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Wealthy Affiliate Review Wealthy Affiliate University – Wealthy Affiliate Review How an Inexperienced, Barely-speaking E n g l i s h 2 2 Y e a r-O l d P u n k G r e w a Profitable $95,273 Business from Scratch in 2 Years! …And How YOU Can Do the Same I’m getting a lot of questions from my subscribers about how to make money online and particularly how I got started. Two years ago I didn’t even know that Internet marketing exists. I was working my humble job 6 days a week and every day was the same: work – home – work and still I was living from paycheck to paycheck. It was miserable, sucked in this mundane routine I was going crazy. And the best part about it: I hated my job! Think about it: always being scared that tomorrow you not gonna have enough money to pay rent or buy food (Yes, for me it was like that!). That is completely sucks! In my spare time (couple hours before work –

a k a s l a v e r y) I w a s

researching different ways of making extra money. First thing I stumble upon was selling stuff on eBay (you can read my story here). Then by researching ways to market my products and auctions I came across Internet marketing and since I was complete newbie I decided to get some education and here comes Wealthy Affiliate (WA). I was little skeptical about that, but now I am glad that I did give it a try. Back then I did not know about affiliate marketing and that it is possible to make very good living from it. So let me

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explain why members of Wealthy Affiliate are able to quit their boring day jobs in a matter of months and make full

Table of contents:

time income from the Internet. And if you decide to join


Affiliate Marketing Basics

using links on this page I have a very special bonus for


How to Make Money

you (check bottom of this page for more details.)


Ugly Truth


Why Wealthy Affiliate


Tools and Resources

Affiliate Marketing Basics What everybody ought to know about affiliate marketing.



WordPress Express


Site Rubix and Hosting


Research Center

Community n

Experts System

So what is affiliate marketing in nutshell? You get paid to


WA Spaces

p r o m o t e o t h e r p e o p l e’ s p r o d u c t s for share of the


WA Jobs

profits and since they are informational products, owner


Share Zone

doesn’t have any “hard cost” affiliate commissions go as



high as 75%. All of the major companies have affiliate


My Recommendations and Bonus

programs: Google, Yahoo, Amazon, eBay and there are Gazillion smaller programs you can join for free to make money. You probably know that selling information is one of


most lucrative businesses in the World. Think about Microsoft, Oracle, Adobe… Here are some key benefits of


selling informational products (eBooks, software, audio/video courses):


You don’t have to stock or ship any inventory.


You don’t have to do anything when the product is sold.


Once product is created the work is done and you can sell it over and over again.

How to Make Money How I Use Perpetual Cash Machine I will share with you some examples from my own business, since I was selling on eBay I was using eBay market research software: HammerTap and TeraPeak, so after I got involved in Internet marketing I decided to sign up for their affiliate programs and promote their services because they are really good and work. One of affiliate programs pays around 20$ per sale. So let’s look at the numbers: Income/Day



1 sale/day




2 sales/day




4 sales/day




And if you know how to get traffic to your pages it is easy to make good living as an affiliate. I am getting a lot of traffic from Search Engines like Google, Yahoo, and MSN. You can go ahead and try to Google some of the terms to see it yourself: “HammerTap review”, “TeraPeak review”, “eBay research software review”, and look for (it should be on a first page). And the beauty of the process –  once initial work is done it keeps working for you like cash machine. So how would you feel making extra 7000$ a year doing nothing? All from one silly sale a day! But before we go any further let me make things clear…

Ugly Truth I have to tell you the ugly truth. WA is not “Push Button – Make Money” solution that instantly will make you rich. Such solutions only exist in cheesy sales letters, usually in 36 Points Bold Red Text screaming at you from the page. The ugly truth is:

You have to learn, think, research, analyze, do some work before you get the money. But the good part is – it is much easier and rewarding than 9-5 job! So how fast you start making money depends on you, your commitment to get things done. You will make money while you learn. – most members at Wealthy Affiliate start earning money within the first few weeks. When I first started, it took me almost 6 weeks to get my first sale, because I had to overcome obstacles as poor English and bad grammar. As you can see English is not my first language and back when I joined WA it was bad… I mean BAD, I barely understood 50% of what I was reading and had to sit with online dictionary translating whole bunch of words to understand what it was about. My grammar was not better. I’ll admit, my grammar is not the greatest now. It used to be atrocious. I do try to learn and get better each day. To this day, I really don’t know how to punctuate all the well either. I had to ask my girlfriend back then, my wife now to check my grammar so people don’t think it was the first grader who wrote the article. However, despite my lack of proper grammar, it never slowed down my ability to write a sales letter that put money into my pocket. So if you don’t have those two problems I think you can beat me and make your first sale faster.

Why Wealthy Affiliate And WA University is the best affiliate training source available online, that’s why there are so many successful members that are making $10,000+month mostly on autopilot. I have been an active member of WA over a 2 years now and never regret my decision. All the education, tools and resources provide great value for me as an Internet marketer.  There are three corner stones that form success of WA: Education; Tools and Resources, and Community.

Education and Training Thousands Now Earn $1000’s When They Never Thought They Could.

Get “Who Loves Money” as a Bonus for Joining Wealthy Affiliate There are many programs that teach you how to make money online. But they are rather focused on one aspect of wealth building or one strategy like Pay-Per-Click, Article, Video marketing, Social Networks… etc, very few of them give you full picture and by far WA 8 week action plan is one of the most full and complete education courses I’ve ever seen. It gives you advance knowledge on many different strategies and techniques so when it is time to make money you can use your entire arsenal and be head above your competitors. As you gain knowledge and progress from junior to senior Internet marketer, WA keeps providing you with more knowledge on advance subjects that helps you fine tune your campaigns, analyze and systemize your business. Even as an experienced affiliate marketer I still go to Learning Center and read some topics over again to implement one more thing in my business. Even if you’re brand-new to Internet marketing, t h i s p r o g r a m t e a c h e s y o u e v e r y t h i n g f r o m t h e v e r y b a s i c s t o s u p e r i o r marketing techniques and tactics on your own pace, combining traditional textual lessons along with extensive video materials. Best of all at WA you will learn how to use completely free marketing methods to earn $1000′s per month.

Tools and Resources

Get Special Bonus When You Join

WordPress Express In today’s Internet marketing world you need a website in order to succeed. Whether you are planning to drive traffic to your affiliate links by Search Engine Optimizing (SEO) articles and blogs, or using Pay-per-click advertising, you need a website. But for majority of people creating a website can be a big hurdle (especially if you’re not techsavvy). WordPress Express is an easy to use system that

allows you to get a professional website up and running in just minutes (instead of hours and days like it used to be

SEE WORDPRESS EXPRESS HERE Set up your first website in 60 seconds

before). It utilizes lighting-fast and reliable WordPress platform which make customization a breeze; on top of that WA hosts your websites for you using WA Hosting which is also included with your membership. Do not overlook the

value that this system offers you. If you are like most people who are starting out with Internet marketing, you do not have a full 8 hours a day to work on building custom web sites or learning programming languages like HTML or PHP.  If you can remove the website aspect of Internet marketing you will have a lot more time to spend on the part that makes you the money… MARKETING…

Site Rubix and Hosting As every professional you will need specific tools to make your job easier, and WA has got you covered. Inside WA you have top notch website creation tool – Site Rubix, which allows you to create professional websites in minutes even if you’ve never been exposed to web design before, it is easy drag and drop interface that even complete newbie can use within minutes. You can choose from large collection of customizable


website templates. Wealthy Affiliate even provides f r e e h o s t i n g to its members (this saves you

SiteRubix – No Brainer Website Builder

m i n i m u m 6 0 $ a y e a r-

cheapest hosting


Rapid Writer To People Who Want To Write – But Can’t Get Started. Content is the king so if you don’t know how to produce it will be extremely hard to compete. Even if you’re not good at copy writing like me – WA has Article/Content Creation Tool – Rapid Writer that makes content creation a breeze and every month you get 50 Free PLR (private-label-rights) articles which you can use anyway you want.

Rapid Writer is an elaborate (and easy to use) system that will help you write supercharged Search Engine optimized content!

NicheQ Unlocking Million Dollar Niches. A lot of Internet marketers struggle with a choice of a niche (group of people interested in specific subject – “extreme car racing”, “loosing fat gaining muscles”). They don’t know how to tackle niche or

VISIT NICHEQ HERE Profitable Niches at Your Fingertips

specific market and market research is vital for building successful campaign. NicheQ is a great tool that u n l o c k s h o t t e s t o n l i n e n i c h e s f o r you and saves you dozens of hours and hundreds

of dollars. You get in depth report that gives you understanding of a typical customer, his needs and desires, hot spots that you can use in your sales copy, trends and movements. With every niche you also are getting tools to build successful campaign: PLR articles, Search Engine Keywords, pre-written email templates, guides that you can give away as a bonus to boost your sales and opt in rates, website templates. When I am saying that NicheQ saves you dozens of hours and hundreds of dollars, I am being conservative I have seen people charge 30$-50$ per website template alone.

NicheQ hands you some of the most profitable Niches on a silver platter.

Research Center You don’t have to pay for another Internet marketing tool ever again, because WA gives all you need right in the Research Center. You have advanced keywords research tools to uncover most profitable keywords, competitors spy tools to research and mimic their best strategies, Clickbank marketplace Research Tool to find shakers and movers and jump on new profitable products and many others valuable and helpful tools.

Community Secret Component of Success

Bonus offer if You Join Today As I said before, Wealthy Affiliate has top notch training and tools but this is just 50% why WA members are so successful. The Secret component that you not gonna be able to find anywhere else online is WA community. Think about it, you’ll have instant access to 45,000+ likeminded people whose sole purpose is building successful online business and making money. You can ask any questions if you struggling with some part of the process, find partners, profitable JV deals (Joint Ventures), exchange ideas and experience. You have access to TOP internet marketers Kyle and Carson (owners of WA) and work side by side and get help from experts that make $1000+ a day. You are not gonna see GURU-NOVICE thing here – You will be working alongside with  literally thousands of marketers who are willing to share their secrets with you and holding nothing back.

Experts System Have you experienced this: you have been trying to solve something for hours and can definitely use some help… if somebody would help you out… it would make things SO much easier. We all have questions and can use expert help sometimes – that’s why Wealthy Affiliate University has “experts system”. Each school of training at WA (SEO, Article Marketing, Website Development etc) has a set of “Experts”. These experts have proven to the entire community that they are in-fact experts in the field (these folks know what they’re talking about). Experts are in charge of monitoring and keeping a training category up to date. They help to make the training at Wealthy Affiliate stay uber current and cutting edge! Each expert can be contacted personally. So if you have a burning question – don’t be shy, ask


an expert, post question in the forum – other more experienced members will help you out.

WA Category Experts

WA Spaces WA has their own version of social network – “WA Spaces” which is similar to Facebook and MySpace. You can create your own profile, upload pictures, video, blogs, websites, personalize this piece of community as much as you want, become friends with other people, communicate and collaborate together.

WA Jobs If you need some work to be done (help with web design, articles creation, etc) you can simply post job posting in WA Jobs section and get help from fellow members for small charge, sometimes even for free. On the other side, if you have service or skill to offer you can make money within WA Jobs.

Share Zone On my hard drive I have folder “eBusiness”- this is my Internet marketing toolbox- place where I collect all valuable reports, videos, swipe files, campaigns

and researches; some of them worth hundreds of dollars. In WA you have admission to WA Share zone – community Internet marketing tool box where you can access  resources of other members for free. And I did not mentioned – helping other members of the community is rewarding activity – every month the

Get Paid for Helping

members are given a certain amount of “gold points”(WA-Gold). If you post on


the forum or contribute to the site, share valuable resources other people can donate some gold points to you, and you can earn lots of points to trade in for real cash!

Forum This is so powerful that it is almost illegal… The Golden nugget of WA community is the Forum. Well known beyond WA University and considered most POWERFUL Internet marketing forum on a planet. Kyle and Carson are very active contributors and provide Personal support for all Wealthy Affiliate members. They will even help you with your Adwords Campaigns. And I am not praising WA Forum because I am a member, but because it provides so much value and real life, hard earned experience – just by reading sticky posts you can raise your level from average Internet marketer to affiliate Pro! Save yourself hundreds of hours of testing, frustration of unsuccessful campaigns… Learn from other expert affiliate marketers and it will help you to bring your profits to a whole new level if you take advantage of their advice. Many folks that regularly hang out at WA forum are well known Internet Marketers

Kyle and Carson

with successful and growing 6 and 7 figure businesses and this is despite current downtime in the world economy. This is because Internet marketers have not been affected by the current economy situation. And let me tell you from the first hand experience that revenue from online ventures will keep increasing in the upcoming years as more and more people are becoming comfortable with making purchase online, as people can get their goods cheaper online than in retail stores. As one part of my business I am doing Internet Marketing consulting for different companies. Right now every business, enterprise and small is looking to have presence online and they willing to pay money for customers and sales and more and more customers come to them from online sources. That’s why so many WA members have grown substantial online businesses that will continue to grow in upcoming years.

My Recommendations and Bonus You Can Laugh At Money Worries If You Follow This Simple Plan If you do decide to change your current lifestyle and income and make significantly more money doing less work by joining Internet marketing troops

there is NO PLACE that will get you started on the fast track to

online profits better than Wealthy Affiliate. And for the people that decide to sign up using links on this page.

I have very special bonus. First of all you’re going to get “Who Loves Money“( eBook covering the most revolutionary free and low-cost marketing techniques that Kyle & Carson have been using for years.) and also I am so confident that Wealthy Affiliate is going to work for you, and to remove any risk of joining;

I am willing to do something special that I have never done before. If after 2 months you do not make more money than you paid for membership and you can prove me that knowledge learned at WA didn’t work for you, I will give you personal consultation and pay for 2 months of your membership from my own pocket! (Simply shoot me an email to “feedback [at]PowerOfComparison [dot] com”, with your order number, explaining what you have done and what didn’t worked for you.)


Wealthy Affiliate Review. Does it worth $47/month?  

Wealthy Affiliate University is well know affiliate training program but does it worth $47/month?

Wealthy Affiliate Review. Does it worth $47/month?  

Wealthy Affiliate University is well know affiliate training program but does it worth $47/month?