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Program Title

Step 1 Goals (Goal = big picture, what do you want to see happen?)

Step 2 Theme (Theme = a complete sentence, one general idea, answers the question – “so what?)

Step 3 Audience Number in Group_______ Ages_______ Type of Group (i.e. Guests? Students?) ______________________________ Notes __________________________________________________________

Program Length of time_________________

Start Time ________________________

Other considerations / thoughts

Step 4 Information to include: © 2011

(Brainstorm activities, gimmicks, props and interpretive strategies)

______________________________________________________________________ Step 5 Identify and select ideas for conveying message: Does it meet the goals and objectives? Does it convey the theme? Which learning style does it address? Is it appropriate for the group size / audience? Do you need to buy/purchase anything? (i.e. fuel for boats or vehicle)?

______________________________________________________________________ Step 6 Organize your information into an outline: Introduction: Presentation:


Step 7 Evaluation (how do you know you accomplished what you wanted?)

Step 8 Preparation List:

Supply List: Š 2011

Program Planning Worksheet  

Eight steps to help you build a better guided program (walk, community tour, etc)