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GUYANA CHRONICLE Thursday, October 31, 2013


GUYANA CHRONICLE Thursday, October 31, 2013


President Ramotar appeals to all Guyanese for support By Nadine Sanchara PRESIDENT Donald Ramotar has called on all Guyanese to stand by the government and show support for the AntiMoney Laundering and Countering the Financing of Terrorism (AMLCFT) Bill which is currently before a Special Select Committee of the National Assembly. As Parliament prepares to reconvene sittings of the House, calls have been made, by various sections of society, for the combined Opposition to also be supportive of the legislation that would bring Guyana in line with other Caribbean countries. Addressing a Ministry of Housing ‘One Stop Shop’ at the National Stadium, Providence, East Bank of Demerara, yesterday, the President pointed out that the government has made significant progress in developing such sectors as housing, education and health. However, he acknowledged that this development can be threatened if the bill is not passed on time. “For us to continue in this process though, we will need your support, we will need you to walk hand in hand (with us) and I’m asking you for your support today, because there are is-

sues in our society that can slow down this process and can put, in danger, many of the social and housing programmes that we have,” Mr. Ramotar said. The Caribbean Financial Action Task Force (CFATF) has already prepared a draft report on Guyana, which will be adopted at its plenary meeting, scheduled to be held in The Bahamas on November 18. As such, this is Guyana’s last chance to avoid sanctions being imposed, worldwide, against commerce in and emanating from Guyana.

November 18, Guyana will be unable to prevent that draft report from being adopted and this will have dire consequences

STILL LANGUISHING That draft report states, in its conclusion, that Guyana has not implemented the requisite recommendations and the Guyana AMLCTF Bill, which embodies the steps recommended, is still languishing in the Guyana Parliament. The document, therefore, declares Guyana to be a noncompliant jurisdiction and invites countries to take such counter measures which they deem necessary to protect themselves from the money laundering and terrorism risks which Guyana pose. Unless the AMLCFT Bill in Parliament is passed, before

PRESIDENT DONALD RAMOTAR on the Guyanese economy. President Ramotar said many of the arguments put forward by the Opposition parties, with regard to the bill, are being deliberately made more complicated than they actually are. He explained: “This bill is to bring our legislation at the same level as the rest of the Caribbean’s legislation to fight against money laundering, drug trafficking…it’s to close all loopholes where people are getting illicit funds, either from drug traf-

ficking or whatever…so all the countries in the Region will have one legislation.” Ramotar reiterated that, if the bill is not passed, many of the banks and financial institutions would have serious problems in doing business, especially on the international front. “That is why your understanding and your support for these things is extremely important,” he emphasised. President Ramotar also alluded to the recent issue surrounding the Amaila Falls Hydropower Project (AFHP), which has been threatened after the major investor, Sithe Global of the Blackstone Group, withdrew from it, citing the need for national consensus. That followed the non-support of it by the major opposition party, A Partnership for National Unity (APNU), for the amendments to the Hydroelectricity Act and a motion to increase the debt ceiling on external loans, both of which were critical to the AFHP. The President related that APNU has said their non-support of the hydropower project was because it would add a huge debt to the country but he denied that is so. “This was a private sector investment; not one single cent

of debt the government would be having,” he said, adding that the legislation that was before the Parliament is to guarantee the company, Amaila Falls Hydro Inc. that the Guyana Power & Light (GPL) would buy the electricity it produces,” he said. Ramotar said this was not a difficult decision to take since, at present, GPL is producing electricity at almost US20 cents per kilowatt hour (kwh) but they would buy from the company at between US10 and US11 cents per kwh. “So giving that guarantee was not a big decision to make because we would have been saving a lot of money there,” he remarked. He calculated that, in the first 12 years, electricity bills would be cut by some 40 percent, in 15 years by 71 percent and in 20 years by 91 percent. Nevertheless, he stated that, now the Government has to look at new alternatives of getting hydropower because it is essential to the development of the country. FULLY ENDORSING Meanwhile, the Aircraft Owners Association of Guyana (AOAG) has joined in calling for the AMLCFT Bill to be supported. The association recently

issued a statement fully endorsing those made by the Private Sector Commission, the Guyana Manufacturing and Services Association and the Guyana Association of Bankers on the proposed legislation. The association noted that the failure of the National Assembly to enact this legislation, in accordance with the timelines which have been set by CFATF, places the country and Guyana’s people at significant risk of being seriously penalised in conducting everyday financial business. The AOAG, in its statement, urged the members of the National Assembly to set aside their political differences in addressing their greater responsibility to the nation, challenging them to enact the legislation immediately and ensure that, once enacted, the necessary administrative measures are put in place to enforce the laws governing and protecting the country from money laundering and the financing of terrorism.


GUYANA CHRONICLE Thursday October 31, 2013

Top Obamacare official blames insurers for lost coverage (Reuters) - THE U.S. government’s top health official said on Wednesday that private insurance companies, not President Barack Obama’s signature healthcare law, are to blame for hundreds of thousands of people losing their coverage in the past few weeks. Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius called the debut of the Affordable Care Act a “debacle” as she

sought to assure skeptical lawmakers at a congressional hearing that the administration will fix technical flaws with the website., which opened for enrollment on October 1, ironically went down over the course of the four-hour hearing. But even as Sebelius acknowledged that the administration should have done more to ensure the portal would work

smoothly, she blamed private insurers for a separate problem that has critics questioning the administration’s honesty and competence. When asked by Republican Representative Marsha Blackburn of Tennessee what she would say to Americans receiving cancellation notices because their policies are not compliant with the new law, Sebelius said: “Insurance companies cancel individual

policies year in and year out.” Obama, who is due to speak about the healthcare reform known as Obamacare on Wednesday, and other administration officials have repeatedly promised that the 85 percent of Americans who already have health insurance would be able to keep their current plans. But because the law requires insurers to offer a higher level of coverage, millions of Americans on individual coverage plans may see their policies canceled at the end of the year. Many face higher monthly payments for new plans that in some cases are beyond what they can afford. Sebelius said private insurers were making “business decisions” by cancelling some members’ coverage. The Affordable Care Act protected policies made before it was signed into law in 2010, she said. She said those who lost coverage were victims of a market long known for discriminating against the sick and selling inadequate coverage - shortcomings that the law known as Obamacare was designed to fix. “People are on their own. They can be locked out, priced out, dumped out,” she said. Sebelius has drawn intense criticism from Republicans,

who have called for her or other senior officials to resign. She seemed to survive the high-profile hearing without further damage. “Hold me accountable for the debacle,” Sebelius said. “I

told the president that we were ready to go. Clearly I was wrong.” Obama has “complete confidence” in Sebelius, a White House spokesman said after the hearing.

U.S. Health and Human Services (HHS) Secretary Kathleen Sebelius (C) departs after testifying before a House Energy and Commerce Committee hearing about issues and complications with the Affordable Care Act enrolment website, on Capitol Hill in Washington, October 30, 2013. REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst

Three former Murdoch tabloid journalists plead guilty to phone hacking London (CNN) — THREE former journalists at Rupert Murdoch’s defunct British tabloid News of the World have pleaded guilty to phone hacking, British media reported Wednesday, citing the prosecution in the case. The three who pleaded guilty are Neville Thurlbeck, James Weatherup and Greg Miskiw. They were among a group of people who went on trial this week in the much-anticipated case. The highest profile defendants are Rebekah Brooks, a protégé of global media baron Murdoch, and Andy Coulson, a former spin doctor for British Prime Minister David Cameron — both former editors of News of the World. It is not clear how the guilty pleas from the three journalists will affect the cases against their former bosses. The phone-hacking accusations have reverberated through the top levels of British politics and journalism and prompted a parliamentary committee to issue damning criticism of Rupert Murdoch, whose News Corp. owned News of the World through its UK subsidiary, News International. After the scandal, Murdoch stepped down from a string of company directorships and abandoned a multibillion-dollar bid to acquire satellite broadcaster BSkyB. Suspected hacking victims include some of the world’s biggest celebrities, including Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, Jude Law, Paul McCartney and soccer star Wayne Rooney, as well as victims of crime and the July 7, 2005, London terrorist attacks. Brooks and Coulson were close to British Prime Minister David Cameron. Coulson, who edited the News of the World from 2003 to 2007, went on to become Cameron’s director of communications before resigning early in 2011. Brooks was a friend of the prime minister and his wife. Brooks, formerly chief executive of News of the World’s parent company, News International, part of Murdoch’s News Corp. empire, also faces a charge of perverting the course of justice. But the most explosive charge against her is plotting in 2002 to eavesdrop illegally on the voice mail of missing British schoolgirl Milly Dowler, who was later found murdered. Public anger after the revelation in 2011 that the missing girl’s phone had been hacked forced Murdoch to close News of the World, which Brooks edited at the time of the hacking. She then became editor of The Sun newspaper before taking up the chief executive role.

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GUYANA CHRONICLE Thursday October 31, 2013

SWEARING-IN Confusion…

Chaguanas local govt election stalemate continues By Ria Taitt Political Editor (Trinidad Express) The new system of local government, triggered by the introduction of proportional representation, is creating some confusion. This is because the deadlines and time-frames for getting corporations up and running, which were set out in the previous Municipal Cor-

porations Act, have been removed. This situation, coupled with the deadlock in Chaguanas, led to the postponement of the swearing-in ceremony for councillors for the Chaguanas Borough Corporation, which was originally scheduled for Friday. The ceremony has been temporarily called off as the Ministry of Local Government seeks legal advice on the deadlock in that corporation. There is no time frame for the first meeting of the councils

under the new municipal corporation law. The law simply requires that the business at that first meeting includes the taking of the oath of office of the councillors. There is also no time frame under the new law for the declaration of the aldermen by the Elections and Boundaries Commission (EBC). The law simply says that such persons take the oath after the declaration is made. PNM general secretary Ashton Ford told the Ex-

press yesterday that on Monday, the party’s representatives had received invitations for a Friday swearing-in ceremony. But, he said, the party was informed yesterday this was to be rescheduled and an apology given for the postponement. Previous Chaguanas mayor Orlando Nagessar confirmed that the CEO of the Chaguanas Corporation had “temporarily” set aside Friday for the swearing-in of the eight councillors.

By Susan Mohammed

shouting “police”. Sanchez opened the door and four masked men, one with a firearm and another with a cutlass, entered the house. Sanchez began to fight with the man armed with the cutlass and she was dealt several chops about her body. A finger was severed. Relatives told police the man with the firearm fired several shots and Sanchez was hit in the head and lower back. A party of police officers led by Acting Inspector Rampersad of the Sangre Grande CID, Sgt Lutchman, Ag Cpl Jones, and Homicide detectives Cpl Ramoutar and PC Samuel vis-

ited the scene. Sanchez was taken to the Sangre Grande Area Hospital where she was pronounced dead. Constable Kheerai is investigating the case.

Cops: We won’t Mom chopped, shot to death back ...killers pretended to be police officers down from gunmen Daviot Kelly, Staff Reporter The Gleaner) After a period of relative calm, sections of August Town in St Andrew are flaring up again. The police link the recent upsurge in criminal activity to a feud between remnants of the Dog Paw gang and another gang from the Bedward Gardens and Duppy Lane areas. Police sources say the leader of the Dog Paw gang goes by the alias ‘Puppy Paw’ and is a brother of former leader Christopher Linton, who is currently serving a 15-year sentence on firearm charges. Assistant Commissioner of Police Winchroy Budhoo said the police have their eye on the area. “The guns are here and the criminals have armed themselves and conducted assaults on each other,” Budhoo said. Early yesterday morning, the police found two handguns after an operation in Bedward Gardens and other sections of August Town. Three men were detained in connection with the find, and 30 men were taken into custody for various offences. “We won’t back down from this assault on criminal gunmen and to find the guns and the men,” said the veteran crime fighter, who added that recently implemented Operation Resilience had yielded more than 50 guns this month.

(Trinidad Express) A SANGRE Grande mother of two was shot and chopped on Tuesday night in her home, by men pretending to be police officers. Keisha Sanchez, 32, of #2 Taite Trace Circular, Guaico, died at hospital. According to a police report, around 9.45 pm Sanchez was at her home with her mother, Onella Legen, her 11year-old daughter and another female relative. Sanchez’s relatives told police they heard a loud banging on the front door and male voices

Candidates cannot award contracts Lalla questions Alleyne doing projects: ATTORNEY Om Lalla, the Independent Liberal Party’s (ILP) candidate for the St Joseph by-election, believes that criminal charges of misbehaviour in public office can be brought against whoever is giving his competitor Ian Alleyne the authority to award State contracts. Alleyne is the United National Congress’ (UNC) candidate for the St Joseph by-election. Alleyne has presented himself as a performer and has started doing work in the constituency in the build-up to next week Monday’s election. Lalla said this is setting a bad precedent. “He is not in government office, he does not have the access or the legal authority to award contracts or be in charge of awarding contracts and that is something that might have to be investigated,” Lalla said yesterday. He made the statements during a walkabout along Quarry Drive, Champs Fleurs, yesterday. “Not only is it improper to want to award contracts on the eve of an election but for somebody who is a candidate, who has no attachment to the government officially to be claiming that he is performing, hiring people, delivering contracts that in itself may amount to misbehaviour in public office for the persons who are giving him the authority to say that,” Lalla said. “That may warrant a criminal investigation by the Commissioner of Police so they have to be very careful, while he (Ian) may be enthusiastic he is treading a very, very dangerous course that is going to change governance in this country because if it is you can bring private citizens in who have no legal authority to award contracts and fix drains and award food cards. It is literally usurping the function of all public officials and that is probably after this election going to warrant a serious criminal investigation into those who have given him the authority to masquerade in this way,” he said.


GUYANA CHRONICLE Thursday October 31, 2013


APNU did not support Environmental Tax on plastic receptacles



Another record-breaking year for Guyana’s rice industry IT is yet another record-breaking year for the local rice industry as the latest figures show that production stands at well over 514,000 tonnes with six percent of lands still to be harvested, which means annual production could touch the 540,000-tonne mark This is not surprising, as it was predicted that production would have surpassed the 500-tonne mark following a recordbreaking trend over the previous two years when the 400-tonne mark was surpassed. That was considered remarkable and therefore this year’s production is even more remarkable. So the highest commendations are in order for all the players in the industry, particularly our hard-working and resilient rice farmers who, over the years, have stood up to the challenges and obstacles in a most resolute manner. The trend over the last few years has been one of increasing rice production, but in 2011 for the first time we passed the 400-tonne mark and this was repeated in 2012. Now, for this year, a new barrier has been broken with the passing of the 500-tonne mark. This is a huge increase over 2012 and if this trend continues at the current rate, in a few years we could even reach the 1,000,000 tonne mark, which would bring us in line with the world’s largest producers of rice such as China, India, Thailand, Vietnam, etc. Our task ahead, therefore, is to explore new and emerging global markets because our local market is a small one. This is a crucial and critical issue because if we cannot get markets to facilitate increasing production it will result in putting the rice industry in a tailspin, which we would not want because of the dire economic consequences. The latest release from the Food and Agriculture Organization(FAO) indicated that global rice consumption in 2013 is forecast to touch around 409 million tonnes, up about 2% from last year. This could mean a bigger market for rice and perhaps we could explore the possibility of tapping into such a market. Agriculture Minister Dr Leslie Ramsammy noted that the rice industry is producing extremely well, and would continue to set new records. He added that “each crop seems to be breaking a new record”, and related that, given where the industry started out this year — with many challenges, including an upsurge of paddy bugs, particularly in the first crop, its performance shows that the industry keeps responding to its challenges. “So whilst paddy bug was expected to be a major problem this year, the actions taken have resulted in the paddy bug impact being far less than we expected; and that shows that, if one acts early, you could really find answers to the problem,” he said. A high population of paddy bugs had caused some damage to the rice in the first crop, and there was a resurgence of this infestation in the second crop. However, owing to Government’s programmes and interventions of the Guyana Rice Development Board(GRDB) and the Rice Producers Association(RPA), the situation was brought under control. But what has been responsible for the remarkable increase in rice production? This achievement did not come about through an accident or a miracle; rather, it was because the government, through the Ministry of Agriculture, formulated, imple-

EFERENCE is made to actions by A Part nership for National Unity (APNU) during its press conference held on Friday October 25, 2013 to deflect attention from their failure to support the government’s calls for sustainable development and advancement of a Green Economy. Two recent examples: APNU failed to commit and support regulations for the government-proposed Environmental Tax for all plastic receptacles which is a means to tackling the garbage situation in our country; and non-support for major Low Carbon Development projects including the Amaila Hydropower project, which will replace more than 95% of fossil fuel for the generation of electricity. The internationally recognised and supported Low Carbon Development Strategy (LCDS) provides a visionary framework that will allow Guyana to build a model green economy. Much investments and work have commenced with the participation of all stakeholders on making this a reality. Further, the need for a national sectoral environmental strategy has been recognised from the inception of the Ministry of Natural Resources and the Environment (MNRE) in December 2011, which representatives from all related stakeholders, including APNU, attended. Efforts by the MNRE have resulted not only in the formulation of a strategy for the environment, but a broader strategy for the natural resources sectors under its mandate with support from the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP). The need for coordination, integration and alignment of the various sectors and the environment is well recognised as the environment cannot be treated in isolation. The formulation of the Natural Resources and Environmental Strategy was a consultative process and involved public consultations at which the representatives of the Opposition were present.

It is also available on the MNRE’s website inviting comments. It is obvious that APNU did not grasp this opportunity to better inform itself and to be participatory in its approach in a formal way to making any valuable contributions which would be most welcome. OPEN-DOOR POLICY For the benefit of the civil-minded Guyanese public, the Ministry of Natural Resources and the Environment (MNRE) would like to provide the following clarifications to dispel the inaccuracies being peddled by APNU. It should also be noted that the MNRE has an open-door policy, and members of the public, including APNU, are welcome to visit our Offices to better inform themselves, voice any concerns, and to seek clarifications. POLLUTION At this time, enforcement by the Environmental Protection Agency(EPA) is done, as stipulated by its Act of 1996, through the courts. The deficiencies of such an approach are well recognised, including the long time for decisions to be made by the courts. It is for this very reason that the EPA has moved to the drafting of Environmental Protection (Enforcement and Compliance) Regulations, which are expected to be completed in the near future. In preparing for these regulations at an institutional level, the EPA established a new Division in June 2013 to deal with Enforcement and Compliance. This Division is designed to undertake the exact measures that APNU is only now talking about. The issues related to hazardous wastes and air-quality pollution have also been recognised, and back in 2011, the EPA established a Hazardous Wastes/Materials and Air Quality Management Unit. Since then, the EPA has secured an air-quality field meter to measure and monitor particulate matter, and which has been deployed to resolve a number of complaints.

mented and sustained sound and visionary agricultural policies and programmes, especially when one considers that when this government took office the rice industry was on its knees in a virtual state of collapse. Production was at its lowest ebb as the number of ricegrowing families had declined from 45,000 in 1964 to about 23,000 by the late 1980s. This unfortunate situation came about because of neglect of the industry which saw a lack of sound agricultural policies and programmes and little or no investment in agricultural infrastructure and research and training. Today, there are greater investments in agricultural infrastructure, education and training of farmers, research and more guaranteed markets as well. So our rice industry has taken off to unprecedented heights and every effort should be made to maintain this trend of continuous increases in production, as this will not benefit only the rice industry, but will also benefit our national economy and help improve the well-being of all our people.

The dust pollution issue at Hack’s Rice Mill, Cane Grove, was one such complaint which was successfully resolved by the EPA’s intervention and persistence. The numerous recommendations which were made by the EPA and implemented by the Rice Mill were scientifically tested with the acquisition of the Particulate Matter meter. Results from the Air Quality Monitoring which was conducted from February 20, 2012 to March 18, 2012, revealed that particulate matter concentrations were below the World Health Organisation(WHO) Guidelines, and thus the complaint issue was successfully resolved. The Agency continues to investigate and monitor several other operations with air-pollution issues, among them the Kissoon Dyal Rice Mill. Further, the Agency has developed an Air Quality Monitoring Protocol for Linden, and plans to implement this shortly. The EPA is well aware of the constraints of having only one meter for monitoring air quality, and intends to acquire two other field instruments in 2014 to further support its investigation and monitoring operations. Just two years in existence and with a staff complement of three (3) Officers, the Unit is still in the incipient stages of administering the Hazardous Wastes Regulations. However, environmental guidelines for the implementation of the Regulations have been completed for the proper storage, transportation and occupational handling of biomedical waste. These guide operators of medical-care facilities in the sound management of biomedical wastes. Improved Hazardous Waste/Materials Management has received no less attention by the Agency, over the years. Since the Unit’s establishment, the Agency has developed a number of protocols and guidelines. In addition, consultations were conducted with different private and government agencies on their roles with regard to the management of hazardous wastes. Further, the Agency has been actively collaborating with the Ministry of Local Government in establishing a hazardous waste cell at Haags Bosch in recognition of the need to dispose of hazardous waste in an environmentally safe manner. On the issue of water pollution, the Agency is moving to establish a Water Quality Unit which will have a dedicated role in this area. Additional field instruments are being acquired currently, so the Agency would have more capability to address issues of water pollution in a more scientific manner. To support the efforts of the EPA, The Guyana Geology and Mines Commission has been actively conducting waterquality and turbidity tests as a

component of its monitoring and enforcement exercises in the various mining Districts of Guyana. The Commission undertakes monthly and quarterly water testing to ensure that water quality is maintained as outlined in the Memorandum of Understanding between the Guyana Geology and Mines Commission and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). In addition, the Commission continues to work closely with the EPA and the Guyana Gold and Diamond Miners Association (GGDMA) to reduce water contamination and to ensure that water sources and bodies in the hinterland communities and mining areas are not contaminated or compromised. In this regard, mining operations are oftentimes issued with Cease Work Orders when instances of water contamination are identified. Further, the Minister of Natural Resources and the Environment on behalf of the Government of Guyana has signed on to a new international pact to control mercury emissions: the Minamata Convention on Mercury. This was done during an international conference organised by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and held in Minamata, Japan from October 9-11, 2013. This commitment reaffirms the Government of Guyana’s recognition of the environmental and human health risks of mercury use and supports the implementation of a global, legally binding instrument on mercury that will examine its supply and trade, mercury-added products, manufacturing products in which mercury compounds are used, artisanal and small-scale mining, emission, releases, storage and mercury wastes. COASTAL ZONE MANAGEMENT Coastal zone management is a cross-sectoral matter involving many groups of stakeholders. The Agency has moved to develop a digital coastal zone map with the assistance of the National GIS Committee established under the MNRE. Such a task is monumental, but it is expected that at the end of the day, environmental hot spots would be identified and appropriate mitigating measures would be undertaken. The Agency also intends to update the previous Coastal Zone Management Action Plan. It should also be recalled that the Agency was the lead body, with funding from the German Government, to develop the National Protected Areas Act through which the Protected Areas Commission was established, and to have Shell Beach (and the Kanuku Mountains) declared as a protected area. This area is the last remaining stretch of Guyana’s coast that still has large stretches of pristine black, white and red mangroves. Conserving these mangroves, along with the associated flora and fauna, is key to the Government’s integrated coastal zone management strategy, and is now a reality because of the Government-backed landmark

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GUYANA CHRONICLE Thursday October 31, 2013


APNU did not support Environmental Tax on ... From page 6

implementation of the Convention and its associated Protocols.

Protected Areas Act of 2011. DEFORESTATION Mining as a driver of deforestation has also been receiving attention by the EPA. Currently, the Agency is developing a proposal with UNDP to mainstream biodiversity in the mining sector. As a first step, the current legislative measures and practices would be examined with a view to integrate biodiversity concerns. A second phase would undertake pilot activities to reforest degraded areas. Guyana has over the past years, developed a robust mechanism that governs forest utilisation at the level of forest concessions. Among some of the mechanisms that have been implemented are the National Log Tracking System, the Codes for Practice for Timber Harvesting and Processing and the Guidelines for Annual and Management Planning. These have been developed against strong policy as well as legislative guidance including the National Forest Plan and Policy 2011, as the Forest Act 2009. Additionally, a new programme for independent assessment of performance of the forest sector in terms of forest legality and sustainable forest management, including Independent Forest Monitoring, has concluded that the systems in place in Guyana’s forest sector are effective in ensuring that sustainable forest management (SFM) is practised at the level of forest concessions. Strong forest governance in timber concessions is further evidenced by the recently released deforestation rates from the driver of Forestry, which recorded a mere 240 hectares deforested annually and this has been found to be mainly forest roads. Additionally, the reported rate of illegal logging is below 1% annually. The overall total deforestation for the recently reported period of 2012 is below 0.1% (reported at 0.079%) which is well below the agreed benchmark on the Guyana Norway Agreement of 0.275% and overall, among the lowest in the world. The GFC has taken active steps to engage and build capacity at the stakeholder level to effectively execute SFM. This was advanced in a number of programmes, including the establishment and operating of the Forestry Training Centre which provides training to large and small operators in the forestry sector. This Model is being replicated for the Mining Sector to build the capacities of stakeholders. Over the course of 2012, a number of programmes have been developed that are aimed at strengthening natural resources management, including in the mining sector. Accompanying projected developments in the sector is a programme of work that has already started and that will be further advanced in the next few years. These efforts are systemic interventions to improve the REDD+ model. There are two main initiatives which between them have the foundations of an outline programme to reduce degradation from the mining sector. These are the implementation of the Ministry of Natural Resources and the Environment of Guyana (MNRE’s) Draft Strategic Framework 2013 - 2018 and the mandates of the committees that are implementing the recommendations of the Sustainable Land use Committee (SLUC). At the national level, the government spearheaded the passage of the Protected Areas Act 2011, and the subsequent creation of the Shell Beach and Kanuku Mountains Protected Areas. With this important step, the Government, for the first time in Guyana’s history, created a national system of protected areas, which together with the Community Conservation Area in Konashen, accounts for almost 9% of Guyana. This is a major step in ensuring that important areas of forest and biodiversity are maintained for both current and future generations. As part of the ministry’s planning processes, MNRE collaborated with Strategic Environmental Advice (SEA) to prepare a Strategic Framework for the Ministry for the period 2013-2018. The objectives of this report were to conduct a thorough review and analysis of the regulatory and institutional landscapes to help MNRE shape its strategy to address environmental and natural resource issues within the framework of Guyana’s LCDS. This activity resulted in the development of the Ministry’s Strategic Framework Document and Strategic Plan. The Strategic Framework makes a number of recommendations, including those that relate directly to the mining sector such as activities to improve reclamation of mined-out areas, and initiatives to address impacts on deforestation and forest degradation from mining. MARINE LITTER As it relates to marine litter and its impact on coastal resources, Guyana ratified the Cartagena Convention and its three main protocols in June 2010. The Land Based Sources of Pollution (LBS) Protocol concerns pollution from landbased sources and activities; the Oil Spill Protocol aims at strengthening national and regional preparedness and response capacity of the nations and territories of the Region to oilspill events which may result in, or which pose a significant threat of, pollution to the marine and coastal environment of the Wider Caribbean Region; and, the Specially Protected Areas and Wildlife (SPAW) aims to protect rare and fragile ecosystems and habitats. This ratification signalled Guyana’s commitment to address coastal and marine pollution issues. While the implementation of this commitment is still at its early stage, the ministry, being the focal point and implementation Agency for this Convention, is working with the Protected Areas Commission and moving towards the establishment of the Water Quality Unit within the EPA to ensure the

SOLID WASTE MANAGEMENT(SWM) Integrated Solid Waste Management has been on the front burner of the MNRE’s agenda since its establishment. To this end, the ministry has spearheaded the preparation of proposals on mechanisms to reduce the use on non-biodegradable packaging (plastics & Styrofoam) in Guyana through Economic Incentives and Disincentives Wastes Policies and on the Implementation of Wastes Policies mechanisms for Reduction in use of Non-Biodegradable Packaging (plastics & Styrofoam) in Guyana which was taken to Cabinet and additional stakeholders’ consultations will soon be hosted prior to the implementation of measures to reduce the use of plastics and Styrofoam. Further, the ministry’s EPA supports the Ministry of Local Government and Regional Development in addressing the infrastructural needs for improved solid waste management by assisting in the identification of suitable sites for the establishment of landfill sites across the country and in providing relevant guidelines for the proper establishment of these sites. This is one component of a systemic approach being developed by the Ministry of Local Government (MoLG) in dealing with SWM. Another component is the finalisation of the Waste Management Bill. The EPA is supporting the MoLG by working directly to incorporate the Agency’s recommendations in the Bill which aims to establish a Solid Waste Management Authority. The “Pick It Up Guyana” campaign was launched in June 2012 to support the ministry’s drive to address solid waste management. Since its launch, the “Pick It Up Guyana” campaign has continued to engage Guyanese from all walks of life to take action for a clean and healthy environment through partnerships, collaboration, and individual action. Having successfully engaged in public awareness, education, and empowering a number of environmental volunteers for community action, there has been a significant increase in public participation and action. While there have been a number of cleanup exercises organised by “Pick It Up Guyana”, several others have been done in different parts of the country on a small and large scale by various entities which have opted to execute activities in support of the goals of the initiative. “Pick It Up Guyana” continues to receive a good response from a wide cross-section of Guyanese, as more volunteer and community groups, and religious and political organisations are coming forward to support the initiative. Meanwhile, the Environmental Protection (Litter Enforcement) Regulations which are currently before the National Assembly will institute tough penalties and fines to persons caught littering by the implementation of a ticketing system. This would allow for the prosecution of persons guilty of improper waste disposal. PUBLIC HEALTH (MERCURY) Mercury amalgamation is currently the preferred method used for the processing of gold in Guyana’s small and medium-scale mining industry (best estimate of mercury use is in the range of 10-25 tons/year locally). Mining has not exploited the numerous mercuryfree techniques due to the high cost of equipment and the required technical skill. However, of recent there have been a number of mining companies and individual miners investing in mercury-free equipment and technologies. The Guyana Geology and Mines Commission (GGMC), the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Guiana’s and proponents of the CIDA-sponsored Guyana Environmental Capacity Development Project (GENCAPD) have sought to change attitudes, behavioural patterns and practices in the industry by introducing alternative technologies. However, these efforts have been hindered by a number of factors, including costs and insufficient technical skills, training and capacity building. Further, the ministry has mandated the GGMC to advance work in developing and implementing Codes of Practice on Mining. The codes include those relating to avoiding environmental degradation from mining. GGMC is currently revising the codes of practice , e.g. on the use of mercury and wastewater management. The draft codes of practices have been reviewed. The drafts have also been shared with the mining community, so that they understand future compliance requirements by the GGMC and the Guyana Gold and Diamond Miners Association. To complement these efforts, there has also been development on the operational end. The improvement of technology and mining practices are very important to (1) shift miners away from the use of mercury and (2) to improve the recovery efficiency of mining operations. New technologies such as centrifuge systems can increase recovery rates in mines from 30% to 80% compared to traditional practices. This means that a mine need only be worked once, after which it can be closed and the forest restored. Inefficient traditional practices encourage sites to be reworked a number of times, thus not allowing the forest an opportunity to recover. The Government of Guyana continues to focus technical and financial resources in the gold-mining sector in order to address the issues surrounding mercury use. However, the scale of the problem demands collaborative action between pertinent stakeholders and it is increasingly being realised that international action and support may be vital to any effort aimed at eliminating mercury use in Guyana’s mining industry. While the use of mercury in the mining industry is significant and widespread, the health and industrial sectors in Guyana use a relatively limited quantity of mercury. The Government of Guyana recognises the environmental and

human health risks of mercury use and pollution and supports the implementation of a global legally binding instrument on mercury in order to prohibit its production, export and use. We also concur that the mercury instrument should deal with small and mediumscale gold mining separately from other industrial processes in which mercury is used; and we support efforts to reduce and, where possible, eliminate the use of mercury in mining. Nevertheless, it must be understood that gold mining contributes 12.5% of Guyana’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP). The small and medium-scale mining industry in Guyana directly employs between 30,000-35,000 persons who support approximately 105,000 family members in the coastland and hinterland regions of Guyana. In addition, the gold industry’s contribution to the economy extends beyond its direct contribution to GDP and employment. Through a multiplier effect, mining supports approximately 70,000 persons through other local businesses such as transportation services (small aircraft operators, boat operators, truckers) and the food industry (farmers, food suppliers, wholesalers). Thus, the industry directly contributes to the well-being and quality of life of approximately 30% of Guyana’s population. Citing the dependence of Guyana’s gold-mining industry on the use of mercury, a ban on mercury before 2022 would threaten financial and fiscal stability and would result in decreased economic growth in an already fragile economy. As such, the Government of Guyana proposes a phased approach which should give parties time to prepare for the implementation of the procedures and provisions that prohibit the production, sale, distribution or use of mercury and associated compounds after the entry into force of the convention. The Ministry of Natural Resources and the Environment was created out of a recognised necessity by the Government to provide policy directives and oversight to ensure the sustainable management of the natural resources of Guyana for the benefit of all. While there has been marked progress, more will be done through the collective efforts of all stakeholders to bring about behavioural change. The ministry takes its mandate very seriously, and although we are open to advice from all groups, the APNU must show that it is capable of rising above partisan politics for the benefit of Guyana’s development and sound environmental management. Without tangible support, including parliamentary measures, these recent public pronouncements amount to nothing more than lip service. The Government through the ministry remains committed to genuine partnerships, as we lead the way towards effective environmental management and sustainable development in Guyana Mr. JOSLYN McKENZIE Permanent Secretary Ministry of Natural Resources and the Environment

Thank you for sharing Guyana with us! - this country is one of the best cruising destinations globally ON October 26, your newspaper published an article entitled: ‘More Yachts Visit Guyana’. We are the group of sailboats currently at anchor off of the Baganara Island Resort featured in your article. Our boats are from England, South Africa and the United States; and all of us have been cruising the Eastern Caribbean for several years. Last year, we discussed getting off the well-worn path of sailing between Trinidad and the Virgin Islands. We were looking for new, fresh cruising grounds and decided upon Guyana. Well, this is one of the best cruising decisions we have made. The first inkling that Guyana was different was the waves and broad smiles we received from passengers and crew of nearly every boat we passed while transiting the 40 miles up the Essequibo River. Upon arriving in Bartica, we immediately went ashore to complete the necessary paperwork with Immigration and Customs. We found all of the officials to be professional, courteous and efficient. The paperwork was straight forward and the fees were reasonable. Upon completion of the required documents, an Immigration Officer smiled and she said: “If there is anything you need, just stop by and we will see if we can help out”. That one officer, and that one sentence made such a positive impact on us; we immediately knew that we had made the right choice of sailing to Guyana. Finally, and probably most importantly, are the people of Guyana who have made us feel at home. Regularly, people stop us on the street to shake our hands, and welcome us to your country. At one restaurant, the patrons refused to let us pay for our drinks. Vendors at the markets take time to explain how to prepare the local fish and ground provisions. The staff at the Baganara Island Resort have made us feel like family. Simply, the Guyanese people are the best ambassadors for attracting more yachts and tourism to your country. Thank you for sharing Guyana with us. DAVID BALL


GUYANA CHRONICLE Thursday October 31, 2013

Diplomatic pressure forces AFC/APNU to budge on Money Laundering Bill - fear of visa sanctions from western countries cited as a possible reason for Opposition’s sudden ‘change of heart’ A HIGH-LEVEL delegation of key western diplomats here in Guyana met with officials of the main Opposition, A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) on Tuesday, as they continue to pressure that party to heed the clarion call by Guyanese from all walks of life, including and especially those from the nation’s key financial and commercial sectors – the Private Sector Commission, the Insurance Association of Guyana, the Guyana Bankers Association, and the Guyana Manufacturers & Services Association – to move forward with the government and pass the crucial antimoney laundering (amend-

ment) bill. The high-level delegation of resident diplomats from the powerful ‘West’ that attended Tuesday’s meeting are European Union representative Derek Lambe; British High Commissioner to Guyana Andrew Ayre; Canadian High Commissioner Dr Nicole Giles; and US Ambassador Brent Hardt. They met with APNU officials Joe Harmon, Ronald Bulkan, Dr Rupert Roopnaraine, David Granger, Basil Williams and Carl Greenidge. In the aftermath of, and consequential to that important meeting on Tuesday, observers have indicated that there is a seeming ‘change’ in the approach and atti-

tude from the Opposition as it relates to their “obnoxiously hard-line stance” in giving even an iota of support to the antimoney laundering (amendment) bill. While this is obviously a most belated but welcome development, some observers have opined that it would not be unfair to assume, that a fear emanating from the Opposition camp of possible visa sanctions on its members, is one of the main – if not only – reason for the Opposition now seemingly taking a nationalistic stance on this highly important issue, rather than an obviously vindictive position of non-support

ing of these remittances completely from coming to Guyana if foreign companies and countries wish, due to the non- passing of the amendment,” the PYO contended. According to the PYO, which is the youth arm of the governing PPP/C, this same Opposition alliance of the AFC and APNU makes a din about youth employment, but are willing to block foreign investments in Guyana that will produce more jobs.

sition have to gain from delaying the passage of this amendment? Are they so vindictive that they are willing to bring at all cost. economic hardship on the Guyanese people so as to PYO CONDEMNS make the PPP/C look bad at OPPOSITION the next elections? Or is there Meanwhile, the Progresa more nefarious reason? Is sive Youth Organisation has, there a link between money yet again, joined the fray in laundering and the condemning the Opposition Opposition’s sudden ability to parties in Parliament for their stage large events and push inability or unwillingness to forward heady political campass the Anti-Money Launderpaigns? An Opposition that before elections was low on sup‘What does the Opposition have to gain from delaying the p o r t a n d e v e n passage of this amendment? Are they so vindictive that worse off on fithey are willing to bring economic hardship on the nancing may have Guyanese people so as to make the PPP/C look bad at a lot to gain from the next elections? Or is there a more nefarious reason? money launderIs there a link between money laundering and the ing.” The PYO is Opposition’s sudden ability to stage large events and also of the view push forward heady political campaigns? An Opposition that all of the Opthat before elections was low on support and even worse position members off on financing may have a lot to gain from money laun- who voted against dering.’ the Anti-Money Laundering and Combating the FiIt alluded to the fact that the ing and Combating the Financnancing of Terrorism Amendment Opposition requested the ing of Terrorism (AMLCFT) should have their visas rescinded amendment be taken to the Amendment. by the US, Canadian and UK auSelect Committee then de“We would again like to reitthorities. cided not to even bother aterate the detrimental effect the “To vote against the legislatending the meetings. “The non-passage of this amendment tion is to support the continuaPPP/C Parliamentarians comwill have on the Guyanese tion of money laundering and pleted the work as time is too people,” the PYO said in a stateother manifestations of financial precious to dally on the ment issued late on Tuesday crimes, including financial backwhims of incompetent opponight. ing for terrorist activities which sition politicians,” the PYO “It will affect remittances for is also a crime of enormous prodeclared. many Guyanese families as finanportion,” the PYO stated. It said the people of cial transactions will have to come “Such actions must be deGuyana need to know the under increased scrutiny, thereby nounced and sanctioned by the reason for these delays. raising the cost of these transacinternational community resi“What does the Oppotions. It can even cause the blockdent in Guyana,” it added.

‘Western diplomats meet APNU officials’: In photo, from left (going clockwise) are Derek Lambe of the EU; British High Commissioner Andrew Ayre; Canadian High Commissioner Dr Nicole Giles; US Ambassador Brent Hardt; and APNU officials - Joe Harmon, Ronald Bulkan, Dr Rupert Roopnaraine, David Granger, Basil Williams and Carl Greenidge, during their meeting on Tuesday.

GUYANA CHRONICLE Thursday October 31, 2013


In evening Eccles Industrial Site fire…

Payless, Comfort Sleep bonds destroyed …losses estimated in the millions By Leroy Smith A FIRE of so far unknown origin last evening destroyed the storage bonds of Payless Variety Store and Comfort Sleep at the Eccles Industrial Site. The Guyana Chronicle was informed that the fire started in the section of the bond that houses items for the Payless Variety store. A security guard on duty at the Comfort Sleep administrative building said that he was in his guard hut on the phone when he heard a loud explosion. Then he saw what appeared to

be a ball of fire rushing through a window from the Payless section of the building. He said that the fire-ball landed at the side of the section of the building which houses the storage bond for Comfort Sleep and within seconds that entire section of the building was engulfed. The man said that he immediately telephoned the Fire Department and alerting his employer and senior managers of the company. Speaking with the media at the location last evening, a member of the administrative staff who gave her name as

Amanda Chung noted that she was also alerted of the fire by the security. She said that when she arrived at the scene the entire building was in flames. She repeated what the security guard told this publication. She said that the building was used to store chemicals and raw materials for the making of the mattresses. Meanwhile operations manager of the company, Deodat Narine, who was in tears, said that the 30 plus employees who worked at the storage will remain em-

ployed by the company. The man explained to the media that fire coming at this time is a real blow to the company, given the upcoming Christmas season. He said that the company already has commitments and would have already accepted orders from both customers locally and overseas. He described the losses as in the millions. The Fire Service responded to the call promptly and tried desperately to save the building. But they were only able to contain the fire and prevent it from spreading to other nearby buildings. Last evening this newspaper was unable to contact anyone associated with the Payless Store for comment on the fire.

Dr Luncheon apologizes for error By Telesha Ramnarine AT his October 23 post-Cabinet press briefing, Cabinet Secretary, Dr Roger Luncheon had indicated that Anand Goolsarran, Christopher Ram and Ronald Ali had made prejudicial statements about Geetanjali Singh’s professionalism in a matter concerning conflict of interest. Mr Ali, President of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Guyana, and Head of the Investigations Committee, has since drawn to Dr Luncheon’s attention the inaccuracy of including him in the list of the trio. “For that error, I apologize,” Luncheon said at his press conference yesterday. However, he added: “But I did say to Mr. Ali that he was present and he spoke at the OAS anticorruption body engagement that met here in Guyana on behalf of his organisation and did not seize the opportunity to disassociate himself nor his organisation from the prejudicial remarks that my records now show were made by Mr. Anand Goolsarran.”

Rondy Jagdeo remanded over biker’s murder By Michel Outridge

The fire at the Comfort Sleep and Payless bonds sweeps the floor of the industrial site last evening

A section of the crowd who gathered at the location after word of the fire spread and the flames lit up the night sky (Photos by Adrian Narine)

RONDY Jagdeo, 28, appeared yesterday before Chief Magistrate, Priya Sewnarine-Beharry at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court, Middle Street, charged with the murder of biker, Kirk Davis and was remanded to prison. The accused of Alexander Village, Georgetown, was not required to plead to the indictable charge. Police Prosecutor, Corporal Bharat Mangru yesterday told the court that the deceased and Jagdeo were close friends and it is alleged that Davis had kissed the suspect’s wife on her neck while at Palm Court, Main Street, on September 2, 2013, a day before the murder. Mangru said that on the day in question, Jagdeo went to the home of the deceased at Seventh Street, Eccles Housing Scheme, East Bank of Demerara, in a silver Toyota Allion motorcar to clarify the allegation. The police prosecutor added that Davis was called out of his home and was seated in the back seat of the car when a heated argument erupted and the suspect came out of the driver’s seat of the vehicle and fired shots at Davis’s, who was still seated in the car. Mangru told the court that subsequently Davis’ body was dumped and the suspect fled the scene. Davis was conveyed to hospi- Rondy Jagdeo yesterday outside tal where he was the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court pronounced dead on (Sonell Nelson photo) arrival. On Monday Jagdeo turned himself over to the police in the company of two lawyers. The police prosecutor asked that three weeks be granted for the police to complete the investigation and he stated that six witnesses will testify in the matter. Jagdeo was represented by lawyers Roger Yearwood and Mark Waldron, both of whom were not present in court yesterday. However, Mr. Marcel Bob who is in association with the two lawyers asked on their behalf for an earlier date for trial, stating that the police had a long period to complete the murder probe. Jagdeo was remanded to prison and the matter will be called on November 21, 2013 for report and the preliminary inquiry (PI) date will be announced. A post-mortem revealed that Davis was shot more than 15 times with a 9mm pistol. The autopsy was performed at the Georgetown Public Hospital by Dr Nehaul Singh, who gave the cause of death as shock and haemorrhaging due to multiple gunshot injuries. Commissioner of Police, Leroy Brumell in a press conference at the Ministry of Home Affairs had told reporters that Jagdeo is not a licensed firearm holder.


GUYANA CHRONICLE Thursday, October 31, 2013

Education system is at its best point ever – Minister Manickchand at East Street Nursery School opening MINISTER of Education, Priya Manickchand, has noted that the education system is poised for take-off, given its current position, and that the teachers and parents of the East Street Nursery could help the sector achieve greater heights by ensuring the school works at its best. She was speaking Monday at the commissioning of the new East Street Nursery School in Georgetown, constructed by R. Bassoo and Sons to the tune of $38M. The commissioning comes on the heels of the announcement across the Region of Guyana topping CXC and securing, five of the eight regional awards. “These are all Guyanese sons and daughters, and what was amazing to me, and what I want to bring home forcefully to you, is that these children did not come out of the homes of very wealthy, elite parents. One of them is a daughter of a wood cutter and teacher. Another is the son of a civil servant and his mother is a

banker …and so your children here, whether you are a cleaner or sweeper, or you are uniformed and you have left work to come here, or you have a degree and your own private little business, your children here are capable of being those children that we celebrated here two days ago, in the next 13 to 14 years,” she noted. Educationally, Minister Manickchand said, the country is where it should be, buildingwise and teacher-wise. “This education sector is at the highest point it has ever been. Just recently we graduated the highest number of teachers this country has ever seen; about 849 trained teachers graduated from the Cyril Potter College of Education (CPCE). We are paying our teachers the best salaries they have ever enjoyed in this country; and this will only improve under this government. And we do not feel as a government that we are doing the people a favour. We believe that when we provide the infrastructure, and all the necessary

mechanisms to enable learning in the education system, that we are fulfilling the mandate the people of Guyana have given us when they selected us to be their servants,” the minister said Minister Manickchand called on the teachers to do more to ensure the system works in this regard. “To the teachers of this school, it is going to require far more than that trained certificate you have. We will demand of you, as a community that you be the best you can be because you are in a place where you have this great burden to produce people who will help to develop Guyana, so that your children and my children could inherit a Guyana that is better than the one we have here today.” She also said that parents have to be fully involved in their children’s school lives if East Street Nursery is to be a good school. “…our best days are yet to come and those best days are in

The new $38M East Street Nursery School, constructed by R. Bassoo and Sons Construction

your little children, and so today let us make sure that we commit ourselves that …we will do what we have to do to ensure that it comes out of them, so that Guyana gets to benefit from that, so that the world gets to benefit from what your children have to offer,” the minister said. The old East Street Nursery was demolished on July 3, 2013; two weeks after schools were closed for July-August vacation. This placed the contractor under serious pressure to get the building ready under six weeks, which was before the scheduled re-opening of school. Due to weather and other factors, the construction took eight weeks and the re-opening of the school was delayed. The minister also noted the ministry’s appreciation to the parents for being understanding about the delay. She applauded them for not resorting to criticism and protest, exasperating “an already difficult situation”. She also singled out the contractor for praise, for working with all the stakeholders and pushing to complete the school. The contractor’s effort should stand as an example of what the relationship between government and contractors should be in the execution of government projects, she noted. Head teacher Belinda Cameron was also in high praise of the contractor. She disclosed that he, at his own expense, provided fans for the school and air conditioning her office and the staff room. Cameron was also appreciative of the new physical accommodation which allows for better spacing and is more conducive to learning. During the ceremony, the contractor, Ray Bassoo Snr, also presented the school with several musical sets for the children’s enjoyment and the

Minister of Education Priya Manickchand opens the new East Street Nursery School in Georgetown school in turn presented him with a plaque to show its appreciation for his efforts. The East Street Nursery School was founded in January 7, 1968, by the then Former Headmistress of the Winfer Gardens, Winifred Fernandes. At that time the school was housed in the primary school building of Winifred Primary, and provided education to 20 under privileged children, who were also provided with hot meals.

The school came under government’s control in 1976 and was later moved in 1979 to the servants’ quarters of the then ombudsman, Kit Nascimento. The building was extended in 1987, then again in 1988 by SIMAP and in 1994 by the Ministry of Education. Minor repairs were done over the years but in time the school’s foundation deteriorated and the decision was taken to demolish it. (GINA)

Ray Bassoo Snr hands over keyboards to East Street Nursery School, also in picture is Head Teacher Belinda Cameron

Aircraft Owners Association says failure to enact AML-CFTL places Guyana at significant risk THE Aircraft Owners Association of Guyana (AOAG) fully endorses the statements which have been issued by the Private Sector Commission, the Guyana Manufacturing and Services Association and the Guyana Association of Bankers on the Anti-Money Laundering and Countering the Financing of Terrorism Legislation (AML-CFTL). The Aircraft Owners are satisfied that the failure of the National Assembly to enact this legislation in accordance with the timelines which have been set by the Caribbean Financial Action Task Force (CFATF), places the country and Guyana’s people at significant risk of being seriously penalised in conducting everyday financial business. In a statement last evening, the AOAG emphasised that the delay in enacting this legislation by the National Assembly , and the probable punitive consequences for the country which will follow, will affect every organisation and, indeed, every individual without exception, and will do appreciable harm to Guyana’s economy and Guyana’s international reputation. “In the case of the business of civil aviation, which is entirely dependent on the importation of aircraft spares and aircraft for its operations, any significant delay in the transfer of monies through our banking system would very quickly result in crippling the country’s aviation services and, in turn, domestic freight and commercial services to hinterland communities, mining, forestry and other essential service,” the statement continued. “The AOAG urges the members of the National Assembly to set aside their political differences in addressing their greater responsibility to the nation. We urge them to enact this essential legislation immediately. We further urge them to ensure that, once enacted, the necessary administrative measures are put in place to enforce the laws governing and protecting our country from money laundering and the financing of terrorism,” the statement concluded.


GUYANA CHRONICLE Thursday, October 31, 2013

St. Maarten regrets its name being tarnished by irresponsible blogging … release from Prime Minister’s Office expresses concern regarding blog discrediting Guyana’s Consul General to B/dos THE Government of St. Maarten has taken note of a press release by the Government of Guyana expressing its concern regarding allegations as printed in an online news blog discrediting both the Consul General to Barbados, Mr. Michael Brotherson and the Interim Director of the Department of Foreign Relations for St. Maarten. In the absence of a consular representative, Mr.Brotherson was given full authorisation by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Guyana to conduct consular duties, representing the interest of the Guyanese residents on St. Maarten. All necessary proto-

cols with regard to accreditation were followed, including due process by both the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Guyana and the Directorate of Foreign Relations of Country St. Maarten. The St. Maarten Government regrets that our country’s name is being tarnished by irresponsible blogging, a statement from the office of the Prime Minister in St. Maarten said yesterday. The statement said the consular activities by Mr. Brotherson were executed in total conformity with the applicable procedures on the basis of a request by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Guyana.

“As a country, St. Maarten is obliged to treat consular officials of other countries with

Michael Brotherson

courtesies and protection afforded to all such personnel on the basis of the Vienna Convention. The falsehoods contained in the story on aforementioned blog site, could have seriously jeopardized the relationship between Guyana and St. Maarten, based on articles of the Vienna Convention on consular relations “The Government of Guyana has also stated that they will issue a letter of warning to the blogger, and that legal actions could result if no heed is taken. “The Council of Ministers has been informed of this communiqué and further action

is possible. A breach of the Vienna Convention is a serious issue and the Government of St. Maarten will not accept that any individual or group compromises the name of St. Maarten for personal reasons. “The Government of St. Maarten again stresses that due diligence was followed in the matter related to consular activities of Guyana on St. Maarten. Meanwhile the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Guyana has issued a statement that all consular fees, as fixed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Guyana, were processed in accordance with the financial regulations of the Government of Guyana, with the required Gov-

ernment receipts issued. “The Government of St. Maarten is concerned with these incidents of false “news” stories, baseless allegations, and unfounded damaging reports which circulate on this so-called news blog. While the Government of St. Maarten is all for ensuring and respecting the freedom of the press and appreciates the role the media plays in informing the public, the media too has to operate within the framework of professional and ethical journalism and respect for the rights of others,” the statement concluded. The online news blog referred to was written by Bibi Hodge Shaw of St. Maarten.

Witness in ‘Picture Boy’ double murder trial deemed hostile By George Barclay MINI-bus driver Mohan Singh, called ‘Jug Head’ was deemed a hostile witness by Justice Navindra Singh based on an application made by the State after it was disclosed that he was giving testimony adverse to his police statement. Singh was called to testify when the double murder trial of accused Cyon Collie, called ‘Picture Boy’, resumed before a mixed Demerara Assizes jury . Collier is charged with the murder of brothers, Ray Walcott and Carl Andrews on

September 23, 2006, at the Victoria Four Corner, East Coast of Demerara.

Singh testified that he had known Collier and the deceased brothers for about six years prior to 2006 and that he used to lime with them at the corner. They were friends. He said that on September 23, 2006, between 2:00 am to 3:00am, he was transporting some 15 passengers from Ann’s Grove to Georgetown when the sliding door of the bus began giving trouble. He pulled in at the Victoria Gas Station where he was fixing the door when a voice said from behind him “ah gat to move now. A just

Cyon Collier, called ‘Picture Boy’

Please see page 12


GUYANA CHRONICLE Thursday, October 31, 2013

Witness in ‘Picture Boy’ ... From page 11 kill three body” The witness claimed he did not see the person but recognized Collier’s voice because he spoke to Collier about four times a week and knew “how he does talk.” Asked about the lighting conditions, the witness said it was “dim.” He also said

that the two passengers exited the front seat and the “person” went in the front, but had the lower part of his body in the bus while the upper part was outside. Singh claimed that even though he had walked in front of the bus to go to the driver’s side, he did not see the person. Senior State Counsel Judith

Gildharie-Mursalin then asked the witness whether he had given a statement to the police, followed by a further statement. He acknowledged his signatures on same and admitted that these statements were read to him. He however denied telling the police the contents. Based upon an application by the State, the trial Judge

deemed Singh hostile and allowed the State Counsel to cross-examine him on his evidence and the inconsistencies in his statements. The Prosecutrix put to the witness that on the same September 23, 2006, he had told the police that he recognized Collier because the area was brightly lit with street lights and that when Collier came up to him, he said “Jug Head, a got to move now . A just kill three body. Feel how the magazine hot.” He also denied telling the police in that statement that when Collier touched him with the magazine, it was hot. Further, he denied telling the police that Collier was armed with an AK 47 rifle and he knew it was such type of weapon because he had seen them in the newspaper and on the televi-

sion. The witness was also confronted with his statement in which he told the police that Collier seemed to be wearing a bullet- proof vest and had what appeared to be two hand-guns stuck in the front of his pants waist. He further denied telling the police that Collier had pointed the weapon at two passengers in the front seat and had told them to go to the back of the bus. He, however accepted that he did not tell the police, as reflected in that statement, that the back was filled, so the two headed south in the village. He was also confronted with the fact that he had told the police in the same statement that Collier, whom he referred to as “Seon”, was in the front seat of the bus as he drove to Georgetown, and while at Factory Road, Paradise, the accused told him to stop since the

police had a road block up ahead. Singh was also cross-examined by defence counsel, Lyndon Amsterdam, and maintained that he did not know what he was signing to since he can “only read script, not join up writing” and the statement was in the latter. He said he dropped off his passengers in Georgetown, and on his return to the East Coast, he was stopped by the police at Victoria Gas Station where an officer asked him why he passed all those police stations on the way and did not stop to make a report. It was there he learnt from the people who had gathered that two persons were dead. The same officer told him that he had to go to the station and give a statement. The trial is continuing.

GUYANA CHRONICLE Thursday, October 31, 2013



GUYANA CHRONICLE Thursday, October 31, 2013

WGE Commission calls for establishment of Centre to investigate gender-based & family violence COMMISSIONERS of the Women and Gender Equality Commission are concerned about the increasing levels of genderbased violence in Guyana and are proposing the establishment of a centre for investigation of gender based and family violence, similar to the centre for investigation of sexual offences and child abuse (C.I.S.O.C.A.) model in Jamaica. The Commission, in a statement yesterday, said it will be meeting with President Donald Ramotar to make recommendations for the establishment of such a centre. The Commission also plans a round-table discussion with relevant state and civil society organisations to introduce this idea and to establish a working group to move forward with this initiative. The above action was initiated as a result of all the recommendations coming out of the Access to Justice public education programmes which were conducted across nine regions of Guyana. It is expected that the final session on Access to Justice will be held in Region 8, on 14th November, where key professionals from the Ministry of Human Services and Social Security, the Guyana Police Force and Legal Aid are among the organisations involved in educating the public. To commemorate International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women observed on 25th November the Commission will be erecting billboards in some of the administrative regions with the message: ‘Family Violence leads to Despair, Destruction and Death’. Commissioners will also target 45 schools across Guyana for public awareness on family violence. A delegation of Commissioners visited the Teenage Maternal Clinic on 18th October, 2013. The Commissioners interacted with some of the teens and was satisfied with the services offered. It is expected that the Commission will visit the East La Penitence Lockups in November 2013. As a result of a recent meeting with Mr. Jacob Opadeyi, the Vice Chancellor of the University of Guyana, the Commission will draft an MOU between the Commission and the University of Guyana to support the establishment of a Gender Studies Centre and online courses on Gender and Development. The Commissioners also expressed the desire to support one UG student to do research on issues affecting women by funding one year tuition fee for the selected student. According to the Commission, this award will be given on 8th March, 2014, which will be International Women’s Day. The Commission also noted that its five-year Strategic Plan has four Thematic Strategic priorities, which are: 1) Organisational and Institutional Strengthening of the Women and Gender Equality Commission 2) Women, Leadership and Governance 3) Women and Economic Empowerment 4) Gender Based Violence The Commission said too, that it would like to commend the work of all of the NGO’s, FBO’s and CSO’s working in the realm of gender justice and women’s rights. The Commission plan to hold a Women’s Conference in 2014.

Rice field fire sets power pole ablaze A GUYANA Power & Light (GPL) pole, at Better Hope on Essequibo Coast, caught afire Sunday night around 23:00 hrs, after a farmer started to burn dry paddy straw in his field. According to reports, he left the burning flames unsupervised and it could have caused serious problems to the GPL transmission and distribution network in the ‘Cinderella County’. Reports said the post, which supports power lines, is on a dam near the rice field and was set ablaze after the flames got out of control. However, the blazing pole was spotted by a group of church members who were going to Somerset and Berks Village from a crusade at Westbury. The alerted Voice of Faith Miracle Ministries members quickly called the GPL station at Anna Regina and informed employees who put out the flames and saved the network from being damaged.

GUYANA CHRONICLE Thursday, October 31, 2013



GUYANA CHRONICLE Thursday, October 31, 2013

GUYANA CHRONICLE Thursday October 31, 2013


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The people closest to you are starting to see you in a brand new light right now. Maybe it's the changes you've been making in your life, maybe it's the changes that they've made in theirs. Either way, this is a day when you will see little if any conflict happening. Everyone is on your side, and they all agree with your ways of thinking. All of this wonderful collaboration means one thing -- progress! You could finish up everything today if you pull everyone together.

Taurus April 20 - May 20 Your social calendar is going to be buzzing soon -- people are feeling more affection for you than ever before, and your presence will be in demand for everything from weddings to house painting parties. Accept all the invitations you want, and be mindful that the older friends in your life still deserve your time too. Don't get distracted by the new and shiny people who promise so much intrigue and excitement. Remember to save some time for the folks who've always been there for you.

Gemini May 21 - June 21 While the last family gathering offered some good times, there wasn't much effective communication, as far as you are concerned. So, for an upcoming get together, switch your tactics. Instead of working so hard to stay cheerful and walking on eggshells around certain people, tell yourself that you're just going to call things like you see them. These people have a tremendous amount of love for you, and they can take the truth as you see it. In fact, they might appreciate it.

Cancer June 22 - July 22 This a good day to assert yourself -- you've been veering a bit too far over to the more passive side of the road, and you need to correct this imbalance, soon. Otherwise, people could start to think that you are a bit of a pushover, which would not be good for your reputation. There is a difference between not making waves and letting people walk all over you. Things in your life aren't at the doormat stage just yet, but you need to start being more aware that it could reach that point.

For Thursday October 31, 2013 - 14:30hrs For Friday November 01, 2013 - 14:30hrs

Leo July 23 - August 22 Play it more conservatively than you usually do today, especially in terms of how much money you spend. You need to ensure that what you have stays in your possession, too, so avoid lending things to friends or relatives. As much as you might like to help them out, you need to let them fend for themselves for now. They'll be understanding about it, especially after you let them know that you are trying to conserve your resources. Set a savings goal, and then do your best to exceed it.

Virgo August 23 - September 22 When drama comes your way today, just turn the other cheek. Having the ability to stay flexible and dance when the bullets start flying will enable you to rise above the chaos -- and leave other people to tidy up the mess they made. If you are in the midst of a negotiation at work or school, someone will offer you a compromise today -- you should take it! A better offer is not likely to come along any time soon. Put this issue to rest and move on.

Libra September 23 - October 22 A gift arrives today, but you should make sure that it's for you! Accepting the wrong gift could put you in a very embarrassing position, so it's in your best interest to try to be more perceptive and meticulous today. Double check your bank account, reconfirm your reservations, and shoot an email to that friend to make sure you're still on for dinner. You can't take anything for granted right now -- there's a high potential for confusion, but you can avoid it if you pay attention.

Scorpio October 23 - November 21 You might feel a tad bit overwhelmed at one point early on today, and you will need to stay cool, calm and collected no matter what! Worried that you won't be able to pull it off? Nonsense! Your acting abilities have helped you before, and this is the perfect situation where they could come in very hand again. When all eyes are on you, hoping to see you sweat, don't give them the satisfaction. Stay focused on the fact that you are capable and strong.

Sagittarius November 22 - December 21 If other people start driving you crazy today, try to see the friction they're causing in your life as amusing instead of frustrating. It might be hard at first, but once you get the hang of it, you'll actually enjoy encountering that blowhard at the office, the 'too cool for school' barista, or that downright rude neighbour. Just see them as funny or odd people who just don't have the social skills you have, and you could turn your aggravation into laughter.

Capricorn December 22 - January 19 If you are feeling a bit stuck in a rut in your life right now, this is a wonderful day to figure your way out of it! Not only is it a good detail planning day for you, it's a day full of inspiration and odd ideas that will make you think. Your usual way of looking at things is changing, and you are starting to see that there are many different ways of accomplishing your goals. You're no longer tied to the tried and true methods, because tried and true usually discourages anything exciting.

Aquarius January 20 - February 18 You should be careful in business deals right now -- the people you'll be dealing with are much more cynical than you are, and could create an atmosphere of negative thinking and mistrust. Their minds are much more focused on the petty details and less on the goal that you are trying to achieve -- in short, they are going to be more concerned with themselves than with you. This is not the level of treatment you deserve, so let them know that they are not the only fish in the sea.

Pisces February 19 - March 20 Expect things to move to the next stage at some point today, whether in terms of a business deal, negotiation or romantic relationship. Are you prepared? Get things in order -- clear your calendar to make way for the meetings, dates or extra time you'll need to get your boring responsibilities out of the way. Your life isn't nothing-but-thefacts, right now -- you can't be analytical about everything. You have to sense some things with your heart, even if they're not love-related.


GUYANA Chronicle Thursday October 31, 2013

FIFA World Cup Trophy makes official visit to Guyana … accompanied by Yorke By Calvin Roberts FOR MANY footballers, such as Collie Hercules, Anthony Stanton, Gregory ‘Jackie Chan’ Richardson, Charles ‘Lily’ Pollard and even Trinidad and Tobago’s very own Dwight Yorke and Russell Latapy, the burning desire is always there to play in and win the FIFA World Cup Trophy. Both Yorke and Latapy got the distinct opportunity to do so for Trinidad and Tobago in the 2006 World Cup, where Yorke led his country in all their matches during that tournament and was named Man-of-theMatch in the 0-0 draw against Sweden, edging his close friend Shaka Hislop to the honour. Yesterday morning, the 41year-old Yorke, who celebrates his 42nd birthday this Sunday, summed it all up by saying, “I am very blessed to have the opportunity to play with

Manchester United and win many trophies, but the FIFA World Cup Trophy is the one that eluded me and it’s tough to stand next to it and not being able to touch it, even as it remains the one trophy that I have always wanted.” He was at the time, delivering brief remarks at an official ceremony held in the Arrival Lounge of the Cheddi Jagan International Airport, signalling the arrival of the FIFA World Cup Trophy Tour to Guyana under heavy security and supervision. Witnessing the arrival of football’s ‘Holy Grail’ which came in a specially chartered plane to these shores at 09:00hrs were Minister of Sport Dr. Frank Anthony, Guyana Football Federation (GFF) president Christopher Matthias, Banks DIH’s coManaging Director and Marketing Director George

McDonald and Sales and Marketing Executive Carlton Joao, along with specially invited guests. FIFA representative Brad Ross and Hector Mantellini also accompanied the trophy to Guyana - one of its many stops to over 50 countries which had never had the opportunity of seeing the world’s most coveted prize in football - on a tour that began on September 12 in neighbouring Brazil and will conclude in April 2014. Dr Anthony, Matthias, McDonald and Joao all had the distinct privilege of viewing the trophy while on the plane, before it was taken into the Arrival Lounge in its carrying case - a moment that was captured by NCN Channel 11 and broadcast live across the country. In his brief remarks prior to unveiling the trophy for those in attendance, Dr Anthony

thanked FIFA and Coca Cola through Banks DIH, for choosing Guyana as one of the countries, saying it was a pleasure to have football’s most coveted prize in the Land of Many Waters. “I understand it is the third time that this is happening and it is going to 89 countries and from the distances calculated, I understand you will be doing three times the circumference of the earth and that’s also a record. “We are part of a very history-making event today and we are very pleased that you have chosen Guyana as part of your tour. Recently I was told that there are about 265 million persons who are actively playing the game and another 5 million persons who are officials and coaches, a grand total of 270 million persons involved or about 4% of the world’s population,” said Anthony.

He added, “This says something about the game’s popularity. In Guyana, when FIFA did what they call a big count, they said about 15.2% of our population is involved in the game so you can see the passion we have and it’s growing. Dr Anthony recognised the work of the GFF and companies such as Banks DIH in supporting the development of football. He noted that with the trophy coming here it is going to add a boost to the young people and those in schools who are aspiring to be world class players. Dr Anthony said the hope of Guyanese seeing its flagship team the Golden Jaguars hold aloft the FIFA World Cup Trophy on the global scene, an inspiration and the hope it symbolises, enables Guyanese to welcome it in our arms today. “Many persons would have

seen the image of the trophy but not many persons would have actually had the opportunity of seeing it in real life and what is being done today, thanks to Coca Cola and FIFA, we are fortunate to see it in real life, but only a distinguished few can touch it, such as Heads of State and persons who would have won the World Cup” stated Dr Anthony. Dr Anthony welcomed the trophy and the delegation accompanying it to Guyana, while encouraging them to have a wonderful stay, even though it is a brief one, before he was invited to unveil the Trophy along with Yorke, McDonald and Ross, with Matthias and Joao as witnesses. From the airport, the contingent made its way to Banks DIH’s Thirst Park Sports Club, where several novelty events were held to commemorate the arrival of the Trophy in Guyana.

Ferguson: I was ready to move Curtailed India to Canada and quit football tour means no SIR Alex Ferguson’s book was considered underwhelming by some, and it took a compere at a Q&A in Scotland yesterday to extract a fascinating story that was not included. Ferguson appeared at the Clyde Auditorium last evening to discuss his career - and obviously, by extension, his new book - and he revealed something absolutely intriguing. As a St Johnstone player he almost made what could have been a disastrous move that might have changed the course of British football and Manchester United - as we know it.

Sir Alex Ferguson He revealed that he was poised to travel 3 000 miles across the Atlantic to emigrate away from British football alto-

gether. “I once got the papers to emigrate to Canada,” he told compere Dougie Donnelly. “I went to Canada House on the corner of Waterloo Street and Hope Street in Glasgow and put them in a drawer in the house while I made my mind up The context was that St Johnstone’s reserves had lost 9-1, 10-2 and 8-0 and, with his spirits crushed, Ferguson was on the receiving end of one of his own infamous ‘hairdryer’ treatments from manager Bobby Brown after he had a female friend feign illness on his behalf.

“He told me I was a disgrace and to report the next day because there were players who were genuinely injured,” he recalled. “I scored a hat-trick – my first ever. It changed my life and from that day I always tell people, ‘Don’t miss your opportunities’.” And what happened to the planned exile? “Nine months later I found the Canada papers in the drawer,” he said. “I never did sign them.” How different British football and the history of United could have been!

CSKA Moscow punished over racist chants CSKA Moscow must close part of their stadium for their next Champions League home game following the racist abuse hurled at Manchester City’s Yaya Toure by the Russian club’s fans last week, UEFA said yesterday. The Ivorian said he was racially insulted during City’s 21 match at CSKA last week and added that black players could boycott the 2018 World Cup in Russia if the country does not tackle the issue. UEFA’s disciplinary panel ordered the closure of sector D of the Arena Khimki for the match against Bayern Munich in Moscow on November 27. “The fight against racism is a high priority for UEFA. The

Yaya Toure European governing body has a zero tolerance policy towards racism and discrimination on the pitch and in the stands,” said UEFA in a statement. “All forms of racist behaviour are considered se-

rious offences against the disciplinary regulations and are punished with the most severe sanctions.” Piara Power, executive director of Football Against Racism in Europe (FARE), said on Twitter: “UEFA CSKA sanction is a clear signal. Racism and other forms of discriminatory abuse will be punished. Education is only answer longterm.” Toure reported the incidents to the referee during the game but no action was taken even though match officials have been told to follow UEFA’s guidelines, set down in 2009, in such cases. The guidelines call for play to be stopped and a warning to be broadcast over the public address system. Ulti-

mately, officials have to power to call off the game if the abuse continues. UEFA president Michel Platini ordered on Friday an internal inquiry into why Romanian referee Ovidiu Hategan and his assistants did not follow them. CSKA said they were “surprised and disappointed” by Toure’s allegations of racism. Toure, who speaks Russian after spending two years playing in Ukraine for Metallurg Donetsk, said the abuse he experienced in Moscow was worse than anything he had encountered in Ukraine. Under regulations introduced by UEFA this season to combat racism, a partial stadium closure is the minimum sanction for racist behaviour.

Newlands Test for S.Africa CAPE TOWN, South Africa (Reuters) - South Africa will host India for Tests in Johannesburg and Durban in December but there will be no lucrative New Year match in Cape Town, Cricket South Africa confirmed yesterday. The lack of a Newlands Test means the famous venue misses out an early January match for just the sixth time in 22 years, depriving South Africa of a contest at what is traditionally the most well-supported event of the international season. The Indian schedule is a much-curtailed itinerary to the three-Test, seven one-day international and two Twenty20 match tour originally proposed in July. The tour has fallen victim to a dispute between the boards of the two countries with South Africa forced to remove chief executive Haroon Lorgat from having any dealings with the BCCI before the visit could go ahead. India will now arrive in South Africa on December 2 and open with a three-match one-day international series in Johannesburg (December 5), Durban (December 8) and Pretoria (December 11). The Indians will then play a two-day warm-up match against a South African Invitational XI starting on December 14. The first Test match will be in Johannesburg from December 18-22, before they return to Durban for the second game from December 26-30. As things stand, South Africa will have no more international cricket in their home summer until the arrival of Australia for a three-match Test series starting in mid-February. Cricket South Africa president Chris Nenzani said they were trying to find another opponent at short notice. “I would like to assure all our stakeholders that we are working on plans to fill the gaps in our international itinerary for the 2013-14 season,” he said in a CSA statement.


GUYANA CHRONICLE Thursday October 31, 2013

India chase 351 to level ODI series VIRAT Kohli and Shikhar Dhawan starred as India once again successfully chased a massive target against Australia. Australia made 350-6 in Nagpur, thanks to centuries from Shane Watson (102) and skipper George Bailey (156). But after Dhawan made 100 from 102 balls, Kohli smashed an unbeaten 115 from only 66 to guide the hosts home with six wickets and three balls left. Two weeks ago India made 362-1 to win in Jaipur - the second-highest one-day run chase in the history of the game. This latest encounter in Nagpur, which saw the thirdhighest successful pursuit in international 50-over cricket, means Australia have been on the receiving end in each of the five largest chases in ODI history With the previous two matches abandoned because of rain, the best-of-seven series is now tied at 2-2. The decider will take place in Bangalore on

partnership for the third wicket which put Australia in a seemingly commanding position. Adam Voges (44 not out) was the perfect foil for his free-hitting captain Bailey, who eventually fell in the final over for 156 - his highest score in one-day internationals. Chasing seven an over, openers Rohit Sharma and Dhawan gave India an ideal platform from which to launch their final charge. Sharma was eventually dismissed for 79 midway the 30th over, leaving the hosts 178-1. Any hopes of an Australian fightback were dashed as Kohli, who smashed his country’s fastest ODI ton from only 52 deliveries at Jaipur, immediately started to dominate the visitors’ bowling. By the time their fourth wicket fell in the 43rd over, India were left needing 61 from 43 balls. Some powerful, yet highly controlled, hitting from Kohli and his hugely experienced skipper MS Dhoni (25 not out) helped India seal victory. (BBC Sport).

George Bailey celebrates his first hundred of the series.

First round rained out in Raj Singh Insurance Brokers/Trophy South Africa snatch dramatic Stall cricket Virat Kohli brings up his hundred off 61 balls, in Nagpur, India yesterday. November 2 (08:00 GMT). After losing both openers

early on, Watson and Bailey shared a 168-run

one-run win over Pakistan

(REUTERS) - South Africa claimed six wickets for 17 runs in a dramatic finish to snatch an unlikely one-run victory over Pakistan in their first one-day international at Sharjah in the United Arab Emirates yesterday. Imran Tahir, Lonwabo Tsotsobe and Morne Morkel swept through the batting lineup as Pakistan collapsed to 182 all out in 46.3 overs. Fast bowler Morkel took the last wicket, bowling Mohammad Irfan for two as Misbah-ul-Haq’s side snatched defeat from the jaws of victory. “We couldn’t handle the pressure. We needed to concentrate but that is what cost us the game,” said captain Misbah at the post-match presentation. Pakistan looked comfortable even after losing their fifth wicket on 165, just 19 runs shy of their target with eight overs in hand. Paceman Tsotsobe then took two wickets in successive overs to finish with two for 28 while spinner Tahir, born in Pa-

AB de Villiers is ecstatic after South Africa’s close win over Pakistan in the first ODI in Sharjah. kistan, returned figures of three for 45 and Morkel picked up

two for 23. Earlier, opener Ahmed

Shehzad reached his half-century before cutting his chin and hurting his wrist in a sickening clash with Faf du Plessis. Shehzad collided with du Plessis as the fielder attempted a run-out, the South African diving to throw the ball at the stumps while the Pakistani was scampering to get to the crease. The opener batted on after treatment before being caught at short mid-wicket for 58, the top score in the match. South Africa, who won the toss at the Sharjah Cricket Stadium, lost wickets at regular intervals in their innings before a ninth-wicket partnership of 52 by Tsotsobe (16 not out) and Wayne Parnell (56) led them to 183 all out. Parnell was named man-ofthe-match after he also returned figures of three for 41 with the ball. Spinner Saeed Ajmal took four for 30 in South Africa’s innings. The second game in the five-match series is in Dubai tomorrow.

THE first-round matches in the Demerara Cricket Board (DCB) Over-40 T20 competition, that is being sponsored by Raj Singh Insurance Brokers and Trophy Stall collectively, have been abandoned as all the venues are waterlogged from overnight downpours. As a result of the abandonment points will be awarded in accordance with the playing conditions and, weather permitting, the second round will bowl off as scheduled tomorrow with four more matches among the eight teams. Fans are being reminded that this competition has been reintroduced after a long absence and has attracted immense interest from the four constituted areas within the jurisdiction of the DCB with each providing two teams. Hence, several former national players such as Alfred Mentore, Orin Bailey and Sheik Mohammed just to name a few, along with honorary secretary of the Guyana Cricket Board, Anand Sanasie, have been selected to participate in their respective teams. Following the completion of this tournament, it is expected that a strong Demerara team would be selected to oppose their counterparts from the other counties at a later date. All matches will begin at 13:00hrs at different venues and the fixtures for the second round, inclusive of the umpires for tomorrow read: East Bank Colts go up against Georgetown Buffaloes at GCC, (Zaheer Mohammed and Daniel Richmond), West Coast Seals meet East Coast Tigers at Everest (Edward Nicholls and Javed Persaud) and Georgetown Bears face East Coast Bulls at Lusignan (Gavin D’Aguiar and Trevor Ritney). In the other match that is scheduled for tomorrow and is being played at the Wales Community Centre ground, West Bank Mavericks will go head-to-head with East Bank Lions under the supervision of Nandkumar Shivsankar and Cyril Garnath.


GUYANA Chronicle Thursday October 31, 2013

Results from WADA anti-doping audit in Jamaica weeks away By Kayon Raynor KINGSTON, Jamaica (Reuters) - Results from the World Anti-Doping Agency’s audit of Jamaica’s anti-doping programmes will not be revealed any earlier than mid-November, a government official said yesterday. Three high-ranking WADA officials arrived in Jamaica this week to look into the country’s anti-doping programmes after weeks of criticism following positive tests from several high-profile athletes. But they left earlier yesterday without speaking to media and are not expected to provide any information before the November 12-15 World Conference on Doping in Sport in Johannesburg, South Africa according to Natalie NeitaHeadley, the minister with

responsibility for sports. While awaiting those recommendations Neita-Headley says WADA has given no indication that the Jamaica Anti-Doping Commission (JADCO) was noncompliant with the WADA code. “We are not non-compliant at this time and we have never been non-compliant and I am not seeing any report that has suggested that we have been non-compliant,” she told a news conference at JADCO headquarters yesterday. WADA president John Fahey had suggested the Caribbean nation could face severe penalties if they were declared non-compliant, prompting JADCO to expedite the visit after several athletes tested positive for doping offences this year. The WADA officials examined JADCO’s drug-testing programme, staffing, governance, education

Jamaica’s minister with responsibility for sports Natalie Neita-Headley (seated C) gives a news conference with Herb Elliott (seated L), chairman of the Jamaica Anti-Doping Commission (JADCO), Onika Miller (seated R), permanent secretary of the Prime Minister, and other JADCO officials (standing), in Kingston, yesterday. (REUTERS/Gilbert Bellamy) programme, and current

cases of adverse analytical findings against some of the country’s athletes. Former world 100 metres record holder Asafa Powell, twice 200 metres Olympic champion Veronica

Campbell-Brown and London Games 4x100 relay silver medallist Sherone Simpson all failed drug tests and were left out of Jamaica’s athletics team for the world championships in August.

Ponting buries hatchet with Clarke RICKY Ponting insists he has settled any tension that may have arisen over comments in his autobiography towards his successor as Australia captain, Michael Clarke. Clarke came in for some criticism from Ponting, who questioned the 32-year-old’s role as vice-captain when he skippered the side as well as his former relationship with model Lara Bingle, in his recently released book ‘At the Close of Play’. When questioned on Tuesday, Clarke attempted to play down the issue but hinted the Tasmanian would have to make the first move to settle their differences. Ponting has claimed he has done just that via text message and the hatchet is now buried. “There was nothing he said to me that would have indicated otherwise,” Ponting said in quotes on the Sydney Morning Herald website.” He got straight back to me. We want to both try and move on from where we’re at. He’s got a lot of cricket to play; he’s got other things on his mind. “The last thing he wants to be thinking and talking about is something like this. As I spelt out to him in my message I want to make sure he has got a clear mind and can go out and play well and more importantly lead the team well through the Ashes series.”

Mohamed organises United Bike Shop’s 55-mile race for Monday Flex Night Berbice thrills the Corentyne audience

NATIONAL cycling coach, Hassan Mohamed of Carlton Wheelers Club, has organised a 55-mile cycle road race for this Monday (Diwali Day), commencing at 07:30hrs, under the kind sponsorship of United Bike Shop which is located in Craig, East Bank Demerara. Seniors and juniors will start from Homestretch Avenue and proceed to Dora on the Linden/ Soesdyke Highway, where they will get their turn-back orders and return to Craig for the finish, while veterans, mountain

Robin Persaud

CRICKET QUIZ CORNER (Thursday October 31, 2013) Compliments of THE TROPHY STALL-Bourda Market & The City Mall (Tel: 225-9230) & CUMMINGS ELECTRICAL CO. LTD-83 Garnette Street, Campbellville (Tel: 225-6158; 223-6055) Answers to yesterday’s quiz: (1) England-1981 (2) Desmond Haynes-116 (vs NZ, 1985) Today’s Quiz: (1) Who is the first WI to play 100 Tests? (2) Who is the oldest WI to make his ODI debut?

bikers and females will start from the place of origin, proceed to Splashmins and return to Craig for the finish. The first six finishers in the Open category, along with three juniors, veterans and mountain bikers as well as two females will all receive prizes, while eight prime prizes will be up for grabs during the course of the race for the senior and junior competitors. Representatives of United Bike Shop, the sponsors for recently-formed Team United Cycle Club which boasts of cyclists Albert Philander, brothers Orville and Delon Hinds, Mario King and junior sensation Hamza Eastman, will distribute the prizes to the winning participants. Hence, the abovementioned cyclists, along with the in-form Raynauth ‘Obeah Man’ Jeffrey, Alanzo Greaves, Paul DeNobrega, Robin Persaud, Godfrey Pollydore, Stephen Fernandes, Ralph Williams, Junior Niles, Paul ChooWee-Nam and Ian Jackson among others, are expected to face the starter for this event.

THE second annual Flex Night Berbice event, staged last Saturday evening at the Corentyne Comprehensive School in Port Mourant, was a thriller for the large and appreciative audience. Organised by Flex Night Berbice coordinator Raheem Ali, in collaboration with Flex Night Incorporated, the event attracted patrons from West Demerara, Georgetown, West Coast Berbice, New Amsterdam, Central and Upper Corentyne. As was to be expected, the Flex Night Berbice marked the debut on stage for a number of male and female bodybuilders. Regardless of their placing (and some of the new bodybuilders did very well) these bodybuilders would have learnt valuable lessons which they will use as they climb the competition ladder to participate in the upcoming Flex Night International 2013, and in 2014 in the Berbice Flexouts, and GABBFF Novices and Seniors events. Male and female bodybuilders came from the following Berbice gyms: Fitness Zone, House of Pain Gym, Power Flex Gym, Skeldon Community Centre Gym and Windero Gym. The most outstanding performances came from Windero Gym whose athletes won the overall Mr Flex Night Berbice (Teon Sancho); Miss Flex Night Berbice (Candacy Lynch) and Miss Flex Night Berbice Bikini (Janica Sandy). There were two guest appearances; the first by Miss Flex Night 2012 Best Legs title-holder Nadina Taharally of Interline Fitness Gym and the second by Eybo Orford of Buddy’s Gym. There was also a mini exposition by two distributors of bodybuilding supplements. Gizmos and Gadgets who promoted their Fitness Factory and also sponsored the overall Mr Flex Night Berbice trophy, and Poonai’s Pharmacy. During the intermission, bodybuilders took the opportunity to flock these distributors to learn more about the products that are available. Flex Night Incorporated is now concluding preparations for the publication of its second issue of the Flex Night Magazine and the second Flex Night International scheduled for Sunday, December 8 at the National Cultural Centre. Specific results are:. Mr Flex Night Berbice, 132lb and Under - Faraz Mohamed, Skeldon Community Centre Gym Mr Flex Night Berbice, 143lb and Under - Melroy Grant, Windero Gym Mr Flex Night Berbice, 154lb and Under – Bhowandin, House of Pain Gym Mr Flex Night Berbice, 165lb and Under - Teon Sancho, Windero Gym Mr Flex Night Berbice, 176lb and Under - Michael Purn, Windero Gym Mr Flex Night Berbice, Over 176lb - Alex Hamilton, Windero Gym.


GUYANA CHRONICLE Thursday October 31, 2013

‘Tough to stand next to it and cannot touch it,’ says Yorke By Calvin Roberts “IT’S a privilege being here in Guyana as the Brand Ambassador for FIFA and of course our major sponsor Coca Cola, who has made this trip possible. It is also tough to stand next to it and cannot touch it, since it is the lone trophy that has eluded me.” Those were the words of former Trinidad and Tobago captain and Manchester United striker Dwight Yorke, who was at the time giving brief remarks in the Arrival Lounge of the Cheddi Jagan International Airport yesterday morning, heralding at the same time the arrival of the FIFA World Cup Trophy to these shores. Yorke, along with FIFA’s Brad Cross and a high level security team, is currently accompanying the trophy on its 89-country tour, with Guyana being the penultimate stop in the Caribbean, with Trinidad and Tobago (T&T) being the final stop. During his playing days, the 41-year-old Yorke played for Aston Villa, Manchester United, Blackburn Rovers, Birmingham City, Sydney FC and Sunderland respectively, while he was the assistant manager of the T&T national team until the completion of the qualifying matches for the 2010 FIFA World Cup. He was first discovered by Graham Taylor, at the time the Aston Villa manager, on a tour of the West Indies in 1989, when he appeared in a team that played a friendly match against Aston Villa, impressing Taylor who immediately offered him a trial at Villa. Yorke was an integral member of the Villa team that reached the League Cup Final in 1996, which they won 3–0 against Leeds United with Yorke getting on the scoresheet and on September 30 1996, he scored a

hat-trick against Newcastle United in a 4–3 defeat, after Newcastle were leading 3–1 at halftime against a 10-man Aston Villa lineup. In his first season with Manchester United, Yorke was a key player in guiding his club to a unique treble of the Premiership title, FA Cup and UEFA Champions League, and forming a legendary partnership with Andy Cole. Yorke finished the season as the top league goalscorer with 18 goals and contributed goals against Bayern Munich, Barcelona, Internazionale and Juventus in the Champions League and was also a regular member of United’s 1999– 2000 title-winning team, contributing 22 goals in all competitions. “Touring around the Caribbean and seeing the look on people’s face in the past few days, tells me a lot. Just to see the joy and the sort of look … so to speak … when we presented the trophies in all these various Caribbean countries is a wonderful thing. Today is a special day for Guyana and Guyanese. I must say congratulations after you defeated T&T in a World Cup qualifier under the guidance of the Trinidadian coach, which goes to show the passion here in Guyana for football, even though we know that cricket is the first love in this part of the world.” He added, “Over the years, you have been a progressive country and your reward was obviously beating Trinidad and having a Trinidadian coach as well is great and I am sure that with the trophy being here in Guyana would encourage the young people to progress in the world of football, while bringing the people together.”

From left, Banks DIH’s Carlton Joao, George McDonald and FIFA Brand Ambassador Dwight Yorke (right) pay keen attention as Minister of Sport Dr Frank Anthony deliver his remarks to welcome the FIFA World Cup Trophy and its delegation, to Guyana. (Photo by Cullen Bess-Nelson) He reminded his audience which included Minister of Sport Dr Frank Anthony, CoManaging Director of Banks DIH George McDonald, Sales and Marketing Executive of Banks DIH Carlton Joao and president of the Guyana Football Federation (GFF) Christopher Matthias, that football is a global sport and one that brings people together. “I am very privileged and also humbled by the fact that I was given the opportunity to be Brand Ambassador, which enables me not only to represent Trinidad and Tobago alone but the people of the Caribbean as well and I am sure the people of Guyana would enjoy having the Trophy in the country,” said Yorke. CORPORATE GIANT In his remarks, Matthias applauded Banks DIH through its Coca Cola brand of products, for bringing

football’s ‘Holy Grail’ to the Land of Many Waters, saying it would touch the lives of Guyanese far and wide. “On its own, the beautiful game of football achieves an objective, for those who participate on the field of play are the beneficiaries of life’s lessons, namely discipline, teamwork and learning to win as well as learning to lose. “No one can deny the measure of emotions which the game itself evokes on those off the field of play, long after the 90 minutes would have ended, hence it is indeed fitting to commend Coca Cola, the corporate giant for this initiative of partnering with the world’s governing body of football FIFA and for bringing to 89 football-loving nations, the tangible part of football, the FIFA World Cup Trophy.” He added, “Many who are unable to attend the actual FIFA World Cup, can still be made to

feel a part and parcel of the institution of football. By this magnanimous gesture, two institutions FIFA and Coca Cola have achieved the commendable objectives of touching lives and the GFF wishes to extend heartfelt gratitude to FIFA, Coca Cola and to the family of Banks DIH for this initiative.” McDonald, who later said he would be a part of the 2014 FIFA World Cup which will be hosted in neighbouring Brazil, echoed the sentiments of Yorke and Matthias by saying Guyanese are proud to have the FIFA World Cup Trophy in the country. “Last month, the media highlighted the FIFA World Cup Trophy tour by Coca Cola as the largest and longest tour ever, since it will be visiting more countries during its nine-month journey around the globe, doing so in 89 countries, 39 of whom will organise events,” said McDonald. On the list, Guyana, who

is receiving the Trophy following its tour of Suriname, is country number 27 while being the penultimate stop for the Caribbean leg of the tour which commenced on September 12 2013 in Brazil and will conclude in April 2014, with T&T being the final stop. “The Trophy will be visiting 50 countries that have never had the opportunity to hoist it before and this is an exciting and unforgettable buildup to the kickoff next year June in Brazil and having it in Guyana today is indeed a great moment for us. “It offers us a once-in-alifetime view of the world’s most coveted symbol in football and it is indeed our pleasure to provide those interested persons with a firsthand view of the Trophy, thanks to the Coca Cola company who has had a long, outstanding relationship with FIFA, since 1974.”

Banks Beer Premier League getting hotter By Michael DaSilva THE Guyana Football Federation (GFF)/Banks Beer Premier League is getting hotter, as the 16 teams involved continue to eye the whooping $3M first prize at stake. Already, Georgetown Football Association (GFA) sides, Alpha ‘The Hammer’ United and Guyana Defence Force

(GDF) are leading the points standing with nine and eight points respectively after three matches each, but they are being closely followed by East Demerara Football Association’s (EDFA) Buxton United and Berbice Football Association’s (BFA) Rosignol United with seven points each from three matches also. Alpha United have a plus

six goal difference as against GDF’s plus three, Rosignol United have a plus one goal difference while Buxton United have a plus four. The League will continue on Sunday with another eight matches at different venues. GFA’S BK Western Tigers with four points to their name from three matches will face East Bank’s Grove Hi-Tech

(five points) from 18:00hrs at the Georgetown Football Club, ground in the feature match of a double-header card which will see GDF clash with Upper Demerara Football Association’s (UDFA) Winners Connection from 20:00hrs. On the West Coast Demerara, Young Achievers will meet Riddim Squad at the Den Amstel Community Centre

ground from 13:30hrs while homesters Den Amstel face GFA’s Santos from 15:30hrs. At the Buxton Community Centre ground, East Coast Demerara, BV/Triumph will come up against Rosignol United from 13:30hrs and Buxton United challenge Alpha United from 15:30hrs. Mahaica Determinators are down to oppose Milerock from

16:30hrs at the Golden Grove Community Centre ground, East Coast Demerara. The second-place team in the League will receive $2M, while the third- and fourth-placers will collect $1M and $500 000 respectively. Football fans are reminded that at each playing venue, a lucky spectator will receive a gate prize.


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Here we go gentlemen! Minister of Sport Dr Frank Anthony (3rd left) gently unveils the FIFA World Cup Trophy in the Arrival Lounge of the Cheddi Jagan International Airport yesterday morning, in the presence of, from left GFF president Christopher Matthias, FIFA representative Brad Ross, Banks DIH’s co-Managing Director George McDonald, FIFA Brand Ambassador Dwight Yorke and Banks DIH’s Sales and Marketing Executive Carlton Joao. (Photos by Cullen Bess-Nelson)

The real deal! The FIFA World Cup Trophy sits proudly on its pedestal, after being unveiled by Minister of Sport Dr. Frank Anthony in the Arrival Lounge of the Cheddi Jagan International Airport yesterday morning.

Minister of Sport Dr Frank Anthony (3rd left) shares a light moment with, from left GFF president Christopher Matthias, FIFA representative Brad Ross, Banks DIH’s co-Managing Director George McDonald, FIFA Brand Ambassador Dwight Yorke and Banks DIH’s Sales and Marketing Executive Carlton Joao, after he unveiled the Trophy.

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