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Mike McCartney’s LIVE8

Mike McCartney’s LIVE8 coolpix Photographs by Mike McCartney

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Mike McCartney’s LIVE8


by Sir Paul McCartney Live8 was one of the greatest days of the year, possibly the decade. Bob Geldof telephoned me, explained the idea of Making Poverty History and aiming the concert at the G8 conference. I was sold. Bob’s a great salesman. He asked me if I would open the show together with U2, singing Sgt Pepper ‘It was 20 years ago today’ ... and close the show with ‘The Long and Winding Road’ during which they would show pictures of the suffering of the African people and the marchers heading north to the G8 conference. So I said yes and that’s what happened. Luckily, my brother Mike was there with his trusty camera to record the day and capture many of the exciting backstage happenings. This book is made from a selection of those pictures and he and I are proud to have been there together and to have been a part of this momentous event.

Introduction by Sir Bob Geldof

God, those bloody McCartneys. You ask one of them to pitch up – the musical genius one – and next minute the photographers, designers, guitarists, activists, mothers, babies, sisters, aunties, uncles and the rest all come and get stuck in. There must be something in that Liverpool mud. Here’s the brothers bit. The photographer, poet, hit songwriter one. He who captured perfectly a coming moment and a different age just before it happened, with his Box Brownie or whatever. Who felt something long before anyone else. Who could hear the sound of it being born downstairs in the sitting room long before every one else. And he shot it. Here he’s at it again, with his Box Brownie Digital. Taking shots of maybe another age being born. One that maybe realises all the hope and optimism in his younger (older?) brother’s music. Watching, not being noticed, unseen seeing; a silent shutter drops and he’s got the informal crowdedness and jostling of that day. The informal eagerness of music with purpose. Everyone (literally, everyone) watching the front, where ‘their kid’ kicked the world into rock ‘n roll heaven with a reminder of another concert 20 years ago that had changed things; where he also played one of our collective culture’s anthems he just happened to have written ... and then he sent the world home to bed in wonder, to think about what had been achieved and what was possible. This is Mike’s personal memoir of another McCartney family day out. A through-thegaps, over-the-head glimpse of something beyond a concert. Of something happening to be remembered, so that endless McCartney grandchildren will look at and see Grandad Paul and his mates photographed by Granpa Mike on that day they learn about in school, or see on their download whatevers. They do that personal thing, those McCartneys. Good family to get the world going, them lot.

Artist’s Statement by Mike McCartney

You’d never believe what happened the day before! but July 2nd 2005 was one of those unique, never happen again days, for me and my wife Rowena. We’d been invited to ‘LIVE8’, Hyde Park, London. The impossible attempt by Bob, Bono, Richard, Harvey and a myriad megastars, who all believed the impossible was possible, to persuade the G8 World leaders to make African and world poverty, History and, at the same time, have a ball! As it was more of a family day out than a professional photographic assignment, I couldn’t take my ‘posh’ Nikon 100 (plus telephoto lens) but for such an important day I couldn’t resist my compact Coolpix 4500, slung over my shoulder like a ladies’ handbag, plus the odd 1GB digi film and a billion batteries!... the last, ‘backup’ battery placed in Ro’s silver shoulder bag. All I had to do was snap away all day. It was a fantastic opportunity and an extraordinary privilege. This is what happened.

© Colin Bermingham

‘3 LIVE8 Guitars’ tune in to Phili, Tokyo and Joburg (on Nokia phones!). 12


Page 13. The all magic, 2 July 2005 LIVE8 pass, number 041! to drop me and the missus off, through the heavily guarded LIVE8 gate. Above. Whistle a happy TOON on the way to LIVE8. Above. A personal friend of the Lone Ranger, REM’s Michael Stipe ‘live’ on a LIVE8 Portakabin telly (with a stack of LIVE8 progs on his head!). Right. Time Out for ‘two kids at a time’ into LIVE8, on a Supermercado door, driving to Hyde Park. 15

Above. Our Gwyneth: Miss Paltrow just ahead of us walking into the LIVE8 backstage area, and hopefully heading for the Apple and pears (stairs) up to the LIVE8 stage to join hubby Chris (Martin). Right. Macca n U2: Taken backstage during the ‘official LIVE8 photograph’ sessions (in half a tent!) it’s our kid (Paul) with his new Sgt. Pepper backing band ... U2 (2 sugars in our T please). 17


Above. Pepper People: One of the reasons Bob (Geldof) agreed to do LIVE8, twenty years after Live Aid, was the thought of our kid and U2 singing ‘Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band’ in Pepper uniforms. Pity these lads nicked them first! Right. Bono Live (8): ‘It Was 20 Years Ago 2day’ ... and it WAS!! 19

Above. As this was such a unique day, Stelli’s request to her father for LIVE8 programme autographs for her first baby, did not fall on deaf ears. First to sign up (with me as ‘official paparazzi’) ... our Brad (Pitt). Above. Brad and happy ‘minder’ (having a Jolie good time). Right. I Pod ... you Brad ... O.K.? 21

Above. 2 Dads and a daughter ... plus Peachy poses. Right. Whilst waiting for your official Police signature, what better place to sit than on Sting’s lap! (note his heavy metal, rock ‘n’ roll, mind bending ... cup of tea). 23

Two photographers ‘going for it’ like a High Noon gun fight. Dave Hogan’s photo of ‘Little Britain’s’ Lou and Andy with our kid, ended up on page 19 of the Observer Music Monthly magazine. Mine ended up on page 25 of this book. 25

Matt and Mate: On LIVE8 back stage walkabout, I spotted talented Matt Lucas with his friend and suggested they would make a nice ‘photo’. ‘Shouldn’t I be taking your photo?’(!) said gentleman Matt. ‘Later please’ I suggested, ‘but for now ... Smile Please.’ This is the happy result. 27

Left. Keen on Keane: Paul and Heather catching Keane live at LIVE8. Above. As lead singer of Keane, Tom Chaplin lives in somewhere only we know ... Rye, a memory had to be taken, just after he’d walked off the LIVE8 stage to raucous adulation. 30

Kofi and Chris: Mr and Mrs Kofi Annan discuss and listen to a rather serious Chris ‘Coldplay’ Martin and lets face it, world poverty’s not that funny. 31

Kofi’s Kids: children from the African Children’s Choir, with hands on their hearts, sing for Mr and Mrs Annan, and the media, and me! Whilst in Zambia with my daughter Abbi, I searched high and low for the African unique harmony singing I’d heard once or twice in England. I should have waited for LIVE8! These kids’ soulful rainbow harmonies left me speechless ... they were beautiful. 32

Above. Whilst looking for Stella’s baby autographs, I spotted Jeremy ‘motormouth’ Clarkson, sticking proudly out of the backstage crowd, who happily agreed to ‘sign up’. Right. ‘You CAN be Serious’: Heather chats to Mr and Mrs John McEnroe (no relation to Mac ‘n’ Ro) behind LIVE8 stage. In background are a team of masseurs to sooth your day away. 33


Left. Spotting an innocent, eyes-closed victim on the masseur block, Robbie Williams winks to the professional masseur and silently takes over this girl’s shoulder-kneading. When spotted by the many phone cameras, Rob gives them all his best Sean Connery ‘007’ look. Above. Fag in mouth whilst rehearsing ‘Feel’, rascal Robbie continues with the poor girls totally oblivious, soothing deception. The look on her face when she discovered who her masseur had actually been was priceless. 36

Left. Taken from the side of LIVE8 stage, a lovely half lit image of Bob (Geldof) going over ‘Don’t Like Mondays’ words, whilst Travis gives it the welly on stage and BBC cameraman practises a pirouette for his public. Above. Travis get two million spectators to all clap along at the same time. 38

Right. Good job it was Saturday! as Bob converts his audience to dislike Mondays on the LIVE8 stage. Guess who the head, bobbing into the frame, was? 39

Above. A signed LIVE8 programme on Live TV with our kid Live on Jonathan Woss LIVE8 TV. Above. ‘Woss Pod’: Taken from the top of the backstage steps, this is the ‘glass house Pod’ in which Jonathan Ross interviewed his all-day guests (wonder where he changed his suits?). Right. Sea of Hands 1: The Hyde Park audience clap one of the many incredible LIVE8 acts on an unforgettable July day. 41

Snoop Dogg, a man who never says two words when one will do, at the bottom of the LIVE8 stage steps ... plus deliriously happy minders! 43

Brad Pitt about to announce ‘The Great Annie Lennox’ and before informing us all that, by the end of our concert, 30,000 inocent people will have died from poverty! 45

Left. Annie Lennox ‘meditating’ on the walkway-to-the-stage barrier, prior to her moving, thought-provoking performance plus rapturous reception. Also patiently queuing are Peter Kay and Brad Pitt. Above. Annie on stage, plus back projection of why we’re all there ... a chance to end poverty in Africa, and hopefully, the world. 48

Above. Stelli & Annie: Stella (Mac) in Annie (Lennox’s) Portakabin, making sure that Dad and Uncle Mike get ALL the autographs for baby! Right. Suddenly realising his rightful position, Peter Kay throws himself at the feet of the lord and master, or in this instance Saint Bob Geldof. Bob seems to be taking it rather well. 49

Slash Back Back Slash: ex-Guns and Roses top-hat guitarist Slash with ex-Stone Temple Pilots, (but now the well tattooed members of Velvet Revolver) ... plus umbrella, in case it rains! 51

‘She went that a way’ says backstage Paul to Guy (Ritchie) explaining the mysterious disappearance of Guy’s wife. A rather tall guitar leans against the tent! 52

Above. Impossible to see from side of stage as Madonna had so many backing singers and dancers, plus fellow stars who’d come to see what Mad had got up her sleeve for LIVE8; I managed to snatch these images between all the bodies! Right. The parting of the seas reveals a stage full of Madge’s Marvels. You can just make out Bob’s Queen Bee of rock n roll (‘who gives me a terrible hard time’, says Bob), knocking the whole of LIVE8 out. 53

Right. Also unable to see Madonna from side of stage, Bob decided to have a quiet, sit-down break behind the giant guitar (left of stage). At first just gazing out at what he had caused! but then, this is the second that Madonna announced to the audience and the rest of the world: ‘Are you f.....g ready London?’ We just had to smile. Below. Watching Madonna far left ... Ricky Jervais and David Baddiel.



Above. Whilst photographing the audience watching Madonna this tartan-clad fairy floated across my lens. I think she was silently tuning up the giant guitar. Right. This was taken outside Jonathan’s Live 8 ‘Pod’, looking down on Radio One’s Jo Whiley, who is looking pretty in pink to interview a particular favourite ... Scissor Sister, Jake. 57


Above. BBC Break: After a long day and in between mouthfuls of Harvey’s passionate LIVE8 ‘advice’, the T.V. executive producer of LIVE8, Lorna Dickinson managed to get a welcome mouthful of chicken and rice ... a much needed break. Right. The patient, quiet co-organiser of LIVE8 and writer of Blackadder, Notting Hill and Four Weddings And A Funeral (which starred cousin Bett and Mike, and Hugh G and Andie Mac) this is Richard Curtis viewing his monitors at the stage side of the greatest show on earth ... times 8! 59


A couple of Killers ... Lead singer Brandon Flowers and drummer Ronnie Vannucci Jnr at bottom of LIVE8 stage steps, working out how to slip past Harvey (and rolling pin!) on to the stage. 62


Page 62. Mr and Mrs Peter Blake, artist chum responsible for Sgt Peppers sleeve and LIVE8 programme cover, relaxing in the gods behind the giant guitar, with grandstand views of the LIVE8 stage, audience and London! Page 63. Sting, quietly rehearsing ‘Every smile you fake, Well be watching you’, (Sir) Ian McKellen and friends enjoy one of the many ace acts from the side of stage. Above. ‘Caught’ by Peter Kay as I photograph my wife Ro, Heather, back of Stings head, Ian ‘Gandalf the White’ Mac, Trudie ‘Sting’ Styler ... and Pete! at the side of LIVE8 stage. 65

‘Dig that Hat’. The Mad Hatter would DIE for that hat, but he’d have to wrestle it off our Trudie first! 66

Looks like our Paul is signing Stella’s baby programme for Trudie (Styler)! 67

‘Day Trip to Paris’: a bevy of young beauties patiently wait for Paris ‘I’m So Hot’ Hilton’s autograph on their LIVE8 programmes. 68

Bro chats to old Abbey Road co-recorder, Nick ‘Floyd’ Mason (hope its not a private conversation!). 69

Fresh from the LIVE8 stage singing ‘I Had a Dream’, young Joss Stone’s dream comes true! (whilst our kid quietly promotes ‘No More Land Mines’). 71






Page 72. Ro and Heather upstage lead singer of the Scissor Sisters, Jake Shears, and that’s hard with that hat, shiny sequinned coat and feather boa to compete with! Page 73. Scissor Brothers, Baby Daddy and Jake chat with our kid, prior to going on stage. Page 74. In the queue to go on stage, just behind the Scissor drummer, Sister Ana (Matronic) shows how to steal the picture. Page 75. With a flamenco, Carmen opera feel, Scissor Sister Ana does a little live dance on a big LIVE8 stage, showing off her scissor shoulder tattoo to all and a sundry. 77

Slash and Velvet Revolver wait to go on, but drummer Matt Sorum catches our kid just prior to rockin the socks off the Hyde Park hordes. 78

At stage side when Harvey (Goldsmith) was at the end of his tether attempting to organise the un-organisable (with the odd word floating into the Uncle Bob vernacular) and in danger of putting himself in hospital! Peter (Kay) could think of no better panacea than a damn good hug. It worked. 79

Old ‘Scoff’ mate and master of chip butties, the one and only joyous LIVE8 ‘presenter’ Dawn French, with my joyous missus. (You can just make out husband Len on the right). 81

Heading for the steps off stage, who should we bump into but Bill (softer than a micro) Gates, who had just told the LIVE8 millions: ‘If you show people the problems and show them the solutions, they will be moved to act’. At least Bill puts his money where his mouth is. He’s just given over £500 million towards fighting tuberculosis. 83

After bumping into Bill Gates, who should we double bump into but Robbie’s bezy mates Victoria and David Beckham with Ian Mac. Sorry lads, you’ll have to try harder than that ... Victoria’s miles ahead with that pose ... brilliant. 84

Pages 84-85. To me, this image of Pink ‘another brick in the’ Floyd (live together for the first time in over 24 years) has a feel of the magnificent Hipgnosis team, who have given the world so much amazing artwork. Or is it all just a Storm in a ... Tea Set? Above. Paul greets boss Hipgnosis buddy, Storm Thorgerson. Right. Roger ‘Floyd’ Waters from the side of stage, plus thinks bubbles, possibly considering ‘Shine on you crazy Diamond’ or ‘Wish You Were Here, our Syd’? 87

Our Paul, Rusty (Anderson), Brian (Ray) and Wixsy, lovingly rehearse one of the Scaffold’s greatest hits ... oops, sorry ... I mean a mega Macca, Beatles or Wings super song, in their Portakabin prior to ending the greatest show on earth. (Abe’s elbow top left of fab pic). 89

Paul plus infamous Hoffner in, excuse the pun, ‘the wings’ of LIVE8, just before‘t last act goes on ... him! 90

Above. Not that our kid would forget to announce him! but George Michael’s gazelle-like sprint to join Paul on ‘Baby You Can Drive My Car’ seemed to surprise even George. Right. Baby must have been driving the car too fast! ... they’ve gone all ‘blurry’ (or was I catching George’s bad head cold by this time?). 91

Pages 92-93. Nearing the end of an extraordinary show, our kid, Pepper people, stars and a very grateful LIVE8 audience sing along to grand finale ‘Hey Jude’. . Pages 94-95. In order to be seen, Paul and Bob climbed on piano stools and amps to point at even higher stars. To get nearer to the action, I surreptitiously sneaked onto a backstage rostrum to get this shot. 97

Just as I thought I’d got away with it, Sir Bob spots me! But instead of ordering me off stage (as unbelievably they didn’t want a medley of ‘Thank U Very Much 4 Lily the Liverpool Lou’) he gave me this huge ‘cheeky sod’ grin. 98

Now firmly ensconced on my personal podium I got this happy snap as the LIVE8 great left the stage, including Annie, Bob, Nick Mason and Mariah Carey’s hair! (But not Elton, Coldplay, or U2 as they had other gigs on the same night). 100

Turning round, I just caught ‘Holy’ Harvey (Goldsmith) blessing the LIVE8 audience. 102

Pages 102-103. ‘Sea of Hands (2)’: The audience thank the stars, the stars thank the audience. Both have achieved so much. It’s now up to the world’s G8 leaders to achieve even more. Above. Back in our kids cabin, a happy Heth, George and Ro. Right. ‘He’s nicked me marguerita Mike’, Paul could have said ‘Yeah ra know’ (might have) said George (or Matt Lucas). 105


Above. ‘Don’t burn the toast Fran’: Travis Fran’s great love of toast after the show back fired tonight. He managed to fuse Paul’s whole Portakabin’s electricity ... and burnt the toast! Right. Fran Healy’s great joy when he found out, after fusing the lights, he hadn’t set off the fire water sprinkler and he’d have to sing ‘Why Does It Always Rain On Me’ all night. 107


Above. The McCartney’s chat with The Gilmour’s and son, at the end of a perfect day. Right. This image was actually taken side of stage at the end of the concert, but I’ve placed it last as, for me, it sums up the whole day ... ‘Bob and Paul hug’. 109

Well nearly the last photo. Who could resist this final farewell from the Hyde Park Party, plus pink party balloon ... I couldn’t. 112

July 2nd 2005 LIVE8 - Hyde Park, London.

‘What a night,’ said Bob ... ‘What a DAY!’

Mike McCartney’s LIVE8 coolpix  

Live8 was one of the greatest days of the year, possibly the decade. Bob Geldof telephoned me, explained the idea of Making Poverty His...

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