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St Mark’s Inspiring each other to love and follow Jesus Christ‌ everywhere in everything

We belong together, energised by God’s Spirit, to inspire each other, so that… Everyone is awake... Each member of the church community is set on fire through an authentic relationship with God through Christ. We are growing to love Him more as we come to know how much He deeply loves and forgives us. Through teaching and nurture in groups, each has a sure foundation in the way of Jesus. We are resourced to develop our personal prayer, study and disciplines.

Everyone is alert... Each member of the church community is boldly motivated to share their experience and understanding of Jesus with others. We humbly expect, pray for and long to see people becoming Christians through our witness of Him.

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Each member of the church community is sent out to bring God’s transforming kingdom in every area of life, in the parish, in Harrogate and in the world. We want to reproduce the life of Jesus in our communities and networks. We long for peace, justice and wholeness among the broken and poor of the world.

We live this out in a community where... Everyone is loved & welcome... Loving God and loving each other is more important to us than being right in our opinions about things. Relationships matter most. We are happy to admit we have much to learn. Our ethos is to be servants who are willing to be vulnerable. We are creating community where all are loved and lives are lived generously and sacrificially. We gladly share ourselves with other Christian communities.

Everyone is being restored... We seek healing for the whole person through Christ. We aim to develop networks of pastoral care in which no one is uncared for. We look for the healing power of God to work in us as we pray.


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We are one body, and need each other. We seek to value and develop each other by starting with the gifts, passions and motivations people have. Everyone has a part to play. We bless and support the visions God gives within our church community. We encourage all to serve in some way in the church community and to commit to joyful sacrificial giving.

Everyone is passionate about prayer and worship... We change when we encounter the reality of God’s presence. So we nurture a life of worship which is deep and engaging. We know praying is as vital as breathing, and so we take whatever opportunities we can to pray together and use whatever networks and media we can to communicate prayer needs.

Everyone is nurtured & challenged... We seek to provide high-quality teaching, training and wisdom on living the Christian life. We base our daily thinking and living on the story of the universe told in the Bible. We are rooted, not making this up as we go along. Our priority is to nurture all ages in small groups. We develop and nurture a new generation of leaders.

St Mark’s

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St Mark's Vision  
St Mark's Vision  

The kind of church we feel led to become...