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The ‘Icebreakers’ 破冰者 55th Anniversary

55周年 Equality and Mutual Benefit 平等互利

The ‘Icebreakers’ 破冰者 55th Anniversary

55周年 Equality and Mutual Benefit

平等互利 Committed to promoting positive relations between the UK and China since 1954


48家集团俱乐部 - “破冰者”

The ‘Icebreakers’ 55th Anniversary

"破冰者" 55周年 ISBN 978-1-905547-06-7   Published by the 48 Group Club in collaboration with Cities 500 International Publishers.

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根据(英国)《1988年版权、设计和专利法》第77款,本书作 者为麦启安和老胡公,代表48家集团俱乐部—“破冰者”。 All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system or transmitted in any form or by any means - either electronic, photocopying, recording or otherwise - without prior permission of the publishers. The views expressed in this publication are those of the authors and contributors, apart from where specified.

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Alistair Michie Honorary Secretary of the 48 Group Club – The ‘Icebreakers’

Xiong Lei, Beijing, China


麦启安,48家集团俱乐部名誉秘书长 Jean Dong, London, UK Lew Baxter, Editor-in-Chief, Cities 500 International Publishers



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The 48 Group Club - The ‘Icebreakers’


48家集团俱乐部 - “破冰者”

Acknowledgements THIS book owes a great debt to many people. The authors have tried to acknowledge all those who gave invaluable assistance and beg the forgiveness of any overlooked. He Dalong, Bureau Chief, Xinhua News Agency, London; Zhu Guangyao, Assistant Minister of Finance, People’s Republic of China; Sun Jinxia, Manager, Xinhua News Agency, London; Dr. Johnny Hon, Chairman, Global Group; Danielle Brockway, Public Relations and Communications Manager, Global Group, Hong Kong; Guo Yinghui, Chief Representative in the UK, China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT); Zhang Huijuan, Representative Assistant in the UK, China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT); Wang Guannan, Representative Assistant in the UK, China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT); Robert Seabrook QC; Maggie Stevenson, Secretary to Lord Woolf, House of Lords; David Reid, Chairman, Tesco plc; Chris Griffith, Investor Relations, Tesco plc; Elizabeth Reid, CEO, Specialist Schools and Academies Trust (SSAT); Genevieve Shawe, Specialist Schools and Academies Trust (SSAT); Zhao Shangsen, Press Officer, Chinese Embassy, London; Dr. Shao Wenguang, Managing Director, Phoenix Chinese News and Entertainment Limited, London; Cristophe Mares, General Manager, Mandarin Oriental, Hyde Park, London; Rosanna Crawley, Director of Communications, Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park, London; Joyce Tai, Business Development Executive, Mandarin Oriental, Hyde Park, London; Fiona McLauchlan and Chris Francis, China Policy Team, International Division, The Scottish Government; Tim Baxter, Head of External Communications, Group Corporate Affairs, Standard Chartered; Luise Schafer, Shanghai; David Shaw, First Secretary and Head of Media and Public Affairs, Political Section, British Embassy, Beijing along with Duo Long in the Press Office; Lucy Watkins, First Secretary (Scottish Affairs), British Embassy Beijing; Anjing Wang, Scottish Affairs Section, Beijing; Dawn Neale, PA to the Ambassador Sir William Ehrman KCMG, British Embassy, Beijing; Lance Browne, Vice Chairman, Standard Chartered Bank (China) Limited; Sheila Wong, Head of Corporate Affairs, Standard Chartered Bank (China) Limited; Winnie Tan, Corporate Affairs, Standard Chartered Bank (China) Limited; Susan Ho, Director, Creative Industries Group, Standard Chartered Group; Emily Xu, Corporate Affairs, Standard Chartered Bank (China) Limited; Qian Hong;

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Managing Director, eWay Production Services, Beijing; Peter Batey, Chairman, Vermilion Partners, Beijing; Victor Rowse Vermilion Partners, Shanghai; Li Bingjun, London Export Corporation, Beijing; David Hill, Director, Bell Pottinger Group, London; John Moffet, Librarian, Needham Research Institute, Cambridge; David Marsden, Hong Kong Trade Development Council, London; Professor Hugo de Burgh, Director, China Media Centre, The University of Westminster, London; Sarah Carthew, Director of Marketing, Communications and Development, The University of Westminster; Rob Watson, Marketing, Communications and Development Department, The University of Westminster; Neil Charlesworth, Chairman, The Charlesworth Group; Tracy Rodger, PA to Lord Heseltine, The Haymarket Media Group, London; Jeremy Butler, Head of China Desk, KPMG UK LLP, London; Matt Jackson, UK Marketing Manager, New and Emerging Markets, KPMG UK LLP; Helen Tsi, New and Emerging Markets Practice - China, KPMG UK LLP; Lord Tim Clement-Jones CBE, Co-Chairman (Global Government Relations), DLA Piper UK LLP; Kate Pennington, Business Development Executive, DLA Piper UK LLP; Huilin Proctor, China Consultant, DLA Piper UK LLP; Chris Yang, CEO, Newland UK Ltd.; Andrew Methven, UK Director of Communications, Newland UK Ltd.; Watson Liang, Special Assistant to CEO, Newland UK Ltd.; Joanna Lavan, Director, Connect China Ltd.; Wendy Bond, London; Daniel Jacoel and his ‘Young Icebreakers’ Committee; Guy Woodland, Vice-President, Cities 500 International Publishers, UK. Photo Credits: The Xinhua News Agency; Reuters; Getty Images; British Embassy, Beijing; Standard Chartered Bank (China) Limited; Tesco plc; Alistair Michie; The Specialist Schools Academies Trust; Lew Baxter; The Global Group, Hong Kong; the 48 Group Club archive.

* The publishers have endeavoured to verify the source and copyright of all images wherever possible for this book. Apologies for any individual or organisation inadvertently omitted.

The 48 Group Club - The ‘Icebreakers’

elcome to this celebration of 55 years of pioneering relationships between China and

Britain. In the following pages I hope you will gain an understanding of the evolution of the 48 Group Club


and its ‘Icebreaking’ mission with the Chinese people

“欢迎您与我们共同庆祝中英关系开创 55年。在本书当中,我希望您能了解到随 着59年前新中国成立以来这个国家的发 展,48家集团俱乐部及其‘破冰’之旅与 中国人民关系的演进。”

as their country has developed since its foundation 59 years ago.

48家集团俱乐部 —“破冰者”主席斯蒂芬·佩里

Stephen Perry , C h a i r m a n t h e 4 8 G r o u p C l u b – The ‘Icebrea ker s ’


The 48 Group Club 48家集团俱乐部 3 Cambridge Terrace Mews, Regents Park London NW1 4JJ, England, UK 英国 Tel: + 44 (0) 845 643 2768 传真 Fax: +44 (0) 845 643 2924 电子邮箱 e.mail: 网址


48家集团俱乐部 - “破冰者”

President Hu Jintao with Stephen Perry at Buckingham Palace, London during a State Visit to Britain on 10 November 2005. 2005年11月10日,胡锦涛主席在对英国的一次国事访问 期间和斯蒂芬·佩里在伦敦白金汉宫。


The 48 Group Club - The ‘Icebreakers’ The Mission of The 48 Group Club – ‘The Icebreakers’ 48家集团俱乐部 —“破冰者”的使命

“以史为鉴是中国的一个名言。反思过去很有意 义,但是我们看48家集团俱乐部—‘破冰者’, 看到的不是55岁老,而是55岁青。肯定有人 会 说,中国的经济奇迹般增长,企业 界 对 ‘ 破 冰’的需要早已成为过去。对这个问题的回答需 要强调的是,现在比55年前更需要‘破冰’, 只不过重点不同。在接下来的篇章中,我们会展 读最早的‘破冰者’们的故事,他们是开创贸易 的 先驱。之后我们才在以后的岁月里 以 ‘ 破 冰 者’描述我们的使命,这就是解除西方世界对中 国过时的概念,从而真正了解中国及其文化的紧 迫需要。胡锦涛主席对我精辟的概括总结了这个 挑战:‘中国有着巨大的贸易顺差,但是也有庞 大的文化赤字。’历史上,各国不能在人民之间 建 立对话和互信的经济错位实例比比 皆 是 。 这 个‘文化赤字’的‘破冰’,就是现在48家集团 俱乐部 —‘破冰者’们的使命。”


se history as a mirror is a famous phrase in China (see page 62). There is a great

value in reflecting on the past but we see the 48 Group Club – The ‘Icebreakers’ as not being 55 years old – but 55 years young. Surely some might say that with the phenomenal economic rise of China the need for ‘Icebreaking’ by the business community is well past. The answer is emphatically that there is now an even greater need for ‘Icebreaking’ than 55 years ago but with a different focus. Through the next pages we will unfold the story of the original ‘Icebreakers’ who pioneered the opening up of trade, before we describe our mission for the coming years, which is the urgent need to unfreeze out dated concepts of China in the western world and so enable a real understanding of China and its culture. President Hu Jintao neatly summarised the challenge to me, “China has a massive trade surplus – but a vast cultural deficit”. History is littered with examples of economic dislocation where countries have failed to build dialogue and mutual respect between their


peoples. ‘Icebreaking’ that ‘cultural deficit’ is now the mission of the 48 Group Club – The ‘Icebreakers’.

Stephen Perry, Chairman, The 48 Group Club


48家集团俱乐部 - “破冰者”


ver the past half century there have been twists and turns, ups and downs in our bilateral relations. However,

experience has proved that cooperation between China and the UK are beneficial to our two countries and our two peoples.  Yesterday at the dinner, and also today in my discussion with Prime Minister Tony Blair I recalled the great contribution to China-UK relations by the 48 Group Club. In 1954 this group embarked on the road towards China, overcame all kinds of obstacles and broke through the embargoes by the western

“半个多世纪来,两国关系走过曲折 的道路。然而,实践证明,中英合 作有利于两国和两国人民。昨天在 晚餐时,还有今天在我和托尼·布莱 尔首相的会谈中,我都回顾了48家 集团俱乐部对中英关系的伟大贡献。 1954年,48家集团踏上了通往中国之 路,冲破了重重阻力,打破了西方世 界对中国的封锁,和中国发展经贸关 系。他们是西方世界和中华人民共和 国开展经贸的第一批工商业家。”

world to China to develop trade relations with my country. This was the first group of businessmen from the western world to trade with the People’s Republic of China.

2006年9月13日,中国总理温家宝与英国首 相托尼·布莱尔在伦敦唐宁街一起会见记者。


China’s Prime Minister Wen Jiabao speaking at press conference with then UK Prime Minister Tony Blair in Downing Street, London on 13 September 2006.

The 48 Group Club - The ‘Icebreakers’

China’s Prime Minister Wen Jiabao speaking at a press conference with then UK Prime Minister Tony Blair in Downing Street, London on 13 September 2006. 2006年9月13日,中国总理温家 宝与英国前首相托尼·布莱尔在 伦敦唐宁街一起会见记者。


48家集团俱乐部 - “破冰者” Scotland - Forging Further Ties with China 苏格兰 — 打造和中国更紧的纽带 he Scottish Government has been developing its relationship with China over the past four years through

ministerial visits, through establishing a Scottish Government presence in Beijing and through the implementation of a cross-sector plan to deepen Scotland’s wider engagement with China including business, education, science, culture and tourism sectors. I recognise the importance of China for our young people and am committed to providing support to ensure they can benefit fully from the opportunities offered. To this end we are developing the learning of Chinese in Scottish schools via a network of Confucius Classrooms and through the introduction of new Chinese language qualifications. We


are creating opportunities for student exchange, business collaboration and research partnerships in areas of world class capability and mutual interest.

“过去四年里,通过部长级访问、在 北京建立苏格兰政府代表处,以及通 过实施跨行业计划,在商业、教育、 科技、文化和旅游等多个领域内与中 国展开广泛合作,苏格兰政府在不断 深化着与中国的关系。我认为中国对 于我们的年轻一代来说是非常重要 的,并且我一直致力于为这些年轻人 提供支持,从而确保他们能从提供的 机遇中充分获益。为此,我们通过网 络“孔子课堂”以及引入新汉语资格 认证课程的方式,在苏格兰学校里推 广汉语教学。同时,我们也在为学生 交换、商务合作、世界顶级科研合作 以及双方共同感兴趣的领域创造合作 机会。”

Alex Salmond MSP, First Minister of Scotland.

亚历克斯·萨尔蒙德,苏格兰议会议员,苏格 兰首席大臣。


The 48 Group Club - The ‘Icebreakers’ Today’s ‘Icebreakers’ 今日“破冰者”

2005年11月,在中国国家主席胡锦涛对英国 进行国事访问期间,英国首相托尼·布莱尔 的讲话。


ritain and China have a shared commitment to work together on the common challenge facing both our

countries – exploiting the opportunities of gobalisation and managing its risks. There is an enormous amount of work for us to do together. President Hu’s visit marks an important

“英国和中国都有责任一起努力应对 我们两国面临的共同挑战—利用全球 化的机会,并化解其风险。有大量的 工作要我们一起来做。在这种正在发 展的全球伙伴关系中,胡主席的访问 标志着一个重要的阶段,并将继续发 展为更加伟大的合作,迎接我们面临 的21世纪的挑战。”

staging post in this growing global partnership, and will continue to ever greater co-operation in meeting the 21st century challenges that we face.

The Rt Hon Tony Blair MP, Prime Minister of the UK, in November 2005, during the State Visit of China’s President Hu Jintao.

Chinese President Hu Jintao and his wife Liu Yongqing pose for a group photo with HRH Queen Elizabeth II and her husband HRH Prince Philip at Buckingham Palace, London on 8 November 2005 during President Hu’s State visit to Britain. 2005年11月,在对英国进行国事访问期间,胡锦涛 主席和夫人刘永清女士与英国女王伊丽莎白二世和 菲利普亲王在白金汉宫合影留影。


48家集团俱乐部 - “破冰者”

UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown speaking at a joint press conference held with Prime Minister Wen Jiabao in Beijing on 18 January 2008. 2008年1月18日,英国首相戈登·布朗在北京与温家宝总 理举行的联合记者招待会上。

Premier Wen Jiabao and British Prime Minister Gordon Brown in Beijing on 18 January 2008. 2008年1月18日,温家宝总理与英国首相戈登·布朗在 北京。


The 48 Group Club - The ‘Icebreakers’

“20年来,英国政界人士都说到中国 去,开启讨论。现在我们谈的话题更 大,是打造一种高层对话,彼此走向 对方。 为了设置一个总的框架,温总理和我 都赞同在中英之间建立第一个高层经 济和金融对话,这是比以往中国和任 何一个欧洲国家之间的对话都更加全 面、更加深入的对话。通过与中国政 府和中国企业界的合作,我希望到 2010年,看到在伦敦证券市场现有 100多家中国公司上市的基础上,再 增加100个新的中国投资项目到英国 来,在英国学习的中国学生达到10万 人,百所中国和英国大学与学术机构 结为伙伴关系,中国和英国公司之间 的科技合作项目再增加100项,使英 国受益于中国10亿英镑(20.3亿美 元)的主权财富基金中相当一部分的 投资。


or two decades British politicians talked about going to China and opening up discussions. Now we are talking

about something bigger, forging a high level dialogue, each reaching out to the other. To set an overall framework Premier Wen and I have agreed to establish the first high level economic and financial dialogue between China and Britain and it is one that is more comprehensive and deeper than any previous dialogue between China and any European country. And working in cooperation with the Chinese government and Chinese business I hope to see by 2010, 100 more Chinese inward investment projects coming to Britain, over 100 Chinese companies listed on the London Stock Exchange, up to 100,000 Chinese students studying in Britain, 100 partnerships between Chinese and British universities and other academic institutions, 100 more scientific collaborations between Chinese and British firms with Britain benefiting from a large share of investment from China’s £1 billion ($US 2.03 billion) Sovereign Wealth Fund. And we will take the following immediate steps to advance the

2008年1月18日,英国首相戈登·布朗在北京 与温家宝总理举行的联合记者招待会上。

我们将立即采取以下步骤来把伙伴关 系推向前进……温总理和我今天签订 了货物及服务方面的双边贸易额增长 50%的新目标,到2010年达到295亿 英镑(600亿美元)。”

partnership…. Premier Wen and I have signed up today to a new target for a 50% increase in bilateral trade in goods and services, rising to £29.5 billion ($US 60 billion) by 2010.

UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown speaking at a joint press conference held with Prime Minister Wen Jiabao in Beijing on 18 January 2008.


48家集团俱乐部 - “破冰者”

傅莹女士有着卓越的外交经历。她曾 经担任过邓小平的翻译,并出任过中 国驻澳大利亚大使。她于2007年被任 命为驻英国大使。

H.E. Madam Fu Ying has had a distinguished diplomatic career. At one stage she was a translator for Deng Xiaoping and rose to become Chinese Ambassador in Australia. She was appointed Ambassador to the UK in 2007.

H.E. Madam Fu Ying, Ambassador of the People’s Republic of China to Britain with The Lord Howe of Aberavon, CH, QC, President the Great-Britain China Centre and Fellow of the 48 Group Club – The ‘Icebreakers’, at the Chinese New Year banquet hosted and organised by the Club in London, February 2008. 2008年2月,中华人民共和国驻英国大使傅莹女士与英中 协会主席、48家集团俱乐部精英会员、英国荣誉爵士、 皇家法律顾问豪勋爵在48家集团俱乐部筹办组织的盛大 中国春节晚宴上。


The 48 Group Club - The ‘Icebreakers’

e see the relationship between our two countries as among our top international priorities. The 48 Group

Club helped establish that relationship and continues to play a major role in China-UK relations. According to our statistics, bilateral trade last year was £19.5 billion ($US 39.7 billion). After attaining the target of £19.7 billion ($US 40 billion) two years ahead of time, there is good reason for us to believe that the PM’s new target of £29.5 billion ($US 60 billion) will be met by 2010. As the Chinese Premier suggested to Prime Minister Brown,


we will focus on the five following areas: technological trade, innovation, energy and environment, financial services and intellectual property.

“我们把我们两国之间的关系放在国 际关系中的优先地位。48家集团俱乐 部帮助创立了这个关系,并且继续在 中英关系中发挥重要作用。 根据我们的统计,去年双边贸易额为 195亿英镑(397亿美元)。在提前两 年达到197亿英镑(400亿美元)的 目标之后,我们有充分的理由相信, 2010年可以实现首相提出的295亿英镑 (600亿美元)的新目标。正如中国总 理对布朗首相建议的,我们应当集中 在技术贸易、创新、能源和环境、金 融服务和知识产权这五个领域。”

中华人民共和国驻英国大使傅莹女士 H.E. Madam Fu Ying, Ambassador of the People’s Republic of China to the UK

H.E. Madam Fu Ying, Ambassador of the People’s Republic of China to the UK. 中华人民共和国驻英国大使 傅莹女士。


48家集团俱乐部 - “破冰者”

Sir William Erhman KCMG in China. 欧威廉爵士在中国。

British Ambassador to China, Sir William Ehrman KCMG meets H. E. Madam Fu Ying, Ambassador of the People’s Republic of China to Britain at the 2008 ‘Icebreakers’ New Year banquet in London, introduced by Stephen Perry, Chairman of the 48 Group Club. 在2008年的“破冰者” 伦敦春节晚宴上,英国驻华大使 欧威廉爵士经48家集团俱乐部主席斯蒂芬·佩里介绍, 与中华人民共和国驻英国大使傅莹女士见面。


The 48 Group Club - The ‘Icebreakers’


ill China be the next innovation superpower? As highstreet shoppers now know well, “Made in China” is no

longer a tag confined to cheap jeans and plastic toys. Hightech goods accounted for 35% of China’s total manufacturing exports in 2005, up from 16% in 1995. China produces 80% of the world’s photocopiers, 60-70% of mobile phones, 60% of digital cameras, and 50% of computers. Since the late 1990s, China’s national spend on R&D has been growing by around 20% a year, or twice China’s overall economic growth rate. The OECD estimates that in 2006 Chinese Government and industry together spent $136 billion on R&D adjusted for purchasing power parity. That is more than Japan ($US130 billion) and second only to the US ($US330 billion). There will be no let up in China’s pursuit of innovation. It intends to increase its total R&D spend as a share of GDP from 1.4% at present to 2% by 2010 and 2.5% by 2020. It aims

“中国将会成为未来的创新大国吗? 目前,在繁华商业街购物的人们都 认识到,‘中国制造’已经不再是廉 价牛仔裤和塑料玩具的代名词了。 2005年,中国高科技商品的出口总额 占制造业出口总额的比重从1995年的 16%提高到35%。国际市场上80%的 影印机、60%~70%的手机、60% 的数码相机以及50%的电脑均产自中 国。自上个世纪90年代末以来,中国 全国的研发费用每年以20%左右的速 度增加,相当于中国总体经济增长水 平的两倍。根据经济合作发展组织的 评估,2006年,中国政府和产业界总 共投入了1360亿美元的研发经费,以 平衡购买力平价。这笔资金高于日本 (1300亿美元),而仅次于美国 (3300亿美元)。

to cut its official rate of dependence on foreign technology, currently 50%, to 30 % by 2020. It aims to put the business

中国将不会停止对创新的追求。它打 算将研发经费在GDP中所占比例从当 前的1.4%增加到2010年的2%,到 2020年,将占到2.5%。此举意在降 低对国外技术的依存度—从现在的 50%降低到2020年的30%。它还旨在 把商业作为中国创新体系的核心。”

sector at the centre of China’s innovation system.

British Ambassador to China, Sir William Ehrman KCMG, in a speech given at the House of Commons in London on 20 June 2007.

2007年6月20日,英国驻华大使欧威廉在伦敦 英国下院的演讲。


48家集团俱乐部 - “破冰者” Today’s ‘Icebreakers’ 今日“破冰者” t has been my privilege to observe China since my first ministerial visit there in 1973.

Three things make an indelible impact: the scale of change, the pace of change and above

“我1973年作为大臣首次访问中国,以及在后来 的访问中观察中国,是我特殊的荣幸。有三件事 的影响是抹不掉的:变化的规模,变化的速度, 以及首当其冲的变化的眼光。

all the vision for change. The statistics of scale are well known and need no restatement. The pace of change over those 35 years has been and remains extraordinary. When you put the scale and the pace together it has to be true that no human society has ever changed from an ineffective,

有关规模的统计数字已众所周知,无须赘述。 35年来的变化速度一向是而且仍然是超乎寻常 的。当你把规模和速度放在一起,那就实实在在 地看到,还没有一个人类社会从一个没有效率、 落后而且基本上是农业经济的状态如此迅速而又 如此全面地改变为一个具有世界水平的制造业和 日益增长的服务业能力的社会。

backward and largely agricultural economy to a manufacturing and increasingly service industry capability of world class, so quickly

但是,对我而言,真正的奇迹是激励并推动了中 国历届政府的伟大构想。”

and so comprehensively.


But, for me, the phenomenon is the vision that inspired and drove China’s successive governments.

The Rt Hon the Lord Heseltine CH speaking at the 48 Group Club – The ‘Icebreakers’ Chinese New Year banquet in the Guildhall on 15 February 2007.


2007年2月15日,赫塞尔廷勋爵在伦敦市政厅48家集团俱乐 部 —“破冰者”春节宴会上的讲话。

The 48 Group Club - The ‘Icebreakers’ Today’s ‘Icebreakers’ 今日“破冰者”

赫塞尔廷勋爵在2008年成为48家集团俱乐部— “破冰者”的荣誉主席,他在回顾他作为副首相 以及通过自己创立的海马克全球媒体公司与中国 建立政治和经济关系那些岁月的经历。

The Rt Hon the Lord Heseltine CH became The Honorary Patron of the 48 Group Club The ‘Icebreakers’ in 2008 reflecting his years of building political and business relations with China as Deputy Prime Minister and through the company he founded, the Haymarket Media Group.

The Rt Hon the Lord Heseltine CH presenting the Club Fellowship award to The Rt Hon Jack Straw, then Leader of the House of Commons, at the Chinese New Year banquet hosted and organised by the 48 Group Club – The ‘Icebreakers’ in February 2007. 2007年2月,在伦敦48家集团俱乐 部—“破冰者”主办的春节宴会上,赫塞 尔廷勋爵向下院领袖杰克·斯特劳颁发俱 乐部破冰精英会员荣誉奖。


48家集团俱乐部 - “破冰者”

s a Fellow of the 48 Group Club and Chairman of the China-Britain Business

Council I feel it is essential we strive to increase the dialogue between China and Britain. It is only by deepening real understanding that we will win our goals of sustained increase of bilateral trade in a stable and peaceful environment. The 48 Group Club ‘Icebreaker’ lectures




“作为48家集团俱乐部的破冰精英会员和英中贸 易协会的主席,我感到我们很有必要努力增加中 英两国之间的对话。只有深化真正的理解,我们 才会赢得我们双边贸易在一个稳定和平的环境里 持续增长的目标。英中贸易协会经常与48家集团 俱乐部联合主持‘破冰者’演讲,为这种思想的 交流从而建设和谐的关系提供了一个非常重要的 论坛。”



Council often co-hosts provide a very important forum for the exchange of ideas and so building of harmonious relationships.

Sir David Brewer CMG introducing the Chinese Assistant Minister of Finance, Zhu Guangyao, at the 48 Group Club ‘Icebreaker’ lecture on 28 February 2008 held at HSBC Group headquarters in London. Sir David became a Fellow of the 48 Group Club in 2006 and was Lord Mayor of London in 2005-6. Currently he is Chairman of the China-Britain Business Council (CBBC).


2008年2月28日,在伦敦汇丰集团总部举行的48家集团“破 冰者”演讲活动中,大卫·白乐威爵士介绍中国财政部部长 助理朱光耀。大卫·白乐威爵士在2006年成为48家集团俱乐 部破冰精英会员,并于2005年-2006年担任伦敦金融城市 长。目前他担任英中贸易协会主席。

The 48 Group Club - The ‘Icebreakers’

“邓小平先生是中国改革开放的总设计师,我们 现在可以根据他战略计划的成果来回顾这30年。 从1978年到2007年,中国的GDP增长了57.8倍, 年均增长率为9.7%。人均GDP从1978年的381元 增长到2007年的18971元,增长了49.79倍。贸 易额从1978年的200.6亿美元增长到2007年的 21700亿美元,增长了105倍。外汇储备跃居世界 第一,从1978年的1.67亿美元增长到2007年的 15300亿美元。这个经济变化是邓小平先生‘三 步走’战略计划的成果,目的是改善中国人民的 福祉。这个改善可以量化,1987年到2006年间, 城市家庭人均可支配收入增长了34倍,农村家庭 人均纯收入增长了27倍。贫困人口从2.5亿减少 到2000万。现在试行的新农村合作医疗已经覆盖 了4亿多农民。”


r. Deng Xiaoping, was the general architect of China’s reform and opening-

up, and we can now reflect over the past 30 years on the results of his strategic plan. From 1978 to 2007 China’s GDP grew by 57.8 times with an average annual growth rate of 9.7%. The per capita GDP increased from RMB381 in 1978 to RMB18971 in 2007, up by 49.79 times. The trade volume rocketed from $US20.6 billion in 1978 to $US 2.17 trillion in 2007, up by 105 times. The foreign reserves rank the first, with a significant gain from $US167 million in 1978 to $US1.53 trillion in 2007. This economic transformation was the product of Mr. Deng Xiaoping’s “three-step” strategic plan aimed at improving the welfare of the Chinese people. The improvements can be quantified between 1987 and 2006 with the per capita disposable income of urban households increased by 34 times and the per capita net income of rural households 27 times. The population in poverty decreased to 20 million from 250 million. Now

2008年2月28日,中华人民共和国财政部部长助理朱光耀在 伦敦汇丰集团总部由英中贸易协会与48家集团俱乐部联合主 办的“破冰者”演讲会上发表讲话。

the experimental programmes of new rural cooperative medi-care have covered more than 400 million farmers.

Zhu Guangyao, Assistant Minister of Finance of the People’s Republic of China, delivering a 48 Group Club ‘Icebreaker’ lecture co-hosted with the China-Britain Business Council (CBBC) on 28 February 2008 held at HSBC Group headquarters in London.


48家集团俱乐部 - “破冰者”

2005年9月7日,前任英格兰和威尔士首席大 法官沃夫勋爵在北京人大会堂做48家集团俱 乐部“破冰者”讲演。


he fact that we are here today is due to a group of Chinese and British individuals who, over 50 years ago,

had the foresight to establish a body which aptly describes itself as the ‘Icebreakers’. The ‘Icebreakers’ had a vision. The vision was that the People’s Republic of China would reestablish itself as a leader among the nations of the world. The ‘Icebreakers’ believed that by working together they could, in a modest manner, contribute to China achieving its rightful position as a global power. I understand that your Premier, Mr Wen Jiabo, recently revalidated the

“我们今天相聚在这里,是因为 50多年前一批有远见的中国人和英 国人,建立了一个他们恰如其分地称 之为‘破冰者’的团体。这些‘破冰 者’们有着一个构想,那就是中华人 民共和国将重新确立其世界民族领袖 的地位。‘破冰者’们相信,靠着齐 心协力,他们能够以其谦卑的方式为 中国赢得其世界大国的恰当地位做出 贡献。我知道,贵国总理温家宝最近 重新确认了‘破冰’之旅的效力,也 说明在当今这个时代,更需要在西方 和中国之间有这样的破冰。”

‘Icebreaker’ mission, indicating that there are reasons why there is a greater need for icebreaking to take place between the West and China in the present era.

The Rt Hon The Lord Woolf, former Lord Chief Justice of England and Wales delivering a 48 Group Club ‘Icebreaker’ lecture in the Great Hall Of The People, Beijing on 7 September 2005.

The Rt Hon The Lord Woolf, former Lord Chief Justice of England and Wales. 前任英格兰和威尔士首席大法官沃夫 勋爵。


The 48 Group Club - The ‘Icebreakers’

n the 1950s, a group of far-sighted people from the British business community overcame one obstacle after another,

and made the famous ice-breaking trip to China, thus starting business exchanges with the newly-founded People’s Republic. Today, more than 50 years later, it is important that the business communities of our two countries carry on

“上个世纪50年代,英国工商界一 些有识之士冲破重重阻力,进行了著 名的‘破冰之旅’,开启了同新中国 的经贸往来。50多年后的今天,中英 工商界的朋友们应该继续发扬‘破冰 者’的开拓精神,积极探索扩大双方 经贸合作的新途径新领域,努力把两 国经贸关系提高到一个新的水平。”

the pioneering spirit of those who broke ice, vigorously explore new avenues and new areas for expanded economic cooperation, and work to elevate our business ties to a higher level.

中华人民共和国主席胡锦涛2005年11月在伦 敦市政厅的讲演。


The Sino-British relationship has now entered a new phase of sustained development, and achieved gratifying results, particularly in economic cooperation and trade.

Hu Jintao, President of the People’s Republic of China, speaking at the Guildhall, London in November 2005.

Chinese President Hu Jintao inspects a ‘guard of honour ‘with HRH Prince Philip at the Horse Guards Parade in London on 8 November 2005. President Hu was paying a State Visit to Britain at the invitation of British Queen Elizabeth II. 2005年11月8日, 在应英国女王伊丽 莎白二世之邀出访英国期间,国家主 席胡锦涛在英国菲利普亲王的陪同下 检阅英国皇家禁卫骑兵仪仗队。


48家集团俱乐部 - “破冰者”

Liu Mingkang is a member of the 17th CPC Central

Committee, Party Secretary and Chairman of the China Banking Regulatory Commission. Liu Minkang is pictured during his 48 Group Club Icebreaker lecture delivered in the House of Commons in London on 20 June 2007. The lecture formed part of the Westminster Hearings that were organised in London by the All Party China Parliamentary Group and The University of Westminster.

刘明康是第17届中共中央委员会委 员,中国银行业监督管理委员会主席 和党委书记。 图为2007年6月20日,刘明康在伦敦 英国下院发表48家集团俱乐部“破冰 者”演讲。该演讲为英国国会各党派 中国事务小组和威斯敏斯特大学在伦 敦组织的英国议会中国专题高级研讨 会的一部分。

Liu Mingkang speaking at a 48 Group Club ‘Icebreaker’ lecture at the House of Commons in London on 20 June 2007. 2007年6月20日,刘明康在伦敦英国下院发表48家集团 俱乐部“破冰者”演讲。


The 48 Group Club - The ‘Icebreakers’

2007年6月20日,刘明康在伦敦英国下院发表 48家集团俱乐部“破冰者”演讲。刘明康于 2004年被48家集团俱乐部授予 “破冰者”荣 誉奖。


measure of the pace of change in China is our rate of urbanisation. By 2006 43.9% of China’s 1300

million people were living in cities – that means that in just less than 30 years we more than doubled the number of urban dwellers, as in 1980 just 20% of our people lived in cities. This change has happened rapidly. In France the

“衡量中国变化速度的一个尺度就是 我们的城市化率。截至2006年,中国 13亿人口中,有43.9%生活在城市 里—这意味着在不到30年的时间里, 我们的城市居民人口翻了一番,因为 在1980年,我们只有20%的人口住在 城市里。这个变化发生得非常快。在 法国,人口从农村大量流向城市用了 不是26年,而是100年。德国则用了 80年,美国用了40年。”

comparable flow of people from rural areas to cities took, not 26, but 100 years. In Germany the migration took 80 years and in the USA 40 years.

Liu Mingkang speaking at a 48 Group Club ‘Icebreaker’ lecture at the House of Commons in London on 20 June 2007. Liu Mingkang accepted the Icebreaker Award from the 48 Group Club in 2004.


48家集团俱乐部 - “破冰者”

Li Yuanchao was appointed a Politburo Member of the 17th CPC Central Committee

2007年10月,李源潮当选为第17届中共中央政治 局委员,并被任命为中共中央组织部部长。

and Head of the Organisation Department of the CPC Central Committee in October 2007. Mr Li came to London on 21 March 2007 whilst he was Party Secretary of Jiangsu Province to deliver a 48 Group Club ‘Icebreaker’ lecture

2007年3月21日,时任江苏省委书记的李先生 来到伦敦,在下院做了48家集团俱乐部“破冰 者”演讲。演讲由英国议会各党派中国小组联合 英中协会、皇家国际事务学会和外交政策中心共 同组织。

at the House of Commons. The lecture was organised in association with the UK All Party Parliamentary China Group with the Great Britain-China Centre, the Royal Institute of International Affairs, and the Foreign Policy Centre.

演讲吸引了英国大批政府和企业的高层领导前来聆 听李源潮畅谈“建设和谐社会”。在演讲之后由渣 打银行集团主办的午餐会上,李源潮接受了赫塞尔 廷勋爵为他颁发的48家集团俱乐部“破冰者”荣誉 奖,表彰他为中英关系所作出的杰出贡献。

The lecture attracted a large audience of senior leaders from both the public and private sectors in the UK to hear Li Yuanchao talking on the theme of "Building a Harmonious Society”. At a lunch following the lecture, hosted by the Standard





accepted a 48 Group Club ‘Icebreaker’ award from The Right Hon. Lord Heseltine in recognition of his outstanding contribution to Sino-British relations. 

Li Yuanchao receives an ‘Icebreaker’ award from The Rt Hon The Lord Heseltine of Thenford CH, former UK Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Trade and Honorary Patron of the 48 Group Club – The ‘Icebreakers’. 英国前副首相前商务部长、48家集团俱乐 部荣誉主席赫塞尔廷勋爵向李源潮先生授 予“破冰者”荣誉奖。


The 48 Group Club - The ‘Icebreakers’

“英国是最早承认中华人民共和国并和新中国发 展经济文化交流的西方国家之一。在所有欧盟国 家中,英国是中国最大的投资者。中国也可以从 英国先进的金融服务中受益,并从英国的创新文 化中获得启示。中国希望能够和英国共同发展, 成为双赢伙伴。在互信互利的基础上,中英两国 人民可以做更多的努力,来加强世界和平、全球 经济增长、国际贸易、人类的多元文化以及世界 环境的保护。”


he UK was among the first western countries





Republic of China and to develop economic and cultural exchanges with New China. Among all EU nations, the UK stands as China’s largest investor. China can also benefit from the UK’s advanced financial services and be inspired by the UK’s innovative culture. China wishes to develop together with the UK as ‘win-win’ partners. On the basis of mutual trust and benefits, both the Chinese and British people could do even more to enhance world peace,

2007年3月,第17届中共中央政治局委员、中共中央组织部部 长李源潮在伦敦英国下院做48家集团俱乐部“破冰者”演讲。

global economic growth, international trade, diversified cultures of mankind, and the protection of the world environment.

Li Yuanchao, Politburo Member of the 17th CPC Central Committee and Head of the Organisation Department of the CPC Central Committee, speaking at his 48 Group Club ‘Icebreaker’ lecture in the House of Commons in London in March 2007.

Stephen Perry, Chairman of the 48 Group Club – the ‘Icebreakers’ meets Li Yuanchao in London. 48家集团俱乐部主席斯蒂芬·佩里与李源潮先生 在伦敦见面。


48家集团俱乐部 - “破冰者” Today’s ‘Icebreakers’ 今日“破冰者” Peter Sands, Chief Executive of Standard Chartered Group being interviewed by young journalists in Beijing in 2007. 2007年,渣打集团行政总裁冼博德先生在北京接受青年 记者们的采访。

Staff of the Standard Chartered Beijing Office in 2007 with Group Chief Executive, Peter Sands in the centre of the image. On the right side is Lance Browne, a 48 Group Club – The ‘Icebreakers’ Committee member and also Vice Chairman of Standard Chartered Bank in China. 渣打银行北京办事处员工在2007年与集团行政总裁冼博 德先生(居中)的合影。居右的是48家集团俱乐部“破冰 者”委员会委员、英国渣打银行中国区副董事长博文杰。


The 48 Group Club - The ‘Icebreakers’ Today’s ‘Icebreakers’ 今日“破冰者”

“中国是一个极有活力的国家,过去 20年里有了急剧的变化。我们都非常 熟悉中国迅速增长的GDP和出口量, 但是总的说来,我们很多人,特别是 年轻人,对那些数字后面的故事,对 现代中国及其很多方面—经济、政 治、社会和文化,不是这么熟悉和理 解。对他们当中很多人来说,中国还 是一种神秘,一个谜团。


hina is an extremely dynamic country and has changed dramatically over the last two decades. We are all very

familiar with China’s rapid rate of GDP and export growth, but generally speaking, a lot of us, especially our young people, do not have the same level of familiarity and understanding about the story behind those numbers, about modern China and its many facets – economic, political, social and cultural. To many of them China is still a mystery, an enigma. As the forces of globalisation make countries of the world

2007年2月12日,渣打集团行政总裁冼博德在 伦敦48家集团俱乐部春节宴会上的讲话。洗博 德2007年成为48家集团俱乐部的荣誉会员。

increasingly interdependent, it has become extremely important to learn about each other in order to foster mutual understanding, trust and friendship between different cultures. As China continues to play an ever increasing role on the world stage politically as well as economically, it is important that we demystify China, thus building a harmonious and lasting relationship between the British and Chinese people. And

随着全球化的力量使世界各国日益相 互依赖,增加彼此了解以培养不同文 化之间的相互理解、信任和友谊是至 关重要的。由于中国无论在政治上还 是经济上都继续在世界舞台上发挥着 日益重要的作用,因此我们有必要解 密中国,从而在英中两国人民之间建 立起和谐而持久的关系。做到这一点 的唯一途径,就是促进他们之间更大 的接触和交流—通过旅游、教育和 各个层面的对话。”

the only way we can do that is by promoting greater contact and exchange between them – through travel, education and dialogue at all levels.

Peter Sands, CEO of Standard Chartered Group, speaking at the 48 Group Club Chinese New Year banquet in London on 12 February 2007. Peter Sands was made an Honorary Member of the 48 Group Club in 2007.


48家集团俱乐部 - “破冰者”

Lord Browne of Madingley, FRS FREng, is one of Britain’s most distinguished business leaders and is the former CEO of BP plc, and a Trustee on the board that supervises the legacy of Joseph Needham at the Institute

布朗勋爵(麦丁立)是英国最受尊敬 的企业领袖之一,是前英国石油公司 首席执行官,并且是监管剑桥李约瑟 研究所理事会的理事。

he founded in Cambridge.

Lord Browne is pictured with H.E. Zha Peixin, former Chinese Ambassador to the UK, and Professor Alison Richard, Vice Chancellor of Cambridge University. Lord Browne delivered a 48 Group Club – ‘Icebreaker’ lecture in honour of the late Dr. Joseph Needham at the Judge Institute at Cambridge University on 23 February 2006. H.E. Zha Peixin presented Lord Browne with the 48 Group Club Fellowship Award in recognition of his outstanding contribution to SinoBritish relations. 布朗勋爵和前中国驻英国大使查培新、剑桥大学副校长 艾利森·理查德教授在一起。2006年2月23日,布朗勋爵 在剑桥大学贾奇管理学院为纪念已故的李约瑟博士发表 了48家集团俱乐部 —“破冰者”演讲。查培新阁下向布 朗勋爵颁发48家集团俱乐部破冰精英会员奖,以表彰他 为中英关系做出的卓越贡献。


The 48 Group Club - The ‘Icebreakers’

2006年2月,48家集团俱乐部—“破冰者”破 冰精英会员布朗勋爵在剑桥大学贾奇管理学院 发表“破冰者”演讲。


can’t imagine that, in 1995, anyone could have predicted that within just ten years China would not only be a member

of the WTO, but would also be one of the largest holders of foreign currency reserves in the world and a very significant player in most of the world’s trading markets. The process has proved once again that open trade is not a zero sum game. Trade benefits all those who participate, and I believe we’re

“我无法想象,早在1995年,就有 人能够预言中国在10年之内不仅会成 为世贸组织的一名成员,而且会成为 世界最大的外汇储备持有者之一,并 且在世界大多数贸易市场扮演非常重 要的角色。这个过程再次证明,开放 的贸易并不是一种零和博弈。贸易会 使所有的参与者受惠,我相信我们还 仅仅才开始看到开放的全球经济扩展 到一个具有巨大潜力的国家的丰厚利 益,以及贸易可以帮助实现的巨大需 要。”

only just beginning to see the full benefits of extending the open global economy to a country with great potential, and great needs which trade can help to fulfill.

Lord Browne of Madingley, FRS, FREng, a Fellow of the 48 Group Club speaking at his ‘Icebreaker’ lecture at the Judge Institute in Cambridge in February 2006.

33 33

48家集团俱乐部 - “破冰者” Equality and Mutual Benefit 平等互利 ‘Equality and mutual benefit’ – and in Chinese, ‘pingdeng huli’ – is the motto of the 48 Group Club – The ‘Icebreakers’. It echoes the words used by Zhou Enlai, China’s much respected premier from 1949 to 1976, who first

平等互利”是48家集团俱乐部 —“破冰者”们 的信条。这是呼应1949年至1976年担任总理、 在中国广受尊敬的周恩来总理说过的话,他最早 于1953年在公开声明中国与外界合作的“五项原 则”时用到了这个说法。

used the phrase in public in 1953 linked to his statement of China’s ‘five principles’ of cooperation with the outside world.

The Rt Hon Lord Healey of Riddlesden CH MBE had a meeting with Premier Zhou Enlai in the Great Hall of the People in Beijing in October 1972. According to Lord Healey they talked for many enjoyable and insightful hours. Lord Healey had a distinguished Parliamentary career with many responsibilities in the UK and abroad such as Secretary of State for Defence, Chancellor of the Exchequer, Deputy Leader of the Labour Party and International Secretary of the Labour Party. 1972年10月,希利勋爵(里德斯登)在北京人民大会堂 与周恩来总理会面。据希利勋爵说,他们谈了好几个小 时,谈得非常愉快而深入。希利勋爵有着非凡的议会生 涯,在英国和海外担任过很多职务,包括国防大臣,财 政大臣,工党副领袖和工党国际书记。


The 48 Group Club - The ‘Icebreakers’ History of the 48 Group Club - The ‘Icebreakers’ 48家集团俱乐部 —“破冰者”的历史

1949年中华人民共和国成立后刚刚两年,两百万 士兵陷入了僵持的困境。战场是在朝鲜。这意味 着中英两国的关系敌对冰冷。但是,当时的中国 总理周恩来却从容地定下了尝试开展贸易关系的 计划。1952年5月,中国国际贸易促进会成立。 如今,它是中国推动对外贸易最重要的也是最大 的机构。

Two million soldiers were bogged down in a stalemate just two years after the foundation of the People’s Republic of China in 1949. The battleground was over Korea. It meant relations between China and Britain were hostile and frozen. But former Chinese Premier Zhou Enlai was quietly laying plans to try and enable trade relations. In May 1952, the China Council for

当时也有李约瑟博士、剑桥大学经济学家琼·罗宾 逊教授和伦敦企业家杰克·佩里这样的英国人,他 们感到孤立的中国不符合英国的长远利益。李约瑟 博士非常了解中国,早在1943年,英国帮助中国抗 日的时候,他就和周恩来建立了友谊。

the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT) was formed. Today it is the most important and the largest institution for the promotion of foreign trade in China. There were also Britons such as Dr. Joseph Needham,






Robinson, University,

an and

London businessman Jack Perry, who felt that an isolated China was not in the long term British interests. Dr. Needham knew China well and he had formed a friendship with Zhou Enlai in 1943 whilst Britain was helping the Chinese people resist the Japanese invasion of China.

Premier Zhou Enlai with Dr. Joseph Needham at the Zhongnanhai in Beijing on 2 October 1964. 上个世纪50年代初,周恩来总理和李约瑟博士在 北京中南海在1964年10月2日。


48家集团俱乐部 - “破冰者” History of the 48 Group Club - The ‘Icebreakers’ 48家集团俱乐部 —“破冰者”的历史 Bo Yibo, Honorary Chairman of the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT), meeting the 48 Group Chairman, Gordon Sloan with Jack Perry (second right) and Stephen Dreyfuss looking on. The occasion was the opening of the 48 Group Liaison Office in Beijing, in the autumn of 1985. 1985年10月,48家集团在北京的联络处开办时,中国国 际贸易促进委员会名誉会长薄一波会见48家集团主席戈 登·斯隆,在一旁观看的为杰克·佩里(右二)和斯蒂 芬·德莱福斯。

Jack Perry is greeted by Bo Yibo at the same event. 杰克·佩里在同一场合与薄一波握手。


The 48 Group Club - The ‘Icebreakers’ History of the 48 Group Club - The ‘Icebreakers’ 48家集团俱乐部 —“破冰者”的历史

中华人民共和国于1949年成立,48家集团俱乐 部的历史始于上个世纪50年代初,当时“破冰 者”的创始人是最早同新中国建立经贸关系的西 方人。1950年,大不列颠及北爱尔兰联合王国 成为最早承认中华人民共和国的国家之一,但是 由 于朝鲜战争,两国关系很快变得敌对 冰 冷 。 1953年,新成立的英国促进国际贸易委员会主 任博伊德·奥尔勋爵率领一个由16家英国公司 代表组成的代表团来到中国,开启了最早的贸易 对 话—从而打破了坚冰,为他们赢得了 “ 破 冰 者”的称号。

The People’s Republic of China was founded in 1949 and the history of The 48 Group stems from the early 1950s when the founding ‘Icebreakers’ were the first Westerners to establish trade relations. In 1950 the United Kingdom became one of the first countries to recognise The People’s Republic of China but relations rapidly became hostile and frozen because of the war in Korea. Then in 1953 Lord Boyd-Orr – head of the newly formed British Council for the Promotion of International Trade – led a delegation of 16 representatives of British companies to China to open the first discussions on trade – and thus the ice was broken and the ‘Icebreakers’ earned their name.

Only a few photographs have survived recording the early meetings that established the 48 Group Club – The ‘Icebreakers’. This photograph was taken on 6th July 1953 at the signing of the ‘Business Arrangement’ in Beijing: Left to right – Dr Chi Chao-ting who played a crucial role on the Chinese side; Roland Berger; Harold Spencer, spokesman of the ‘Icebreaker’ mission; and half hidden, Professor Joan Robinson, the distinguished Cambridge University economist. 只有几张照片存留下来,记录建立48家集团俱乐 部—“破冰者”的早期会议。这张照片摄于1953年7月 6日,在北京签署《商务协议》时。从左至右:在中国 方面起了关键作用的冀朝顶博士;罗兰·博格;“破冰 者”之旅的发言人哈罗德·斯宾塞;被挡住了一半的剑 桥大学著名经济学家琼·罗宾逊教授。


48家集团俱乐部 - “破冰者”

“自中国(于2001年12月)加入世界贸 易组织以来,它更加积极地参与了世界 经济竞争与合作。我很高兴近年来中英 两国的双边经济联系有了长足的发展, 进一步加强了中英的双边关系。


ince China joined the World Trade Organisation (in December 2001) it has participated more actively in

world economic competition and co-operation. I am delighted that bilateral economic ties between China and the UK have made great headway in recent years – further strengthening the China-UK bilateral relationship. While celebrating the great achievements in our bilateral relations, we should not forget those ‘Icebreakers’ who made outstanding contributions to the normalisation of the ChinaUK economic and trade relationship. More than 50 years ago,

在庆贺我们双边关系取得的伟大成就 时,我们不应该忘记为中英经贸关系 正常化做出了卓越贡献的那些‘破冰 者’。50多年前,就是这些有胆有识 的企业界人士,克服了重重困难,来 到中国,打开了中英贸易的大门。”

it was these courageous and far-sighted business people who managed to overcome all the difficulties, came to China and opened the China-UK trade door.

2005年11月,随胡锦涛主席对英国进行国事 访问的中国贸促会会长万季飞。

Wan Jifei, Chairman of the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, during the State Visit of President Hu Jintao to Britain in November 2005.


The 48 Group Club - The ‘Icebreakers’ History of the 48 Group Club - The ‘Icebreakers’ 48家集团俱乐部 —“破冰者”的历史 The 1953 ‘Icebreaker Mission’ paved the way for the now fabled 1954 trade mission with 48 businessmen from British companies, which later became known generically as The 48 Group Club – The ‘Icebreakers’ and whose trail-blazing initiatives have become a vital part of British-Chinese history.

1953年那次“破冰之旅”,为如 今看来神话般的英国公司48位企 业家1954年的贸易之旅铺平了道 路 , 那些公司后来统称为48家集团俱 乐部—“破冰者”,其开拓性的创举 已经成为英中历史的一个至关重要的 部分。

In the late 1980’s the 48 Group Club – The ‘Icebreakers’ merged with the Sino-British Trade Council to form the China-Britain Trade Group, now known as the China-Britain Business Council (CBBC). Today’s 48 Group Club – ‘The Icebreakers’ – which has grown to over 350 members continues to develop the work of promoting positive Sino-British relations.

在上个世纪80年代末,48家集团俱乐 部—“破冰者”与英中贸易委员会合 并,组成英中贸易集团,现在以英中 贸易协会而知名。如今的48家集团 俱乐部—“破冰者”已经成长并拥有 350多家会员,继续为积极促进中英 两国关系而不懈工作着。

One of the few surviving photographs of the historic signing of the ‘Business Agreement’ in Beijing in 1953. 图为在1953年北京极富历 史意义的贸易协定签署场 面,这是保存下来仅有的几 张照片之一。


48家集团俱乐部 - “破冰者”

hen, in 1973, I was one of the first Western government ministers to visit

the People’s Republic of China on the occasion of the British Exhibition and as part of a delegation led by Peter Walker, then Secretary of State for Trade and Industry, I had plenty of opportunity to see China as it was (then). There was nothing there to indicate what

“1973年,我作为第一批西方政府部长之一访问 了中华人民共和国 — 为英国展览会参加当时的 贸易及工业大臣彼得·沃克率领的一个代表团, 我有很多机会看到(彼时)的中国是什么样子。 走在路上,什么标志物也没有。同年晚些时候 —还是1973年,一个中国代表团来到伦敦,同 我谈到竞争和改制。微妙的事情那时已经开始发 生,如今它已成为现实。”

was afoot. Later that same year - in 1973 - a


Chinese delegation to London talked to me of competition and restructuring. Something was happening. It is now a reality.

2005年11月,胡锦涛主席对英国进行国事访问时,赫塞尔廷 勋爵的讲话。1995年5月,迈克尔·赫塞尔廷作为贸工大臣, 率领了一个最大也是最成功的外贸使团访问中国,随访的有 130位英国顶级实业家和商界领袖。

Lord Heseltine on the occasion of the State Visit of President Hu Jintao to Britain in November 2005. In May 1995 - as President of the Board of Trade – Michael Heseltine led one of the biggest and most successful export missions to China, accompanied by 130 of Britain’s key industrialists and business leaders.

Chinese Premier Zhou Enlai greeting Michael Heseltine in Beijing, during his first visit to China in 1973. 中国总理周恩来在北京会见迈克尔·赫塞尔廷,时为 1973年他首次访华。


The 48 Group Club - The ‘Icebreakers’ Today’s ‘Icebreakers’ 今日“破冰者”

48家集团俱乐部—“破冰者”的名称在中国从国 家主席到各层官员几乎人人皆知,而且它在中国 对外贸易界内日益成为重要决策者的年轻一代中 国工商业人士、以及政界、外交界、学术界和文 化交流界的人士当中,也受到高度尊重。

The 48 Group Club – The ‘Icebreakers’ name is almost iconic in China – from the President down – and is held in high esteem by the younger generation of Chinese businessmen who are becoming significant decision-makers within the orbit of China’s foreign trade; as well

今天,48家集团俱乐部为积极在中国从事贸易的人 提供了一个重要的、往往也是关键的关系网络。它 在英国各地组织活动,也组织学术和文化交流,同 时也帮助维系和广大中国朋友们的关系。

as amongst the ranks of politicians, diplomats, academics and those involved in cultural activities. Today, the 48 Group Club offers an important – and often key – network of contacts (guanxi) for those active in China trade. It organises activities throughout the UK, as well as academic and cultural exchanges, whilst also helping to maintain relationships with Chinese friends.

The Rt Hon Jack McConnell, MSP, First Minister of Scotland, received a 48 Group Club Fellowship award from H.E. Madam Fu Ying at a special ceremony in the Chinese Embassy in London in November 2007. 2007年11月,苏格兰前首席大臣杰克·麦 康纳在伦敦中国使馆的一个特别仪式上,接 受傅莹女士为其颁发的48家集团俱乐部精英 会员奖。


48家集团俱乐部 - “破冰者”

have very good memories of my meetings with the 48 Group who did a lot for trade


with China. They were the ‘Icebreakers’, and we shall never forget those who broke the ice in the difficult years.

Zhu Rongji, the former Prime Minister of China speaking as Vice Premier of China during a visit to London in November 1993.

“我对我和48家集团的会见有着美好的回忆,他们为 和中国的贸易做了很多工作。他们是‘破冰者’, 我们永远不会忘记在艰难的岁月中那些打破坚冰 的人们。”

1993年11月,中国前总理朱镕基在担任副总理期间访问伦敦 时的演讲。

Zhu Rongji Former Prime Minister of the People’s Republic of China meets with former UK Prime Minister Edward Heath in September 1998. 1998年9月中华人民共和国前总理朱镕基与英国前首相爱 德华·希思见面。


The 48 Group Club - The ‘Icebreakers’

“在与您的会谈中,我非常高兴地得知,48家集 团俱乐部愿意参与中英两国的教育合作与交流, 并为此提供方便和支持。我希望今后双方在我们 会谈中提到的高层次人才培养和科研合作等领域 内进一步加强交流,落实会谈内容,开展更多的 合作项目。”


was very pleased to learn, during our meeting, that the 48 Group Club is willing

to participate in the Sino-UK education cooperation and exchange, and to provide facilitation and support. I hope that we can intensify our efforts in training high calibre students and researchers, as well as strengthening




上面的话摘自2005年10月周济部长在剑桥和爱丁堡大学发表 48家集团俱乐部“破冰者”演讲后,致48家集团俱乐部主席 斯蒂芬·佩里的一封信。周济也在2005年被授予48家集团俱 乐部“破冰者”荣誉奖。

exchange, which will be the follow-up from our fruitful meeting and future cooperative programmes.

Zhou Ji wrote the above words in a letter to Stephen Perry, Chairman of the 48 Group Club, following up meetings when Minister Zhou Ji delivered 48 Group Club ‘Icebreaker’ lectures in Cambridge and Edinburgh universities during October 2005. Zhou Ji was also presented with a 48 Group Club ‘Icebreaker’ Award in 2005.

Zhou Ji is Minister of Education for the People’s Republic of China and a member of the 17th CPC Central Committee. 周济是中华人民共和国教育部部长,第17届中共中央 委员。


48家集团俱乐部 - “破冰者”

“我们的孩子可以从中受益并且需要了解的现代 世界最伟大的新特征,就是中国。我们需要推动 我们的孩子从对中国相对的无知达到与他们的需 要及抱负相关的理解程度。我父亲1953年来到中 国,并试图告诉世界中国很快就会回归为一个世 界强国。那时没有多少人听。如今,很多人都知 道了中国在世界的重新崛起,但是没有多少人了 解它的文化和思想。正如家父杰克·佩里所言, 一个相互联系相互依赖的世界,才是更安全更繁 荣的世界。他过去是对的,现在仍然是对的。但 是人们还可以说,我们也需要相互了解,以便发 展那些相互依赖的架构。”


he greatest new feature of the modern world that our children can benefit from

and need to understand - is China. We need to move our children from relative ignorance of China to levels of understanding that are relevant to their needs and ambitions. My father traveled to China in 1953 and tried to tell the world that China would soon return as a world nation. Few listened then. Today many are aware of China’s emergence back into the world, but few understand its culture and its thinking. As my father, Jack Perry said - a world interlinked and interdependent is a safer and more prosperous world. He was and is right.

48家集团俱乐部 —“破冰者”主席斯蒂芬·佩里。

But one might add we also need to know each other in order to develop those interdependent structures.

Stephen Perry, Chairman of the 48 Group – The ‘Icebreakers’.

Stephen Perry with a copy of the original letter that started the ‘Icebreaking’. It was dated 1 July 1952 and sent from the China National Import and Export Corporation to 5 Russell Court, London WC1. 斯蒂芬·佩里手持的是最早发起了“破冰者”运动的原版书 信副本。这封信的日期为1952年7月1日,是由中国国家进出 口公司寄发给伦敦拉塞尔阁5号的。


The 48 Group Club - The ‘Icebreakers’ Today’s ‘Icebreakers’ – The 48 Group Club 今日“破冰者”— 48家集团俱乐部 Member companies and institutions vary in size from the multinational to the micro and come from all sectors: industry, commerce, government, education, sports, culture and the law. The strength and success of the Group and

会员公司和机构的规模从跨国公司到微型企业 各种各样,而且来自各行各业:工业,商业, 政府部门,教育界,体育界,文化界,以及司 法界。集团及其先行者的力量和成功并不在于 纯粹的财力。

its forerunners are not purely financial. The foundation lay in the work of a few visionaries such as Jack Perry, Tod Sloan, Roland Berger, Percy Timberlake, Professor Joan Robinson and the British companies that formed the 48 Group Club’s membership.

基础是由杰克·佩里、陶德·斯隆、罗兰·博 格、珀西·廷伯雷、琼·罗宾逊教授这样几位有 远见卓识的人和组成了48家集团俱乐部成员的那 些英国公司的工作所打下的。与中国国际贸易促 进会这样的中国同业机构保持紧密关系,不论过 去还是现在,都同样重要。

Equally important was – and still is – the very close relationship with Chinese counterparts such as the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT).

Guo Yinghui, Chief Representative of China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT), speaking to guests at a networking event organised by the China Enterprises Association in Britain (CEAB). The event was held on 18th March 2008 in London for members of the 48 Group Club – The ‘Icebreakers’ and the location was the Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park whose management kindly provided the venue and superb hospitality. 中国国际贸易促进委员会驻英首席代表郭英会先生在英国 中资企业协会举办的一次交流活动上发表讲话。此次活动 于2008年3月18日在伦敦海德公园文华东方酒店举行,面 向48家集团俱乐部“破冰者”成员。伦敦海德公园文华东 方酒店为此次活动慷慨提供了优质的场所与服务。


48家集团俱乐部 - “破冰者” Events and Activities 事件与活动 The 48 Group Club’s high-profile Chinese New Year celebrations held at prestigious locations such as the Guildhall in London and throughout the UK in important cities like Bristol and Leeds are high spots in the Sino-

48家集团俱乐部在伦敦市政厅这样的显要场所, 以及英国当地城市如利兹和布里斯托这样的城市 里隆重举行的中国春节庆祝活动,是英中年历上 的亮点。近年来,俱乐部每年还在中国驻英伦敦 大使馆举行一次“破冰者”招待会。

British calendar. In recent years the Club has also held annual ‘Icebreaker’ receptions at the Chinese Embassy in London, hosted by H.E. the Ambassador.

Left: Stephen Perry, Club Chairman, with British TV personality, Angela Rippon celebrating with a giant toy rat at the 48 Group Club – The ‘Icebreakers’ Chinese New Year Dinner in February 2008. Right: Guests at the 48 Group Club – The ‘Icebreakers’ Chinese New Year Dinner held in Leeds in 2006. From left to right: Helen Tze the author; Madam Wang Xiuyu and Gong Jianzhong, Chinese Consul General in Manchester; Xu Feihong, former Chinese Political Counsellor in London.


(左) 在2008年2月48家集团俱乐部“破冰者”中国春节晚 宴上,俱乐部主席斯蒂芬·佩里和英国著名电视节目主 持人安吉拉·瑞彭怀抱大绒鼠欢庆“鼠年”。 (右) 2006年,48家集团俱乐部“破冰者”在利兹市举办 的中国春节晚宴上的几位嘉宾。左起:作家谢海玲,中 国驻曼彻斯特总领事龚建忠及夫人王秀玉女士,和中国 驻伦敦大使馆前任政治参赞徐飞鸿。

The 48 Group Club - The ‘Icebreakers’ Events and Activities 事件与活动

在伦敦公园巷赫赫有名的格罗夫纳酒店以要客云 集的春节宴会(据估计也是欧洲这类庆典中最盛 大的)迎来鼠年,在1000多位来宾中,有英国政 府的资深大臣,企业和实业界领袖,英国议会两 院(上院和下院)议员,以及英国驻华大使欧威 廉和中国驻英国大使傅莹女士。

The Year of the Rat was welcomed with a lavish VIP Chinese New Year banquet at the prestigious Grosvenor House Hotel in Park Lane, London – and was estimated to be the biggest such celebration in Europe - with over 1000 guests that included senior UK government ministers, business and industry leaders, members of both Houses of the UK Parliament (The Lords and The Commons), along with the British Ambassador to China, Sir William Erhman KCMG and H.E. Madam Fu Ying, the Chinese Ambassador to the UK.

Left: Guests at the 48 Group Club – The ‘Icebreakers’ Chinese New Year dinner at the Guildhall in London in 2006. Left to right: Andrew Leung and Graham Perry who are both Club Committee members; former Deputy Prime Minister, The Rt Hon John Prescott MP and Eddie, Lord George of St Tudy, former Governor of the Bank of England and Luise Schafer, former Vice Chairman of the 48 Group Club and now in Shanghai. 2006年48家集团俱乐部“破冰 者”在伦敦市政厅举办的中国春节晚 宴上的几位嘉宾。左起:俱乐部委 员会委员梁建邦先生与格兰姆·佩 里先生,前任英国副首相普雷斯科 特议员,前任英格兰银行总裁埃 迪·乔治爵士和商颖露,前48家集团 俱乐部副主席,现居上海。


48家集团俱乐部 - “破冰者” Events and Activities 事件与活动 The Rt Hon Lord Heseltine CH with the document electing him as The Honorary Patron of the 48 Group Club – The ‘Icebreakers’. The document was presented at the Club Chinese New Year Dinner in London in February 2008 by Jodie Perry, daughter of Stephen Perry, the Club Chairman. 2008年2月在48家集团俱乐部举办的春节晚宴上,由俱乐部主席斯蒂 芬·佩里的女儿朱迪·佩里向赫塞尔廷勋爵正式递交了他当选48家集 团俱乐部—“破冰者”名誉主席的证书。

The Rt Hon Jack Straw, MP, Lord Chancellor and UK Secretary of State for Justice with H.E. Madam Zhang Xiaokang, Chinese Ambassador to Singapore at the 2007 Chinese New Year celebrations in London. 英国司法部长与司法大臣杰克·斯特劳爵士与中国驻新加坡大使 张小康女士在2007年伦敦的中国春节庆祝活动上。


The 48 Group Club - The ‘Icebreakers’ Events and Activities 事件与活动 Ms Anna Lo MBE, Member of the Northern Ireland Legislative Assembly pictured with 48 Group Club Chairman Stephen Perry at the Chinese Embassy in London, November 2007, when receiving a Club Fellowship award. 图为2007年11月在中国驻英伦敦大使馆,英国皇室荣誉勋章获得者、 北爱尔兰议会议员卢曼华女士接受48家集团俱乐部主席斯蒂芬·佩里 颁发的俱乐部精英会员荣誉奖。

H.E. Madam Fu Ying, Ambassador of the People’s Republic of China to the UK meets Sir Christopher Hum KCMG, MA former British Ambassador to China and currently Master of Gonville and Caius College, the University of Cambridge, at an ‘Icebreakers’ reception in the Chinese Embassy in London in November 2007. 2007年11月在中国驻英伦敦使馆举行的“破冰者”招 待会上,中华人民共和国驻英国大使傅莹女士与英国 前驻华大使、现任剑桥大学凯斯学院院长韩魁发 爵士见面。


48家集团俱乐部 - “破冰者” Today’s ‘Icebreakers’ 今日“破冰者”

48家集团俱乐部破冰精英会员都是为 中英关系做出过重大贡献的一些人。 他们包括:赫塞尔廷勋爵;豪勋爵; 伦敦市长肯·利文斯通;欧盟贸易专 员彼得·曼德尔森;在中国银行有战 略伙伴关系安排和股权的苏格兰皇家 银行集团首席执行官弗雷德·古德温 爵士;英国国会各党派中国小组主席 本·查普曼议员;前英中贸易协会主 席查尔斯·鲍威尔勋爵;斯伯利勋 爵;以及真正好集团董事长劳埃德- 韦伯勋爵。

Fellows of the 48 Group Club are individuals who have made significant contributions to Sino-British relations and include such distinguished names as Lord Heseltine; Lord Howe; Ken Livingstone, Mayor of London; Peter Mandelson, European Union Commissioner for External Trade; Sir Fred Goodwin, Chief Executive of the Royal Bank of Scotland Group which has a strategic partnership arrangement and an equity stake in the Bank of China; Ben Chapman MP, Chairman of the UK All Parliamentary China Group; Lord Powell of Bayswater, former President of the China-Britain Business Council; Lord Sainsbury; and the Lord LloydWebber, Chairman of the Really Useful Group.

Ken Livingstone, Mayor of London, and Fellow of the 48 Group Club, speaking at a Chinese New Year Dinner hosted by the Club. 伦敦市长、48家集团俱乐部破冰精英会员肯·利文 斯通在俱乐部主办的一次春节晚宴上演讲。


The 48 Group Club - The ‘Icebreakers’ Today’s ‘Icebreakers’ 今日“破冰者” Ben Chapman, MP, Chairman of the UK All Parliamentary China Group at a meeting in the Great Hall of the People in Beijing with Ji Peiding, who is a Member of the NPC Standing Committee, ViceChairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Tenth National People’s Congress and Chairman of the China-British Friendship Group. 本·查普曼议员,英国跨党派议会中国小组主席,在人民 大会堂会见济裴鼎-人民代表大会常务委员、第十届人民 代表大会外事委员会副主席、中英友好团体主席。

Sir Fred Goodwin, Chief Executive of the Royal Bank of Scotland received his 48 Group Club Fellowship award in the Chinese Embassy in London in 2006 from H.E. Zha Peixin, former Chinese Ambassador to the UK. 2006年,苏格兰皇家银行集团首席执行官弗雷德·古德 温爵士在伦敦中国大使馆接受前中国驻英国大使查培新 为其颁发48家集团俱乐部破冰精英会员荣誉奖。


48家集团俱乐部 - “破冰者” Today’s ‘Icebreakers’ 今日“破冰者”

很多极具影响力的中国重要领袖与官 员都因他们为中英两国关系所作的贡 献而受到过48家集团俱乐部的高度评 价与赞扬。48家集团俱乐部为他们授 予了杰出现代“破冰者”称号。这些 人士包括:全国人大常委会外事委员 会主任姜恩柱先生、前民生银行董事 长经叔平、中国常驻瑞士世界贸易组 织代表孙振宇大使、中国国际贸易促 进委员会前会长俞晓松、以及中国人 民政治协商会议副主席与前中国驻英 大使的马振岗先生。

Many important, influential and key Chinese leaders and officials have been recognised by the 48 Group Club – The ‘Icebreakers’ for their outstanding contributions to Sino-British relations. They are acknowledged as outstanding contemporary ‘Icebreakers’ and have included, amongst many others, such distinguished individuals as Mr Jiang Enzhu, Chairman Foreign Affairs Committee, National People’s Congress; Mr Jing Shuping, former President of the Minsheng Bank; Mr Sun Zhenyu, Chinese Ambassador to the World Trade Organisation in Switzerland; Mr Liu Jinsheng, former Vice Chairman of the China Council for Promotion of International Trade; and Mr Ma Zhengang, Co-chairman of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference and a former Chinese ambassador to the UK.

Shi Guangsheng, Former Minister of Foreign Trade & Economic Cooperation. 前外经贸部部长石广生。

Ma Yuzhen, former Chinese ambassador to the UK and former Commissioner of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the HKSAR. 前任中国驻英大使与外交部驻香港特派员马毓真。


The 48 Group Club - The ‘Icebreakers’ Lectures and Talks 演讲与谈话 e







economy, trade and finance, science and technology,

education and environmental protection, China and Europe - including China and the UK - should strengthen dialogue and consultation in international politics, including fighting


international terrorism, preventing proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, and regional hot spots like Iraq, Iran and the Korean Peninsular nuclear programme.

Zheng Bijian, Executive Vice-President of the Party School of the CPC Central Committee, speaking during his 48 Group Club ‘Icebreaker’ lecture to leading UK politicians, business entrepreneurs, journalists and academics at the Foreign Policy Centre in London on 15 December 2005, where his subject was ‘China’s Peaceful Rise’.

“我们希望,在促进经济、贸易金 融、科技、教育和环境保护方面的合 作的同时,中国和欧洲,包括中国和 英国,也应加强国际政治方面的对话 和磋商,包括打击国际恐怖主义,防 止大规模杀伤性武器的扩散,以及伊 拉克、伊朗和朝鲜半岛核计划等地区 性热点问题。”

2005年12月15日,中共中央党校常务副校长郑 必坚在外交政策中心向英国高层政界人士、工 商业家、新闻记者和学界人士做“破冰者”演 讲,主题为“中国的和平崛起”。

Dr Johnny Hon, Chairman of the Global Group and the 48 Group Club Joint Vice Chairman in Hong Kong with Zheng Bijian in 2005. 2005年高宝集团总裁兼48家集团俱乐部联席 副主席韩世灏博士与郑必坚先生。


48家集团俱乐部 - “破冰者” Today’s ‘Icebreakers’ 今日“破冰者”

前外交部部长李肇星教授,香港发 展局局长林郑月娥女士,政务司司 长唐英年,财政司司长曾俊华出席香 港招待会及颁奖典礼。

The Hong Kong reception and award ceremony took place in the presence of former Minister of Foreign Affairs, Professor Li Zhaoxing; Mrs Carrie Lam, Secretary for Development; Mr Henry Tang Ying-yen, Chief Secretary for Administration; and Mr John Tsang Chun-wah, Financial Secretary.


The 48 Group Club - The ‘Icebreakers’ Awards in China 在中国的奖项 In association with the Great Britain China Centre, the 48 Group Club staged its inaugural ‘Icebreaker’ award reception in Hong Kong on 4 October 2007 to celebrate 55 years since the original ‘Icebreaker Mission’. In the presence of former Minister of Foreign Affairs, Professor Li Zhaoxing, former British Deputy Prime Minister Lord Howe of Aberavon presented ‘Icebreaker’ awards to four of Hong Kong’s leading citizens who have made outstanding contributions

2007年10月4日,48家集团俱乐部与英 中协会联合,首次在香港举办“破冰 者”颁奖招待会,庆祝首次“破冰之 旅”55周年。前外交部部长李肇星教 授等嘉宾莅临,前英国副首相豪勋爵 将“精英会员”荣誉奖颁发给在香港 积极促进中英关系发挥特殊作用并做 出杰出贡献的4位有影响的香港市民。

to the territory’s special role in promoting positive Sino-UK relations. Those awarded include: Dr The Hon Leo Lee Tung-hai, GBM, GBS, LLD, JP Chairman of Tung Tai Group; Sir David Li Kwok-po, GBM, GBS, JP Chairman and Chief Executive of the Bank of East Asia Ltd; Dr Vincent Lo Hong-sui, GBS, JP

获奖者包括:东泰公司集团主席李东 海博士,东亚银行主席兼行政总裁李 国宝博士,瑞安集团主席兼行政总裁 罗康瑞博士,新世界发展有限公司及 周大福珠宝金行有限公司主席郑裕彤 博士。

Chairman and Chief Executive of Shui On Group; Dato’ Dr Cheng Yu-tung, DPMS, LLD, DBA, DSSc (Hon) Chairman of New World Development Co. Ltd. and Chow Tai Fook Jewellery Co. Ltd.

Left to right: Mr Stephen Perry, Chairman of the 48 Group Club, Dr Cheng Yu-tung, Sir David Li Kwokpo, Professor Li Zhaoxing, Mr Henry Tang Ying-yen, Lord Howe of Aberavon, Mr Lu Xinhua, Dr Vincent Lo Hong-sui, Dr The Hon Leo Lee Tung-hai and Dr Johnny Hon, Joint Vice Chairman of the 48 Group Club. 左起:48家集团俱乐部主席斯蒂芬·佩里先生,郑裕彤 博士,李国宝博士,李肇星教授,唐英年先生, 豪勋爵,吕新华先生,罗康瑞博士,李东海博士,48家 集团俱乐部联席副主席韩世灏博士。


48家集团俱乐部 - “破冰者”

Sir Terry Leahy, CEO of Tesco plc, one of Britain’s – and increasingly the world’s – largest retail organisations, went back to his home city of Liverpool on 3 October 2007 to deliver a 48 Group Club ‘Icebreaker’ lecture to an audience of business entrepreneurs, young people and teachers. The Specialist Schools and Academies Trust (SSAT) co-hosted this ‘Icebreaker’ lecture as it was aimed primarily at young people. Tesco plc has rapidly increasing interests in China and Sir Terry wanted to inspire the young audience about the opportunities for opening up their careers if they realised the potential of China, and set about understanding it.


2007年10月3日,英国最大的零售机构之一、也 是正日益成为世界上最大的零售机构之一的乐 购集团首席执行官特里·莱希爵士,回到他的 故乡利物浦市,对企业家、青年和教师做48家 集团俱乐部“破冰者”演讲。乐购对中国的兴 趣与日俱增,特里爵士希望激励年轻的听众们 意识到中国的潜力并愿意了解它,从而看到自 己创业的机会。

The 48 Group Club - The ‘Icebreakers’

“当我访问中国的时候,那里所发生的事和非同 寻常的机会令我惊异。 在商业方面,英国的企业有的是绝妙的机会。但 是如果你能像我这般幸运在那里住上一些时候, 你就会意识到,英镑和人民币远远不够关系的重 要。我们相互需要学西的东西太多了……”


hen I visit China, I am amazed at what is happening there and the extraordinary

opportunities there are. Commmercially




opportunities for British businesses. But if you spend time there, as I am lucky enough to do, you realise that there is much more to the

relationship than mere pounds and renminbi.


There is so much that we have to learn from each other….

Sir Terry Leahy, CEO of Tesco plc.


48家集团俱乐部 - “破冰者” Awards - Today’s ‘Icebreakers’ 奖项 — 今日“破冰者”

48家集团俱乐部每年颁发年度“破冰 者”荣誉奖。2007年该奖项的获得者 为伊丽莎白·瑞德。以表彰她作为英 国专业学校与院校信托首席执行官在 英国各地500多所学校普及汉语教学 和孔子班方面所发挥的领导作用。

Each year an ‘Icebreaker’ of the Year award is given. In 2007 the winner was Elizabeth Reid for her leadership, as CEO of the Specialist Schools and Academies Trust (SSAT), in bringing Mandarin teaching and Confucian classes to over 500 schools across England. Elizabeth Reid, Chief Executive at the Specialist Schools and

“学校积极响应工业界和学生们的要 求,促进中国文化和语言的教学。作 为世界第一批孔子学院的基础学校, 我们已经找到5所教授孔子班的学 校,它们将带动并支持所在地区的其 它学校开展汉语教学,增加学习中国 的学生数量。”

Academies Trust, says:


chools are reacting positively to the call from industry and students to promote the teaching and learning of

the Chinese culture and language. As the first schools-based Confucius Institute in the world, we have identified five schools that have become Confucius Classrooms and which

英国专业学校与院校信托组织首席行 政官伊丽莎白·瑞德说:

will lead and support other schools in their region to develop Mandarin teaching and increase the number of students learning about China.

Elizabeth Reid receives her 48 Group Club ‘Icebreaker’ of the Year award from British television celebrity Angela Rippon in London. 伊丽莎白·瑞德女士接受英国电视明星安吉拉·瑞彭 为她颁发的48家集团俱乐部“破冰者”荣誉奖。


The 48 Group Club - The ‘Icebreakers’ Today’s ‘Icebreakers’ 今日“破冰者” Sir Terry Leahy, Chief Executive of Tesco plc – which is now established in China - has urged schools to provide students with the opportunity to gain a basic understanding of Mandarin and Chinese culture to help UK business compete in the global economy. f we want to forge real, lasting relationships with China, we can’t sit back and expect everyone to learn English.


That’s why I applaud the Specialist Schools and Academies Trust for its efforts at setting up Confucius Classrooms to teach Mandarin and promote Chinese culture.

现在也发展到了中国的乐购集团首席 执行官特里·莱希爵士敦促学校为学 生提供机会,对汉语和中国文化有一 个基本的了解,以帮助英国工商界在 全球经济中竞争。 “如果我们想造就与中国的真实而持 久的关系,我们就不能甘心坐等所有 的人都学英语。这就是我为什么如此 赞赏英国专业学校与院校信托组织建 立孔子班、教汉语、促进中国文化而 所作的这些努力。”

Sir Terry Leahy, CEO of Tesco plc.



48家集团俱乐部 - “破冰者” Awards - Today’s ‘Icebreakers’ 奖项 — 今日“破冰者” In the UK the Club’s awards are made for ‘outstanding individual achievement’ – in collaboration with the Pearl Awards, and jointly sponsored by London Export Corporation

在英国,俱乐部的奖项有“杰出个人成 就奖”—与伯乐奖联手,由伦敦出口公 司及高宝集团(欧洲部)联合主办。

and Global Group (Europe) plc. Honorary Members are individuals who have contributed to Sino-British relations in many fields. They include Sir Alan Donald, Honorary President of the China Association and a former UK ambassador to China; Lord Clement-Jones, Co-Chairman, Global Government Relations of DLA Piper LLP and Vice Chairman of the UK All Party Parliamentary China Group; Katy Tse Blair, Manager, Islington Chinese Association, London; Sir Leonard Appleyard, a former UK ambassador to China; and Lord Coe, Chairman of the London

荣誉会员包括在很多领域为中英关系 做出贡献的个人。其中有中国协会名 誉会长、前英国驻中国大使阿兰·唐 纳德爵士;欧华律师事务所全球政府 事务部主席、英国国会各党派中国小 组副主席克利门特·琼斯勋爵;伦敦 依士灵顿华人协会经理谢锦霞;前 英国驻中国大使高德年爵士;伦敦 2012年奥运会组委会主席科勋爵;和 渣打集团行政总裁冼博德先生。

Organising Committee of the 2012 Olympic Games, and Peter Sands, Group Chief Executive of Standard Chartered plc.

Digby, Lord Jones of Birmingham, Minister for Trade and Investment at the Department for Business, Enterprise & Regulatory Reform presented the Chinese Inward Investor of the Year to Dr Gao Weimin, Chairman of the Board of SAIC Motor UK Technical Centre. 贸易投资大臣迪戈比·琼斯勋爵(伯明翰)在商业、企 业和管理改革部将中国来英投资商年度奖颁给上海汽车 英国技术中心董事长高卫民博士。


The 48 Group Club - The ‘Icebreakers’ Awards - Today’s ‘Icebreakers’ 奖项 — 今日“破冰者”

48家集团俱乐部—“破冰者”每年 都以其炙手可热的奖项来表彰中英企 业界的成就,包括“英国出口商年度 奖”,“中国来英投资商年度奖”, 以及“英国对外投资商年度奖”。这 些奖项由英国和中国机构双方颁发。

Each year the 48 Group Club – The ‘Icebreakers’ recognises success with the much sought-after awards covering SinoUK business with ‘UK Exporter of the Year’, ‘Chinese Inward Investor of the Year’, and the ‘UK Outward Investor of the Year’. These awards are prized by both British and Chinese organisations. The winners are pioneers who are setting an example to the thousands of businesses that will be needed

获奖者都是为企业界做出了榜样的前 驱,要实现温家宝总理和戈登·布朗 首相2008年1月18日在北京所提出的最 新目标,需要成千上万这样的企业。 2008年各奖项的获得者分别为:“英国对 外投资商年度奖”— 格林动力设备有限公 司;“中国来英投资商年度奖”—上海汽车英 国技术中心;“英国出口商年度奖”— 牛津 仪器有限公司。 2007年各奖项的获得者分别为:“英国对 外投资商年度奖”—阿斯利康制药有限公 司;“中国来英投资商年度奖”- 中国电 信(欧洲)有限公司;“英国出口商年度 奖”—奥雅纳工程顾问公司。

to deliver the trade targets as set out on 18 January 2008 in Beijing by Premiers Wen Jiabao and Gordon Brown. 2008: ‘UK Outward Investor of the Year’ - Greens Power Limited; ‘Chinese Inward Investor of the Year’ SAIC Motor UK Technical Centre and ‘UK Exporter of the Year’ - Oxford Instruments plc. 2007: ‘UK Outward Investor of the Year’ - Astra Zeneca UK; ‘Chinese Inward investor of the Year’ China Telecom Europe and ‘UK Exporter of the Year’ - Arup. 2006: ‘UK Outward Investor of the Year’ - The University of Nottingham; ‘Chinese Inward investor of the Year’ - Midea Ltd and ‘UK Exporter of the Year’ - Choice Waste Management Ltd.

2006年各奖项的获得者分别为:“英国对外投 资商年度奖”—诺丁汉大学;“中国来英投资 商年度奖”—美的集团有限公司;“英国出口 商年度奖”—Choice废物管理有限公司。

2007 – Awards to Arup, AstraZeneca and China Telecom at the Guildhall in London made by H.E. Zha Peixin, former Chinese Ambassador to the UK. 2007年的奖项由前中国驻英国大使查培新在伦敦市政厅 颁给奥雅纳工程顾问公司、阿斯利康制药有限公司和 中国电信公司。


48家集团俱乐部 - “破冰者” Britain and China – The Long Association 英国和中国 — 长期交往


remier Wen and Prime Minister Brown have agreed that our relations have never been stronger, and I am

committed to ensure we build on the wide-ranging cooperation underway, deepening our understanding of the challenges we face and developing our joint work in the interests of economic progress, social justice and global security. Both China and the UK have been major beneficiaries of globalisation. For China,

“温总理和布朗首相一致认为,我们 之间的关系前所未有地稳固,我承诺 保证我们之间建立广泛的合作,加深 理解我们所面对的挑战,为了经济进 步、社会正义和全球安全发展我们的 合作。中国和英国都已成为全球化的 主要受益者。对于中国来说,融入全 球经济已经驱动了人类历史上最神速 的国家进步。”

integration into the global economy has been the driver of the most remarkable story of rapid national progress in human history.

2008年2月29日,英国外交大臣戴维·米利 班德访华期间在北京大学发表演讲。


Speech by The Rt Hon David Miliband, UK Foreign Secretary, at Beijing University on 29 February 2008 during his tour of China.

The 48 Group Club - The ‘Icebreakers’ Wales - Forging Further Ties with China 威尔士 — 打造和中国更紧的纽带

在参加威尔士周展的一次访问中, 48家集团俱乐部—“破冰者”精英会 员威尔士首席大臣莫洛蒂与重庆市签 署了一份具有历史意义的合作协议。

The First Minister of Wales Rhodri Morgan, a Fellow of the

在与重庆市副市长周慕冰签署协议时, 莫洛蒂先生说:“协议基于我们现有的 《谅解备忘录》,并把我们和重庆的关 系提升到一个新的水平。这个发展已经 快于(我们)和其他任何海外伙伴的关 系,我坚信,它还会继续快速发展。商 贸是一个明显的范例,但是我们的关系 其实建立得更深,涵盖社会各个方面。 在文化上,我相信威尔士和中国也有很 多可以分享。”

Signing the agreement with the Vice Mayor of Chongqing

48 Group Club – The ‘Icebreakers’, signed an historic cooperation agreement with the Chongqing Municipality during a visit that tied-in with a special Wales Week exhibition.

Zhou Mubing, Mr Morgan said: his builds on our existing Memorandum of Understanding and takes our relationship with Chongqing to a new level.

It has already developed more rapidly than with any other overseas partner, and I’m confident that it will continue to do


so. Business is one obvious example but our relationship goes much deeper, and encompasses all parts of society. Culturally I believe Wales and China have much to share.

Rhodri Morgan with the Vice Mayor of Chongqing, Zhou Mubing at the historic signing ceremony in March 2008. 2008年3月,莫洛蒂和重庆市副市 长周慕冰在具有历史意义的签字 仪式上。


48家集团俱乐部 - “破冰者”

Calligraphy by the late Lu Jiaxi, which translates as “use history as a mirror”. 已故卢嘉锡的书法“以史为鉴”。 Lu Jiaxi (1915-2001) was a Vice-Chairman of the 9th CPPCC National Committee and President of the Chinese Academy of Sciences 1981-1988. 卢嘉锡(1915-2001)是第9届中国人民政治协商会议全国 委员会副主席,于1981年至1988年任中国科学院院长。


The 48 Group Club - The ‘Icebreakers’ Lectures and Talks 演讲与谈话 The trail-blazing ‘Icebreaker’ lectures, held at venues such as the Houses of Parliament, Cambridge University in Britain and the Great Hall of the People in Beijing provide various forums for senior business and government representatives from both countries to share insights into important issues. Speakers have included: Li Yuanchao, Politburo Member of the 17th CPC Central Committee, and Head of the Organisation Department of the CPC Central Committee; Lord Woolf, the former UK Lord Chief Justice; China’s Minister of Education, Zhou Ji; Zheng Bijian, Chairman of the China Reform Forum and former Executive Vice-President of the Central Party School; Liu Mingkang, Chairman of China’s Banking and Regulatory Commission; Lord Browne former CEO of BP PLC

在议会、剑桥大学和北京的人大会堂 这样的场所举办的开路先锋“破冰 者”演讲,为两国企业界和政府的高 层代表交流对重要问题的见解提供了 各种论坛。 演讲者包括第17届中共中央政治局委 员、中共中央组织部部长李源潮;英 国前首席大法官沃夫勋爵;中国教育 部部长周济;中国改革开放论坛理事 长、原中央党校常务副校长郑必坚; 中国银监会主席刘明康;前英国石油 公司首席执行官布朗勋爵;乐购集团 首席执行官特里·莱希爵士等。

and Sir Terry Leahy, CEO of Tesco PLC.


48家集团俱乐部 - “破冰者” Britain and China – The Long Association 英国和中国 — 长期交往

2007年,迪戈比·琼斯勋爵被任命为贸易投资 大臣。琼斯勋爵作为前英国工业联合会总干事而 受到高度尊敬,他本人也是一位非常成功的工商 业家。琼斯勋爵于2007年成为48家集团俱乐部精 英会员。

Digby, Lord Jones of Birmingham was appointed Minister of State for Trade and Investment in 2007. Lord Jones is highly respected as a former Director General of the Confederation of British Industry (CBI) and is a highly successful businessman in his own right. Lord Jones became a Fellow of the 48 Group Club - The ‘Icebreakers’ in 2007.

Far left: Digby, Lord Jones of Birmingham, Minister of Trade and Investment with British and Chinese leaders during Prime Minister Gordon Brown’s official visit to China in January 2008. 2008年1月英国首相戈登·布朗赴中国正式访问期间,英 国商贸投资部部长迪戈比·琼斯勋爵(左起)与中英两 国官员在一起。


The 48 Group Club - The ‘Icebreakers’ Britain and China – The Long Association 英国和中国 — 长期交往 s Director General of the CBI, I often called for a greater emphasis to be placed

“作为英国工业联合会的总干事,我经常呼吁要更 加重视中国及其迅速的崛起将对英国产生的影响。

on China and the impact its rapid rise will have upon the UK. In the coming decade it is vital that we excite, inform, and prepare our young people for the extraordinary opportunities China offers. But

在未来的10年,我们非常有必要激发我们的年轻 一代,告诉他们并让他们为中国提供的非凡机遇 做好准备。但是要抓住那些机遇,我们的年轻人 需要深刻了解中国文化,并通过这种了解,懂得 如何提供中国将需要吸收采用的附加值技术。”

to grasp those opportunities our young people will need to gain a deep understanding of


Chinese culture and through that learn how to offer added value skills that China will want to absorb and use.

2008年2月4日,英国贸易投资大臣迪戈比·琼斯勋爵在伦敦 48家集团俱乐部 —“破冰者”春节宴会上的讲话。

Digby, Lord Jones of Birmingham, Minister for Trade and Investment at the Department for Business, Enterprise & Regulatory Reform, speaking at the 48 Group Club – The ‘Icebreakers’ Chinese New Year banquet in London on 4 February 2008.

Digby, Lord Jones of Birmingham with The Rt Hon John Hutton MP, UK Secretary of State for Business, Enterprise and Regulatory Reform and, front, The Rt Hon Ian McCartney MP, Minister for Trade and Foreign Affairs in Shanghai during British Prime Minister Gordon Brown’s official visit to China in January 2008. 2008年1月英国首相戈登·布朗对中国进行国事访问时, 英国商业、企业和管理改革部贸易大臣迪戈比·琼斯勋 爵(伯明翰),与(前排)贸易与外事大臣麦卡特尼议 员在上海合影。


‘The Young ‘Icebreakers’ “青年‘破冰者’”


ollowing a meeting with Premier Wen Jiabao, we agreed that we should unite in developing better relations

between the young people of both countries. The result is the ‘Young Icebreakers’ – the next generation of pioneers.

“在一次和温家宝总理的会见之后, 我们一致认为,我们应当携手在两国 的年轻人之间发展更好的关系。结果 就是年轻一代的先锋 —‘青年破冰 者’的诞生。

The formation of the ‘Young Icebreakers’ is a natural progression. It creates a long-term future for developing positive relations with China, promoted by the young people of both countries. Premier Wen Jiabao told me that the “future depends on young people”, and I strongly agree!

‘青年破冰者’组织的形成是一个自 然的演进过程。由两国年轻人推动积 极发展和中国的关系, 开创了一个长 期的未来。温家宝总理告诉我,‘未 来取决于青年’,我非常赞同!

Given the tremendous changes in our world it is crucial to let our students and young professionals, of British, Chinese and all nationalities, to get working together in the UK to understand each other; then to work in China to develop

48家集团俱乐部 - “破冰者”

positive understanding of the UK. The rewards from such exchanges will be inestimable – both personally and for our countries.

由于我们这个世界的巨大变化,重要 的是让英国和中国以及所有国家的学 生和青年专业人员在英国共同努力, 彼此理解,然后去中国工作,培养对 英国的积极了解。这样的交流将带来 无可估量的回报 — 无论是对个人还 是对我们各自的国家。”

Stephen Perry, Chairman, the 48 Group Club – The ‘Icebreakers’.

48家集团俱乐部 —“破冰者”主席斯蒂 芬·佩里。

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The 48 Group Club - The ‘Icebreakers’ ‘The Young ‘Icebreakers’ “青年‘破冰者’” Daniel Jacoel - 廖锦扬 UK Chairman of Young ‘Icebreakers’ and a British national who studied modern and classical Chinese at SOAS, University of London. He works as an Investment Banker in London and has banking experience in China. Field: Infrastructure and New Energy. 作为“青年破冰者”组织的英国主席,廖锦扬出生于英国并在伦敦大学亚非学院学习 了当代汉语和古典文言文。廖锦扬曾作为一名投资银行家在中国和伦敦工作。廖锦扬 的专长领域为基础设施和新能源。

Jessica Hefes A French national who studied Law at The University of Westminster in London followed by a Masters in Chinese law at Hong Kong University. Jessica is learning Mandarin whilst working in a City of London law firm. 来自法国的Jessica在伦敦西敏斯大学攻读了法律学位后, 又在香港大学获得了中国法律硕士学位。 Jessica在伦敦市一家律师所工作的同时也 在修习汉语。

Jack Perry - 杰克·佩里 Jack is a serious Arsenal fan, a British national and China Chairman of the Young ‘Icebreakers’. Jack spent six years as a professional footballer with clubs in the UK, Portugal and China. Over the last three years Jack has been in China and is now building a strategic planning business. 英国国籍的杰克·佩里是一位忠实的阿森纳足球队球迷,也是“青年破冰者”组织的 中国主席。他曾经在英国、葡萄牙和中国的不同球队有过六年的职业球员生涯。在最 近三年中杰克在中国致力于组建一家专长战略策划业务的公司。

Helen Zhi - 支巧玲 A Chinese national with language degrees from both the Universities of Jinan and Shandong. Coming to the UK Helen earned an MBA and has followed a career of consulting and now works in London for a global consultancy group. 支巧玲先后在中国山东和济南大学攻读了语言学学位并之后到英国留学。在获得 MBA学位后,她致力于咨询顾问领域并就职于一家著名国际咨询顾问公司。

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48家集团俱乐部 - “破冰者” ‘The Young ‘Icebreakers’ “青年‘破冰者’” Robert Lee - 李蒙 Brought up in China, Robert has earned an MBA from the London Business School and has been based in the UK for the past 20 years. Robert is an entrepreneur who has built his own business that now has trading and investment interests spread across China and Europe. 李蒙生于中国,在英国已学习生活近20年,并在伦敦商学院取得工商管理硕士学位.他 是一位企业家,一直与中国和欧洲有着密切的贸易和投资往来。

Jean Dong - 董征 A Chinese national who earned her first degree at Delhi University, India. Then Jean studied for a degree in communications at Leeds University in the UK before starting a career in the UK spanning banking and education. Jean is well known in China as producer and presenter of BBC World Service programmes. 董征在印度德里大学获得了商学士学位之后又在英国利兹大学获得传媒学学位并从此 致力于中英投资与教育事业中。在中国,她作为英国BBC国际广播电台的制作与主持 人也拥有广大听众。

Emmanuel Eytan At the age of nine Emmanuel was inspired to start learning Mandarin in Paris. Emmanuel is a French citizen who has worked all over the world and has a degree in English and Drama from Queen Mary’s College, University of London; he is based in the UK as an IT consultant. Emmanuel从九岁就开始在巴黎学习汉语。国籍法国的Emmanuel奔波工作于世界各地并从 伦敦大学皇家玛莉学院获得了英语和戏剧学位。Emmanuel现在英国担任IT顾问。

Chris Carline - 周凯来 Chris is a British national who became friends with the the Young ‘Icebreakers’ Chair, Daniel Jacoel when they studied at SOAS, University of London. Chris took a degree in Chinese and Economics and is fluent in Mandarin; he has worked in China and has a career in asset management based in the UK. 周凯来出生于英国,曾和“青年破冰者”组织主席廖锦扬同时就读于伦敦大学亚非学 院,两人也从此成为了朋友。周凯来所修课程为中文与经济学位,并能说一口流利的 中文。周凯来曾在中国工作,目前他在英国从事资产管理工作。


The 48 Group Club - The ‘Icebreakers’ ‘The Young ‘Icebreakers’ “青年‘破冰者’” Andrew Methven - 安思文 After graduating from UCL, Andrew travelled and studied in China for five years and then returned to the UK to take a Masters in Mandarin translation at SOAS, University of London. He is now Communications Director for a UK based Chinese consultancy. 安思文从伦敦大学学院毕业后,在中国各地游学五年。之后他返回英国并在伦敦大学 亚非学院攻读普通话翻译硕士学位。安思文现在一家总部位于伦敦的中英交流咨询公 司担任公共关系总监。

Lu Mao - 茅璐 Lu Mao is active in ‘The Young Icebreakers’ as a committee member and is a Chinese national who gained business degrees at undergraduate and masters levels in the UK. Lu Mao has worked in the public and private sectors in the North East of England and is Executive Assistant to a UK international fashion and retail group. 茅璐是“青年破冰者”组织的成员之一。她来自中国青岛,在英国完成了本科及研究 生课程。她曾在英国的政府部门主管中英商务投资及商务发展的业务。茅璐现就职于 一家英国的国际时尚及家私品牌集团公司,担任首席执行官行政助理职务。 Xibo Wang - 王晰博 Xibo Wang came to SOAS at the University of London to study art and archaeology for both undergraduate and Master degrees. At SOAS Xibo Wang took an active interest in student life and became President of the Chinese Students and Scholars Association and is motivated to foster a better Sino-British understanding about Chinese culture and with other nations of the world. 在伦敦大学亚非学院获得艺术史和考古学本科学位后,王晰博选择继续攻读硕士学 位。作为亚非学院中国学生学者联谊会和中国文化社的主席,他希望自己能在促进中 英沟通交流上出一份力,并同时为自己的留学生活增加色彩。 Peng Kiong Chou Peng Kiong Chou grew up in Malaysia and has undergraduate and Masters degrees in civil engineering from Newcastle University. Over six years he gained wide experience through international consultancy in Africa and Europe and is now Executive Director of a property investment company based in the UK. Peng在马来西亚长大并在英国纽卡斯尔大学获得了土木工程本科和硕士学位。在六年 的工作中,Peng获取了在国际顾问咨询、特别是在非洲和欧洲的丰富经验。Peng目前 在一家英国房地产投资公司担任执行董事。


48家集团俱乐部 - “破冰者” A Place in History 载入史册

1958年上半年,当戈登·斯隆随罗 兰·博格第一次访华回国后,他对集 团的一个全体会议汇报说:“有一件 事是无庸置疑的 — 由于去年的中国 经济技术派访,‘48家’集团已经获 得了非同寻常的威信。他访问期间所 到之处,都能感觉得到集团树立起来 的名望。”-- 英国‘48家’集团之 谜的传播,可以追溯到那个时候。”


he 48 Group Club has earned a special place in the annals of international trade history – the first Western group

to open trade with the new China. When Gordon Sloan returned from his visit to China with Roland Berger in the first half of 1958 he reported to a General Meeting of the Group that: Of one thing there was no doubt – the extraordinary prestige which the ‘48’ Group had acquired as a result of the visit last year of the Chinese Economic and Technical Mission. During his visit he had found that everywhere he went the reputation of the Group stood very high.

“48家集团俱乐部已经在国际贸易史 上赢得了一个特殊的席位 — 第一个 开启和新中国贸易的西方集团。

The spread of the mystique of the ‘48’ Group – (Ying Guo Si

摘自珀西·廷伯雷所著《破冰者在中国的故 事》,1994年出版。珀西·廷伯雷是48家集 团最早的工商界人士之一,2004年辞世。

Shi Ba Jia Ji Tuan) – can be dated from around this time.

From Percy Timberlake’s book ‘The Story of the Icebreakers in China’ published in 1994. Percy Timberlake was one of the original 48 Group of businessmen: he died in 2004.

图中为中国总理温家宝2004年访英期间,其他人包括 48家集团俱乐部创始人之一、后任其副总裁的珀西·廷 伯雷(已故)。现任48家集团俱乐部主席斯蒂芬·佩里 在图中温总理的右边,珀西·廷伯雷旁边的是现在上海 的48家集团俱乐部前任副主席商颖露。 Centre is Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao, visiting the UK in 2004, and pictured with, amongst others, the late Percy Timberlake who was one of the founders and later Vice-President of the 48 Group Club. The current Chairman of the 48 Group Club, Stephen Perry, is pictured next to Premier Wen on the right, and next to Percy Timberlake is the former Vice Chairman of the 48 Group Club, Luise Schafer, who is now based in Shanghai.


The 48 Group Club - The ‘Icebreakers’


Congratulations to the 48 Group Club on 55 years of promoting Sino-UK business relations! 祝贺48家集团俱乐部为开启同中国的贸易往来以及 推动中英相互理解的破冰之旅成功55周年!

银 硃 Vermilion Vermilion offers advisory services to companies seeking to establish, acquire or develop their business in China. Our core team has been advising overseas investors on China for over 20 years. Vermilion also advises Chinese firms on overseas expansion and invests in middle-market Chinese enterprises. 银硃向希望在中国建立公司、收购企业、发展业务的公司提供顾问服务。我们的核心团队成员已有超过20年为海外 公司在中国投资提供咨询的经验. 银硃还为中国公司在海外的扩展业务提供咨询,并直接投资于有发展潜力的中型中国企业.

Beijing 北京

T: +86 10 6467 5673 F: +86 10 6467 5693

Shanghai 上海

T: +86 216141 0929 F: + 86 216141 0919

Shenzhen 深圳

T: +86 755 8278 6100 F: +86 755 8287 6178

London 伦敦

T: +44 207 092 8718 F: +44 207 629 6559

Congratulations from Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park, London to the 48 Group Club on their 55 years of pioneering trade with China.



The London Export Corporation a founder member of the 48 Group, warmly applauds the 48 Group Club - The ‘Icebreakers’ for celebrating the 55th anniversary of the ‘Icebreakers’ - their spirit endures. 作为48家集团最初创建时会员之一 伦敦出口公司热烈祝贺48家集团俱乐部破冰之旅55周年, 并祝“破冰者”精神永驻。 Best wishes to China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT) who were founded 56 years ago in May 1952.

向1952年5月创立至今56年的中国国际贸易促进委员会致以亲切祝愿。 London Export has always been a pioneer in China trade and helped open up US/ China trade in 1971 and 1972: we look forward to another long period ahead of pioneering, icebreaking and developing positive relations and understanding between China and the whole world.

伦敦出口公司一直以来都是西方与中国商贸活动的主导者之一, 并于1971年与1972年间打开了美国与中国的商务贸易。我们期待 着为中国与世界在未来继续引领多方合作,不断“破冰”,开拓友好关系、 增进相互了解。 Contact: London Export Corporation, Beijing - Phone: +86 (0) 10 8532 2138

伦敦出口公司北京分公司 -电话:+86 (0) 10 8532 2138

Congratulations to the 48 Group Club - ‘The Icebreakers’ on 55 years of building positive Sino-British relations 热烈祝贺48家集团俱乐部—“破冰者” 55年来对中英关系的建立所作的积极作用

From your supporters at the Global Group 高宝集团全体员工敬上

Your Reliable Business Partner Worldwide 您值得信赖的全球商贸伙伴

Visit us at 请垂询我们的网站

“破冰者” 48家集团的名称在中国从国家主席到各层官员几乎人人皆知,了解其在中 英关系中的作用的人们,都对它怀有高度的敬意。 中华人民共和国于1949年成立,48家集团俱乐部的历史始于上个世纪50年 代初,当时“破冰者”的创始人是最早同新中国建立经贸关系的西方人。 1950年,大不列颠和北爱尔兰联合王国共和国成为最早承认中华人民共和 国的国家之一。 但是当时的朝鲜战争使两国关系曾经一度陷入僵化。1953年,新成立的英 国国际贸易促进委员会主任博伊德·奥尔勋爵率领一个由16家英国公司代 表组成的代表团来到中国,开启了最早的贸易对话 - 从而打破了坚冰, 为他们赢得了“破冰者”的称号。 48家集团俱乐部的信条是“平等互利”,这是遵循在中国广受尊敬的周恩 来总理的想法,他从1949年至1976年任国家总理,并于1953年最先使用了 这个口号。 今天,48家集团俱乐部继续为积极促进中英关系开展工作,并为在从商业 到文化的各个领域积极建设中英关系的人们提供了一个重要的、往往也是 关键的关系网络。俱乐部成员们相信,在解冻中国和世界之间的文化赤字 中,他们在起着至关重要的作用。 胡锦涛主席精炼地概括总结了这一挑战,他说,“中国和世界有着巨大的 贸易顺差,但是也有庞大的文化赤字。” 本书为纪念最早的那次开拓之旅55周年,并就中英两国所建立的深刻而真 实的理解过程中存在的挑战进行总结。 如需了解会员资格和进一步的信息,请联系

Profile for Guy Woodland

The ‘Icebreakers’55th Anniversary 破冰者55周年 Equality and Mutual Benefit 平等互利  

This book is a celebration of 55 years of pioneering relationships between China and Britain. In the following pages I hope you will gain an...

The ‘Icebreakers’55th Anniversary 破冰者55周年 Equality and Mutual Benefit 平等互利  

This book is a celebration of 55 years of pioneering relationships between China and Britain. In the following pages I hope you will gain an...


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