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Heavy downpour floods Georgetown, coastal communities Page 2

-schools forced to close

Flood woes in Georgetown (Sonell Nelson photos)

Health sector on alert for public health threat Page 6

– in wake of flooding

Another 1,100 benefit from OLPF distribution Page 8

Page 8 Guyana contributes to relief efforts for The Philippines in wake of typhoon Haiyan

Effective City Council management would have lessened flooding impact -President Ramotar

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Proposed 5% salary increase is above current inflation rate - President Ramotar

President Donald Ramotar

Sheema Mangar murder...

Barbados lab reports

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negative finding from DNA test


GUYANA CHRONICLE Thursday November 28, 2013

Heavy downpour floods Georgetown, coastal communities -schools forced to close

By Geeta Rampersaud

Women making their way through the flooded King Street area.(Sonell Nelson photos)

A heavy and prolonged downpour Tuesday night and yesterday morning caused flooding in some commercial and residential areas in Georgetown as well as in some coastal communities. Many woke up to flooded yards, lower flats, streets and even roads due to heavy, incessant rainfall. This inclement weather

condition caused inconvenience to persons and their daily routines, such as business places, schools, etc. For instance, even the Magistrates Court was put off, because of the rising water. Schools were closed as a result of the condition and the Ministry of Education informed the general public that all public schools in Georgetown and along the East Bank and East Coast of Demerara were closed for yesterday. Nevertheless, some persons still managed to get on with their day’s work in spite of the flood, but with much difficulty. This was evident by buses and other means of transportation not being able to access certain routes or took longer than the usual time to

next 6-12 hours. The heaviest rainfall is expected to be over Regions 2 and 4 recording between 50 and 100mm. Flash flood warning remains in effect for flood-prone areas along the Coast. DRAINAGE AND IRRIGATION INTERVENTION The NDIA has also reported that while there is flooding in parts of Regions 2 and 3, the city and its outskirts; East Coast Demerara is, however, not significantly affected. While the Ministry of Agriculture continues to monitor the situation, the NDIA has been mandated to remove two excavators from the Hope Canal Project which will be used to clear priority outfall

A sales clerk using a bucket to bail out water from a store along Regent Street transport passengers. HYDRO METEOROLOGICAL OFFICE REPORT It was reported by the Hydro meteorological office that a high-pressure system over the Bermuda Triangle which was dominant, forced the intertropical Convergence Zone to shift from its last position, to about 6 degrees North of the equator bringing it directly over Guyana’s Coast. As a result, the heavy downpour caused accumulation of water in parts of Regions 2, 3 and 4. This sixhour rainfall of 128.9mm or 5.1 inches which was recorded at the Botanical Gardens was the highest recorded data analysed for Georgetown since 1892. The weather forecast up to midnight Tuesday night didn’t indicate or provide any warning of the weather condition experienced. Yesterday morning’s rainfall had an intensity of 21.5mm per hour, compared to 6.9mm per hour in 2005 and 5.9mm per hour in 2004. Cloudy conditions are expected to continue over the

channels. The first outfall to be cleared will be Cottage, Mahaicony Region 5. The pumps at Liliendaal and Kitty are operable but are intermittent based on water levels in the reservoir. Presently, the pumps at Kingston (forestry) and Lama Canal are non-functional and the Council has since made a request for NDIA to assist in ensuring these become operable. The Ministry of Agriculture and its agencies (NDIA & Hydromet) will continue to monitor the situation and will issue advisories where necessary. MINISTRY OF AGRICULTURE ADVISORY The Ministry of Agriculture is advising the general public that the current heavy downpour has resulted in parts of Regions 3 and 4 being under water. Currently, the NDIA, Ministry of Agriculture and the regional administrations are taking all measures to ensure that See page 3

GUYANA CHRONICLE Thursday November 28, 2013


Heavy downpour floods ... From page 2

Floodwater covers the compound of Bishop’s High School

Lama Avenue Bel Air Park under water causing the Guyana National Newspaper Limited (GNNL) to purchase sandbags to aid in blocking water from entering the building

Many businesses were closed along Middle Street due to heavy flooding the water recedes effectively. Thus far, all kokers in these areas are functioning to ensure that the water effectively drains off-land in a timely manner. However, the NDIA is cautioning persons to assist by unblocking all internal drains in residential areas. The Ministry is also assuring the public that the situation is under control and appealed for persons to be responsible and not to incite a panic mode. Cabinet ministers and other government officials, and engineers will also be visiting affected areas. In the meantime, residents in low lying and riverine areas are asked to take necessary precautionary measures against rising water levels. Kindly contact the Ministry of Agriculture on hotline number 227-5049/223-7291, if the need arises.

Court sessions at the Georgetown Magistrates Court were cancelled, yesterday, because of the rising flood


GUYANA CHRONICLE Thursday November 28, 2013

Moscow police arrest ‘armed Islamists’ in raids

Fifteen radical Islamists have been arrested in Moscow with bombs, hand grenades and guns seized, Russian police say. They say the group were members of an Islamist group called At-Takfir Wal-Hijra. Police say the arrests were made during early-morning raids at flats in the east of the Russian capital.

extremist groups in the region. It shares its name with a militant group founded in Egypt in the 1960s, although it is not clear whether the organisations are linked. With just over two months to go before Russia hosts the Winter Olympics in the Black Sea resort of Sochi, these arrests will attract more international attention than usual, says

The number of militant attacks in Moscow itself has dropped since the end of Russia’s second war in Chechnya, our correspondent reports. However, the attacks that

Dramatic footage of the arrests provided by the interior ministry was broadcast on Russian TV Officials said three homemade bombs, detonators and fuses for making more devices were also found. At-Takfir Wal-Hijra was banned by Russia’s Supreme Court in 2010 for “inciting interethnic and interreligious enmity”, Russia’s Interfax news agency reports. The group has been mentioned in local media reports several times in the recent years as being one of the most active

the BBC’s Daniel Sandford in Moscow. In recent years the conflict between Russian forces and separatists in Chechnya has fuelled attacks by Islamists. The violence has spread across the North Caucasus, including to mainly-Muslim Ingushetia and Dagestan, killing hundreds of people, among them members of the government and security services.

DATE: 27/11/2013 V 15 03 25 01 02 17 12

Judge rejects OJ Simpson’s bid for retrial (BBC News) US ex-sports star OJ Simpson has lost his bid for a retrial over his armed robbery and kidnapping conviction. Simpson, who was jailed for up to 33 years for the September 2007 incident, argued for a new trial on the grounds his lawyer had botched his defence. However, a judge ruled that “all grounds in the petition lack merit and, consequently, are denied”. Simpson’s lawyers said the 66-year-old was disappointed but would appeal against the verdict. Simpson was jailed for between nine and 33 years for his attempts to take back photos and footballs he believed had been stolen from him. He was accompanied by five other men when he seized the goods from memorabilia dealers at the Palace Station Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. Simpson says he should be Simpson is facing at least given a new trial because his another four years in lawyer Yale Galanter had given prison him bad legal advice and failed to represent him effectively. Mr Galanter rejected the claims. He denied approving Simpson’s decision to retrieve the memorabilia, and told a court that Simpson knew his associates had guns when they went to the Nevada hotel. He also denied failing to tell the former star NFL running back-turned-actor about plea-bargain offers. Mr Galanter said he felt vindicated by the ruling. “As OJ’s lawyer and confidante, it was gut-wrenching for me to have to be in a position to defend my strategy and efforts on his behalf as his lawyer and testify against my client,’’ Mr Galanter told The Associated Press news agency. Simpson is facing at least another four years in prison. His lawyer Patricia Palm told AP: “We’re confident that when we get to the right court we’ll get relief because he deserves relief, because he didn’t get a fair trial.’’ Simpson was famously acquitted of the murder of his former wife and her friend in Los Angeles in 1995.

have taken place have been very serious, such as the suicide bombing at Domodedovo international airport, which killed 37 people in January 2011, he adds.

Italy’s Senate expels ex-PM Silvio Berlusconi

(BBC News) THE Italian Senate has voted to expel ex-Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi from parliament with immediate effect over his conviction for tax fraud. Berlusconi, who has dominated politics for 20 years, could now face arrest over other criminal cases as he has lost his immunity from prosecution. He told supporters in Rome it was a “day of mourning” for democracy. Ahead of the vote, he vowed to remain in politics to lead his Forza Italia in a “fight for the good of Italy”. A defiant Berlusconi told supporters gathered outside his Rome residence that “no political leader has suffered a persecution such as I have lived through”. He said: “It is a bitter day, a day of mourning.” Berlusconi, 77, said his struggle would continue outside parliament. He said: “We must stay on the field, we must not despair if the leader of the centre-right is not a senator any more. There are leaders of other parties who are not parliamentarians.” The vote marks the end of a process which determines that Berlusconi cannot take part in any general election for six years. The BBC’s Alan Johnston in Rome says that Berlusconi has been flung out of parliament in the most humiliating of circumstances - effectively told that as a convicted felon he is no longer fit for public office. Our correspondent says that, while there is no question this is a major blow to the former PM’s political ambitions, the Berlusconi show is far from over - he will continue to lead Forza Italia outside parliament, a party that has considerable electoral support.


















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GUYANA CHRONICLE Thursday November 28, 2013


Two die in Brazil World Cup stadium accident

(BBC News) TWO people have died in an accident at Sao Paulo’s stadium that is due to host the opening ceremony of the 2014 Football World Cup, police say. A senior local fire official said crews were called to the Arena Corinthians after reports of a collapsed crane. It fell on top of a metal structure, destroying parts of a stand. The arena was due to be completed at the end of December to meet a Fifa deadline. Brazil has admitted it is struggling to have all 12 venues ready. Brazilian police say at least two people were killed and a number injured in Wednesday’s accident. Earlier reports quoted fire officials as saying that three people died. Odebrecht Infrastructure, the company building the stadium, told the BBC that the accident happened shortly before 13:00 local time

(15:00 GMT). It said “the crane that hoisted the last module of the structure of the metal roof collapsed causing the fall of the part of the circulation area of the east building”. A LED panel outside the venue was also hit. The company stressed that the structure of the stadium was not damaged. Most of the workers are believed to have been away on their lunch breaks at the time. TV footage later showed the huge metal structure buckled on top of the stadium, which is also known as Itaquerao. Corinthians, the club that will move into the new stadium, said in a short statement that it “deeply regrets the accident”. Sepp Blatter, president of Fifa - football’s world governing body - said he was “deeply saddened by the tragic deaths”. Fifa Secretary General Jerome Valcke said: “Extremely

shocked by the news from Sao Paulo. Our thoughts are with the families of the victims of this accident.” In a statement, the world football governing body added that “the safety of workers is the top priority for Fifa” and Brazil’s government. The venue is being built by Brazil’s Odebrecht company, who recently said the arena was about 94% ready. The stadium is expected to seat nearly 50,000 people. However, temporary seats are to be added for the World Cup opening match due to a Fifa request. This is the third fatal accident in World Cup stadiums in Brazil, with two other construction workers killed over the past two years. Six of Brazil’s stadiums including Itaquerao - are not yet ready for the World Cup next summer.

After legal threat by death row inmate...

Lawyers support move to sue CJ (Trinidad Guardian) SEVERAL attorneys have expressed support for the intended legal action threatened by death row inmate Lester Pitman challenging the Court of Appeal’s almost four-year delay to hand down a decision in his appeal against three murder convictions. When contacted yesterday, the lawyers, who all have extensive experience in presenting appeals to the court but spoke on the condition of anonymity, all described the court’s delay in Pitman’s case as unacceptable.  The legal threat seeks to compel the Court of Appeal to deliver the outstanding judgment. Chief Justice Ivor Archie was one of the judges who heard the appeal. “Pitman has raised a serious issue. You cannot have a man waiting in jail for almost four years for the result of his appeal,” one attorney said. The attorney said one of his clients has also been waiting for over a year-and-a-half for the judgment in his appeal and his family had suggested filing a similar constitutional motion as promised by Pitman, in the pre-action protocol letter his attorneys sent to the office of the Solicitor General on Monday.  He, however, expressed optimism that Pitman’s threat of legal action would serve as the catalyst for the court’s speedy delivery of the outstanding judgment in Pitman’s case and those of several other convicted men. “I’m sure they (Appeal Court) will deliver all those judgments by the end of the year,” the attorney said. Anoth-

er attorney took issue with the Court of Appeal’s silence on the issue and demanded that they give a detailed explanation for their delay. “They can’t just say that it is unfortunate. They need to explain to him (Pitman) and the public why they are taking so long to deliver these important judgments,” the lawyer said. Both attorneys also noted that there were several other appeals which were outstanding, including one filed by convicted drug traffickers

Barry Francis and Roger Hinds, in which the court was asked to determine if the 25-year mandatory minimum sentence for drug trafficking could be considered cruel, unusual and arbitrary punishment. “That judgement is 16 months overdue. Over 15 convicted persons are waiting for that judgment to be sentenced by the High Court,” the attorney said.

Aerial footage showed the site in Brazil where the crane collapsed

Griffith: CSME spirit abused...

Illegals will be deported (Trinidad Guardian) PEOPLE trying to enter Trinidad and Tobago with bogus credentials and trickery will be denied entry and sent back to their home countries, says National Security Minister Gary Griffith. Griffith made the comment yesterday as he warned foreigners that if they did not meet this country’s strict entry requirements they would not be allowed in.  The minister, in a telephone interview, said there were some 30,000 illegal immigrants, including those from Jamaica, St Lucia, St Vincent and the Grenadines, Guyana and other Caribbean countries and various parts of Africa, living and working in T&T, who were not paying taxes and denying locals of job opportunities. Immigration sources said yesterday that they also intend to locate

illegal immigrants in T&T and deport them to their respective countries. Asked to elaborate on his plans to tackle illegal immigrants, Griffith said he preferred not to comment, as there were sensitive talks now taking place between T&T and Jamaica regarding the recent deportation of 13 Jamaicans at Piarco International Airport. The deportation has led to angry reaction from Jamaica’s business groups and citizens, who have launched social media campaigns calling for a boycott of goods from this country and next year’s Carnival festivities in T&T.  To placate the situation, Foreign Affairs Minister Winston Dookeran has been invited by his Jamaican counterpart, Arnold J Nicholson, to talks aimed at resolving the dispute. Yesterday, Grif-

fith said T&T was not being “obnoxious” in blocking those who failed to produce valid documents at the ports of entry. “We cannot continue to have a situation where people are coming into the country and robbing the State of millions by not paying taxes,” he said.




Human trafficking


HE Guyana Chronicle of November 27, 2013, reported on the rescue of three Guyanese teenaged girls in Suriname. According to the report, the three girls were held against their will and forced to perform duties as sex workers at a brothel located in the interior of that country. The report further stated that three people were arrested, including a Guyanese woman who owns the place. The Trinidad Express of October 31, 2013, carried a story with the headline: “Million-dollar sex trade in T&T.” The report was based on a news conference held after a meeting between Trinidad’s National Security and Justice Ministers and their Venezuelan counterparts. The officials from the two countries reportedly met to discuss initiatives to crack down on the illegal trafficking of humans, drugs and guns and protecting the borders of both countries. At the same news conference, the ministers disclosed that women were trafficked into Trinidad and Tobago for the purpose of prostitution. They specifically mentioned 14 cases where women from Venezuela, Colombia and Guyana were trafficked to that country. What is human trafficking? According to the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC), Trafficking in Persons refers to the “recruitment, transportation, transfer, harbouring or receipt of persons, by means of the threat or use of force or other forms of coercion, of abduction, of fraud, of deception, of the abuse of power or of a position of vulnerability or of the giving or receiving of payments or benefits to achieve the consent of a person having control over another person, for the purpose of exploitation. Exploitation shall include, at a minimum, the exploitation or the prostitution of others or other forms of sexual exploitation, forced labour or services, slavery or practices similar to slavery, servitude or the removal of organs. From the above newspaper reports, it may appear as if “Trafficking in Persons” is confined to the Region, but that is not the case. Trafficking in Persons or Human Trafficking is a worldwide phenomenon, including Europe and the United States. The reason we don’t hear of more cases is not indicative of it not happening. It has more to do with it not being discovered as the people who perpetrate these crimes do it secretly. Victims are usually kept in confined spaces. And when they serve clients they are warned not to say anything as their family members may be harmed. For this reason, victims of “Trafficking in Persons” usually don’t tell anyone. When cases are eventually discovered, it is usually found that the crime had often been ongoing for a period of time. Some cases are never discovered and the victims of these cases never get justice, allowing the perpetrators to get away with their crimes. Most of those who end up as victims of Trafficking in Persons are recruited under false pretence. For example, they would respond to an appealing job offer, which appears in their local media. They are then usually transported to another town or country where their passports are taken away and they’re forced to have sex with multiple clients. Those

GUYANA CHRONICLE Thursday November 28, 2013

Health sector on alert for public health threat

AN emergency medical response team has been established to address any public health threats that may arise as a result of the flooding in Georgetown and its environs. The heavy rainfall experienced over the early hours of yesterday was brought on by a shift in the inter-tropical convergence zone from its last position to about six degrees north of the equator, bringing it directly over Guyana’s coast. The team was organised by the ministry during a meeting of health officials including the Minister of Health Dr Bheri Ramsaran, Chief Medical Officer Dr Shamdeo Persaud, Director, Regional Health Services Dr Monica Odwin, CEO Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC) Michael Khan and Civil Defence Commission’s Major Kester Craig. The team is also liaising with other key stakeholders such as the Mayor and City Council, government health facilities and pharmaceutical warehouses. All health centres have been placed on alert to provide adequate response by detecting, treating and managing patients with symptoms of water borne and other diseases. Adequate medical supplies have also been provided. The ministry has ascertained that there is an adequate supply of oral rehydrating salts, bleach and chlorine tablets, as needed.  Two outreach teams have been mobilised to serve the Albouystown and Festival City communities until the flood is over.  Public health advisories have been issued through the media and will also be sent to the school system, whilst doctors are being sent to strengthen staffing in various municipalities. The ministry is relying on Cuban trained Guyanese doctors to provide this addi-

– in wake of flooding

tional support. Prior to the meeting, the ministry was monitoring the situation and Minister Ramsaran is urging parents to supervise their children and keep them out of the flooded areas. Damage to other municipal health centres is being reviewed, whilst outreaches are being planned for other affected areas. WEATHER REPORT Meanwhile, the Ministry of Agriculture has reported that a high pressure system over the Bermuda Triangle forced the inter-tropical convergence zone to shift from its last position, bringing it directly over Guyana’s coast. As a result, the heavy downpour caused flooding in parts of Regions 2, 3 and 4. This six-hour rainfall of 128.9mm, or 5.1 inches, which was recorded at the Botanical Gardens was the highest recorded data analysed for Georgetown since 1892. The weather forecast up to midnight last Tuesday night did not indicate or provide any warning of the weather condition experienced. Yesterday morning’s rainfall had an intensity of 21.5mm per hour, compared to 6.9mm per hour in 2005 and 5.9mm per hour in 2004. Cloudy conditions are expected to continue over the next six to 12 hours. The heaviest rainfall is expected to be over Regions 2 and 4, recording between 50 and 100mm. (GINA)

Woman appeals for donations towards kidney transplant

By Alex Wayne

THREE MONTHS A VERY distraught and saddened Guyanese woman is soliciting She is expected to undergo the surgery at the Columbia Asia financial assistance to undergo an urgent life-saving surgery Hospital, Kirloskar Business Park, in India. Hebbal, Bangladore, India and Reema Suthan of Lot stay three months there as she 199 Charlotte Street, Bourda, recuperates. turned up at this newspaper’s A breakdown of her expenses Lama Avenue, Bel Air Park shows that she needs US$1,440 Office, Georgetown, literally for accommodation, US$1,260 for in tears, with documents to meals for herself and two attenaffirm her claims. dants, US$1,800 for medicines, She explained that she US$270 for transportation to and would not be able to have the from a guesthouse and US$3,000 mandatory follow-up renal for donor workout. transplant surgery unless she Added to that, she has to find can find US$22,670 to pay US$3,000 for recipient workfor it. out, US$10,000 for the kidney Mrs. Suthan informed that, transplant, US$900 for dialysis in 2007, her family was forced (alternate days) and US$1,000 for to raise G$7M to do a kidney miscellaneous expenses. transplant in India and now, Suthan and her relatives are five years seven months after, desperately appealing to corporate the organ is ‘reacting’ or ‘reGuyana and the general public to jecting’, as she puts it. make heartfelt donations as they As a result of this development, she vomits regularly The ailing Reema Suthan (right) and her husband attempt to save the life of the woman, who, like anyone else, deserves and her feet swell as the Fazil Suthan the right to live. kidney fails to effectively Persons and businesses inexecute its functions. terested in making contributions to the cause can do so by Suthan laments that she has little time to have the operation done placing such into account number 2989358 at the Republic Bank and the entire family is panicking because they are unable to raise branches, or by calling the patient herself on telephone numbers the huge sum required without help. 609- 0616 or 227-4167. who are rescued have a hard time recovering, as they often blame themselves for what they did or didn’t do. Here in Guyana too there have been cases of “Trafficking in Persons.” In April of this year, local newspapers reported that a night club owner had been charged with human trafficking. The case involving an underaged Brazilian female who was allegedly held against her will at the business premise of the accused. In another case, also dating back to April of this year, a serving member of the Guyana Police Force was charged with trafficking in persons. This case involved a 14-yearold girl who was reportedly taken to Kukuma in Region 7, where she was required to have sex with up to nine men. Every year the United States State Department releases its “Trafficking In Persons Report” in which it ranks foreign governments, on their response to trafficking in persons in their countries. For several years the TIP report rapped Guyana for

not doing enough to combat Trafficking In Persons. The Guyana government, using its own figures, has repeatedly rejected these reports, pointing to its public education and awareness campaigns. However, we recognise that these campaigns may not be enough. What is needed is a concentrated multi-sectoral approach, such as what is being proposed for reining in interpersonal violence. There is a need for government to work together with NGOs such as the Guyana Women Miners Organisation (GWMO), an organisation dedicated to the welfare of women in the mining areas of the country. According to the GWMO, exploitation of women is rife in the mining areas, but they are not getting enough support from the Guyana Police Force as well as the Ministry of Human Services. No one group or government department can stamp out Trafficking in Persons on its own. What is needed is a collective approach.

GUYANA CHRONICLE Thursday November 28, 2013


Following heavy rains…

Courts (Guyana) loses millions in flood damage

‘Not a single damaged item will be sold’ - business resumes today, says Marketing Director By Leroy Smith


LL appliances that were housed on the lower flat of Courts (Guyana) furniture and electronics store on Main Street in Georgetown are now worthless after being flooded out yesterday during the heavy downpour.

Electrical appliances, home furnishings and office supplies, among other items, were damaged yesterday after heavy rains which lasted close to seven hours flooded the lower flat of the store. A very distraught but optimistic Director of Marketing, Molly Hassan, told the Guyana Chronicle yes-

terday that it was safe to say millions have been lost but those will be replaced. She took comfort in the fact that all the items that were damaged are fully insured and have a three-year warranty. In addition, the items which were damaged yesterday were only serving the purpose of “show off” to make customers aware

Small rugs afloat in the store even as a worker navigates his way through the floodwaters yesterday.

Director of Marketing at Courts (Guyana) Molly Hassan speaks to the Guyana Chronicle.

Uncouth behaviour of ERC security guard upsets Chronicle trio By Shirley Thomas THREE Guyana Chronicle media operatives (two reporters and a photographer) were upset yesterday at the uncouth behaviour of a security guard who was on duty at the Ethnic Relations Commission Office(ERC) office. Around 15:00 hrs, a Guyana Chronicle vehicle carrying five persons, arrived at the ERC office to drop off two reporters and a photographer who were assigned to cover a Gender and Equality Commission Press Conference. On arriving there, they found that the entire compound was flooded. Then an officer from the Commission invited the driver of the vehicle to drive through the gate to get close enough to the building for easier access. However, the vehicle could not get close enough to the stairs, making it impossible for the staff to enter the building without wading through the flood waters in the yard. Out of concern, the reporters enquired whether it wouldn’t have been wise to provide a plank on which persons could walk to gain ingress to the building. Thereupon, a security guard (seemingly intoxicated) pounced on them exclaiming, “Well, if all yuh got to get plank, get out. Get out de yard!” Needless to say, all five of the staffers in the vehicle (including the driver and a third reporter) were appalled at such uncouth behaviour. They quietly took a decision to leave the compound on the basis of having been rudely accosted. But what was even more disconcerting, was that the officer who was in the yard and had invited the vehicle to drive in failed to reprimand the security guard or even object to his uncouth behaviour. As a result, no coverage was provided by the Guyana Chronicle newspaper for the Women and Gender Equality Commission Press Conference. Ironically, that behaviour portrayed by the security guard smacks of discrimination against the reporters, who were females. In the circumstances, the Guyana Chronicle reporters and photographer are demanding an apology from the security guard, and would like to suggest that the ERC puts systems in place for their guards to be trained to communicate with members of the public.

The Chronicle’s Leroy Smith gets a firsthand look at the damage to a chair set caused by the flood waters which affected Courts Main Street location.

of what the store has in stock. Hassan made it clear to the Guyana Chronicle that the damaged items “will not” be added to the stock which will be on sale in the store since Courts (Guyana) is

known for quality. “The damage and water soaked products will be removed from the store. As you can see we are pumping water from the store and as soon as we clear this floor of the water and damaged items, we will replenish with brand new stock from our well stocked storage bonds,” Hassan stated. Courts Guyana is expected to be open for business today. The disruption was just for one day, she noted. In explaining the issue of the damaged items, Hassan told this newspaper that the items often seen in the store are only display items but when persons point out what they wish to purchase they are served with brand new items from a mini-storage bond at Main Street. If the item is

out of stock there, then it is sourced from the company’s main storage bond. Hassan did not put an estimate on the losses yesterday since the company was still doing its tabulation. During a walk-through of the store, yesterday, this reporter was given a firsthand look at the extent of the damage to the items, while the insurance company was present taking note of the losses to the company. The damage to the items was discovered yesterday morning when workers turned up for work and realised that the store was inundated. Meanwhile, Courts (Guyana) Inc. has expressed its regrets to their customers and has promised that their service today will be up to the usual standard.


GUYANA CHRONICLE Thursday November 28, 2013

Another 1,100 benefit from OLPF distribution

THE Government of GuyBethel Wesleyan Church, 271 Beterverwagting, residents of ana’s One Laptop Per Famlaptops were presented to resSuccess, Vryheid’s Lust and ily (OLPF) Programme that idents of Paradise, Bare Root, Beterverwagting, received aims to make a large percentage of the country Information and Communication Technology savvy, has made an additional 1,100 recipients happy. The devices were distributed on Tuesday in several East Coast villages and sections of the city. This current distribution is a part of the continuation process of the OLPF’s distribution exercise which began in May, and primarily targets Region 4-Demerara/ Mahaica). This initiative is focused on the distri- A trainer demonstrating the icons on the laptop during bution of 6,000 laptops to a training session recipients of East Coast Demerara, East Bank Demerara and Georgetown. Melanie, and Bachelor’s Adtheir laptops with a total of The exercise was carried venture, East Coast Demerara. 395 given out. out at several locations. At the At the Life Spring Ministries, One hundred and sixty-

five persons also beneernment is embarking on fited from a distribution for the betterment of the exercise that was held citizens and the future at the Volunteer Youth generation. Corps, Durban BackAnother beneficiary, lands. This initiative Brenda Smith, acknowltargeted persons residedged that she was very ing in Meadow Brook pleased to receive her Gardens, Durban Backlaptop. She said it will lands and Guyhoc Garbe easier to access infordens/Park. mation and keep track of Meanwhile, another what’s going on across exercise that was held at the world. the Hebrew Family of Last week the distriGuyana, Christiani Street, bution exercise began North Ruimveldt, saw 277 with several city wards laptops being given to resreceiving, including Ruiidents of West Ruimveldt mveldt, Sophia and Aland surrounding areas. bouystown. The recipients are The OLPF proalso benefiting from a gramme was launched five-day training session, in 2011, and was the which started yesterday A proud recipient displays her brainchild of former at the various distribution laptop President Bharrat Jagoutlets. deo. It aims to equip Yashpaul Sharma, said that Beneficiaries of this 90,000 families with laphe was grateful for the laptop programme expressed grattops and to expand the use and all of the other developitude to the government for of Information and Commumental initiatives that govthis initiative. One recipient, nication Technology (ICT).

More transportation assistance for Amerindians –as three Region 9 communities receive tractors THREE Amerindian communities in Region 9 Upper Takutu/ Upper Essequibo), over the weekend received assistance to further economic enterprises within their communities which depend on farming activities. Minister of Amerindian Affairs, Ms. Pauline Sukhai while on a four-day visit to the region, delivered John Deere tractors costing $5.3M each to Crash Water, Katoonarib and Awarewanau. The machines, in addition to advancing the agricultural venture in each community, will also be used for transport purposes, more so the produce from the farms to the villages and then to the market. Government in a move to assist farmers across the country removed the duty from the cost of the tractors. Sukhai advised that the tractors be used for the intended purposes and that the villages must seek to take care of them to ensure their longevity. She noted that the tractor being given to Katoonarib was to replace another that the ministry supplied to the village, but which it did not care. Expressing disappointment over this situation, Sukhai explained that government sought to replace the vehicle because of the continued pleading of the Toshao and because it is cognisant of the potential that the village has with regard to its economic development. “This investment is being made because government feels that people cannot take charge of their own development, and you cannot take charge of your development if you are vulnerable,” the minister told Katoonarib residents.

Minister of Amerindian Affairs, Pauline Sukhai hands over the keys of a John Deere tractor to Crash Water Toshao, Ram Henr Government has been seeking to make Amerindian communities more self reliant by investing in sustainable economic ventures. There has been investment in farming tools and equipment, and the allocation of funds to create ventures in the case of the Community Development Project (CDPs.) It has been providing vehicles- All Terrain Vehicles (ATVs), minibuses, pick-ups, and boats to boost transportation and make life easier for Amerindians.

Guyana contributes to relief efforts for The Philippines in wake of typhoon Haiyan THE Government of Guyana will make a financial contribution of US$50,000 to assist in the

Toshao of Katoonarib in Region 9, Gregory David test drives the village’s new John Deere tractor

international response to the immense loss of lives and devastation in The Philippines caused by Typhoon Haiyan. Guyana’s contribution will go to the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) which launched an appeal for US$348 million for relief efforts. The OCHA is currently headed by UN Under-Secretary General for Humanitarian Affairs and Emergency Relief Coordinator, Baroness Valerie Amos of the United Kingdom. The OCHA is focusing its efforts on providing food, clean water and shelter, as well as prioritising the needs of women and girls who remain in a vulnerable position following the disaster.

GUYANA CHRONICLE Thursday November 28, 2013

Proposed 5% salary Effective City Council increase is above management current inflation rate - President Ramotar

PRESIDENT Donald Ramotar yesterday said that coming from a trade union background and from a political party that has fought and continues to fight for the rights of the working class, he would want to give much more than a five percent wage increase, however, the treasury cannot facilitate that at this time. Speaking during a special interview at his office yesterday, he reminded of the $32B opposition-imposed budget cut earlier this year. “Important developmental projects are cut like the Amaila Falls which would have been about 25 percent of our GDP… the unions have not said anything about the cuts, even though they have an impact on the development of our economy,” the Head of State said. The Amaila Falls project, which was voted down by the combined opposition, would have seen significant wealth creation and employment opportunities. Since the announcement of an increase in wages and salaries that is not likely to exceed five percent by Head of the Presidential Secretariat, Dr. Roger Luncheon last week, the

Guyana Public Service Union (GPSU) and some workers have staged picketing exercises expressing dissatisfaction with the proposed increase. President Ramotar also reminded that “the increase that we are giving is way above the inflation rate. The half-year economic review that was presented to the Parliament, inflation was less than two percent.” As a result of sound macro-economic policies employed by the government, inflation has been contained to single digits over the last several years. Government has been increasing wages and salaries for public servants every year, even during a period when many countries were forced to do the opposite, in the face of financial constraints. When the People’s Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C) government assumed office in 1992, a public servant’s minimum wage was $3,137 and by 2005 the figure rose to $23,204. In 2012, five percent increase was granted to public servants, in 2011, eight percent, in 2010, five percent and in 2009, six percent.(GINA)

Pomeroon Women’s Agro-Processors trailblazing with local condiments By Shirley Thomas SEEING is believing but more than that the proof of the pudding is in the eating. And this is where Pomeroon Women’s Agro-Processors Association (P-WAPA)continues to stand out among the competition in the local food processing sector.

oon Delight brand. With the Christmas holidays just around the corner, the facility is abuzz with activities, as P-WAPA staffers go into high gear - processing, packaging and dispatching consignments to capture the wholesale and retail markets. Items off their assembly line for the Christmas table include

‘Pomeroon Delight’ flavour enhancing condiments and seasonings such as hot pepper sauce; ground green seasoning; green mango achar; Virgin Coconut Oil; seasoning sauce and brown Bar-B-Q sauce, guaranteed to add that zing to your cuisine. The pace is picking up and time is of the essence. So if you wish to cash in on supplies for the Christmas holidays, just hurry down to the Guyana Marketing Corporation, Robb and Alexander Streets, where a friendly service awaits you. For persons wishing to make wholesale purchases, make immediate

contact on phone number: 6145024. All things being equal, even if you did not get a beautifully wrapped gift for Christmas, no one wants to experience a Christmas that did not offer the best in delicious black cake, rich fruit cake and generous offerings of the most delectable and aromatic cuisine. In the business continuously since 2001, P-WAPA has earned and maintained a reputation for reliability with tasty products, consumer satisfaction and strict hygienic practices.

would have lessened flooding impact -President Ramotar

PRESIDENT Donald Ramotar yesterday expressed his profound concern for citizens and businesses located in Georgetown which have been severely displaced by flooding. The City experienced over five inches of rainfall over the last 12 hours, which placed a lot of pressure on the drainage system. The Head of State said that even though that was a lot of rain for such a short period, the impact could have been significantly lessened had there been a better functioning City Council. “The APNU manages the City; they are in control of the City at this point in time, and we have seen a lot of neglect,” the President lamented. Over the last few years, the Government of Guyana has pumped in millions of dollars to bail out a heavily indebted City Council as a result of mismanagement of its resources. At the moment, the Government, through the Ministries of Agriculture and Public Works, is doing all that it can to remove flood water from the land as quickly as possible. The President posited that hopefully with the holding of the long-awaited local government elections, this situation will be resolved soon. Heavy rainfall that flooded Region 4 and parts of Regions 2 and 3 was attributed to a high pressure system over the Bermuda which forced the Inter-tropical Convergence Zone (ICTZ) to shift from its last position, to about six degrees north of the equator, bringing it directly over Guyana’s Coast. The rainfall recorded at the Botanical Gardens measured 128.9mm or 5.1 inches, the highest recorded in the City since 1892.(GINA)

Nafeeza Resheed displays items of hot pepper sauce; green seasoning and mango achar So, however humble or extravagant your plans for cooking this Christmas, be sure to let P-WAPA, located at Lot 1 Charity, Essequibo Coast, help you get it right via their Pomer-

Preserved Carambola Fruit Mix for your black cake and fruit cake, which will immediately bring back that good old-time Christmas feeling. Then there’s a range of

Staffer Bibi Zalimoon Baksh displays rich Pomeroon Delight Carambola Fruit Mix

Pomeroon Delight Green seasoning Carambola Fruit Mix

Pomeroon Delight Hot Pepper Sauce


Pomeroon Delight Green Mango Achar


Guyanese beheads countryman in Venezuela

A GUYANESE man has reportedly beheaded a countryman in neighbouring Venezuela following a verbal disagreement. The beheaded man has been identified as George Mc Lennon who hails from Sugar Hill, a village near Wauna, North West District. Sources have indicated that Mc Lennon and his alleged assailant, 46-year-old Ivelaw Baird were engaged in an argument at Polvo De Oro, Venezuela, where Guyanese miners have been frequenting for several years now. According to sources, stemming from the disagreement, Baird allegedly took a cutlass and chopped off Mc Lennon’s head on Sunday. According to reports, Guyanese police officers crossed the border and caught up with Baird walking out of the area which is west of the Amacuro River. The body of Mc Lennon was also brought to Guyana by local police and taken to the Mabaruma mortuary. Reports also indicated that Baird was convicted of manslaughter several years ago, having shot dead a girl and injured her nephew on the Barima Road. The two were said to have been walking on the Barima Road when Baird attempted to rape the girl at gunpoint. When the boy protested, he shot both of them but only the girl succumbed.

Two grilled for murder of male sex worker

TWO persons have been questioned and released on Tuesday in relation to the recent murder of a male sex worker in Corentyne, Berbice, reports state. The body of 36-year-old Nandkumar Purnwassie, also known as Vishaul, Champa and Dasrhinie of Tain, Corentyne was found about 05:00 hrs on Tuesday on a street at Anchor Ville, Port Mourant, Corentyne. At the time, the body was said to have a wound to the head and a piece of wood was found nearby. Investigations have so far revealed that Purnwassie had left his home about 10:00 hrs on Monday to go to Anker Ville to help a friend clean for the Christmas Season. Investigators were up to late Tuesday collecting additional information they hope would be vital to their probe. One theory police are working on is that Purnwassie was terminally ill and so he might have been targeted for that reason. Police sources confirmed that Purnwassie was a male sex worker who frequented the Anchor Ville area to offer his services.

GUYANA CHRONICLE Thursday November 28, 2013

Area around City Hall/Supreme Court heavily flooded yesterday causing postponement of scheduled session (Sonell Nelson photo)

Rain interrupts trial of murder accused who paid US$700 to have stepfather killed By George Barclay

JUSTICE Navindra Singh and the jury are expected to be at work today trying to find out whether accused Bissoondial Mahadeo, also called ‘Weedman’, Bibi Shamiza, also called ‘Sham’, Hoosman Khan, also called ‘Strongman’, and Bibi Farida Khan, also called ‘Pum’, are guilty or not guilty of the murder of Motilall Singh on the 7th of September, 2009. What caused no ‘play’ yesterday Yesterday morning, the water in the city canals and the roads nearby were at the same level in certain areas, as vehicles using the roadway resembled motor boats as they spouted water around them. And the Supreme Court stood like an island in the sun. All criminal and civil cases shared the same fate, but the weather is expected to change today. The flash flooding yesterday was evidently caused by the blocked drains and canals and the presence of unsightly heaps of garbage transforming Georgetown from the garden city to a city of garbage. At the Supreme Court some of the clerks had to use their hard earned money to acquire weather gear, particularly long boots. One wonders what would have happened if we had gotten the heavy rains that we used to experience years ago. Only time will tell.

Heavy rainfall, flooding force closure of several schools

Heavy showers left certain sections of Georgetown flooded yesterday. HEAVY rain pounded the city and coast from early yesterday morning, causing flash flooding, and forcing the Ministry of Education

to close all public schools in Georgetown, East Coast Demerara, and East and West Bank Demerara. Citizens occupying areas along the coast woke up to flooded yards, roads, and ground level floors in residential and commercial areas. While several huge pumps were activated, gravity drainage into the sea and rivers was not expected until around 18:00 hrs yesterday. Weather forecasters attribute the heavy rainfall to the Inter Tropical Convergence Zone (ITCZ). “Rain and more rain” is expected but Guyanese can expect a slight ease on Thursday. Meanwhile, the Ministry of Agriculture advised the general public that the current heavy downpour resulted in parts of Regions 3 and 4 being under water. The NDIA, Ministry of Agriculture and the Region Administrations were taking

all measures to ensure that the water recedes effectively. As a result, all kokers in these areas were functioning to ensure that the water effectively drains off the land in a timely manner. However, the NDIA is cautioning persons to assist by unblocking all internal drains in residential areas. The Ministry of Agriculture would also like to assure the public that the situation is under control and for persons to be responsible and not to incite a panic. Cabinet Ministers and other government officials and engineers were reported to be visiting affected areas. Residents in low lying and riverine areas are being asked to take precautionary measures against rising water levels. The Ministry of Agriculture can be contacted on hotline numbers 227-5049 and 223-7291 for further information.

GUYANA CHRONICLE Thursday November 28, 2013


Sheema Mangar murder...

Crime Chief reports...

Barbados lab reports

No further development in probe of teen murder

negative finding from DNA test

By Michel Outridge

CRIME Chief Seelall Persaud disclosed yesterday that local police have received the results of a DNA sample that was sent to Barbados last year for testing to aid investigations into the murder of bank employee Sheema Mangar. He said that the finding came back negative for any match and, as such, they do not have a suspect. The Deputy Commissioner (Law Enforcement) pointed out that, consequently, police cannot make a pronouncement as it relates to the homicide. Following the killing of the former Demerara Bank staffer, on September 10, 2010 potential evidence had been dispatched overseas to be tested. Mangar was at North Road and Camp Street, in Georgetown, waiting for transportation when her Blackberry cell phone was snatched from her. The 21-year-old woman gave chase after the snatcher who entered a motor car that drove off and she placed herself in front of the vehicle, in an effort to stop it but was run over and dragged several feet before it sped away. Public-spirited citizens rushed her to the Georgetown

Public Hospital (GPH), from where she was transferred to St. Joseph Mercy Hospital and died there the next day. Initially, two suspects were held but released later. RETRIEVED FABRIC

However, investigators took parts of the retrieved fabric she was wearing from under the getaway car for examination. Mangar’s mother, Radica Thakoor said, yesterday, that she needs proof of whether, indeed, the second DNA sample sent for testing is in possession of the Guyana Police Force (GPF). The woman added that no such information was related to her yet and also wants to know what the second specimen contained since she had given the police two of her daughter’s working uniforms from which they said portions were taken to be tested overseas. She insisted that she wants closure because it has been more than three years and no one has yet been charged for the brutal murder of her loved one. On May 23, 2013, the Ministry of Home Affairs, in a press release, promised to maintain a close interest in the matter,

adding that it shares the sentiments of the grieving parents and relatives and wished to see the matter brought to a closure to the satisfaction of the Mangar family. “The ministry is of the view that, by now, more progress should have been made in this matter and maintains that this crime would be, ultimately, solved by the Guyana Police Force as has been done with so many other serious crimes,” the ministry said. The ministry said it reconfirmed that two submissions were made to the Barbados Forensic Laboratory, on November 5, 2010 and August 30, 2011,

By Michel outridge

Murdered: Sheema Mangar respectively. A report on the first submission was received in August 2011 when a GPF representative travelled to Barbados to make a second submission. According to the ministry, it was only recently revealed that the Barbados Forensic Laboratory recommenced operations in late 2011, having been closed for repairs from 2009. But it continued to accept submissions.

Mutilated corpse found in South Ruimveldt still unidentified

THE mutilated corpse of a man discovered in Cane View Avenue, South Ruimveldt, Georgetown last week Thursday, was still unidentified up to yesterday, Crime Chief Seelall Persaud reported. He said the body that was found wrapped in blue tarpaulin, is at Lyken Funeral Parlour, also in the city. The discovery was made about 05:20hrs on November 21 with suspected marks of violence. The man is of African ethnicity and appears to be in his late forties, of brown complexion, thin built, about five feet eight inches tall, with Rastafarian hairstyle. He was clad in a multi-coloured vest and a green camouflage three-quarter pants. Police said he may have been killed elsewhere and dumped at the location overnight.

CRIME Chief Seelall Persaud revealed, yesterday, a second opinion was sought in relation to the unsolved murder of 15-year-old Basmattie Moonsammy called ‘Manda’, of Woodley Park, West Coast Berbice. That was after the post mortem failed to ascertain the cause of death and, since then, there has been no further development in the case, the Deputy Commissioner (Law Enforcement) said. The teen’s partly nude and decomposing body, lying face down in a shallow grave in a rice field aback of Number 11 Village, West Coast Berbice, was discovered by a farmer on August 4, about 10:00hrs. Moonsammy, who lived in a small house in the backlands of Murdered: Basmattie Number 11 Village, had, report- ‘Manda’ Moonsammy. edly, left home for an unknown destination while her single parent mother was away at work. GANG RAPED It is believed that the teen was either lured or forcibly taken into the field, where it is suspected that she was gang raped and murdered by a group of men. Police were summoned after her mother had positively identified the corpse upon being informed of the discovery by villagers. Pathologist Dr. Vivekanand Bridgejmohan performed the autopsy on Moonsammy’s corpse but failed to determine the cause of her death. The teenager is survived by her mother and two siblings. Two suspects were arrested, questioned, but subsequently released within a few days and after a review of the file by the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP), police were advised to do further investigations.


GUYANA CHRONICLE Thursday November 28, 2013

Aries March 21 - April 19

Friends are the family you choose for yourself -- and you have chosen very well! That will become all the more apparent today when someone backs you up in a potentially embarrassing situation. Once again, this person has come to your rescue! To repay them, don’t get out your credit card or make dinner reservations -- tell them how much they really mean to you, how much you value them in your life. Honest communication like this will make a bigger impression on them than any gift could.

Taurus April 20 - May 20

Be mindful that when you are communicating your feelings to others, sometimes those others aren’t paying attention. It’s not because what you feel isn’t interesting, and it’s not because they don’t care how you feel. Other people are going through tough times today, and you need to be mindful of that. Acknowledge that they have issues before you go on and on about yours. Ask the questions and listen more to them. You will learn valuable insight from what they say.

Gemini May 21 - June 21

Has your recent spending spree left you feeling just a bit regretful? Today, if you can undo any of the fiscal damage you did, you should. Take back whatever you don’t need, and make a promise to yourself to be a little bit more tight with your money. You don’t have to dramatically change your spending habits or turn into a cheapskate, but you should sober your spending. A big opportunity is coming up, and you will need more cash than you have to take advantage of it.

Cancer June 22 - July 22

You might think you’re seeing double today -- your eyes will be playing some serious tricks on you, especially when they are trained on someone whose opinions you value highly. Wanting to believe something is true is not the same thing as making something true, so be sure to look at people with a clear, critical eye. You need to be able to admit to the truth when you see it, and to act accordingly. If you learn something new and wait too long to act on it, then the truth has gone to waste.

Leo July 23 - August 22

The modest mouse deep down inside of you has been slowly turning into a very proud lion over the past few months, and you are becoming more and more aware of your power. Today, you’ll have a wonderful opportunity to flex your muscles and surprise one or two people who think that they already know all about you, and what you’ll do next. The element of surprise is a powerful force, and it will help you make an indelible impression on some intimidating people.

Virgo August 23 - September 22

If you are looking for some help to develop your self-discipline, then you need only look in the mirror. No one can control you as well as you can control yourself, so stop looking for outside solutions for your inner issues. You (obviously) have a vested interest in how you develop as a person, so you have to focus on helping yourself develop. That little voice inside of you knows what is good for you and what is not good for you, so listen to it.

Libra September 23 - October 22

A fast and furious stream of information will be coming at you today -- and you need to do your best to avoid it. Hide under your desk, turn off your phone, and lose your passwords -- make yourself harder to get a hold of. You need to turn down the volume in your life! This will enable you to appreciate the smaller things, like a friend’s laugh or a perfect cup of coffee. There’s no need to be the centre of the action today. Just be the centre of your own world.

Scorpio October 23 - November 21

Someone who you thought you would never see again will pop back onto the scene today, although probably not in person. They could send you an email, appear in a search result, or just pass you by on the street. There won’t be direct contact, but there will still be a chance to learn something from the encounter. It’s time you let yourself let go of past grudges, suspicions or hard feelings, and realise that life is too short to get caught up in petty games.

Sagittarius November 22 - December 21

It’s time you got reacquainted with the bolder, more aggressive you! The milder, more passive you has been doing well for a while now, but today’s events could require you to do a lot of questioning -- and you’ll want to get prepared. Dress the part of the responsible adult, and know that the first impression you make will be a very long-lasting one. Your ability to start interesting conversations is strong, so why not just push it a bit further? Ask the questions no one else dares to ask!

Capricorn December 22 - January 19

Sure, you have a lot of decisions to make right now -- but don’t think that you have to spend the same amount of time making each one! Prioritise and act more quickly than you usually do. Don’t waste too much time mulling things over. Your gut is going to help you make the right choices, so use it. Too much research and deliberation will paralyse you. Act without really knowing what outcome will be, and things will be most favourable for you.

Aquarius January 20 - February 18

Your bright, fabulous attitude can help you overcome silly little details, today. Move on to deal with the bigger picture, when it comes to where you are -- and where you want to be. While everyone else is getting mired down in the petty nuances of who said what to whom, you will be blissfully removed from all of that drama. Happiness is coursing through your veins, showing you that there is more to life than speculation and small-minded gossip. You have better things to do.

Pisces February 19 - March 20

Your feelings won’t always be the same as the feelings of the most important person in your life, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that your feelings for each other are going to dissolve any time soon, either. If you find yourself laughing hysterically at a commercial while they are fighting back tears, don’t fret. It’s a difference you should respect and even celebrate. Don’t take it as a sign that something is wrong. Just let it be -- and hand them a tissue!

GUYANA CHRONICLE Thursday November 28, 2013


In Berbice…

Ogleton Dam, Angoy’s Avenue residents seeking blackout compensation

By Michael Khan RESIDENTS of Ogleton Dam in Angoy’s Avenue, New Amsterdam, Berbice are seeking compensation from Guyana Power and Light Incorporated (GPL) following a prolonged period of outage which took them by surprise. According to them, last Friday employees of the electricity company went into the area at 10:30 hrs and disconnected the current from all 68 houses along Ogleton Dam and when enquiries were made they were told that there is a high level of theft and the supplier resorted to disconnecting the supplies. Some irate residents, who claimed that they were unable to get an audience with the GPL Berbice authorities, formed a team on Monday evening and visited the home of Region 6 (East Berbice/Corentyne) Chairman Permaul Armogan in Coburg Street, New Amsterdam, to voice their concern. They said Mr. Armogan listened to their complaint and made telephone calls to the GPL officials in the presence of his unexpected guests and later told them the power would be restored on Tuesday November 26. Armogan was able to calm the anger that arose among the complainants after the restoration. Now the consumers are claiming that they suffered losses in the form of meat, fish and dairy products spoilage over the four-day long blackout and want to be compensated by the utility. They said they intend to lead a delegation to the GPL Office in Berbice shortly to air their concerns.

Irate residents of Ogleton Dam, Angoy’s Avenue stand in the dark as they expressed their concerns on Monday evening.


GUYANA CHRONICLE Thursday November 28, 2013

City Hall unable to do anything substantial about flood woes

BY Telesha Ramnarine PUBLIC Relations Officer of the Georgetown Mayor and City Council (M&CC), Mr. Royston King, yesterday said that the municipality is unable to effect any substantial change to the severe flooding situation in the city. He attributed this mainly to the lack of proper coordination and cooperation between Acting Town Clerk Carol Sooba and the Council. King was speaking to the Chronicle following a press conference called by Mayor Hamilton Green at his City Hall office. King said the municipality is very worried that the flooding yesterday could spiral into several other things. “There are enormous implications for the environment.” With respect to the municipal markets, he observed: “The overtopping experienced is affecting stallholders in municipal markets and we imagine

that there will be millions of dollars in losses, particularly in goods that have been stored on the ground.” The Mayor continued to lament the lack of financial resources at the municipality. He told reporters that no drainage work could have been carried out this year, so far, because of the lack of money. Green said the City Council has no “intimate relationship” with the National Drainage and Irrigation Authority (NDIA) and that the Council’s budget for 2013 was a “fractured document” that ignored reality and failed to cater for major services such as drainage. Furthermore, he said no drainage works could be completed because there were no trucks available to move the necessary stuff around. The acting Town Clerk had the trucks engaged elsewhere, he informed, and the Council could not benefit from the services of

Photos saved as: Council Pics Captions: Pic 1:

City Hall’s entrance on Regent Street. private trucks because Sooba refused to pay. Meanwhile, Deputy Mayor Patricia Chase-Green predicted doom for the city, especially for the holiday season, when she informed reporters that Georgetown is in for a “very serious health crisis” and that the municipality is operating with a single garbage truck. Addressing the issue of the ‘Christmas Garbage’, ChaseGreen said the city is worse off than it ever was with an Acting Town Clerk that is adamant. “We cannot handle the garbage situation,” she declared. According to Chase-Green, Sooba declared last Monday at the Council’s fortnightly statutory meeting that she will not spend any more money on garbage. “We have never seen Georgetown in this state,” she said. The problem has to do with adamant officers who are not setting the priorities of the Council right, Chase-Green observed. “She (Sooba) is saving

money at the cost of the nation. She refuses to buy trucks while the garbage continues to pile up.” Chase-Green said for the Christmas season, citizens will have to be competing with cockroaches, flies, rats, and mosquitoes as they traverse the roadways, along with several waterborne diseases. She expressed hope that the government will soon see it fit to have a qualified town clerk installed. But Sooba, when contacted yesterday, denied that she said anything of the sort at the last statutory meeting. And she also did not agree with the doom predicted because she said the Public Works Ministry loaned the municipality three trucks to assist with garbage disposal for the season. Sooba also complained that the Mayor, Deputy Mayor and some councillors have consented to putting back itinerant vendors on the streets, thus, contributing to the piling up of garbage and the blocking up of drains.

City Hall’s compound yesterday

GUYANA CHRONICLE Thursday November 28, 2013



GPL announces initiatives to mitigate inclement weather impact

GUYANA Power and Light Inc. (GPL), announced, yesterday that in light of the inclement weather pattern, it has implemented several initiatives to mitigate the probability of network faults. The utility said it has strengthened its emergency response services to ensure prompt response time and intensified efforts to remove all encumbering vegetation along the corridor of its transmission lines across Guyana. A release said: “In addition, we are imploring all persons to exercise caution where necessary to alleviate the instances of network faults and also ensure one’s safety.” Customers may be guided by the following: * Exercise caution when using the roadways in an effort to avoid accidents and getting into contact with the company’s infra-

structure; * do not tamper with or connect illegally to GPL’s network; * report any illegal connections, meter tampering or other activities related to theft of electricity; * in the event of flooding, turn off your main switch and place electrical appliance(s) on higher ground; * do not touch exposed electrical wires; * stay away from trees that are touching power lines or may sway in the breeze and touch power lines; * allow GPL teams to trim trees that are either too close or may fall on transmission lines and  * if trees or branches are close to power lines, please call GPL for assistance at the Emergency Call Centre on telephone number 592– 226-4015.

GUYANA CHRONICLE Thursday November 28, 2013

Leroy Smith to co-host NTN’s morning radio show

Leroy Smith will from today co-host the NTN’s morning show on 89.1 FM. The arrangement has been put in place while regular host Ossie Rogers will be interacting with his listeners from the United States of America. Smith will be at the helm of the show for two weeks until the return of Rogers who will resume his duties as the main host, while Leroy Smith is still to decide if he will remain a co-host for the programme after Rogers return to Guyana. The NTN morning show has been making tremendous waves across the country since its launch when the first tune was played by President Donald Ramotar. Rogers has been LEROY hosting the NTN’s SMITH Morning Show since its introduction to the public and from then to now the programme has been rapidly bringing together Guyanese from all across Guyana and the Diaspora. There is a very wide listenership in New York, Florida, Canada and other parts of the world which is due to the streaming availability of the radio station’s programme via www.ntntv-radio. com With Leroy Smith at the consoles the programme is expected to flow as per normal with all the various segments within the three and half hour running time being maintained. That includes the one hour Courts Guyana segment and the call in segment of the programme. Leroy Smith had his genesis in radio back in 2004 when he joined the National Communications Network Inc. months after the Guyana Broadcasting Corporation (GBC) and Guyana Television (GTV) were merged. Smith moved on to voicing a few script ads and doing time signals before eventually being allowed to host two programmes on Friday and Saturday nights on 98.1 Hot Fm. Persons who wish to be part of the show via its live call in segments can do so by calling 225 8097 or 225 8098. The NTN morning show runs from 06.30 to 09.00 hrs, Monday through Friday. In addition to the morning show, Leroy Smith will also be hosting the Saturday night programme from 19:00 to 21:00hrs.

For Thursday November 28, 2013 - 13:30hrs For Friday November 29, 2013 - 14:30hrs For Saturday November 30, 2013 - 14:30hrs

GUYANA CHRONICLE Thursday November 28, 2013



GUYANA CHRONICLE Thursday November 28, 2013

GUYANA CHRONICLE Thursday November 28, 2013



GUYANA CHRONICLE Thursday November 28, 2013

GUYANA CHRONICLE Thursday November 28, 2013



GUYANA CHRONICLE Thursday November 28, 2013

GUYANA CHRONICLE Thursday November 28, 2013


Pakistan win Abrams’ hat-trick first ODI series hands defending ... against South Africa From Back Page

The Pakistan team celebrates its maiden ODI series win against South Africa in Port Elizabeth, yesterday. ODI match and amassed a sizeable 262 all out on the (REUTERS):Pakistan won a back of Shehzad’s ton and bilateral one-day internationa pair of 42s from Sohaib al series against South Africa Maqsood and Umar Akmal. for the first time when they Dale Steyn continued his claimed a one-run victory in a excellent recent form with thrilling finale in Port Elizabeth the ball to record career-best yesterday. figures of six for 39, a lone Pakistan now lead the threehand in a Proteas attack that match series 2-0 with one to otherwise battled to contain play, their victory set up by a suthe visiting batsmen. perb 102 from Ahmed Shehzad South Africa looked in a match reduced to 45 overs to have paced their chase per side after early rain. well. Captain AB de Villiers The visitors were sent into smashed a whirlwind 74 from bat in South Africa’s 500th 45 balls and opener Hashim Amla fell two runs short of his century in the last ball of the penultimate over. But needing nine off the final over to win with five wickets remaining, the impressive Junaid Khan (three for 42) bowled a number of yorkers that the South African batsmen could not get off the square. The home side needed a six off the last ball but Khan’s legside delivery flicked the pads of David Miller and raced to the fine leg boundary for a four as South Africa ended their innings on 261 for six. The third and final oneday international will be played in Pretoria on Saturday

the first being scored exactly two minutes after Abrams got his second goal. With the scoreline reading 2-2, many felt that Leopold Street, who had an unsuccessful run in the second annual Caribbean ‘Guinness Greatest of the Streets’ competition last year in comparison to Back Circle’s sojourn the previous year, were on the verge of making a successful start to their title defence. However, Laing Avenue had other ideas in mind and they rose to the forefront when Abrams completed the lone hattrick of the night and first for this year’s tournament, when he found the back of the net in the 13th minute followed by Fabian Crawford’s strike one minute later which sealed the win for the eventual victors. Jackson scored his brace in the 4 th and 24 th minutes respectively for South Sophia, which along with Ryan O’Selmo’s solitary strike in the 5th minute, handed Norton StreetEast a 3-0 defeat, a contest which was followed by Berlin Massive’s 4-0 drubbing over Stevedore Housing Scheme. Brenons scored his double in the 17th and 20th minutes of play for Berlin Massive, after Travis Heyliger opened their scoring in the sixth minute, followed by Devon Charles’ 8th minute strike which handed them a 2-0 lead. Kevin Griffith (13th), Jamal Cozier (27th) and Calvin Pitt (28th) were the men on target for Broad Street ‘B’, who came away with a 3-1 victory over Castello Housing Scheme, for whom Mark Welch scored their lone goal in the 25th minute. After the usual Guinness Break that is seen at these tournaments that are held

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countrywide, Norton Street defeated North East La Penitence 2-1, with McLoud 13 seconds strike being complimented by Laurex Fraser’s 20th minute goal for Norton Street, while Colin Daniels pulled one back for the losers in the 14th minute. Millington showed his class and superiority with his 1st and 7th minutes goals that were backed by Sheldon Holder’s 15th minute strike, which in the end enabled East LaPenitence to defeat Bent Street 2-0, even as a Ronsford Coleridge’s 18 minute penalty was the lone goal in the contest between Hope Street –Tiger Bay and South Ruimveldt, which the former won. The final matchup of the night brought together Globe Yard and Riverview, which ended 1-1 with Kevin Lewis (3rd) scoring for the former and Travis Martin (16th) doing the same for the latter and while regulation penalty kicks saw the scores being locked at 4, Globe Yard came out victors with a 5-4 Sudden Death penalty shootout from the half way mark. Action in this year’s tournament which includes 32 teams from across the City, who are playing for $500,000, with the second, third and fourth placed teams taking home $300,000, $200,000 and $100,000 respectively, along with trophies, will continue at the National Cultural Centre tarmac from 18:30hrs. Along with the above mentioned prizes, teams can pocket an additional $25,000, $20,000, $15,000 and $10,000 each, according to their placing at the end of the preliminary round, while the tournament culminates on December 21st at the National Park

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GUYANA CHRONICLE Thursday November 28, 2013

Unbeaten 57 for Bresnan on return TIMBresnan returned to action with an unbeaten half-century for the England Performance Programme, on his comeback after a stress fracture of the back. England will be more keenly awaiting a report on Bresnan’s bowling, once he has the opportunity, against Queensland 2nd XI in Brisbane. It is hoped that the 28-year-old can prove his fitness in the four-day match, which got under way yesterday, and therefore be added to the full squad and be available for selection as a third seamer in the second Test at Adelaide. Instead, with the Test tourists in Alice Springs for their match against a CA Chairman’s XI tomorrow and Saturday, Bresnan spent his first day of competitive cricket since last season as a number nine batsman at Allan Border Field. Tim Bresnan made a halfThe EPP posted 376 for century on his comeback nine, after being asked to bat from injury. first, in an innings notable first of all for a century by Middlesex batsman Sam Robson in the country of his birth. Number three Robson, whose future was subject of much conjecture until he committed himself to a prospective England career by joining this tour, was retired out for 102. Moeen Ali also made 83 in the middle order, and Jos Buttler 54 - before Bresnan weighed in with an unbeaten 57. (PA Sport)

Nepal receive premier’s plaudits after making T20 World Cup

NEPALl’s acting prime minister Khil Raj Regmi has congratulated the Himalayan nation’s cricket team after they qualified for their first major tournament in Abu Dhabi yesterday Nepal secured a thrilling last-ball victory over Hong Kong to book their place at next year’s World Twenty20 in Bangladesh. Needing 13 from the final over, Sharad Vesawkar was the Nepal hero, smashing the first ball for a straight six, before hitting the winning runs to chase down 143 for eight. “This is a historical success for the Nepali cricket team,” Regmi said in a statement. “This has helped to boost up Nepal and Nepali cricket team’s prestige and confidence in the world.” Captain Paras Khadka’s 46 from 39 balls was the foundation of Nepal’s chase as they won by five wickets. Nepal were joined at next year’s tournament by the United Arab Emirates after they upset Holland by 10 runs in the day’s other quarter-final qualifier.

UAE becomes fourth team to seal World T20 spot UAE became the fourth team to seal their spot in the World Twenty20 2014, successfully defending 117 against Netherlands in Abu Dhabi. Netherlands will have another go at qualifying on Thursday, playing Scotland who won the previous match between these teams in the tournament - j for one of the two remaining open spots. (Scores: UAE 117 for 8 (Khurram 32, Malik 4-17) beat Netherlands 107 for 9 (Aziz 3-21) by 10 runs UAE batted first and openers Mohammad Azam and Shaiman Anwar didn’t appear to be troubled by the gentle pace offered by Mudassar Bukhari, but both contributed to their own demise with some clumsy running that resulted in a pair of runouts. Azam tried to nudge Bukhari past Stephan Myburgh at point for a single, but Anwar turned him down and Azam was unable to get back in his crease after committing early. After being too cautious in rejecting Azam’s call, Anwar was too aggressive going for a third run on a delivery

hit toward the cover boundary and failed to make it before the throw from Micky Swart arrived over the stumps at the non-striker’s end to make it 29 for 2 in the sixth. Khurram Khan tried to counterattack and top scored with 32 off 24 balls, but either side of his dismissal, Swapnil Patil and Rohan Mustafa were caught in the covers off loose drives for 1 and 10 respectively, leaving UAE at 69 for 5 in the 12th. Mohammad Shafiq and Asim Khurshid patiently added 43 for the sixth wicket but their attempt at a late surge was thwarted by Ahsan Malik, who took three wickets in the 19th. Malik’s 4 for 17 meant he overtook Hong Kong’s Munir Dar as the tournament’s wicket-taker with 17. The total of 117 initially looked well below par, but the Netherlands got off to a nervy start and never looked comfortable at any point in their chase. Stephan Myburgh took nine balls to get off the mark - he did by hitting a six over midwicket - then perished two balls later to Manjula Guruge in the same region. Swart returned the favour from UAE’s poor running between the wickets in


the first innings when he went for a suicidal run in the ring. Netherlands never shed their cautious manner and UAE’s bowlers pounced on the timid approach and stifled the scoring. Netherlands ended the Powerplay at 21 for 2, and two overs later Barresi sent a leading edge back to Nasir Aziz for 11. Eric Szwarczynski and Peter Borren briefly tried changing tactics, bringing out a scoop and reverse-sweep for much needed boundaries. Their success was shortlived, though, as Szwarczynski also ran himself out, on 23, going for a second run. Borren was unlucky to be given lbw after he was struck outside the line of off, before Aziz took a juggling reflex return catch to nab Ben Cooper for 20 to make it 85 for 6. Tim Gruijters hit a six to end the 18th, leaving the equation at 24 off 12 balls to win. Nepal had achieved victory earlier in the day with 26 needed off the final two overs, but Netherlands had to do it with their tail and couldn’t manage enough boundaries. Gruijters fell to Aziz in the 19th for 8 and Michael Rippon was the third Netherlands player run out, with two balls to go in the match. (ESPN Cricinfo)

UAE players celebrate with coach Aaqib Javed after qualifying for the World T20 in Abu Dhabi, yesterday.

The Dutch, who memorably beat England at the 2009 World Twenty20, failed to chase down 117 for eight as Emirati spinner Nasir Aziz took three for 21. UAE have never reached a World Twenty20 and last played in a major global tournament at

the 1996 World Cup. Hong Kong and Holland can still qualify for the World Twenty20 with two places remaining up for grabs. Hong Kong will meet Papua New Guinea for the right to progress while Holland will

face Scotland in matches to be played today. Afghanistan and Ireland have already booked their places at the World Twenty20 and will now meet Nepal and UAE respectively in the semi-finals.(PA Sport)

Avinash Karn celebrates with Nepal’s fans after they qualified for the World T20 in, Abu Dhabi, yesterday.


Rampant United ease to Champions League last 16 By Alistair Magowan BBC Sport

MANCHESTER United reached the Champions League’s last 16 with a game to spare after thrashing Bayer Leverkusen. Wayne Rooney, who had a hand in four goals, chipped to the back post for Antonio Valencia’s tap-in for the first before Emir Spahic scored an own goal from the United striker’s free-kick. Stefan Reinartz’s header hit the post after deflecting off Ryan Giggs before Jonny Evans turned in from a corner. Chris Smalling then touched in and Nani rounded the keeper for a fifth The result is United’s biggest away win in the Champions League and confirmed a miserable night for the German side, who are second in the Bundesliga and lost an unbeaten home record. Sami Hyypia’s team could not cope with the irrepressible Rooney and the evergreen Giggs, who two days short of his 40th birthday showed his class and composure alongside Phil Jones in the centre of midfield. United’s two first-half goals obliterated any momentum the hosts had, and although United were without the injured trio of Robin van Persie, Michael Carrick and Nemanja Vidic, plus the suspended Marouane Fellaini, the visitors were rarely troubled. The victory meant United boss David Moyes has reached the latter stages of the Champions League at his first attempt with the club and it will give further credence to claims from first-team coach Phil Neville that the players are beginning to believe in his methods. Last year’s Premier League champions extended their unbeaten run to 11 games, and ahead of a tricky run of domestic fixtures against Tottenham, Everton and Newcastle, they can at least relax about their final Champions League match at home to Shakhtar Donetsk. A point in that game will mean they top Group A. Leverkusen are only four points behind leaders Bayern Munich in Germany and looked like they were beginning to pose a threat to the heart of United’s defence early on. But the game’s course changed after 22 minutes when Evans did superbly to block Stefan Kiessling’s shot before United immediately swept down the opposite end to open the scoring after a swift counter attack. The ball was fed to Giggs and the Welshman found Rooney, who

chipped to the back post where Valencia pounced. It was a hammer blow to the 2002 Champions League runners-up and the home supporters were stunned further when United extended their lead eight minutes later. Shinji Kagawa, who also had a hand in the first goal, was brought down by Reinartz on the left wing, and Rooney’s perfectly dipping

Manchester United celebrate after their 5-0 win over Bayer Leverkusen. free-kick was headed in by Spahic, under pressure from Smalling. Leverkusen had an isolated chance around the hour mark when Reinartz’s header from a corner hit Giggs and clipped the post. But after Nani dragged his shot wide and Rooney was also inches off-target after nutmegging Simon Rolfes, Evans touched in after Rooney had drawn a save from Giggs’s corner. With that, the contest was over but after poor Leverkusen defending, Rooney lobbed to Smalling for a close-range finish and Nani then raced onto Giggs’s pass to round Bernd Leno and seal a historic victory. (BBC Sport)

All Set for T20 Floodlight Action

COME this Saturday, the Number 69 Vikings ground in Upper Corentyne will come alive in what is expected to be the biggest cricketing event of the year in the Upper Corentyne, with the playing of the Upper Corentyne Cricket Association (UCCA) in collaboration with the Berbice Cricket Board, four team T20 tournament. The four area teams, namely New Amsterdam/Canje, Upper Corentyne, West Berbice, and Lower Corentyne, will be doing battle in the semifinal matchup with the winners meeting each other in the finals to be played under lights.

The first game will start at 10:00hrs with New Amsterdam/Canje taking on the Upper Corentyne, whilst the second match will bowl off 14:00hrs and features West Berbice doing battle with Lower Corentyne, with the final slated to start at 18:30hrs. Slow Fire Sounds will be providing musical entertainment throughout the day, while there will also be games for the kids and those who are young at heart. Gate prizes are up for grabs, with the drawing taking place during the interval of the final. In a release from the UCCA, their selectors have

announced the squad whilst the Berbice Cricket Board is working on the other three teams, which means several players who did not make the Inter-county team, will have a chance to showcase their skill once again. The Upper Corentyne team reads: Lakeram Latchman (Captain), Sherwin Murray, Farazz Mohamed, Munesh Lalu, Omesh Kumar, Parmeshwar Chatterpaul, Omesh Khemraj, Gajendra Nauth, Charles France-wk, Junior Blair, Jermaine Reid, Parmanand Narine, Errol Byass and Viendra Gooniah. The coach is Michael Hyles,

Alim Haniff is his assistant coach even as Hemant Jagdeo has been tasked with executing the duties of Manager. Meanwhile, the UCCA takes this opportunity to thank the following persons/ businesses for their contribution in making this event possible: 4R Bearings, Vishnu’s Super Store, Safraz Photo Studio and Recording Centre, La Grill Hotel, Restaurant and Bar, Ram’s Stationery, A.H & L Kissoon, Hand in Hand, New Building Society, Republic Bank, H. N. Sugrim, Sukhpaul Business Enterprise and Chairman of Region Six.

England’s oldest surviving Test player Reg Simpson dies at 93 REG SIMPSON ENGLAND’s oldest surviving Test player Reg Simpson has died at the age of 93, his former county Nottinghamshire have announced. Simpson made 27 Test appearances including an unbeaten 156 against Australia in Melbourne in the fifth and final Test of the 1950/1 Ashes tour. ECB Chief Executive Da-

vid Collier said: “Reg Simpson was an elegant opening batsman who served his country with distinction both as a pilot in the Second World War and a fearless player of fast bowling. “His 156 in Melbourne led England to our first post-War Test victory in Australia and Reg succeeded Sir Alec Bedser as England’s most senior player in 2010. “He held a deep passion for the game and his beloved Trent Bridge. On behalf of everyone at ECB we extend

our deepest sympathy to Reg’s family.” Simpson also played in 495 first class matches and amassed 30,546 runs. Upon retiring he became a member of the Nottinghamshire committee upon which he served for 37 years from 1961 to 1998. Nottinghamshire County Cricket Club chairman Peter Wright said: “Reg was a superb opening batsman who excelled against the fastest of bowlers. “He served Nottingham-

shire County Cricket Club with distinction firstly as a player, and then as Chairman of Finance and President. “He was an excellent talent and would undoubtedly have achieved even more in the game if his career had not been put on hold for the outbreak of war in 1939. “His achievements outside his playing career, firstly during the war as a pilot, and later as a Managing Director of Gunn and Moore will always be remembered.(PA Sport)

GUYANA CHRONICLE Thursday November 28, 2013

England can expect another bumpy ride in Adelaide (REUTERS):The Adelaide Oval curator will seek to juice up what has traditionally been a docile pitch for the second Ashes Test between Australia and England next week, meaning batsmen may be in for a torrid opening. Damian Hough said he would leave grass on the refurbished stadium’s new drop-in pitch to make it more bouncy in the opening days of the match starting on December 5. “We are planning to have something early. From our end, we are trying to get as much pace and bounce as we can,” Hough said in comments published by Melbourne’s Herald Sun newspaper on Tuesday. “We will look at leaving a little grass on it just to assist with making it a competitive wicket.” Fired by seamer Mitchel l Johnson, Aust r al i a thrashed England by 381 runs in the first Ashes Test MITCHELL JOHNSON as the Gabba wicket in Brisbane maintained its bounce and pace right through the fourth and final day. The Adelaide Oval has traditionally been batsman-friendly and the drop-in pitch came in for criticism after more than 1,000 runs were scored in a four-day Sheffield Shield match between hosts South Australia and Western Australia two weeks ago. South Australia captain Johan Botha took encouragement from the performance of the pitch in a match against Tasmania that finished on Monday, but suggested bowlers needed more assistance on the opening two days. England paceman Stuart Broad, who took eight wickets at Brisbane, said England would look for inspiration in their last batting effort at Adelaide Oval in the 2010-11 series, when they put on 620 runs in the first innings before romping to an innings victory. “Adelaide is a place you need to score big first-innings runs and we’ll be aiming to do what we did last time and we’re very focused on that,” Broad said during the team’s visit to Uluru, aka Ayers Rock, the famous natural monolith in central Australia. England lost six wickets for nine runs in a 50-minute period after lunch on the second day in Brisbane to be dismissed for 136 in their first innings. “We let ourselves down after being in a fantastic position in that Test match,” Broad added. “But we have to be honest, we lost that Test match with a 50-minute bit of madness before tea on the second day and naturally we’re disappointed in the way that happened. “We need to make ourselves harder to get out because we know how important big runs are in Australia.” Hough added that the Adelaide’s pitches were “holding together really well”, which will hardly be music to the ears of England spinner Graeme Swann, who laboured for 2-215 at the Gabba and had a pair of ducks with the bat. Local media have debated the merits of resting injury-prone paceman Ryan Harris for the second contest of the five-Test series to preserve him for the following match in Perth, where the wickets are reliably quick and bouncy. However, Australia coach Darren Lehmann said Harris would play at Adelaide if fit and saw no reason to rest any of the bowlers who took part in the Brisbane match.

CRICKET QUIZ CORNER Compliments of THE TROPHY STALL-Bourda Market &The City Mall (Tel: 225-9230) & CUMMINGS ELECTRICAL CO. LTD-83 Garnette Street, Campbellville (Tel: 225-6158; 223-6055) Answers to yesterday’s quiz: (1) 2 times (2) Wasim Akram-356 ODI matches Today’s Quiz: (1) Which two are ‘One Test Wonders’? Milton Small; Ian Allen; Lincoln Roberts; Amit Jaggernauth; Patterson Thompson (2) Who captained South Africa in the team’s first ever ODI encounter? Answers in tomorrow’s issue


GUYANA CHRONICLE November 28, 2013

Dhawan ton clinches ODI series win over Windies

KANPUR, India, (CMC)India rode on a sparkling century from Skikhar Dhawan to beat West Indies by five wickets in the third and final One Day international (ODI), clinching the three-match series two-one here yesterday. The Indians ambled to victory with 23 balls to spare after restricting the West Indies to 263 for five at the Green Park Stadium. Dhawan stole the limelight with an attacking 119 that came off 95 balls, his fifth ODI hundred, while Yuvraj Singh notched up a 74-ball 55 to seal the issue for the home side. There was briefly some hope for West Indies when Ravi Rampaul dismissed two of India’s top three batsmen early. Rohit Sharma went for four and Virat Kholi for 19 but a 129 run partnership for the third wicket between Yuvraj and Dhawan set the platform for the easy win. Earlier, Kieran Powell, Marlon Samuels and Darren Bravo struck half-centuries to propel West Indies to a challenging total.

Powell and Samuels shared a 117-run second-wicket partnership which laid the foundation for West Indies after the visitors were put into bat by India skipper Mahendra Singh Dhoni. Samuels recovered from a shaky start to top score with 71 which included seven fours and a six. He was more at ease against the spinners, stepping out to launch Ravichandran Ashwin onto the temporary

roof in the stands beyond long-on. Samuels was reprieved on 60 when Kohli put down a chance at first slip, but was bowled soon after by Ashwin. Powell hit nine fours to reach 70, his second half century of the series, before miscuing a sweep off Ashwin. Powell and Samuels took the visitors to a strong 164 for 2 but the loss of three quick wickets including Lendl Simmons and Dwayne Bravo nearly

squandered the gains. However, a late flourish between Darren Bravo and Darren Sammy which yielded 67 runs carried West Indies past the 260- run mark. Bravo scored 51 not out, his third consecutive half-century, while Sammy was unbeaten on 37. For the hosts, off-spinner Ravichandran Ashwin was the pick of the bowlers with figures of two for 45 from his quota of 10 overs.

GT&T, Hand-in-Hand 4-day tournament rescheduled to later date By Calvin Roberts

Shikhar Dhawan’s fifth ODI ton of 2013 led India to a five-wicket win in Kanpur and a series victory against West Indies.(BCCI photo)

Malcolm Marshall honoured by his alma mater

Malcolm Marshall’s widow Connie and Parkinson Memorial School principal Jeff Broomes admire the restored bust. legendary cricketer. BRIDGETOWN, BarAlso unveiled was a rebados, (CMC)-A school in stored bust of the legendary Barbados has named its park cricketer, who died 14 years after a former student, the ago. late West Indies fast bowler “Today is just the beginning Malcolm Marshall. of course,” declared school prinThe Parkinson Memorial cipal Jeff Broomes. School says the park will be “If you are going to have known as the Malcolm Mara park in honour and name of shall Memorial Park, after the

someone as Malcolm Marshall it has to be upgraded”. Marshall, who also served as West Indies head coach, is widely considered as one of the finest exponents of the fast bowling art, forming part of the fearsome West Indies pace attack of the 1980s that involved Joel Garner, Michael Holding and Colin Croft. He finished with 376 wickets from 81 Tests at an amazing average of 20.94, and an equally superb strike rate of 46. “I can see this as a place where people who know Maco(Malcolm) from South Africa and wherever, when they come Barbados may want to visit here,” said Broomes. “We want to do it in a way that we will represent not only Malcolm but the school and our country. We could even add this to our tourism attractions”.

FOLLOWING heavy overnight and early morning showers which covered the entire Georgetown and its environs yesterday, many sporting venues were left under water, with some close to a dept of eight inches. One such venue, is the Lance Gibbs Street, Queenstown based Demerara Cricket Club (DCC), known as ‘Home of the Legends’ and venue for today’s first round clash between Essequibo and Berbice in the Guyana Cricket Board/Guyana Telephone and Telegraph Company/Hand-in-Hand Insurance Company sponsored four-day tournament. The other first round encounter is scheduled for the Enmore Community Centre ground on the East Coast of Demerara, where in the Leon Johnson led Demerara, who are the defending champions, were set to go head to head with Presidents XI, led by Vishal Singh. However, the heavy showers left DCC under water and Enmore as well, even though covers were in place at both venues. In an invited comment from the Secretary of the GCB and Director of the West Indies Cricket Board, Anand Sanasie, Chronicle Sport learnt that it is the GCB’s intentions to have four days of cricket when the tournament commences. “We are looking at the weather and when we start this tournament, our aim is to give the guys four days of cricket without a washout, since our team to represent Guyana in the Regional four-day tournament would be selected from this tournament,” said Sanasie. Meanwhile, Demerara’s skipper and Guyana and West Indies’ ‘A’ team middle order batsman, Leon Johnson, and his counterpart from the President’s XI, Vishal Singh, said they were disappointed at the rescheduled start, taking into consideration the confidence level amongst the team. “It is nothing that we can control. We all know that the weather is always like this at this time of the year, coming onto December. “I know the guys would be disappointed as I am, since we were all looking forward to playing especially after the practice session we had on Tuesday which was decent until the rain intervened, but as I said before, it is nothing that we have control over,” said Johnson. Singh, whose side comprises players from Berbice and Demerara, who found it difficult to make their Inter-county team, supported Johnson, adding that his guys were looking to go out there and take the fight to the defending champions early.

Windies make good start against a New Zealand X1 CHRISTCHURCH, New Zealand, (CMC)- A makeshift West Indies team has made a positive start against a New Zealand X1 who declared on 227 for 8 at stumps on the first day of a threeday match yesterday. West Indies pacers made solid progress removing Black Caps opener Peter Fulton for one and national captain Brendon McCullum for 22 after the New Zealanders won the toss and elected to bat. Sheldon Cotterell and Shannon Gabriel, the pick of the West Indies bowlers, both bowled with good pace and troubled the home batsmen, while Shivnarine Chanderpaul also had a brief go with his slow bowling. Gabriel took 2 for 53 and Cotterell 2 for 60 for the West Indies who are short-handed as they await members of their limited overs squad currently in India. There were also two catches for Chadwick Walton behind the stumps. Test opener Hamish Rutherford who dashed to a half-century from 29 balls that included 12 fours in an innings of just 49 deliveries, top-scored with 61 for a New Zealand XI. New Zealand captain Brendon McCullum, battled chronic back pain to make 22. The first of three Tests begins next Tuesday at the University Oval in Dunedin.

No, it’s not a rice field in Essequibo, but rather the Demerara Cricket Club ground, which is heavily under water from the rain. The four sticks that are visible outline the pitch area, while the roller serves its purpose to hold down the covers, which is slightly above water in some parts at one end. (Photo by Sonell Nelson)


Dhawan ton clinches ODI series win GUINNESS ‘GREATEST OF THE STREETS’ over Windies The Chronicle is at


See Page 27

Football brings out people to get active, enjoy themselves and stay healthy – says Dr. Anthony By Calvin Roberts AFTER one test kick, Minister of Culture, Youth and Sport, Dr. Frank Anthony, scored the first goal in the Georgetown edition of the Guinness ‘Greatest of the Streets’ football competition which kicked off at the Banks DIH, Demerara Car Park last Tuesday night. Present were officials from Banks DIH, Guyana Football Federation (GFF), Guinness representatives, game officials and members of the two teams who played the first match – Laing Avenue and Leopold Street along with their supporters. Thirty-two teams from across the City are playing for the top prize of $500,000, with the second, third and fourth placed teams taking home $300,000, $200,000 and $100,000 respectively along with trophies. Along with the above mentioned prizes, teams can pocket an additional $25,000, $20,000, $15,000 and $10,000 each, according to their placing at the end of the preliminary round. The top two finishers of this tournament will go on to represent Georgetown in the national playoffs, following which the winner will go on

Minister of Culture, Youth and Sport, Dr. Frank Anthony, is watched by team members of Leopold Street and officials, as he conducts the ceremonial kick to start this year’s sixth annual Banks DIH Guinness ‘Greatest of the Streets’ Futsal football competition at the Demerara Car Park last Tuesday night. (Photo by Sonell Nelson) good that football is bringing According to Dr. Anthony, the first match being held in out people to get active and the beauty of the competition to represent Guyana in the Tiger Bay, noting that sports is enjoy themselves and at the is that it goes to communities regional Guinness Street Footone thing that can bring people same time stay healthy, adding that are underserved in terms of ball Competition to be held in together and in the City commuthat over the years the compe- sports and also helps to rejuveTrinidad and Tobago next year. nities there is need for an outlet tition has been incident free nate community spirit and more In his opening remarks, Dr. where people can expel energy. and it is anticipated that the importantly, over the years stars Anthony reminisced on when He emphasised that it is same would happen this year. and champions have emerged the competition first started with

Abrams’ hat-trick hands defending champs first loss

…4 players score double on opening night By Calvin Roberts

THANKS to an Anthony Abrams hat-trick, Laing Avenue were able to hand defending champions, Leopold Street, a 4-2 defeat, when action in the sixth annual Banks DIH Guinness ‘Greatest of the Streets’ Futsal football competition kicked off at the Demerara Car Park last Tuesday night. On the same night, four players namely Omallo Williams, Akeem Jackson, Jamal Brenons, and diminutive striker Devon Millington had double strike for their respective teams, even as Jermain McLoud scored the fastest goal of the tournament, with his 13 seconds strike. Fittingly, Leopold Street, who defeated former champions Back Circle in last year’s final, raised the curtains for this year’s tournament after some brief remarks from Minister of Sport Dr. Frank Anthony and other executives of Banks DIH Limited. Abrams sent Laing Avenue into the lead with his first goal that was scored in the third minute of play, doubling that lead with another two minutes later before Williams drew the defending champions level, scoring his brace two minutes apart, with See Page 24

Chronicle Sport photographer, Sonell Nelson, was on hand to catch a part of the opening night’s action between defending champions Leopold Street (black bib) and Laing Avenue, which the latter won.

which shows Guyana and the Caribbean that talent can be unearthed in the most unusual of places. Dr. Anthony said his Ministry is pleased to support the competition and will continue to do so along with the GFF. He added that the fact that there are 32 teams in the competition, which include teams from in and out of the City shows that the competition has come a long way and has grown beyond the scope of Georgetown. “Besides that, Guinness has recognized the power of football in Guyana, and has taken and developed the concept into a Caribbean competition,” related Dr. Anthony to his audience. The GFF is all about development and supports any initiative that meets that objective and with that in mind, Banks DIH was commended for their efforts in that respect, with this sixth edition having an impact on the regional competition. The quarterfinals and semifinals of the competition are scheduled to be contested on the same night, December 17th at the National Cultural Centre tarmac, while other venues such as Burnham Court, California Square, Albouystown and the National Park, will be used.

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