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More 20-Somethings You Should Know

Adrian DuTChin Says “I Do” in Antigua

Jamzone 2011 Highlights



Harrinand Persaud Discusses Bling @ Kings

Breathtaking Stunts @ GT&T’s Bikerfest 2011

Travel 7 Famous Landmarks of Guyana


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LETTERS TO GEM What readers have to say about the last edition


PUBLISHER’S NOTES Welcome to the 46th Edition of GEM


BIRTHDAYS Personality milestone


4 20-SOMETHINGS You should know


PERSONALITY Charmaine Blackman


IZWE Magazine Launched


GTT FastBall Finals



Guyana's Premier Entertainment & Lifestyle Magazine October/November 2011 | Issue 47

Gemologist Harrinand Persaud Discusses Bling from King’s


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The photo of Harrinand Persaud was taken exclusively for GEM by Simeon Corbin

Contents II GEM

50 JAMZONE 2011 Highlights

Guyana's Premier Entertainment & Lifestyle Magazine October/November 2011 | Issue 47






ICON - LADY TEMPEST Aka Camille Goliah - Basdeo






DARING STUNTS @ GTT's Bikefest 2011


GEM BEAUTY Meet Melissa, age 24


FASHION meets Furniture at Courts Guyana


SAVVY SISTER Turning back the clock


TRAVEL 7 Famous Landmarks of Guyana


RECEIPES Sugary Citrus Twists & Cassava Balls


LAST SEEN HERE Random pictures of people and events. Were you there?


HEALTH BEAT Herbal Essence - Harnessing the Healing Power of Natural Herbs ENTERTAINER Adrian DUTCHIN Says "I Do" in Antigua 6 | GEM OCTOBER/NOVEMBER 2011




Issue 47 | October / November 2011 FOUNDER & PUBLISHER Simeon L Corbin MANAGING EDITOR Coretta Corbin-Rival ADMINISTRATIVE MANAGER Tiya Peterkin LAYOUT AND DESIGN Mark James SALES & MARKETING Simeon Corbin Tiya Peterkin Sophia Ramphal INTERNATIONAL SALES & MARKETING Director Coretta Corbin-Rival INTERNATIONAL DISTRIBUTION Director Michelle Corbin CONTRIBUTORS Coretta Corbin-Rival • Michelle Corbin • Carl Croker • Naomi Wright • Tiya Peterkin • Petamber Persaud • June English • Michelle Gonsalves GUYANA AND THE CARIBBEAN GEM | P.O. Box 12396 | Georgetown | Guyana P: 011.592.225.1738 / 226.0540 / 624.2751 E: W: F: SUBSCRIPTION Guyana GYD5,500 Caribbean & North America USD40 Rest of the World USD45 DISTRIBUTION To sell GEM at your business, please email sales at INTERNATIONAL SALES AND MARKETING Corbin Media Group P.O. Box 255906 Boston, MA 02125 USA Phone: 617.833.7482 Email: MEMBER Georgetown Chamber of Commerce and Industry (GCCI) Guyana Press Association (GPA) Tourism Hospitality Association of Guyana (THAG) ISSN 181-2019 Six times a year, GEM delivers the latest trends in business, charity, art, interior design, real estate, culture, cuisine, sports, entertainment, parties, fashion, events, beauty, weddings and travel. All rights reserved. Reproduction in part or whole without permission from the publisher is strictly prohibited. The publisher and editors are not responsible for unsolicited material and it will be treated as unconditionally assigned for publication subject to GEM’s rights to edit.



Letters to make the news regularly and are not part of a list of our so-called “celebrities” in Guyana. Many of these celebrity types in my opinion are overexposed in the media and really don’t have anything substantive to offer. Usually it’s the same old story from many of them. There are lots of professionals in the medical, education, agriculture, business and other fields that are doing great things daily but their efforts are sometimes rarely or never highlighted in the main stream media. I hope your magazine can reverse this trend, because these people are the true heroes in our society and articles on them will be fascinating human-interest stories for readers like me. – Reginald Best

The fashion from the FEMINITION show was excellent. Guyanese designers are really leading the way with modern and exciting looking clothing. Keep doing Guyana. – Tameka Williams

We welcome comments, criticisms and ideas from you. Let us know what you think about this edition. Send comments to Letters may be edited for space and clarity.

Track star Aliann Pompey looked absolutely stunning on your cover. This was long overdue considering she has been so dedicated to representing Guyana all over the world for so many years. Her feature was a good read also. – Pauline Sanchez GEM is a very informative and interesting magazine to read. I especially enjoy the feature on the 20-somethings to know. It is great to read about some of the positive young people in our society and their thoughts for the future. - Anita Jagdeo Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the last issue of GEM. Besides the top notch cover, the feature “Guyana Belongs to the Birds – 800 Species” was inspiring. Being a bird-watching enthusiast myself, the article reminds me of how beautiful Guyana is and how much of it is yet to be explored.– Michael Balram I like your magazine’s articles and pictures, but I would like to see more features on people that don’t OCTOBER/NOVEMBER 2011 GEM | 9

Publisher's Notes My grandfather once told me that there were two kinds of people: those who do the work and those who take the credit. He told me to try to be in the first group; there was much less competition. Indira Gandhi Dear Valued Reader, In North America, summer is over and the fall temperature has already crept in. But in Guyana, our summer is endless and although the sun may take a back seat to the rainy season, it never leaves for too long. We at GEM have had a wonderful summer as we attended and captured interesting moments at events around Guyana and North America. So, the pages of GEM as usual are loaded with the activities for your entertainment. Our cover person is gemologist Harrinand Persaud aka Ralph of King’s Jewellery World. This establishment has been around for over 40 years offering fine jewellery and accessories to its customers. GEM was given a rear and exclusive look at the bling they have to offer and learn some valuable tips on jewellery shopping from Ralph. In this edition also, we have some exclusive pictures from entertainer Adrian Dutchin’s nuptials in Antigua. I know many of you ladies are disappointed with this news, but we are just the messengers.


Once October and November is over, we move into the December issue of GEM and the Christmas season. And if we are to learn from history, this is probably the busiest season for Guyanese. And that is an exciting time to look forward to. Enjoy yourself, Founder & Publisher GEM

A simple celebration, a gathering of friends; here is wishing you great happiness, a joy that never ends.

Dr.Vindhya Persaud

Burchmore Simon

OCTOBER Executive Director Guyana Hindu Dharmic Sabha Dr.Vindhya Persaud (1) Music producer Burchmore Simon aka Burch (2) Guyana and West Indies cricketer Reon King (6) Guyana cricketer Mahendra Nagamootoo (9) Former Guyana and West Indies cricketer Stephen Camacho (15) Sculptor / Poet Philip Moore (21) Designer Derek Moore (22)

Shyam Nokta

Derek Moore

Former Guyana and West Indies cricketer Mark Harper (31) NOVEMBER Managing Director Environmental Managing Consultancy Shyam Nokta (5) Singer Wilbur Levans aka B52 (15) Managing Director Kings Jewellery World Rohandev Persaud(18) Managing Director Roraima Group, Captain Gerry Gouveia (29)


20-somethings I

You Should Know

n an ongoing series, GEM highlights some of the 20 year olds making a difference in their communities as established leaders or as rising stars. Some of these young people are already making waves in media, sports, entertainment, business, politics, music, medicine and other career choices. Despite the frequent talk of “brain drain” in Guyana and disillusioned youths, these young leaders are sticking

around and aggressively pursuing their various fields of endeavor. They are intelligent, creative, self-assured and patriotic, and you won’t find them sitting around and complaining about what’s wrong with Guyana. This list is just a sample of the calibre of talent that is moving to the forefront of our society, ready to takeover and lead the country into a bright future.

Simone Savory Age: 23 Hometown: Georgetown, Guyana High School: Queen's College Occupation: Student, TV Presenter Claim to fame: Host of HJTV's E!092 and HJ Rewind Hobbies: Reading, I find solace in a good book. I also love babysitting Relationship Status: Lol, wouldn't you like to know...I'm taken! Idol: Hmmm...I'm not sure that I have a specific idol. What I do know is that I respect and look up to people that are successful, humble and always reaching for more. Politics: Indifferent about it. Where do you see yourself in 10 years: In TEN years? Hmmm. Off of tv for sure. A wealthy pharmacist with a huge family, a great home and driving a pretty goodlooking Porsche Cayenne.

Jasmine Farley Age: 22 Hometown: Melanie, Guyana High School: Bishops' High School Occupation: Software Developer Claim to fame: Winning the Software Design Category of the Regional Imagine Cup 2011 Competition hosted annually by Microsoft. Hobbies: Playing piano & steel-pan, swimming, travelling, experiencing new cultures Relationship Status: Single Idol: Steve Jobs Politics is (stress, Interesting, huh!): Stress but yet important to keep up to date with.


Where do you see yourself in 10 years: I see myself making a difference in the world one code at a time as I own my own software development company in the Caribbean. I would like to see the Caribbean region as a place where software innovation can occur as well! And of course settling down to have a family of my own.

Briony Tiwarie Age: 27 Hometown: Bartica High School: City College Ltd and Queens College. Occupation: Director, BK Group of Companies. Claim to fame: BK and Grant-A-Dream Inc. Hobbies: Travelling, learning about different cultures, eating and spending time with my friend’s son; Kaiden. Relationship Status: hmmm….dating :0) Idol: My parents (Brian & Gloria), Cleopatra and Catherin the Great (Empress of Russia). Politics is (stress, interesting, huh!): interesting but can be a dirty game sometimes, the players make the difference. Where do you see yourself in 10 years: Having a stronger stand in the company I currently work for in terms of gaining experience and knowledge, in addition to playing a pivotal role in its expansion regionally. Growing as an individual with greater determination, perseverance, and appreciation for challenges faced, as my idols have demonstrated. To have completed my Doctorate Degree (I’m giving myself a wide time frame for this one) and to be a MOTHER of at least one :0)

Kian Jabour Age: 22 Hometown: Georgetown, Guyana High School: St. Joseph's High School Occupation: Business Owner Claim to fame: Successfully opening and managing a mobile, premium cocktail bar, Shaker's Cocktail Bar, for the past year Hobbies: Traveling, hunting, fishing Relationship Status: Married Idol: My mother, for her unwavering love and support, and my father, for his commitment to excellence in his professional field. Politics is : The ability to foretell what is going to happen tomorrow, next week, next month and next year. And to have the ability afterwards to explain why it didn't happen (Winston Churchill). Where do you see yourself in 10 years: Achieving higher plateaus in my career and doing my part to make a positive impact in Guyanese society



Charmaine Blackman Photography: Submitted

Job: Singer/Song-writer/Producer Favorite dishes: Chow-mein and Cook-up rice Favourite movies: Ben-hur/Matrix Favourite singers: Tina Turner/Beyonce/ Natalie Cole/Michael Jackson/Take 6 GEM: How and when did you start a singing career? Charmaine Blackman: As a child, I was a member of my church choir, while pursuing dance. In 1988, I was encouraged by my friends at the dance school to enter a singing competition, after they heard me sing at a 5 cents concert put on to raise funds for the school. After going through the preliminaries, Ÿ final, semi-final and final, I placed 3rd which gave me the impetus to pursue singing seriously and this career began with the Majestic’s Live in 1990. GEM: What makes Charmaine Blackman different to the rest? CB: Apart from the fact that I am wonderfully made by God with a unique voice, I think the role I played in the re-birth of the Guyanese music industry along with my involvement in the re-birth of the local film industry is what differentiates me from others. GEM: Over the years, many singers have appeared on the scene with much fanfare, only to disappear and never to be heard from again. What can you attribute to your longevity in the business? CB: God, love and commitment, and the fact that I understand the role I am playing in the struggle. Support from my relatives, fans and friends and last but by no means least my partner/manager Bonny Alves.


GEM: Music fans can always expect a 110% performance from you on stage, what inspires you to always give it your best? CB: My love of the art and the fact that you never know who is in the audience that can take you to that next level; coupled with the fact that it’s in my character, everything I do I always strive to give of my best . GEM: You seem always ready to try any genre of music, which one of them are you most comfortable with? CB: We come from a culture where all genres of music are accepted, and for you to be competitive and viable, you have to be able to perform in several genres but I am most comfortable with R&B/Soul. GEM: Considering the limited resources and opportunities available in the local music industry, do you think you have been given a fair chance to establish yourself? CB: No. I have had to work 10 times harder than I should, to be where I am, though they were a few people and companies that have supported me over the years. If more resources were made available, I could have reach a lot further. GEM: Do you think Guyanese music is given enough airtime by the local media houses and deejays? CB: Certainly not! GEM: What’s lacking in the music industry here? CB: Many things. Confidence, in the Guyanese artistes, copyright, airtime, marketing, adequate long-term corporate sponsorship, acceptance by our people, agents … GEM: On any given Saturday morning, what would you be doing? CB: It’s difficult to tell given the nature of my job, but on a normal Saturday morning I would be spending most of it at the washing machine. GEM: People would be surprised if you tell them

that? CB: I prefer to live in Guyana than live abroad. GEM: What are your thoughts on life in Guyana? CB: Life in Guyana is very challenging, which perhaps can be said for anywhere else; but we do not have an example of an artiste maximizing their potential, like in the USA, or Jamaica not one single case; but I will still say in Guyana life has been good. GEM: What should we expect from Charmaine in the near future? CB: More music and more music videos. I am also into producing movies now. To date I have done 5 short movies and there is more lined up for next year. OCTOBER/NOVEMBER 2011 GEM | 15

Magazine Launched Photography: Carl Croker

Publisher Simeon Corbin (4th from left) and Minister Dr. Frank Anthony (3rd from right) pose with the fashion models and copies of IZWE


orbin Media Group (CMG) the parent company of GEM, Mashramani, Guyana Golf, and other world-class custom and consumer magazines, added another glossy magazine to its portfolio on July 27, 2011 at the Umana Yana, Kingston, Georgetown. The new magazine named IZWE, a Zulu wording meaning citizens was launched to coincide with the International Year for People of African Descent and the annual Emancipation celebration. The CEO of CMG, Simeon Corbin said: “With the Guyana’s rich and diverse cultural history, IZWE


was published to salute the people of African descent both past and present and to target a new generation of readers to help enlighten them about a segment of Guyana’s history. In addition, we are hopeful that people from other ethnic groups can get a better prospective of the African experience after reading the magazine.” IZWE is a comprehensive magazine that covers the contributions of people of African descent towards the development of Guyana and the Diaspora. A snapshot of its contents discloses features on the trans-atlantic slave trade, monuments, the village movements, profiles on over 100 Guyanese just to



3 5

1. Designer Anetha Daniels and Mondale Smith 2. IZWE team l-r: Sophia Ramphal, Simeon Corbin and Tiya Peterkin 3. Lisa Punch 4. Dr Shanti Singh-Anthony and Ingrid Fung browse through their copy of IZWE 5. Chairman of the Private Sector Commission, Ramesh Dookoo

4 name a few. The premiere edition is also filled with exciting black and white and colour pictures. The launch programme included: remarks from the maagazine's Publisher Simeon Corbin; Chairman of the Private Sector Commission, Ramesh Dookoo and Minister of Youth, Culture and Sport Dr. Frank Anthony. Guests were also entertained by the Classique Dance Troupe, singer Lisa Punch, and a display of men’s and women’s fashion from the Anetha Daniels fashion house. The annual IZWE magazine is available on local newsstands for $1,200. OCTOBER/NOVEMBER 2011 GEM | 17


Photography: Simeon Corbin

Harrinand Persaud

Discusses Bling from King’s


ounded in 1970, in Alexander Village, Georgetown by Looknauth Persaud, Kings Jewellery Wold has emerged as Guyana’s leading dealers in fine jellewery and accessories.

In a rare interview, we sat down with gemologist Harrinand Persuad who also happens to be the son of founder and Managing Director Looknauth Persaud to discuss bling and other things at King’s.

With their flagship store located on Quamina Street, Georgetown, King’s is a direct manufacturer and retailer of gold, silver, diamond and gemstone jewellery.

GEM: Which gemologist school did you attend and how long does it take to be certified? Harrinand Persaud: I obtained my Graduate Gemologist Diploma from the Gemological Institute of America. I did this course after my Degree in Accounting, whilst working at Kings. It consisted of online classes, practical hands on classes and exams in

King‘s also has locations at the City Mall on Regent Street and a Duty Free store at the Cheddie Jagan International Airport. 18 | GEM OCTOBER/NOVEMBER 2011

New York and it took about 2 years part-time. I also completed a Jewellery Business Management Diploma from the same Institution.

are here to offer our customers the best value for the high quality we offer. We try to keep up with trends worldwide and even create our own trends.

GEM: Who are some of the people shopping at King’s these days? HP: I think we have always had a very loyal customer base. Our regular customers are usually people who have been shopping from us for over 30 yrs but every day we get new customers, foreigners, returning Guyanese. Our products cater for babies to adults with products for every shopper and every price range.

GEM: White or yellow gold? HP: My preference is white gold. These days the popularity of silver and stainless steel has seen some people going back to the traditional yellow gold.

GEM: How do you tell the difference between real and fake brand name watches or sunglasses? HP: Knowing the authenticity of a product sometimes comes down to where you are buying from. We only sell products which we are dealers for and we go to the source. There are markings on the watch and products which indicate they are real. However, the fact that you can get after sales service for your product should be the best factor to know the product is real. GEM: What is the one jewellery item every woman should have in their jewellery box? HP: I would have to say earrings. They’re a very popular sales item when it comes to female jewelry and every woman should have a hoop or diamond stud as a must. GEM: Does a chain, ring, sunglasses, bracelet or watch make a man? HP: I don’t think material things make a man. A man is someone who embraces his path, following the path set forth for him by his father, and only achieving manhood by besting him in "battle" as in the old days. A man is made when he accepts responsibility and makes people proud as he displays honesty, integrity, reliability and good morals. These material things make one feel some sense of accomplishment and they definitely enhance one’s appearance. GEM: What is your favourite piece of jewellery or accessory? HP: I love watches. I have a watch collection and my favourite is my Omega Seamaster – James Bond Watch. I usually wear one chain and bracelet all year long, but I like to change my watch. GEM: What is a good tip for people planning to buy jewellery? HP: The best tip is to get to know your jeweler. Your jeweler is like your doctor, lawyer or accountant. You first have to trust them and then it gets easier. We

GEM: What would you say is the secret to the success of King’s Jewellery World? HP: Our jewellery speaks for itself and its high quality and value, makes it sell itself. However, a more in depth reason for the success of King’s Jewellery World is that we are a blessed family business with pretty much my entire immediate family involved. This has given us the ability to grow and expand. We have gained a lot from operating in Trinidad, Bahamas & New York. My parents are the founders of Kings, but they have allowed the new generation to make key decisions and try new things which has brought us a lot of success. We have branched out to so many luxury items and our list of products keeps growing. We are soon to launch our newest store in Quamina Street, bringing designer brands such as Chinese Laundry Shoes, BCBG Generations, Jessica Simpson Bags, Shoes & Clothing, directly to Guyana. As soon as the new fashion is launched in North America, we will have them in Guyana. We are very committed to keeping our customers happy and with lots of choices. GEM: What’s special about the popular Cricket Band that King’s has been selling for a number of years? HP: The cricket band has been our most popular piece because it has put us on the international map. We have been making them for cricketers from all over the world since 1980. The designs keep changing and lots of guys like this, since it’s a solid gent’s bracelet. GEM: If you were not in the jewellery business, what else would you be doing? HP: I had several possible options. At age 15, I was partner of Starr Computer, assembling, repairing and selling computers whilst at Queens College. I was a science student and after gaining distinctions in physics, chemistry and mathematics, I wanted to study engineering in Miami. However my dad encouraged me to switch to business and to help develop King’s, a decision which I made and I have no regrets. I am about to start my Master of Business Administration, and someday, my goal is to serve my country in any capacity I could. GEM: You seem comfortable on the horse drawn cart OCTOBER/NOVEMBER 2011 GEM | 19

Gemologist Harrinand Ralph Persaud Discusses Bling from King’s in the Digicel ad. First time taking a ride on one? HP: LOL, It is not the first time I was on a horse cart. I grew up in Alexander Village and my neighbor had a horse cart. We would actually see them race early on Sunday mornings so it was not uncommon to go for a ride. GEM: Who do you look up to for inspiration? HP: My father. He is a father, a friend, business associate and an ideal role model. He has worked very hard to give us the start that we have, and he has challenged us to continue to be successful. He has taught us well, to be fair, honest, content, and to keep working hard. GEM: After a busy day at the office how do you relax? HP: If it’s a Wednesday or Friday, there is nothing better than a cold draught Guinness or Samuel Adams Beer (my favorites) at Palm Court. I like to pop in just after work and have a few drinks with friends. But most days, I enjoy being at home with my two boys Dylan & Ashton, spending time with them, playing games and watching movies. GEM: The Christmas season is around the corner, what should shoppers expect to see? HP: New products, the opening of our clothing & shoe store and our Christmas bonus or promotion.

Jewellery Used in the feature Plaintiff Oakley Shades $235US Diamond 14kt white gold band 25.9 Oct $33,500 US Diamond 2.93 ct, 14 Karat White Gold ring $5,000 US Movado Watch $4,495 US



The victorious Pele team pose with officials and GT&T staffers

GT&T FastBall Final Photography: Carl Croker


he inaugural GT&T FastBall came to an exciting conclusion on August 7 at the Guyana National Stadium, Providence.

In the men’s final, Pele beat BK International Western Tigers 3-0 while in the women’s final, Trophy Stall All Star edged passed Lethem Ladies 3-2. The special version of the football game attracted over 200 male and female teams from across the country.

Trophy Stall All Star


For their victories, Pele walked away with GY$1M, while the Trophy Stall All Star took home GY$500K. There were other opportunities for football fans to win cash and phone credits. One such fan was Ronson Williams who walked away with a cash prize after managing to dove 1000 times. Topping off the evening of football was a stage show featuring Jamaican artiste Sizzla Kalonji and other local performers.

L-r: Franklin Wilson, Aubrey Major, Yog Mohadeo, Kirk Jardine and Kashif Muhammed


Jamzone 2011 September 21, 2011

Text: Michelle Gonsalves Photography: Carl Croker


L-r: Miss Guyana Jovan Wilson, queen Miss Trinidad and Tobago, Davia Chambers,Miss Venezuela, Kenlly Aranguren and Miss St. Kitts and Nevis Fatisha Imo


nother year older, Jamzone Summer Break added even more to its impressive event package, making Guyana’s most popular entertainment franchise into a full ten-day extravaganza. For the first time ever, there was a black-tie event where patrons were invited to dine in fine style with the Hits and Jams team and the delegates of the Miss Jamzone International 2011 pageant at the Georgetown club. There was also a premiere auction to benefit the ‘Grant A Dream’ charity foundation.


Targeted towards a more mature audience, there was the first ever Jamzone night of jazz, food and fashion held at the Sidewalk Café. Other events included a ‘Kids Zone’ event in an Amusement park style setting at the Y.M.C.A playground located on Carifesta Avenue. And don’t forget cricket, with two fabulous days of Jamzones Masters Cup 20/20 cricket at the National Stadium located at Providence, West Bank Demerara. The first of three ultra hot super concerts, ‘Jamzone International Night’, was a smash hit. Held at the

National Stadium, the event was headlined by American superstar R&B singer Trey Songz and Hip- Hopper Eve. Local artistes Tamika Marshall and Gialiani opened with their hits such as “Wining Pro” and “Teach me how to dance” respectively.

Trey Songz

Opening for Trey, Eve gave an energy packed 40 minute performance which covered all of her hits as well as a few new songs that she wanted to test on the Guyanese audience. The crowd went crazy as Trey Songz came on stage half concealed in the blue special effect smoke. Casually attired in a white Polo jersey, Khaki Shorts and white sneakers, it seemed like it was more important what was underneath these garments to the swooning female segment of the population. Songz did not disappoint, removing his jersey and tossing it to a lucky lady in the audience, leaving his biceps and pecs open for ogling. Later he tore his vest off (literally) in one smooth motion, and now showed off his famous six pack abdominals.

Eve and Timeka Marshall

He offered up a wide ranging repertoire from different albums including widely known soul tracks such as I Need a Girl," "Successful," "LOL Smiley Face," "I Invented Sex," "Say Aah" and “I can’t help but wait to his hungry fans. A roar of delight filled the air as he launched into one of his most locally recognizable hits, “Neighbors Know My Name”, almost at the end of his appearance. The show would certainly not have been complete without his club friendly “Bottoms up” and everybody was happy to bust a few moves to the dance hit. The best part was that those concert goers not satisfied with going home at 3:00 am when the concert concluded could get more of Trey Songz and Eve by heading over to the nearby Princess Hotel for the after party. The Regional Night was a hot topic - thousands of dancehall fans were disappointed when only hours before Jamzone Regional Night, the news spread like wildfire through social networking sites that Vybz Kartel, one of the headlining acts of the highly anticipated concert had stepped off his flight to Guyana.


Jamzone 2011 Overview September 21, 2011 As you know Kartel is to Gaza what Movado is to Gully, and the two artistes have for the past few years, had their fans under a spell with a lyrical feud and the event was expected to be a groundbreaking event.

Bollywood star Shilpa Shetty

However, Kartel or no Kartel, a tremendous crowd of excited partygoers turned up at the event. Local artiste Jory Douglas mostly known just by “Jory” started the ball rolling with an energetic performance of tracks both new and old. Opening with a new track composed just for that occasion “Ah nah frighten Kartel," the crowd went mad and wanted more. It was a great night for Jory, who came into the spotlight two years ago with his “Limpy J” saga. Another shining Guyanese star Natural Black, who has also been making waves internationally, followed to do his bit. Though it was a dancehall show, the crowd appreciated the smooth reggae vibes he brought to the show, singing along with instantly recognizable hits such as: “Far from reality.” As at every event, Hits and Jams DJ Seon, did a fantastic job of hyping up the crowd and this time it was easy, when he asked all those who disagree that Vybz Kartel dissed Guyanese people to raise their hands there was not a hand in sight. Some chimed in with observations like: “Don’t trust a man who use cake soap.” Every utterance of “Kartel” elicited boos. Screams and cheers filled the stadium when “Gully God” Movado ran unto the smoke filled stage singing his 2008 hit “I’m so special.” Movado has been here only last year but nobody minded as Movado has been consistently producing hits and there is always something new to expect of him. Other hits such as “Weh dem a do,” “Pon the housetop” and “Starboy“ and his song Delilah released in May of this followed. The crowd was not shy to voice their preferences – everybody wanted to hear something. From the love shown to Movado and some of comments overheard, it seems that there was a definite huge Gaza to Gully conversion for Jamzone Regional Night. After a satisfying concert ending at 3:00 hrs, a soca vibe took over the stadium and if you didn’t want to go to the official party at Mojo’s nightclub on Mainstreet you could have stayed to “palance” at the venue. Bollywood star Shilpa Shetty, looked even more gorgeous than usual, wearing a baby pink sari with silver embellishments on Jamzone Bollywood Night. There were many other acts including the Shiv Shakti 26 | GEM OCTOBER/NOVEMBER 2011

Classique Dancers

dancers of Trinidad, Hit Man, local chutney queen Fiona, APSARA and the Karma Band of Trinidad who brought the house down. Band member Ravi B. dressed in a bright red silk suit started the hype performance with his signature hit “Rum is meh lover” and was soon joined on stage by Gregory and later Nisha B. The trio drove their fans into frenzy over the next hour or more with a selection of chutney, soca, hip-hop and reggae hits sampling tracks from Kes the Band, Jennifer Lopez, Black eyed peas, Lady Gaga, Rihanna and even the Vybz Kartel hit “Summertime” in spite of his infamous no show at Jamzone Regional night. The icing on the Jamzone cake was the coronation at Splashmins Fun Park and Resort on the Linden Soessdyke highway, where 19-year-old journalist and Anchor, Davia Chambers of Trinidad and Tobago copped the Miss Jamzone International pageant crown at the Splashmins Fun Park and Resort. Wilson won the first-runner-up spot, followed by Kenelly Aranguren of Venezuela and Fatisha Imo of St. Kitts/ Nevis. The crowning done by last years Queen, Miss Jamaica - Leesa Gayle Wee Tom, pulled the curtains down on the Jamzone Summer Break activities for 2011.

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Lady Tempest Aka Camille Goliah-Basdeo Text: Michelle Gonsalves Photography: Submitted


nown to her fans as “Lady Tempest”, Camille Goliah-Basdeo is the most recognisable female calypsonian in Guyana, having won the calypso crown on three different occasions, coming in second place five times and third place two times. She has proven herself to not only be a good singer but an excellent song writer with lyrics that are both instructive and informative. Over the years she has sang about politics, drug abuse and addiction, HIV/AIDS/Discrimination and other social issues. Singing comes naturally to Camille - her father Xenophon Goliah, a Headmaster and part time mechanic by profession, played several musical instruments and also sang as a hobby. Her mom Alvena sang also, and played a crucial role in what Camille has accomplished today.”Mom used to sing with us”, Camille recalls, “She had a transistor radio and she would sing along, I still remember those songs”. After high school Camille took on her first job as a Junior Bookkeeper at the Guyana Sugar Corporation, La Bonne Intention. She then taught at Quamina Primary School in Beterverwagting for a short time before moving on to GAHEF (Guyana Agency for Health Science Education and Food Policy) at the Ministry of Health as an Accounts Clerk. It was during this period in 1991 that she encountered problems with her sight. Camille recalls sitting at work one day using a calculator, when she got a sudden and intense headache. Five days later, her sight was gone. At the time she was with


the Yoruba Singers band and she lost that job as well as her job at GAHEF.

called ‘Share the love”.

A single mother with a child aged four, she says at the time the loss of her sight didn’t hit her hard, because she didn’t realise it wouldn’t come back. At first, Camille, said she would play a game pretending she was blindfolded.

She sang the song in the National Calypso competition and placed fourth-runner up. In 2001, 2002 and 2003, she placed first runner-up with ‘Cocaine’, ‘Is yuh right to protect yourself’ and “Survival of the fittest” respectively. In 2004 she broke her streak of seconds emerging at the top with “Don’t dis my ability”.

Her sister Psyche invited Camille to come and live with her and she helped out with her son Ryan. No sight, no job, she decided to give calypso a try in 1993 with a piece written by Clyde Theirens, her brotherin-law. He was entering the competition himself and gave her a song titled “Rewrite the history books”.

The secret to Camille’s success is humour she says. A big fan of Malcolm Corrica, ‘Lord Canary’, she loves how he sings “with laughter in his voice”. Once asking him the question “What more do I have to do to become as excellent as yourself?” he answered: “You got to put a little humour in the thing you know”.

She loved the song: “I’ve always had a problem with history books as they told us about coming as slaves but not about the great empires of Africa. They told us we came from slaves but there is, more to learn about Africans”. With that song, she placed third in the National Calypso competition and won it in 1995 with a song called “Is only talk”. Theirens also inspired her name as well, Camille had a “lil temper” and he originally wanted to call her “Raging Storm” but she had something even better and the same year, “Lady Tempest” was chosen to represent Guyana in Cuba at the Caribbean Broadcasting Union song festival. The next year she came in second with “Honey you can’t do the wuk” to Theirens “Vote for me”. He was the writer of both tunes. By 1999, she began to write for herself. This was no easy task and Camille remembers the challenges she faced. She broke down one night because she could write. The calypsonian said she prayed and the next morning woke with a song in her head OCTOBER/NOVEMBER 2011 GEM | 29


Lady Tempest Aka Camille Goliah-Basdeo She again copped the monarchy in 2005 with “Hand of the Father”. In 2006 she placed second runner up with “Stop the Violence”. In Carifesta hosted in Guyana in 2008, she emerged again playing an active role. During her success, Camille found love, getting married in June 2001 to musician Oliver Basdeo. She credits him a great deal for her work, noting that sometimes she would get lazy but he would always keep egging her on to write, sometimes even adding

a line or two of his own to her songs. Currently Tempest is a member and part owner of the Creation Express Band, these days Tempest occupies herself performing at parties and weddings and only this year came off a four month stint at the Princess, Hotel. Though she does not say exactly when, you have not heard the last of Lady Tempest: “You know a storm does go way and come back”, she says.

Lady Tempest poses with her Oliver Basdeo on their wedding day

Feel the Comfort, Buy for the quality... ‘K’ New Road, Vreed-En-Hoop, West Coast Demerara Tel: 254-1800 / 1801 Email:


L-r: Minister of Youth Culture and Sport Dr Frank Anthony, Presidential candidates Donald Ramotar and David Granger and attorney Glen Hanoman

Emancipation Day 2011


Photography: Simeon Corbin and Carl Croker

n August 1, 2011 thousands of Guyanese from all walks of life converged on the National Park to celebrate Emancipation Day.

This year was no different as patrons got opportunities to sample the various foods, books, drinks, clothing and other goods offered by the many vendors.

The National Park event has been the premier event for the African Cultural and Association (ACDA) for many years.

There was also an added stage presentation where local overseas performers danced, sang and performed skits for an appreciative audience.

Members of the Hebrew Family of Guyana


Mexican Dancers

Three beauties enjoy Emancipation Day

Surinamese performers on stage

The National School of Dance OCTOBER/NOVEMBER 2011 GEM | 33

Age: 24 Sign: Gemini Favourite colour: Pink Hobbies: Modelling, Dancing, Acting Location: New York, USA


Think you have what it takes to be a GEM Beauty? Then send us a professional quality photo of yourself with the required information to: Please include a phone number so we can contact you. YOU MUST BE 18 YEARS OR OLDER. 34 | GEM OCTOBER/NOVEMBER 2011





e looked our absolute best when we were 23 or thereabouts. For some strange reason or the other, we just did. But sadly enough, we just were not able to stay that age for longer than a year. So, for those of us who have stepped up there in age but are hoping to recapture some of our youthful appeal, your savvy sister has narrowed down a few pointers that can certainly get you on your way. One word of caution, however. Try not to do it all at once; small steps are the key.

4. Be Smart When Eating What you put into your body is by far more important than what you put on it. So, rethink your diet. Ensure that you are not eating to weigh yourself down but rather to gain energy. Try to incorporate more fruits and vegetables into your diet, and do cut back on the sugar by a few teaspoons.

1. Work-Out First of all, nothing makes you look and feel good as a regular exercise programme. Whatever the physical activity you actually enjoy, that is the one to focus on. Whether it’s aerobics in the gym, riding a bike, swimming or playing tennis, just keep your body active and give it a good workout.

5. The Hairdresser Is Your Friend Your hair plays a major role in your appearance, so keeping it healthy and well done often signals a woman who takes pride in the way she looks. For a more dramatic change, a stylish haircut often makes the biggest difference. However, something more subtle, like a little hair colour, also works fabulously.

2. New Face Forward Good skin care is a must when trying to reverse the aging process. A basic regimen of cleanser, toner and moisturizer will often be enough to protect your face from further deterioration due to aging. However, for your overall revitalization of the skin, I would recommend that you drink lots of water. And… Moisturize! Moisturize! Moisturize! You simply cannot have enough of this; your skin craves it. Considering a fresh new look for your make up also takes years off your looks by making you appear somewhat fresher… and newer. Consulting a professional in this area is also advisable.

6. A Little Pampering Rejuvenate yourself as often as possible with a manicure, pedicure, facial or a massage, depending on your needs at the time. Take time out to relax. Spoiling yourself a bit has lasting benefits for your body and your mind.

3. Out With The Old Take a long hard look at your closet, and all the pieces that you have not worn in the last two years... just throw them out without thinking too much about it. If you have not worn it in so long, then you really don’t need it. After this exercise is completed, a lot of room will be left that can be filled with some current style.

8. Think Positive; Be Upbeat Improve your appearance and your demeanor with simple, everyday changes. Smile! Listen! Be attentive! And try to see the glass as being half full as much as possible. Try not to sweat the small stuff, and be positive in all situations throughout the day. People will notice this new attitude and be drawn to you.


7. Sleep Well Get plenty of rest! Nothing can rejuvenate the body like a good night’s rest. Getting enough sleep improves your skin’s complexion and tone, and also increases your energy level. Now we know why they call it a ‘beauty rest’.



Herbal Essence:

Harnessing the Healing Power of Natural Herbs Text: Coretta Corbin-Rival


or over 2, 000 years the ancients have been using natural herbs, or alternative medicine, as remedies for a variety of ailments and as aides for rejuvenation and longevity. Recent research has shown that natural herbs could in fact enhance your health. As Guyanese, we are fortunate to live in a country that is part of the rainforest which boasts a large variety of natural herbs, fresh fruits and vegetables and wild life. Some herbs which many of us use on a regular basis are: Peppermint: Because this herb contains menthol, a substance that helps prevent spasms, it is effective in soothing stomach cramps. Peppermint is also used as a digestive aid to treat indigestion, nausea, respiratory problems, nervousness, insomnia, dizziness, coughs and headache. As an antiseptic, this herb is used in dental products such as tooth paste and mouthwash to cut bacteria and germs. Many manufacturers also put peppermint in their dandruff shampoos because of the menthol. Some research suggests that peppermint could be used to prevent breast cancer. However, not everyone can tolerate peppermint and some people may actually experience heartburn due to the relaxing of the valve between the stomach and esophagus. Aloe Vera works as a vitamin, laxative and wound healer. Research shows that aloe vera contains vitamin B12, E, and C and minerals such as copper, iron, germanium, zinc, calcium, potassium and manganese. It is believed that consuming aloe vera juice on a regular basis can help soften stool and eliminate plaque buildup along the lining of the colon and digestive tract. As a wound healer from ancient times, this herb can also be used for burns and various skin irritations such as acne and dandruff. Chamomile tea: Many people swear by its calming effects in helping to relax after a stressful


day. Chamomile is also known to help with insomnia, stomach irritation and cramps, anxiety and panic attack and as an ointment for muscle spasm, wound healing, burns, eczema and other skin problems. As with all drugs, take precaution when consuming chamomile, especially if pregnant or are using conventional medicine. Aniseed: There are two kinds of this herb that is used through out the world. Star aniseed which is star shaped, originated in the South of Asia, whereas the pod shaped form of this herb is believed to have been originated in the Middle East. Used in a variety of dishes to add flavor, aniseed is said to have many health benefits. Two of its main benefits include relief for stomach cramps and as a digestive aide. Aniseed is also used in many cold medicines for cough, asthma and bronchitis. Although herbs are natural, they could have a detrimental effect on your health by interacting with conventional medicine or other herbs. Before using natural herbs, make sure to check with your physician. The good thing about herbs is that there are no or low side effects.


Entertainer Adrian Dutchin Says “I Do” in Antigua

Photography: Submitted

Groom: Adrian Dutchin Bride: Nikita Dutchin (Andrews) Wedding date: August 26, 2011 Ceremony location: St John's Church of Christ Reception location: Antigua Stadium Groom’s parents: Egon Conway and Debrann Dutchin Bride’s parents: Hilton Norris and Claudine Norris First dance song: Endless Love Best man: Linden Conway Maid of honor: Tonaciea Crawford Griffith 40 | GEM OCTOBER/NOVEMBER 2011

Ring bearer: Avante Norris Honeymoon location: Veranda Resort and Spa, Antigua Piece of advice: Life is very short and we should always strive for happiness, peace of mind, love, help each other and always give praise and thanks to the Almighty. Never give up your dreams always be thankful, humble and take it one step at a time. Remember who you are and be true to yourself.


Guyana Cultural Association

Fun Day in NY

Classique Dance Troupe

Photography: Simeon Corbin


n September 4, 2011, hundreds of Guyanese and friends gathered at Meyer Levin Performing Arts School tarmac in Brooklyn, New York to be a part of the annual Guyana Cultural Association of New York’s (GCA) family fun day. The event a staple on the Association’s calendar is one of the most anticipated activities, in the Guyanese community in New York area. This year’s theme was “Aal bady, waan bady.” The family fun day gives patrons in North America a taste of Guyana with the many foods, music, books, arts and crafts booths set-up around the compound. This year also marks the 10th anniversary of the Association. With the help of supporters across the globe, the GCA has been consistently promoting Guyanese heritage and culture in the Diaspora. The 2011 celebration was no different as the sounds of drumming and folk songs filled the air. Patrons were also entertained by Verna Walcott’s NY Dance, The Mighty Rebel, the Heritage Camp Students, Charmaine Blackman, the Chronicle Atlantic Symphony Steel Orchestra, the Classique Dance Company, The Roxoborough Dance Company from Tobago and Adrian Dutchin just to name a few. A number of individuals, companies and organizations were also recognized for their long standing support of GCA. 42 | GEM OCTOBER/NOVEMBER 2011

The Mighty Rebel



3 1. The Roxoborough Dance Company 2. GCA executive member Claire Ann Goring accepts a citation from Senator John Sampson 3. Young masqueraders 4. The GCA Executive




JR Burger's on the move Text: Michelle Gonsalves

Artist impression of the New JR Burger Building


don’t like JR, I love JR!, one JR Burgers fan enthusiastically comments on a page hosted on social networking site Facebook. This is typical of the comments posted by fans, thousands of whom have joined the page. Only nine years old, the young fast food business is already a household name in Guyana and is especially known for their large burgers cooked on the spot and line of ice coffees. Currently, with an outlet at the City Mall on Regent Street, a brand-new JR outlet soon to be opened at Diamond, East Bank Demerara, and the current construction of a state of the art drive-thru and dinein restaurant at their popular Sandy Babb Street, Kitty location - it is hard to believe that JR Burgers started out of the back of a Suzuki van. The burger chain is owned by father and son duo, Jad and Ryan Rahaman who are the former owners of the original Palm Court Restaurant and Bar and are also known for burning up Guyana’s race tracks. The operations are managed by Suren Singh (aka Froggy). Walking away from Palm Court after 14 years, the duo pursued business in Trinidad in the early 2000’s. Father 44 | GEM OCTOBER/NOVEMBER 2011

and son were on the road a great deal and regularly purchased burgers cooked on site, so it was not long before a new idea dawned on the pair – “Why aren’t burgers being cooked onsite in Guyana?” Returning to Guyana after business in Trinidad was less than satisfactory; they decided to go ahead with a roadside burger vending business. Setting their plan in motion, the enterprising duo outfitted a Suzuki van with a grill and all the necessaries and went out to test the waters. They settled on a spot on Sheriff Street, but spent only one night on the spot due to the road dust. The seawall was the next venue, and the pair stayed there awhile moving up to a larger mobile, than the Suzuki which they nicknamed “Bird.” After leaving the seawall the “Bird” was retired and now a custom made mobile unit is used for special events such as Guy Expo. Jad emphasizes “We like to pride ourselves that we are not fast food, but fresh food.” Products JR’s signature product as you would have deduced from the title of the business is still the large, satisfyingly sized burger for which they are famous for. (The size is its trademark and JR uses special made

to order products such as a larger than normal bun which is custom made by a prominent local bakery). The burgers are available in beef, chicken, fish and vegetarian varieties. JR also supplies their burger patties to supermarkets.

and Chester Fried Chicken being added to the menu. Rotisserie chicken is also available in whole, half and quarter servings. JR has also become very popular for cow heel soup on Saturdays.

The JR Shakes and Smoothies Jad remembers reading Archie comics and seeing how Pop Tate’s shop sold special milkshakes with his burgers. So he found a product named Big Train which made ice coffees in over twenty flavours including sugar free. The shakes were the perfect touch and gained intense popularity. JR’s ice coffees are available in ‘Vanilla Latte’, ‘Caramel Latte’, ‘Chocolate Mint’, ‘Heath Mocha’, ‘Expresso’, ‘Coffee’, ‘Choc Peanut Butter’, ‘White Chocolate Latte’, ‘Java Chip’ and more with an optional whipped cream topping.

The New JR Location The new drive through is expected to be a state of the art as ever for Guyana and the facility expected to be finished by next summer, will be two-storied. The concept of the top floor is a surprise.

Milkshakes are available in popular flavours such as chocolate, strawberry, vanilla , hazel nut, StrawberryBanana, Peaches & Cream and Cookies and Cream while there are the popular “Kids Kreamz” such as Bubblegum, Cotton Candy and Orange Creamsicle. If dairy is not your thing then you will appreciate the line of smoothies which includes flavours such as Passion Orange Guava, Strawberry Sensation, Pineapple Coconut, Mango Madness, Lemon Cooler and Banana. Other food options were added with fish and chips

Some new specials with Guyanese names are coming out too: look out for the “Smallie”, “The Big Boy” and “The Big Man.” The “Big Man,” has two patties. New and healthier food will be added to the menu too including seafood and steak. Catering If you can’t go to JR, JR can come to you. JR caters for parties, especially kids and will attend your party and grill your burgers, blend you shakes, lattes and smoothies on the spot. To learn more about JR check out their Facebook page at, call 226-6614 for delivery (Sandy Babb Street) 225-1090 (City Mall) or visit their website on line at http://


CMG believes diversity makes good business sense. Celebrating what brings us together by respecting our differences.

48 Sandy Babb Street | Kitty | Georgetown | Guyana 011592.225.1738 / 226-0540 / 225.1455


Daring Stunts

@ GT&T’s Bikerfest 2011 Photography: Simeon Corbin


n August 14, 2011, the National Park a large capacity crowd witnessed some exciting stunts as local and international daredevils entertained

But the highlight of the evening was the breathtaking ramp jumping by the three Freestyle Motocross Riders. During their display, the FMX crew also their aerial acrobatics as they descended to the ramp.

US based Geared Up stunt crew and the Freestyle Motocross riders were the center of attraction. The Geared Up stunt crew who are regular visitors to these shores, displayed their usual versatility on their modified Honda CBRs.

In addition to the stunt displays, there were also a wheelie competition for local bicycle stunt riders and a burnout competition for local superbikers. The winners of these competitions received cash prizes.


The Freestyle Motocross Riders


Daring Stunts @ GT&T’s Bikerfest 2011 The burn-out competition in progress




Meets Furniture at Courts Guyana! Photography: Carl Croker


ourts Guyana Inc. partnered with Guyana Fashion Weekend (GFW) on September 15, 2011 to host a Furniture Fashion Show at the furniture giant’s Main Street store. The upper floor was transformed into a fashion extravaganza, with local and international furniture brands. The event gave Courts an opportunity to display their furniture line and fashion fans a chance to preview some of the clothing lines from various designers who will be showcasing their work at GFW on September 24th and 25th, 2011 at the GCC Ground Bourda. The Furniture Fashion Show delivered an exciting afternoon of the A, B, C of Style – Aesthetics, Beauty & Comfort, with high energy runway music in a forest setting. This year, GFW celebrates the International Year for People of African Descent and the International Year of People of the Forest. In a release, Courts Guyana Inc. stated that the company was honoured and energized about supporting the Fashion Weekend team as they see their efforts as developmental for our youths and the country as a whole. For this reason, the company will be partnering with GFW


GFW CEO Sonia Noel and Courts Guyana Managing Director Clyde de Haas

team for their community projects in Tiger Bay and Guyana Prison Services in the near future, thus staying true to the company’s mission of Bringing Value Home.


Fashion Meets Furniture at Courts Guyana!



Famous Landmarks of Guyana

Photography: Simeon Corbin


St George’s Cathedral Opened on March 26, 1893 by the Anglican Diocese in Guyana, St George’s cathedral holds the record of being the tallest timber church in the world standing at 43.6 m.(143 feet tall). The cathedral was designed by Mr. Arthur Blomfield of Montague Square, London, at a cost of $160,000.00. The church is located on Church Street in Georgetown.


1763 Monument Located on the eastern end of Brickdam, Georgetwon, the 1763 Monument commemorates the 1763 slave unsuccessful rebellion lead by a slave named Cuffy. This monument was unveiled on 23 May 1976 by former President Forbes Burnham. The monument was designed by renowned sculptor Philip Moore. It stands 10.1 meters (33 feet) high and is built on a concrete plinth designed by Albert Rodrigues.



Georgetown Lighthouse The 31 m (103 feet) high Georgetown Lighthouse is located on Water Street in Georgetown. It was first built by the Dutch in 1817 and then rebuilt in 1830. The main purpose of the Lighthouse is to help ships coming from the Atlantic Ocean navigate into the Demerara River.


Kaieteur Falls The magnificent Kaieteur Falls is created as 136,200 liters of water per second, flowing from the Potaro River cascades 226 meters (741 feet) to the gorge below. Falls is one of the highest and most powerful waterfalls in the world.



7 Famous Landmarks of Guyana US Embassy Guyana photo


Roraima Mountain Mount Roraima is the highest point in Guyana, at a distance of 2,810 m from the peak and 2,700 m from the plateau. Roraima is a table mountain-like mountain, located on the borders of Guyana, Venezuela and Brazil. ”Roraima” in the local language, means “river of the mother.” The famous Angel Falls is from the top of plunging down the mountain’s.


Demerara harbor Bridge The Demerara Harbour Bridge is a 6,074-foot (1,851 m) long floating toll bridge. It was officially opened on July 2, 1978. The bridge crosses the Demerara River from Peter's Hall, East Bank Demerara to Schoon Ord, West Bank Demerara. There is a pedestrian footwalk. A raised section lets small vessels pass under. A retractor span lets large vessels pass. Construction of the Demerara Harbour Bridge began on May 29, 1976. The bridge is approximately 1.25 miles (2.01 km) long and has 61 spans. A high-level span provides a horizontal clearance of 32.0 metres (105 ft) and a vertical clearance of 7.9 metres (26 ft) to let small craft pass at all times. To let large craft pass, two retractor spans retract fully to leave a horizontal clearance of 77.4 metres (254 ft).


Stabroek Market

Stabroek Market with its famous clock is located on Water Street in downtown Georgetown. The market was designed and constructed by the Edgemoor Iron Company of Delaware, USA between 1880-1881. This 80,000 square feet iron and steel structure was opened to the public in 1881.


Sugary Citrus Twists

Prep Time: 40 minutes / Bake Time: 12 minutes - Makes: 48 twists

Text & photography: NAMILCO

INGREDIENTS • • • • • • • • •

1 cup (250 ml) white granulated sugar 1 cup (250 ml) All-Vegetable Shortening 2 tbsp (30 ml) finely grated lemon rind 2 eggs 4 egg yolks 1 tsp (5 ml) vanilla extract 4 cups Thunderbolt All Purpose Flour 1 tsp (5ml) salt White granulated sugar for sprinkling

PREPERATIONS 1. Preheat oven to 350° F (180°C). Line baking sheets with parchment paper. 2. In a large bowl, beat sugar with shortening and rind until fluffy. Beat in eggs, yolks and vanilla until mixed. Add flour and salt. Beat until well blended. 3. On a lightly floured surface, Knead dough a couple of times. Form into 2 (10”/25cm) logs. Working with 1 log at a time, slice into 12 pieces. Cut each piece in half and roll into balls. 4. Assembly: Roll each ball into an 8” (20cm) rope (if dough cracks just squish together). Cut rope in half. Make an X with ropes. Twist to form cookies. Place on parchment spacing 2 (5cm) apart. Repeat with remaining log. Generously sprinkle with sugar. 5. Bake 10 – 12 minutes until base is golden. Cool 3 minutes on baking sheets. Remove to wire racks to cool completely.

Cassava Balls Photography: Simeon Corbin

INGREDIENTS 1 lb cassava 1 tsp salt 1 egg 2 tbsp margarine Black Pepper Pepper Sauce 1 tsp baking powder ¼ cup Flour Oil for semi-deep frying

PREPERATIONS • Boil the cassava with salt, and while hot, crush until smooth with margarine. • Add lightly beaten egg, black pepper, pepper sauce, and baking powder. Mix thoroughly. • Using hand, form into small balls and coat with flour. Fry in hot oil until golden. • Drain and serve.


Last seen here Last seen here Last seen here Last seen here



Miss Amerindian Heritage 2011

Naomi Samuels a 25 year old beauty from Santa Aratack Mission, Region Three (Essequibo Islands/West Demerara) was crowned Miss Amerindian Heritage 2011 after beating nine other contestants.

L-r: First runner-up Treasure James, second runner-up Devika Lopez, new queen Naomi Samuels and third runner-up Anece Hicks

The annual pageant was held at the National Cultural Centre on September 17, 2011.

Shaggy Photography: Carl Croker

Shaggy was the headline artiste at the Kares Caribbean Bacchanal Cricket Championship Game on September 4, 2011 at the Guyana National Stadium . Other artists on the programme were Rikki Jai, Hunter, Peter Ram, Melobugz band out of Trinidad and Tobago and local artistes. 58 | GEM OCTOBER/NOVEMBER 2011

Photography: Carl Croker


West Indies Women’s Cricket

Photography: Carl Croker

The West Indies women’s side celebrate after snatching a win from Pakistan in the inaugural international day/night Twenty20 International match at the Guyana National Stadium.

The Golden Jaguars of Guyana

Photography: Carl Croker

Guyana’s Golden Jaguars scored two goals to lead Bermuda in their second match in Group B of the 2014 FIFA World Cup Qualifiers in September at the Guyana National Stadium Providence. Striker Vurlon Mills had no trouble finding the back of the net twice in the game.


Last seen here Last seen here Last seen here Last seen here


Last seen here Last seen here Last seen here Last seen here


Photography: Carl Croker

On July 29, 2011 aspiring doctor Arti Cameron, was crowned Miss Guyana World 2011. This win gave her a chance to represent Guyana at the Miss World pageant later this month in London, England. The 22 year old also walked away with the Miss Body Beautiful, Best Gown and Miss Photogenic prizes.

L-r: Third runner-up Utieka John, second runner -up Celeste Dolphin, New queen Arti Cameron and first runner-up Soyini Fraser.

Celeste Dolphin Arti Cameron 60 | GEM OCTOBER/NOVEMBER 2011

Soyini Fraser

GEM Issue 47 October / November 2011  

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