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June/July 2013 | Issue 57 | A Bi-monthly Publication

to be a Father

Meet Chelsea, Kristina & Saskia of

Red Entertainment

The New Faces of Event Planning & Production

A Look @ Our Animal Kingdom

Health Beat The Beneficial Use of Coconut Oil

Grace Kennedy Remittance Service Celebrates 20 Years in Guyana

Bollywood Singers Alka Yagnik & Udit Narayan Perform in Guyana

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LETTERS TO GEM What readers have to say about the last edition


PUBLISHER’S NOTES Welcome to the 57th Edition of GEM


3 20-SOMETHINGS You Should Know (Part XIV)


SPOTLIGHT Junior Chamber International (JCI) Guyana


PERSONALITY Katherina Roshana - Miss India Guyana 2013


THE ANNUAL HAT SHOW Hosted by the Inner Wheel Club


Grace Kennedy Remittances Services Celebrates Its 20th Anniversary


Pushpanjali 2013 The Annual Variety Show hosted by ICT 2 | GEM JUNE/JULY 2013

Guyana's Premier Lifestyle & Entertainment Magazine June/July 2013 | Issue 57

Meet Chelsea, Kristina & Saskia of


Red Entertainment 26 The New Faces of Event Planning & Production




The photo of Chelsea, Kristina & Saskia was taken exclusively for GEM by Simeon Corbin Location: Duke Lodge, Kingston, Georgetown

Contents II GEM

54 National Sports Awards 2012 The best of the best for 2012

Guyana's Premier Lifestyle & Entertainment Magazine June/July 2013 | Issue 57




RORAIMA GROUP'S 5th Wedding Expo



GEM HUNK Meet Captain of the Golden Jaguars - Christopher Nurse



HEALTH BEAT The Beneficial Use of Coconut Oil



FASHION Fashion @ Wedding Expo 2013



SAVVY SISTER 5 Places to Meet Eligible Men in Guyana


MUSCLE INVASION GABBFF National Novices and Intermediate Championships 40

TRAVEL A Glimpse at our Wildlife


FATHER'S DAY FEATURE What It Means To Be A Father


RECIPE French Country Bread and Mini chocolate ĂŠclairs



LAST SEEN HERE Random pictures of people and events. Were you there?


ICON Lloyd Fitzgerald Austin MACAELA'S CATWALK Peter and Peter fill in the blanks! Keep Your Day Job! Guyana's Local Rock Band NITRYAGEET 34 Remembering our Ancestors from India

GEM BEAUTY Meet 26 Year Old Jasmine 4 | GEM JUNE/JULY 2013

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6 | GEM JUNE/JULY 2013

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Letters to value and appreciate your magazine. - Lisa Persaud – Hinds, Miami, Florida Wow, I have really enjoyed getting GEM since its inception. It has become one of my best resources. Because I'm so busy I don't have a lot of time for reading magazines, but with GEM, I can access what I want quickly. The articles are always interesting and timely. Keep up the good work! Christine Salem I want to take a minute from a very busy day to congratulate you on your very interesting features on Sanjay’s Jewellery, Eureka Labs and RK Group of Companies. It is always pleasing to see success and longevity in Guyanese businesses considering the daily struggles of entrepreneurs in this country. This reminds me of the saying: “The race is not for the swift, but who can endure it.” - Francis Alley Your magazine is really coming along. The stories are well written and timely. Keep up the good work. Kudos to your writer Coretta Corbin-Rival. I keep noticing that the features I enjoy the most are always hers. Give this woman a raise and hold onto her. – Janis Savory, Atlanta I enjoyed the photos on Miss Alana Seebarran immensely, but I thought the answers she gave to your questions were too vague. I noticed in the local media that there is now a legal issue with her former pageant handlers, so I suspect she couldn’t answer the way she might have wanted to due to legal reasons. In any case, I thought that was a disservice to your magazine since it made the feature a bit boring. Overall, this edition was excellent as usual. I

Thanks for AA Fenty’s revealing piece on Rudy “Boysie” Bishop. I thought to take up the steel pan as a young man growing up in West Ruimveldt, but football occupied my interest more. I did however follow the Chronicle Atlantic Symphony and was so proud of them whenever they made an overseas trip to represent Guyana. Those days were so beautiful. - James Tobin

We welcome comments, criticisms and ideas from you. Let us know what you think about this edition. Send comments to Letters may be edited for space and clarity.


Sexy, trendy, unique clothing and accessories Regent Multiplex Mall, 2nd Floor Regent and Wellington Streets, Georgetown Tel: (592) 679-1213, 610-8003 JUNE/JULY 2013 GEM | 7

Publisher's Notes "There are seven things that will destroy us: Wealth without work; Pleasure without conscience; Knowledge without character; Religion without sacrifice; Politics without principle; Science without humanity; Business without ethics." — Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi Speaking of changes, in this issue of GEM, our cover people are Chelsea Fung, Kristina King and Saskia Wijngaarde of RED Entertainment. These budding entrepreneurs in the 20-something age group, shared with us some of their fresh ideas to transform the event planning and production industry in Guyana. Special thanks to Shamaine and the hardworking staff at the Duke Lodge for making their facility available for the photo shoot. In a special Father’s Day feature, we found out from some of the fathers among us, what it means to them to be a father. Issue 57 also showcases The Wedding Expo and the fashion from this annual event; The Inner Wheel Hat Show; Natrigeet 34; GABBFF National Novices and Intermediate Championships; and Pushpanjali. We even went on a quest to find some of Guyana’s interesting and exotic wildlife to bring to you in our Travel section. As always with my notes, space and time do not permit me to elaborate, so you will have to read each exciting page to get the true vibe of the magazine.

Dear Valued Reader, It gives us great pleasure in each edition of GEM, to highlight the noteworthy personalities, organizations, companies, events and those who work for the greater good in countless ways. We hope that by shining a light on those who are doing fantastic work because of their genuine love for this country, will encourage others to connect, challenge and change the status quo.

8 | GEM JUNE/JULY 2013

In closing note, I am looking forward to the entertainment and cultural events happening over the next two months. Things are shaping up to be one of the busiest summer. I know I’ll be attending several of those events. See you around town!

Simeon L. Corbin Founder & Publisher

JUNE/JULY 2013 GEM | 9

20-Somethings I

You Should Know

n an ongoing series, GEM highlights some of the 20 year olds making a difference in their communities as established leaders or as rising stars. Some of these young people are already making waves in media, sports, entertainment, business, politics, music, medicine and other career choices. Despite the frequent talk of “brain drain” in Guyana and disillusioned youths, these young leaders are sticking

t r a P V XI

around and aggressively pursuing their various fields of endeavor. They are intelligent, creative, self-assured and patriotic, and you won’t find them sitting around and complaining about what’s wrong with Guyana. This list is just a sample of the calibre of talent that is moving to the forefront of our society, ready to takeover and lead the country into a bright future.

Saskia Wijngaarde Hometown: Miami, Florida University: Florida International University Occupation: Co-owner of RED Entertainment Design Style: Classical Chic, love it when you can transform a classical piece and bring it into the 21st century Hobbies: Go-to DIY project, Obsessed with Chalkboard Paint Favorite Cuisine: Desserts… crème brulee is at the top of the list Where do you see yourself in 10 years?: In the next 10 years, I hope to be healthy and busy planning your next event…lol!

Chelsea Fung Hometown: Georgetown University: University of Toronto Occupation: Co-Owner of RED Entertainment Favourite Décor Style: Nautical Hobbies: Go-to DIY project, Redesigning Glass Bottles, I can’t get enough of it! Favourite Cuisine: Fettuccini Alfredo with lots and lots of Mushroom Where do you see yourself in 10 years?: In 10 years, I would hope to be alive, successful and surrounded by the family and friends that I love!

10 | GEM JUNE/JULY 2013

Kristina King Hometown: Georgetown, Guyana University: Florida International University Occupation: Co-Owner of RED Entertainment Design Style: I would say my style is a fusion between shabby chic and modern Hobbies: Go to DIY project: Obsessed with constructing main focal points in an event space Favorite Cuisine: Latin cuisine... Ceviche is currently on the top of my list. Where do you see yourself in 10 yrs?: In 10 years, I hope to be healthier, wealthier and wiser‌ lol!

Check on page 26 to learn more about Red Entertainment, a company these three young ladies own. *************************************************************************************************

If you or you know of someone that should be considered for the 20-somethings list, feel free to contact us via e-mail at

JUNE/JULY 2013 GEM | 11


Junior Chamber International (JCI) Guyana

Text & Photography submitted by JCI (Guyana)


e are a membership-based nonprofit organization of 200,000 young people ages 18 to 40 in 5,000 communities and more than 100 countries around the world. Each JCI Member shares the belief that in order to create lasting positive change, we must improve ourselves and the world around us. We seek targeted solutions to the unique problems in our communities to build a better world, creating global impact. Our global organization of 200,000 young active citizens grew out of the vision of one St. Louisan more than 90 years ago as a constructive approach to civic problems. Founded in 1915 in St. Louis, Missouri, USA by Henry Giessenbier, the movement spread, and Junior Chamber International was founded with eight other countries in 1944. Our Philosophy 1. Making a World of Difference. There is a limit to what governments are able to achieve in society. As responsible citizens in a globalized world, JCI members take on the challenges around them through local development initiatives. These tailored projects require members to use strategic planning and critical planning to craft creative solutions to the problems of their communities.

2. Be Better JCI members seek ways to live out our slogan, Be Better. We think critically about society’s greatest challenges and act on behalf of our communities to be part of the solution. We seek better solutions to build better communities, creating a better future. 3. The Original Active Citizens As global citizens, we all have rights and responsibilities, as well as shared goals. Through active citizenship, we enact our sense of social responsibility to work towards these goals and benefit communities worldwide. Our Founder, Henry Giessenbier, was the original active citizen. He took steps to engage young people in civic involvement in 1914, and JCI members worldwide have followed his lead ever since. 4. A Grassroots Movement with International Scope In JCI, the action is local, but our principles and impact are global. Members understand that in a globalized world, their local actions echo across the globe. 5,000 JCI Local Organizations addressing problems in their communities are united in a

12 | GEM JUNE/JULY 2013

for young people to develop leadership skills, social responsibility, entrepreneurship and fellowship necessary to create positive change. Hence the theme for this administrative year 2013: Be Better – “Daring to make a Difference." The Board Officers are Shefern February - President Deondra Wishart - Immediate Past President RonDwight Fields - Vice President Pamela Atwell - Secretary General Lisette Wills - Advisor La Shaune’ D’Avilar - Public Relations Officer

global movement creating global impact. 5. One Year to Lead With this principle at its core, the JCI structure offers leadership opportunities to new members each year. One year to shine. One year of impact. One year to lead. Each member belongs to a JCI Local Organization within a city, town or village. It’s here on the local level where JCI members take action to create positive change. Each Local Organization is affiliated to a JCI National Organization that coordinates activities on a national scale. The National Organizations are organized in four geographic regions: Africa and the Middle East, Asia and the Pacific, the Americas and Europe. The JCI Board of Directors and World Headquarters Team serve the global JCI community. This global network connects JCI members from around the world, empowering them to run international projects, exchange ideas and work together to develop new ways to create positive change in their communities.

The activities planned for this year are as follows: • Defensive Driving Seminar on April, 12th • Donation of Mother’s Day basket to a convalescence home. • Jaycees week of activities conducted from May 19th – 25th • Tree planting exercise on World Environment Day • Distribution of Nets to mosquito infested areas • Seminars on Junior and Middle Management • JCI Guyana Annual Summer Programme • Blood Drive for World Blood Donor Day • Seminar for Maid Cleaner • Children Literacy Programme

JCI Guyana is affiliated to the JCI West Indies and Junior Chamber International, a worldwide leadership development organization which focuses on four areas of opportunities. These areas of opportunities are Individual Development, Community, International and Business. Programmes are therefore aimed at providing opportunities for young people to develop their leadership skills necessary to create positive change. The JCI Mission is to contribute to the advancement of the global community by providing the opportunity JUNE/JULY 2013 GEM | 13


Katherina Roshana Miss India Guyana 2013 Photography: Submitted

Job: Currently, I’m an Administrator Trainee at the RK’s Federation of Companies Favorite dish: Falafel Favorite movie: The Diary of Anne Frank [1959] Favorite singer: Neil Diamond Favorite song: “I’m A Believer” – Neil Diamond GEM: Some things people would be surprised to know about you? KR: I am generally a quiet person but people would be surprised to know that I’m a strong-willed individual, bubbling with enthusiasm, and I can achieve things in a timely manner. I also enjoy making specialized desserts, with excellent taste and charisma. The one I love to make the most is my father’s favorite Indian sweet, Gulab Jamoon. I can also handle a firearm!

14 | GEM JUNE/JULY 2013

GEM: You recently took part in the 2013 Miss India Worldwide Pageant in Malaysia, what was that experience like? KR: It made me a stronger person, and one with defined character. There were organizational issues that resulted in rehearsal cancellations. However, they did their best in striving to make us comfortable and it was amazing to tour the entire Kuala Lumpur. I also never expected to make great friends with many of the contestants, most of whom were beautiful, principle, and honorable. The stage is my home! I was so relaxed before going out there, perhaps because I felt tremendously prepared. My adrenaline was only pumping backstage. I was so eager to represent my country, and I can assure you that I made Guyana stand tall! GEM: What are your thoughts on the things the judges may have missed since you weren’t chosen to be a part of the top ten? KR: That’s a tough one because I’m so confident in the fact that I did a great job in shining through from the moment I arrived, and particularly on the night of the pageant. I walked with elegance and gait, I spoke fluently and intellectually, I performed my talent with hype and character (which was filled with music, dance, and serious drama that left the audience stunned), and formed phenomenal relationships with the other contestants and showed respect to them along with their national directors. I’ve been open to critique from Day One and even after the pageant and I wasn’t told of one flaw. I still am open to hearing anyone’s

opinions on my performance, but based on how happy and proud I made the local supporters present in Malaysia that night, it’s tough to believe I erred at all. GEM: What was your childhood like? KR: I had an amazing childhood, thanks to my great parents. They strived to make my siblings and me happy; constantly smiling on our faces. We’d rollerblade and bike-ride in the yard/around the block; we’d have Friday night movies and popcorn; Saturday lunches of hot dogs and French fries; and on Sunday mornings, breakfast and story-time. Mind you, that was the weekend. During the week, our schedules were packed! After school, we’d either have academic tutoring, ballet and karate classes, or Islamic/religious lessons – all in one evening (coupled with homework and prayers, too!). And during the week, don’t you dare turn on the television. That thing was OFF LIMITS!!!

John Greene Photo

JUNE/JULY 2013 GEM | 15


Katherina Roshana - Miss India Guyana 2013 All in all, it was excellent. If I could relive it again, you bet I would! GEM: A lot of controversy surrounded the local leg of the 2013 pageant. Was that a distraction for you? KR: It was not a distraction at all. Actually, it was motivation to keep going. I needed to prove that Guyana produces strong, eloquent, and elegant people. GEM: Favorite piece of accessory? KR: My grandmother’s wedding bracelets GEM: Name a person you would like to have dinner with and why? KR: Oscar Wilde of the 19th Century. The literature in his poetry is so versed, and so full of philosophy and wisdom, I’m such a fan. GEM: An accomplishment thus far you are proud of? KR: Being awarded with the “Most Beautiful Skin” title at the Miss India Worldwide 2013 pageant in Malaysia and most of all, overcoming my Dyslexia. As a child growing up, I had an extremely difficult time reading. I struggled and was slow in my pronunciation throughout the early years of my academic schooling, working twice as hard to ace my examinations. It was my English teacher at the time, now Director of Georgetown International Academy, Dr. Kelly Mekdeci, who detected this learning disability of mine. She, along with my parents, worked with and encouraged me to read consistently. Using this method, I was able to overcome it. Since then, I became a fan of reading and literature.

John Greene Photo

GEM: Best advice you have for persons in your age range? KR: Welcome the experiences that come your way. You may never expect them, but you must accept them in order to move forward. Let ego go, and do not dwell on what hurts you. Only look back at your past to see how far you’ve walked.

Feel the Comfort, Buy for the quality...

‘K’ New Road, Vreed-En-Hoop, West Coast Demerara Tel: (592) 254-1800 / 1801 Email: 16 | GEM JUNE/JULY 2013

218 Upper Charlotte & Oronoque Street, Bourda, G/town Tel: (592) 225-8203 / 8205 Email:

The Annual Hat Show Photography: Arian Browne


he tradition continued on April 6, as the Inner Wheel Club of Georgetown hosted its annual Hat Show and Garden Party at the Promenade Gardens. Patrons of all ages gathered around the historic bandstand as competitors in the various categories showcased their uniquely designed headpieces. The Inner Wheel Club of Georgetown was formed in January 1984 and chartered on November 24 of the same year. The funds raised from this annual event are used to sponsor scholarships for students who plan to attend the University of Guyana, school feeding programmes and for the distribution of hampers to seniors around the country. 18 | GEM JUNE/JULY 2013

JUNE/JULY 2013 GEM | 19

GKRS Executives l-r: James Moss-Solomon, Andre Largie, Don Wehby, Michelle Allen, Courtney Campbell, Joan Marie Powell

Grace Kennedy Remittances Services Celebrates Its 20th Anniversary

Photography: Carl Croker


n April 20, the Grace Kennedy Remittances Services (GKRS) under their Western Union brand celebrated its 20th anniversary in Guyana with a gala dinner and recognition ceremony at the Pegasus Hotel. Established in Guyana in 1992, GKRS Guyana Limited was registered as the exclusive agent of Western Union Financial Services – one of the most trusted money transfer companies in the world. The company further expanded its services with a one stop bill payment service – Bill Express. Currently, the money service

20 | GEM JUNE/JULY 2013

of GKRS extends across the country with over 60 locations. At the dinner, GKRS also awarded local businesses for their support over the years. Long-serving employees Sandra Chung and Dale Naughton also received plaques for their loyalty and dedication to the company. Besides the delicious dinner and dessert served, guests were entertained by poetry reading and a dance production.

Group CEO Don Wehby (left) with the University of Guyana Vice Chancellor Professor Jacob Opadeyi

GKRS Country Manager, Coleen Patterson with Finance Minister Dr Ashni Singh

Marketing Manager of GKRS / WU, Nateeah King-Mendonca (R) and colleague Kim Walker

Classique Dance Company performs

JUNE/JULY 2013 GEM | 21

Pushpanjali 2013 Photography: Carl Croker


ushpanjali, the annual variety show hosted by the Indian Commemoration Trust (ICT) to observe the anniversary of the arrival of the first East Indians to Guyana was held at the Indian Monument Gardens, Camp and Church streets, Georgetown on April 30, 2013. The full programme which included various dances, music, speeches and food displays were enjoyed in the multimillion dollar upgraded Monument Gardens. The Gardens, which houses a replica of the “Whitby,” one of the two ships used to bring East Indians to Guyana (British Guiana), was built some 26 years ago and used as a location to host several cultural events.

Dancer Kiran Mattai performs. A happy patron samples food in a “puri leaf”

22 | GEM JUNE/JULY 2013

President Donald Ramotar (centre) enjoys the show with ICT Chairman, Dr Yesu Persaud (left) and Harry Mattai

Staffers hard at work at the NAMILCO booth

The Indian Arrival Monument

Members of the Nadira and Indranie Shah Dance troupe with Dr Seeta Shah Roth (3rd from right) JUNE/JULY 2013 GEM | 23

s ’ a l e a Mac k l a w t Ca

Peter fills in the blanks!

I never leave home without… keys, phone, wallet and handkerchief.

My dressy, party style is… short-sleeved dress shirt, Docker’s dress pants and dress shoes.

My comfortable, laid-back style is…

Jeans and a fishing shirt.

What’s one aspect of your son’s style you admire? Always neatly attired. Describe your fashion sense in one word. Sharp.

Farm! e h t ’ on Chillin

Like Father...

Peter in the 70’s!


Peter’s Must Haves!

favourite cologne

Describe your son’s fashion sense in one word. Cool.

Proud Da

favourite shoes

Do you and your son share any style similarities? If so, what are they?

favourite accessory

Keeping it simple.

What’s one item of clothing you can’t live without? Briefs.

Clarks Soft Thread

Polo By Ralph Lauren

Apple iPhone

“I never leave home without my handkerchief.” - Peter’s Style Rule!

Peter Michael fills in the blanks! I never leave home without…

keys, phone and wallet.

My dressy, party style is…

dress shirt, jeans and a pair of loafers.

My comfortable, laid-back style is… t-shirt, shorts and slippers.

What’s one style tip you’ve inherited from your dad? Never underdress.

Joy! d n a e ’s Prid


...Like Son!

Great Smile!


Describe your fashion sense in one word. Simple.


Peter Michaels Must Haves!

favourite cologne

212 for Men

favourite shoes

Sherry Top-Sider

favourite accessory

G-Shock Watch

“Always keep it simple.” - Peter Michael’s Style Rule!

Describe your dad’s fashion sense in one word. Casual. How did living abroad influence your fashion choices? It’s certainly changed

the way I dress; it’s probably the reason I now wear what I wear most of the time.

What’s one fashion faux pas you detest? Socks and slippers.

Tune in to see who Macaela picks in our next issue!

JUNE/JULY 2013 GEM | 25


f you have ever despaired because of the lack of entertainment with a difference or because event decor has become so boring and passĂŠ in Guyana, then you need to meet the three extremely refreshing and creative geniuses who constitute the essence of 'RED Entertainment.' Kristina, Saskia and Chelsea were liming on a Saturday afternoon, lamenting the lack of entertainment available in Guyana, compared to their University experience in Miami and Toronto respectively. When it was suggested, "if you want something to happen, do it yourself!" An idea had been illuminated and could not be extinguished. Before the night was over, a Jazz event was beyond the embryo stage; the Georgetown Club and Arturo Tappin were booked, RED Entertainment was formed and the rest is history. The creative flair of Kristina was exposed, the marketing wizardry of Saskia was given room to shine and the military styled logistical planning of Chelsea was unearthed. These were all talents previously underutilized and each successive event has accentuated the skill set of these three remarkable young women, who only recently graduated with a variety of degrees including, hospitality management, marketing and the environment and society amongst others. They have also managed to obtain experience in hotels, restaurants, bars, beverage companies and coordinating large-scale fundraisers and events. From top: Kristina King,Chelsea Fung and Saskia Wijngaarde

26 | GEM JUNE/JULY 2013

RED Entertainment is an event planning and entertainment company whose purpose is to REDefine your event and experience, with creativity and detail, while satisfying your vision.

From conception to execution, their mission is to design, plan and produce their clients’ vision, with a unique creative flair; whether it is a wedding, grand opening, corporate, social, or non-profit event.

relationships with numerous diverse and apt locations. Their keen eye for detail along with an added touch of class, will REDefine any event that will forever remain indelible within one's memory.

Location is everything! Choosing the appropriate VENUE could be daunting and time consuming - but RED makes it an effortless process. RED Entertainment has a thorough knowledge of and substantial

DECOR is often defined in Guyana by what's current. How tired and blah! Au contraire, RED Entertainment credits DÉCOR as the rippling effect of gorgeous, ambient settings that scream creative aesthetics for

JUNE/JULY 2013 GEM | 27

The Birth of Red Entertainment

every guest, for any occasion! "If music be the food of love, play on...." (Shakespeare) – RED Entertainment were weaned on MUSIC from the day they were born. They have contacts with the top class artistes and DJs in Guyana and the region! They match the appropriate music with the event and occasion, whether it is an intimate 50th Wedding Anniversary or a Corporate Staff Party. Last, but not least, is their rated “RED Star” FOOD & BEVERAGE services. Catered food is organized through various restaurants, chefs and catering companies. RED Entertainment would also provide wait staff with proper attire and requisite etiquette to satisfy every aspect of the event! RED Entertainment has already REDefined expectations and to complete the Shakespearean quotation..."give us excess of it, o'er the appetite may sicken and so die...." Our appetites are demanding MORE "RED," creative, efficient and unforgettable "Entertainment"!

28 | GEM JUNE/JULY 2013

JUNE/JULY 2013 GEM | 29

From left Director of Sport, Neil Kumar, Permanent Secretary within the MCYS, Alfred King and Chairman of the National Sports Commission, Conrad Plummer (far right) and Minister of Culture, Youth and Sport, Dr. Frank Anthony on his right, pose with the winners and other officials.

National Sports Awards 2012 M

Photography: Orlando Charles

arch 23 was the big day for sports personalities across the country as the best of the best for 2012 were recognized by the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sport (MCYS) annual sports awards ceremony at the International Convention Centre, Lilliendaal, East Coast Demerara.

In addition, other sports personalities from six administrative regions were also recognized for their contributions to sport. The list included E Baksh (2), Muniram Persaud (3), Leslie Black (4), Yadram Latchman (4), David Black (5), Kenrick Lewis (9), Jimmy Mclean (10) and Omeshwar Suresh Kissoon.

Topping the list again for the Sportsman of the Year and Sportswoman of the Year respectively were veterans to the award, international cricketer Shivnarine Chanderpaul (6-time winner)and international squash player, Nicolette Fernandes (6-time winner).

The panel of judges who first announced the winners in February, comprised of NSC Chairman Conrad Plummer, Director of Sport Neil Kumar, Frank DeAbreu, Carlton Joao, Steve Ninvalle, Sharda VeerenChand, Daniel Singh, Justice Cecil Kennard, Rawle Toney, Stephan Sookram and Sonia Roberts.

30 | GEM JUNE/JULY 2013

Director of Sport, Neil Kumar (white shirt) presents the Sports- Team- of- the- Year trophy to the Guyana Junior Squash Team.

The 2012 Awardees List Sportsman-of-the-Year: Shivnarine Chanderpaul (Cricket) Sportswoman-of-the-Year: Nicolette Fernandes (Squash) Runner-up Sportsman: Winston Stoby (Powerlifting) Runner-up Sportswoman: Dawn McCammon–Barker (Powerlifting) Junior Sportsman: Paul DeNobrega (Cycling) Runner-up Junior Sportsman: Gumendra Shewdas (Powerlifting) Junior Sportswoman: Chelsea Edghill (Tennis) Runner-up Junior Sportswoman: Priyanna Ramdhani (Badminton) and Mary Fung-a-Fat (Squash) Sports Team of the Year: Guyana Junior Squash Team Sports Coach of the Year: Carl Ince (Squash) Male Sports Official of the Year: Peter Abdool (Guyana Boxing Board of Control) Female Sports Official of the Year: Stephanie Gomes–Fraser (Swimming) Sports Association of the Year: The Guyana Amateur Powerlifting Federation Most Improved Association of the Year: The Guyana Squash Association Sports Journalist of the Year (Print): Calvin Roberts (Chronicle) Sports Journalist of the Year (Non-Print): Avenash Ramzan (TV G 28) Sports Photographer of the Year: Orlando Charles (Stabroek Newspaper) Person with Disability: Gibran Hussein Sarfaraz (Table Tennis) JUNE/JULY 2013 GEM | 31


Lloyd Fitzgerald Austin

Austin with granddaughter Candace

Lloyd Fitzgerald Austin

was born on the 8th of August1939. He attended the Christianburg Scots Presbyterian and the St Aidan’s Anglican schools. At the age of thirteen he wrote and was successful at the Primary School Leaving Certificate Examination and soon after, was appointed a Pupil Teacher. Through application and hard work over the next several years, he successfully wrote several examinations that qualified him to enter the Government Training College for Teachers in 1962, from which institution he graduated a Grade One Class One Trained Teacher. After graduating from college, Austin continued to serve in the field of Education for another eight years – teaching at his Alma Mater- St. Aidan’s Anglican and St. George’s Anglican in Georgetown. His final years in teaching were spent serving as head teacher at St. Cuthbert’s Mission, upper Mahaica River, a three year experience which he found most rewarding for many reasons, one being his success at convincing the parents to give their daughters the same opportunity at education as they gave their sons. He speaks proudly of one of his female students Amanda Ferreira who

32 | GEM JUNE/JULY 2013

returned to school on his advice and who went on to become a qualified nurse/midwife and headed the health centre when one was established on the mission. He also takes great pride in the fact that the present Toshao of the mission, Luke Simon, was among his first three students that he successfully tutored for the Primary School Leaving Certificate Examination .During his stay there, a record number of students passed the Primary School Leaving Certificate Examination and Gardening and the College of Preceptors Examinations were successfully written for the first time by two students. The responsibility of marriage and a growing family (for by then Austin had married the girl with whom he had fallen in love while at college, and together they had two young sons) caused him to start looking outside of teaching for a more lucrative job. That’s when Book Selling presented itself as an option. Quite unexpectedly in 1971, while still at St. Cuthbert’s Mission, he was offered the position of manager of the SPCK Bookshop in Georgetown. After some family

discussions, he decided to leave teaching and accept the offer of the new job, where the salary was almost twice that of the rural head teacher’s and access to health care, electricity, portable water etc. were no longer issues. SPCK offered training attachments in Grenada and Trinidad in addition to a correspondence course from their head office in London. Things went very well at SPCK until 1976 when the government of the day, with socialistic zeal, enacted legislation making the government the sole importer of a wide range of goods including books and stationery. One by one the eight bookshops in Georgetown closed their doors and most proprietors migrated. Having no desire to return to teaching, Austin accepted the position of Senior Sales Supervisor of the Books and Stationery Division of the Guyana National Trading Corporation (GNTC), where in 1978 he was appointed Divisional Manager, succeeding Insham Ali and Ovid Holder. He headed the division until 20th April 1989, when fire, which was started by an incendiary device, completely gutted the building. That was a period of great political unrest and attempts were made to burn down police stations, court houses, schools, cane fields and government buildings in general.

Austin as a B.G.V.F. soldier

In May 1992, Lloyd Austin opened his own bookshop – Austin’s Book Services, at 228 Camp Street. After three years at that location, limited space forced him to seek alternative Family portrait: premises. In August, 1996, the (Top) Austin with his with his wife current location at 190 Church Street Leila and below from left son was bought and renovated. The Roger, grand-daughter Candace, business has evolved over the years daughter-in-law Carla, grandson from being a small retailer of books Jervay and eldest son Andrew into Guyana’s premier wholesaler and retailer of school texts, children’s reference and enrichment books, adult literature, school stationery and educational toys and games. Although Austin enjoyed his years in teaching and is presently a very successful bookseller, there was a time when he gave thought to another career, and that was the military. While still a young teacher, he, who like many youngsters was fascinated by soldiering, joined the British Guyana Volunteer Force and was JUNE/JULY 2013 GEM | 33

Lloyd Fitzgerald Austin


granted leave from his classroom annually to undergo two weeks of training at the Tacama Battle School. During the period of civil unrest in the early sixties, Austin, by then a sergeant, was posted to do peace keeping duties between Vreed-en-Hoop and Parika. With independence soon to be a reality in 1966, members of the Volunteer Force were in 1965 invited to become members of a regular army to be named, The Guyana Defense Force (GDF). Austin was invited to sign up to attend a training course for officers of the

Outer and inner photos of Austin’s Book Services on Church Street

GDF but feeling however, that army life at that time, might interfere too much with his fledgling family life, he refused the offer. Always a lover of sports, Austin’s proudest moments in that field came when he was a young student at the Government Training College and his house – Harris House, was crowned the champion house with Austin helping them to victory by winning the high jump, triple jump and running a crucial leg in the 4 by 100 relay. Another memorable athletic feat was placing second in the 100 meters at the annual GUYSTAC games, among runners like National Champions, Cliff Murray (winner) and Rocky McPherson. At volleyball, Austin played at the Senior Club Level with and against national players – Lenny and Leroy Shuffler, Vibart (wire) Fraser, Bernard Da Santos (former A.G) Elson Briggs and others. His greatest love however, has always been gardening and he spends hours cultivating his kitchen garden from which he feeds his family with such crops as bora, calaloo, beans, sweet corn, Pakchoy etc. Fruit trees and flowering plants also abound in his yard. Lloyd Austin is a long standing member of St. Philip’s Anglican Church where he worships most Sundays with his family. At the moment he holds the position of People’s Warden. He has been married for forty-eight years to his wife Leila (a College batch mate) and they have two grown sons - Andrew and Roger and two grandchildren, Jervay and Candace.

34 | GEM JUNE/JULY 2013

The best Gold, Silver, Diamond, Swarovski Crystals, Stainless Steel Jewellery, Perfumes, Sunglasses and Watches. Orders made is 24hrs

We accept Master Card and Visa

Check us out on

SANJAY’S JEWELLERY INC. 26 Sheriff Street, Campbellville. Tel: (592) 225-4537, 223-5263 Website:

Keep Your Day Job! KYDJ! and guest drummer Jude Mendonca

Guyana's Local Rock Band Text & photography submitted by KYDJ


eep Your Day Job! (KYDJ!) is a local Punk Rock Duo, based in Georgetown. Its current members are Gavin Mendonca (Vocalist and Guitarist) and Ryan Roberts (Lead Guitarist). There was a third member – Clifton Garraway (Bass/Percussion/ Vocals), but he migrated in 2011 to pursue his studies in Canada. Keep Your Day Job! was founded by Ryan Roberts and Clifton Garraway. The two are childhood friends and attended primary school and high school together (Marian Academy). They both shared an interest in music from their early teenage years (Clifton’s mother was the Music teacher at Marian Academy) and together they decided to start a band. However, neither of them knew to play any instrument and Clifton was the only one with any knowledge of Music Theory, but the desire to be musicians is what ignited the flame. They both acquired guitars and taught themselves to play, using videos and tabs on the internet. In Early 2010, Clifton and Ryan met the third member of KYDJ! – Gavin – while they were all studying Computer Science at the University of Guyana. Gavin had just recently gotten a guitar of his own, but just like the other two, did not know how to play at first so he taught himself as well. It’s safe to say that all three members of the band did not receive any formal 36 | GEM JUNE/JULY 2013

training on their instruments, but learnt to play via their desire to make music. Throughout the course of 2010, KYDJ! pushed with writing original songs, including “Hope!,” “Ocean Air,” “Sorrow” and “Leaving Home,” among others. They also began playing out more, performing at Marian Academy during lunch hours, UG, friend’s house parties and they even managed to get to perform at Sidewalk Café for a ‘Walter Rodney Memorial

KYDJ! and touring Drummer Nicholas Chung in Suriname

KYDJ! performing in Suriname, September 2012

Show’, and at the front of the audience was the Prime Minister, Sam Hinds. The show was very last minute, as it was organized and executed in just a matter of 7 days. The band pulled local rock veterans et tu Brutus to be a part of the show, which was very successful. Following the success of the first show at Sidewalk, the two bands along with a third – Feed the Flames, decided to host a collaborative event at Sidewalk Café dubbed, ‘April Mania’. This show was also a huge success, attracting a larger crowd than the prior show. KYDJ! then continued scouting for gigs. Gavin began taking part in Poetry Night at Upscale Restaurant on the first Tuesday of every month (and still does). The band also performed at a charity event – ‘We Care, We Can Food Drive’ hosted by Youth Media Guyana; The University of Guyana’s Academic Freedom Weekend; Princess Hotel Poolside; New Amsterdam Multilateral High School; and Roraima Inn Poolside for a Dunhill event. On September 8th, 2012, KYDJ! headed to Suriname for an event called, ‘Unkies Rock the Guyanas’ which featured two bands from French Guiana, two bands from

KYDJ! performing at Theatre Guild, April 2013

Suriname and KYDJ! from Guyana. That show was by far KYDJ!’s most memorable and one of their best performances. Within thirty seconds of the band’s first song (which was an original), the crowd of 200 people were running around in a giant circle. One guy even jumped up on stage and dived into the crowd (crowd surfing). For this show, the band was accompanied by a touring drummer, Nicholas Chung of local band Feed The Flames. KYDJ! along with Nick will be travelling to perform together once again on July 6th, 2013 – as they head to Trinidad for an international rock event, “LocalPalooza” hosted by a big time rock promoter, Bees Bartoo. So far for 2013, KYDJ! has performed at The National Cultural Center, where they performed their original song about Cuffy – ‘The Great Rebellion’ in a play titled, “El Dorado Children.” They also performed at UG on Career Day and at Theatre Guild for Upscale Poetry’s Slam Series Finals and hosted ‘Acoustic Night’ at Sidewalk Café in April which featured local bands, Collage, Feed the Flames and GTT 2013 Jingle Contestant - JoJo. The band is currently working on recording their first album with producer – Avinash Roopchan of Shakti Strings. Most people tend to say that in Guyana, music must not be a first option, it could only be a hobby and to survive one must get a day job. This is the reason for the band’s name – Keep Your Day Job! It is advice they refuse to take and would much rather dedicate all of their energies into doing the single thing they love doing most, and that is Music. Their motto is ‘Music is our lives, and we will live our lives to the fullest’.

Original Artwork for The Great Rebellion JUNE/JULY 2013 GEM | 37

Remembering Our Ancestors From India

Photography: Carl Croker

All the performers on stage for a grand finale and thank you to the patrons


he 34th presentation of Nitryageet was held at the National Cultural Centre on May 4th.

The annual production hosted by the Nadira and Indranie Shah Dance Troupe was a tribute to the memory of East Indians who arrived in Guyana from Members of the National School of Dance

38 | GEM JUNE/JULY 2013

India 175 years ago. The show with its usual costumes and fanfare included folk dances, dance medleys, kathak dances and a dance item called “massala� performed by Karen Ramlal. There was also a poetic piece read by Dr Shah Roth and

Members of the National School of Dance

Members of the Nadira and Indranie Shah Dance Troupe on stage

a special tribute to the late Indranie Shah by her niece, Suzanne Shah. As in previous productions, the National School of Dance was also included in the programme which gave the evening a splendid mix of various dance forms.

After a 112-day voyage, 244 East Indian immigrants first arrived in Highbury, Berbice on May 5, 1838. Later, a second group arrived in Demerara on the Whitby.

L-r: Nadira Shah-Berry, Dr. Seeta Terry Shah-Roth, Suzanne Shah and Raywattie De Costa

JUNE/JULY 2013 GEM | 39


GABBFF National Novices and Intermediate Championships Photography: Carl Croker

Shawnell Warner


he Guyana Amateur Bodybuilding and Fitness Federation (GABBFF) hosted its much anticipated National Novices and Intermediate championships at the Theatre Guild in Georgetown on May 12, 2013. Berbician, Dwayne Mars, who won the Light Middleweight division earlier in the evening came out on top of the overall show down with the other winners from other categories. Other winners of the evening included Kelvin 40 | GEM JUNE/JULY 2013

Dwayne Mars

Stacy Small

Bobb-Semple (under-21 category), Shahid Toloram (flyweight), Jermaine Bacchus (lightweight), Rawle Cole (welterweight) and Anthony Pires (heavyweight). There was also a Miss Fitness Open and a Miss Physique face-off which was won by Shawnell Warner and Candacy Lynch respectively. Fans were also entertained by students of the Guyana Karate College and guest poser Mr. Barbados 2012, Stevenson Belle.

Shahid Toloram

Jermaine Bacchus (right) receives his trophy from Eustace 'Robocop' Abrahams

Mr. Barbados 2012, Stevenson Belle

Candacy Lynch Anthony Pires

JUNE/JULY 2013 GEM | 41

Looknauth Persaud

Managing Director Of Kings Jewellery World Looknauth Persaud(2nd from left) with sons (l-r) Harrinand, Rohandev and GowKarran

What does fatherhood mean to me!

Fatherhood means that I have gotten the best gift from God, three sons who were obedient and dedicated to school and family. It has given me Great joy to see them complete their education, get married and now raising children of their own. They have also taken our family business to the next level. We have shared many wonderful memories through vacations and we always had breakfast and dinner together. It is also a good feeling to grow old and to have my boys as my best friends.

Joseph Jardim

John Lewis

Proprietor of John Lewis Styles, John Lewis (C) with daughters Sarah (L) and Victoria

Being a father makes me really happy because my children are what I'm most proud of. I'm truly thankful to my wife who takes on a huge part in nurturing them and who is also expecting our son. Fatherhood gives me the opportunity to pass on the beliefs, values & education given to me by my parents and teachers. Spending quality time together takes me away from the daily stresses of life and reminds me of what is really important. They make me laugh and smile which is good for the soul. 44 | GEM JUNE/JULY 2013

Proprietor of The Outdoor Store and Pet Shop Joseph Jardim with children Jose and Jessica

Father's Day I feel is the trigger that so often makes me realise and remember that I am a father. And attached to this are several moral commitments and also a wonderful feeling of appreciation. Children come into this world because you have made it happen. As such you need to nurture them, set examples and guide them until the day comes when they leave you physically to follow their own path and repeat the cycle. If you did a good job, then so would they.

Roshan Khan

Andrew Boyle Director of Eureka Labs Andrew Boyle Snr. (2nd from left) with his children from left: Mark (Tony), Andrew Jnr and Keziah

“What does fatherhood mean to me?” I’m extremely privileged and proud to be a father. It is my humble wish to be that dad who contributes in no small way to the molding of his children. I had a fabulous father and my goal is to try to supersede him. Being a father simply means the world to me and I intend to make it count.

Founder & CEO of RK Security Services Roshan Khan (C) with children from l-r Rosh, Katherina Roshana, Latifan Rosheena and Roshaad.

As a father of seven magnificent children, I say that fatherhood is the bedrock of the family. It is the root and the stalk on which the family rest. He is the example and the light. His wisdom must glow so that he impresses the power of love, harmony, kindness, respect for all, and when He is no more, he must exist with positives in the Universe and the hearts of HIS children. His memory must be like an encyclopedia in their hearts, a reservoir, ever living, from which his children can reflect and turn to for knowledge and wisdom to face the realities and circumstances of life. He has to plant the elements of honesty and love of the Divine so that they become God-like in their character, and on their faces will his contributions to their lives and the universe be seen.

JUNE/JULY 2013 GEM | 45

Jad Rahaman

Proprietor of JR Burgers and Race Car Driver Jad Rahaman (R) poses with children Anya (front), Ryan (left) and Javid (top)

Dennis Dias

Managing Director of DD Signs, Dennis Dias (C) with children Deje (L) and Dominique

I believe all fathers have a role in raising their children to become confident, happy, responsible people and to care for others less fortunate. I am so very happy to be the father of Dominique and Deje. They fill my heart with love, joy and I am so very, very happy to be their dad.

Fatherhood to me means the pride I feel seeing my three children, Ryan, Anya and Javid all living in unity and enjoying each other’s genuine company; The support they show for each other in good times and in bad; Seeing them well placed in their individual careers and the gratitude I feel when compliments are given to Carolyn and myself on what a fine job we have done bringing them up. Usually I say 'Of course that’s their mother’s upbringing,' but deep down inside I know I must have made a meaningful contribution myself. As a father being able to provide sound education and a stable home environment for them makes me feel very fortunate that we could afford them a good quality of life. So far they all lived up to my expectations and that makes me so proud to be their father.

Sanjay Persaud RKS (GPS) Dragnet SATELLITE TRACKING Our vehicle tracking system provide the ability to pinpoint your vehicle’s location while suppling rapid and updated vehicle information and direction. benefits of Dragnet satellite tracking 1. know and see your vehicle 24/7 2. kill vehicle engine if stolen or abused. 3. stop employee abuse or theft of fuel

Proprietor of Sanjay's Jewellery Sanjay Persaud with children Nicolas and Sanjana.

I thought I had everything in the world until my kids were born and I held them for the first time. There weren't enough words to express how much love and joy they gave to me. Bringing my kids up through bad or good times and watch them achieve makes me a proud father.

46 | GEM JUNE/JULY 2013

4. geo-fencing: have your vehicle controlled within zones you set. 5. get speed and zoned busting sMs info

instantly and constantly. 6. records of vehicular movements stored for years.


172 Light & Charlotte Streets, Bourda. Tel: (592) 226-7541, 227-5072. Email: Website: Contact: DR. NET

JASMINE Collin Cregg Photo

Age: 26 Hobbies: dancing, swimming, traveling, hiking, working with animals Fave food: Seafood Fave colour: yellow Location: Toronto, Canada

Think you have what it takes to be a GEM Beauty? Then send us a professional quality photo of yourself with the required information to: letters@ Please include a phone number so we can contact you. YOU MUST BE 18 YEARS OR OLDER. JUNE/JULY 2013 GEM | 47

Roraima Group’s 5th Wedding Expo Photography: Carl Croker


or the fifth year in a row, the Roraima Group hosted their annual Wedding Expo in Guyana.

wedding held on the final day of the expo at Duke Lodge among other gifts from other exhibitors.

The 2013 expo which was officially launched in January, opened its doors to visitors for a 3-day spectacle from April 5 to 7 at Duke Lodge in Kingston.

After weeks of competition and the elimination of fourteen other couples, Albouystown, Georgetown lovebirds - Rudolph Davis and Oshanie Waithe emerged the winners.

The annual expo gives wedding planners, make-up artists, photographers, jewelers, designers, and other stakeholders in the industry opportunities to showcase their goods and services to a steady flow of patrons who were interested in exploring their options. This year, a new activity was added to the event. The ‘Race to the Altar’ contest allowed participating unwed couples to indulge in various activities and challenges laid out by a Roraima Group committee. The top prize for the winning couple was an all expense paid dream 48 | GEM JUNE/JULY 2013

As with previous expos, this year was no exception as patrons were treated to a cultural and contemporary fashion show presented by participating boutiques and designers. Some of the entities participating at this year’s Wedding Expo were GT&T, John Lewis Styles, Banks DIH Limited, King’s Jewellery World, Duke Lodge Restaurant and Bar and Ansa McCal Limited.

From left Mayor Hamilton Green; President Donald Ramotar; Captain Gerry Gouveia; and the ‘Race to the Altar’ winners Oshanie Waithe and Rudolph Davis

Henna designs being applied to the hand of a patron

Kings Jewellery World booth

John Lewis Styles booth

Toya’s Exotics booth JUNE/JULY 2013 GEM | 49

Hunk Christopher Nurse Sport: Football Division: Captain of the Guyana National Football team (Golden Jaguars) and Midfielder at FC Edmonton in the North American Soccer League Height: 6’0 Weight: 185 lbs Age: 29 Waist: 34 Shoe Size: 10.5 Favourite Junk Food: KFC Work out tip: Never give up, winners never quit and quitters never win. Pain is only temporary. This shoot was done for breast cancer in memory of my mother. She passed away from breast cancer when I was 20 years old. So I like to help to raise awareness for breast cancer whenever I can.

Think you have what it takes to be a GEM Hunk? Then send us a professional quality photo of yourself with the required information to: Please include a phone number so we can contact you.

50 | GEM JUNE/JULY 2013


JUNE/JULY 2013 GEM | 51


The Beneficial Use of Coconut Oil D

Text: Coretta Corbin-Rival

ue to its high levels of saturated fat, coconut oil has been tagged by the western world since the 1970s as unhealthy, thereby, giving rise to other oils such as olive, soy, vegetable and corn, which contain lower levels of saturated fat. However, coconut oil has been consumed for centuries by those living in the tropics as the main source of fatty acids. It has also been used in its natural form for cooking, medicinal purposes and as hair and skin moisturizers. In some countries around the world, the coconut palm is revered and viewed as the Tree of Life because every part of the tree is used for human consumption.

believed to be able to treat the flu, common colds, bronchitis, genital herpes, and is even said to prevent the transference of the HIV virus from mother to child during pregnancy. Two types of coconut oil sold on the market today are virgin and refined oil. Virgin coconut oil is the raw or unprocessed oil which has more nutrients than the refined oil. To extract the oil during the cold-pressed process, companies may extract the oil directly from the dried coconut meat to produce extra virgin or supreme oil.

An extract from the meat of the coconut fruit, coconut oil is believed to be able to treat a variety of ailments such as:

Other companies also use heat which is kept at 120 degrees in order to prevent the nutrients from being damaged, producing a form of virgin oil. In the process of the refined oil, both chemicals and high heat are used to strip the oil of its natural smell and taste, compromising its nutritional value. Refined oils are usually cheaper in cost than the virgin oil.

• High blood pressure • High Cholesterol • Diabetes • Heart Disease

• Digestive Issues • Cancer • Dry skin • Pancreatitis • Alzheimer’s Disease

In Guyana, coconut oil is used medicinally to help clear head-colds when poured directly in the middle of the scalp. We also use this oil for dry skin and cooking. Research shows that coconut oil contains lauric acid which when consume transforms into monolauric acid; an antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal and antipotozoal property. Antibacterial and antivial properties are important elements which protect the body against bacterial infections such as pneumonia and meningitis. Whereas, antipotozoal properties help fight infection like malaria. Antifungal properties on the other hand are used to treat fungal infections like ringworm and Athlete’s Foot. Lauric acid, which makes up 50 percent of the properties found in coconut oil, is 52 | GEM JUNE/JULY 2013

Although virgin coconut oil contains high levels of saturated fat, recent research is looking at whether it is less healthy than processed saturated fat. If you decide to add coconut oil to your diet, the best oil to use is the virgin oil due to its nutritional value. I would also advise anyone trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle to always check with his or her doctor before making changes to their diet and exercise routines.


Fashion @ Wedding Expo 2013

54 | GEM JUNE/JULY 2013

Photography: Arian Browne

In this photo essay by Arian Browne, models are seen displaying contemporary and traditional wear for potential brides, grooms and other members of a wedding party.

JUNE/JULY 2013 GEM | 55


5 Places to Meet Eligible Men in Guyana Text: Coretta Corbin-Rival



Your favorite singer is coming to town? Book your ticket

Men go there to relax and unwind from a hard

ASAP and don one of your most trendy outfits. A concert is

day’s work. In this relaxed atmosphere everyone’s

a great place to meet guys. Seeing that special person sing

guard is down, making them more approachable…

along with your favorite singer means you two already

after you’ve had a few drinks of course. So don’t

have something in common.

be afraid to raise your glass to the handsome hunk next to you at the bar or across the room. Feel free

So smile at him, and let him know this is your favorite

to strike up a conservation by asking him the score.

artist too. 3. A CRICKET OR FOOTBALL GAME: Men can be found in galore at cricket and soccer matches. Many men love it when women can let their hair down and have fun cheering for their beloved team. It is also easier to break the ice and build comradery, or have a bit of friendly competition by cheering for your favorite teams. 4. ATTEND A WEDDING: Weddings always seem to put everyone in the mood to tie the knot. I can tell you, it is the place where my husband of 18 years, and I first struckup a conversation (at the wedding of the friend who introduced us). So break out your Sunday best and get noticed doing the cupid shuffle on the dance floor. 5. STOP BY JAMZONE’S SUMMER FESTIVAL OR THE BARTICA REGATTA: Guyana has so many events going on where guys congregate and where love can blossom. Get out there and have a blast watching the guys maneuver their power boats on the water. You might just find your Mr. Right mingling among the crowd. If he is shirtless, check out his physique to see if he takes care of himself. 56 | GEM JUNE/JULY 2013


A Glimpse At Our Wildlife Photography: Simeon Corbin

A Black Caiman sun bathing


ocated on the northern coast of South America with 83,000 sq miles of pristine land, unspoiled rainforest and water ways, it is no surprise that Guyana is home to a diverse group of mammals, birds, insects, reptiles and a slew of other wildlife in different forms and sizes. In this issue, we give you a close-up of some of these species.


The Black Caiman (Melanosuchus niger) is a member of the Alligatoridae family. The name Black Caiman comes from the dark scaly skin of this specie. The color is believed to serve as camouflage. The Black Caiman is the largest predator in the Amazon basin, growing to the size of at least 5m (16ft) and possibly up to 6m (20ft) in length. Its diet includes fish, turtles, birds and landliving mammals like deer and capybara. Large adults can even kill domestic animals, tapirs, anacondas, jaguars and pumas. Young specimens chiefly feed on insects and crustaceans. This animal is a carnivorous reptile that lives along slowmoving rivers, lakes, seasonally-flooded savannahs of the Amazon basin, and in other freshwater habitats of South America. Nest building takes place in December. The female constructs a nest in which she deposits 3065 eggs. The incubation time varies between 42 and 90 58 | GEM JUNE/JULY 2013

days during which the mother will stay close to the nest.


There are over 250 species of Bumblebees (Bombus terrestris). They are regarded as social insects that are characterized by black and yellow body hairs, often in bands. However, some species have orange or red on their bodies, or may be entirely black. Like their relatives the honey bees, bumblebees feed on nectar and gather pollen to feed their young. Bumblebees form colonies that are usually much less extensive than those of the honey bees. A single female is responsible for the initial construction and reproduction within the nest, and the restriction of the colony to a single season (in most species). They do not have ears, but can feel the vibrations of sounds through wood and other materials.

A Bumble Bee partially covered in pollen

A Golden Frog on a leaf


(Anomaloglossus beebei) Found at Kaieiteur National Park, the Golden Rocket Frog is a small brilliantly colored frog that spends its entire life cycle inside the micro-ecosystem of the cloud forest's bromeliads. It is endemic to the Pakarimas and can also be found on Mt. Ayanganna. Usually mistaken for the poison arrow frog, it is from the Arombatidae family. The species is considered vulnerable because of its restricted range and population size.

Red-footed tortoises

with a diet based on a wide assortment of plantsmostly fruits when available, but also including grass, flowers, fungi, carrion and invertebrates.

THE HARPY EAGLE (Harpia harpyja)

The harpy eagle is one of the world's largest and most powerful of the fifty species of eagles. It lives in the tropical lowland rainforests of Central and South America. The harpy eagle's name comes from the harpies of Greek mythology which were ferocious winged creatures with sharp claws, a woman's face and a vulture's body.

It is an opportunistic predator whose diet includes many small arthropods, especially mosquitoes and maggots. Similar to the poison dart frogs, this species also carries their tadpoles one at a time from one bromeliad to another. Eggs are deposited on the leaves and the tadpoles develop and grow in the water filled phytotelm. Tadpoles feed on detritus, insect larvae, unfertilized eggs and other tadpoles.

The average weight of a harpy eagle is 18.4 lbs (8.2 kg). Female harpy eagles are larger than the males. Harpy eagles hunt about 19 species of medium and large size mammals like monkeys, sloths, opossums, large reptiles such as iguanas, large rodents and other birds. It likes large areas of uninterrupted forest but will also hunt in the open areas next to patches of forest.



Their natural habitat ranges from savannah to forestedges around the Amazon Basin. They are omnivorous

The Cattle Egret feeds on a wide range of prey, particularly insects, especially grasshoppers, crickets, flies, moths, as well as spiders, frogs, and earthworms. Cattle Egrets’ feeding habitats include seasonally inundated grasslands, pastures, farmlands, wetlands and rice paddies. They often accompany cattle or other large mammals, consuming ticks and flies from off the animals. They also eat other insects and small

Red-footed tortoises (Chelonoidis carbonaria) are popular pet tortoises from northern South America. They are medium-sized tortoises which generally average 30cm (12in) as adults, but can reach over 40cm (16in). They have a dark-colored loaf-shaped shell with a lighter patch in the middle of each scale on the shell, and dark limbs with brightly colored scales that range from pale yellow to dark red. There are recognized differences between red-footed tortoises from different regions. They are closely related to the yellow-footed tortoise (C. denticulata) from the Amazon Basin.

A Harpy Eagle relaxes on a branch

The Cattle Egret (Bubulcus ibis) is a member of the heron family found in the tropics, subtropics and warm temperate zones. It nests in colonies, usually near bodies of water and often with other wading birds. The nest is a platform of sticks in trees or shrubs.

A Cattle Egret on a wire

A Jaguar on the prowl

JUNE/JULY 2013 GEM | 59

A capybara grazing

A Snail Kite in flight

vertebrate during their journeys.


The Jaguar (Panthera onca), is Guyana’s national animal and two of them appear on our coat of arms. It is the largest cat in the Americas and ranges from the south western US to Argentina. There is much color variation in jaguars, but in general, they are a tawny golden color on the back and sides with a white underbelly, and are spotted with black rosettes all over. Jaguars vary in size, with adults generally weighing between 200 - 250 pounds and measuring approximately 8ft from nose to tail. Jaguars are the ultimate predators in the forest and savannahs and are excellent swimmers. They are stocky and strong, and stalk their prey rather than chase it. They will hunt at any time of the day or night, using their powerful jaws and teeth to pierce the skull of their prey, a technique unique to jaguars and very useful for cracking the shells of turtles, one of their favorite prey. Other prey includes capybara, deer, monkeys, and fish. In areas where humans live, jaguars will also prey on domestic animals such as dogs and cattle.


(Ara ararauna) Also known as the Blue and Gold Macaw, it is a member of the group of large Neotropical parrots known as macaws. It breeds in forests and woodland of tropical South America from Trinidad and Venezuela south to Brazil, Bolivia, Colombia, and Paraguay. It extends slightly into Central America, where it is restricted to Panama. It is an endangered species in Trinidad, and is on the verge of being extirpated from Paraguay, but still remains widespread and fairly common in a large part of mainland South America. There is also a breeding population in Miami-Dade County, USA. It is therefore listed as Least Concern by BirdLife International.


60 | GEM JUNE/JULY 2013

A Blue and Gold Macaw on the ground feeding

The capybara (Hydrochoerus hydrochaeris) is the largest rodent in the world and a semi-aquatic rodent found in South America. It weighs about a hundred pounds, and is about 2 feet tall at the shoulder. Females are pregnant for about five months before four or five babies weighing three or four pounds are born to a litter, on land. They will join the group as soon as they can walk to follow their mother three or four days after birth. The babies can see soon after birth and can eat grass after only one week. They nurse for about 16 weeks and stay with the mother for about a year. The young in a group stay together and the females will nurse infants other than their own. Wild capybaras live 8 to 10 years. In captivity some have lived over 12 years. In the wild they eat grass and aquatic plants, melons and squashes. An adult capybara in the wild eats six to eight pounds of grass a day.


The Snail Kite (Rostrhamus sociabilis), is a bird of prey within the family Accipitridae, which also includes the eagles and hawks. The Snail Kite can be found all year round in Guyana. Its diet consists of snails, eels and fish. Snail Kites are 45cm long with a 120cm wingspan. They have long, broad, and rounded wings. It is longtailed, with a white rump and under-tail coverts. The dark, deeply hooked beak is an adaptation to its diet. The adult male has dark blue-gray plumage with darker flight feathers. The legs and cere are red. The adult female has dark brown upperparts and heavily streaked pale under-parts. She has a whitish face with darker areas behind and above the eye. The legs and cere are yellow or orange. The immature is similar to adult female, but the crown is streaked. They usually lay about 3-4 eggs and nest in trees.

French Country Bread

Text and photography: NAMILCO

ingredients: Photograph • 500 g Maid Marian Whole Wheat Flour • 300 ml water • 200 ml milk

• 1 tsp. sugar • 1 tsp. salt • 11g yeast

Preparation: Lukewarm milk and water together; dissolve yeast and sugar in lukewarm water/milk mixture. Then leave to rest at least 15 min. or till mixture foams. Mix Maid Marian Whole Wheat Flour and salt in a bowl. Add yeast/ milk mixture to the flour and turn with a wooden spoon till all flour is mixed in. Cover the bowl and let the dough rise for 1 ½ hrs. in a warm place. Sprinkle white flour on a baking tray. With a wooden spoon carefully loose the dough from the bowl and put onto the baking tray covered with flour. Cut dough in half and shape, sprinkle each half with flour. Dough will be very wet and sticky. Put the dough right away in the oven at 360 F for 40 min. Whilst baking, sprinkle breads with a little water to get a crunchy crust. Serve with your favorite salad or stew or enjoy with cheese or your favorite spread. Thinly slice any leftovers and toast for that nice crunchy taste.

Mini chocolate éclairs INGREDIENTS

• 6 tbsp butter, cut into pieces

• 2 cups heavy cream

• 11/2 cups all-purpose flour

• 7oz (200g) semisweet chocolate

• 3 large eggs, lightly beaten

PREPERATIONS 1. Preheat the oven to 400°F (200°C). Melt the butter in a saucepan with 2 cups cold water and then bring to a boil. As soon as the mixture reaches a boil, remove from the heat, and add all the flour at once. Beat well with a wooden spoon until thick and glossy and comes away from the sides of the pan. 2. Using a wooden spoon lightly beat in the eggs a little at a time, beating constantly until the mixture is smooth, thick, and shiny. Let cool for a few minutes, and then transfer to a piping bag. 3. Pipe 2in (5cm) lengths of the mixture onto 2 baking sheets lined with parchment paper. You should have around 30 in all. Bake for 20 minutes or until golden brown, then remove from the oven and make a slit down the side in each one. Return to the oven for 5 minutes for the insides to cook through. Then remove and leave to cool. 4. Put the cream in a mixing bowl and beat with an electric mixer until soft peaks form. Spoon or pipe the whipped cream into each éclair. Break the chocolate into small pieces and place in a heatproof bowl. Place the bowl over a pan of simmering water and stir until the chocolate is just melted and smooth. Spoon over the éclairs and serve. JUNE/JULY 2013 GEM | 61

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Bollywood Singers Alka Yagnik and Udit Narayan in Guyana R

Photography: Carl Croker

enowned Bollywood singers, Alka Yagnik and Udit Narayan performed for the first time in Guyana on May 5 at the Guyana National Stadium in Providence. The duo was brought to Guyana by the Guyana Hindu Dharmic as part of their commemoration of the 175th anniversary of East Indian arrival in Guyana.

Udit Narayan with one of the members of the Sabha’s Dharmic Nritya Sangh

Alka Yagnik on stage

Dr. Vindhya Vasini Persaud (left), enjoys the show with other members of the Sabha’s Dharmic Nritya Sangh

Mother and Daughter Pageant O

Photography: Carl Croker

n May 11, 2013, the 22nd Mother and Daughter Pageant was held at the National Cultural Centre. The event which was founded by Ingrid Fung allows for mothers and daughters to pair-up and compete in one of three categories.

Winner of the junior category: Oneca Neblett and her daughter Ariana Teixeira

62 | GEM JUNE/JULY 2013

Wendy Griffith and her daughter Melissa, winners in the senior category

Middle category winners L’ Toya Carter and her daughter Nikia

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Francis Quamina Farriar Recognized in Boston Photography: Yancey 2013 April Newsletter


laywright Francis Quamina Farrier (center) was presented with a Boston City Council resolution by Boston City Councillor Charles C. Yancey (right) commending Farrier’s support of creative arts and democracy on April 14, 2013 at Unity Sports and Cultural Club in Dorchester, Massachusetts, USA. Also in picture Augustus Corbin (left), coordinator of the Guyana Friends Association who coordinated Farrier’s visit to Boston.

Duck Curry Competition Winners Photography: Carl Croker


Guyanese team comprising of King’s Jewellery World’s Looknauth Persaud, cook Dave Jaikaran and others returned to Guyana at the end of April with the coveted Duck Curry trophy after competing in Mayaro Beach, Trinidad. Looknauth Persaud, second from right, poses with the other team members.

Makin Style Magazine Launched Photography: Carl Croker


elebrated designer Sonia Noel added another title to her cv as she became a publisher after the launch of Makin Style magazine on April 13, at the Herdmanston Lodge in Georgetown. In a release, the team noted: The magazine symbolises a melting pot of the Caribbean distinctions, methodologies, and approach, which signals the dawn of a global trend.

64 | GEM JUNE/JULY 2013

Noel poses with the editor-in-chief of the magazine Richard Young

GEM 57 June / July 2013  

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