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Essentials for your ski holiday long but not too short either. Shorter skis tend to be good if you want to perform tricks and have a lot of short sharp movements. Longer skis are better for just going down the slopes without too much swerving around in. They also build up a lot of high speed. So try and go for something in between for best of both worlds, giving you more ease for cornering and for general control going to the mountain.

Ski holiday essentials Preparing for that winter skiing holiday can be a bit daunting if you have never been before. Here is a helpful guide to make sure you have a time to remember.

It’s definitely that time of year that more or less everybody looks forward to, but there is a specific bunch of people that look forward to it for a different reason. With the slopes becoming packed with snow we leave our English towns and cities for the joys of the ski resorts.

because you also heat up pretty rapidly as your flying down the mountainside. Just be careful to be wearing something that

Final bit of clothing I would definitely recommend, is goggles, it just makes life so much easier and more fun if you can see where you are going. There is no use going down the side of a mountain with all the snow blowing in your face, your eyes will start to stream and it will be very cold, so make sure they are covered. A quick tip on what goggles to get, don’t be afraid to spend a little more on the goggles, because you will need something that wont steam up, because you can guarantee you will be sweating after at least your first trek down the slopes and that it turn makes your goggles steam up, so get a pair that will avoid this.

lift after your first run, you will find it will be very cold and that is the number one way to make your self ill after the first day. A little tip with your hat, if you can, make it a brightly coloured one, just so people will be able to see you easier when they are going down, just helps avoid crashes.

It’s a brilliant way to meet new people and have a good laugh and them and your self. doesn’t let any draughts in as you will be quite high up on those ski lifts.

Secondly, hat and gloves, try and make sure your gloves are water proof mainly, just because this will help keep Ok, so we all recognise the fact that it your hands warm will be cold and wet. So when packing and dry obviously, for your adventure, make sure you but there is are packing something that can allow nothing worse movement and also something that has than bombing a bit of padding in it, this is so that when down a mountain you fall over you are nicely protected with your hands and don’t end up with too many bruises feeling like they and look like you have been to a fight will drop off. club over your Christmas break. Your hat is very important as In the mornings it will be very cold it needs to be and you will be thinking shoving more breathable so you layers on is going to be better for you, aren’t sweating but when you reach the top of the piste constantly as you will realise you are sweating so your day goes by, make sure you aren’t going to be too hot because when you’re on the ski 14


Ski salapets are also a brilliant idea, again, maybe find something that can add to the padding around the lower back and buttocks as there is where you will find will take most of the impact if/when you fall over.

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Now obviously you can’t just rock up at a resort without any knowledge or kit and expect to nail it within the first day. So here are a few pointers on what to bring and what to expect when you get to your skiing or boarding haven.

That’s most of the essential clothing covered, now for the fun stuff. Buying your boots is possibly the most important thing, because this can make it a skiing dream or a nightmare. Make sure the boots are in good condition with plenty of support round the ankles and the front of your shin. You don’t want to finish your first day with bruises and blisters covering your feet, because this is definitely going to slow you down going down the slopes the day after. You will be given expert advise from the store you purchase them from any way, most stores tend to be very

good, especially if your renting from the resort because there are so many shops renting they need to make sure they give great customer service is there is a lot of competition. If you’re buying them at home, try to avoid buying anything that is second hand, because everyone is different

Snowboards have the same theory behind them. The shorter the board, the more freestyle tricks you can do as you have more control over it. The longer the board, the higher the speed you will be able to do. Burton tends to be the best board to go for if you’re just starting out, a lot of it depends on your build and size too. You need something that matches your stature. Again, your store will have great customer help as they want to see you back there next year so they can point you in the right direction. If this is your first time on a ski holiday you will obviously need to learn how to ski. It sounds quite obvious, but you would be shocked to know how many people just go up there themselves, get to the top and don’t know what to do next. Have a lesson on your first day. These tend to be for one to two hours. The smaller your group the faster you will learn. For people who are fast learners and just want to get up there, one lesson tends to be enough as you learn the basic, stop and go and left and right manoeuvres. This will set you up nicely to hit the top of the mountain, where you will pick up the rest of it yourself, as you learn by doing. A quick word for when you’re saving to go. Make sure you have enough money to cover the ski pass as this is just about the most important thing, because without that you aren’t getting to the top of that mountain. Give your self a few hundred to spend in the resort, a lot of the European ones are extremely expensive as they know you can’t go any where else and you have no other option but to stay on the resort and buy everything there.

and what may have been perfect with someone with size 10 feet will be different for you because of your weight and technique of skiing or boarding. As for your skis, if this is your first pair you want some that aren’t ridiculously


Finally, have fun. It’s a brilliant way to meet new people and a have a good laugh at them and your self. It is definitely a great way to tone up your body ready for summer to come when you hit the beaches too.


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