left: Down in the carpark, the builders have built a restaurant and kitchen. Maybe we should serve breakfast here. Meanwhile smashing and banging continues. 23rd January - 12.23

24th January - 12.36

24th January - 12.41

Another meeting but dust doesn’t seem to be on the agenda! Left: Walls go and new ones appear. 24th January - 12.46

28th January - 16.58

28th January - 16.59

28th January - 17.00

6th January 1st February 2013 - 13.18 - 09.57 am

New disabled bathroom in room 101.

1st February - 10.05

The braiser is put to good use with some impromptu cooking.

6th January 1st February 2013 - 13.18 - 16.27 am

3rd February - 10.11

3rd February - 10.20

Sunday morning and the C&H had some unwelcome visitors. With police everywhere, hotel guests made do with an impromptu breakfast service in the alley way. Right: Clearly the safe shouldn’t be here.

3rd January - 11.45

6th February - 16.48

Work really does move apace. The new restaurant walls are up. Boarding goes up in what will be the library. Right: The new kitchen starts to materialise and the restaurant has its new floor. Top: 5th February - 12.37 Bottom: 6th February - 16.32

7th February - 12.11

Top: 10th February - 13.28 Bottom: 10th February - 13.32

12th February - 09.35

12th February - 09.36

12th February - 09.40

12th February - 09.41

Nick marks the blackboard but the Pink Hat will continue. 12th February 2013 - 10.14

CH 4 - The Dust, Service As Normal 12th February 2013 - 10.22

12th February - 10.22

12th February - 10.23

12th February - 10.45

Nick! in a meeting. Right: John 2 looking to see how he can challenge us today... 12th February - 11.03

14th February - 12.22

The new floor tiles. 14th February - 12.24

More discussions. 14th February - 12.25

14th February - 12.26

Work seems to be producing visible results with a dining room that you can actually see. 24th February - 12.37

14th February - 12.24

15th February - 16.28

16th February - 10.51

16th February - 10.53

16th February - 10.54

The dining room really has developed. Tomorrow is complete closure. 16th February - 10.55

CH 5 - The Doors Close 17th February 2013 - 13.57

Sunday afternoon and the Coach arrives without the Horses! Pip seems a bit more relaxed with Chloe. 17th February - 16.02

Last pint for a while. 17th February - 16.08

17th February - 16.41

Top: 17th February - 16.42 Bottom: 17th February - 16.43

Whilst the locals enjoy a last drink, the bar and restaurant are slowly cleared for the whirlwind that will be Monday morning; and Nick says goodbye.

17th February - 16.49

A motley crew pose for a photo. 17th February - 16.54

17th February - 17.21

17th February - 17.22

17th February - 17.24

Top: 17th February - 17.28 Bottom: 17th February - 17.41

Top: 17th February - 17.36 Bottom: 17th February - 17.45

Top: 17th February - 18.02 Bottom: 17th February - 18.19

Top: 17th February - 18.11 Bottom: 17th February - 18.25

18th February - 08.50

CH 6 - We Are Closed. 18th February 2013 - 09.00

Monday arrives. We’re closed good and proper for 2 weeks. Builders and more builders arrive like bees to honey.

18th February - 09.02

18th February - 09.05

18th February - 09.06

IT remove everything ‘IT’, and the builders start work removing the false wall. 18th February - 10.27

By the afternoon the builders have ripped into the bar and restaurant areas. Right: Out with the old, in with the new. The kitchen units start to get plumbed in. 21st February - 15.40

21st February - 15.45

23rd February - 11.14

Whilst the C&H is closed staff training takes place. Here: wine tasting and appreciation.

26th February - 15.20

27th February - 09.31

27th February - 09.32

With the bar and old restaurant cleared, plastering begins with the stilted man.

27th February 2013 - 09.33

27th February - 09.34

27th February - 09.35

The place really seems to be coming together and the painters get busy.

27th February - 09.36

28th February - 10.21

28th February - 10.24

28th February - 10.25

28th February - 10.27

28th February - 10.43

Happy birthday Nick.

28th February - 11.04

Training, training, training.

28th February - 12.03

Role play, just like at school. 28th February - 12.50

1st March 2013 - 12.03

1st March - 17.17

1st March - 17.19

Top: 1st March - 17.22 Bottom: 1st March - 17.23

The new reception desk. Left: Lights, trees and details appearing all the time. Almost like Christmas!

1st March - 17.30

3rd March - 10.29

Final adjustments and cleaning up.

3rd March - 10.32

3rd March - 15.47

Tables, chairs and bits arrive. Left: Nick ponders; what, I’m not totally sure - but it has been a long six weeks.

4th March - 09.48

4th March - 10.06

Smartly dressed builders and contractors should mean it’s nearly finished? Left: IT GOES THIS WAY! 4th March - 11.54

4th March - 12.22

Last site meeting. Left: Pip offers advice. 4th March - 14.16

CH 7 - All Hands To The Deck 4th March 2013 - 14.47

5th March - 09.26

Things have appeared in the kitchen... like chefs! 5th March - 09.50

5th March - 10.14

Not sure who this is....? Left: Sam gives the new space the once over. 5th March - 10.19

John is nearly gone, we loved him and we hated him, but he did a really good job. Right: Clean and stock the new bar. 5th March - 10.19

5th March - 12.12

Bruce’s army. 5th March - 12.20

Sam and Sarah. 5th March - 12.25

The new bar needs lots of preparation. 5th March - 13.10

The kitchen getting up to speed perfecting the new menu.

5th March - 13.44

Temporary office space in the new bar. 5th March - 10.20

The final part of the new library with the arrival of the books. 5th March - 16.14

Top: 5th March - 16.16 Bottom: 5th March - 16.33

Top: 5th March - 16.28 Bottom: 6th March - 11.05

Top: 6th March - 17.06 Bottom: 7th March - 12.46

Top: 7th March - 11.51 Bottom: 7th March - 14.27

Manager Paul demonstrates his bar skills to an eager audience who also got to taste the concoction and (right) John shows us he is a dab hand too. 7th March - 15.00

7th March - 16.17

The return of the regulars who seem pleased with the new space. 7th March - 19.05

And despite all, we opened ahead of time.

CH 8 - We’re Back 10th March 2013

CH 9 - Bruce And The Pig’s Head

CH 10 - The Pink Hat

The Coach and Horses, kew & the Pink Hat  

Nestled in between the sprawling village lawn of Kew Green, the ancient exotica of Kew Gardens and the tall rambling terraced houses of rive...

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