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Page 2 President Donald Ramotar greeting delegates of the 16th Biennial Regional Conference of Presiding Officers and Clerks of the Caribbean, the Americas and the Atlantic Region of the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association

Local Gov’t Ministry signs $1.6B security contracts for six regions

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Zimeena Rasheed receives her PYARG Gold Award from Minister of Culture, Youth and Sport Dr. Frank Anthony Kwame Gilbert

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GUYANA CHRONICLE Tuesday, October 29, 2013

President reiterates call for professionals to be respected President Donald Ramotar, Prime Minister Samuel Hinds, and Speaker of the National Assembly in Guyana Raphael Trotman with Government and Opposition legislators standing at attention for the National Anthem

– as CPA Clerks and Presiding Officers meet in Guyana PRESIDENT Donald Ramotar said public functionaries including staff of the Parliament Office hold professional positions and should be made to feel comfortable instead of being subjected to unnecessary attacks. The Guyanese Head of State was yesterday addressing delegates of the 16th Biennial Regional Conference of Presiding Officers and Clerks of the Caribbean, the Americas and the Atlantic Region of the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association. Among those present at the Guyana International Confer-

ence Centre (GICC) at the opening session was Opposition leader, David Granger, whose recent criticism of the Clerk of Guyana’s National Assembly, Sherlock Isaacs, about the four Local Government Bills had prompted a strong response. Isaacs had described the 10th Parliament as the worst ever, and had signalled to President Ramotar his desire to resign from that office. He is one of several who President Ramotar had said are subjected to attacks because they refuse to bow to

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‘We cannot or should not take actions that will harm a country on the ground that it may help us politically. The danger is if people do not see or feel that things are changing for the better in their lives, they could become disillusioned.’ - President Ramotar

Clerk of Guyana’s National Assembly Sherlock Isaacs delivering remarks at the opening of the conference


GUYANA CHRONICLE Tuesday, October 29, 2013

715 youths awarded by PYARG – including top regional performers THE President’s Youth Award: Republic of Guyana (PYARG) held its 15th award presentation at the National Cultural Centre (NCC) on Saturday evening, when 715 youths were awarded, 547 in the bronze category, 148 silver and 30 gold. In 1998, Guyana adopted and launched the programme modelled after the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award which was introduced in Great Britain in 1956. The Most Outstanding Participant award in the gold category was given to Teekaram Singh and Zimeena Rasheed from the Anna Regina Secondary School, Region 2. Special awards were also given to Micah Henry, Region 1; Yougraj Rajhunauth, Region 2; Deuel Lewis, Region 4; Mark Cameron and Shane Persaud, Georgetown; and Symyon Sears from Smythfield, Region 6. The female bronze most outstanding participants include

Athalia Wells, Mabaruma, Region 1; Annalisa Alfred, Region 2; Lucius Hector, Parika Salem, Region 3; Natalie James, Georgetown; Nickesha Benjamin, Fort Wellington, Region 5; and Lydia Cameron, Silvertown, Region 10. Region 6 copped the Outstanding Region Award while Patentia captured the Outstanding Unit Award. Special recognition was given to those volunteers who served for over five years. These include Alicia Roache, Geru Gordon, Courdel Glasgow and Adel Lilly. Meanwhile, Lester Rosine and Herald Alves were recognised for serving over 10 years to the PYARG. This year’s graduation was even more special because the PYARG is also celebrating its 15th anniversary, and this batch of graduates is also the largest, Minister of Culture, Youth and Sport, Dr. Frank Anthony, ob-

served. The minister expressed his satisfaction with the fact that two of the gold awardees are also CSEC top performers in Guyana, and one in the Caribbean. He stressed that this is a good example of the brain power the PYARG has. He also encouraged them to become roving ambassadors for the organisation. He emphasised that the organisation has been at the forefront of teaching youths about Guyana. The minister explained that through the programme, participants have been able to see many parts of Guyana, including the Pakaraima Mountain range, Kaieteur Falls and the hinterland regions; while many adults have not been able to see these marvels. He added that the expeditions the youths go on give them a better appreciation of Guyana. Minister Anthony stressed that throughout the 15 years of

the programme, over 17,000 youths have benefited from training that helps them to develop a better understanding of Guyana, and simultaneously help them to become better citizens. The success of the PYARG has been recognised in Guyana and the Caribbean, where it is esteemed as a best practice. This type of programme does not only occur in Guyana, in this regard the umbrella organisation - the Duke of Edinburg award - is working on ensuring that all the participating countries are licenced to offer such programmes. This will see the organisation being rebranded and changes made. While much has been achieved in the last 15 years, Minister Anthony projected that in the next five years more youths should be recruited by the PYARG, more units and regional offices established, and a permanent field camp set up.

The PYARG 2013 Gold Awardees with Minister of Culture, Youth and Sport Dr. Frank Anthony and Permanent Secretary, Alfred King

Zimeena Rasheed receives her PYARG Gold Award from Minister of Culture, Youth and Sport Dr. Frank Anthony With regard to the camp, the minister explained that space for the camp site is available at the ministry’s property in Kuru Kuru. Minister Anthony lauded the PYARG for its efforts towards addressing social issues through the use of edutainment. Recognising the value of that tool, each unit was encouraged to carry out similar activities in their villages. The graduates were told of the opportunities that await them at the schools that were instituted by the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sport. These include the schools of Music, Drama, Art and Dance. The minister emphasised that these schools have valuable merits. While encouraging the bronze and silver graduates to move towards achieving the gold award, Minister Anthony urged them to aid in the preservation of historical relics in their respective villages. He emphasised that while some

may see this as not being important, in the years to come, they will prove their worth to Guyana’s heritage. The minister also commended parents for their support. And he called on village and religious leaders and the business community to support the programme. Since the start of the programme, about 17,000 youths, aged 14-25, were given the opportunity to be involved in activities ranging from skills training, community service, physical recreation, and adventure journeys and exploration. These activities serve to enrich their lives while at the same time are of benefit to their communities. (GINA)


GUYANA CHRONICLE Tuesday October 29, 2013

Students sexually active from first form, primary school (Jamaica Observer) A 17YEAR-OLD boy last week held listeners at a United Nations Day function spellbound, saying carnal abuse was rampant in his community, in the face of little or no intervention from the State and its agents. “Of those who graduated from high school with me, I can count on my two hands those who are not parents,” he told the gathering at The Courtleigh Hotel. The boy, whose identity is being withheld and who is a sixth-former at atop Kingston high school, St George’s Col-

lege, blamed the incidence of carnal abuse on what he described as a lack of information about sexual and reproductive health in his community as well as the negligent attitude of some parents. “In my (inner-city) community, it’s accepted that men are sexually active, but when you really stop and look at it, the fact is that these young girls whom they are sexually active with are 15, 14, and even 13 in a lot of cases,” he later told the Jamaica Observer. “I know of cases where [some of those who are] parents now were sexually active in first form, and one of them that I am

sure about was active since she was in primary school,” he added. “Carnal abuse is far too widely accepted...It’s common that they have sex with underage girls and I know of cases where the underage girls stay with the men and sometimes their moms know about it but they just don’t care,” he asserted. The age of consent in Jamaica is 16. Sex with those under that age is classified under the Offences Against the Person Act as carnal abuse, which attracts penalties of between seven years

and life imprisonment. The age of consent has also placed restrictions on the type of information to which teens have ready access. “My problem is that, in the inner-city, enough information is not being passed around. I don’t see any fliers, and [while] I have heard about people being prosecuted for it, it’s not often,” the teenager told the Observer. Tw e n t y - t h r e e - y e a r- o l d Yashema Bryan, who now works with Eve 4 Life as a mentor for teen moms, could relate. She got pregnant at age 15 for a man who was much older than

she was. She told the meeting — which took the form of a panel discussion to highlight the different ways in which the UN and its agencies are helping Jamaica achieve the development targets in Vision 2030 — that her situation would have been different had she been able to access information and contraceptives. “I was once in your situation and access wasn’t there,” she said in response to the young boy’s statement on the issue. “No information was there and that’s why I got pregnant as a young person. I think if I had the access to condoms

and the information, that wouldn’t reach me.” Coupled with that, Bryan said adult support systems were also lacking. “We don’t want to get pregnant, but is something that happens because we don’t have bigger heads to support us,” she said. Executive director of Eve 4 Life Patricia Watson said carnal abuse, which development agencies are now labelling cross-generational sex, is a major issue, for which the organisation is seeking to mount a campaign called ‘No go deh!’

Buy local, reduce Health Ministry urges high food import bill sex drugs probe (Barbados Advocate) IN AN effort to reduce Barbados’ high food import bill which currently is above a billion dollars, the Barbados Agricultural Society (BAS) has been hosting a Farmers’ Bazaar on the last Saturday of every month for the last three months. Speaking with the Barbados Advocate on Saturday at this event, Theodore Fraser, Operations Officer at the BAS, said that an initiative like this is therefore very important as it is aimed at getting more Barbadians to buy Barbadian grown produce, which would help to reduce this bill. “It is very important if we look at the mere fact of trying to reduce our food import bill. If we can get more locals buying more of what we produce here, we can save on that foreign currency that we are shipping out every year to import produce.” Fraser said that some of the reasons why Barbadians may

not be buying local is because there may be a lack of appreciation for local produce and also there are those persons who may not know what is grown in this island. “To some extent, there is that lack of appreciation and there is the other section of it where they do not know what is being produced locally as well. So some persons may go into the supermarket and think what they are buying is actually local when in actual fact it is not.” Furthermore, it would also ensure that jobs are kept in Barbados and by Barbadians. “It also gives the local farmers and their households the need to produce which would increase their monthly income as well. So we are trying to protect Bajan jobs at the same time.” He stated that a third reason why persons should buy local is because they know exactly what is going into these produce or rather, what is not. “It poses challenges because when you are purchasing stuff

that is imported, you are not sure what goes into producing those produce and we know that it has to take a long time to get here in terms of shipping, so the danger of chemicals being used on them to preserve them is there as well. But we know locally, they are not subject to those things.” Accordingly, he advised Barbadians to buy local produce. “Certainly, keep buying local, it protects the Barbadian jobs and we know for a fact what goes into these produce.” Meanwhile, he advised local farmers to take advantage of farmers markets such as this one and the other one that they BAS organises, which is held annually in February, AgroFest. “Farmers need to come up to scratch you know and not just wait on someone to come to them, but also to come out there and advertise what they have.”

Government plans to remove the homeless from streets (Trinidad Guardian) MINISTER of the People Dr Glenn Ramadharsingh says the Government plans to take 120 homeless people off the street by the end of this year. He said so in an interview with reporters during Divali celebrations at his Caroni Central constituency office in Freeport. The minister said 120 former street dwellers are currently being housed at the facilities of Transform Life Ministry and at the Piparo Empowerment Centre and request for proposals have been sent out to NGOs with the capacity to deal with additional homeless people. He said staff at the interagency unit of his ministry, which is responsible for street dwellers, will be increased from 24 to 128 employees. Ramadharsingh said all of this will be undertaken at a high cost by his ministry and is being reviewed by a high level team.

(Jamaica Gleaner) THE Health Ministry is urging law enforcement authorities to investigate how certain drugs being used as sexual enhancers are entering the island. The ministry was responding to a story reported in the Sunday Gleaner revealing how schoolboys and young men flock downtown Kingston shops for Viagra, Cialis and other pharmaceuticals that should be issued only with a prescription. The Director of Health Promotions, Dr Kevin Harvey says that the Jamaica Customs Agency and other authorities will have to find out how the drugs are being imported. Harvey says the illegal sale of pharmaceuticals also involves drugs other than those for sexual stimulation. The Sunday Gleaner reported that schoolboys and young men are paying between $500 and $1,800 to purchase drugs for men with erectile dysfunction. The thriving black market for pills is estimated to value millions of dollars. Doctors have warned that the abuse of the drugs could lead to serious medical complications and even sudden death.


GUYANA CHRONICLE Tuesday, October 29, 2013


Anna Regina Secondary’s success at CSEC - a product of hard work and Gov’t’s Education strategy - Minister Nandlall at school’s 35th graduation


Silencing the traditional voices of misrepresentation THE deliberations of the Seventh National Toshaos Council are over, and for those who may have been clandestinely urging or expecting great dissension at its many sessions, have been greatly disappointed. There were none! Of course, these are the detractors, and well known critics – the same old voices who were waiting in the shadows to make heavy weather of whatever they thought they would have perceived to be wrong at this now traditional gathering. As is well known, the issue of titling and land demarcation is definitely the most sensitive and important topic on the agenda of any national conference that pertains to the welfare of Amerindians. But, as is well established, Government has been ensuring that this process, costly as it is, be given fullest priority since it has to do with the cultural and spiritual raison d’etre of Amerindians. And as an indication of the administration’s sincerity in the further advancing of this process, a $10.7M agreement was signed between the Guyana Government and the United Nations Development Programme, at the Council’s gathering on its very first day. This arrangement will facilitate the release of funds from Guyana/Norway forest services partnership via the Guyana REDD+Investment Fund; translating into absolute grants to 13 communities, demarcation for 33, and extensions for 32 others. So far, 97 villages have been titled, with 77 of these already demarcated. This reality must have been a grievous blow to those who would wish that this just solution to Amerindian well-being be stopped, as many would have written the Government of Norway, urging the cessation of this very important facility, a fact alluded to by President Donald Ramotar. How can these very same forces accuse the administration of neglecting this important aspect of Amerindian socio-cultural-economic life, when the record of efforts and achievements are an indelible fact? The greatest contradiction in all of their daily chattering is that they effected cuts to the national budget that caused a delay in the continuation of this process! Surely, this is political insanity taken to another unknown level! In a recent editorial, we had mentioned that these traditional voices of misrepresentation had been silenced “because of worn out criticisms that are without bases or foundation. They have been proven wrong……” Of course, they are dead, but it is evident that some remnants are still prepared to persist in their national mischief, even if intermittently! But they must be reminded, that Amerindian titling and land demarcation is inherent in government’s grand design for the sustainable development and self sufficiency for the future livelihoods of Amerindians and their communities. This is the lifeblood of the future of hinterland development.

THE performance of the Anna Regina Secondary School at the Caribbean Secondary Examination Council (CSEC) 2013 is a direct reflection of the People’s Progressive Party/Civic Government’s 21 years of initiatives and input, as well as the hard work and dedication of the students, teachers and parents. This is according to Minister of Legal Affairs, Anil Nandlall, who was at the time addressing the school’s 35th graduation and prize giving ceremony Friday evening. The school on the Essequibo coast performed exceptionally well at CESC 2013, with seven of its students placing in the country’s top 69. The school copped the top two positions in the country. Zimeena Rasheed, topped the country after passing all of the 20 subjects she wrote, securing 18 Grade Ones, 15 distinctions and 2 Grade Two’s. Her classmate, Yogeeta Persaud, placed second in the country after gaining 18 Grade Ones and 16 distinctions. Further accolade was brought to the school after the CXC announced that of the five CXC 2013 awards won by Guyana, Persaud was adjudged the Top Overall CXC student in the Caribbean and Rasheed the Best Technical and Vocational CXC Student. Minister Nandlall noted that, “twenty-one or more years ago, when examination results were disclosed, only a few schools in Georgetown excelled. Today the ordinary working people in their own regions are exposed to the same quality of education that was once reserved to a few exclusive schools in urban centres. We are witnessing these phenomenal results,” the minister said. He described the education system not so long ago in the country, where teachers did not have chalk to write on blackboards and children could not perform to their full potential, because they were not afforded a proper and balanced diet, and where over 40 percent of students passing Common Entrance, was systematically and

deliberately failed because there was no placement for them in the secondary school system. To understand the paradigm shift that has taken place in the education sector in the country, Minister Nandlall told the gathering that one just has to reflect on the growth and evolution of the Anna Regina Secondary School itself. He pointed out that originally it was established as a multilateral school, whose objectives were geared towards the provision of vocational training to those students who were not so academically inclined. “Today, this school has moved from a vocational technical institute to the supreme source of academic excellence in the year 2013, not only for Essequibo and Guyana, but for the entire Caribbean,” Minister Nandlall said. “I am not here to tell you that the education sector in the country is in its most pristine and perfect state, that is not the truth…there is a lot of work to be done, but phenomenal progress has been made, and that must be recognised and acknowledged,” he said. Over the last two decades, over one-third of the National Budget has been spent on the social sector. The Ministry of Education has been taking a large chunk of the budgetary allocation yearly. The Anna Regina students’ accomplishment at the 2013 CSEC is not a one-off performance; for years, Guyanese students have been performing outstandingly at the examination. Minister Nandlall, commending the students, teachers and parents for continuing to make Guyana shine, noted that, “Today we are creating history, and we owe this history-making to a few students who have done their school proud, their parents proud, and their country proud. Let us accept that they would not have accomplished this phenomenal feat without the remarkable set of teachers and supervisors. Let us also recognise they would not have been able to accomplish this exceptional feat without the guidance, the support, the encouragement and the love and

Attorney General and Minister of Legal Affairs, Anil Nandlall addresses the graduating class

affection of their parents,” he said. He noted too, that as remarkable as the students’ performances are, that it is only a foundation of what they are to achieve, and urged that they continue with the same type of discipline, hard work and diligence, to ensure their continued success. The Legal Affairs Minister also issued a call for the youths to recognise their duty to serve their country. “Too many of our talented people are leaving the shores of Guyana…we need you to stay, and use your exceptional talent to mould your community, and to contribute to the development of your country. You owe your country that duty.” The message of onward success was reiterated by former student and university lecturer, Kurt Gonsalves, who charged those seeking higher education to be strong in mind as the road ahead will be especially hard. He called on parents to be more than ever supporting to their children in their endeavours. Headmaster Lalljeet Ruplall accredited the school’s 2013 success to the continuous dedication of his teachers and auxiliary staff, and the strong support provided by the Parent Teachers’ Association, which has provided vital moral, emotional, intellectual and financial support over the years. He also noted that much of the school’s success is due to its unwavering policy of providing opportunities to ensure a wellrounded education for every

The Anna Regina graduating class

student. The institution has 11 established departments, six streams, and offers 28 subjects, all of which are offered at CSEC. Ruplall said that the achievement of Rasheed and Persaud is remarkable in the history of CSEC results in Guyana and the Caribbean, and that the two students have made their parents, the teachers and Essequibo proud. Of the 172 students of the Anna Regina Secondary School who wrote the CSEC examination, 94 were presented with diplomas having passed 5 or more subjects including English A and Mathematics with Grades 1 to 3. At the school, only Grades 1 to 3 are considered as pass grades. The remaining 78 students were awarded certificates. During the ceremony, the students at all levels were recognised for their outstanding performances in academics and in social and technical activities. Awards were presented for cocurricular activities such as student council, prefect, debate, best dormitory, clubs and societies, environmental club, sports including cricket, football, table tennis, dance, Mashramaniphysical display, and science fair. Academically the students at all grades were recognised for outstanding performances in individual subjects and in their level, as well as 40 students who attained five or more Grade Ones. There was the awarding of the regional awards to Rasheed and Persaud. The best all round performances given to the students who excelled both academically and at extra-curricular activities, were presented to Bharrat Boodhoo and Rasheed. Rasheed was awarded best graduating student, Persaud was awarded second best and Teekaram Singh, third. Rasheed said that success came as a result of a lot of hard work and determination, and the fact that the 2013 batch of students did so well speaks volumes of the quality and programmes offered at the school. “My desire is that Anna Regina, my alma mater, continue to strive and reach greater heights in Guyana and the Caribbean Region,” she said. (GINA)


GUYANA CHRONICLE Tuesday October 29, 2013

President reiterates call ... From Page 2 Opposition pressures. “We cannot or should not take actions that will harm a country on the ground that it may help us politically. The danger is if people do not see or feel that things are changing for the better in their lives, they could become disillusioned,” President Ramotar said at the opening of the conference. Under the theme ‘The role of parliaments as they meet the challenges of evolving democracies’, the two- day conference will focus on the role of the Speaker in changing parliaments and protecting members’ privileges, resolutions as a force of law, parliamentary procedures, rules, conventions and practices.

Isaacs remarked that the issues on the agenda of the conference are common among legislatures in various nations, but particularly in Guyana’s parliament where there is a “unique” configuration. Speaker of Guyana’s National Assembly, Raphael Trotman, on the other hand, took a humorous posture in his reference to the 10th Parliament, saying “I now have to count literally the hairs on my head to ensure that when I demit office I have some left.” Granger on the other hand made reference to money-laundering as among the new threats facing Commonwealth and Caribbean states, even though his party is responsible for the delay in the passage of the anti-money laundering legislation.

The legislation is one which Guyana must pass to avoid being blacklisted for failing to conform to international financial crimes regulations. Guyana now has up to November to pass the legislation or run the risk of jeopardising its financial institutions and systems and losing foreign investments and international capital flows. President Ramotar, who had frequently called for an end to any attempt to undermine the re-tabled financial crimes legislation, reminded the gathering that the people’s interest comes first. “As parliamentarians, we must be conscious that people are looking at how we behave, and how we react and how we promote the welfare of our people in the highest fora of

our land. At all times I believe that we must keep the interest of our people in our focus,” President Ramotar said. Having served as a People’s Progressive Party / Civic Member of Parliament for many years, President Ramotar said Parliament is crucial to any country’s democracy and that legislators should bring clarity and educate the population. With the establishment of the Parliamentary Select Committees in Guyana as an example, the Head of State said also that the Parliament has a responsibility to promote inclusiveness and consultation. Recently Guyana hosted a visit by Speaker of the National Assembly in Suriname, Hon Dr. Jennifer Geerling Simmons, and a team of legis-

Cheddi and Janet Jagan had set path for development in Guyana - Isahack Basir By Rajendra Prabhulall FORMER Member of Parliament and People’s Progressive Party stalwart, Mr. Isahack Basir has said that the Jagans (Cheddi and Janet) had set the path for development in Guyana. Speaking at a Night of Reflection activity on the lawns of State House at Anna Regina recently, to mark the 60th anniversary of the Women’s Progressive Organisation (WPO) and the 93rd birth anniversary of the late President of Guyana and WPO, Mrs. Janet Jagan, Basir said the Jagans are icons of Guyana and development is taking place across the country because of the policies of the Jagans. Basir, who worked very

closely with Cheddi and Janet Jagan during the ‘dark days’ of the country before the restoration of democracy in 1992, recalled that the PPP was organised by Dr. Cheddi Jagan and his wife Janet. According to the former MP, the Jagans dedicated their lives to Guyana and their track record and ideals should be carefully studied. Basir also said that all the development that is currently taking place in Guyana is a result of the foundation laid through the hard work and policies of Cheddi and Janet Jagan. He said the Jagans have left a legacy for all Guyanese. Meanwhile, President of the WPO, Ms. Indra Chandarpal noted that the organisation which is celebrating its 60th anniversary is the oldest women’s

organisation in the Caribbean. According to Chandarpal, the late Janet Jagan who headed the WPO for a number of years was a fearless woman who fought for the Guyanese people, and she had many talents and was not afraid to speak up for what she believed. Mrs Jagan, who was conferred with the Order of Excellence, served as President from December 19, 1997 to August 11, 1999. She was also the editor of the Mirror newspaper and a notable women’s rights activist.

Chandarpal said that the late Janet Jagan served the PPP as General Secretary for 20 years and was very instrumental in seeing that the party was on a strong footing. At the Night of Reflection activity which was attended by a large crowd, several party members sang songs and recited poems that depicted the life and work of Mrs. Janet Jagan. Top members of the WPO and Regional Vice Chairman, Mr. Vishnu Samaroo were also at the Night of Reflection activity.

lators in the first of several efforts to build partnerships with legislatures in other countries. Similar engagements are to be sought with parliamentarians in Venezuela, Brazil and Trinidad and Tobago. It is a new initiative that Leader of the House in Guyana, Prime Minister Samuel Hinds, spoke highly in favour of during his remarks yesterday. “I think it (the visit of Parliamentary legislators from Suriname) was very instructive for me, to see the differences in

the way their Parliament is organised and run, following their own Dutch traditions, distinct from our English traditions, and also their own historical experience,” the Prime Minister said. The 16th Biennial Regional Conference of Presiding Officers and Clerks of the Caribbean, the Americas and the Atlantic Region of the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association is being attended by representatives of 14 member states.(GINA)


GUYANA CHRONICLE Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Education Ministry moving to write primary textbooks - local nursery series already written By Chriseana Ramrekha EDUCATION Minister Priya Manickchand, on Thursday last, disclosed that as parents and the education system in Guyana struggle with the cost of original textbooks, a series of nursery books have already been written and they are currently looking to write their own textbooks at the primary level. She made this disclosure while addressing members of the me-

‘All the people who called for the copyright laws to be upheld, and we must do what they thought was legally right without addressing what was socially just, all those people should be made to face the parents that I face every single time I go out to a meeting…’ – Minister Manickchand dia at a press conference in the ministry’s boardroom, Brickdam,

Georgetown. According to Manickchand, the nursery series which is called the ‘Roraima Readers’ will be launched shortly, and it will be available online so that every child can have access to it and it will be affordable. She said the ministry has to examine innovative ways and they are looking at writing their own primary textbooks and a team has already been assembled in this regard. “The reality is we simply, as a third world country, cannot pay first world prices for textbooks or EDUCATION we will always be third world and MINISTER PRIYA in fact it might actually be a calcuMANICKCHAND lated cycle that was set up by this world structure to make sure some of us always stay in a servile place,” she posited. Minister Manickchand stated that persons who called for the copyright laws to be upheld, because it was something easy to do,

Gilbert criticises Opposition for not recognising CSEC awardees - says PPP takes ‘great pride’ in congratulating the students By Telesha Ramnarine THE People’s Progressive Party (PPP) accused the Opposition, yesterday, of lacking “real interest” in the development of Guyana’s youths and seeking to politicise the country’s education system for political gains. PPP/Civic Member of Parliament (MP), Kwame Gilbert, made the accusation when he spoke at a press conference in the party’s Freedom House headquarters on Robb Street, Georgetown. Present, too, were PPP General Secretary Clement Rohee and Executive Secretary Zulfikar Mustapha. Gilbert spoke in the context of the Opposition’s failure to recognise the accomplishments of the five Guyanese students who did “phenomenally well” by topping the Caribbean in the 2013 Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC) examinations. “The PPP is appalled that, in four news-related articles emanating from members of the joint Opposition in the print media, since the announcement of these regional awards were made, none of them made mention of the awards. “Are they afraid that, by acknowledging the academic excellence of these magnificent five, it would contradict the erroneously false misinformation

PPP General Secretary Clement Rohee, centre, with other party members Kwame Gilbert, right, and Zulfikar Mustapha at the press conference yesterday.

“Neither David Granger nor Khemraj Ramjattan, nor a single member of the joint Opposition, has deemed it necessary to issue a message of congratula-

tions to these five outstanding Guyanese,” Gilbert remarked. He said, though, that the PPP takes “great pride” in congratulating the students. Yogeeta Persaud from Anna Regina Multilateral School was the Caribbean’s overall outstanding student with 18 grade ones. Her classmate, Zimeena Rasheed, was awarded most outstanding in technical vocation with 18

grade ones and two grade twos. Cecil Cox of Queen’s College (QC) was awarded most outstanding in science with 16 grade ones; his fellow QC student, Sasha Woodroffe, was awarded most outstanding in business studies and Rafena Mustafa, of Saraswati Vidya Niketan Secondary School was named the most outstanding in the humanities.

Zimeena Rasheed

Cecil Cox

Sasha Woodroffe

they propagate and would no longer be able to refer to our education system as disastrous and calamitous? OUTSTANDING GUYANESE

should face the parents and hear how they cannot access these textbooks. “All the people who called for the copyright laws to be upheld, and we must do what they thought was legally right without addressing what was socially just, all those people should be made to face the parents that I face every single time I go out to a meeting,” she asserted Last year widespread criticism erupted against the Government of Guyana for buying photocopied books which could have been obtained at a much cheaper cost than the original copies which are published by overseas publishers, and are currently purchased at a cost of $50M by the ministry. President Donald Ramotar, speaking last year at the launch of the ‘Education First’ initiative on the margins of the 67th session of the United Nations (UN) General Assembly in New York, had highlighted the challenges developing countries such as Guyana face, especially in making educational materials accessible to poor children. He had called on the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) to examine the possibility of reviewing the copyright laws regarding educational materials, especially textbooks, if the world is serious about making education accessible to all.

Gilbert said the PPP, based on its manifesto commitments, continues to demonstrate its full

support for the education sector. In keeping with this, he said the Government has included a special allocation of $50M to encourage the University of Guyana (UG) to develop online courses. “This is all part of the progressive development strategy that the PPP has envisioned for all Guyanese, especially our youth. “With emphasis on equality of resources and the training of teachers,” Gilbert observed that students coming from modest homes are excelling. “ Children of farmers and labourers, woodcutters and public servants now have the same opportunity of being the recipients of national and regional awards. “We’re seeing the results of the PPP Government’s heavy investments in the education sector. We have been able to achieve that paradigm shift of educational excellence, from the urban centre and one that was restricted to the elitists in our society in Georgetown, away to children of ordinary workingclass Guyanese in every region. Guyana’s future looks bright indeed but there is still a lot of work to be done to improve grades in English and Mathematics,” Gilbert observed.

Rafena Mustapha

Yogeeta Persaud

The PPP also sought to pay tribute to the teachers of these students, their parents, families and education officers. According to Gilbert, with the exception of 2010, Guyanese students have continuously secured the top performance awards in the Caribbean. “This remarkable achievement could not have been possible without the Government’s unwavering commitment to the education sector as reflected in education being allocated the largest sectoral share of resources in our national budget.” Last year, the education budget was $26.5B and, this year, it is larger than any other ministry at $28.7B. “Recognising the need for alternative pathways to education, this Government has embarked on an ambitious technical and vocational education training programme, building more TVET centres in areas where there was none. “Our young people now have a better opportunity to acquire an education and a skill that will better prepare them for the workplace and the economies of tomorrow.” SPECIAL ALLOCATION


GUYANA CHRONICLE Tuesday, October 29, 2013

AG Nandlall tells workshop…

Guyana justice system being modernised through US$25M loan By Chriseana Ramrekha THE Government of Guyana, in collaboration with the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), yesterday, conducted an exit workshop for the US$25M Modernisation of the Justice Administration System (MJAS). The project, which was lauded by speakers at the forum for its many achievements, is the first comprehensive approach to reform the justice system in Guyana and yielded results such as the updating of law reports from 1977 to 2007; digitisation of the paper records from the years 1930 to 1976 and the revision of the laws of Guyana from 1977 to 2010. Additionally, the initiative facilitated the installation of management information and file management systems for files at the High Court, strengthening of institutional capacity through training, infrastructural development and the provision of modern equipment for various institutions within the justice process. Delivering remarks at the opening session in Duke Lodge, Kingston, Georgetown, Attorney General and Minister of Legal Affairs, Mr. Anil Nandlall said the undertaking has laid the foundation for justice reform in Guyana and they all can be proud of its achievements. “This project was the first attempt at a comprehensive approach to reform the justice sector of our country, with the aim of injecting a collective approach to cross-cutting sector challenges,” he explained. Nandlall said execution of the MJAS commenced in March 2007, comprising of a policy based loan of US$15M, as well as an investment component of US$10M designed to be delivered through two units. These units were the Ministry of Legal Affairs and the other is at the High Court under the administration of the Judiciary. FOUR EXTENSIONS According to him, the programme saw four extensions, the last of which was for one year but the others, averaging six months periods, brought in their wake enormous challenges to the planning and procurement processes. He said, under it, the reforms and innovations have been numerous, ranging from very visible improvements in infrastructural advancements to the less visible but, nevertheless, very tangible and important innovations in the system’s procedures. Minister Nandlall underlined improvements that have been realised, including the amendment of civil and criminal procedure laws and the drafting of new acts, among which were the Juvenile Offenders Act, the Evidence Act, Criminal Law Offences and Criminal Law Procedure Act. The Contempt of Court Act and new High Court rules were drafted in the earlier years of the

scheme, he said. Nandlall informed that the plans for improvement and modernising the structure and administrative process at both the Ministry of Legal Affairs and the Chambers of the Director of Public Prosecution (DPP) were developed with consultancy support, approved by Cabinet and implementation has commenced. He said staff of both institutions is committed to continuing the process as the capacity now exists with training of senior management at both institutions. Nandlall emphasised the importance of training for the beneficiary institutions, judges, prosecutors, administrative staff as well as external stakeholders. These external stakeholders, he pointed out, are the some 135 members of the hinterland communities who have been trained in para legal methodologies and are now much more acquainted with their rights and responsibilities under the law. He affirmed that both the Legal Affairs Ministry and the Chambers of the DPP have moved into 21st century technology with a prosecutors’ management information system and a public trustee management information system. Minister Nandlall stated that these systems have changed the way they do things and this is just the beginning since their day-to-day functioning is shifting to new levels of performance and accountability. VOICE RECOGNITION He said they have modernised the practice of the recording of court proceedings through the move to implement a voice recognition system in three courts. These courts are the Commercial Court, Court of Appeal and the Constitutional and Administrative Law Court and this system is in the process of being procured for installation and will take the burden of manual recording from judges, thus enhancing the integrity of these important court records while adding speed to the system. Nandlall said the Justice Sector, for the first time, now has a monitoring and evaluation framework that is managed by a small monitoring and evaluation unit in the Ministry of Legal Affairs and, from all indica-

tions, there is no doubt that this will ensure that there is greater form of accountability and improve the management structure and policies of the organisation. He noted, too, that the signature products of the MJAS include the updated law reports that reflect the judicial decisions from the Court of Appeal for 30 years for the period 1977 to 2007, as well as the paper

“The journey in this first comprehensive attempt at reform of the justice administrative sector has been one filled with successes and challenges,” he confirmed. He said, taking stock of what has been achieved versus what was planned, there is much to be celebrated and this project has had a tremendous impact in the areas of access to

Attorney General and Minister of Legal Affairs, Anil Nandlall delivering remarks at the opening of the workshop yesterday records of the law reports from 1930 to 1976, which are now in digitised form and are available online. Nandlall indicated that the Laws of Guyana have been revised for the period of 1977 to 2010, which is a landmark achievement since these laws were not updated since 1976. He said a consolidated index of all the reported cases from 1930 to 2007 has been completed and it, along with the law reports, are available for sale at the Ministry of Legal Affairs. The minister registered his disappointment at the fact that persons, particularly in the legal profession, have not embraced the opportunity of equipping themselves with this vital tool. He also made reference to the fact that, as a result of the MJAS, there is much more awareness by the populace regarding the functioning of the various institutions, largely through the legal media campaign.

justice through the increased availability of the updated laws and law reports and this benefit is felt by the man in the street as well as members of the legal fraternity “The first generation of the forms has, definitely, signalled that the status quo can no longer be in existence with a modern evolving 21st century. The change has commenced, the challenge is for us, as policy and decision makers, to harness the momentum, continue the change and swiftly put in place the actions that are needed to sustain the very laudable efforts of this first round of justice reform,” he asserted. Minister Nandlall took the opportunity to express gratitude to all those who contributed to making the project a success, including the Project Coordinator, Justice Claudette Singh and the technical secretariat, as well as the staff of the Legal Affairs Ministry.

A section of those in attendance at yesterday’s workshop

He also thanked his predecessors, the late Senior Council, Mr. Doodnauth Singh and Senior Counsel Mr. Charles Ramson, for their wisdom in charting the path of the project in the early years of implementation. Minister Nandlall said he is also grateful to the IDB for its willingness to engage in dialogue and acknowledged that the agency always sought to put the developmental needs of the Guyana Justice Sector at the forefront and this support is highly appreciated. He maintained that, even as the achievements of the project are being lauded, it is recognised that the journey has just begun and they look forward to the next round of justice sector reform and the continuous support of the IDB. CRITICAL STEPS Nandlall told the workshop participants that the forum presents a unique opportunity to identify the critical steps for the next round of reform and to sustain what they have collectively worked hard to achieve. Speaking on the occasion, as well, was Minister within the Ministry of Finance, Mr. Juan Edghill, who declared that the People’s Progressive Party (PPP) Administration, very early, viewed with great concern the needs of its citizens. In this regard, he said they understood that, in modernising Guyana and enhancing governance, the delivery of justice in a timely manner is paramount. Edghill said the two major components of the loan for the MJAS are the policy base and the investment. He said, under the policy based component, there were two sections totalling US$15M and the investment component was equivalent to US$10,232,000, with US$10M coming from the IDB and the remaining US$232,000 from the Government of Guyana. Edghill said the investment part has three main sub-components, the first of which includes building institutional capacity to improve the quality, efficiency and efficacy of service delivered in the justice sector and the institutions by strengthening governance and accountability. Included in that component is streamlining legal procedures and modernising administrative systems, strengthening of the Judicial Service Commission (JSC), raising clearance rate of cases, improving criminal justice and the physical rehabilitation and improvement of court rooms and court houses. The second component includes strengthening the linkages among justice institutions and the establishment of the Justice Sector Reform Steering Committee and Technical Secretariat while component three entails improving access to justice in Guyana by enhancing citizens’ awareness of their rights and responsibilities and providing services to court users to facilitate legal advice and representation.

He said more than $1.5 billion have been expended to reform and update the laws, institutionalise the justice system, refurbish and extend courts and enhance cooperation within the justice sector. ADEQUATELY ADDRESSED Edghill also offered thanks to the IDB for its support while expressing hope that this expenditure will serve the people of Guyana and ensure swift delivery of justice to the people of Guyana, since they want to ensure that, within Guyana, the rights of all are respected and are adequately addressed. He took the opportunity to point out that the Government does not only want to boast about how much money was spent but they also want to work with all of the stakeholders to get value for that money and make sure that the aims of the programme are realised. Edghill said the Finance Ministry looks forward to providing support to the Legal Affairs Ministry on an annual basis, so the judicial arm of State is financed to function properly. Speaking on behalf of the IDB, its country economist in Guyana, Mr. Mark Wenner said the bank is very proud of the achievements of the project and to have financed and supported it. “The project has succeeded, most notably, in generating positive momentum and there have been a great number of achievements,” he commented. He indicated that the rationale for the project was to improve the enforcement of rights and the rule of law in order to better serve the citizens of Guyana and to attract foreign investment. Wenner said, while there were several implementation challenges, progress continues to be made and the IDB views this programme as a pioneer because it represents one of the first cases in which there is a combination of a policy based loan and an investment loan. He added that they are very pleased to note the positive achievements highlighted in the final project report which would be discussed at the workshop, while highlighting that it has been a very long journey but it is not different from what is experienced in other countries, so they should not be disheartened by the missteps and the delays. Wenner admitted that implementing judicial reform is extremely complex and daunting, because it involves many different governmental institutions and touches on a very complex subject matter as well as one with great sensitivity to the general populace. “Much remains to be done but we are very confident that the Government of Guyana will continue on its path of reform and improvement in order to build a better society for the citizens of Guyana. The Inter-American Development Bank stands with you,” he concluded.


GUYANA CHRONICLE Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Fugitive murder suspect Rondy Jagdeo surrenders to police RONDY Jagdeo, for whom police had issued a wanted bulletin in relation to the September 3 shooting death of his close friend, well-known biker and businessman, Kirk Davis of Eccles Housing Scheme, East Bank of Demerara, handed himself over to the police, in company of his lawyer, yesterday at approximately 15:45 hrs. The Water Street, Georgetown businessman, a biker himself, was reportedly embroiled in a heated exchange of words with Davis over Rondy Jagdeo an allegation that Davis was having an affair with his wife; and he riddled Davis with approximately 16 gunshots, after which he fled the jurisdiction for almost two months, before returning to Guyana and presenting himself to the local police. During the incident in which Davis was killed, Jagdeo’s wife had been shot and injured. After she had been discharged from a private hospital, police had detained and questioned, but later released her from custody. (Michel Outridge)

Local Gov’t Ministry signs $1.6B security contracts for six regions THE Ministry of Local Government and Regional Development, Friday signed a $1.6B security contract with Home Safe Security & Domestic Services and the Regional Democratic Councils (RDC) on the coastland, at the ministry’s office in Kingston. The one-year contract, which will commence on November 1, 2013, caters for 708 locations in Regions 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 10, and the provision of 1,898 security guards. The contract is in line with the minimum wage, and eight hours per day work law, Minister of Local Government and Regional Development, Ganga Persaud observed. He said this project was developed for all the regions; however the focus is at present on the coastland. He added that many services tendered for the contract, but Home Safe Security & Domestic Services emerged as the most suitable. Robert Johnson, manager of the contracted firm, stated that the service was very happy to be on board with the ministry, and he looks forward for a long and fruitful relationship with them. Regional Executive Officers (REOs) representing the various regions said that over the years they have encountered problems with security services in terms of the number of guards provided and punctuality, and expressed the hope that the regions would not have to contend with those issues. Johnson assured the minister along with the REOs that he will work to ensure a reliable service. (GINA)

MINSTER of Local Government and Regional Development, Ganga Persaud looks on as the Regional Executive Officers (REOs) sign the $1.6B security contract

Bus driver attacked by knife wielder MINIBUS driver Sallielall Budhoo was attacked by a man brandishing a knife, about 18:30 hrs on Sunday, October 27. Relating the incident to the Guyana Chronicle yesterday, he said he and his family were heading to the Diwali Motorcade at Albion, Corentyne, Berbice, when the attacker, a bus dispatcher, was apparently under the influence of alcohol. Budhoo said he had seen his niece waiting for transport but, upon stopping for her, the man whom he knows well, rushed up to him with a long knife. The man placed the blade at his throat and warned him not to collect the girl, although she was already in the bus. Budhoo said his wife began to scream but the man continued holding the knife against her husband, causing the niece to leave the vehicle in the effort to save her uncle. Budhoo said he could think of no reason why the man threatened him and he was surprised that the incident occurred. He said he had made no report to the police at West Coast Sallielall Budhoo Berbice where the occurrence took place, because it was late and his family wanted to get to the motorcade but he planned to make the complaint on leaving the newspaper office yesterday. The 55-year-old Budhoo, of Lot 19 Section ‘E’ Bath Settlement, West Coast Berbice, has been a bus driver for 30 years along the Rosignol to Georgetown route. He is a married father of two children.

In Jamaica…

Anti-money laundering, terrorism financing confab ends today THE Jamaica Bankers Association (JBA) in collaboration with the Jamaica Institute of Financial Services (JIFS) is currently hosting its second annual Anti-Money Laundering/Counter Financing of Terrorism (AML/CFT) Conference. According to a report in the Jamaica Observer newspaper, the two-day conference which began yesterday will conclude this afternoon at the Knutsford Court Hotel in Kingston, Jamaica. Under the theme ‘Compliance - Charting our Course amidst Uncertainties’, the major objective of the conference is to provide participants with “an in-depth perspective of AML/CFT matters relating to the experiences of the Caribbean and other jurisdictions”, organisers said. The conference features local and overseas speakers who are considered experts in their fields, from diverse backgrounds including regulatory bodies of financial institutions, law enforcement, and the judiciary. Jamaica’s Minister of Finance and Planning, Dr Peter Phillips gave the opening address yesterday while the keynote address was delivered Senator Mark Golding by Robert O’Neill, former US Attorney for the Middle District of Florida. Today, Minister of Justice Senator, Mark Golding will address the conference. Participants in the conference are drawn from AML/CFT compliance practitioners, comprising officers of financial institutions who are legally responsible for AML/CFT matters; attorneys-at-law; front-line staff; and internal and external auditors from the local and regional financial sectors, including the securities, insurance, banking, pension and remittance.

On another Court appearance…

Accused in Met-en-Meerzorg murder case further remanded By Geeta Rampersaud SEVERAL persons, including a woman, charged with murder, armed robbery and conspiracy to commit a felony, made another court appearance yesterday before Chief Magistrate, Priya SewnarineBeharry who further remanded them to prison. The accused, Alan Dorsett, 38, and Cassandra Singh, both of Lot 610 Zeelugt; Delwyn Croft, 32, of Lot 589 Tuschen Housing Scheme and Kiran ‘50 Cent’ Khan, of Parika Railway Embankment, all of East Bank Essequibo; Essan ‘Muscle’ Lawrence, 33, of Vreed-enHoop, Jermaine ‘Yankee’ Williams, 36, of Gas Station Street, Anna Catherina and Andrew ‘Sonic’ Chandler, 34, of Lot 84 Met-en-Meerzorg, all of West Coast of Demerara, are jointly charged with the murder of Met-en-Meerzorg businessman, Zulfikar Namdar on September 10 last. The 27-year-old Namdar was shot dead when gunmen invaded his grocery and home and terrorised his family before escaping with a large quantity of cash and other items. Williams, Lawrence and Croft face separate charges of robbery under arms, particulars of which said that, on September 7 last, at Good Success, Wakenaam Island, Essequibo,

being armed with offensive weapons (guns) they invaded the house of Rohan Nandkishore, discharged several rounds and robbed him of a quantity of jewellery valued $3.5M and $2.5M cash. Two other persons, Samuel Bacchus, 38, of East Ruimveldt Squatting Area, Georgetown and Peter Christian (no address given) were charged with having conspired with each other, on September 16, to rob Namdar at Met-en-Meerzorg. Police Corporal Bharat Mangru, prosecuting, indicated that the investigations are not quite complete. NO ESCORT Lawrence complained to the Chief Magistrate that he has missed his doctor’s appointment twice, because the police have been making excuses that there is no escort to take him to the hospital. He pointed, in court, to an officer who, he said, along with another, Reid, shocked him in his eyes and caused him difficulties with his sight. Dorsett related that he was shocked in the head causing his blood pressure to rise and he was taken to the Georgetown Public Hospital (GPH) to see a doctor. Meanwhile, attorney-at-law, Mr. George Thomas, representing Croft and Chandler, stated that the

former saw a doctor but did not receive any treatment while the latter was examined by a medex and a medical doctor but the lawyer requested that a private doctor visit the prison to examine the duo. Defence Counsel said Croft is presently using pain killers but the damage caused to his eyes could lead to loss of sight. Singh pleaded for her boats to be released from police custody and said she left her three children behind. Attorney-at-law, Ms. Pollard entered appearance for Christian and said he is a 26year-old taxi driver, of Lot 247 East Bank of Demerara, with no prior or pending matter. She said he was unaware of what was taking place since his service was hired and was merely doing his duty. She said he is charged with a bailable offence. But Prosecutor Mangru, successfully, objected to the application, citing the seriousness of the offence and its prevalence in today’s society. He added that, if Christian is granted bail, he may not return for his trial. The two murder cases and conspiracy to commit a felony were transferred to Vreed-enHoop Court where the preliminary inquiry (PI) will commence on November 5. Meanwhile, the robbery under arms will be called at the Wakenaam Court on November 27.

FITUG participates in CCL 18th Congress THE Federation of Independent Trade Unions of Guyana (FITUG), for the first time with delegate status, participated in the 18th Triennial Congress of the Caribbean Congress of Labour (CCL) which was held on October 23 - 24, 2013 in Nassau, Bahamas under the theme 'Reorganising CCL to confront a changing global and regional environment'. According to a statement yesterday from FITUG, there were forty (40) delegates from sixteen (16) Caribbean countries who, among other things, reviewed the work of the CCL since its 17th Congress held in October, 2010 and elected a new Executive Committee as follows:NAME ** David Massiah

POSITION President


Antigua and Barbuda Workers Union (ABWU) ** Chester Humphrey General Secretary Grenada Trades Union Council (GTUC) ** Jennifer Issac-Dotson First Vice President National Congress of Trade Unions of Bahamas (NCTUB) ** Glen Simmons Second Vice President Bermuda Industrial Union (BIU) ** Seepaul Narine Third Vice President Federation of Independent Trade Unions of Guyana (FITUG) The Congress also elected a General Council comprising two representatives each from Guyana, Barbados, Trinidad and Tobago, Grenada and The Bahamas and one each from Antigua and Barbuda, St Vincent and the Grenadines, St Lucia, Bermuda, St Maarten, St Kitts and Dominica. Both the Executive Committee and General Council are charged with administering the Organisation until its 19th Congress in 2016. The representatives from Guyana on the General Council are Cdes Carvil Duncan and Kenneth Joseph.

GUYANA CHRONICLE Tuesday, October 29, 2013



GUYANA CHRONICLE Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Blood Bank appeal puts focus on ‘O’ types THE National Blood Transfusion Service (NBTS) has made an appeal for more persons to donate as the demand continues to exceed supply. NBTS Director, Dr. Nadia Liu said, since the last call for voluntary blood donors to come forward, the agency has seen some support and even reached its target of 10,000 units. However, more ‘O’ positive and ‘O’ negative types are needed. She said: “We have collected units and are grateful for the efforts of the individuals who supported us but, still, the demand is very high.” The NBTS is promoting walk-in donors instead of having family replacement donations.

CJIA fires three for soliciting money from passengers THREE employees of the Cheddi Jagan International Airport (CJIA) have been fired after they were found soliciting money from passengers while on duty, over the past two weeks. “This is in keeping with the airport’s zero tolerance approach to any such act, which only serves to tarnish the reputation of the corporation and its stakeholders,” an airport statement said. It quoted CJIA Chief Executive Officer Ramesh Ghir as saying that, under its rule book, stealing and soliciting money from passengers are serious offences. Mr Ramesh Ghir, “It is my hope that othCJIA’s Chief ers, who are tempted to bend Executive Officer the rules, will see that we mean business. CJIA will not condone such gross dishonesty,” he stated. The statement said passengers are being urged to demand receipts for payments made at check-in and encouraged to report all requests for money or bribes by staff of the airport. “Further, passengers should also note that there is no additional charge for carrying frozen or cooked foods in their baggage, unless they are overweight,” said the statement. ADVICE TO PASSENGERS CJIA advised passengers to report any misconduct of its staff to the supervisors or managers of the respective airlines or the Airport Duty Office (ADO) on telephone numbers 592261-2261/600-7022. Meanwhile, Caribbean Airlines Airport Manager Carl Stuart commended the CJIA management for taking such action. He said: “Actually, we support and respect any initiative put in place to improve the customer experience.” Stuart added that CAL has a strict policy for monetary transactions. “There is a designated agent for that purpose and signages advising passengers to collect receipts are visible. “Apart from the ticketing desk, the Departure Tax Office, Red Cap Porters and Secure Wrapping Service are the only other channels where money should be exchanged,” he maintained.

Liu expressed her gratitude for what has been donated and is welcoming all types, though, reiterating that special attention needs to be paid to acquiring more ‘O’ positive and ‘O’ negative categories. She noted that there are no blood drives scheduled for now but is pleading for the Guyanese public to become voluntary donors in the effort to save lives. More persons

need to donate blood as the demand continues to exceed supply

THREE LIVES Liu pointed out that one unit of blood can save three lives and added: “We are encouraging persons to become voluntary donors. We hope people understand that it is about saving lives and, hopefully, recognise what a privilege it

is to be a donor.” Persons interested in giving blood are welcome at the six sites nationwide, including:

* NBTS headquarters in Georgetown; * New Amsterdam Hospital in Berbice; * Suddie Hospital in Essequibo; * Mackenzie Hospital in Linden, and * West Demerara Regional Hospital at Best Village Liu said this year’s target is 10,000 units and the NBTS is open Monday to Friday from 08:00 hrs to 18:30 hrs and Saturdays from 08:00 hrs to 15:00 hrs. Companies, groups and individuals interested in being part of the NBTS ‘Good Samaritan’ programme can contact the Blood Bank on telephone number 223-7182. (Savitri Laikram)


GUYANA CHRONICLE Tuesday, October 29, 2013

PPP General Secretary Clement Rohee says:

Toshaos held another successful conference to advance development of Amerindians and their communities By Telesha Ramnarine SPEAKING at a press conference hosted yesterday at Freedom House on Robb Street, People’s Progressive Party (PPP) General Secretary, Clement Rohee said the recently concluded National Toshaos Conference (NTC), hosted last week at the Guyana International Conference Centre at Liliendaal, Greater Georgetown was, as usual, successful. The NTC, Rohee said, has served to advance the future de-

PPP General Secretary, Clement Rohee (at centre) was with party members Kwame Gilbert (right) and Zulfikar Mustapha at yesterday’s press conference

velopment of the Amerindians and their communities. The presence and active participation of over 200 Amerindian leaders also served to underline the success of the PPP/C in its continuous effort to empower and give the Amerindians a more direct role in the governance of their communities, he continued. “Guyana’s Low Carbon Development Strategy (LCDS) is a clear example of such an effort, and our party is pleased to note that, during the NTC, it was disclosed that a second wave of LCDS projects (has) been identified. “This could only have been possible through direct inputs (from), and partnership (with), the Amerindian community,” Rohee said. The party also endorses the call to build climate resilience not only on the coastland, but also in the hinterland; and is confident that the LCDS would continue to place special focus in this area of concern, Rohee disclosed. Rohee said the PPP has noted a resolution passed by the 2013 NTC on political parties’ unfair decisions relative to the development and welfare of Amerindians, and the disclosure by Amerindian leaders that a lot of their development has been hampered by the actions of the AFC/APNU in cutting the national budget in 2012 and 2013. “Our party will continue to fight for the restoration of those cuts in the High Court, and welcomes President Donald Ramotar’s announcement that the communities will receive the presidential grants which were slashed by the opposition in the 2012 budget.” Rohee said the party is calling on not only the Amerindian people, but the entire population to try and understand the modus operandi of the Opposition, as much has not changed in their approach to the development of the nation and all peoples from when they were in government. “This is best summed up by the fact that the Amerindian population was in decline up to 1992, after 28 years of being starved of basic resources. To-

day, they are the fastest growing population in our nation. Amerindians are now in a position to make decisions regarding their future, as is best exemplified by the NTC. “Yet, every effort is being made by the Opposition still to unwind those gains and disempower them by hitting where it hurts the most - their economic development. It is with this in mind that our party finds strange the recent picketing action by the Amerindian Peoples Association (APA) during the course of the NTC deliberations, where they expressed disappointment at the US $10.7M contract between Government and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) for the titling and demarcation of Amerindian lands. “The APA has been quoted in the press as saying this amount is not enough,” Rohee said. While it is common knowledge that the titling and demarcation of Amerindian lands is a continuous effort, and is not something which can be achieved overnight, Rohee said, the APA should tell the Guyanese public why it has been silent on the slashing of budgetary allocations to Amerindian communities by the opposition. “The APA protest action is further exposed when consideration is given to the fact that a significant portion of the monies the Opposition has denied our Amerindian communities (was) intended to address the specific issues which this grouping highlighted as concerns during (its) picket action,” Rohee said. Rohee said the PPP wishes to acknowledge the tremendous progress the Amerindians have made since 1992; but, at the same time, it should be noted that the journey is far from complete, as there is still a lot of hard work ahead, made even more challenging by the negative forces bent on unwinding gains. Other party members who attended yesterday’s press conference were Kwame Gilbert and Zulfikar Mustapha.

Webster says interpersonal and gender-based violence is everybody’s business By Michael Khan

Minister Jennifer Webster

MINISTER of Human Services and Social Security, Jennifer Webster says that addressing critical issues is not only the business of the Government of Guyana and interpersonal or gender-based violence is everybody’s business. Minister Webster was at the time speaking at the launching of the Social Work Degree programme at the University of Guyana, Berbice Campus at Tain, Corentyne. She told a gathering of aspiring social workers that “Violence, interpersonal violence or gender-based violence in Guyana is everybody’s business.” Webster also highlighted the need for the media to adopt a responsible approach towards sensitive issues such as Trafficking In Persons (TIP) and gender-based violence. According to Minister Webster, “The press should not look at these issues as we would term ‘sexy’, but they are issues which have affected the lives of our people and I caution that their reporting should be moderate in this regard.”


GUYANA CHRONICLE Tuesday, October 29, 2013

148 Berbice High students now equipped to seek employment or pursue higher learning By Michael Khan ONE HUNDRED and fortyeight graduates of the Berbice High School (BHS) in New Amsterdam are now equipped with the requisite skills to seek employment or pursue higher learning after working tirelessly to succeed at the Caribbean Examinations Council (CXC) and Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC) 2013 examinations. Overall, 77.6% of the students secured passes in Grades 1 to 3 with 120 candidates gaining five or more subjects. Tamika Gilmore emerged the Best Graduating and Best All-Round student by securing 13 Grade Ones, including five distinctions and one Grade 2, while Candace Wallace also gained passes in 13 subjects and was declared the first runner-up. Last Friday the school held its annual graduation and prizegiving exercise which was attended by Deputy Chief Education Officer, Administration, Ms. Donna Chapman. She urged the graduates to work hard to reach their goals in life and not to cheat or engage in unscrupulous activities to attain success. She told them that a chapter has ended, but the real story of their lives has just started. “You will face many problems in the adult world - prejudice, racism, indifference, and intolerance; some people may even laugh at your dreams and try to indulge you in nefarious activities. I encourage you to stand firm by the principles that were imparted to you by your parents, teachers and mentors,” she advised. VALUES AND ATTITUDES NOT OLD-FASHIONED Chapman told the gathering in the school auditorium at Queenstown, New Amsterdam, that moral values coupled with knowledge can take them to higher altitudes. “The values that you learnt such as hard work, compassion, honesty and humility can take you a very far way and these values and attitudes are not oldfashioned - they never go out of style,” she remarked. The education official also encouraged the class of 2013 to

their ability as is stated in the mission statement of the school.” The school attained 100% passes - Grades 1 to 3 in the areas of Agricultural Science (Double Award), Food and Nutrition, Home Management, Integrated Science, Principles of Business and Office Administration. Also present at the ceremony were Regional Education Officer of Region 6, Ms. Volika Jaikishun, District Education Officers Ruth Jaundoo and Seleste La Rose, other teachers, past students and parents. Deputy Chief Education Officer, Administration, Donna Chapman demonstrate regard for the investment made by their parents and guardians in ensuring that they acquired a sound secondary education. GREATEST HERO Meanwhile, retired Regional Education Officer, Catherine Archer expressed confidence that the class of 2013 will not become complacent but will continue to pursue higher knowledge and become builders of Guyana. “You must always affirm that you are your greatest hero because you alone control your progress, success and happiness. You must look up to and trust yourselves to make it through any difficulties, knowing that you can appreciate and celebrate your own success, and in doing that, you carry forward only the best practices,” she charged. The graduation ceremony which was enlivened by songs, dances and poems by students of the school, saw head-teacher, Ms. Jennifer Rollins highlighting the many successes as well as constraints that the administration of the school experienced. Rollins described the 2012/ 13 academic year as a challenging one, but she noted that development is a continuous process and the Berbice High School is no exception. She added: “Our students received an education which will enable them, on the basis of equal opportunity, to develop

Best Graduating Student, Tamika Gilmore, receives her certificate from her class teacher Onefa George

A section of the Class of 2013


GUYANA CHRONICLE Tuesday, October 29, 2013


GUYANA Chronicle Tuesday October 29, 2013

Windies squad named for ODIs against ... From Back Page and June Ogle and fast bowler Subrina Munroe for the matches at Queen’s Park Oval. The West Indies women defeated England on Saturday to win a tri-nation series also involving New Zealand at Kensington Oval after defeating New Zealand in an ODI series in Jamaica. “We’re heading over to Trinidad and we want to continue the winning momentum. We played well to beat New Zealand in Jamaica in the ODIs at Sabina Park,” said captain Merissa Aguilleira. “We were on top of

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our game to beat New Zealand and England in the T20s in Barbados and we will look to do the same at Queen’s Park Oval. The selectors have recalled a few players to the squad and they will fit in well. We will look to maintain our excellent record on home turf.” The second and third ODIs between West Indies and

England will be played on Friday and Sunday. Squad: Merissa Aguilleira (captain), Shemaine Campbelle, Shanel Daley, Deandra Dottin, Kycia Knight, Kyshona Knight, Natasha McLean, Anisa Mohammed, Subrina Munroe, June Ogle, Shaquana Quintyne, Tremayne Smartt and Stafanie Taylor.

FIFA race chief: England ‘needs’ black ... From Back Page

Webb told BBC Sport. “Many of them are becoming very demoralised and these are issues of course that we hope the FA will take on and that of the Premier League. “The (English) game must reflect society and the community. It doesn’t do so.” FA chairman Greg

Dyke was criticised by board member Heather Rabbatts for a perceived lack of diversity in his commission on the future of the English game. His initial eight-strong panel was entirely comprised of white men, although Manchester United’s Rio Ferdinand was later added to the group alongside England manager Roy Hodgso. (PA Sport)

Ryder scores century in first match back from injury (REUTERS) - New Zealand batsman Jesse Ryder compiled a well-crafted century in his first match since surviving an assault that left him in a coma with serious head injuries. The 29-year-old hit 22 boundaries on his way to 117 on debut for Otago against his former team Wellington yesterday. Ryder, who averages almost 41 in Tests with three hundreds, has been in selfimposed exile from the New Zealand team since early 2012 following a breach of team discipline. The burly left-hander spent almost a week in hospital in late March after an incident outside a Christchurch bar left him with a fractured skull and rib injuries. He was kept in an induced coma for more than two days. While recovering from

Jesse Ryder the assault, Ryder was suspended for six months for failing a drugs test for banned stimulants he said he took in a supplement to lose weight. The ban ended this month and the cricketer with a history of alcohol and disciplinary problems said he would turn over a new leaf in an attempt to break back into the New Zealand team. Ryder has played 18 Tests and 39 one-day internationals for his country.


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Serena Williams can get even better - Patrick Mouratoglou SERENA Williams’ coach Patrick Mouratoglou says the world number one can do even better next year. Williams retained the WTA Championships on Sunday, her 11th title of the season, to improve her 2013 record to 78 wins with only four defeats. “We’ve spoken about 2014 already with goals to do better than this year because I think it is possible,” Mouratoglou told BBC Sport. “If we keep this mentality I don’t see any reason why she would slow down.” American Williams who came from behind to beat Li Na in three sets in Istanbul has won 20 more matches this season than she has ever managed previously. As well as winning 25 sets by a 6-0 margin, the 17-time Grand Slam winner has also become the first woman to win more than $10M (£6.19M)

season. In contrast, Williams has had arguably the most successful season of her career. “She has 100% of her physical abilities today, which counts for a lot,” said Mouratoglou. “Maybe that’s one of the

Serena Williams prize money in a single season. “She loves playing tennis, she loves winning, she wants to stay number one, she wants to keep on winning and she wants to be better,” added Mouratoglou. Even at the age of 32, Will-

iams says she cannot imagine life without playing tennis. Roger Federer, also a 17time Grand Slam champion, is 49 days older than Williams and the Swiss has experienced a slide down the men’s world rankings this

I don’t believe my position is untenable - Lorgat CRICKET South Africa (CSA) chief executive Haroon Lorgat has said that his position is not untenable and that there are other areas in South Africa’s cricket administration where he could make a difference. Lorgat had been withdrawn by CSA from dealing with matters relating to the ICC or the BCCI until an independent investigation into the controversial comments made by the ICC’s former legal head David Becker, and Lorgat’s alleged role in it, was completed. “I offered the board on Sunday last to step aside until the Indian tour was confirmed and until the allegation against me was cleared. “I’ve got nothing to fear,” Lorgat told Eyewitness News. “I did not want to be the person that would have held up (the tour) or had the tour cancelled. I was happy to stand aside and offer to the board to have someone else take care of it, because if that’s what it takes for the tour to go ahead, no one person is bigger than the tour. “I don’t believe my position is untenable. There are plenty other things that need to be done at CSA. We’ve got a programme of development

Haroon Lorgat that needs to be revisited, there are transformation issues that need to be dealt with, there are competitions to unfold, there’s a Twenty20 competition that we have not fully exploited. “We’ve got that scheduled for January and I would love to see our international players playing in that competition. There is a lot to be done and to suggest it’s an untenable state, I am looking forward to getting my focus in areas where I feel I can make a difference.” Although there was no official statement, CSA’s appointment of Lorgat as its

chief executive despite a series of run-ins between him and the BCCI during his tenure as ICC chief seemed to have cast a shadow over India’s tour of South Africa. The BCCI, which had earlier raised concerns about Lorgat being in the running for CSA’s top job, rejected the original itinerary for the tour that had three Tests, seven ODIs and two T20s pencilled in. However, the eventual announcement of the tour ended an uncertain few months that severely tested the relations between the BCCI and CSA. (ESPN Cricinfo)

reasons why Roger hasn’t been able to play his best tennis this year. He has physical issues, but Serena doesn’t. She’s at the top physically. “As I said to her when we started working together, we have to make sure you don’t get injured: that is the first goal. So

we did a lot of work on her body. “The team worked with her to help her get stronger because everybody has weaknesses in his or her body. Her fitness is at the top, along with her will and dedication.” (BBC Sport)


GUYANA Chronicle Tuesday October 29, 2013

Platini calls for 40-team World Cup starting with Russia 2018 THE UEFA president, Michel Platini, wants to increase the number of teams competing in the World Cup finals from 32 to 40, starting in 2018. Platini, prompted by the FIFA president Sepp Blatter’s desire to cut the number of European teams involved in the finals in favour of Africa and Asia, said his proposal would extend the tournament by only three days and would be “good for everybody”. Platini told the Times: “I totally agree with Mr Blatter that we need more African and Asian (countries). But instead of taking away some European, we have to go to 40 teams. We can add two African, two Asiatic, two American, one Oceania and

one from Europe.” Platini said the finals would

grow to eight groups of five. “Football is changing … we have 209 associations, so why reduce? Make more people happy.” Platini’s proposal comes amid increased tension with

Blatter before the next FIFA presidential election in 2015. Asked what the FIFA president made of the idea, Platini said: “I haven’t told him yet.”

UEFA president Michel Platini

Australia’s Clarke back in action for New South Wales SYDNEY, Australia - (Reuters) - Australia have received a major boost less than a month before the start of the Ashes with the news that captain Michael Clarke will return to action for New South Wales today, subject to a final fitness test on his injured back. Clarke skipped the ongoing one-day tour of India to rest the injury, a degenerative condition which has troubled him since he was a teenager. The 32-year-old batsman has made better progress than expected and will now skipper his home state against Tasmania in the Sheffield Shield opener in Blacktown. Concerns over Clarke’s back have consumed Australia before most Test series over the last few years and team physiotherapist Alex Kountouris suggested he might be rested more often. “We will get him up for the Ashes, one Test at a time, but we are hopeful he will get through the whole series,” Kountouris told the Daily Telegraph. “I’m still very confident we will get a lot of cricket out of Michael but there are going to be times where we are firmer now when we say okay, you just can’t play this game. “Obviously we are prioritising Test cricket, but we are going to have a look at what he plays and when he plays. That’s no different to what other sports do with their mature players.” England won the first Ashes encounter of the year 3-0 to retain the urn for a third successive series and arrived in Perth last Friday. The first Ashes Test takes place at the Gabba in Brisbane on November 21 before further matches in Adelaide, Perth, Melbourne and Sydney.

Record medal haul for T&T at World Masters Outdoor C/ships PORTO ALEGRE, Brazil (CMC) - Trinidad and Tobago have captured their highest medal count ever in the World Masters Outdoor Track and Field Championships which climaxed in Brazil on Sunday. T&T completed the event with an all-time high medal tally of 18, improving on the seven medals earned at the 2011 World Masters meet in California, USA. The Trinidadians claimed three relay medals on the final day of action and ended the Championships

with four gold medals, seven silver and seven bronze. Leading the way was double individual bronze medallist Martin Prime, who guided the men’s 50-54 4x100 metres team to silver in 46.10 seconds. The T&T combination of Prime, Lester Herbert, Raymond Smith and Dave Massiah finished behind Great Britain (45.67). The same quartet went on to bag bronze in the 4x400m. Prime left Brazil with five medals, the most captured by any T&T athlete at the global biennial meet.

CRICKET QUIZ CORNER (Tuesday October 29, 2013) Compliments of THE TROPHY STALL-Bourda Market & The City Mall (Tel: 225-9230) & CUMMINGS ELECTRICAL CO. LTD-83 Garnette Street, Campbellville (Tel: 225-6158; 223-6055) Answers to yesterday’s quiz: (1)WI vs PAK, Bourda, 1988 (2)Geoff Arnold (ENG vs AUST, Manchester, 1972) Today’s Quiz: (1) Which WI bowler once took 8/38 in a Test against India in Barbados? (2) Put these in order beginning with the man who took most wickets in ODIs: Imran Khan; Ian Botham; KapilDev; Richard Hadlee Answers in tomorrow’s issue

Michael Clarke

Leading the way was double individual bronze medallist Martin Prime.

Windies warm-up fixture shifted to Kolkata KOLKATA, India (CMC) - A new venue has been announced for the three-day warm-up fixture between the touring West Indies Cricket team and Uttar Pradesh, scheduled to begin on Thursday. The match, originally down to be played at Cuttack, has now been shifted to the Jadavpur University Complex in Kolkata because of rain. The Odisha Cricket Association says it is unable to host the match due to torrential rains over the past week. The rain also forced the abandonment of India’s ODI against Australia on Saturday.

Mumbai had emerged as a frontrunner for hosting the warm-up game but Kolkata was said to be the best option given the travel plans of the West Indies cricket team. West Indies, who were scheduled to arrive in Kolkata yesterday, are expected to get an additional day on November 3, originally scheduled to be a travel day, to prepare for the opening Test. The first Test between West Indies and India will begin on November 6 at Eden Gardens while the second Test is scheduled to start November 14. The three ODIs will be played on November 21, 24 and 27.


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Shimron Hetmeyer - in pursuit of a Windies cricketing career By Michael Khan “OVER the next five years, I will be working hard at my game with the hope of gaining selection to represent the West Indies senior team,” stated the jubilant National and West Indies youth opening batsman, Shimron Odilon Hetmeyer, after graduating from the Berbice High School as the Best Male Athlete for the 2012/13 academic year. With good academic performances at the 2013 CXC, CSEC, .the versatile East Canje, Berbice lad, who is the last of four siblings of GuySuCO Engineer, Gladston Hetmeyer, has no immediate plans to pursue an academic career or skilled profession; his only ambition is to become an internationally recognised cricketer. “For now, I will just be playing cricket on a full-time basis; I enjoyed playing football for my school as a striker but, I will no longer be playing that game at a competitive level,” he told Chronicle Sport.


Shimron Hetmeyer receives his Certificate of Achievement from high school teacher at his recent graduation.

Hetmeyer, who celebrates his 17th birthday on Boxing Day, secured 6 subjects at the 2013 CSEC; he obtained a Grade 1 in Physical Education, Grade 2 in Agricultural Science (Double Award), English ‘A’, Social Studies and Integrated Science. When asked how he managed to cope with studies for examinations while participating in sports, he said: “At times, I never really balanced sports with my studies but, I had lots of advice from my parents, teachers and friends. Their advice paid off for me in the end.” The aspiring international cricketer, who recently represented the West Indies Under- 19 team in the sevenmatch One Day series against Bangladesh, said that he is setting high standards when it comes to his ‘game’ and sees Tagenarine Chanderpaul (son of West Indies middle-order batsman,

Shivnarine Chanderpaul), as a perfect opening partner who offers lots of inspiration when it comes to building an innings and assessing batting conditions. “I always like to play alongside Tage (Tagenarine), he’s the best opening partner I’ve had in my career so far; he’s a real inspiration,” he admitted. Hetmeyer, who represents the Young Warriors team at the club level in East Berbice, said that he is blessed to have the support of his coach, club mates and village folks to offer him words of encouragement in pursuit of his dreams. He then advised other young aspiring sportsmen and women: “Stay in school and if you are pursuing a career in any sporting discipline, just balance yourself and approach everything you do with the right attitude. You may not always meet the best of people but you always need to demonstrate the best behaviour and be tolerant.” (Michael Khan)

Bassarath retains presidency of TTCB PORT OF SPAIN, Trinidad, (CMC) - Azam Bassarath secured a third term as President of the Trinidad and Tobago Cricket Board (TTCB), when he was re-elected on Saturday. Bassarath defeated former West Indies Test cricketer Dinanath Ramnarine by 28 to 20 votes during the Board’s Annual General Meeting. Forty-eight delegates representing clubs, zones and affiliates voted at yesterday’s meeting, with Bassarath’s

Azam Bassarath

Movement for Change making a clean sweep. Ramnarine was nominated to challenge Dr Allan Sammy for the post of first vice- president, with Sammy winning that battle 28 to 20. The other executive positions were unopposed, with the Movement for Change completing a clean sweep. Sammy takes over from Dudnath Ramkessoon as first vice president while Lalman Kowlessar retained his position as second vice president.

The TTCB also changed its constitution this year to provide for a third vice- president, and that post was won by new North Zone chairman Patrick Rampersad. Arjoon Ramlal returned as general secretary while Sukesh Maniam was elected as treasurer for another term. After the vote, Bassarath gave his assurance that the defeated candidate would be given an opportunity to serve to ensure that cricket continues to develop in T&T.

“Mr Ramnarine is a member of the National League and he is a member of the Board now and not only Ramnarine. We have Daren Ganga and Giles Antoine and it is important we have players like that and people like that who are members of the board now, and definitely I can give you the assurance that they are going to be utilised to make sure cricket is served properly in Trinidad and Tobago,” said Bassarath.

Dinanath Ramnarine

Dottin prevails on advice from the world’s leading female cricketer BRIDGETOWN, Barbados (CMC) - Aggressive middle-order batsman Deandra Dottin says advice from the world’s leading female cricketer, Stafanie Taylor, helped her achieve her goal of securing the top player award at the just ended Women’s Twenty20 International Tri-nations series last Saturday night. Dottin, the powerful right-hander, was in fine form during the tournament, powering the Windies to a superb series triumph. The 22-year-old made a blistering 46 not out in Saturday’s night final to pilot the home side to an eight-wicket win over England. “Stafanie is ‘safe’ ... she’s our best player and she was just looking to bat through to the end of the innings. She gave me some good advice when I came in and told me to go for my shots,” Dottin said. “I knew if I managed to get after the bowling we would win easily. When I hit the final four to win the match I felt great. It was a nice feeling to help us to win in front of our supporters.”

During the West Indies run chase Dottin came to the crease with the score at 41-2 in the seventh over. She dominated an unbroken third-wicket stand of 78 with Taylor, who took the Player-of-the-Match award. Taylor, who again played well for 51 not out, is ranked the top player across the Reliance ICC Women’s Player Rankings for ODIs. “For me, from the start, I always said I wanted to win the Player-of-the-Series award and I was glad I managed to pull it off,” said Dottin. “This award means a lot to me. In this tournament I was able to settle down and play my natural game.” Dottin ended the tournament with 156 runs in five innings at a strike rate of 133.33 to win the Virgin Atlantic Player-of-the-Series award. “The crowds have been fantastic throughout ... really good to see the way the people come out and support the teams in this tournament,” the Barbadian cricketer said. “We really tried hard to make them happy and give them Deandra Dottin ends the tournament with 156 something to ‘jump up’ for”. runs in five innings.


Sport The Chronicle is at

GFF /Banks Beer Premier League

Dottin prevails on advice from the world’s leading female cricketer

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Alpha stay ahead in points race, GDF marching on their heels By Michael DaSilva ALPHA ‘The Hammer’ United registered their third consecutive victory in the Guyana Football Federation (GFF)/Banks Beer Premier League with a 1-0 win over Den Amstel on Sunday night. Gregory ‘Jackie Chan’ Richardson netted the lone goal of the match in the 18th minute. The victory for the Georgetown Football Association (GFA) side earned them three points, taking their tally to nine, one ahead of another GFA team, Guyana Defence Force

Gregory ‘Jackie Chan’ Richardson

(GDF), who beat Buxton United in a penalty shoot-out (5-4) after the two sides played to a 2-2 draw at the Beterverwagting Community Centre ground on Sunday. Clive Andries netted a brace for the East Coast Demerara side in the 27th and 43rd minutes, while Delwin Fraser was on target in the 16th and 30th minutes for the GDF. Both teams received one point each for the draw, but the army side earned an extra point for winning the penalty shoot-out. Buxton, who have completed three matches are now on seven points. They won two

matches for six points and another point for the drawn game on Sunday. Also at the Beterverwagting ground, BK Western Tigers beat BV/Triumph 2-1 through goals from Hubert Pedro and Stellon David in the 14th and 27th minutes respectively. Delroy Dean netted the East Coast side’s lone goal in the 55th minute. The victory for Western Tigers is their first from three matches. They drew one match and lost the other, they are on four points at the moment. BV/Triumph remain on four points.

Playing at the Den Amstel Community Centre ground, West Coast Demerara on Sunday also, Upper Demerara Football Association’s (UDFA) Winners Connection edged West Demerara’s Young Achievers 32 to earn their first points from three matches. They lost two matches. An own goal from the West Demerara side gave Winners Connection their first goal in the eighth minute, while Devon Fraser netted a goal in the 38th minute and Keon Fagerey scored in the 45th minute. For Young Achievers, Kevon McPherson and Lloyd

Prince scored one goal each in the 57th and 85th minutes respectively. At the GFC ground, Santos and Grove Hi-Tech played to a 2-2 draw with goals coming off the boots of Jermaine Fraser in the 8th and 55th minutes for Santos, while Dominique Garnette responded for Grove Hi-Tech in the 36th and 76th minutes. The East Bank team went on to win the penalty shoot-out by a 4-2 margin and will earn one point for the draw and another for the penalty shoot-out victory. This is Santos’ third drawn game. The previous two matches they went on to win in penalty shoot-outs and secured two points each. With this loss, they will only get one point, which takes them to five points.

FIFA race chief: England ‘needs’ black managers’ FIFA anti-discrimination chief Jeffrey Webb says English football must address the lack of non-playing opportunities for ethnic minorities Webb, the influential CONCACAF president who heads the world governing body’s racism task force, believes the paucity of nonwhite managers in the country is an issue which needs to be looked at as a matter of urgency. The Premier League is one of the most culturally diverse divisions on the planet but has been overwhelmingly dominated by white managers. Norwich boss Chris Hughton is the only current topflight boss bucking the trend, with Blackpool’s Paul Ince and

Chris Powell the only black managers operating in the Football League following the sacking of Notts County boss Chris Kiwomya. Webb, who has been meeting with senior players during a visit to England, also suggested there was a growing disenchantment among professionals. “There are a lot of young players coming through, I understand that more than 30 per cent of the league is made up of people of African descent and over 71 different nationalities playing in the Premier League, but it’s not reflected, they’re not getting an opportunity (to manage),”

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Jeffrey Webb and Sepp Blatter of FIFA (Reuters)

Windies squad named for ODIs against England … first match on today PORT-OF-SPAIN, Trinidad (CMC) - A 13-member squad was (ODI) series which begin here today. See page 24 named yesterday to represent the West Indies women against The squad includes England women in a three-match One Day International wicketkeeper/batter Kycia Knight, openers Natasha McLean

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