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Case study – Dating on 7search

I have made a test on 7search with dating offer from Convert 2 Media and the result was fine, So here is what I did: First of all I have created 2 ad copies to test which one gets better CTR and targeted 20 countries as follow:

CPA Network: C2M Offer: DREAM MARRIAGE Payout : $5 Ad Network : PPC 7search Method: Direct linking Target : International Keywords nr : 400 Ad copy #1: Dream Marriage The hottest Russian Ladies Online? Browse thousands videos & Pics for Free! Click Here. Targeting: United States, Canada, UK, New Zealand, Australia Plus – 1. Norway 2. France 3. Sweden 4. Italy 5. Germany 6. Switzerland 7. Denmark 8. Netherlands 9. United Arab Emirates 10. Ireland 11. Belgium 12. Spain 13. Austria 14. Iceland Ad copy #2: Free Online Dating Contact and date singles for FREE with us. Are you ready? Click Here. Targeting same countries. Offer landing page:

As you can see the offer is kind easy to complete and there is no hidden options.

First day I run this offer I have added 400 keywords with each ad copy and limited the budget to $10 per day. The bids were between $0.01-0.02. Since I am having lot of keywords, I want to test first to see if they get any clicks at this rate. I left the ads running for about 24h and the surprise was that I have received clicks at this rates, I mean my $0.01 bidding and beside that I have got 1 conversion. So by spending about $0.90 I had $5 from day one. I rise the bids to 0.07 for the 2nd day to see if I can get more winner keywords and the result was one more conversion from the 2nd day. At this point I have spent about $6 and made $10 with about 40% ROI. I rise the bids again to $0.15 because there were keywords that are getting high impressions but my position were at 20-25 for this keywords with my bids. So I tried to get to the top 10 bidders. The result was good since I have received 3 more conversions and found 3 new keywords. In day four I had about 8 conversions and 6 winner keywords. So from 400 keywords I have scaled them down to 6 keywords and they are: Dating online, Online dating, Guy dating, Russian girl, Russian brides, Russian marriage. As you can see its not so hard to make it work. Just keep testing and tracking. I am still running this offer and I have repeated it on some other ad networks. So what are you waiting for? Go take some action and make money!

Dating With 7 Search  
Dating With 7 Search  

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