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G PLUS JAN 04 - JAN 10, 2014

Lead Story

GUWAHATI ENDS 2013 WITH MORE ACCIDENTS, EVE TEASING AND FINES City cops have a busy night as 31st night revellers party unabatedly. rahul chanda


he New Year starts with a fresh year with lot of happiness and fervour of joy. People enjoy the transition, which happens on the 31st night. Unlike a tradition, people love enjoying by going to parties, drives and picnics. There is a huge flow of liquor at the time. Concerts and various party events submerge the city. The entire world celebrates in different ways and styles keeping the pulse of the day high. We moved around the city and explored how Guwahatians celebrated the transition this year. Accidents For some families, the new year does not always bode well as they receive news that someone from their family has met with an accident. In spite of all the effort and precaution

Vehicular Accidents served by 108 Districts

On 31st Dec’12

On 31st Dec’13 3










































Karbi Anglong





















North Cachar


















Vehicular Accidents Types

31 Dec’12

31 Dec’13



2 Wheeler accidents


Accidents on 31 December 2013









Two wheelers


Others accidents


Auto (3 Wheeler accidents)






4-wheeler Accidents






Railroad Train/Other Object



Vehicle -Fall From Height etc.



Total Vehicular Accidents



taken by the district administration and the city traffic police, Guwahati witnessed 22 accidents out of which 13 were of twowheelers. Assam as a whole witnessed 114 accidents according to data procured from the 108 service. The comparison of 31st December 2012 and 2013 reflects that the number of accidents on New Year’s eve has gone up in spite of security vehicles like the interceptors roaming around the city.

Eve teasing “I was travelling with my family in a car and suddenly a group of guys in bikes overtook us and started shouting and teasing me near Dighali Pukhri. My father was unhappy with the incident which spoilt my New Year”, said a 21-years-old college student who went out for a family drive on New Year’s Eve. Similarly, there were a lot of cases of eve teasing which took place on 31st December. A bunch of drunk guys were following two girls from an event at Uzaan Bazar which ended up in a clash when the girls called the local residents for help, narrated a local resident who helped those girls. He said, “When we interrupted the guys they started using abusive language, but when they saw us in a group, they fled the spot. We then accompanied the females to their respective houses”. May be getting drunk and teasing girls is a kind of an occasion for many after having ‘fun’ on 31st, but this is not something new. The popular GS Road molestation case keeps reminding that females in Guwahati are still not safe. Fines People had to also pay a lot of fines because of drunken driving and breaking rules. A 35-years-old government employee, who mistakenly forgot to put on his seat belt, was very angry with the cops as they fined him.

I was travelling with my family in a car and suddenly a group of guys in bikes overtook us and started shouting and teasing me near Dighali Pukhri. My father was unhappy with the incident which spoilt my New Year”

He said, “I was not drunk, it’s just that I forgot to put on my seat belt while driving, and I apologised for that to the cops who stopped my car at Ganeshguri. Still they harassed me by asking a lot of questions and finally fined for not putting on my seat belt. I saw many people driving drunk and a press car full of inebriated people inside it shouting and getting rowdy, but they were not stopped!” People need to follow rules, but it cannot be ignored that where general public have to abide by the laws of the land, the so called VIPs do not have to face much obstacles breaking the rules.


G PLUS JAN 04 - JAN 10, 2014

Lead Story

Road accidents increase in the city With the numbers having increased from last year, the City Traffic Police are planning to introduce new rules for the citizens. Mrinmoyee Hazarika


ast year, the city streets were playing a fatal role for its users. The dilapidated conditions of the roads coupled with carelessness of some of the commuters meant death for those who lost their lives in road accidents. The data available with the Guwahati city police shows that the year 2013 has witnessed higher rates of road accidents than the previous year. Altogether 766 cases of road accidents had been reported till the month of August, 2013, whereas, a total number of 699 cases of road accidents occurred in the previous year (2012) during the same period, marking a rise of almost 10%. Out of the 766 road accidents that occurred in 2013 till the month of August, 589 proved to be non-fatal and 177 were fatal. The same data also revealed that the whole year of 2012 had recorded 1072 cases of road accidents in Guwahati. Although the compilation of the exact number of road accidents that occurred in the whole year of 2013 is under process, the city traffic SP Bibekananda Das told G Plus that the figure is higher than the previous year.

Why? The longstanding and frequent practice of transferring officials from one place to another can be one of the reasons responsible for the increased number of road accidents in the year 2013. “When I joined in the year 2010, I had organised trainings for the officials of my department to make them more efficient in preventing road accidents, since it is one of the main

Disposition of traffic police in different police stations in Guwahatai as on 09.09.2013

Road safety will be celebrated from

11th to 17th of January 2014 duties of the traffic police. They were being trained on the ethical grounds of becoming more alert and vigilant while on duty and we saw the results of our practice in the year 2012. But after that they were transferred to other places and replaced by new officials. It will take time for the new officials to get used to with the traffic scenario of the city. Transferring of the old officials might be one of the reasons of increased road accidents in the city last year,” city traffic SP Bivekananda Das told G Plus. Apart from that, he blamed the ignorance or ignorant attitude of the drivers and pedestrians as the major causes of road accidents. Most of the time, it is seen that the drivers are out on the roads without knowing the basic traffic rules. “Most of the drivers do not know that the red light on a traffic signal means that they need to stop their cars. The pedestrians are seen crossing the roads at all points instead the

‘zebra crossings’. These things have increased the rate of road accidents,” Das elaborated. Like any other government department, traffic police too is experiencing the paucity of manpower which is affecting the smooth functioning of the entire department. Currently, there are 703 traffic police personnel which have been deployed in the 20 police stations of the city. “Absence of traffic signages on some of the roads and highways has also caused accidents,” the traffic SP further added.

Initiatives In order to bring down the rate of road accidents and ensure safety for the public, the traffic police have come up with a few initiatives for the New Year. “So far, we have made it mandatory for the drivers of two wheelers

Road accidents in Guwahati City in the year 2013 ( upto July) 120 90 60 30 0







Non Fatal




Total Cases

Traffic Branch Panbazar Tr. Paltanbazar Tr. Latasil Tr.

Traffic personal including women



86 72 22

Chandmari Tr.


Geetanagar Tr.


Noonmati tr.



Sachal tr.


Jalukbari PS Tr.


Jalukbari OP Tr.


Bharalumukh Tr. Fatasil Tr.


43 25

Garchuk Tr.


Azara Tr.


Dispur Tr.


Basistha tr.


Jorabat OP Tr.


Hatigaon Tr.



Bhangagarh Tr.


Khanapara Tr.


Traffic HQ, PNB

6 Source: Traffic SP, Guwahati

to wear helmets while riding. But, from this year onward, we are going to make it compulsory for the pillion riders to wear a helmet too,” Bibekananda Das told. Besides, from this year onwards, both the driver and the passengers of four wheelers will have to wear seat belts while driving or travelling on the road. The city traffic SP has also emphasised on restraining reckless driving by the drivers of all the vehicles. In order to attain more output in its effort to manage traffic laws and rules, the field officials will be educated with a sense of work ethics.

“Most of the victims of road accidents do not die because of the injuries they receive from the accident and instead, they die because of the hassled rescue operations undertaken by the eye witnesses at the time of accidents, till the time of arrival of an ambulance. Therefore, we need to educate the people in emergency response and care to be taken of the victims of the road accidents,” the Guwahati city traffic SP said. The traffic SP also mentioned about working in accordance with the ‘Decade of Action for Road Safety’ (2011-2020) as declared by the UN in the New Year.


G PLUS JAN 04 - JAN 10, 2014





And politicos blow LS poll bugle “The era of Tarun Gogoi is almost over which he is aware of. The CM is very scared of BJP and Narendra Modi, that is the reason why he keeps making comments on BJP and Modi rather than concentrating on state’s problems and other important issues.” SarbanaNda Sonowal State President, Bhartiya Janata Party


ssam President for Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), Sarbananda Sonowal cleared that the BJP is planning to tie up with all major indigenous political parties in Assam. He exclusively informed GPlus, “We are thinking of allying with all major indigenous regional political parties in Assam.” Enquiring about the decision to ally with Asom Gana

Parishad (AGP) as it is also a regional party, Sonowal said, “We have not decided about it yet.” He further added that BJP will keep combating illegal immigration in Assam and also requested the citizens of the state to stand united to combat the problem. Meanwhile, AGP president, Prafulla Kumar Mahanta, as a New Year resolution, resolved to strengthen the

regional parties in Assam. Mahanta said that no one will be able to form the government without the support of regional parties. “People need an alternative and we have seen it in New Delhi with AAP’s success. In Assam, it’s the regional party which will be able to solve local issues,” said Mahanta.

Regional party politics analysis BJP and AGP are both eyeing the regional parties. AGP itself being a regional party may get more emphasis as it is also a key player in the formation of the North-East Regional Political Front (NERPF). Ten regional political parties in the north-east formed a new political front to work together for safeguarding “territorial, cultural, social, political and economic rights of the people of the region

and to continuously strive to protect the distinctive identities of the ethnic tribes and of all the people of the region.” A meeting of these regional parties was held in the month of October, 2013, under the aegis of the AGP which elected Nagaland Chief Minister Neiphiu Rio as the convener and former Assam Chief Minister and AGP president Prafulla Kumar Mahanta as the front’s chief advisor. The constituent parties have four representatives each in the NERPF.

Narendra Modi factor BJP’s prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi is expected to visit Assam on February 8th and address election rallies in Guwahati and Silchar. BJP looks pretty confident about their prime ministerial candidate and believe he has the magic of wooing the voters to form the Central government this year. The Congress party does not portray its fright towards the Modi factor, but indirectly the public was able to understand the concern when Assam chief minister Tarun Gogoi recently in Nagaon said, “Modi is not a factor as he hardly visits northeast. He has even visited Jammu and Kashmir but not northeast which reflects his disinterest towards the region. They might have won in other states but we are sure to win here, which we will prove during the general elections.” Reacting to the CM, BJP state president Sarbanada Sonowal made it clear that Modi would visit Assam in February and address rallies. Meanwhile, he also took pot-shots at Gogoi, saying if the Congress was not

So, AGP is looking strong in the allying dynamics with the past history of ruling Assam. But, BJP being the national party and with recent victory in four states has proven that it can woo the voters in the Lok Sabha elections too. Many say that the Narendra Modi factor is also working efficiently for the saffron party. But what if AGP too, allies with BJP? “We have not yet decided anything on the alliance front, we will decide on it only after the election results are out,” said Mahanta.

scared of Modi, they would not have mentioned him as a non-factor every time in spite of other important issues in the state. He told GPlus, “The era of Tarun Gogoi is almost over which he is aware of. The voters of Assam have already indicated this and believed that BJP is the only party which can form an alternative government in this state. The CM is very scared of BJP and Narendra Modi, that is the reason why he keeps making comments on BJP and Modi rather than concentrating on state’s problems and other important issues.” No matter what the parties plan for the upcoming Lok Sabha elections, it will be a great battle to watch out. With Aam Aadmi Party’s victory in Delhi and also their announcement to fight the elections in entire country, the political battle is expected to be more interesting. The main national rivals BJP and Congress might be planning various strategies to woo the voters, but the alliance of all major regional parties has also increased the excitement. The fate of 1.26 billion people depends on the results of the general elections and the day is drawing ever closer.


G PLUS JAN 04 - JAN 10, 2014


“PM knows cong will be ousted” With the PM addressing a press conference in the national capital denouncing Modi’s credentials, the future of Congress’ leadership looks to be up in the air.

Rahul Chanda


n his strongest ever attack on Bharatiya Janata Party’s prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh said that someone who “presided over the massacre of citizens on the streets of Ahmedabad” shouldn’t be the PM. Dr Manmohan Singh interacted with the media on 3rd January, his first press conference in 2014, an election year, and only third in 10 years of being the Prime Minister. His party, the Congress, endured a humiliating defeat in important state elections last month and Dr Singh used the press conference to counter the perception that it is headed for a similar rout in general elections due by May this year. He did not announce the Congress’ prime ministerial candidate and expressed that it will be announced at an appropriate time.

BJP attack BJP reacted over the attack made on their prime ministerial candidate

Narendra Modi and lashed out at the PM saying that while he called Modi as a ‘mass murderer’ he absolved himself of corruption in UPA-I based on his re-election. The BJP also said that the PM claims that he always worked with honesty; however, he never mentioned that his government or party member worked with honesty. Assam BJP president Sarbananda Sonowal said, “Prime Minister Manmohan Singh knows that the

Congress will be ousted in 2014 Lok Sabha elections and that is the reason why he declared that he will not be a prime minister any more in the future. It is indirectly declaring his retirement after knowing the capabilities of his own party.” On being asked whether the PM’s comment that Narendra Modi should not be the prime minister of this country, as he presided over a massacre of citizens on the streets of Ahmedabad will divert the Muslim votes in Assam, Sonowal said, “Muslims in India have already expressed their faith towards the BJP and it is not the saffron party but the Congress which has time and again followed communal politics. They have done it in various parts of the country and if you talk about Assam, the communal violence under Congress regime took place in many places like the BTAD violence, Karbi Anglong violence, Rabha-Hasong violence and many more. The Muslims know that at present, Modi is the only option for a united India.”

Congress counter attack With the rout in the year-end assembly elections, Congress has been left looking at the bottom of the barrel ahead of the Lok Sabha elections, with Narendra Modi breathing down its neck. It was all bouquets for Rahul Gandhi at the beginning of the year when he was made the Congress Vice President at the Jaipur Chintan Shivir. The party now has to decide whether to project him as its prime ministerial candidate when the AICC meets in more than a fortnight. According to reliable sources in the party, the Congress party will have an executive meeting in the capital on 17 January and most probably Rahul Gandhi will be named as the next prime ministerial candidate. Reacting on Sarbananda Sonowal’s comment on prime minister, Assam spokesperson for Congress Mehdi Alam Bora said, “Manmohan Singh did not resign from the party or has not even hinted that he will

-SONOWAL resign. It is just that he said that the prime ministerial candidate will be someone else which will be decided in an appropriate time. There is a chance that Rahul Gandhi might be declared the next prime ministerial candidate”. Enquiring about the attack, which the prime minister made on Narendra Modi, Bora said, “PM said that the person who presided over a massacre of citizens in the streets of Ahmedabad should not become the prime minister, and our party firmly believes in it.” A man of few words, Manmohan Singh’s speech shocked many but it was a decision, which was anticipated that he was making way for the Gandhi scion to take the charge, which the party wanted since ages. But are there no other prime ministerial candidates in the Congress party? If there are, the decision to announce the candidate will be a exciting wait and watch event for Indian politics.


G PLUS JAN 04 - JAN 10, 2014

In The News

CINEMAX STILL A LONG WAY FROM BEING REOPENED Ever since its close-down, the Guwahatians have been missing an important source of entertainment. The impasse though, is not looking like it is going to end soon. Mrinmoyee Hazarika


he ongoing suspension of movie screening at Cinemax, the first multiplex of the entire region has somewhat dampened the ‘Dhoom3’ fever of the city cine goers. At a time when the Amir Khan starrer has broken box office records of Pakistan and Nepal apart from India, the authorities here at Cinemax are losing crores of profits because of the ban. On October 19 last year, the district administration rejected the application for the renewal of licence for violation of parking norms, thereby suspending film shows in Cinemax. An order was issued the by the Deputy Commisioner, Kamrup (M) on the basis of the two inquires conducted by sub-divisional officer (Sadar) Nivedita Laskar and extra assistant commissioner Nayan Kumar Pathak, which revealed anomalies in its functioning and violation of norms. Since then, movie screening has been barred in Cinemax¸ which has a seat capacity of 500. The movie buffs of the city have had to take a great

deal of trouble to watch blockbusters, even after the city boasts of other theatres in the city.

Let’s hear them out

Since inception, the Cinemax, located at ABC has created a new trend among the movie goers of not only Guwahati but also the entire North east. The whole building of ‘Dona planet’ where the two screens of Cinemax are located, has been a place of recreation for the movie goers. “We had to wait for a whole week to manage a ticket at Gold Cinema to watch Dhoom3. Earlier, we used to book out tickets at Cinemax whenever we wanted to go out for a movie. But, this time due to the ban on Cinemax, we had to go for other halls,” Sushmita Saikia, an engineering final year student told G Plus. The unimaginable craze for the sequel of Dhoom2, directed by Vijay Krishna Acharya too has caused a great deal of trouble to the city people. “The size of the crowd for Dhoom 3 was incredible, which also created

problems for tickets. Further, the ongoing shut down of Cinmeax has worsened the situation,” Neelakshi Sharma, a young faculty of a school in the city.Even, the people from outside the city who come to Guwahati on vacation are feeling disappointed about the ongoing ban imposed on Cinemax. “We have come to Guwahati for vacations and thought of spending some quality time at Dona planet. We were planning to watch a movie at Cinemax but, we were not aware of the ongoing ban at Cinemax,” a person from Jorhat who visited Guwahati with his family on vacation said. On the other hand, some local people have expressed their delight at the Cinemax shut down as they are of the view that it has helped ease the traffic congestion at GS road.

The tussle status

The suspension of Cinemax has caused huge losses for the brand. While the district administration is in no mood to reconsider its decision on Cinemax, the officials of the

theatre are trying their best to reopen their establishment. Denying the charges of district administration, the Manager of Cinemax Guwahati, Sanjay Roy told G Plus, “We have a valet parking system which is 350 meters away from the movie screens. Besides, we have been paying taxes including the entertainment tax and produced the tax clearance certificate and other relevant documents to the authority. But, the administration is still not satisfied” He also mentioned that after paying tax for the first one year, the Cinemax had been exempted from tax for the next five years of its inception in Guwahati. After the completion of that period of five years, it had started paying tax from 29th of March of the last year (2013). “Since March 29, 2013, we have been paying an average tax of more than Rs 20 lac per month. But, after the closure of Cinemax since October, the government exchequer too is losing that amount of money,” Sanjay Roy said.

Mentioning about the loss incurred by Cinemax, Roy stated that before its closure in October, it had made an average profit of Rs 1 crore for three to four months. “Now, we have missed two big hits Krish3 and Dhoom3,” he said. Fortunately enough, the employees of the multiplex have not lost their jobs yet. Currently, there are approximately 40 employees working in Cinemax, Guwahati and they have been getting their salaries on time even after the ongoing suspension of the screening of the movies. “We have taken up the matter with the Commissioner of lower Assam division. If the matter does not solve there, we might be moving to the court,” Sanjay Roy further told. On the other hand, in this regard, the DC, Kamrup (M), Ashutosh Agnihotri told G Plus, “If the authorities of Cinemax comply with all the norms and apply for a fresh license, then the request will be processed accordingly. But, so far they have not approached us.”


G PLUS JAN 04 - JAN 10, 2014

In The News


Great Guwahati Festival attracts both applause and brickbats at the same time. RAHUL CHANDA


he carnival, which was held on December 28-31 at the busy Fancy Bazar market, was organised by the NGO ‘Friends of Guwahati’ and was supported by Kamrup (Metro) district administration, GMC, GMDA, Assam Tourism and the city’s traffic police. The street party saw thousands descending on the half kilometre stretch between Sikh Mandir and Jail Road at Fancy Bazaar. It might have been an optimistic approach by the district administration to follow Sydney, New York and Bangalore in celebrating New Years the way these cities do, but was the organisation of the event smooth enough? Was the traffic managed appropriately so that people of this city did not face any problem commuting to the venue and enjoyed the so-called carnival?

Traffic chaos

“It took around one and half hour for me to reach DC office from Pan Bazaar when the Great Guwahati Festival was going on. I don’t have any problem with such events as it is good for the city. But if the administration wants to organise something like this, then firstly I feel that the traffic should be managed and planned well so that the general public do not face any problem commuting in and around the event”, said a 29-years-old government employ who works in the district court. Rajeev Surana, a resident of Fancy Bazar was very irritated with the traffic chaos as when the event was going on, his 70-year-old grandmother had come from Rajasthan to visit him. He said, “She was waiting at the railway station for around two hours for one of us to go and pick her up. I left for railway station at around 2 PM and reached at about 4PM. I saw my grandmother was waiting with a lot of luggage outside the station and she was exhausted. While returning home, it again took a long time and

as the Fancy Bazar road was blocked, I had to walk with my grandmother home. The journey was very tiring for her and she had a very bad experience of visiting Guwahati.”

photos: durga shankar


According to one of the organiser Sandeep Jalan, lakhs of public thronged the carnival and the event was a big hit. He said, “The small food vendors like the Bhel Puri walas, Puchka walas and others were so happy by the turnout of the people that they asked us to continue the event for ten days. They felt that if such carnival happens more, their struggle for survival will be lesser.” When asked about some people who faced problems because of the chaotic traffic, Jalan expressed, “In Guwahati, people hardly have any sense of parking. We provided parking facility for 2000 vehicles and if still people complain about it, than its unfortunate. 10 to 15 lakh people thronged the event every day”. Enquiring about the revenue generated by the state during the carnival, Jalan said, “We as organisers did not generate any revenue, instead spent from our pockets to make the event a success. But the vendors made a huge profit from it.”

The losses

Hemant Singhania of Tony’s stationary shop at Lakhtokia said the business of his shop was not good during the carnival because people hesitated to come towards that area because of the traffic. He said, “Not only me, the entire market had to incur loss because people faced a lot of problem visiting the markets and making purchases because of the chaos.” Rajkumar Agarwal of Agarwal electronics feels, “The people who came for the carnival, were enjoying it, whereas, the genuine customers who wanted to purchase the usual stuff, they visited the market and did

their shopping. There was traffic chaos, so there might have been a little problem, but the event did not effect in a major way.” The carnival also encouraged a lot of pick pockets who had a merry time among unsuspecting visitors who went there to have a good time. There were also a few cases of chain snatching too reported during the carnival. Babul Roy, a rickshaw puller felt that those four days, he had a lot of problems earning his bread and butter as the spot where he majorly works everyday was a no entry zone. Outside the market, there was so much chaos that in an entire day during the event, he only managed to pull rickshaw twice. He said, “the

government should think about such events in places which is not busy, rather than in places like Fancy Bazaar where hundreds of people depend on the market for their bread and butter everyday.”

The joy

No doubt the festival earned a lot of criticism from various sections of the society, but the carnival was also a place enjoyed by many. On New Years, people who have money can go to expensive discos, concerts and hotels to celebrate the day, but for the section of the society that cannot afford all that, they were able to visit a small market and enjoy the New Year with their family members by exploring things provided to them by the roadside vendors in a unique way.

The administration

As the event was supported by many government bodies, we asked

the Guwahati Municipal Corporation Commissioner, S. Viswanathan about the traffic chaos which was created by the events which took place in the city during the New Year. He expressed, “There are many places in the city where the traffic gets congested because of the street vendors, so, sometimes we have to go out of the way to make certain occasions grand”. When we told him about the problems, people faced because of the traffic chaos created by events like Great Guwahati Festival, he said, “These issues should be raised so that from next time we can plan in a way that it is a win-win situation for everyone”. It was a positive approach towards celebrating New Year with a difference and the carnival also drew criticism from various sections, but can this kind of carnival be possible in Guwahati without troubling anyone till the city is fully planned?


G PLUS JAN 04 - JAN 10, 2014



Home and the World

Amar Ghar becomes hope of survival for the forsaken



hen old age dawns upon the individual’s life, the chirpiness and the adventurous fervour fades away and one starts seeking company and a life less complicated than it normally is. When young, nobody gives a damn to this one truth that age will cast upon its spell with no mercy. With old age, comes a clearer picture of the life lived so far and the futility of it is spelled out loud. The old people also ‘become’ a burden to the rest of the world and in their own homes because their retirement from the work front, their feeble health makes them unwanted and they are treated the same way in most cases. G Plus catches a glimpse of Amar Ghor, an old age home in the city to read the picture better.

The seed

In the memory of Ambikagiri Roy Chaudhury, a charitable trust named Ambikagiri Memorial Trust was founded with Km Suchibrata Roy Chaudhury as the managing trustee along with eight other trustees in 1988. The idea was initiated to engage in social welfare activities and to serve the helpless and the downtrodden following the teachings and ideas of Ambikagiri Roy Chaudhury. Km Roy Choudhury is the man behind the idea turning into reality. In order to provide a home for the elderly with the basic amenities the old age home was established and to expand its activities the Ambikagiri Memorial Trust Society was formed in 2001 with 110 life members and 5 patrons under the patronage of Ambikagiri Memorial Trust and the society was registered under Societies Registration Act xxi of 1860 in 2002.

Objectives 1) 2) 3) 4) 5)


To implement the plan, programme and activities as entrusted. To establish and run welfare, literary, cultural and philanthropic activities. To conduct training, research, studies in connection with the welfare of the people. To establish a home and have recreational activities for the aged. To establish shelter homes for the destitute, vocational training cum demonstration centre and family counselling centre. To publish journals, newsletters, and other materials for promotion of its objectives.

A sneak peek

Amar Ghar phase 1 has seven rooms with attached bath and toilet,

There is a dearth of time to look after ‘others’ as individual problems are like mountains. Whatever is the difficulty or the intensity of the problems, should parents pose as a problem when they grow old and/or are childish?

a library, a living room and a dining hall with a separate kitchen. The Amar Ghar phase 2 is a three-storied RCC building with a few single-seated and double-seated rooms with attached bath and toilet especially designed for the aged people. It has a conference hall, a career consultancy room, a library, a family counselling room, a doctor’s chamber and two sick rooms. There is also provision for temporary guests who can stay for a maximum period of fifteen days. Amenities such as prayer house, water supply, light, telephone, radio and television, books, newspapers and periodicals, ambulance service and the auditorium is available. Weekly health check up is also done by the doctors. The management provides recreational activities for the inmates like arranging for

outings, shows in the form of dance and drama and movie screenings are also held by various NGOs, the visits by friends and/or family and outside visitors.

Is Urbanity synonymous to snobbery?

Guwahati is expanding into a market capital and the hoi polloi has reasons enough in their pockets to join the celebration. However, with growth and capitalism at its peak the urban dwellers are only turning into snobs. Where is the room for empathy or responsibility that the elderly feel so unwanted and abandoned? People are overburdened with their daily lives in the chase for success and that is the excuse one gets to hear when questions as such are raised.

There is a dearth of time to look after ‘others’ as individual problems are like mountains. Whatever is the difficulty or the intensity of the problems, should parents pose as a problem when they grow old and/or are childish? The excuses only reflect upon how shallow and superficial a society has come to be. Old age homes, therefore, become a shelter for old people so that they can bond with each other, live the way they want to in peace, away from the hue and cry of the city. Also, in most cases it’s not that old people who come and take refuge in old age homes are abandoned by their near and dear ones because, often these people come here voluntarily to shake off the problems in their own homes where they feel unwanted or uncared for.


G PLUS JAN 04 - JAN 10, 2014



In Conversation

Mrinmoyee Hazarika


headful of curly hair coupled with a pair of keen eyes will definitely grab your attention the moment when you see him for the first time. He is probably the youngest prodigy of Assam who has made a mark in the virtual world of computers. Wrishiraj Kaushik is the inventor of SuperX, a computer operating system. In an exclusive conversation with G Plus, he opens up about his work and future plans.

So who is Wrishiraj? I passed my HSLC examination from Kendriya Vidyalaya, Maligaon in 2010. Right after that, in the year 2011, I released the first version of my operating system, Galileo (SuperX v1). I have named it after the great scientist Galileo Galilee. But, I started working on that in the year 2007, when I was still studying at school. After completing my HSLC, I stalled my studies for a while and concentrated on developing my own start up Libresoft. I have set the 2015 as an ultimatum for it and after that I will think of continuing my studies.

Since when and how have you grown an interest in developing software? Right from the beginning, I was very enthusiastic about science and technology. Though, I got my first computer a little late. I got it just a year before I started working on developing a new operating system. But, after I got my first computer and started using it, I felt that there was something missing in the operating system. I was not satisfied with the anti-virus which I was using then and had to spend nearly Rs 1200 per year just to keep my computer safe. Even after that I had experienced system crashes so many times and formatting the system from time was like a daily task. That is why I thought that there was scope for a better system and started to explore other alternatives. I have found that there are alternatives, but they are either too expensive (like apple) or less user friendly. On the basis of that idea of creating a cheap and user friendly OS, I have started working on my project, SuperX.

I wanted to create a user friendly OS which is better and comes at a cheaper rate. In that front SuperX is different from Windows operating systems. Anyone can download it for free now. credit of my success to my parents. Apart from them, there were some teachers in my school who encouraged me a lot. I also get inspiration from the lives of the great scientists of the world (Darwin, Cassini etc) and in order to show respect to them I have named every version of my OS after them.

So far, how many OS versions have been released? I have released two major versions which are SuperX 1.0 and 2.0 and there are minor versions like Cassini (1.1) and recently I have released a minor version SuperX 2.1 and named after the first lady programmer of the world Ada Lovelace.

computers being distributed to the candidates who hold first division in HSLC examination. When I released the software I came into contact with AMTRON through some of my associates. There I met some good technical people. I talked to them and offered them SuperX to use it in their computers for free. I have also offered them any other services needed for nothing in return. Eventually, they took my offer and decided to use SuperX in the computers to be distributed to the successful candidates in HSLC examination under Anundoram Borooah award scheme. It also helped in promoting SuperX.

Who are your inspirations?

How did SuperX make its appearance in the computers distributed to the successful HSLC candidates by How is SuperX differthe government? ent from Windows?

My father is my first and foremost inspiration and I give the whole

This time, the government has used SuperX as a default OS in the

As I have already said that I wanted to create a user friendly

OS which is better and comes at a cheaper rate. In that front SuperX is different from Windows operating systems. Anyone can download it for free now. Besides, at this moment, it is virus free. You do not need to install any anti-virus in your system if you use SuperX. It is a very fast OS and understands the users. If you use it, the OS automatically starts behaving according to your preferences.

Any offers from anyone to have tie ups with your OS? I have not received any such offers. I did contact many venture capital firms based in US, but the proposition had not matched so far. If you look at the numbers of the users of SuperX, you can see that most of them are form US. I have got many feedbacks from them and have seen 120-150 downloads per day by

the users in US. After US, India is the second highest in terms of downloading SuperX, but the gap compared to the US is huge.

Your current work and future plans? Currently, I have devoted all my time to SuperX and concentrated in establishing my company Libresoft. It is very small start up now and hope to make it a stabilised business (like other IT giants) in the next 10 years to come. At present, I am the prime developer of the company. But, there are other people who are involved in other computer related services. We have also tied up with B. Tech students of Gauhati university. They also contribute to our OS under their academic projects. But, if you ask me about my future plan, I would say SuperX. It is my present and it is my future.


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North East Deliberating a Separate TIME ZONE A different time zone would increase productivity, say experts SHAMBHAVI


inally, Assam seems to have relied on the prudence of Britishers. The state has decided to have a local time, which will be at least by 60 minutes ahead of the Indian standard time (IST) to save energy and get the benefit of the early sunrise. In the tea gardens of Assam and oil establishment there is a system of local timing for utilising the sunlight working hours in tea garden and oil sector started from 8 am and 7 am respectively. Britishers had made this arrangement in the tea estates. Assam chief minister, Tarun Gogoi said, “We will advance the working hour by one hour. The local timing will save energy and increase the productivity.” IST is based on mean longitude of 82.5 degree east, which is five and

half hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time. According to experts, there is a two hour difference in time when the sun rises in the east and when it does in the west. Geographer Mohammad Taher observed that nowhere in the world there is a time difference of two hours. Several students’ body of Northeast demanded for a separate time zone. Prominent film maker Jahnu Barua who is one of main proponents of “Separate Time Zone” had argued that the government of India has never bothered to look into the problem of a uniform time zone that affects the North-east, socially, economically, and psychologically, simply because it does not bother them. He specified that because the re-

Bon Bon welcomes New Year with its sweet maiden outlet in Guwahati


his New Year, BON BON, a world-class bakery and confectionery, opened its first outlet at Hatigarh Chariali, with an aim to cater to the increasingly-discerning sweet tooth of Guwahatians. “Bon” is the French word for ‘good’ and the French confectionery “Bon Bon” is a luscious chocolate-covered candy often embellished with a filling of nuts and fruit preserves. It is evident that the French are so much in love with

this little rich nugget that it simply goes by the epithet of ‘good good’. And now this rich piece of chocolaty goodness has found a worthy namesake in the newest and most spanking bakery outlet in town, specially opened for the quality-conscious consumers of Guwahati. Bon Bon treats you with the bite of crispy flaky pastries filled with melt-in-the-mouth vegetarian and non-vegetarian stuffing, and moist

In government offices in Assam the official timing is from 10 am to 5pm in a day and tasty cupcakes topped with mouth-watering cream and fresh fruits. Bon Bon has a wide selection of scrumptious cupcakes – the perennially favorite Vanilla cupcakes, exotically fragrant Lemon cupcakes, flavorful and gooey rich Chocolate cupcakes, and the emerging favourite Red Velvet cupcakes served a la mode and prepared with genuine apple cider. The product range for those with a sweet tooth extends further with tender, cream-filled and heavenly birthday cakes and pastries. Visit Bon Bon and taste how the traditional Black Forest pastry gets a refreshingly tasty perspective with distinctive toppings of divine cherry-tinted frosting and rich chocolate chunks complemented with the earthy bottom-notes of hazelnut and almonds. Bon Bon also serves a delectable range of tender and dainty cookies –prepared with chocolate chips and butterscotch nuts, or smothered with honeyed orange marmalade, or garnished with top-quality herbs, or others with a huge dollop of butter. The traditional butter cookie gets a new twist with delicate icing emblazoned with sweet messages for gifting to dear ones and cute animals-shaped iced cookies for the young ones.

gion is functioning on the existing IST, unproductive tendencies, sense of alienation, imbalance in biological clock, degeneration of society, wastage of electricity and loss in productivity, etc., have become the dominant themes in day to day existence. He said that because of this, the Northeast has lost out on development of both human and capital. There is a feeling that the western part of India is placed advantageously in the utilisation of daylight than in the eastern parts. According to an estimate, since independence, Northeast has suffered

a productivity loss of 25 years and 10 months because of maintaining a single time zone. According to experts in 100 years, northeast will be 54 years behind in productivity. To utilise the early sunrise for productive work, the concept of Daylight Saving Time (DST) is now being debated in the region. The experts have cited the examples of countries like Russia, US, Canada that has separate time zone. Bangladesh has advanced its time by 90 minutes compared to India to save electricity and encourage productive tendencies, and to utilise sunlight better.



BI Life Insurance will focus on Northeast India following the huge business potential the region has in the insurance sector. Atanu Sen, MD & CEO of SBI Life, who was in Guwahati recently said the company has witnessed a 30 percent year-on-year growth. “In the last fiscal year our business was over 140 Crore in (individual business) segment in Northeast India. Northeast India accounts for 5 percent of our Rs 7000 Crore business.” Sen added that for next fiscal year 2014-15 the company has set a target of a 40 percent growth. “As economy looks up, insurance sector will also start looking up. In the Northeast Region, SBI Life has increased its market share in the individual space from just over 20% in FY 2012-13 to over 23% as of H1 of FY 2013.” Sen explained, “The Northeast region, as a result of its speedy economic progress and vast untapped potential, is a priority market for us and we see huge potential in the years to come. SBI Life Insurance is keen to match the growing pace of the region hence we have ensured that our Northeast operations, with its prowess and

strong distribution network, will bring us closer to our customers and help to leverage our valued services.” He added that the opening of this Regional Office in Guwahati is a part of a larger strategy to promote SBI Life products and services across the 7 states of the Northeast region and systematically penetrate into the huge untapped business potential in the area. SBI Life has 3,500 Insurance Advisors from its 33 full-service branches apart from the huge network of over 600 bank branches of State Bank of India (SBI). SBI Life provides employment to over 4,000 plus local population, including its advisory force spread across its 33 branches. Sen said, “We will launch 12 to 13 new products in January. Already we have done a pilot run of some products and the response is good.” IRDA has set January 1, 2014 for realigning all existing products. Life insurance companies will not be allowed to offer guaranteed highest net asset value (NAV) products in the unit-linked segment and products linked to an external index as those are prone to mis-selling.

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I answer all your questions on life, love and sex

My best friend and I often joked about getting our children married till few years back. For me it was only a joke but I didn’t know she had taken it seriously. Recently, my daughter told me that she was seeing someone and wanted to get married. But when I broke the news to my friend she flew off the handle. She has not taken this well and severed all ties with me. I don’t know how to deal with this without jeopardizing a 20-year-old friendship. Please advice. -Name withheld

Are City Kids Being Exposed To Sex Too Early? RAHUL CHANDA

With easy access to sex and sexual content, kids of today need proper guidance and direction towards the subject so that they do not undervalue it


he DPS MMS scandal rocked the entire country in 2004! The said scandal refers to an incident in 2004 that involved the creation of a pornographic MMS by two students of Delhi Public School, R. K. Puram and its illegal distribution as well as bid to auction on eBay India. The shocking news for the nation then was that, the alleged pornographic MMS clip was shot by the two 17 year old students of DPS, R.K Puram on a mobile phone. It was reported that the sexual act as well as the making of the clip was a consensual activity as admitted by the students. Guwahati like any other city is walking the ropes of development and is also witnessing all kinds of technical, economic and political changes. People are living a very busy life and for some it is difficult to take some time out for their kids. Children on the other hand have access to all kind of gadgets and equipment. With smart phones ruling the market, accessing porn sites and porn pictures for children is easy. Films, TV shows and even news, all have enough quantity of sex related content. But, what is its effect on the kids? Don’t they view such things in a negative perspective if not taught the essence of consensual sex? How do they behave after getting exposed to all this things?

Parents’ take

A city based lawyer Surajit Singh, who is also a father to two kids studying in class II and nursery respectively, feels that barring children from accessing sexual content from TV and

other information tools is quite difficult. He said, “Recently I read that six pupils were expelled from Gayaza Junior School over improper sexual behaviour. This shocked many parents as children are thought to be too innocent to know anything about sex. However, in this information age where they can easily access the internet and watch programmes with sexual content on TV, it is inevitable that without parental guidance, they are bound to copy inappropriate behaviour. I am scared about my kids as even they are growing up and on top of that for the time being, they know how to operate the television. They mostly watch cartoons, but sometimes I have discovered that they watch music channels which are full of sex these days. I don’t know how to keep a check on the content they are watching all the time.” Another parent to one, Nilakshi Bora said, “Maximum rape cases happening these days are seen to be of children below 18 years. In the famous December 16 Delhi gangrape case, the main accused who was the most cruel among all was also a juvenile. He was not educated that is true, but the cruelty shown by him proves that being a juvenile, everything he did was as if he was an animal. The respect towards women was absent and all his values were kept aside while doing the act. He basically became a maniac. So, the education system should be constructed in such a manner that kids do not feel shy to enquire about sex related questions. The porn sites, music channels, films and even news, all are full of sexual content, which corrupts the

young minds, and as known as a taboo, the children cannot discuss such things with their parents or teachers. It is tough to give parental guidance every time.”

Teachers’ view

A former city based international school teacher left her job because she was fed up of the school kids’ behaviour. She said, “I used to see kids of class seven and eight doing certain things in the back benches which was a shock for me. There was a girl from class X who used to say that she was engaged in a physical relationship with her boyfriend. On telling her that it was too early for her to do such things, she backed her decision saying she knows what she is doing. Almost everyone in the higher classes like 11 and 12 were having affairs. For some being a virgin is like being out of fashion. So, I decided to shift my profession as all these things were a culture shock to me. I understand that time is changing, but at least there should be a limit to everything.” Assam government is planning to introduce a private school model into government schools, which is a positive initiative, but how to control the children from getting exposed too sex early in life? Even if exposed, how to make them understand that there is proper timing for everything in life and even sex? How can be frank with the children and persuade them to understand the essence of sexual activity and its consequences.

Well t here’s more hope for a fool t han for someone who spea ks w it hout t hink ing. Clearly you had been fooling around w it h her for years on t he marriage bit and convenient ly forgotten about it too. But w it h t he elephant memor y t hat she has, she’s genuinely not in t he mood to forgive and forget. So sweet y, just get on w it h your miserable life and let your friend get on w it h hers. To be honest, t here’s not hing lef t to jeopardize because it’s any way over. That’s it.

I am in love with my sister’s best friend. And when I confided in my sister and asked her to help me express my feelings, she went and complained to my parents. To make matters worse, she has been telling our parents and relatives alike that her best friend of so many years is not a good girl. I don’t know what’s wrong with my sister and how I should deal with her. Please help. - Name withheld Well to be honest I a m a proponent of t he t heor y t hat t wo women can never rea lly be good friends for long, t here is bound to be cattiness a long t he way… So if she is going around tow n bitching about her best friend, rest assured t his is t y pica l women behav ior. A nd regards you, dude how old are you? A re you just out of your diapers t hat you need help from a dolt of a sister t hat you’ve got to propose love. Honest ly just ignore your sister and relent lessly pursue your lady love. Power to you!

If you have any queries for ELLA DIABLO, mail it to



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$V3DUWRILWVH[SDQVLRQSODQV LV ORRNLQJ IRU \RXQJ HQHUJHWLF DQG TXDOL¿HG SHUVRQDO DQG Part of its expansion plans, ÀAs RRU WUDLQHUV %RWK 0DOH DQG is looking$WWUDFWLYH for young,6DODU\ energetic )HPDOH  DQG and qualifi*XDUDQWHHG ed personal $SSO\ and LQFHQWLYH fl oor trainers (Both Male and ZLWKLQ  GD\V WR GLUHFWRU Female) Attractive Salary and JDQHVKJXUL#JROGVJ\PLQGLD incentive Guaranteed. Apply FRP within 10 days to director. ganeshguri@goldsgymindia. com

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ocial work aims to utilize resources to sort out the problems of people and the society and try to mitigate and alleviate their pain and sufferings. Social workers try to prevent the social problems and a course in social work imparts knowledge and helps in designing a mechanism that works with a developmental and welfare objective.


The bachelor of social work is an undergraduate academic degree awarded for a course of program in social work. The course is of three years in duration and imparts education on the values of social work and their application in logical form. The master of social work is a two years post graduation program with an aim to train those who are willing to work in the development and welfare sectors.

Some of the Top Colleges

Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai Delhi School of Social Work, Delhi Madras School of Social Work, Chennai College of Social Work, Nirmala Niketan, Mumbai Loyola College of Social Sciences, Thiruvananthapuram Dept of Social Work, Pune University, Pune Dept of Sociology, Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi Dept of Sociology, Mumbai University, Mumbai School of Social Work Mangalore Dept of Social Work, Lucknow University, Lucknow

PQQ Candidates having flexible outlook towards humanity must join the field.

The course enables a candidate to pursue higher studies. With the experience gained in the sector after completion of the course, one can be appointed as consultants with various reputed organisations. The course provide with the opportunity to work in the public or government sector as well. One can even join the educational sector as a teacher of the subject.




2 Years Degree Programme

3 years Degree Programme

(Post Graduate Level)

(Graduate Level)

The candidate must a graduate in social work or in a related subject from a recognised university.

Candidates must be 10+2 passed from a recognised board.

Students appearing in the final year degree program are also eligible to appear for first year. But their final admission to MSW is accepted only when they pass degree examination before opening of the classes of the post graduate course. The selection is done by a written test followed by a group interview and then personal interview. Candidates belonging from SC/ST must secure atleast 40% marks at the qualifying examination and this percentage may vary depending upon the university.

The candidate must be a graduate Students appearing in the final year degree program are also eligible to appear

A candidate who has an excellent communication and interpersonal skill must join the course.

The selection is done by a written test followed by a group interview and then personal interview

It is a noble profession and one may need to devote long hours of service.

The course helps with an opportunity to provide employment with NGO’s and other service providing agencies.


Candidates who want to bring change in the society through social work and help the unprivileged should come forward.

The candidate must have high degree of understanding of human psychology and ability to analyse a matter with a logical approach.

Benefits of the Course

Candidates belonging from SC/ST must secure atleast 40% marks at the qualifying examination

Students with a background in social work, psychology, social science, sociology or any other related field gets the first preference. Some institutes conduct a written test followed by a personal interview.

Candidates must be 10+2 passed from a recognised board Students with a background in social work, psychology, social science, sociology are preferred Some institutes conduct a written test followed by a personal interview.

Some of the study related subjects/ topics for the undergraduate level Introduction to social work Social problem in India Social Case Work

Some of the study related subjects/topics for the postgraduate level History, Philosophy and Fields of Social Work Theory and Practise of Counselling Project planning and Management Social Work Research and Statistics These are few of the subjects and topics and these may vary from institute to institute.

Employment Areas Hospitals Clinics Counselling Centers

Social Work Administration


Social Work Research and Statistics


These are few of the subjects and topics and these may vary from institute to institute.

Post Graduation Specialisation Human Resource Management Criminology and Correctional Administration

Human Rights Agencies Health Industry Education sector Old Age homes HR Departments of Companies and many more

Job Types Project Coordinator

Medical and Psychiatric Social Work

Program Coordinator

Now on your mobile

Personal Management

Social Security Officer

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Family and Child Welfare Urban and Rural Community Development Industrial Relation and Labour Welfare and more

Social Worker

Counsellors Documentation and Communication Officer Senior Manager-Human Resource Research Fellow Consultant and many more

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G PLUS JAN 04 - JAN 10, 2014


Virat Kohli

Siddharth Mallya

Not only with the sportsmanship spirit but also with a unique style, this young cricketer is a lady killer and the most wanted bachelor for women at present.

One word that describes him best is provocateur. Three things he never leaves home withoutare mobile phone, watch and condoms. Arjun Rampal

Amitabh Bachchan Bollywood’s young brigade of actors like Ranveer Singh and Kunal Kapoor look at megastar Amitabh Bachchan as the most stylish actor in the industry. For them, he is their style icon.



The actor has been seen in array of styles, ranging from casual to formal, sophisticated to edgy. He really does know how to dress.

Neetu Singh

Deepika Padukone

Deepika’s style statement is simple: she wears what she can carry and what suits her body type. And clearly, her mantra is ‘I’m sexy and I know it’!

Ranbir Kapoor

Maliaka Arora

She is one of the hottest celebrities in Bollywood world. When MTV India first started, Malaika was one of their VJs. She rose from this to an interviewer for MTV India, becoming the most prominent and hot non-movie, non-model female in urban India.

She was honoured by Walk of the Stars as her hand print was preserved for posterity at Bandra Bandstand in Mumbai. At 55, the mother of a superstar looks like a stunning actor. She still looks gorgeous and carries herself with style.

He is one of the few Bollywood actors who spell fashion and class whenever they make an appearance. From the day he started his foray into the limelight he has had an unmistakable streak of fashion-forwardness.

Natasha Poonawalla Kangna Ranaut

This babe is known for her various looks she changes herself to and still looks new, fresh and sexy in all new attire. With different looks and roles, Kangana makes a style statement every time.

She knows what to wear and what not to. Her amazing collection of dresses makes her a style icon and with the sense of presenting herself during any event is a mind-blowing aesthetic she is gifted with.


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Sky Lantern at The Great Guwahati Festival

Date: 28th - 31st DEC 2013 Venue: Fancy Bazaar

Dikshu performing at The Great Guwahati Festival

Fire Show at Great Guwahati Festival

Fire Show at Great Guwahati Festival Huge crowd at Great Guwahati Festival

Christmas Children’s party On the eve of Christmas, Gold’s Gym organised a children’s party for all the children of our esteemed members. Around 50 children in the age group of 5-12 yrs participated. The party began with the children decorating the Christmas tree with colour papers & other decorative items. It was then followed by freeze game, when the Christmas Carol party also joined . At the end we had a special Zumba dance event conducted by our internationally certified Zumba trainer Janet Rubado.


Next days DATE

4th, 5th Jan

VENUE Lakshidhar Bora Khetra (Opp. Dighalipukhuri)

5th Jan

Club Ozone

5th Jan 7th, 8th Jan

Guwahati Gymkhana Club Shilpagram

9th Jan

AEC, Hostel 6 Playground

11th Jan

Sarusajai Stadium Ground


Taste of North East’13 Incoming 2014 Welcome party for “DANCE RIOTS” Red River Car Rally Kala Samannayaa State Level Open Quiz Competition

Date: 21st DEC 2013 Venue: Gold’s Gym, Ganeshguri

“The Sound We See” A two week long workshop in 8mm filmmaking from 23rd December 2013 to 5th January 2014, organized by Desire Machine Collective, as a part of the project Narratives of Brahmaputra.

Sonu Nigam Live in Concert

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Shooting with Nizo 8mm camera

photos: vivek sanganeria



G PLUS JAN 04 - JAN 10, 2014

Web Watch

Grippity is world’s first transparent tablet

The Hobbit wins dubious honour of being 2013’s most pirated movie


e predicted to see such a device in 10 years’ time, but Grippity plans to be the first on the market next year and is promising a dual-sized typing experience we have never seen before. Grippity, which just launched on Kickstarter, is a 7-inch tablet with a 800 x 480 resolution — low by today’s standards — semi-transparent display designed by Taga. What makes it so unique, though, is that it allows typing from both sides of the tablet. In fact, Grippity could change the way we interact with tablets: it’s easier to type on with all 10 fingers thanks to its two sides and solid frame. Taga claims that it’s easier to use the back panel to type so that pixels aren’t hidden when you touch them. The company also mentions that playing Angry Birds is more fun on their device, although we doubt it on a resolution

that low. Grippity comes with Android 4.2 Jelly Bean (it will get 4.4 KitKat if it’s funded), front and back capacitive multi-touch, a quad-core processor, IR transmitter, SD card slot, 8GB of internal storage, 2,400 mAh Li-ion battery and Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capabilities. It will also be one of the less expensive tablets on the market:

you can get one now by pledging just $159 to the Kickstarter campaign (but hurry, as this particular reward level is limited). For just $333, you can get the gold Grippity with a personalized loading screen. The only downside to pledging now is that Grippity won’t be released until October 2014, which is almost a year away.

Sony rumoured to release a Windows Phone this year


s the New Year has finally set in, it’s time for the rumour mill to churn out some exciting news. A few months back we had seen Sony prototypes running Windows Phone but unfortunately these devices never made it to the market. Well, now we are hearing through reports that Sony could be planning on launching a device running on the Windows Phone platform this year. This would also mean that WP leader Nokia will finally face

some serious competition as Sony is known for some brilliant looking smartphones.Although there is no confirmed news about any deals between Sony and Microsoft, or even Samsung for that matter, these developments are a big boost for the Windows Phone platform. If Samsung and Sony do commit to launch smartphones running Windows Phone, then we could see a huge rise in the number of WP running devices globally.

The new way to secure your data,

Glitter nail polish


ecurity experts have discovered nail polish, metallic paints and stickers can be used to provide additional security to your laptop against physical tempering. The Security researchers noted that physical tampering with machines is a growing problem especially business men travelling to China as they face problems with data theft and hardware tampering. So apart from travelling with your laptop 24/7 there is little you can do to make sure your laptop is not compromised. Eric Michaud and Ryan Lackey have suggested using the technique called Blink comparison. Users can create a security seal that is impossible to copy using glitter nail polish. However, experts recommend taking a picture of the seal to confirm that the paint blob is not reapplied. They recommend using a software program

to compare the two images which may not be visible to the human eye. Astronomers use this technique to detect small changes in the night sky. They added that by taking the picture with a cellphone that users can keep with them at all time will alert the user if their original picture has been tampered with or replaced. The experts recommend using a two-stage remote verification system that will al-

low the two pictures match precisely, before permitting the user to log in to a potentially vulnerable system such as a VPN. The security researchers stated that they will soon be releasing an inexpensive tool that will support this two step verification process. This makes it non-skippable by users,” said Michaud, CEO of Rift Recon. “If the user doesn’t do the check, it doesn’t work.”

While Game of Thrones took home the official title of the most pirated TV show of 2013, the most pirated film of the past year was The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, Tor-

rentFreak reports. The first episode of The Hobbit saga was downloaded an estimated of 8.4 million times on BitTorrent networks from January 1st to mid-December 2013

Skydivers share their view from above the clouds in stunning Sony ad


oo many special effects are made with computer imagery these days, so it’s easy to assume that much of Sony’s new ad for its Alpha 7 and Alpha 7R cameras is little more than a gorgeous cutscene. But the truth is far more impressive: to make the spot, Sony sent a team of highly skilled skydivers about 15,000 feet in the air and filmed them in slow-motion as they plummeted toward the ground. The choreography was all carefully rehearsed beforehand, allowing the filmmakers to shoot the entirety of the minute-long spot in

just nine takes. “This is not your average TV commercial shoot,” Jeff Gaunt, the commercial’s director, says in a behind-the-scenes video. Though the shoot was clearly a bit more involved than the average ad, the goal was to emphasize the lightness of Sony’s new cameras. “What we’re trying to achieve here is a feeling that the actors are weightless,” Gaunt says. Even if viewers don’t put the two together, it’s still a stunning look at mid-air acrobatics and the curvature of the earth.

Microsoft adds classic PC games Solitaire, Mahjong, Minesweeper to Windows Phone


icrosoft has reportedly added three of the classic and most popular games of its Windows PC to its Windows Phone. The software maker has added Solitaire, Mahjong, and a new version of Minesweeper. According to The Verge, each of these games has Xbox Live inte-

gration, so that users can compete with friends on Microsoft’s leaderboards. The new Microsoft Solitaire Collection also has a ‘Play, Pause, Resume’ feature that lets users take a game with them when they switch between using a Windows 8 PC and a Windows Phone.


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MUST Watch LIST of Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

Genre Action, drama, Sci- fi, Thriller

Those who enjoyed Rise of the Planet of the Apes, there’s another adventurous ride of the apes and watching theses apes behave in such a superior way makes one go spellbound. Last time it was James Franco and Freida Pinto who did a commendable job and this time it’s the main cast is new.

Transformers Age of Extinction Genre: Action, Sci- fi

Watch the superior machines once again and remember to fasten your seatbelts as it’ll be another bumpy ride. Transformers series lovers know it right.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Genre: Action, Adventure, Sci- fi

Need I say anything about this? It’s a must watch and yes, you can’t miss this!


Genre: Drama

I, Frankenstein Genre: Action, Fantasy, Sci- fi


Genre: Action, Adventure, Sci- fi

2014 The Monuments Men

Genre: Action, Biography, Drama, War

When I call them favourites, many will agree. It’s George Clooney and Cate Blanchett and many crazy fans like me would already stand on the start position of the marathon to pounce upon the tickets. The movie is about “An unlikely world- war II platoon are tasked to rescue art masterpieces from the Nazi thieves and restore them with their owners” according to the initials.


Pompeii Genre: History, Action, Adventure, Drama, Romance

If you love Historical fiction then, this is your time to take a check on how the movie handles the concept of juxtaposing history and fiction by taking us back to the Roman period and the empire of Pompeii.

Ragini MMS 2

Genre: Thriller, Horror

The Expendables 3 Genre: Action, Adventure, Thriller

The man- machine police officer is set to blow your mind with its/his excellent fighting skills and passion. It’s one hell of a ride as technology does wonders to humankind in the movie.

The 1994 Frankenstein movie where Robert De Niro played the role of the monster was quite a watch. It is to see what this new movie on the same literary character has in store for the viewers. It’s a must watch indeed to check out how literature has been redefined by the movie’s story- telling.

Truth be told, we’re a bit torn on Noah. There are two biblical epics arriving in cinemas next year, with Ridley Scott’s Exodus the other, and we’re in two minds about both of them. Noah in particular has been in the news due to apparent disagreements between its director and Paramount over the final cut. That director? Darren Aronofsky, and it’s his name that sneaks Noah onto our countdown.

Shaadi Ke Side Effects Genre:Drama, Comedy, Romance Shaadi Ke Side Effects is an upcoming Bollywood romantic comedy film which will be directed by Saket Chaudhary and produced by Pritish Nandy and Rangita Pritish Nandy. It will star Vidya Balan and Farhan Akhtar in lead roles. Everyone wants to know what happens after “Happily Ever After”. Farhan Akhtar and Vidya Balan embody the role of a married couple incredibly well. We definitely need a rom com of this variety

When Sylvester Stallone, Jet Li, Jason Statham come together to set the screen ablaze, what more could the mortal heart plead for!

Ragini MMS 2 is an upcoming Bollywood horror-thriller 3D film directed by Bhushan Patel and co-produced by Ekta Kapoor and Shobha Kapoor under Balaji Motion Pictures and ALT Entertainment.

2 States

Genre:Drama, Comedy, Romance Two States is the story of a Punjabi boy, Krish, and a Tamil girl, Ananya, who meet at IIM Ahmedabad. They fall in love and want to marry, but their parents are opposed to the idea. The story recounts the couple’s efforts to carry their parents along, and the eventual success of the efforts.


G PLUS JAN 04 - JAN 10, 2014

Your weekly dose of HOROSCOPE ARIES Go slowly on Monday — no new projects, no big moves. On Tuesday and Wednesday, however, it’s all systems go. Be a power player at work, socialize like a maniac or make something happen in the love department. Then it’s all about the almighty cash (or lack of it) around Thursday and Friday. Think about the intersection between financials and values, and where you are with it. Things are moving fast this weekend, but you’re more than capable of keeping up. Just don’t get ahead of yourself with your words (spoken, emailed, text-messaged or otherwise).

TAURUS A far-fetched idea definitely has components you can use on Monday, so don’t dismiss it outright. Around Tuesday and Wednesday, go at your own pace, even (or especially) if somebody’s trying to hurry you along. Where’s the fire, anyway? On that note, things look rather hot for you on Thursday and Friday. That practicality of yours is coupled with extra charm, energy and sexiness - get out and strut your stuff. This weekend, however, your practicality may go missing. Avoid making any big decisions - you’re liable to let an impulse get the best of you.

GEMINI What you do on Monday makes a big impression, for better or worse — consider how you want people to think of you. A friend or a mentor may chime in about this on Tuesday or Wednesday. Let them — it’s always good to get a fair and balanced opinion of how you’re being perceived. (Ask for the truth, served with empathy, please!) Life demands your concentration around Thursday and Friday; you’ll get the most out of it by paying extra attention and asking lots of questions. This weekend, though, you can be a social butterfly or just flit from one great idea to the next.

CANCER What (or who) you know isn’t nearly as interesting as the unknown quantities on Monday. On Tuesday and Wednesday, take care when interacting with your boss, a bossy friend, your mom, the police … you get the picture. Take a deep breath and choose those words carefully. (They probably don’t mean it personally.) People love to hear your stories, and Thursday and Friday they just want to be around you. Leaving them wanting more (and getting some alone time) is never a bad idea. This weekend, you might just be in the mood to make a splash. Leave that shell behind!



LIBRA Even if you have your priorities all set on Monday, you might not get to the most important things — c’est la vie. Then, on Tuesday and Wednesday, you make the most progress when you balance your aims with those of a pertinent party (like your boss, a partner or a relative). Building the relationship is probably more important than getting exactly what you want. Keep things on the lighter side to make life easier and brighter around Thursday and Friday. You’ll be getting to some more intense intellectual or emotional stuff this weekend anyway.


On Monday, separate the talk from the action, the chaff from the wheat, the gold from the merely gold-toned. You want what’s real, right? On Tuesday and Wednesday, though, taking a little risk isn’t such a bad idea. You can have fun with practically anything now, so even a less-than-optimal outcome can be amusing. Let what you do speak for itself around Thursday and Friday; the right person gets it, and you’ll be rewarded (if not now, then at some point). It’s party time this weekend, although you might just find yourself discussing books or politics amid all the hubbub. (Remember: Smart is hot!)

Good thing you love mysteries, because Monday’s got some for you (there may even be a romantic puzzle to solve). While you may want to take a free-form, go-with-the-flow approach on Tuesday and Wednesday, a plan and a steady pace will get you further, faster. (Seek help with the plan if you need it.) Prepare for competition around Thursday and Friday. Avoid letting yourself be ambushed and consider some unusual tactics (make them an ally or kill them with kindness, for instance). It’s best not to work this weekend, but if you must, give it your total concentration or risk slip-ups.

Be ready to agree to disagree on Monday, and do give the other person’s opinion some honest consideration. On Tuesday and Wednesday, double-check your receipts, count your change and rerun any numbers. You might just catch a mistake that would’ve cost you. Branching out is favored around Thursday and Friday. Try a different cuisine, challenge your mind with a great book or hang out with a new person, and feel that mind expand. Take care when communicating this weekend. Remember the value of showing as well as telling, and of asking questions while you’re at it.

Keep your keys and wallet on your person and your wits about you on Monday; you’re liable to lose things. On Tuesday and Wednesday, make an effort to have fun. An impromptu work lunch, playing cards with friends, a little flirtation — you’re good at squeezing more out of life, so get on it. You’ll have to deal with responsibilities around Thursday and Friday, and if you can help somebody else out with theirs, too, even better. This weekend, know your power: The influence you can have on the outcome of a situation is strong.



CAPRICORN Your creative input is very valuable on Monday, and you know the right way to communicate it, too. Then, around Tuesday and Wednesday, it’s important to get to the bottom of any stress you might be feeling. Is it job related? Or regarding a certain relationship? Think it through, and get some exercise, too — it’ll help clear your head. Your energy’s excellent on Thursday and Friday — those days are full of accomplishment, while the nights might just provide fun and romance. If someone’s talking a lot this weekend, ask yourself if they’re actually saying much of substance.

AQUARIUS A detour may be more alluring — and lead more interesting places — than the road more traveled on Monday. You’ll want some fresh food for thought, because Tuesday and Wednesday find you ready to make some giant intellectual leaps. You can really put the pieces together now and fill in the gaps. If you’re bored around Thursday and Friday, it’s your own fault. Even minor experiences are offering oddities and acquaintances that’ll fascinate if you give them the chance. This weekend, you’re just plain hot — dress and plan accordingly.

PISCES Your creative powers are pretty stunning on Monday, so use that imagination at work and at play. If you feel like someone’s not being straight with you on Tuesday or Wednesday, lead by example — put your cards on the table and ask what they’ve got up their sleeve. It’s surprising how much a forthright question can prompt. The stars are sending you some lovely, loving energy around Thursday and Friday. Whoever’s close to you is lucky indeed, and relationships of all sorts can really grow now. Keep your plans minimal this weekend; you’ll be plenty busy with stuff that pops up.

JUST FOR LAUGHs A girl was driving when she saw the flash of a traffic camera. She figured that her picture had been taken for exceeding the limit even though she knew that she was not speeding. Just to be sure, she went around the block and passed the same spot, driving even more slowly, but again the camera flashed.


Now she began to think that this was quite funny, so she drove even slower as she passed the area once more, but the traffic camera again flashed. She tried a fourth and fifth time with the same results and was now laughing as the camera flashed while she rolled past at a snail’s pace. Two weeks later, she got five challans for driving without a seat belt...

Solutions (Last Issue)



G PLUS JAN 04 - JAN 10, 2014


Exploring Sikkim B

ordered by China, Nepal and Bhutan, Sikkim has long been regarded as one of the last Himalayan Shangri-las. Because of its remoteness and the fact that permits are required, Sikkim isn’t the most accessible area to visit in India. However, it certainly is one of the most energetic and refreshing. There’s something very soothing to the soul about the mountainous beauty and ancient Tibetan Buddhist culture in Sikkim. Here are five popular Sikkim attractions and tourist places to include in your itinerary.

Yuksom & the Dzongri Trail


River rafting is the latest adventure activity to arrive in Sikkim, and the Teesta River offers some world class opportunities. The major route is Makha-Sirwani-Bardang-Rongpo. Grade 2 to 4 rapids are interspersed with placid patches to float along, and plenty of white sandy beaches exist for overnight camping. High cliffs and gorges, along with bolder-strewn river beds, add to the thrill. The Rangeet River, with its more turbulent waters, also offers advanced rafting opportunities from Sikip-JorethangMajitar-Melli. The best time for rafting in Sikkim is from March to May and October to December.

In testament to the fact that Sikkim is a marvelous place for meditation, almost 200 monasteries dot the divine hilltops. The most visited monasteries in Sikkim are Rumtek (overlooking Gangtok), Pemayangtse (near Pelling in West Sikkim), and Tashiding (also in West Sikkim). Other monasteries that are worth visiting include the Karma Kagyu monastery with its 200 year old murals (in Phodong in North Sikkim), the Enchey monastery (in Gangtok), and the old Sanga-Choeling monastey (only accessible on foot from Pelling). The monasteries hold many festivals, particularly around Losar in February/March. Tse Chu, in July, features Buddhist dancing at Rumtek. Enchey also hosts a Chaarm festvial in December/January.

Sikkim is a trekker’s paradise. The trek from Yuksom to Dzongri Peak, and further on to Goecha Peak if you’re up for the challenge, is the most popular trek in Sikkim. It passes through the unspoiled forests, magnificent rhododendron gardens, and powerful rivers of Kachenjunga National Park. Additional trekking permits are mandatory for foreigners. These are available at Tourism offices in Gangtok, or else contact Sikkim House in Chanakyapuri, New Delhi.

Teesta River Rafting

Flora & Fauna Sanctuaries

Sikkim is renowned for its astounding variety of birds, animals, and flowers. Over 450 species of birds, 400

species of butterflies, 450 varieties of orchids, and 40 species of rhododendron. Two of the best places to see them are the Deorali Orchid Sanctuary in south Gangtok (visit from March to early May and the end of September to early December), and Kyongnosia Alpine Sanctuary around an hour from Gangtok on the way to Tsomgo Lake and Nathu La (vist from June until October).

Nathu La Pass & the Old Silk Route

If you’re really feeling adventurous, nothing compares to a journey along the former Old Silk Route to Nathu La, three hours from Gangtok on the Chinese border. The border consists of a lone barbed wire fence, and you’ll get the strange thrill of seeing the Chinese soldiers on the other side. Unfortunately, only Indians are allowed to travel this far though, and only on Wednesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays. A permit is also

required, obtainable through a registered travel agency.Foreigners can go up to Tsomgo Lake, also called Changu Lake, 27 kilometers (17 miles)

short of Nathu La. This spectacular high-altitude (12,400 feet) glacier lake remains frozen until May. For a quirky experience, ride a yak there!


G PLUS JAN 04 - JAN 10, 2014


Does NE require a separate time zone? Senior Journalist




here should be two time zones for the people of the country living in the states of eastern and western peripheries. This is very much necessary as being situated at the eastern most corner of the country, the entire region of Northeast including Assam must have a separate time zone than the rest of the country. The primary reason for this is the time factor. There is a time lapse of two hours between the states situated in the east and the west. In simpler term, we can say that the sun rises two hours earlier in the eastern states than the western states. Therefore, while following the same IST by all the people of the country, we, who are staying in east, are lagging behind by 2 hours. We are wasting daylights, which has resulted negative productivity. The usual office-time of the state starts at 10 am and most of people do not have the habit of reaching their respective offices by that time. But, as soon as the sun sets or just before that, the people start leaving their workplaces. As a result, the productivity is lost and, we, the people of the Northeast are lagging behind by 25 years. Since, the people of the state start their day much after the sunrise, they need to stay longer at their workplace or they start generating the tendency to work at night. This tendency of working late at night leads to wastage of electricity and it has cost an extra expenditure of Rs 94,000 Crs on electricity bills of the entire Northeast. With that amount of huge money, the Assam government can pay their employees for 12 long years. I have been saying these things on my own at various forums for the last 25 years but nobody has the time to listen. I have given presentations demonstrating the loss incurred by the state and other related issues, because of the non-existence of a separate time zone for the Northeast, more than 100 times. I sought assistance from the MPs of the region, ministry of DoNER and many more for the cause. But no politicians are eager

to listen to it. Nobody cares about it, since there is no money involved in putting into practice a separate time zone for the region. I have heard that the chief minister Tarun Gogoi has announced about the introduction of a separate time zone for the state. It is indeed a very welcoming move, if the CM is serious about it. But, I do not know how long we will have to wait to realise it.

I have been saying these things on my own at various forums for the last 25 years but nobody has the time to listen. I have given presentations demonstrating the loss incurred by the state and other related issues, because of the nonexistence of a separate time zone for the Northeast, more than 100 times.”



ne nation, two time zones! It sounds like a ridiculous idea to me! What are we going to achieve by doing so? I fail to buy Assam CM Tarun Gogoi’s argument that the state’s productivity will be increased if Assam is to follow a schedule which is one hour ahead of the Indian Standard Time (IST). Yes, timings will improve our work duration, but why do we need to change the IST.

If we are saying that we need a separate time zone, we are only trying to portray a perception that we are different. Not just in our culture and lifestyle but in our nature, as we live in a different time zone.

Saidul Khan

Jahnu Barua

We can start things early and wind up early. Changing time pattern will mean that we are trying to further alienate Northeast and particularly Assam, from the rest of the nation. In most parts of rural Northeast, people start early. If we are saying that we need a separate time zone, we are only trying to portray a perception that we are different. Not just in our culture and lifestyle but in our nature, as we live in a different time zone. In all practical purposes, the time zone equation is just a perception in the mind. We adjust ourselves to the surroundings we live in, irrespective of the time zone. IST, set five-and-a-half hours ahead of the international Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) and introduced in 1947—has been chosen with reference to a central station sited 82º 30’ longitude east and 23º 11’ latitude North, passing through Allahabad district in Uttar Pradesh. An example of the inconvenience faced by Northeastern states is that it starts to get bright before 4 am IST in June and dark by 5 pm IST

in November. Those who advocate a separate time zone argue that people in the Northeast could begin their day an hour earlier, time that is currently wasted. In 2002, based on a suggestion by then governor of Tripura, the department of science and technology formed a high-level committee to explore the feasibility of two time zones, given the longitudinal difference between the furthest regions of the country. The committee concluded against the idea of separate time zones as it may not provide any major advantage to the states, it said, and such a move may actually pose difficulties due to the different timings that would have to be framed for airlines, railways and communications services. It, however, recommended that individual state administrations could take such a step. I feel that advancing the work/institutional timing in appropriate states would be more effective solution, which can be implemented through administrative actions by the concerned state. Pre-independence, India had two time zones. Calcutta Time was 5:30:21 hours ahead of GMT, while the Bombay Time in the West was 4:51:00 hours ahead of GMT. Both these times were abandoned. Meanwhile, scientists have come up with a solution that they say could solve the Northeast’s time difference troubles without having to introduce a separate time zone. In the research paper published in 2012, scientists from the National Institute of Advanced Studies (NIAS) in Bangalore recommended advancing IST by half-hour so that it is six hours ahead of GMT. The paper projects savings to India of more than 2 billion kWh of electricity every year if this step was taken. Ahuja, author of the 2012 research paper, says that different time zones can be potentially problematic in India. As cited above, the solution to the problem is already there, so to me, there is no point to have a separate time zone. We have followed IST for 66 years, so I feel that we should continue with the same. Where productivity or saving energy is concerned, we can shift the pattern, that’s all.


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Man with 2 penises answers questions about his sex life


Kirsten Dunst

In 2005, aged 18, Kesha was signed to producer Dr. Luke’s record label, Kemosabe Entertainment, and publishing company. Although an active musician since then, singing background vocals and writing songs for other artists, her breakthrough came in early 2009 after appearing on rapper Flo Rida’s number-one single, “Right Round”. Her debut album, Animal, and her first extended play, Cannibal, were released in 2010.

A man claiming to have two penises has amassed more than 11,000 comments on Reddit during an Ask Me Anything session. ‘DoubleD***Dude ‘ has been bombarded with questions about his genitalia and seemingly responded in genuine fashion after beginning ‘ I am the guy with two penises. AMA ‘ this morning. At the top he posted links to two pictures of his penises - NSFW, obviously - alongside the following answer to a FAQ: “It is Diphallia, not an absorbed twin. It’s not genetic or inherited. I am bisexual and in a committed relationship with a man and a woman.” He insinuates that he was bullied in school and had one health problem as a result of his condition, but would never now consider getting one of them removed. “I always knew I had an extra one [when I was younger],” he wrote. “My mom told me the other boys only had one, so I was special. “I had one issue in my teens. the Y intersection where my urethra splits into two had some tension issues and was ballooning until the pressure was enough to force the urine up and out. “So they did some minor surgery and used catheters to stretch and open up the Y some. no problems since.” He concedes that he has several practical problems.



This babe is a German-American actress, singer and model.

Kesha brings in the New Year… the “dirty” way. In a video clip, the 26-yearold singer tears off her clothes, flashes her butt and writhes on the floor while getting showered with glitter and champagne. Yep, it’s pretty raunchy.


At the age of 12, Dunst gained widespread recognition playing the role of vampire Claudia in Interview with the Vampire (1994), a performance for which she was nominated for a Golden Globe Award for Best Supporting Actress. Dunst achieved international fame as a result of her portrayal of Mary Jane Watson in Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man trilogy (2001–2007).


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L’Oréal Professionnel announced the actress has been chosen to be line’s first ever spokesmodel. For her first campaign for the brand the 31-year-old posed with extra tousled tresses and a sexy smoky eye to promote two new hair products: Beach Waves and Absolut Repair Lipidium.

South Korea military vows to fight sex ban ruling for expelled army cadet

Canabis goes legal in the US State of Colorado

South Korea’s military announced today it would fight a court ruling preventing it from removing an officer candidate from the elite Army Academy for allegedly having sex with his girlfriend while on leave. An appeals court ruled the Academy had abused its authority to discipline cadets by expelling the candidate, ruling that his conduct had not caused any damage to the institution’s honour. But a spokesman for the Army told a news briefing it maintains rules against sexual relations as part of its code of conduct that also bans drinking, smoking and marriage and it intends to take the case to the Supreme Court.

pick of the week Over 1,000 aspirants, including 62 from India, have been shortlisted for an ambitious private mission to send four men and women on a one-way trip to Mars in 2024 to establish a permanent colony on the red planet. The Netherlands-based non-profit organisation Mars One announced the selection of 1,058 candidates from the applicant pool of over 200,000 hoping to establish human life on Martian soil. The applicants came from over 140 countries and more than 20,000 Indians had applied for the first round.

What did I just hear? Aam Aadmi Party ministers of Delhi, except Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, were given Toyota Innova cars as official perks. Asked if coming by such cars was reflective of practising austerity, Kejriwal downplayed it saying the party never said its ministers will not use official cars.

As many as 30 stores around the state are expected to start selling the drug for recreational purposes. Under the new law, cannabis will be sold like alcohol. Residents will be able to buy up to one ounce, while those from out of the state can purchase up to a quarter of an ounce. Cannabis can only be smoked on private premises, with the permission of the owners.

Kamur of the week

Honouring scribbled notes. The Reserve Bank of India

seized the opportunity of a rumour to urge people to keep currency notes clean and free off scribbling. In the past couple of months, there were rumours that the RBI has directed banks to stop accepting notes that were scribbled upon. The RBI has clarified that it has issued no such direction. The only irritating factor is that RBI took so long to ease the doubt which people had.

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