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of city drinking water polluted


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Most of the drinking water of the city is unsafe according to a survey, which also says that more than half of packaged drinking water bottles too are not up to the mark.

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G PLUS MAR 01 - MAR 07, 2014

Lead Story

How much land does a man need? Mrinmoyee Hazarika


he twenty fourth of February, 2014 will be remembered as a ‘day of horror’ for not only the citizens of Guwahati but the people of the entire state as well. That very day, a man set himself on fire in front of the Assam Secretariat in the broad daylight in front of everyone including the security personnel and the media as well. All this, for a piece of land and his rights to it. The deceased was identified as 45-year-old Pranab Boro, an activist of the KMSS (Krishak Mukti Sangram Samiti). Irrespective of the reason for this horrific act of self-immolation or the controversy surrounding the real identity of Pranab Boro, the most concerning issue which immediately troubled the minds of the people was the fact that a man had self-immolated in front of the state machinery and that too for establishing his rights on the land. A wife lost her husband, three children lost their father and some lost their friend and a relative. But in reality, how justified were his or other people’s demand, people who have been living or rather encroaching the hills, forests and wetlands in and around the city and fighting to establish their rights on those lands? With the government’s initiative to start distributing land pattas to the dwellers of government lands, how long will those natural lands remained uninhabited?

The recent incident of self-immolation by a land rights activist has incited gasps as well as criticism from different segments of the society as granting of land in an unregulated way would destroy the balance and eco-system of the city.

level, but I never heard him say of having another family, the issue of which had come up after his death. I have even taken him to my ancestral home in Barpeta distict so many times,” Yunus Ali told G Plus. When asked about the possible discussion of any kind of probable steps to be taken by Pranab on the day of agitation, Yunus told with moist eyes, “He never talked about it with me. We even had a chat prior to the day of the agitation, but never talked about self-immolation. He died because of the tortures inflicted upon him by the government and because of which today I have again lost a person close to me.” Pranab’s wife Purnima Boro, who once said on television that she had requested her husband to refrain from doing anything horrible on the day of the agitation, told G Plus, “Sometimes, my husband used to tell me that he would take an ultimate step if the government did not listen to our demands. But, on that day, he had not spoken about any such activities during the protest.” Purnima, who is a daily wage earner, held Chief Minister Tarun Gogoi and Revenue Minister Prithibi Maji responsible for the death of her husband with a trembling but explicit voice. She also lodged a case against both the ministers and vowed to continue to carry out the rebellion, which was left incomplete by her husband.

‘Today, I have lost What next? my friend’ After the death of Pranab Boro (a carpenter by profession) on Monday, G Plus visited Gorchuk where Pranab Boro lived with many other landless dwellers. After climbing through the steep trails on the hills, what we found was a small makeshift shack made up of tin walls and roof where Pranab Boro used to live with his wife and three children. Some men and women were preparing to perform the final rites of the deceased and among them was a man who had once lost his 9 year old son in another anti-eviction protest held in 2011 under the same banner of KMSS. His name was Yunus Ali, the father of Ruhul Ali (9) who was among the three who had fallen to police bullets in the year 2011 while taking part in a KMSS anti-eviction rally. “After I lost my son in 2011, I came into contact with other members of KMSS more actively and Pranab was one of them. Over time, our friendship grew and it went beyond the limits of organisational work. We had known each other on a personal

It has been quite a long time, since the members of the KMSS under the present president Akhil Gogoi have been routinely demonstrating before the authority demanding their rights on the land under the scheduled tribes and other traditional forest dwellers (recognition of forest rights) act, 2006 in and around the city. What they have been demanding is totally justified, but demanding to dwell in the forest and wetlands of the city is also not justified. Against this demand of the peasant body, various public bodies of the city have geared themselves up. “We are not opposing distribution of land pattas to the people living on the government lands but we will not allow habitation on forest and wetlands which are the backbones of ecological balance. After the pressure being put on the government, it has decided to give pattas to the dwellers of government lands, which will definitely encourage the others who have been illegally occupying forest and wetlands of the city. We will have to create pressure on the government, so that it would not allow dwelling on those lands bowing down to the pressure put on them by the encroachers. Otherwise, the city will not be worth

Family members of Pranab Boro at his residence

Grieving wife of Pranab Boro

Sometimes, my husband used to tell me that he would take an ultimate step if the government did not listen to our demands. But, on that day, he had not spoken about any such activities during the protest. Purnima Boro Late Pranab Boro’s wife

living in,” Dr Haricharan Das, Secretary general, Aranya Suraksha Samiti, Assam told G Plus. Mentioning about the presence of various international laws for protection and preservation of environment, he further stated, “It is not at all justified if someone takes up the path of self immolation or any other such steps for putting pressure on the government. Nobody should listen to the unjustified demand of the people. Because, if the government starts listening to such demands, what will happen to the Kaziranga or Orang national park? What are we going to leave for our future generations?” The Samiti has already submitted four memorandums to the government asking the government not to grant land rights to the encroachers of forest and wetlands. “We are planning to organise a citizens’ meet in the city to discuss about the issues related to the land ownership and oppose giving land rights on forest and wetlands,” Das said. Opposing the granting of land pattas to the people occupying forest and wetlands illegally, Moloy Baruah, president of Early Birds, an environment NGO told G Plus, “What the people are demanding is totally illogical. It needs the permission of the Government of India as well as the Supreme Court and Board of Wildlife to declare a forest de-reserve if the dwellings on those lands are to be permitted which is not an easy process. Though

there is no specific act for preservation of wetlands, other acts like wildlife protection act, 1972, Indian forest act 1927 etc have covered the protection of wetlands. These are the lungs of eco-system and we cannot allow its destruction at any cost.” He also highlighted that, “The government can allow dwelling on lands which do not fall within the reserved forest, but cannot do it at beels, wetlands, and reserved forests. In order to create opinion for preservation of forest and wetlands, we, on behalf of the NGO forum are planning to hold demonstrations in the city soon.”

Conclusion While distributing land pattas to city dwellers occupying the Government land for 10 years and above at a function held in the city on the day of the incident of self immolation, Chief Minister Tarun Gogoi had mentioned that the Government would not allow encroachment on forests and wetlands at any cost. Though, some have sensed a political colour in the incident of self immolation ahead of the Lok Sabha elections, the question has been raised– is this the end of the anarchical mode of agitation to establish someone’s demand? Will this continue and more lives be taken till the government reforms a definite land policy to relocate the illegal occupants of reserved forest and wetlands?


G PLUS MAR 01 - MAR 7, 2014


Most of the drinking water of the city is unsafe according to a survey, which also says that more than half of packaged drinking water bottles too are not up to the mark.



o you take a minute to think just before gulping down the water from the glass you are holding in your hands, especially when you feel really exhausted and dehydrated under the scorching sun? I guess not and frankly, most of us don’t. But what if the quality of water which you have been drinking everyday without a thought is not good for your health? What if it is slowly working as a poison in your body and causing irreparable damage to it? Examinations carried out in different localities of Guwahati have revealed that 90% of the drinking water in the city is not safe. “From among the samples of water tested by us in some of the localities of Guwahati, 90% of the water is seen to be infested with virus (microbes), which is hazardous to the human body. E. Coli Bacteria, Coliform, Fecal staphylococcus and Salmonella are the microbes or virus present in the samples of water which we have discovered during the test,” Dr Mahidhar Pathak, CEO, Environmental Research & Evaluation Centre (EREC) told G Plus. The centre, while testing the water samples in its laboratory, Erec India research laboratory, the only NABL accredited water-testing laboratory in the entire North east, has found that apart from the presence of arsenic, the percentage of calcium and magnesium are also high in the water. High amounts of calcium found in water causes heart and bone infection and high amounts of magnesium found in water causes diabetes and kidney failure. The CEO of the laboratory, who is also a chemical engineer, has said that last year, the centre had organised free water testing camps in Noonmati and Bhetapara area of the city. “Altogether 105 samples of water were tested in the camp organised at Noonmati and out of those samples 3 samples were found to have presence of arsenic, which is a very toxic substance and extremely dangerous to health. Similarly, we have tested 115 water samples in Bhetapara and the quality of which was very bad as well. Iron and Nitrate (which is bad for the heart) were found in high amounts in the water samples of Bhetapara,” Pathak said. He further mentioned that the centre had examined water qualities of different schools and institu-

Water Quality of Greater Guwahati Parameters


Average result

































E Coli Bacteria

180.4 Present



Fecal staphylococcus

Present (Very low)


Present(Very low)

The above data are evaluated as the average result of different randomly collected water sample testing within Guwahati.

“Altogether 105 samples of water were tested in the camp organised at Noonmati and out of those samples 3 samples were found to have presence of arsenic, which is a very toxic substance and extremely dangerous to health” tions of the city and though it had not found any dangerous substances present in the water of the schools and other institutions, the overall quality of the water is not very good. “We have not examined the water quality of the schools located in the Bonda area, near Noonmati, where there are chances of presence of toxic substances in the water,” Pathak said. He also informed that any individual or commercial establishment could approach the centre for test-

ing the quality of water. Pathak said that, “We charge Rs 6000 to test the water for domestic use and Rs 20,000 for packaged drinking water and other commercial establishments. Besides, we provide 50% discount to the schools and colleges. People can bring water samples to the free water testing camps which we organise from time to time in different localities of the city.” Another concerning fact that he revealed was the fact that last year,


of city drinking water polluted during the month of November, the centre had tested the water quality of ten brands of packaged drinking water, which are available in the market. After the examination, it was found that out of the ten brands, the water quality of only two brands of packaged drinking water was up to the mark. “Chemically, the water quality of all the brands which we have tested is good, but, only two brands, Champion and Kinley passed the microbi-

ology test which is carried out to find out the presence of virus in the water. We have submitted a memorandum to the district administration, but have not seen any concrete steps taken by the authority,” Mahidhar Pathak said. The brands of the packaged drinking water on which the water quality determination test was done were – A1, Manas, Savor, Jyoti drop, Spring drop, Livana, Bisleri, Champion, Kinely and Scotch spring.


G PLUS MAR 01 - MAR 07, 2014

In the News

The Bodoland issue

Was rahul on a recce mission? With recent media reports suggesting the creation of a new panel to examine the bodoland issue, the timing of the decision seems to be curiously political. rahul chanda


hile Telangana awaits its birth, the Centre has already moved to examine another statehood demand - this time to carve out a separate Bodoland state out of Assam. According to several media reports, the  Union home ministry recently  set up an expert committee to examine the viability of granting statehood to Bodoland and this is to be done by holding consultations with all sections of the society. Former Union home secretary G K Pillai, who had also served as the joint secretary (northeast) will head the committee in the home ministry earlier in his career. The panel has been asked to submit its report in nine months. The question now is whether this is vote bank politics as the Lok Sabha elections are just around the corner or is it a serious deliberation by the government to look at the scenario? Rahul Gandhi, on his visit to Assam, had met various tribal leaders and discussed several topics with them. Did he also use this opportunity to gauge the sentiments and then go back and take a decision? Was he on a recce to understand the advantages and the possibilities of a separate Bodoland, now that the polls are almost upon us?

“The one man committee will find it tough to submit the report within nine months and the person chosen for the committee is wrong as GK Pillai is always sympathetic towards the Bodo people” - Former Chief Secretary of Assam HN Das

The Rahul Gandhi factor On February 25th, APCC general secretary attended a Congress rally at Khanapara field and addressed the gathering. Among other Congress leaders present during the rally, BPF chief Hagrama Mohilary was seen sharing the dais with Rahul Gandhi and others. It is a known fact that there is an alliance between Congress and the BPF, and the BPF chief would have let Rahul know the sentiments of Bodo people. As the Bodos have already come up with a slogan “No Bodoland, No vote”, for the upcoming elections, Mohilary might have been brainstorming on how to get the votes. It might have been a coincidence, but as soon as Rahul returned to Delhi, the decision to form the panel is out.

The time period allotted to the panel to submit a report is nine months but will the UPA remain in power after these nine months? Was there no survey, which had been done before to study the situation or is it just a move before elections to divert the attention of the Bodo people?

Bodo demand

There are tripartite talks going on in Delhi between the Bodo people represented by ABSU president Pramod Boro, the state government and the Central government to decide on the separate Bodoland issue. According to Pramod Boro, the Centre’s move on announcing a one-man committee is totally a political decision and it will in no way help the Bodoland issue. He said, “In the year 1991 and 1992, there were similar experiments done by form-

ing the Dr Bhupendra Singh committee but there was no outcome to it. Similarly, this time too, the Centre’s move is just an eyewash for the Bodo people and as BPF are their allies, the Bodoland votes would matter to them. We have decided that if there is no Bodoland, there will be no vote.” Boro further added that if they do not get a separate state this time, there will be a huge protest. It can be recalled that ever since the government announced its decision to create Telangana in October last year, several Bodo outfits had intensified their agitation to press their demand for a separate state for Bodo tribals.

The poor decision Former chief secretary of Assam HN Das feels that the deci-

sion to announce a one man committee is strange and it can only be a politically motivated decision before the Lok Sabha polls. He said, “The one man committee will find it tough to submit the report within nine months and the person chosen for the committee is wrong as GK Pillai is always sympathetic towards the Bodo people.” He further added that compared to Telangana, in Assam, there are more underdeveloped places than Bodoland like lower Assam and so, even they might come up with a separate state demand. Bodoland is not properly demarcated as well, and if Mr Pillai submits a report which favours a separate state, then slowly other small ethnic groups too will come up with their demands and the country will be further divided into bits and pieces. Whatever may be the decision, the fuel already might have been added to the fire. If a separate Bodoland does become a reality, how many more pieces will Assam be divided into in the future? If it is just a political decision by the Congress to gain votes, why are politicos playing with the Bodo people’s emotions?


G PLUS MAR 01 - MAR 7, 2014



A few weeks after Narendra Modi’s visit to Guwahati to address a rally, Rahul Gandhi too made an appearance in the city. KOUSHIK HAZARIKA & RAHUL CHANDA


ith the Lok Sabha elections just round the corner, the politicos are leaving no stone unturned to woo the voters to rule the country. Two major political parties, Congress and the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) have started their poll campaigns in full swing. Recently BJP prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi and Congress’ rumoured prime ministerial candidate Rahul Gandhi visited the city to win the hearts of Guwahatians. Were they impressive enough to the crowd? Both the politicos traded charges on each other, slammed the opposite parties and made many promises which they would fulfil after coming to power.


Narendra Modi

Rahul Gandhi


Land swap

“Does the Congress think that the country is their personal property? When land has to be given, shouldn’t the people be consulted?”

Rahul did not touch the issue.

BJP did not rule Assam and did not ever face the complexities revolving around land deals. Rahul did not touch the issue as it is complex and risky to talk on.

Illegal immigration

Modi said that Pakistan is scared of Modi, but in the northeast, Assam is scared of Bangladesh. Modi did not talk anything about the illegal migration issue.

Gandhi too did not talk anything about illegal migration, but mentioned that everyone in India is insider for Congress.

BJP is already in a Muslim wooing spirit, so Modi played safe by not commenting anything about illegal migration. Rahul knows that Muslims have always been a vote bank for Congress, so avoided the issue.

Assam Accord

“I was shocked that during Rajiv Gandhi’s tenure there was accord in Assam. The solution for all problems is development.”

Rahul did not at all touch the issue.

Like Modi always plays the development card for all the issue, he played safely and again mentioned development the only option. Rahul Gandhi did not say anything on the issue because may be his facts are not clear.

“You keep hearing that ‘we gave you MNREGA, has anyone earned employment out of it.” Modi took an indirect swipe at Congress and explained certain employment models of Gujarat. He even invited people of Assam to Gujarat to get employed.

“It is laughable that they say they will do in 60 months what the Congress did in 60 years. It is not the Congress but the people of the country who worked hard for these years to take the country forward.” Rahul just claimed that Congress has given jobs to a lot of people and in future he wants that the poor and needy should be employed.

Regarding this issue, both were able to claim certain things. It is not new for politicos to claim and make promises, as all politicians are good in promising before elections.

“There were two types of leaders, those who give power to the people and those who take power away from the people. I am the type who gives power to the people.” Rahul kept claiming that Congress gives all the power to people and that’s the only way of good governance.

Rahul claimed that power is with the common man but, were the common man powerful all these days? Modi claimed he knows what is good governance and can change the country in 60 months, will it be ever possible?


“You have supported Congress for 60 years, did you all achieve anything? Governance

But we (BJP) will ensure that we fulfil your expectations. Modi claimed that they would change the nation if they get 60 months instead of 60 years.


During Rahul Gandhi’s speech at Khanapara, he narrated a story about his visit to Haryana, where he met a Sikh man who informed that he came from Pakistan, bought land in Gujarat and has been staying in Gujarat for the last 20 years and now he is being asked to leave Gujarat. Raking up the migrant issue, the Congress Vice President said Congress and BJP think differently. He said, “In India you go to any place, for us (all citizens) you are an insider... Wherever they go, they make somebody an insider and someone else an outsider, this is their politics, this is the difference between them and us.” Now for Assamese people, illegal migration is a long pending issue and migration still happens. So, if everyone is Indian, what are the illegal Bangladeshis who are settling down in Guwahati and Assam? Are even they Indians? Similarly, BJP poster boy Narendra Modi claimed that Pakistaan is scared of Modi but in Northeast, Assam is scared of Bangladesh. But, he did not talk anything about the illegal migration issue, which shows that he did not want to share his view on the issue. He certainly knows that in Assam, there are a huge number of Bangladeshi voters, who might not vote for BJP, if he raises the issue. These were the claims made by both the so called political giants of the country. The fact is that anyone can say anything and hook the audience by being louder and cracking sarcastic jokes. What matters is the work. Knowing the real problem and planning strategies to curb the problems. The coming days will surely let us know who will win and who will not.


In The News

G PLUS MAR 01 - MAR 07, 2014


International conference on education status held in Ghy


ith a view to commence the use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) in higher education and to discuss the challenges in implementing ICT in the northeast, an international conference on education was organised by the Assam Don Bosco University in collaboration with Gauhati University and its global partners, from 24 to 26 February 2014 at its Azara Campus. The main purpose of the conference was

Manipuri community hall inaugurated

to understand the present state of the education system, to rethink higher education within the emerging environment and also to analyse the new trends in education, there implication in classroom teaching and learning. Over 70 scholars and academicians from 26 universities and colleges, including participants from Ireland and Maldives, participated in the three-day conference. Around 40 scholarly papers had addressed nine thrust areas in the conference.

FIFA team visited Ghy for U-17 World Cup


five-member combined team of FIFA and All India Football Federation (AIFF) visited the Indira Gandhi Athletic Stadium, Sarusajai on February 27 which has been counted as a probable venue for the 2017 U-17 World Cup football. The team will inspect eight venues all over the country and if the city is chosen as a venue, the matches will be played at the Indira Gandhi Stadium, Sarusajai. Assam Football Association (AFA) secre-

CM distributes land patta


multipurpose community hall, built by the Manipuri Development Council (MDC) on the premises of the Gauhati Manipuri Social Organisation at Ganeshguri, was inaugurated by Jiten Borgoyari, Commissioner and Secretary, WPT and BC on February 24. Borgoyari also distributed cheques for handloom activities to various Manipuri villages of Kamrup district. Speaking on the occasion, Borgoyari lauded the efforts of the Manipuri Development Council. Work on eight more such multipurpose community halls is going on in full swing at Sivasagar, Lanka, Lakhipur, Lala, Dullabcherra and Karimganj. The MDC chairman handed over a memorandum with a five-point charter of demands to the Chief Minister through the Commissioner and Secretary, WPT and BC. The demands include ST status, Manipuri language teachers in schools, creation of a Manipuri Autonomous Council in Assam, etc.


he state government started the process of formal distribution of land patta with Chief Minister Tarun Gogoi handing over patta to city dwellers occupying government land for 10 years and above, at a function held at the Srimanta Sankaradeva Kalakshetra on February 24. Addressing the event, Gogoi said, “We will not allow encroachment on forest and wetlands at any cost. Wanton destruction of forests has led to flash floods, resulting in heavy erosion rendering many

homeless and affecting lakhs and lakhs of acres of agricultural land due to siltation. Encroachment on wetlands will also lead to an alarming situation and may result in drinking water scarcity, health and other problems. We cannot allow things to drift to a point of no-return”. On its first phase the CM distributed land pattas to the 500 landless people in the city. The first recipient was Purnima Saikia, mother of Deepamoni Saikia who died in the serial bomb blasts in Guwahati in October 2008.

tary Ankur Dutta informed that FIFA has certain guidelines which the venues have to fulfil for holding the World Cup. Talking to the media Inaki Alvarez, the leader of the contingent said, he have inspected the stadiums and training facilities at Indira Gandhi Athletics Stadium, Nehru Stadium, SAI Sports Complex and Judges Field. Alvarez told Chief Minister Gogoi that Guwahati has the requisite facilities but some stadiums require maintenance

to hold the prestigious event. He, however, said, India does not have any tradition of playing or hosting World Cup of any level. So, as the U-17 championship has been allotted to India, it must host it in a befitting manner. He also mentioned that government patronisation is must for developing the infrastructure. The Chief Minister promised to extend all possible support and cooperation from the government in holding the championship.

Students body accuse GU officials of financial anomalies


he National Student Union of India (NSUI)’s Gauhati University (GU) unit, in a press conference held on the university premises recently, demanded a CBI enquiry into financial irregularities caused while executing development work in the university by a section of officials. The university’s superintending engineer, Ramani Sarma, has been suspended for his role in financial irregularities while purchasing computer sets. The NSUI’s GU unit demanded strict action against all university officials involved in embezzlement of funds. “Due to financial anomalies, development work in GU has been badly hit. Suspension of the superintending engineer of the university in-

dicates this clearly. GU authorities have been spending a huge amount of money to ostensibly improve the conditions of the residences of faculty members and the students’ hostels. But the condition of these houses and hostels remains unchanged. No steps have been taken to modernize the boys’ and girls’ hostels. Lakhs of rupees are being spent in the name of development but the students don’t know how the funds are being utilized. We demand transparency in utilization of funds,” said Isphakul Haque, president of NSUI’s GU unit. The NSUI unit also expressed concern about the present condition of the university’s girls’ hostels. The condition of toilets are also pathetic.

Sri Sri in Twitter Townhall

National conference on women in police held


he Sixth National Conference for Women in Police (NCWP) was held for the first time in northeast by Assam Police in collaboration with Bureau of Police Research & Development, Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India, in Guwahati from February 26 to February 28. “This conference was first held in Delhi in the year 2002 and since then it has been organized by the Bureau of Police Research and Development jointly with a host State. The conference was inaugurated by As-

sam Governor JB Patnaik at the auditorium of Gauhati Medical College and Hospital. The main theme of the Conference was Women Police: Rising to the Challenges of Indian Society, with several other sub–themes that include– professionalism and capacity building, attitudinal changes, meeting the expectations of society, and induction of more women in police forces. Speaking on the concept behind organising the conference, Sarma said, “The basic concept of the NCWP is to focus on differ-

ent problems faced by the women serving the police force and also to have a platform at the national level to deliberate upon issues of topical interest to women in police and hold interaction across all ranks on functional, operational and administrative issues”. The conference was attended by women police officers of all ranks from Constable to DOP from all over India from all States/IJTs and Central Police Organisations. There is a record participation of 240 delegates in this Conference.

nswering concerns on corruption from Tweeples in Ukraine and India, Sri Sri said, “Corruption is a very serious issue all over the world. We need to create awareness among people, not by burning cars and buses, but by a peaceful and resolute revolution. We should dream for a corruption- free society. We can definitely make India free from corruption, not by just passing Lokpal Bill, but by building character. It can only happen by social transformation.” Sri Sri’s replies opened up fresh perspectives on the most-debated issues.” Many crimes against women were committed when people were under the influence of intoxicants. Women cannot be safe unless we

attend to this issue of alcoholism, drug abuse. We need a social revolution. We need people to come out and make sure there are no insane people in their locality and they are given proper treatment. At the same time, alcoholism, drug abuse, and criminal mindset should be attended in the society.” was his response to Tweets on Women safety issues plaguing the society. Among the many who tweeted their questions were Bollywood actors Kunal Kapoor and Lara Dutta, cricketers Dinesh Karthik, Yuvraj Singh, Rahul Eashwar, activist & author from Kerala, Namal Rajapksha, Member of Parliament, Sri Lanka, Jens Porsche, President and CEO of Porsche.


G PLUS MAR 01 - MAR 7, 2014

Self helping Tarun Does not rely on authorities


eing situated in one of the most posh areas of Guwahati, Tarun Nagar of the ABC localityenjoys the aptness of a city life with huge infrastructural surroundings and landmark as such as the ITAG plaza. Howsoever, there are some major drawbacks in the area which calls for immediate attention. With monsoon knocking at the door, Tarun Nagar bye lanes are very much vulnerable to have water logged streets in the coming months. While getting in touch with the residents of Tarun Nagar, we found out that the area is mostly maintained by the locals and the concerned governmental authorities play a very minimal role to the welfare of the locality.


The outer look to the Tarun Nagar locality looks quite decent with good infrastructure and proper road facilities. But according to the Unayan Samiti of Tarun Nagar, the locality is only maintained by the residents and not by GMDA or GMC. “Almost everything one sees here in our locality is maintained by us residents and not by GMC or GMDA authorities. Each house of Tarun Nagar pays an amount of ₹ 20 to ₹ 100 every month to maintain the locality. We take care of our own street lights, our garbage disposal facilities and others”, says a member of Unayan Samiti who wished for his name to be kept anonymous.


Even though the roads look clean and fine for now, the fear of water logged streets are already occupying the minds of the residents of Tarun Nagar. The locals of the area have very precisely expressed their concern towards the water logging problems in the area. Suraj Choudhary, General Secretary of the Suraksha Samiti mentioned that the locals had demanded for an ultimate solution to the water logging problems on numerous occasions but their plea has only fallen to deaf ears. He also said that despite the promises made by the concerned authorities, there is still no concrete solution to our problems. “We were supposed to get water drawing pumps in the area, but only one or two byelanes have received some comparatively smaller pumps that will not be enough when the monsoon hits us with full force,” says Choudhary.


No. of voters in Tarun Nagar


Almost everything one sees here in our locality is maintained by us residents and not by GMC or GMDA authorities. Each house of Tarun Nagar pays an amount of ₹ 20 to ₹ 100 every month to maintain the locality. We take care of our own street lights, our garbage disposal facilities and others”

5500 approx GMC elections

Sub Division 20A/ 20B/ 20C Concentrated Region

Tarun Nagar

Ward No


With issues and problems shadowing everyday lives, some people of Tarun Nagar are absolutely happy and cheerful about their locality and lives. We came across Sanjay Kumar Rai, a businessman in the locality who is settled in the area since 1987. “I do not have any problem living here; my area doesn’t suffer from water logging problems anymore. Also, the people are friendly, the business is good, what else can I ask for?” said cheerful Rai. When asked if the locality suffers from any drawbacks in security arrangements or theft problem, Rai stated that there are night guards to take care of such issue and also he hasn’t heard of any theft cases in the area lately. Tarun Nagar area has many better prospects from various angles, even though with consideration of the fact that the area is mostly maintained by its residents. The locality is a better place if we omit the future predictions of water logging problems and if the concerned authorities take up the matters of concern completely in their hands, one can expect a far greater improvement in the area.

Ward Watch

Major Issues

Proper drainage facilities Positive aspect

Better roads



G PLUS MAR 01 - MAR 07, 2014


French-assamese cultural exchange

Tradition for generations Baul Samrat, Purna Das Baul had recently visited the city for a performance along with his kin. Subhrajit Roy

A group of French men and women had recently visited the city as a part of a cultural exchange programme and immersed themselves in the local culture and tradition. SHUBHOJIT ROY


team of 10 enthusiastic French men and women who were in Guwahati for over a week left for their country on February 27. The group had come to Guwahati on the 16th of February, under a cultural exchange program initiated by the Ishani Group and Global Academy of Foreign Language and

“We will try to identify the host families in varied localities of Assam and provide a greater exposure to our rich cultural heritage. We have also requested the French organisation to send in more people during the festive seasons like Bihu and Durga Puja so that they can enjoy the festivities of the region” Professional Training (GAFLPT) situated in the city. The group was staying in Guwahati as guests with different host families. It is indeed a great step forward towards the blossoming of the tourism industry in the northeastern part of the country and an opportunity to learn about western culture. The identification for a host family in the

city was based on the willingness of a local family and any of the family member’s grasp on the French language. It all started when Late Babu Karani of Mumbai developed the phenomenal idea of venturing into the cultural exchange program with the westerners through his East-

West Cultural Organization based in Mumbai some years back. He collaborated with a French organisation named Perspectives Asiennes and together the organisations started the cultural exchange. However, the French people have been visiting the western part of India for quite some time and wished to explore the unexplored regions. So, north-east was one region with tremendously rich culture and varied landscape which is unexplored. On January - February 2013, Babu Karani visited Assam with a team of seven people from France as an exploratory group and found Guwahati as their new host city. The group visited places like Majuli, Kaziranga and also saw a huge potential for the silk industries in Sualkuchi. With enormous contribution and support from Mrs. Alaka Sharma, ex MLA, politician turned academician and social worker, Mr. Dhimendra Vyas, social worker and businessman and Mr. Babul Chandra; a new group named Ishani group was formed later

to take the responsibility of cultural exchange program in Guwahati. Ishani Group joined in with GAFLPT and is now actively working in narrowing the Indo- French cultural gap. While talking to Mr. Chandan Baruah, Director of GAFLPT, we found out that the coming year, they will be taking a step forward and will try to place the French citizens also in upper Assam and other rural areas allowing the westerners to enjoy the deep cultural heritage of Assam. “We will try to identify the host families in varied localities of Assam and provide a greater exposure to our rich cultural heritage. We have also requested the French organisation to send in more people during the festive seasons like Bihu and Durga Puja so that they can enjoy the festivities of the region. However this year we took the group to Pobitora, Shillong, Cherrapunji and Mawlynnong”, said Baruah. He further added that the

westerners were very keen and jubilant to be here and found the region very rich in flora and fauna and also found the ethnic food to be very different from the rest of the country. There is a huge amount of positivity in the fact that more and more westerners are willing to come down to the northeastern part of India as the region is very much unexplored. Besides France, many other European countries along with non-European countries such as Brazil and South Africa have shown their interest to come down to north east as said by Mr. Baruah. Besides the European, there is also a great opportunity for us Indians to visit the western countries and live in a host family. Last year, two people from Guwahati were sent to France in a team of 20 Indians under the cultural exchange program. Meanwhile, on a different note, students from University of Strasbourg of Alsace region of France are here in Guwahati for around 6 months to teach French at GAFLPT.


odi Tor Daak Sune Keu Na Aase…’, the popular and inspiring Rabindra Sangeet has crossed all linguistic barriers and has become a prime source of enthusiasm in many aspects. The tune of this song originated from the song of the soil, the Baul Folk. Bauls, the wandering mendicant minstrels, who were once rooted in the undivided Bengal, have been practising this tradition for ages. Though with the passage of time many modern aspects have also become visible in the presentation

The flavour of enthusiasm, pain, devotion as well as issues of human race, social changes are often reflected in the Baul tunes, which impressed musical icons of the west and performance of Bauls as the songs of the minstrels of villages are nowadays also performed on international stages with modern musical instruments. But, the flavour of the tune and rhythm still touches the soul of the listeners, which is the most unique feature of the Baul Folk. On February 23, 2014 Guwahati witnessed a unique event

where three generations of the same family following the same Folk tradition sang the same tune blended with the same rhythm on stage together. World famous folk artist Baul Samrat, Purna Das Baul mesmerised the urban folk of Guwahati with his troupe along with son Dibyendu, nephew Mahadev and grandson Debaditya at the valedictory function of International Mother Tongue Day organized by Byatikram MASDO at the Pragjyoti, ITA, Guwahati. Purna Das Baul was acknowledged as the ‘Baul Samrat’ by former President of India Dr. Rajendra Prasad in 1967 and awarded with Indian President’s Award by President K R Narayanan in 1999. In the event, the octogenarian minstrel, gripped the audiences’ mind and soul for over an hour by singing the compositions of his father Nabini Das Khepa Baul, tuned by Rabindranath Tagore, compositions of Lalan Fakir as well as his own compositions, ‘Golemaale Golemaale Pirit Koro Na,’ ‘Chander Gaaye Chand Legeche,’ etc. The flavour of enthusiasm, pain, devotion as well as issues of human race, social changes are often reflected in the Baul tunes, which impressed musical icons of the west namely Mick Jagger and Bob Dylan, as Bob once told Purna Das that he himself would be ‘the Baul of America’. One of the close associates of Dr. Bhupen Hazarika and Pratima Pandey Baruah, the troupe acknowledged the contributions of these two artists in the field of music and folk culture. Seeking blessings from the Kamakhya Shrine, the Baul Samrat, who visited Assam after almost two decades, dedicated a piece of his composition to the Goddess as well.


G PLUS MAR 01 - MAR 7, 2014




ssam has come up with a new industrial policy to lure investors to the state but how much it will succeed in attracting the investors is something that only time will tell. The policy seeks to create more industrial infrastructure and through this policy, first generation entrepreneurs will get start up funds. The policy has offered special incentives to mega units with a minimum fixed capital investment of Rs. 100 Crores or those, which generates a minimum of 1000 regular employment. The policy has come in force from this month onward. The government has decided to put into operation Angel Fund for start up entrepreneurs. However, only those ‘individual, skilled youth and prospective entrepreneurs who have undergone skill development training in the department of industries and commerce or any other government department’ would be eligible to avail loans from the Angel Fund. The department of industries and commerce of Assam has initiated the scheme for implementation throughout the state and has partnered with Assam Gramin Vikas Bank (AGVB) as the financial institution “The Angel Fund scheme is designed to give gainful employment to the first generation entrepreneurs of Assam to overcome the problems of shortage of start up capital in terms of equity to establish their new ventures or expanding existing ventures,” said Pradyut Bordoloi, Assam’s industry minister. He said that for the current fiscal, which is due to end on March 31st, the state government has earmarked Rs 12 crore for the Angel Fund. The minister also said that the state government would request corporate houses, including Oil India Ltd (OIL), ONGC, Tata, Reliance, etc. to donate money for the Angel Fund. Bordoloi added, “Top industrialists of India, including Ratan Tata, had come to Guwahati in 2010 and we have formed Assam Investment Advisory Board (AIAB). Top industrialists including MS Banga, Rakesh Mittal, Naina Lal Kidwai, OP Bhatt and BM Khaitan pledged to help Assam develop industrially. Now we will request them to come and donate generously to this Angel Fund and help entrepreneurship grow in the state.” The scheme will require no colateral. The maximum project cost under this scheme would be Rs. 10 lakh with a maximum of 80 per cent on loan amount or Rs. 5 lakh whichever is lesser. Loan would be given to “all small bankable employment generation projects” and the interest rate would be just 5 per cent per annum. No interest would be charged during the moratorium period subject to a maximum 10 months. Welcoming the “Industrial and Investment Policy of Assam, 2014”, announced by the Government of Assam, Abhijit Barooah, Co Chairman, CII North East Council & Managing


An angel investor or angel is an individual who provides capital for a business start-up, usually in exchange for convertible debt or ownership equity. Director, Premier Cryogenics Limited said that this policy is in the right direction with an inclusive agenda that supplements and addresses the gaps in the other policies applicable in the state. As anticipated, the new policy has laid out a very pro-growth and industrial development oriented approach. Focus has been equally strong for both manufacturing and service sector industry and this is a welcome step towards the overall approach of the state

government. The new policy has emphasised on growing from within and special mention for industries based on local strengths and competencies. Barooah stressed that the existing and potential

The Angel Fund scheme is designed to give gainful employment to the first generation entrepreneurs of Assam to overcome the problems of shortage of start up capital in terms of equity to establish their new ventures or expanding existing ventures”

industrial demography of the Northeast is essentially MSME. This policy has laid exceptional prominence to the MSME sector, with enhanced benefits to the micro, small and medium sector.

Further on, the special fiscal incentives and concessions including VAT, Entry Tax for plant & machinery, Luxury Tax and units set up in the industrial parks will provide the necessary growth for industry in the state.

The highlights of the policy includes: • The basic objective the policy is development of MSME based on local resources, create employment especially in rural areas and build a vast pool of skilled personnel. • Proposed priorities of the policy are to create Industrial Infrastructure, Development of MSME sector and encourage Services sector in the state. • The Policy will be effective from 1st March, 2014 and will be valid for a period of 5 years, i.e up to 28th February, 2019. • Create adequate industrial infrastructure through acquiring non-agricultural, non-productive land and also proposed to convert the land of closed/ liquidated State PSU into Industrial Growth Centres. • The incentives under the policy shall be available to units set up by Private sector, Joint sector, Co-operative, Partnership, SHG, Trust, NGOs as well as units set up by State Government. Central PSUs shall not be eligible for any incentives. • New units as well as existing units undergoing expansion, modernization and diversification shall also be eligible to get the benefit under the policy. • Service sector activities like Employment oriented skill building/vocational training institute, Hotels/Resort above 2 Star category and Diagnostic facility shall be eligible to get the benefit. • Provide assistance to traditional industries of the state. It is proposed to provide Artisan Identity Card (IAC) to get bank loan up to Rs.2.00 lakh and to reimburse 50% interest payable against bank loan. • Provide assistance to Geographical Indication (GI) Registry, Trade Mark registration, backward and forward linkages of Traditional Industries. • Set up a Khadi Plaza at Ambari, Guwahati for showcasing the traditional products and continue to provide skill up-gradation through various Na-

tional/State Level Institutes. • To provide State Capital Investment Subsidy to Micro units @30% subject to a ceiling of Rs.10 lakh. • Provide VAT Exemption for 15 years to industries set up on or after 1st March, 2014.viz: o Exemption for 1st and 2nd year , 100% o Exemption for 3rd and 4th year , 80% subject to 50% of installed capacity o Exemption for 5th to 15th years on ward : 50% of tax payable subject to utilisation of 60% installed capacity • Amount of exemption for Micro units : Max 200 % of fixed capital investment • Small unit : Maximum of 150% of fixed capital Investment • Medium and Large unit : Maximum of 100 % of fixed capital investment. • Additional VAT exemption proposed for any units set up in designated • Industrial parks like Food Park, Bamboo Park, Plastic Park, Tea park, etc. • Entry tax is exempted for all eligible units including State PSUs on procurement of Plant & Machinery from other States. • Exemption of 50% Luxury tax is proposed for Hotel industry. • 75% of cost subject to a ceiling of Rs.2 lakh will be reimbursement for obtaining BIS/ISO/AGMARK certification. • 20% State Capital Subsidy proposed for non-governmental sector for PV module upto 20KW. • Special incentives will be provided to Mega units with a minimum fixed capital investment of Rs.100 Cr or generating a minimum of 1000 regular employment. Granting Status of Mega project shall be decided by a High Power Committee in case to case basis.


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For the love of flowers flower shubhojit roy


lmost nothing on earth can be compared to the beauty and fragrance of a flower. Fresh flowers are simple, yet a magnificent way of expressing love, care and prosperity. With every sunrise on the eastern horizon, flowers worth hundreds of crores are sold worldwide. The florists would stack their shops with colorful flowers every morning and that would spread the aroma across the area for the rest of the day. Such is also the scene outside the GPO and the MG Road of Guwahati near the Shukleshwar temple situated on the banks of mighty Brahmaputra. But from where do these flowers come and how does a floral market work? These different flowers that you see everyday in a floral shop are cultivated in farms and are transported to the city retailers every morning.

The floral market outside GPO in Guwahati is a one-of-a-kind market in the city that sells flower seeds and saplings besides a nursery. “We are the only market in Guwahati that sells saplings and seeds outside a nursery. I have got saplings of Dianthus, Marigold, Dahlia which comes from Hajo; Azalea from Siliguri; and locally grown Petunia seasonal flowers. I also have roses that have arrived from Kolkata this morning”, said one proud retailer outside GPO pointing towards the flowers. The pricing of any specific flower is dependant on its availability, season, rarity and others. Wedding seasons are usually a boon for the floral market with an increased demand for floral decorations. “For floral decoration of any four wheeler vehicle prior to a wedding ceremony, we charge as

Approx. rates per piece

“We can decorate a car for `5000 and we can also decorate the same car for `10,000 depending on the customer’s demand. The same policy goes for decorating any wedding venues as well”

Rose `15

Lilium `80

Carnation `20

Gerbera `15

Gladiolus `10

Rajnigandha `5

Dahlia `30

Dianthus `30

Azalea `250

per the customer’s budget. We can decorate a car for `5000 and we can also decorate the same car for `10,000 depending on the customer’s demand. The same policy goes for decorating any wedding venues as well”, said an employee of the Green Petals flower shop at MG Road.

Marigold `30

Petunia `250


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OVE is the most profound emotion known and marriage, the most meaningritu gupta ful element in one’s life. If we are trying to get what we want in a relationship, it’s best to keep it positive and future focused. Marriage is a lifelong commitment so it has to be handled with a lot of love, patience and perseverance. Always keep in mind that, “You don’t marry someone you can live with - you marry the person who you cannot live without.” Everyone who is married is a difficult spouse. “We emphasise that our spouse is difficult and forget how we are difficult to them.” Accepting your imperfect partner with perfection is the golden key to a happy marriage. It is a simple truth that marriages are based on friendship. “It’s not lack of love but lack of friendship that makes unhappy marriages.” This explains frequent fighting is not a sign of bad marriage (unless of course, it’s physical abuse) because while all couples argue, it is they who are friends again. In marriage we are given a binary model, “right or wrong. Settle or leave.” We are not given the right tools to think about relationships. Couples need a better set of options. Sooner or later there comes a moment in all marriages where you lie in bed, roll over. Look at the person lying next to you and rethink. WHAT HAPPENS WHEN THE INITIAL ATTRACTION SOURS? It’s not a sign that you have chosen a wrong partner. It is a signal to grow as an individual. This kind of attraction sours after one or two years of marriage. This is the time to take up your responsibility for your own frustration. Invariably, we yearn for perfection. We all fall in love with people we think will deliver us from life’s wound but it’s not always like that because the healing power is within us and not in them. Many a times we conclude that we have married a wrong person .This is because many of the

couple still believe in the Cinderella like stories. If we do so we engage in destructive behaviors, like blaming our partners for our unhappiness or searching for someone outside the relationship. Matured couples on the other hand take their own responsibility to provide happiness and don’t blame each other for the unhappiness. They take their own responsibility for the expectation they carry. There is no such thing as “two people meant for each other” it’s just the art of adjusting and adapting with each other. Each stage of marriage has its own joys and sorrows, opportunities and challenges. It is very important to understand that you should not judge yourself or your spouse because of feelings. The art of being in good relationship is to transform a complaint into a request. Instead of “I don’t like how you are talking to me,” you could say “can you please lower your voice so that I can hear you better?” Also it is very important to share your feelings with each other every day. Like in any other relationship even in marriage, it is important to encourage your partner through thick and thin. Even if your partner comes with some weird idea you have ever heard, be supportive. Most ideas will not come to fruition but the support you provide will always be remembered. It is

important to keep in mind never to be overcritical. “People often don’t realize that they come into marriage with an idea of how family works based on their own family – whether they liked them or not.” RELATIONSHIP CAN FOSTER WELLBEING. Never say words meaning to hurt your partner. Harsh words you said but did not mean may be hard for your spouse to forget - they can cause lasting damage to your relationship. Keep the communication always open. Talk and thus be open hearted. This can create a bridge of thoughts and understanding. Remember ideally that both of you are like one soul and two bodies; if you hurt each other, you hurt yourselves as well. Never ever sleep in another bed or couch when you have a fight. If you are doing so you are sowing seeds of separation. You are made differently that is why you attract. Most couples clash about these differences, but when you realize that your strength compensates for your spouse’s weaknesses, then their strengths will cover your weaknesses. Lastly, to enjoy marital bliss we have to learn how to “JUST BE” together without the “expectation” that your partner is to entertain you when you are bored. Cherish it because you never know how long you’ll have each other. Remember when the world is against you, he is for you. Don’t give up when you hit a bump. Work it through. Marriage is not a 50%-50% give and take. It is 100%-100%. Understand that there will be a time when you may not like your partner but love him/her always. Never go to bed angry. Always treat your spouse as you want to be treated. Remember the grass is rarely greener on the other side of the fence. As told by McLaughlin “A successful marriage is falling in love many times with the same person.” Ritu Gupta is a psychological counsellor dealing with people having individual, marital, job related and child related issues. She also assists Dr. Deepak Goenka with infertility counselling. Mail us at:

Health Tip Cardiovascular exercises alone will not help burn fat, a person has to do weight training as well because it helps to boost up the metabolism which in turn helps to burn fat.


I answer all your questions on life, love and sex

Hi Ella. I belong to the media fraternity and did something unfortunate at an office party hosted recently to celebrate my promotion. During the dinner, I sat opposite the newest member of my team, who is young, ambitious & attractive. High on alcohol, I took her to a local club where we engaged in some dirty dancing and ended up having sex later. The problem is that I am married with two kids. I even tried apologizing to her next day but she refused to accept the apologies and is in-fact demanding repeat performance. If I act blunt, I am worried she will seek revenge and spill the beans internally, or tell my wife. I have a saint of a wife back home and don’t want to hurt her. Help! -Nimesh

Hi Nimesh. What on earth is worrying you? I guess you are rocking at forty with a saintly woman back home and a dangerously attractive subordinate at work. Most men could kill to be in a position as yours. So let’s just solve your stress points one by one. First, your wife. Don’t tell her. If I were married to you (and, on balance, I’m quite glad I’m not), I’d rather not know. Second, the morally dodgy office babe. As long as you have optimum libido and keep her satisfied she shouldn’t be a cause of worry. Third, your office colleagues. Well in media and advertising, sex with an attractive colleague is not terribly unusual and is almost a fringe benefit which most higher up in the authority enjoy. So simply enjoy the perks this new promotion has brought into your life and thank your stars!

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What if you don’t get a job through yours?

Kaushik Barua Head of Global Reach


he question that most students want to know before they join any course at the under graduate or post graduate level is “What about Campus Placement?” Campus selection or placement is the biggest platform for a student to give themselves and their career a good break and kick-start at the fresher level. Thus, preparing for campus selection has to be very strategic, it being their first interview. At the same time, just the fact that campus interviews take place does not guarantee a job. The benefits that students derive from Campus selection can be summarised as:


However, what happens if you don’t get a Campus Placement. Is your story over? Do you join the millions of unemployed in this country? The answer is a big NO. There will be a period of disappointment that you will have to tackle with as you see friends move on with jobs. But this is not the moment to feel sorry for oneself but a time to move on. What does a Student who has not got a campus placement do? This student needs to make an assessment of where he or she stands and make the next move.

Make a Solid Resume Perhaps the present resume is not working therefore one must relook at the CV very critically. A new approach in relation to the kind of companies that one wants to apply for needs to be looked at. An applicant’s strengths and areas of interest need to come out very clearly in this new-look resume.

The invaluable Job platform

Various big companies, including MNCs do visit college campuses in search for fresh talents. The hiring of these companies otherwise is quite tough to get through, and to get in you would need references or be lucky enough to apply at the right time.

Handsome Packages Handsome or at least reasonable packages are offered to the fresher’s at their campus selection, obviously in-line with the ranking of the college and the past campus records, etc.

Register on all Job Sites This perhaps goes without saying but your updated resume must be there on all well know Job Search Sites.

Scan the Appointment Pages

Without fail, all the appointment pages should be scanned regularly. A lot of companies may not advertise online but follow a policy of advertising in newsprint.

Visit the companies’ websites

For example if the applicant has studied advertising, he must make sure he has visited the websites of all the companies he is interested in working with. Most of these companies would have on their websites a careers page. Even if they may not have an opening at present, it would make sense to send them an online application as then, it goes into the da-

In-Campus Ambience, Wherein the interviews are being held in your own college, your teachers are out there and you have been oriented about the way these interviews are conducted. These factors work a lot, both directly as well as indirectly, boosting your confidence, morale, etc.

Support for Further Growth

Getting a good campus offer/job eases your further job-changes and growth path. It kick starts the careerprogression. It increases the security

tabase which could be used later in case a job opening takes place.

Network Networking is a critical part of job search. Talk to your friends, relatives and tell them what kind of jobs you are looking at. A huge number of jobs nowadays are not advertised due to the high cost of advertising but come through references. Do not be ashamed to say that you are looking for a job. You never know who might refer you to a dream opportunity.

Brush up Your Interview Skills

You need to brush up your interview skills as you want to make sure that you are going to nail the next interview you get. You could get your friends and family help you give you real feedback and work on your weaknesses. Consult the internet and make sure that you want to make the next interview count.

factor in you as you at least know what you are going to do next after the course is over!

Safeguards Against Job Struggle

Outside your campus, exists a fiery world of competition, too tough and full of pains and struggle for freshers. Therein you not only need to give all your stamina and energy, trying to get a good job, but the earnings also do turn out to be peanuts. The packages and jobconfiguration also come in hand thin and weak. So prepare well for your campus interview and leave no stone unturned.

Consider Volunteering and Interning

In case you haven’t got the placement, don’t waste time doing nothing as an idle mind is a devil’s workshop. Look around for internships or volunteering work on offer and keep yourself occupied till the job you are looking for comes across.

Add to your Resume with further studies

Sometimes one might pass out when the economy is seeing a downturn and job opportunities are rare and far in between. That’s the time one might consider studying for a higher degree as it would add to the resume, and at the same time the economic downturn would get probably over. Generally, it is observed worldwide that as economies go through a downturn, the applications to universities rise. It must be mentioned that this higher degree must be thought out and researched well before making a decision to study again.

Kaushik Barua is the Head of Global Reach. He is also involved in the field of education since 2002 and has been instrumental in making information and career opportunities available for NE students through his company Lynchpin.

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The vital vitamins G PLUS FEATURE


irstly, what are vitamins? Vitamins are compounds which are necessary for our normal growth and function, which we cannot make within our bodies, and so we must obtain them from our foods. Most of the compounds needed for our body cells to function for our health, can be made by our cells from other nutrients. For some reason, we evolved without the ability to make the small number that we call vitamins.  They were present in ample amounts in ordinary foods throughout evolution, so we did not need to make them.  We only need tiny amounts of vitamins, and they are still present in ample amounts in many foods, but it is possible to become deficient in vitamins, and that damages health. 

Did you know?

Other species do not all need the same vitamins. For example: birds and guinea-pigs, can make their own Vitamin C.  There is no value in consuming extra vitamins, above what is necessary, in ‘supplements’ which are unfortunately still allowed to be sold to the public.  That can actually damage health as well.  Vitamin supplements are however recommended in certain situations defined by scientific research. What do vitamins do? There are 13 vitamins which all interact with our cell enzymes to regulate a variety of essential bodily functions. They are crucial for many of our metabolic processes, to release energy from nutrients, and in building and maintaining bones, teeth, skin, blood and many other vital body tissues. There are two main categories of vitamins - fat-soluble and water-soluble.

Water-soluble vitamins

Fat-soluble vitamins These can be stored in our bodies (in the liver and fatty tissues), so they don’t need to be taken every day: 2-3 times per week should be sufficient in most cases for adults. They are transported with fats in lipoproteins in the blood, or with specific transport proteins because they cannot dissolve in water (or blood).  They operate in cells and their membranes. Because these vitamins can be stored in our body, excessively high intakes of them can be toxic (harmful). Name

Why do we need it?

Where do we find it?

Vitamin A

Needed for growth (e.g. bone growth) and for normal tissue development. Specific roles maintaining our skin and mucous membranes (e.g. linings of the nose, eyes and throat) which helps to stop bacteria and viruses from entering. And for normal immune function, protecting us against bad bacteria and viruses. Vitamin A is necessary for several parts of our eyes including rhodopsin in the retina of our eyes, needed for night vision. Deficiency states include keratomalacia and blindness, skin damage and frequent severe infections.

There are two sources of vitamin A, from different food sources. Preformed vitamin A or Retinol is only present in animal and fish foods, especially their livers, and in dairy products (e.g. butter and milk). Beta-carotene is the main ‘pro-vitamin A carotenoid’ found in green, orange, yellow and red fruits (e.g. mango and melon) and vegetables (e.g. spinach, carrot, and red pepper). Vitamin A is stored in our liver.

Vitamin D

Regulates calcium and phosphate in our bodies, by adjusting gut absorption, and bone stores. Needed for healthy bones and teeth. Deficiency is relatively common in house-bound or covered people and in northern countries with long dark winters and classically causes osteomalacia (bone softening) or rickets in children. Recent research is examining other possible roles in metabolic, developmental and immune functions, but the evidence is still insufficient to recommend supplementation except for pregnant women, infants and older people.

Most of our vitamin D is made in our skin by the action of sunlight. As little as 20 minutes a day is enough in summer. Also found in animal foods especially oily fish (e.g. tuna and mackerel), eggs, fortified breakfast cereals and margarine.

Vitamin E

Important as a fat-soluble antioxidant, to protect cell membranes. It is also needed for proper immune function. Deficiency is uncommon. Low levels may add risks of heart disease. 

Rich sources are vegetable oils and spreads, nuts, seeds, oily fish and most green leafy vegetables.

Vitamin K

Necessary for normal blood clotting (healing wounds) and in the growth and in development of our bones and kidney. Deficiency is almost unknown. However, the blood-thinning drug, Warfarin, is known to block vitamin K action because its main aim is to prevent blood clotting.

Widely present in foods. The richest sources are green leafy vegetables, also meats, dairy products, vegetable oils and cereals.

These are not stored in our bodies, so foods containing water-soluble vitamins must be eaten daily, ideally in every meal. Because there is no storage, any excess consumed is rapidly removed from our bodies in our urine, so toxicity is unlikely.


Why do we need it?

Where do we find it?

Vitamin C(ascorbic acid)

Used in the production of collagen, which we need for healthy skin, hair, teeth, gums, blood vessels and cartilage in our joints.Also an antioxidant, so helps to prevent long-term tissue damage, and is important to help absorption of iron in our intestines. Deficiency causes scurvy. Sub-optimal, low, intakes may contribute to heart disease, strokes and cancers.

Present in all fresh fruits and vegetables especially blackcurrant, guava and citrus fruits (e.g. orange and grapefruit). Destroyed by high temperatures, e.g. boiling food.

Thiamin (vitamin B1)

Important in the processing of carbohydrates to produce energy. It also processes fat and alcohol.  Also important for nerves to function properly. Deficiency relatively common in alcoholics or others who eat insufficient cereal foods.  Causes permanent brain damage and memory loss (Korsakoff’s psychosis) and damages eye movements.

Main sources are wholegrain breads and cereals. Also present in meats, fish, potatoes, beans, nuts.

Riboflavin (vitamin B2)

Roles in growth and production of red blood cells, skin and eyes. Deficiency virtually unknown.

Widely present in milk, eggs, nuts, liver, fish, meat and green leafy vegetables.

Niacin (vitamin B3)

Role in processing cholesterol, needed for vascular health. Deficiency virtually unknown.

Amply present in fish and meats (especially liver). Other useful sources are nuts, eggs and dairy products (e.g. milk).

Pantothenic Acid (vitamin B5)

Important in our metabolic processes, especially in the production of energy in cells. Deficiency virtually unknown

Vitamin B5 is widely found in all foodstuff including meat, eggs, milk, vegetables, legumes and cereal grains.

Vitamin B6 (pyridoxine)

Roles in the processing of proteins, fats and carbohydrates to produce energy, and in cell division e.g. to make red blood cells. Deficiency virtually unknown. Low levels often blamed for minor symptoms but little evidence for this.

Widely present in meats (especially liver), fish, fruits, potatoes and other starchy vegetables, fortified cereals, milk, beans and nuts.

Medical advice is therefore not to take extra vitamins.  It is not clear why supermarkets and so-called ‘health-food shops’ are allowed to continue to sell vitamin pills without prescriptions.  Many people will have heart disease as a consequence, and a legal challenge is probably required. The best course, without doubt, is to avoid vitamin pills, in fact avoid illness and the need for any pills if possible, and to eat balanced!


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Have you created your own health fund? Medical insurance is on almost everybody’s lips, but not many realise its importance. So stop thinking and start investing. ROHIT SARAWGI Independent Financial Advisor


ver the past decade, customer’s perception about health insurance policies has changed a lot. With all the information readily available and considering fast changing life styles, customers are waking up to the fact that it is an absolute necessity to insure their health. This rapidly changing state of affairs has also made insurers to drastically improve their levels of services and concentrate on customer satisfaction. Insurers now customise their products according to the needs of their customers, thereby improving the service levels in the market. With the ever increasing medical cost, an unexpected illness/ disease/ accident leading to hospitalisation is likely to make a serious dent in the pocket of those hospitalised. It is, therefore, imperative for one to have a good healthcare policy and a self designed healthcare corpus to guard against unexpected contingencies. Many buy health insurance as a collective security tool for his or her family, as everyone is bound to go through unforeseen circumstances.

There are several deterrents, the most important being the cost.

• Age at entry. • Medical Tests required prior to purchase of policy. • Appropriate riders or add-ons that go hand-in-hand with the

policy purchased. • The ailments the policy covers. When it comes to health insurance, the golden rule is ‘the earlier the better’. But, if you are late, you need to shell out more for the premiums. Insuring self and family from a relatively young age and ensuring that policies are renewed on time to ensure uninterrupted coverage will enable the policyholder to get the best possible coverage at the most competitive prices. Different companies have different criteria for their policies and it is important to check these before opting one. Many companies also insist on mandatory medical tests once you cross a certain age limit. And, hence, it is advisable to avail of insurance cover before this age. The premium for persons over 70 years of age is expected to be very high, because the instance of hospitalisation is high for the aged. Whether or not the policy is used, one has to pay the premium to keep it alive. The only positive being discounts on account of claim-free years. Typically, premium is fixed for age bands like 35 to 40 years, 40 to 45 years etc. There are a very few choices available in the medical insurance market for senior citizens. Those that do exist, charge high premiums. Instead, why not work on building a corpus based on your and family’s need.

Take for example, If you are in an age bracket of 25 – 35 and wish to amass a sizeable amount by the age of 65, start by putting aside some money towards building this corpus. Set a target to save some amount at the end of every five years. If you don’t achieve this, earmark more money to fill up the gap. If you had never given a healthcare corpus any thought till retirement, take the tough call of setting aside a large part of your retirement money that comes from provident fund and other instruments. Invest around 25 % of your Retirement Corpus in high growth instruments and

The premium for persons over 70 years of age is expected to be very high, because the instance of hospitalisation is high for the aged. Whether or not the policy is used, one has to pay the premium to keep it alive.

the rest in safe instruments. You never know when you will be hospitalised or the disease you will suffer from or the money to be required. Your insurance plan and or the corpus may fail to foot the huge bills, as it isn’t easy to have a 1 crore corpus. Therefore, it is advisable to have both, a hospitalisation corpus and a medical insurance policy. An alternate and a cheaper way is to get yourself covered by a family floater or with your children’s employer to save on the huge premium. But, some corporate covers ask for copayment of certain percentage of the bill, again not an easy amount. It is advisable to get your investment consultant to brief you thoroughly on the salient features and benefits of the insurance policy you intend to purchase and also obtain a comparison between various insurance policies on offer to decide which one best suit your needs along with other investment products for building up your hospitalization corpus. Medical insurance policies have exclusions and one need to clearly understand what is not covered under a policy. Understanding the exclusions will go a long way in sparing you then frustration associated with the rejection of a claim. Many insurance policies provide add-on benefits either free or at a very nominal cost. It is always worthwhile to check out

these benefits since they cover certain expenses, which would not otherwise be covered. Some prominent add-on benefits include:

• Hospital cash allowance. • Home nursing • Parent accommodation as a companion for children • Ambulance charges • Cover for charges on in-patient physiotherapy • Cover for expenses incurred by accompanying person • Children’s education fund It is also advisable that apart from investing in a basic medical policy that covers expenses incurred during hospitalization, one should look at other policies that provide comprehensive medical coverage. Some of the important products to be considered include:

• Critical illness policies • Hospital cash policies • High deductible policies

In short, purchasing a medical insurance policy is a serious, deliberate and long term decision. It is imperative for one to opt for a custom-made product to suit their specific individual needs. Spending some time and effort to select the appropriate policies with the most comprehensive coverage would be a very worth-while investment that would guarantee piece of mind.


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Shepherd s’


Sanjukta Dutta food enthusiast


he term cottage pie is known to have been in use in 1791, when the potato was being introduced as an edible crop affordable for the poor ( “cottage” meaning a modest dwelling for rural workers). The term “shepherd’s pie” did not appear until 1877  and since then

it has been used synonymously with “cottage pie”, regardless of whether the principal ingredient was beef or mutton.  More recently, the term “shepherd’s pie” has been used when the meat is  lamb, the theory being that  shepherds  are concerned with sheep and not cattle.

HOW TO GO ABOUT IT? Its simple!! • In a pan, heat some oilve oil and add the cinnamon sticks, add the onions and button musroom and stir for some time. Now add the mutton keema into it. Add salt and pepper for seasoning and now add the wrochestrine and black pepper sauce. The muttton will start ozzing out water. After sometime, we add the peas and the tin of baked beans.

• In the meantime, we take a baking tin and greese it with some olive oil/butter and pour the mutton mix into it.

• Stir for some more time and now place a lid to the pan. The mutton keema needs about 30 minutes of cooking time on the gas in shimmer.

• bake it for 20-25 minutes with a temperature of 200 degrees

• when the mutton is cooked and is dry then we switch the gas and let the mutton cool down.


All you need is • 1/2 kg mutton keema/ Beef (I have used mutton)

• 2 tablespoon of black pepper sauce • 2 tablespoon wrochestrine sauce

• 1 tin baked beans (available in supermarkets and shops of guwahati)

• Ginger-garlic paste-1 tablespoon • A few peppercorns

• 1/2 cup green peas

• 2-3 sticks of cinnamon.

• About 1/2 cup button mushrooms chopped

• 2 medium size onions chopped

(tinned variety is also available in the

• Mashed potatoes with milk and cream (just


about to form a thick layer

• Now on top of it we carefully layer the mashed potatoes and form a thick blanket over it. • OPTIONAL (Grate cheese all over the mashed potatoes)


• Vegetables (bowlful cooked) : 180 calories (approx) • Beef/Mutton (bowlful cooked) : 240 calories (approx) • Potatoes (a bowlful cooked) : 190 calories (approx)

• Your Sephard’s Pie is ready to be savoured. Enjoy with family and friends.


UPSIDE DOWN CAKE • Eggs 4 • Flour/maida 3 cups • Butter- 1 ½ cup • Pineapple essence- 2 tablespoon • Baking Powder- 2 tablespoon

• pineapple thinly sliced (a few pieces, ref to the picture) some cherries halved (easily available in cans in Guahati markets)

(its simple and its fun)

• Add sugar & whisk again (taste and adjust the sweetness). Add flour, Pineapple essence, baking powder. Mix well. Here you can add some milk (about 3/4th cup) to make the batter smooth & for the right consistency to bake.

• Sugar 2cups

• Brown/caramelized sugar about 1 cup.

Just like any other cake • Whisk egg white separately(till foamy) & the yellow part with the butter in separate bowls. Add together & mix well

You will need: For Cake

For spreading on the bottom of the tray:


• Sprinkle some brown sugar


Pineapple : 80 cal approx Cherry (a bowl full) : 80 cal approx Butter (1 teaspoon) : 100 cal Milk (1 cup) : 150 cal

on the bottom of baking tray, so that it is completely covered • Arrange the sliced pineapple pieces & cherry pieces as shown. Pour the batter in the tray & bake for 30 minutes or done at 180 degrees. • When done, cool the tray.. loosen the cake from sides of the tray with knife & invert the tray so that the cake comes upside down. Cut into desired sized pieces. P.S: Let the cake cool down before you invert the tray into a cake plate or a tray. Allow the cake to fall on its own. Do not hammer it from the top of the tray. The more the patience, the better the upside down cake. Treat your family and friends and enjoy the fruity treat.


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Shaadi Ke Side Effects

St. Vincent Loma


Vista Recordings / Republic Artist: MUSIC St. Vincent


A Director: Saket Chaudhary Cast: Farhan Akhtar, Vidya Balan, Ram Kapoor, Vir Das


hen I do something wrong, I say sorry to my wife. When my wife does something wrong…. I say sorry to my wife.” One of the gems that flows out of Farhan Akhtar’s mouth while addressing the oldest question on the gender equation in Shaadi Ke Side Effects: what does a woman really want in a marriage? Could it be the same things as a man? Maybe the route taken by the two individual is different? A lot of pre-production finetuning must have gone into making Farhan Akhtar and Vidya Balan look compatible together. The two actors give delectably nuanced performances without looking overrehearsed. Seldom in recent times have I seen two actors looking so married on screen. Farhan’s Sid and Vidya’s Trisha come together as a couple that desperately wishes to make the marriage work. The second-half deliberately forfeits the blithe spirit in pursuit of a more penetrating perspective on marital woes. Even when the film loses a lightness of touch, it nonetheless remains even-pitched preferring understatement to hysteria. Again, a lot of the credit for the narrative’s correct pitch must go to the two principal actors. Vidya looks better than ever before. Radiant and expectant as a pregnant woman in the initial scenes, she glides into the zone of paranoid motherhood with plenty of panache. In the later scenes, when she tries to deck herself up to rejuvenate her husband’s attention, Vidya reminded me of Sharmila Tagore in Basu Bhattacharya’s marital drama “Grihapravesh”. Sprinting as far away as possi-

ble from the world of Milkha Singh, Farhan is every inch the harried husband here, partly man party boy, he’s looking for a boys’ night out without feeling guilty about leaving the wife home with the baby. If Ingmar Bergman, Woody Allen, Basu Chatterjee and Basu Bhattacharya were to come together to mull on that thing called marriage, the resultant celluloid exposition would probably be “Shaadi Ke Side Effects”. Not that this cute nugget of a film can proximate the excellence of any of the above filmmakers, but it tries to be wispy and witty without getting unnecessarily polemical on the subject of urban marriages. A warm, funny, thought-provoking take on the man-woman equation, director Saket Chaudhary gets it bang on. The chemistry between Farhan and Vidya crackles and hisses with tantalizing tension. Brittle and yet supple, the lead pair’s chemistry irons out the film’s uneven edges. I wish the peripheral characters were written and played better. Purab Kohi as the nosy neighbour (he reminded me of the role he plays in that coffee ad with Karan Johar and Deepika Padukone) and Vir Das as the boorish manifestation of Farhan’s character’s bachelor fantasies, offer interesting possibilities but stop short of being a support system in this drama marital discontent. Nope. You can’t take your eyes off Farhan and Vidya. They look evenly matched and entirely yummy in their yin and yang yearnings. You do wonder why the script takes them to Australia. But then marriage does make people do strange things, right?

Now Showing

Shaadi ke side effects


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Daily at 9.45 AM, 12.20, 3.00,

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8.30 PM

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Daily at 11AM, 2, 5 & 8.00 PM

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Daily at 11AM, 2, 5 & 8.00 PM

nnie Clark began recording St. Vincent almost immediately after she finished touring in support of Love This Giant, her inspired collaboration with David Byrne. It’s not hard to hear the influence that album had on these songs; Love This Giant’s literal and figurative brassiness gave Clark’s witty yet thoughtful approach more sass without sacrificing any of her intelligence. Similarly, St. Vincent is some of her most pop-oriented work, yet it doesn’t dilute the essence of her music. If anything, her razorsharp wit is even more potent when polished in a candy coating with just a hint of venom. This is especially true of the album’s singles: on “Digital Witness,” one of the songs with the closest kinship to her “Love This Giant” work, she juxtaposes pointed commentary (“If you can’t see me/What’s the point of doing anything?”) with Valley Girl “yeah”s in a trenchant expression of the 21st century’s constant oversharing and need for validation. This somewhat frantic undercurrent bubbles to the surface on “Birth in Reverse,” one of Clark’s most immediately winning singles since “Actor Out of Work,” and one that makes retreat seem nearly as exciting as revolution. Here and throughout the album, Clark and longtime producer John Congleton use their signature, proudly artificial

sound to highlight her direct storytelling, whether it’s the way “I Prefer Your Love”’s trip-hoppy sheen lets the declaration “I prefer your love to Jesus” ring out more boldly or the way Clark sings “I’m afraid of you because I can’t be left behind” gives the lie to her brash guitar playing on “Regret.” As on Strange Mercy, Clark explores strength and vulnerability in ever more masterful, and approachable, ways. Not every song may be as literally autobiographical as “Rattlesnake,” which was inspired by a secluded walk in the desert in the altogether. Yet there’s more than a kernel of emotional truth to “Prince Johnny,” where Clark’s character ends up even more exposed thanks to some songwriting sleight-of-hand. The hallucinatory, funky “Huey Newton” and the decaying power ballad “Severed Crossed Fingers” show off not just Clark’s musical range, but just how eloquently she blends passion and precision. And, as her most satisfying, artful, and accessible album yet, St. Vincent earns its title.

The Bad Boys of Bokaro Jail Publisher: Penguin Author: Chetan Mahajan

You should read


hen Chetan Mahajan is wrongfully sent to Bokaro Jail, he encounters a world completely different from his corporate life in Delhi. From picking the best prison ward, befriending the people who can get him mobile phone access and upgraded food, and training for his upcoming marathon in the tiny prison yard, Chetan soon learns to work the prison system. In the process he makes unlikely friends, and discovers what India’s underbelly really looks like. A true story, The Bad Boys of Bokaro Jail, is thought provoking, amusing and touching. It will show you the Indian prison as you have never seen it before.

Dir: Jaume Collet Serra Cast: Liam Neeson, Julianne Moore


round an hour into NonStop, as Liam Neeson bounds up and down the aisle of a hijacked passenger jet with a time-bomb under his arm, his character, a dolorous air marshal called Bill Marks, has a flash of inspiration. “There’s such a thing as the least-resistance bomb-location protocol,” he explains, as the device’s digital display ticks towards zero. Bill’s thinking, if that’s the word, runs as follows: if he stashes the explosives in an innocuous spot, the plane might still be relatively airworthy even after detonation, and disaster will be narrowly averted. Neeson wears the actionhero mantle so comfortably that it’s easy to forget that Taken, his first full-blooded venture into the genre, six years ago at the age of 56, was met with general bemusement. Wasn’t this man too beaten-down-looking to be an action hero, we wondered, until it became clear that his beaten-downness was exactly what would make it work. A Neeson hero doesn’t look like a man with everything at stake; you suspect the only stakes that mattered to him were gambled away a long time ago, and he’s fighting to claw back his losses. That same persona appeared in Neeson’s earlier film with Collet-Serra – a mystery-thriller called Unknown, in which a botanist went on a mini-break to Berlin, fell into a four-day coma, and came round to discover another man had stolen his identity and wife. The plot summary alone is enough to make your mouth turn up at the corners, and Non-Stop has that same modest but often undervalued talent. It makes you smile.


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Web Watch

Facebook shuts down its email service BBM for Windows Phone


acebook has stopped its mailing service, citing low usage. Those using the email service will soon receive an email telling them that their emails from account will

be forwarded to the primary address listed on their email accounts. The email id’s were initially launched in 2010 to streamline all communication under a single umbrella by the social networking site. Facebook an-

nounced the feature in a blog post, “It seems wrong that an email message from your best friend gets sandwiched between a bill and a bank statement.” The service didn’t catch up, due to the lack of a friendly interface. The Messages screen always highlighted Facebook messages, and didn’t support cc’s, bcc’s, or subject lines. Facebook received a lot of criticism in June 2012, when it highlighted @ email addresses on profiles while hiding other email addresses. The move was intended to make user email id’s private, but users thought Facebook was favoring its own email services over others. The email id’s also caused many privacy issues as users could easily guess others’ email id’s with just their profile names.

‘E-mail miles’ tracks how Soon free far your email has travelled global Wi-Fi

service from outer space?


lackBerry will release its popular messenger service BBM for Windows Phone smartphones in July-September this year. When asked about the specific timing of the launch, the Canadian smartphone maker said it will be introduced in July-September (the US summer). BlackBerry in October last year launched BBM for rival Android- and iOS-based handsets and the app since then has been downloaded on over 40

million such smartphones. In total, BBM base stood at 100 million as of November 30, 2013. BBM Channels allows users to chat with other BBM users on topics that interest them. These range from products, hobbies and sports to entertainment, fashion and cars. Currently, BBM comes pre-loaded on Android devices from brands like LG, Micromax, Celkon, Spice and Zen.

Godzilla trailer released


nventor Jonah Brucker-Cohen has developed a new technology which uses GPS and internet tracking to calculate the number of miles an email has travelled before reaching an inbox. The system tracks where a message was sent from and where it was received.

The system developer, Jonah Brucker-Cohen states that the system calculates the total distance between the two and displays it on the screen alongside a map. He stated, that he hoped it would remind people how quickly they can communicate today in a digital world

US company is planning to build an ‘Outernet’ — a global network of cube satellites broadcasting internet data to all the people on the planet — for free. The idea is to offer free internet access to all people, regardless of location, bypassing filtering or other means of censorship, according to the New York based non-profit organization , Media Development Investment Fund (MDIF). MDIF proposes that hundreds of cube satellites be built and launched to create a constellation of sorts in the sky, allowing anyone with a phone or computer to access Internet data sent to the satellites by several hundred ground stations.


onster movies have always been the most scariest and exciting part of every person’s life. While there are various movies that set a chill down the spine, the evilest and wickedest of them all has always been Godzil-

la. Do you remember the gigantic mutant that left you sleepless for several nights? The red shinning eyes and its zeal for destruction is what gave it the name of ‘King of Monsters’. Well, be prepared to face Godzilla once again!

The Internet Cafe is safe for you


re you a person whose pace of life is regulated by the speed of the internet? Are you a frequent visitor of internet cafes? Even though many of us have access to internet at our home but when it comes to downloading a latest high definition movie or a game, don’t you rush to your nearest cafe? Yes it is the speed of the cafe that attracts us but the question is, Are they safe? Well sadly the answer is no. Most of the cafes are infected. We comfortably manage in narrow spaced, dingy cafes, do our work, pay and leave. And after few days when we try to sign in we see that someone changed our password! This is the risk to the people who use public computers and don’t understand internet cafe security. Here are a few security measures that can secure you the next time you step into a public computer.

Keylogging in Internet Cafes

Most of the cafes install keyloggers on their computers, which secretly records every keystroke that we make, even the passwords! So after one leaves the computer they easily gets

their password and then do malicious activities. The best way to prevent yourself from keyloggers in internet cafes is to use the virtual keyboard. Start button → all programs → Accessories → Ease of access → On-Screen Keyboard

Internet Browsers on USB Drives

Another way to secure yourself is to put a portable internet browser onto a USB memory stick so that you can simply plug the USB drive in the computer of the cafe and start the browser by clicking on the executable file. All your saved credentials, cookies, and even bookmarks are kept handy in one portable place.

Private Browsing

Web browsers store information such as browsing history, images, videos and text within cache. Whereas Private Browsing does the opposite, that is Private mode enables the browser not to store this informations for the browsing sessions. • If using Firefox, use “Private Browsing” mode where no

personal information is saved. Try pressing ctrl-shift-p or choose “start private browsing” under the “tools” menu. If using Google chrome, Use ‘’Incognito” mode where no personal information is saved. Try pressing ctrl-shift-N

Clearing Your Personal Data

One should build a habit to clear all their personal data like browsing history, cache, cookies, usernames etc. • In Firefox: In Firefox browsers, one can clear data quickly by pressing ctrl-shift-del. Otherwise, choose “tools” and “clear recent history. • In Google chrome press Ctrl+H → Clear Browsing data.

Indrajeet Bhuyan is a 16 year old tech blogger and security researcher. He is passionate about computers and believe in sharing knowledge and information . He uses his spare time helping people and companies secure themselves.


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VINTAGE CAR RALLY Date: 23rd February, Venue: Ambari Traffic Rotary

Exurbia, Millennia,14 Pre Launch Walkathon Date: 22rd February, Venue: Dighalipukhuri






Date: 22rd February, Venue: Terra Mayaa


1st Mar

Hirapara, Azara

Super 7 Cricket League

1st Mar

Gauhati University

Voluntary Blood Donation Camp

1st Mar


B-town nite with fashion Sequence

5th Mar

Assam Engineering College

Bicycle Rally

6th Mar

Assam Engineering College

B- Fundametrics, Pyrotechnix

5th - 8th Mar

Gauhati Medical College


Want your event to be featured on this page? Just mail us at

barbeque nation Comes to the city

One of the most successful casual dining restaurant chains in India, Barbeque Nation is all set for its maiden launch in North-east with its 38th outlet in Guwahati. Like the chain’s signature ambiance the upcoming restaurant is spacious and well appointed with a lot of wood and open-brick wall surfaces to get you in the mood for a nice and relaxing evening with friends, colleagues and family members. Scheduled to be inaugurated on 5th March 2014 by popular Assamese actress Barasha Rani Bishaya, Barbeque Nation greets Guwahatians with unlimited variety of dishes and drinks to woo their variant taste buds and limitless culinary preferences.

Barbeque Nation Hospitality Ltd. Adityam Building. 2Nd Floor G.S.Road. Lachit Nagar, Ulubari. Guwahati- 781007, Contact No: 0361-2451444

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G PLUS MAR 01 - MAR 07, 2014

Your weekly dose of HOROSCOPE ARIES

It’s definitely your time to shine as the week begins. While sometimes haste makes waste, the more you do now, the merrier you are, and those around you are pretty pleased, too. Then, around Wednesday and Thursday, money or the things it can get you might be on your mind. Don’t forget the virtues of simple goodness — less really can be more (like less stress, for instance). Watch out for jumping ahead this weekend. You’re thinking fast, which is great, but if anything serious is at stake, you’ll want to change your pace.

TAURUS You’re liable to do something rash as the week begins. If it’s in the career department, consult with someone first; when it comes to love, though, go for it. Why not? Let your heart have its way! You can set the stage for some especially sweet stuff around Wednesday and Thursday, when you’re both rock-solid and you possess a kind of magical appeal people can’t quite put their finger on. For the remainder of the week, apply your natural determination to observing all that’s around you — especially the interpersonal element. Something interesting’s afoot!

GEMINI Be the one to make the first move at the beginning of the week. It’s a ‘you snooze, you lose’ time for you, so set the alarm a little early, beat a work deadline and tell someone how you feel! Then, if there’s conflict in some sphere of your life around Wednesday and Thursday, don’t avoid it. Unsure how to proceed? Find someone who’s handled something similar in a way you admire, and just ask. Over the next few days, your always-abundant interpersonal skills are even better than ever, and everything that’s wonderful about you is even more so. Rock your world!

CANCER You’re always an emotional creature, but the strength (and maybe the rapid changeability!) of your feelings might surprise even you at the beginning of the week. Think about what to keep to yourself. If you’re thinking about a date or fun with friends, Wednesday and Thursday are your best days to be a total charmer and have a great time. Consider cozy athome social time instead of going out. If you’re going back and forth about something, the rest of the week brings an opportunity to get off the fence — and make a splash while you do it.

LEO It’s live and learn as the week begins, but in a good way. Whatever you’re trying to understand seems clearer, and figuring it out further is actually fun. Around Wednesday and Thursday, you might be ready to make a stand, perhaps at work, but is this the angle you really want to take for the long haul? Smartest plan: Leave yourself room to change it up. If you’re going out on the town this weekend, try a lecture, art event or the theater. Whether it’s great or not so hot, your smart take on it means talking about it is fun, and that makes for great bonding

VIRGO Your go-getter attitude and assertiveness as the week begins can take you places. Be logical instead of getting into dramatics. Put something unusual in your organized plan around Wednesday and Thursday, and allow extra time for truly absorbing it. Whether you’re learning something new or hanging out with someone great, it’s time well spent. Things really can go either way for the rest of the week, but luckily you’re in control. If you feel anxious, examine why; get exercise for good energy; and plan a nice little treat for yourself (and maybe for someone sweet!).


LIBRA Pay particular attention to a tete-a-tete or heart-to-heart you have as the week begins. The stars are sending an opportunity for improved interpersonal stuff, but things could also go sour if you’re not careful. Around Wednesday and Thursday, you’ve got the magic touch, putting people at ease and skillfully working through any issues in ways that benefit everyone. Plus you’re just plain hot! When the weekend comes, your energy’s not so much about tackling tons of projects and getting stuff done as it is about sharing your feelings and quietly enjoying life.

SCORPIO How are you feeling at the beginning of the week? Tune into the signals your body is sending, as well as your emotional state, and be proactive about maintaining good physical and psychological health. Around Wednesday and Thursday, someone’s got an advantage over you, which is rare! Can you avoid discord and create an alliance here? Then, over the next few days, any financial matters that involve others — work budgets, joint accounts, even a loan for lunch — could quickly get problematic. Be very clear about terms, and get on the same page about expectations.

SAGITTARIUS Life looks fun — and you look great! — as the week begins. Anything creative you attempt ought to go especially well (and don’t forget the creative element of any romantic endeavors!). Then, around Wednesday and Thursday, the universe is directing your attention to seeing both the grand scale and some particularly pertinent microelements. Yes, you want to think big, but look closely, too. The energy for you is unusual this weekend, which doesn’t necessarily mean it’s negative. In fact, lots of positive movement can happen now. Just be sure you put that slant on your dealings with others.

CAPRICORN Expect a delay or postponement as the week begins. Even if it’s you that’s pushing a deadline or promising someone a rain check, it might be frustrating to feel like you’re not keeping pace. But with all of your awesome powers augmented around Wednesday and Thursday, you can catch up and then some. Open yourself to your imagination; it’s got an alternative that’ll make you look like a genius. Everything and everyone’s all over the place this weekend, but you can depend on your own instincts and be the eye of the storm. People are definitely coming to you now.

AQUARIUS You aren’t like everybody else, so why try to blend in as the week begins? Showing your independent side — your imagination, your own style, your bright and unique ideas — gets you major gold stars now, at work and off the clock. Then, around Wednesday and Thursday, you may be dragging, with mundane stuff getting you down. But something funny’s afoot, and if you notice it, your interest will be renewed. And when it comes to renewed interest, your energy this weekend is definitely sparking exactly that. Light a fire under your social or love life!

PISCES Pick up a good book or see a great movie at the beginning of the week. Your imagination’s active now, and if you don’t give it something to chew on, you might find fantasy mixing in with reality. Then, gosh, you’re warm and wonderful around Wednesday and Thursday. Hanging out with friends (or, better yet, a ‘more than friend’) makes for beautiful bonding. When the weekend comes, plenty of choices present themselves; getting another opinion can help you decide. Then again, not deciding and following your nose can lead to some sweet places, especially on Sunday.

JUST FOR LAUGHs A soldier, who was habitually drunk, publicly announced to all the men in his company and surrounding companies that he was swearing off drinking and that all the other soldiers should give up this foul habit also. The other soldiers would tease him to fall off the wagon by giving him whiskey and get him


drunk. Every morning he would be back preaching about the sins of alcohol. One day his friend told him he ought to give up preaching about the evils of the jug as he always ends up drunk. With a twinkle in his blood shot eyes he said, “What, and give up all that free whiskey?”

Solutions (Last Issue)



G PLUS MAR 01 - MAR 7, 2014

Architects & Designers

G Plus will keep on publishing such relevant and useful information in this page in the coming issues. Deka, Bimal Sen

Compiled by Rangman Das

Designers Plenum

BuildTech NoonmatiGuwahati – 781020 Phone No – 0361-2458715

Design & Development

Ashiyana Opp. Rajiv Bhawan G S Road Guwahati – 781005 Phone No – 0361-2452425, 2522658

Design & Drawing Centre

BSNL Office Lane Bora Service Guwahati – 781007 Phone – 92070-94491

Sagarika Bhawan RGB Road Guwahati – 781024 Phone No – 0361-2558087


Opp. Anuradha Cinema Hall Bamunimaidam Guwahati – 781021 Phone No – 0361-2558608

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Design Consortium M N Road Panbazar Guwahati – 781001 Phone No – 0361-2547273

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G PLUS MAR 01 - MAR 07, 2014


Is the new foreigner’s tribunal move politically motivated? Utpal hassan memon

Prithwiraj Das Govt. Employee





he government has been playing with the emotions of the people of the state for a long time. Just as they do it before every election, this time too, the government is trying to woo the voters by announcing some gimmicks. Although, the formation of new foreigner’s tribunals is still in the planning process, there is doubt that after formation, it would be able to redress or solve the issues related to ‘D’ voters or other foreigners. Because, as per the reports published in various media, the government has already set up 36 tribunals to address the foreigner’s issues. With the government’s plan to form 64 new tribunals, the number will now go up to 100. But the most concerning issue is that the existing tribunals are plagued with lack of manpower and necessary infrastructures. Because of these reasons, lakhs of cases have been pending under the provisions of the Foreigners’ Act in the existing tribunals. Lack of sufficient manpower has also resulted in delayed disposal of cases. Moreover, the political parties who have taken charge of the government in Assam too are seen to be playing politics with the issue of ‘D’ voters over and over again. The people of the state, specially, the Muslims and Hindus of Bengali origin have fallen prey to the ‘D’ voter tag. Before every election the issue of ‘D’ voters comes up and fades away after the elections. Political parties make

Just as they do it before every election, this time too, the government is trying to woo the voters by announcing some gimmicks. promises to solve the issue of foreigners or ‘D’ voters and even deliver long speeches on the issue, but forget everything once the election ends. I have seen various media reports of harassment suffered by indigenous people in the name of foreigners. Once, I also came across news that a person who lives in the Barak valley of Assam received notices from the foreigner’s tribunal thrice. The people, who receive notices from the tribunals mostly, belong to the poor section and do not have money to carry on their cases. As a result, numbers of cases have been increasing in foreigner’s tribunals year after year. Therefore, I do not think that the government is serious enough to resolve the issue. Mere increase of the number of tribunals will not help, if the government does not provide necessary manpower and infrastructure to thesolve the issue of ‘D’ voters.


ow, the trend is that the public has a tendency to criticise or doubt each and every step being taken by the government. Even if the government, irrespective of the political party in power, announces something good, people hesitate to accept it without raising a finger. At the same time, we cannot entirely blame the common men for taking such a stance in regard to the government policy. Because, some of the deeds of the government seems to prove that the doubts of the people may be correct. In this particular case of government’s plan to set up new foreigner’s tribunals to solve the issues related to the foreigners, the government has at least showed their will to solve the issue. It is a very complicated issue, which has been bothering the people

“We cannot entirely blame the common men for taking such a stance in regard to the government policy. Because, some of the deeds of the government seems to prove that the doubts of the people may be correct”

of the state for quite some time. But, that amount of pestering is worth the trouble if the people of the state want the issue to be solved forever. One of the most important causes of concern is that there is a shortage of qualified people who can be the members of the tribunals because, as per law, only the serving or retired district judges and additional district judges can be appointed as members of the Tribunals. To deal with this problem, the government has increased the retirement age of members of Foreigners’ Tribunals to 67 from 65 in 2011. But, even after that it is very tough to find people with the necessary qualifications. But since the issue of ‘D’ voter has been dragged into the Supreme Court, a recent verdict of the Supreme Court is expected to solve the problem of shortage of qualified members for appointment as Tribunal members. According to the verdict of the Apex Court, the concerned High Court can approve appointment of advocates having seven years of practice experience as members of the Tribunals. It is now in the hands of a section of the advocates who wish to come forward to solve the issue of ‘D’ voters. But, again we have to wait and watch since the new tribunals come up with new members. I am hopeful that with this new initiative, the government can be able to deal with the long standing problem of ‘D’ voters of the state successfully.

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G PLUS MAR 01 - MAR 7, 2014


G Plus Feature


ora Bora will seduce you into buying the Cadillac of paradises, the one loaded with all the luxury trappings you know you don’t need but just can’t live without. Legendary not only for its lush beauty but also its hedonistic decadence, this island is a fairy-tale creation of jagged volcanic peaks juxtaposed against crystal-clear aqua lagoons. One of the world’s most famous dream destinations, Bora Bora lures honeymooners, heiresses and movie stars by the plane load with a potent potion of ostentatiously hip, oh-so-romantic, slightly naughty exotica. A wicked seductress, this island tempts with a Pandora’s Box of guilty pleasures: but you’ll have to decide if they’re worth the hefty price attached. There are some major tourist attractions of Bora Bora, G Plus talks about some of them.

Safari 4x4 tour

You must start with a grand tour of the island, and the greatest way to do so is through this outfit. This fullyguided, 3-hour island excursion is enjoyed in a Range Rover 4×4 and is the perfect way for those enjoying Asia Pacific travel to get to know the island quickly. Locals serve as the tour guides and not only drive visitors around but offer facts about the history, culture and politics of Bora Bora as well as information about traditional Polynesian life. Those on Bora Bora travel who take this tour will see ancient stone temples and World War II sites as well as amazing scenery.

Bora Bora!

Matira Beach

Soak up the sun at the most popular beach in Bora Bora. Located on the southern tip of the island, this beach is made up of white sand and includes a walking trail that leads those on Bora Bora travel to a World War II site. When the tides are low, beach-goers can walk out to the reef or, when the tide is high, enjoy snorkelling. More active guests can enjoy traditional Asia Pacific travel water sports, such as kayaking and canoeing.

Marae Temples

These ancient temples were once used by the Polynesians for religious and cultural ceremonies. Those on Bora Bora travel will be happy to know that there are still about 40 traditional open-air stone temples, or Maraes, still left on the island to explore.

Polynesian Dance

Those who embark on Asia Pacific travel cannot end their trip without enjoying some traditional Polynesian dance. In Bora Bora, the dance is performed at most of the island’s hotels and resorts. Enjoy a show while you eat dinner or catch one on the beach.


This famous turquoise-blue lagoon is an outdoor aquarium made up of vibrant fish and marine life. What sets the aquarium apart from others throughout the world is that those enjoying Bora Bora travel are actually allowed to snorkel in the lagoon and swim amongst sharks, rays, tropical fish and turtles. There are guides who will help you and show you how to feed and touch the sea life and tours run throughout the day. This is, without a

doubt, one of the most popular attractions in Bora Bora and a must for those on Asia Pacific travel.

Breakfast by Canoe

Start each day with an unforgettable breakfast brought to the private balcony of your overwater bungalow or villa by outrigger canoe. Often bedecked in flowers, the canoe carries Polynesian staff serving fresh fruits, pastries, and juices while the surrounding waters begin welcoming the rising South Pacific sun. Canoe breakfasts are also available at many of the resorts throughout all the islands and can be reserved before you travel by your travel arranger or scheduled with the concierge on your arrival.


The ultimate private island escape, MotuTapu is the most photographed isle in the South Pacific. This tiny Motu, just a few hundred yards from the main island, is best described as the world’s most perfect place to relax. MotuTapu is reserved for guests of select resorts and groups with invitations. These are some of the main attractions in the lonely planet which makes

you feel cherished for the entire life. There’s no doubt Bora Bora is overpriced - both top-end and basic accommodation cost more here than anywhere else in French Polynesia, and some say this is one paradise not worth purchasing, that it’s overpriced, overdeveloped and overhyped. Others argue that the island James Cook baptised as the ‘pearl of the Pacific’ is worth every penny of the entrance fee. If you’re looking to seriously indulge, Bora Bora has plenty of five-star resorts to pamper your every whim - the kinds of places where the glass-floored bungalows hover over turquoise seas, dinner is a multicourse candle-lit affair and breakfast is served from an outrigger canoe. So, plan your budget and the trip and have as much fun as you can.


G PLUS MAR 01 - MAR 07, 2014

Catching Up

Headlining acts! Jennifer Gates WHO’S SHE? Jennifer is the daughter of former Microsoft Corporation CEO Bill Gates SO WHAT Bill gates spent a hefty $1million to rent a mansion close to the site of the Winter Equestrian Festival in Palm Beach, Florida, so that his daughter can go for her love of horse riding by competing with the 2,800 riders from 30 countries. Now what? Jennifer Katharine Gates is going to be 18 soon and is very much considering her career in professional horse riding.

To subscribe type GPLUS

Niloofar Rhmani WHO’S SHE? Niloofar Rhmani is the first woman to graduate from Afghan Air Force since the 1980s. Niloofar not only overcame her pilot training, but also massive cultural resistance to get where she is. SO WHAT Rhmani is hoping her success will pave the way for more women to pursue their dreams. Now what? Rhmani has received many threats from many people and is extremely scared for her family. Niloofar pleads for help from any foreign organization, stating that no one in Afghanistan seems concerned for her and her family’s safety.

Talking parrot ‘helps’ UP Police crack murder case A parrot turned detective and helped nab its mistress’ killer. Neelam, wife of Vijay Sharma, the editor of a Hindi daily, was found murdered at her residence last week. Her husband noticed a change in the behaviour of the parrot whenever his nephew Ashutosh visited their house after the murder. On further investigation and grilling Ashutosh confessed to the crime.

and send it to 56677

Katy and John splits

Boeing makes ‘self-destruct’ top secret smartphone A smartphone designed for handling top secret communications has been developed by Boeing. If the phone is tampered with, it automatically deletes any data and renders itself inoperable. Better known for its aeroplanes, the firm said it needed to help organisations get “trusted access to data to accomplish their missions”. The device, named Black, joins a growing range of high-security smartphones entering the market. At the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, a similarly-titled Blackphone was announced, aimed more at businesses and consumers worried about private data.

Katy Perry and John Mayer end their year and half long romance. The “Dark Horse” vocalist ended her relationship with the singer-songwriter within the past few days. Engagement rumours had been swirling around the couple for months. Mayer will continue touring internationally behind “Paradise Valley” in April, while Perry’s PRISMATIC world tour begins in May.

COP BEGGED FOR SEX A tipsy woman called 911 to tell police that she was horny. The Florida widow called to complain about her car but then apparently said she hadn’t “been penetrated in years” and when cops turned up at her house she ground up against one of them. Officers say Maria Montenez-Colon, 58 was drunk and she allegedly told the officer, “I haven’t been penetrated in years,” and “I am so horny.” The police tried to get her enquiry back on track by asking what they could do for her and she replied: “you can **** me.” An hour later she called 911 again to complain about the first officer turning her down. When asked if she remembered the incident she said she did and allegedly added, “how else am I going to get you to **** me?”

pick of the week

What did I just hear?

Indian Space Research Organisation has lined up over a dozen missions, including its first probe on the Sun. Though, the mission to probe the Sun was already on the cards, the agency now has a clear picture of its plan and had put a timeframe within which it hoped to undertake it. “Aditya” mission to the Sun had been planned between 2017 and 2020.

Hijras (eunuchs) are born when couples from the same gotra get married. This shocking statement came from some angry khap leaders when a scientist tried to tell them that gotras and blood relation were two different things and all members of a gotra cannot be brothers and sisters. The outburst came recently during a one-of-a-kind workshop funded by Union ministry of women and child development at Chaudhary Charan Singh Haryana Agricultural University in Hisar to invite measures to stop honour killings in khapland.

Kamur of the week Pre Poll run up - As the LS Polls are drawing nearer, the

number of rallies and bandhs will also go up causing harassment and trouble for the general public. We understand that a democracy is by the people but that does not mean that we need to tolerate nuisance

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