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Skill points are added to your skills, which are Stamina (S), Energy (E), Health (H), Attack (A), and Defense (D). Every time you level you get 6 Skill Points (SP's) to distribute, and depending on the style of game you want to play depends on how you distrubute those points. I can say this, if you decide to go PvP fighter, Epic basher, Faction battler, you will need good amounts of S & A to be strong. If you decide to be a Mission seeker, then you will need a lot of E. You get good items in missions, but nothing compared to the items you collect from killing epic monsters. My advice early on is to try to build your sets (A & D; S & E) of SP's fairly evenly. You will need mostly E & S to get a good start, so work them up to around 100 each. If you are also going to be an active epic basher, then you will also need to build your attack since this is needed to be successful killing epic monsters. I've learned early on that it is best to try to keep your A & D very even as you advance. There is a mathematical factor involved in the code that gives you some of your D number to attack when you hit, and some of your A contributes to your D when you are attacked. As you build, distribute your SP's evenly if you add to A, then place the same amount on D, place the remainder on either S or E. Example: 6 SP's - Place 1 SP's on each A & D, there are 4 SP's left, place 2 each on S & E, or 4 on S this time, then 4 on E next time you level. Early on your A & D don't need to be super high, so work them until they are 40 to 50 points by the time your S & E are at 100. These numbers are just examples of what you can do, these are not the way you MUST do things. This is your character, your game, build the way you want, but just remember a good base is what you want, and the advice I'm giving will give you that. H is the last thing you need to worry about unless you are going strictly PvP fighter. If that's the case, then you want high A, D & H. Use your SP's to build these evenly.

Skill points are added to your skills  

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