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VOL 01 | ISSUE 29 | APR 19 - APR 25, 2014

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Taking into account the invaluable opinions and inputs of several citizens, G Plus lists down the agendas that the would-be Guwahati MP should put into the manifesto

LOOK WHO’S TALKING An exclusive Q&A with two of the prominent candidates for the Guwahati LS seat which is set to undergo elections on the 24th of April.

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G PLUS APR 19 - APR 25, 2014

Lead Story



WHAT THE CITY NEEDS FROM ITS MP Taking into account the invaluable opinions and inputs of several citizens, G Plus lists down the agendas that the would-be Guwahati MP should put into the manifesto


aking into account the invaluable opinions and inputs of several citizens, G Plus lists down the agendas that the would-be Guwahati MP should put into the manifesto. Every election, the political parties come up with a manifesto filled with many agendas in it with this year being no different. As the country is witnessing the greatest democratic exercise, politicos as usual, have made many commitments which according to them, they would fulfil once they come into power. Coming to power is a distant question as a politician can only come to power when his/her party is in the government. But still, the politicians after winning, at least get an opportunity to raise questions in the House about the local issues. In the last few months or so, we have seen and heard the Congress talk-

Dhiren Baruah (Social Activist)

migration process and bar the migrants migrate to the city illegally.

If we talk about good government hospital in the city, everyone thinks of the Guwahati Medical College (GMC). People from outside the state also throng the hospital as it has facilities which others don’t. It gets chaotic for Guwahatians to visit the hospital and get their work done as the GMC is always full with patients from outside. Now, to reduce the chaos, the authorities can plan similar hospitals or nursing homes in areas like Jalukbari, Panjabari etc. The bed capacity might not be as huge as GMC has, but the facilities provided can be effective enough. Another aspect that can be considered is medical tourism which can be developed and thus bring in revenue for the city.


According to the G Plus analysis, the education system in the state might be regarded by the authorities as a dignified one, but the truth is that the students still face a lot of problems

Shantikam Hazarika (Educationist)

ing about pushing for job reservation in the private sector while the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) assures that e-governance will be put into place. Guwahatians are set to cast their votes on the 24th of April and even here, the local politicos have made promises. But what exactly do the Guwahatians feel they should get from their representatives in the Parliament? What are the most important issues of the city, which needs speedy solutions? What exactly is the city’s manifesto and agendas, which the would-be MP’s should keep in mind? To sort this out, G Plus spoke to several eminent and influential Guwahatians from different walks of life and finds out their views about what exactly is the need of the city. The list included some prominent names like Dhiren Baruah (social activist), Shantikam Hazarika (educationist), Ravi Sharma (actor), Abhijit Mahanta (Corporate professional), Ranen Goswami (journalist), Shyamkanu Mahanta (entrepreneur) and Shiva Thapa (Sportsperson). We also talked to a few students, housewives, government employees, drivers and randomly selected people from the street and by analysing all the inputs, G Plus highlight the most common ones that people have talked about.

Health & Medical Tourism

The Illegal migrants are mostly used as cheap labour and because of the political profit motive; it is easy for the migrants to even settle down here

Ravi Sharma (Actor)

once they step outside the state. The government-run schools and colleges have a laid-back attitude and do not perform at their optimum levels. Private educational institutes are usually very expensive and hence everyone cannot opt for. So, if the private model of education can be introduced in the government institutes, it will be of a great help to the future of the city.

Artificial flood

It might sound like a cliché, but the fact that it has found a place in everyone’s opinion signifies the enormity of the problem. Guwahati people always suffer from the problem of water logging each year and the city drainage system is not yet properly planned. On top of that, the poor garbage management system too has added to the woes of the people. Immediate solutions to the water logging problem and garbage disposal system are the need of the hour.

Drinking water

This is another embarrassment for the city, as in spite of the mighty Brahmaputra flowing through it, people still face hardships getting access to clean drinking water. There might

Abhijit Mahanta (Corporate Professional) be various sources of water here, but whoever represents this area should make sure that each and every household receives clean drinking water without any problem.


Areas like Dispur never suffer from load shedding but the rest of the city does. The electricity production capacity of the state is only 1/3rd of the total consumption requirement. People’s view also says that in a city like Guwahati, electricity has become the lifeline and load shedding effects the day-to-day work in a major way. So, 24/7 electricity supply is an important need which needs to be taken care of.

Clean Guwahati

According to a lot of people, Guwahati is not considered to be a clean city. Being the major city in the northeast region, anybody coming from outside should have a pleasant feeling about the place. At present, there is garbage everywhere and all the beautification plans have not been able to woo the tourists to the maximum level. So, a clean city should be one of the agendas in the manifesto.

Ranen Goswami (Journalist)

Shyamkanu Mahanta (Entrepreneur)

Planned city

The planning of the city should be streamlined as it is considered to be the only metro in the northeast. The hoarding, kiosks and other promotional displays are obviously a must, but the planning of such displays should be done in such a way that it is attractive enough for the viewers. The buildings too, are pretty abrupt in certain areas, so, the construction should happen in a planned manner. Some newly built shops here and there look abrupt. A properly planned city is a must now as Guwahati is growing every passing day.

Illegal Migration

Illegal migration is an age old problem in the city and the population reflects the increase every now and then. The Illegal migrants are mostly used as cheap labour and because of the political profit motive; it is easy for the migrants to even settle down here. The migrants, who do not settle down, easily commit crimes and get away. There are many nexus that help the migrants to reach the city and get settled down. So, a strict regulation is required which will check the illegal

Shiva Thapa (Sportsperson)


Working on a permanent solution for the settlers on the hills would be a challenge but needs immediate attention. It can be done by arranging alternative accommodation and making all efforts to preserve the hills. All background work for the Guwahati riverfront has been completed but implementation has not happened for a long time. Around `4000 crore is required to create the riverfront, which could be a big economic driver for the state. The bridge over the Brahmaputra too needs to happen quickly. Continuous follow up with Central Government Ministry is required. The Mass Rapid Transport System needs to materialise and it needs to be viable for sustainability rather than be just a political gimmick. The MP can be the fulcrum around whom all these projects should move and get implemented on time. There will surely be other requirements, which are not in the list but the agendas the MP should revolve around these issues for the time being, so that the representative can prove that Guwahatians are not ignored and neglected after he or she has been elected.


G PLUS APR 19 - APR 25, 2014


`58.06 Cr to be pumped in for state sports


With Assam yet to make any significant mark in the national sports scenario, plans are still on to work on academies & development, which are a must for any state.


n the year 2013-14, `3665.6875 crore was sanctioned to develop the sports scenario of Assam. Various schemes and projects were floated across the state, developing various segments of sports. With many players like Shiva Thapa, who are earning name and fame for the city and the state, the Department of Sports and Youth Welfare have vowed to make the

the turf of the field is upgraded so that it matches the international standards. The Department of Sports and Youth Welfare is confident that they will get the opportunity of holding the tournament matches.


state countable in not only national but international sports arena as well. Every year, there is some amount of budget estimated and used for the development and for the general purposes like maintenance and salary, which are segregated as planned and non-planned budget. G Plus checks out the budget declared for the year 2014-15 and the expected usage.

It is shocking too that until last year, there was not even a single government basketball court in entire Assam. It was in the year 2013-14 that `15.35 was sanctioned to construct a basketball court at the Sarusajai sports complex. Similarly, to upgrade the state sports scenario, it is important that the state should have some academies in various sports. The sports department has allotted an amount of `50 lakhs to set up a boxing academy at the Sarusajai Sports Complex. The department has also allotted `50 lakhs to set up a football academy at the Nehru Stadium. For the Boxing Academy, city boy Shiva Thapa is expected to lead the academy, whereas talks are on with Baichung Bhutia to guide the footballersof the state in the upcoming football academy.

Priority list under state plan, 2014-15 Sl No

Name of the schemes

Amount (` In lakhs)


Award of sports talent search scholarship



Engagement of 41 coaches for strengthening Directorate



State share for National Service Scheme



Holding of state level coaching camp



Holding of National School Games for both boys and girls



State level (inter district) school tournament



Purchase of sports equipment


Sub total



Grants-in-aid to Sports Authority of Assam for up-gradation of infrastructures for holding of Indian Super League (IMG Reliance Football League) at Indira Gandhi Athletics Stadium of Sarusajai Sports Complex



Financial assistance to state level advisory committee students and youth welfare



Construction of 30 Rajiv Gandhi Sports Complex at Rs. 35.00 lakh in 30 development blocks (1st phase)



Creation /Development of sports infrastructure



Construction of multi-storeyed building (NCC &YuvaBhawan) at Paltan Bazar



Grants-in-aid to Assam Mountaineering Association for Asom Mt. Everest Expedition, 2015



Grants-in-aid to Board of Sports of Assam for extension of water hydrant in Nehru Stadium, RG Barua Sports Complex from the existing water hydrant system of DTRP indoor stadium



Grants-in-aid to Sports Authority of Assam for construction of lift at DTRP Indoor Stadium, RG Barua Sports Complex



Grants-in-aid to Assam Olympic Association for preparation and participation of the Assam State Contingent in 35th National Games to be held in Goa



Grants-in-aid to Sports Authority of Assam for setting-up of Boxing Academy at Sarusajai Sports Complex (phase 1)



Grants-in-aid to Board of Sports of Assam for setting-up of Football Academy at Nehru Stadium, RG Barua Sports Complex (1st phase)



Grants-in-aid to Sports Authority of Assam for establishing Sports Hostel at Sarusajai Sports Complex (1st phase)



Establishment of Centre of Excellence for Mountaineering and Adventurism (1st phase)



Construction of two storied youth hostel building at Silapathar (Jonai), Dist: Dhemaji (under CM’s special package for Dhemaji) (1st phase)


Sub total


Grand Total


*Planned expenditure till date and balance to be updated later (as per Dept of Sports and Youth Welfare)

The requirement

The department has also allotted `50 lakhs to set up a football academy at the Nehru Stadium. Indian Super League

An amount of `12.5 Crores has been sanctioned to upgrade the infrastructure of the Sarusajai sports complex for the holding of Indian Super League, scheduled to be start in September 2014. The league is quite significant for the state’s sports scenario because it will decide whether Guwahati would get an opportunity to hold the under-17 Fifa World Cup matches, scheduled for 2017. During the National Games, which was held in Guwahati, 600 lakh flood lights were used to light the Sarusajai Stadium, whereas to hold the Indian Super League, 2000 lakhs have to be used. The Fifa team, which visited the city with the national expert team to find out if Sarusajai Sports Complex is efficient enough to hold the under 17 Fifa World Cup, discovered that the turf of the Sarusajai field has to be upgraded as it is substandard at present. So, before the Indian Super League tournament, the sports department wants to make sure that with the lights, even

No doubt the government is spending a lot every year to upgrade the sport scenario of the state, but still Assam is not popular for its sportsmen. When G Plus questioned the Commissioner and Secretary of the Department of Sports and Youth welfare Ajay Tewari about it, he said, “Previously, states like Haryana were also was not too adept in the field of sports, but now because of their effort, Haryana has risen up in sports like boxing and wrestling.Our sports budget is around 1/6th of what states like Kerala, Punjab and Haryana get. Our players are no doubt talented, but grooming them accordingly is a challenge and we are doing our best to develop the state sports. Funds are always a constraint, but we are coming up with new sports academies to nurture the local talents. We need a lot of money to groom the players and train them accordingly.” So, other than cricket, all other sports are no doubt not being given enough importance in the country, but Assam still has to walk a long way to make a name in even cricket. It is also shocking that the government has thought of building a basketball court only now with no evident reason for the absence. The academies, which are a must to groom the players, are also getting planned only now. So will the funds, which are allotted for development actually develop the sports or will it again be wasted as many schemes and projects do?


G PLUS APR 19 - APR 25, 2014

In Conversation



he 2014 elections are underway and all eyes are on the two major parties of the country, Congress and the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). One has been ruling the nation for a long time now and the other party promises to bring in change if they form the government. Well, we will get to know who will form the government by 16th May, but the politicos are leaving no stone unturned to woo the voters. Daily rallies, brainstorming strategies, filing nominations, party meetings, mudslinging, campaigns and other activities are keeping the politicos busy almost 24/7. The Guwahati MP candidates too are campaigning in full swing for the 24th April elections which will decide the fate of the city’s seat. G Plus asks questions to the candidates of both the major parties, and listens in to their replies to the queries to find out if there are any difference in the perception about the city.

TALKING An exclusive Q&A with two of the prominent candidates for the Guwahati LS seat which is set to undergo elections on the 24th of April. What is Guwahati’s need of the hour according to you?

Bijoya Chakravorty Guwahati, at present requires proper drinking water solution, proper drainage and the traffic chaos needs to be eased.

The city needs 24/7 supply of proper drinking water, solution for artificial floods, less chaotic traffic jam, growth of more industries, land patta distribution to the needy denizens, systematic drainage system, well lit street lights in every nook and corner of the city and erasing the problem of brain drain. People from Guwahati acquire knowledge and go outside to work, I will make sure that they use their knowledge to develop this region.

Manas Bora

What kind of mechanism will you put in place to check the unemployment problem in the city? As in the Khanapara rally, our prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi said that Northeast is ‘Asthalakshmi,’ and during the current regime, this region has hardly seen prosperity. We will eradicate the unemployment problem by promoting tourism, developing small scale industries in the region and come up with various other schemes and plans which will provide employment to the youth.

If I get a chance we will create as much entrepreneurs as possible in the city. People can come up with small scale industries like coaching centres and similar type of new innovative ideas, but self-employment is something which will help in growth.

What is your main individual principle for which you can even revolt against your party? I can revolt against anyone if people try to stop me from helping anyone. It might not be monetary help, but I can stand with the needy whenever required.

My ideology is similar to that of my party. I want to grow with the people and there should not be any difference between any caste and any community. I have been following that principle since childhood and will follow till eternity.

What according to you is people’s perception about you? When people think of me, they feel that here is a daring woman, who can go to any extent in helping people. They feel I can stand with anyone during any kind of trouble.

According to people, Manas Bora is a young energetic person who can do it. He is of the present time and knows the present problems and can easily help in developing Guwahati.

When 60 is the age of retirement, why according to you are most politicians 60 plus? The Assam CM, India’s PM are all above 60 and political parties are doing their part to get the youth into the movement. But, knowledge is something which comes with experience and the youngsters need guidance, which only comes from experience. So, older people have experience which helps the younger people to learn.

Youth and women should always come up in politics but if someone is leading in politics even after 60, obviously there is a lot of experience added to it. If someone is not physically and mentally well, they cannot be leading, but if the person is doing well, then it means that experience speaks.

The answers from both the aspirants, as you can see are not too different from each other. Both Bijoya and Manas have almost given identical answers and seems to have a shared agenda for the city. They can be diplomatic about taking an individual stand and not the party, but there is not much to be read in between lines. So is this all that the people of Guwahati need or is there more?


G PLUS APR 19 - APR 25, 2014


City marriage halls still flouting rules In spite of notices and drives, several marriage and function halls are still operational in the city and running brisk businesses.


Most of the major roads of the city like the GS Road, Zoo Road and market places like Fancy Bazar etc are overcrowded with double and sometimes unauthorised parking


s new avenues for business and other commercial activities open up every day, a new kind of battle has started among the beneficiaries of these services and activities and that is – the search for parking space. People’s craving for new and huge luxurious cars have added headaches to the ever-growing problem of parking. According to the data available with the district transport office, Kamrup (M), registration of all kinds of vehicles has increased from 58638 during the fiscal year 2012-13 to 66,942 in the last fiscal of 2013-14, marking an increase of 14% in terms of vehicle registration. On the other hand, the number and size of the city roads remain unchanged and sometimes, the public narrows down the sizes of the roads themselves. Most of the major roads of the city like the GS Road, Zoo Road and market places like Fancy Bazar etc are overcrowded with double and sometimes unauthorised parking. Argument over a place of parking by

the road or at a shopping mall or at a cinema theatre among the car owners have become a common phenomenon in the city. Because of the lack of parking place at its premise, Cinemax, a multiplex located at GS road had to shut shop and has been so now for almost a year. Similarly, most of the shopping malls located at the GS road are operating without adequate parking space

for the customers, which cause a great deal of traffic chaos on the road. Recent addition to the list of places, which cause traffic fiasco on the city roads are the marriage halls, which are opening up in every nook and corner of the city. Replying to a RTI query filed by civil rights activist and lawyer Bhaskar Dev Konwar last year, the GMC (Guwahati Municipal Corporation) had

stated that there are 48 marriage halls operation in different localities of the city. It has further mentioned that all the 48 marriage halls have off-parking provision (any form of car storage ie not on the curb side, including parking structure, surface parking lot, a place where cars can be parked which is not on a road), except Kanika Bibah Bhawan, situated at Barowari, Uzan bazaar. “But in reality, there are marriage halls which have been doing business without having proper parking places. Recently, a marriage hall located in the city had to close down due to this reason. If enquired carefully, the au-

thority will find that there are other marriage halls doing business without having a parking place or a valid license,” Bhaskar Dev Konwar told. Moreover, the GMC itself has mentioned that there are marriage halls in the city, which are operating without valid permissions. They are – the Sagarika Bibah Bhawan, Jonaki Kareng at Zoo Narengi Road and Kanika Bibah Bhawan at Barowari. According to the Gauhati Municipal Corporation act of 1971, every person who exercises or carries in the city, either by himself or by an agent or representative, any of the professions, trades or callings under fourth schedule, shall annually take out a license before the first day of April each year or within one month of his taking up the profession, trade or calling. The fourth schedule of the GMC act defines company or association or body of individuals, the paid up capital of which is equivalent to Rs 20 lakh or upward and Bibah Bhawans (marriage hall) have been included in it. But, even after having mentioned such rules and regulations, most of the marriage halls are flouting parking and license norms.




Ajmal’s ‘roohnai’ water gimmick raises eyebrows of many in the state

G PLUS APR 19 - APR 25, 2014




e are talking about a different kind of water here, which seems to be powerful and magical for some and it has also raised eyebrows of many as they ask serious questions on the usage of this special water. The scholars and civil society of Assam have slammed the act of All India United Democratic Front (AIUDF) chief Badruddin Ajmal of distributing ‘roohani’ water to the people of the Muslim community during election rallies. Many termed it as an anti-religious act. Casting a special chant into water carried along to the election rallies and then distributing them among the extremely poor and illiterate supporters, converting them into votes in the election is against Allah, expressed the Islamic scholars of the state. However, for the supporters of AIUDF, it is this water and the blind faith on Ajmal that binds each other. As the election campaigns are going on in full swing across the country, in this part of the country, we get to see a different scenario. The MP from lower Assam’s Dhubri district, Ajmal has been seen sanctifying jugs of waters during his election rallies and distributing them among the ‘believers.’ Ajmal who had to stop his vehicle a number of times, obliged to the

need of his voters and whispered his special chants into the water, which then turned into ‘special’ water, ‘curing’ the aliments of the poor, needy and illiterate people. For these people of Dhubri and adjoining areas, Maulana Ajmal is ‘impeccable’. For the Maulana politician who uses his ‘Roohani’ water and his spell in almost all political rallies, the water turns the believers into his voters when it matters the most. However, experts of Islam and people in general have taken the issue quite seri-

ously and have expressed that the practice of using water spell gimmick in public places and that too in election rallies is against the principles of religion. “It’s an election gimmick and unethical. This should not be done in election rallies. It is not at all acceptable to blend religion with politics to fool the poor people to win their votes. Whoever has done it has set a very bad example of Islam,” said senior advocate and state president of Samajwadi party Haifz Rashid Ahmed Choudhury. Born on February 12 in 1950, Ajmal besides being an MP is also an industrialist, activist, educationist and philanthropist. Ajmal formed the Assam United Democratic Front (AUDF), now the All India United Democratic Front (AIUDF) and consolidated its position in Indian politics especially in Assam. He is also the president of the Assam State Jamiat-E-Ulema Hind and a member of the advisory board of Darul Uloom Deoband. He is also a Fazil-e-Deoband (Equivalent to Masters Degree in Islamic Theology and Arabic) from Darul Uloom Deoband. In the general elections in 2009, although his party managed to win only one seat (Ajmal himself won from the Dhubri Lok Sabha) seat with

This is too much and a selfish characteristic. When a man can do this for the sake of his personal gain, he can go to any extent”

a large margin defeating his nearest Congress rival and sitting member Anowar Hussain, the AIUDF’s vote share has improved and it secured the highest number of votes in 25 Assembly segments in Assam. In the 2011 elections for the Assam Legislative Assembly, AIUDF won 18 seats and emerged as the largest opposition party in Assam. For his supporters, Ajmal today is an authority and a Maulana who can never be wrong “He has done the right thing

for us. We wish that he wins. He is a scholar and hardly does anything wrong,” said a supporter who received the ‘Roohani’ water. For the experts of the religion in the state, Ajaml’s positioning among the poor and needy of the community is unethical and against the likes of the religion and more so with elections around the political parties too have reacted strongly at this behaviour. “This is too much and a selfish characteristic. When a man can do this for the sake of his personal gain, he can go to any extent. Every now and then, he has been using the name of religion and Allah for his political gains. When he has failed to cater the needs of the minorities, he has started to take all these means to woo voters,” said Mominul Awal, president of BJP’s state minority cell. Awal also slammed the AIUDF chief Ajmal for his statement that Allah will not forgive him and the people of the state if BJP manages to win a single seat. “How can he use such statements? This is cheating and a negative act - to fool and mislead people,” Awal added. It has become a family affair for the Ajmals with Badruddin Ajmal’s son being seen in a similar act in one of the recent election rallies.


G PLUS APR 19 - APR 25, 2014


Swamy throws down gauntlet to Gogoi

gal migrants settled here and no land should be provided to them from this side.

The BJP leader was in the city recently in event of the upcoming polls

The graft war



aking a direct swipe at Assam chief minister Tarun Gogoi, Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader Subramanian Swamy dared Gogoi to debate with him on the Gujarat development model during a press conference held at city Hotel Raj Mahal on Friday. The Assam Pradesh Congress Committee, after Gujarat chief minister Narendra Modi’s rally at Khanapara, has been claiming that Assam’s development model is better than Gujarat. Earlier on the same day, Tarun Gogoi had said that the Gujarat model of development cannot be compared with Assam’s development.

The development claim

Talking to the media, Swamy said, “According to the Planning Commission’s findings the devel-

opment score of NDA is far better than UPA. In the year 2003-04 the GDP growth rate was 8.4% whereas in 2013-14 the GDP growth rate was 4.8%. During the NDA regime from the year 1999-2004, 60.7 million jobs were generated, so the employment rate was 12.1 million per year. During UPA regime 15.4 million jobs were generated, so 2.2 million jobs were generated per year. Simi-

larly, in 2004 the rupee rate was Rs 45.90 per dollar. Last year the rate of rupee reached a height of Rs 67.7 per dollar.” Finally, Swami said that if the NDA comes to power, the growth rate will be 10% in the first year of their tenure, whereas the growth rate will rise to 12% after the second year. The employment rate will be 100% within the five years tenure.

Illegal migration

There is distress in the country because of illegal immigrants. Swamy said that one third of the Bangladeshis are settled here and if Bangladesh does not take them back, at least they should provide the land for them. If a line is drawn from Khulna to Shylete in Bangladesh then it’s one third of Bangladesh, so that much land should be provided for the ille-

Swamy also said that if BJP comes to power, it will fight against graft and make sure that all the black money hidden outside India is brought back. According to Subramanian Swamy, UPA chief Sonia Gandhi has one and a half lakh Crores hidden in various banks abroad. He said, “Robert Vadra is just the trailer and Sonia Gandhi is the complete movie. According to my knowledge, I can name some banks where Sonia Gandhi has secret accounts - Vatican Bank, Sarasin Bank at Basil, Pictet Bank at Zurich and Bank of America in a different country.” He also slammed Finance Minister P Chidambaram and said that there is no constituency in India where he can win the polls from, so he can fight elections from Peshawar in Pakistan. These were some of the claims the BJP leader made but after all, elections make politicos speak against the opponents. Which party is efficient and which is not is just an individual decision, but only the work done after the party comes to power will explain the efficiency.

Gogoi asks BJP to make their election funding public G PLUS FEATURE


emanding that Narendra Modi and the BJP should make public their source of funds, Assam Chief Minister Tarun Gogoi on Friday said that the state Congress had paid Rs 30 lakh each to its 13 Lok Sabha candidates. The funds were collected from businessmen, but no undue benefit was given to industrialists, Gogoi told a press conference here in Guwahati. “Everyone collects money from business houses. Companies give money to us as well. The problem lies there when someone gives huge amount of money and then in return expects some benefit,” he said. “Big corporate houses are giving huge money to BJP and that is why they are given enormous benefit in Gujarat. Adanis and others are offered land even at a lease of Re 1. BJP and Modi should make public their source of funds,” he said. “I am observing elections since 1962 and have been contesting since 1971, but never saw such huge inflow of money from corporates. This election is also seeing polarisation on the basis of religion. It is a dangerous trend for Indian democracy, based on secularism and socialism,” Gogoi said.

Everyone collects money from business houses. Companies give money to us as well. The problem lies there when someone gives huge amount of money and then in return expects some benefit”

Asked specifically where the Congress was securing funds for candidates in the state, Gogoi said “Like others, we are collecting funds from different companies in Assam and

Kolkata. We are not going to other parts of the country.” Asked if the Congress would announce the source of funding in the election, Gogoi said it would do so

to the Election Commission as per guidelines. He avoided a direct reply on why Congress and others were against expanding the purview of the RTI Act to

political parties. Gogoi warned that if his Gujarat counterpart became the Prime Minister, India would virtually be ruled by big corporate houses.


G PLUS APR 19 - APR 25, 2014

In The News


Over 67,000 litres liquor siezed


s part of a drive by the Kamrup (Metro) district administration, a huge quantity of liquor over 67,000 litres has been seized from various localities of the city. During this period of over a month, 228 raids were carried out in which 667 cases were detected and 647 persons were arrested. A series of excise raids were conducted regularly throughout the district since March 5, as per the instruction of Election Commission of India (ECI) and strict order from the District Election Officer, Kamrup (Metro). Besides, 63,971 litres of illegal distilled liquor, 2,335 litres duty paid liquor, 1,152.3 litres of IMFL and 345.60 litres of beer were seized. The total value of the seized items is Rs 28,89,676. The district administration and the excise department are going to continue with such raids.

Study on poll expenditure conducted

Assamese film industry bags Awards in NFA


enowned filmmaker Jahnu Barua’s Ajeyo has bagged the Rajat Kamal Award at this year’s National Film Awards on April 12. Barua, who has won several awards at the National Film Awards platform, made the film based on the Sahitya Akademi Award winner 1997 Assamese novel Ashirbador Rong written by Arun Sharma and adapted as screenplay by the director himself. Talking about the award, Barua stated that it is not important that


he election authorities has done the detail study of the poll expenditures incurred so far by all the candidates contesting the general elections from the Guwahati Lok Sabha constituency on April 12. The poll expenditure observer Nawaljeet Kapoor has carried out the audit on April 11 at the Circuit House as per Election Commission guidelines. The members of the public can watch the procedure and can also buy a copy of the expenditure details for payment of minimum fees. Candidates who are unable to furnish details regarding their poll expenditure will be excluded from continuing with their campaigning.

Prime cabs organises joy ride for deprived kids with Young Indians

Demands for inclusion of Assamese into ACS exams


demand has come from the Asom Sahitya Sabha (ASS) for the inclusion of Assamese language as a subject category under Modern Indian Language (MIL) for the Assam Civil Service (ACS) exams. On April 12, the Sabha stated that it is unfortunate that the Assamese language has not been included as an MIL for the examination subject of the institution’s entrance exams. The press release stated that a team of the Asom Sahitya Sabha under its Vice–President Parmananda Rajbongshi had met the top officials of the ACS committee on April 9 over the matter and held discussions. The committee had assured the Sabha team that steps would be taken in this regard soon enough. The Sabha also asked the commit-

Awareness meet for telecom consumers


rime Cabs, Guwahati’s leading radio taxi service operator organized a joy ride for underprivileged kids of the city on the occasion of Rongali Bihu on April 14. For this noble initiative, Prime Cabs joined hands with Deepjyoti, a nonformal school for the underprivileged children run by Young Indians, Guwahati Chapter. The fun outing was initiated to spread the joy of Bihu among kids and bring them closer to the rich culture of Assam. Commenting on the initiative, COO of Prime Cabs, Mr. Dhimmant Bansal said, “We wanted to share with children the riding experience of Prime Cabs

which has given us immense happiness”. Deepjyoti, an NGO, located in Noonmati within Snehalaya Auxilium, has 30 children between 4 and 10 years. The kids were taken to prominent Bihu pandals at Bamunimaidan, Chandmari, Silpukhuri and Latashil where they shook a leg with the Bihu dancers and engaged in numerous other fun activities. Sunit Jain, Chair of Young Indians, Guwahati Chapter quoted, “The idea of this city ride was to give these children a cultural orientation in context of bihu and facilitate a platform for exposure and entertainment which they are denied at most occasions”.

he has won yet another award. For him, what is important is that an Assamese film has won an award in the midst of the prevailing bad condition of the Assamese film industry. “Sometimes a better movie may fail to impress the jury, as it solely depends on the taste and mood of the jury concerned. So, one should not lose hopes for winning awards and instead should try to improve,” Barua said. Ajeyo was also adjudged the Best Assamese Film for this year.

consumer outreach programme was organised by the telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI), in collaboration with the Consumers’ Legal Protection Forum on April 16. The aim of the programme was to create awareness among consumers about the consumer-centric measures taken by TRAI so that consumers can take appropriate action for protection of their rights. Senior research officer, TRAI, Kolkata, Rabin Sarkar said that the consumers always do not get the full benefit of the service and the primary reason is that they are not aware of these benefits. Dr Aloka Buragohain, retired Professor of Gauhati University in her special invitee’s speech said that direct interaction between consumers and service providers is very necessary to understand the problems and issues being faced by the users at local level and obtained feedbacks directly from them.

tee to submit a model syllabus for the Assamese MIL subject for the ACS entrance exams. On April 10, the Sabha held a meeting at the Gauhati University where it was unanimously decided that they would continue to express resentment against the ACS committee till it includes Assamese as an MIL subject for the entrance exams. The Sabha has also decided to submit a model syllabus to the committee so that it fastens up its procedure to include Assamese as its entrance subject. The Sabha has taken note that not including Assamese as an MIL subject in the ACS entrance exams is undermining the prestige of the state’s native language.

Traffic police inspector detained over fake challans


traffic police inspector Sikandar Ali Ahmed was detained by the police after being charged for fining people and vehicles of crores of rupees with fake challans while off duty over a long period of time. Ahmed, who was arrested at Barpeta, was posted at the Jalukbari police station. A case had been lodged against him at the Panbazar police station after which the authorities swung into action. The inspector was released after a few hours of questioning after an anticipatory bail was issued to him. In this context, city SSP Anand Prakash Tiwari stated that the police would move the High Court to cancel his bail so that action can be taken against him.

Dry Days declared


n view of the upcoming third phase of General Elections to Parliamentary Constituencies of 4–Dhubri, 5–Kokrajhar, 6–Barpeta, 7–Guwahati, 8– Mangaldoi and 10–Nagaon which is to be held on April 24, Dry Days have been declared for a period of 48 hours from 5:00 pm of April 22 till 5:00 pm of April 24 next. During the dry days all bonded warehouses, Indian Made Foreign Liquor (IMFL) Retail off and on shops including club, hotel and country spirit shops will remain closed. During this period, the restrictions provided in the Excise Law on the storage of liquor in unlicensed premises will be vigorously enforced. Steps will also be taken to prohibit sale of liquor in adjoining areas of the concerned constituencies to avoid the chances of clandestine movement of liquor from these areas where the restriction has not been in operation.


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Ward Watch



Narrow roads in the interior part of Lakhimi Nagar Concentrated Region

Lakhimi Nagar, Hatigaon Sub Division - 28A/ 28B


he Lakhimi Nagar area of Hatigaon is a location that comparatively has a proper drainage system in the city. You can see a huge drain on one side of the road and the roads too are getting renovated and more than fifty percent of the work has already been done. However, once you get into to the interior Lakhimi Nagar area, the roads get narrower as there are drains on both sides of the narrower road and since there are no street lights, apparently the risk of someone falling into the drain is great as the drains are open, deep and is of the same level as the road. G Plus went ahead to talk to the residents of Lakhimi Nagar and found out more about the locality.

Renovated Roads

Most part of the roads look freshly renovated and is broad enough for vehicles to move freely. It is a great positive aspect of the locality and it is undergoing further development. Nilima Gogoi, a self-employed resident of the locality tells G Plus that the area has improved a lot visibly from recent times. “The roads are

Ward No


being renovated and are broader now. It has made commutation smoother and comfortable for the vehicles,” says Nilima. She adds, “However, all this construction work has made the locality very dusty and the winds add to people’s woes.”

Drainage status

The sewer channel in Lakhimi Nagar main road is broad enough to not allow any stagnancy or any sort of water logging. But once you reach the interior part of Lakhimi Nagar, you find that the roads have become narrower and drains are present on both sides of the road.

“Only one car can pass through this road at a time and if any two vehicles come from the opposite sides, one or the other vehicle has to move back,” said Rajesh Kalita. He also says that there are chances of kids falling into the drains as the road and the

This pile of garbage has been lying around for quite some time now, and authorities haven’t taken any initiative yet. They have been making the roads but they should also provide enough number of dustbins for the residents”

drain is of same level. “The chances of a child falling into the drain is there as the road and the drain is of same level. But that’s not all, there are no street lights and even an adult may fall at night if the person is not cautious,” adds Rajesh Kalita, a retired banking employee.

Roadside Garbage

While taking a stroll across the Lakhimi Nagar road, G Plus came to see quite a few spots where a huge pile of garbage is lying near the road and

no waste bin nearby. In order to find out the reason, we went ahead and met Mrinal Das, a businessman by profession. “This pile of garbage has been lying around for quite some time now, and authorities haven’t taken any initiative yet. They have been making the roads but they should also provide enough number of dustbins for the residents. The people could throw the waste easily into the drains, but they don’t as we don’t want the drains to get blocked and raise a problem of water logging in our area as well like many other parts of the city. So, people prefer throwing it into the roads so that the authorities can see and take some action. We have been pushing them constantly,” says Das. He further adds about the problems of street light availability in the locality. The Lakhimi Nagar area is one of the major preferable tenancy options for many people who come from outside Guwahati. The area definitely has better roads, but still it has some major issues that need immediate attention.


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MUKOLI BIHU subhrajit roy

Tradition, tributes and achievements, all culminated at the Mukoli Bihu in Guwahati

Jakoi Dance


his spring too, Guwahatians were enthralled by the festive mood of Rongali Bihu. As Bihu stages across the city witnessed enormous footfall, the Mukoli Bihu organised by the All Guwahati Students’ Union (AGSU) at the Judges’ Field too attracted a huge crowd. Keeping the tradition of intact, the Mukoli Bihu showcased various cultural traditions and the programme began with the hoisting of the Bihu flag by noted musician Rajeshwar Bordoloi followed by Swahid Tarpan by All Assam Students’ Union (AASU) and AGSU office bearers and along with the chorus ‘Shreemoyee Asomir...’ and ‘Hey Swahid...’ by the students of Handique

Madhurima Choudhury in Mukali Bihu

Noted academician Dr. Amarjyoti Choudhury paid his tributes to Sahityarathi Laxminath Bezbaruah on his 150th Birth Anniversary by reciting ‘Ami Asomiya...’

Moran Bihu Girls’ College. Noted academician Dr. Amarjyoti Choudhury paid his tributes to Sahityarathi Laxminath Bezbaruah on his 150th Birth Anniversary by reciting ‘Ami Asomiya...’ and three popular singers of the present era paid their tributes to three legendary singers of yesteryears who enriched the Assamese Film Industry. In the segment named ‘Esafura Sajaal Xowaran’, Dr. Mausumi Saharia, Anindita Paul and Bhitali Das paid their tributes to Gunada Das, Ranee Paul and Mitali Choudhury respectively by singing their popular numbers. In this Mu-

koli Bihu function, AASU advisor Dr. Samujjal Bhattacharya felicitated many achievers, who brought laurels to the state. Among the cultural performances, the first group Bihu was performed by the dancers from Charaideo, Sibsagar. The members of Tamulpur Regional Sarania Kachari Cultural Organisation showcased the Fishing Culture among the rural folks through their ‘Jakoi Dance’. After that, it was the time for the kids. The tiny Nachonis and the Bihuwas grabbed the attention of the audiences with their elegant moves and the beats on

the drums. The cultural programme also included ‘Moran Bihu’. The daylong extravaganza concluded with the Mukoli Bihu where celebrities mingled with the common masses and danced together. Noted dancer Madhurima Choudhury and drummer Somnath Bora Ojha remained the focus in the final event.

Persons honoured included: Padmabhushan Begum Parveen Sultana, two Padmashrees namely, Mukul Chandra Goswami and Dr. Sarbeswar Saharia, six Sahitya Akademi Awardees namely, Rabindra Sarkar, Toshaprabha Kalita, Jatindra Nath Swargiari, Dr. Anil Boro, Deepika Chakraborty (Posthumously) and Gobinda Boro, two Sangeet Natak Akademi Awardees namely, Umakanta Bairagi and Jogen Dutta Barbayan, two Sahitya Akademi Youth Awardees namely, Bijay Shankar Barman and Sansumoi Khungri Basumatary and former international footballer Debasish Roy.


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he recent tiff between the traders and the civic authorities in Northeast India’s trade hub of Fancy Bazaar has opened an uncharted area of the growing city. This area has often been neglected and does not find much space in the scheme of things of the city planners. Yes, it is parking - the subject, which has for long remained unattended, now calls for larger dialogue. It is a practice in the old city of Guwahati to park the vehicles outside the shop - be it fancy bazaar or any other market place. Traders at Galapatty, the food grain wholesale market in Fancy Bazaar put there shutters down in protest against the Guwahati Municipal Corporation’s (GMC) decision to close down the wholesale market (loading and unloading) without providing any suitable alternative to the traders. Galapatty witnesses loading and unloading of huge quantities of materials including foodstuff every day. Hundreds of trucks make entry and exit from this wholesale hub. For the time being, GMC and traders have resolved the crisis, but how long can the larger subject of Parking go unaddressed. The Gauhati High Court has directed the district administration (Kamrup metro) and the GMC to ensure that the public roads including the Tarun Ram Phukan road and MS Roads in Fancy Bazaar are kept free from all

sorts of encroachment or unauthorised use. A Writ petition filed by Jaideep Talukdar and others against illegal encroachment and parking in some of the busiest roads in Fancy Bazaar, the Gauhati High Court has directed the district and municipal authorities to ensure that movement of vehicles and pedestrians in all public roads is smooth. Talukdar then had said, “Since many years, some persons have been running their business and truck parking illegally at TR Phukan Road, MS Road & SS Road at Fancy Bazaar area and blocking the whole roads to

All these roads are practically used for loading and unloading of goods-carrying vehicles by the most influential merchants of the city, which ultimately denies the citizens their right to use the roads.

operate their business. As a result the general public was facing huge traffic problems in the Fancy Bazaar area.” Being public roads, these roads have to be accessible to public to greater extent, which remains curtailed. Traders have agreed to shift the go-downs in the outskirts in order to decongest the area, some years back. However that has not happened. President of the Kamrup Chamber of Commerce, MP Jain argued that unless vehicles are allowed, the wholesale market loading and unloading of food grains in not possible. “Overnight such decisions cannot be taken. There is a need to chart


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out a new course and both traders and authorities concerned must come together. Things cannot be done arbitrarily,” Jain explained. On several occasion, the NGO ‘Save Guwahati Build Guwahati’ (SGBG) had petitioned the district administration to take effective action in getting the wholesale market shifted to city outskirts to enable the citizens to have adequate access to the roads. “All these roads are practically used for loading and unloading of goods-carrying vehicles by the most influential merchants of the city, which ultimately denies the citizens their right to use the roads. The situation is very much violative of the provisions of the fundamental rights of the citizens,” SGBG had stated. Mayor of GMC, Abir Patra had contested that GMC is just implementing the High Courts’ order and nothing much should be read in this. “We are implementing the court’s order.” However, if we take the case of the Guwahati-Shillong road we see that from Paltan Bazaar to Dispur, roadside parking is available on both sides of road. Until last week, these parking spaces were fetching money for the GMC however now, it has been withdrawn. This tendency of creating parking spaces on the road itself will create traffic snarls, which again will result in traffic congestion in the hot summer days.

DTO Revenues shoot up


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he Kamrup (Metro) Transport Department collected an amount of Rs 104.77 crore as revenue in the year 2013-14. This is the highest amount of revenue collection by the department ever. In 2012-13, Rs 102.07 crore was collected. The District Transport Officer (Registration and Licensing) Gautam Das informed that the district transport office in the year 2013-14 had registered 66,942 vehicles of different kinds. The number of vehicles that got registered in 2012-13 was 58,638.


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AN ALTERNATE TO SAVINGS ACCOUNTS - LIQUID FUNDS PART-1 Investing in liquid funds is a good alternative to having large sums idling in savings accounts. ROHIT SARAWGI Independent Financial Advisor


ave you been idling large sums in your savings bank account just to provide for any unforeseen need? Yes. Almost all of us have surplus money parked in a bank savings account waiting to be used for some unforeseen expense or the other over an uncertain time frame. It is also one of the safest places to put your money. We are more than happy because our principal is safe and liquid and it is at least earning 4% interest. Liquid Funds also known as Cash Funds or Money Manager Funds have more potential than a Savings Bank Account or a Fixed Deposit for that matter. They offer returns slightly higher than Fixed Deposits apart from offering the same level of security. In short, these funds can be used as substitute to Savings Bank Account. In this respect, one can explore liquid mutual funds which offer the combination of safety, liquidity, along with better returns than the savings bank account. It is a common practice of corporate houses and high net worth individuals to park their surplus money in liquid funds. However, retail investors have not shown much interest in this option. Wondering whether to invest in a Liquid Fund instead of squirreling away your excess cash in a triedand-true savings account? There is no harm in maximising returns, keeping safety and liquidity intact. Here’s recounting the pros and cons of liquid funds against savings bank accounts to help you make a decision: A liquid fund is a debt mutual fund that invests in very short-term

The maturity of the instrument can go up to 91 days. But portfolios of most liquid funds have average maturities well below that; even six or eight days sometimes.

money-market instruments — Government securities, commercial papers (CPs), treasury bills, certificates of deposit (CDs), and other debt papers having maturities up to 91 days, the investments are also reasonably secured. Liquid funds generally invest in instruments that have a very high credit rating. The maturity of the instrument can go up to 91 days. But portfolios of most liquid funds have average maturities well below that; even six or eight days sometimes. So, a liquid fund holds very low risk and is very liquid, meaning that, the fund can be changed into cash assets at any time. Their aim is to secure returns that are better than bank savings account and more liquid than term deposits. Since the instruments have very short tenures, they are not traded in the market, and instead held-to-ma-

turity by the fund to provide steady returns with minimal risk and focus on capital preservation. This removes mark-to-market losses on the instruments and eliminates volatility. Other debt funds have securities with longer maturities and so are more influenced by interest rate changes and market movement. Liquid funds differ from debt funds. Liquid funds provide returns less than debt funds and have a shorter maturity profile. But they score over other debt funds like income and gilt funds in terms of liquidity, as they are no load funds. Liquid funds are the least risky instruments. These funds also cash in the interest rate volatility, as short-term funds are less prone to changes in interest rates. Hence such funds are most sought after by the conservative investor who does not want to trade his principal for a risky return.

A change in the Net Asset Value of a liquid fund comes about as interest on the instrument accrues. In the past one year, liquid funds have given an average 9 per cent returns with few of them have scored over even 10 per cent which is far better than what any savings bank account can give. Most banks pay annual rates of 4 per cent, though some pay 5.5-7 per cent. Liquid funds also give dividends, ranging from daily, fortnightly, monthly or quarterly payouts. Liquid funds also allow investors to invest for a very short period of time, such as a fortnight, a week, or even for one day. Mutual funds have a tie up with banks for direct credit of redemption proceeds to bank account implying that the waiting period for collecting redemption cheque is Zero. This means that, an investor can submit his redemption request on Monday morning before 10 or 10:30 IST and get a redemption request processed based on the closing NAV of Sunday and get a redemption cheque on the next working day. Almost all liquid funds declare NAVs on Sundays and on public holidays. All this can be done at NAV based prices since liquid funds do not charge any entry or exit loads. After investing a certain amount of money in liquid mutual funds, investors may also opt to systematically transfer the money to an equity fund, which will help them gain from the liquid fund as well as the equity fund. If the gains from liquid funds can be transferred into equity funds, it will not only provide capital protection but also high equity returns. You cannot draw money from a liquid fund as you would from an ATM, except with one mutual fund house which is even offering debit card against investments, where one is allowed to withdraw up to 50 per cent of the invested money, which ensures sufficient liquidity. A bank account definitely scores highest on liquidity. These funds are mandated by SEBI to process the redemption proceeds within 24 hours. Investors are advised to do provide for three to four days to receive clear funds in their bank accounts.


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The technology of Consciousness

SIBLING RIVALRY No matter how much parents try, the jealousy factor always becomes an issue for the modern day siblings


ritu gupta


s the name suggests, sibling rivalry is the fight, jealousy, hatred, competition that one has towards his/ her sibling. It is a concern for almost all parents of two or more kids. Problems often start right after the birth of the second child. Sibling rivalry continues throughout childhood and can be very frustrating for the parents as well as the family and we have also seen that sibling rivalry occurs between cousins as well if you are living together. Major fight amongst elders also crop up because of these small fights amongst kids of the same age in a family. Sibling Rivalry is a normal phase and with age, it fades off. All we have to do as parents, is keep patience and help kids get along in a positive way. At the growing phase, this problem is common but in no time, these siblings also become best of friends.


• •

When each child is trying to compete with his own sibling to prove his capability and talent. A sense of insecurity amongst the first born. Thinking that when the younger one will come his importance and love from the parents will become lesser. Children who are hungry, bored or tired are more likely to become frustrated and start fights. How parents treat their kids and react to conflict can make a big difference in how well siblings get along.


Don’t play favourites. Never compare your children

• • • •

with each other. Let each child be who they are. Don’t try to pigeonhole or label them. Each child has his own qualities. Appreciate it. Set your kids up to cooperate rather than compete. Make sure each child has enough time and space of their own.


As stated earlier in many cases, with time the rivalry amongst the siblings get resolved, but in certain cases, this rivalry is carried on until adulthood and this is called adult sibling rivalry.


When parents expect too much from their children. They are not able to cope up with it and thus hot flashes amongst siblings take place. When parents make comparisons amongst their children. Making one feel superior to the other. Inner conflict starts leading to adult sibling rivalry. One of the most common resources that siblings fight about

Ritu Gupta is a psychological counsellor dealing with people having individual, marital, job related and child related issues. She also assists Dr. Deepak Goenka with infertility counselling.

When parents expect too much from their children. They are not able to cope up with it and thus hot flashes amongst siblings take place. is their parents’ love and approval. If parents show favoritism toward a child, they can harm and even destroy sibling relationships. Whatever the situation be, it is important to understand that parents play a very important role to handle sibling rivalry. Parents have to handle their kids very carefully, taking care of their emotions. Since they are so sensitive, we need to ensure that we take utmost care not to play with their feelings.

he body is a machine, and the Consciousness which operates and has helped to develop this body has been ignored by us. We need to pay attention to that as well. Then a new dimension to life opens up. It is because of Consciousness that technology exists today in the world. This Consciousness which is responsible for all creativity, all scientific discovery in the world, all forms of music, art, fashion, film, and everything else, needs your attention because the same Consciousness can manifest health, happiness, love and compassion. The same Consciousness can be very logical, it can understand, it can comprehend, it can create, and it can also manifest compassion, love, peace and joy. It is just like the cell phone which has so many programs. There is a camera, SMS facility, a telephone book, clock and a music player. A cell phone has multi-functions, and so does our brain and our life. Sometimes, our mind starts and then it goes on and on and on, and we don’t know how to shut it off. So just like how you have to switch on and switch off different functions of a cell phone, we need to have the ability to switch on and off all the abilities that nature has provided in us. We can open our Consciousness to different levels of reality. This is not just the only reality that exists. So if you have kept this Consciousness active only for art or music or only for science and logic, then life is not complete. If you are open to just having fun and being merry, even then life is not complete. Everyone, at one point or another in their lives, even for a few seconds or few minutes, has felt serene. You have felt Silence, and you felt very spiritual; a deep sense of silence and serenity. In many of our mobile phone this operation is switched off, or we have not used it at all. So touch this function in your Consciousness, and it will help you to smile and serve more.

His Holiness Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Ji


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Career Arup Kumar Deka Career Counsellor


career in management is not only a learning process of the art of managing but is also in fact one of the most interesting experiences that one can have in the form of a career. The learning process of the art of management is one of the cornerstones of the education in India. The reason is the presence of so many career courses in India. Latest brings comprehensive information and resources on various branches of management such as Business Management, Marketing Management, Financial Management, Human Resource Management, Event Management. Also people who would like to pursue their career in management can get information on various Universities and Colleges offering courses at postgraduate, undergraduate level.

Career in Business Management Managing Business for any organization is the most pivot process. Business Management can be described as managing and supervising various operational, financial, marketing and human resource process across the organization. For any successful business it is very much required to make balance all related processes so that the revenue and profit can be generated towards betterment of business. There need to be very skilled professionals in all respective fields to manage and supervising process. There has been continuous demand of skilled manpower in business related fields, therefore many top universities and colleges such as, IIMs, MDI Gurgaon, FMS and many others offer various full time and part time management courses such as MBA, PGDBM, PGDA, Phd. in management across India. Also, companies too encourages employees to learn management skills by supporting them with Executive MBA. Students have great opportunities to get MBA degrees from various other International Universities. A Management graduate can get lucrative career opportunities in Finance, Marketing, Sales, Human Resource, Administration, Research field as Management Trainee, Executives, Senior Executives, Assistant Manager, Project Managers, Research Analyst and many others. Companies from all over the world hire skilled management professionals from India each year with significant pay packages. Because of increasing demand in market and industry, there has been excellent opportunities for them who would like to make their career in business management.

Management Entrance Exams Management entrance exams are overwhelmingly popular in India. A large number of candidates sit for these exams every year to try and get admission into one of the top management colleges in the country. Management test papers are set with the aim to find out the standard of knowledge, the aptitude of the candidate and his or her ability to take admission in a management program. Management education is a formal instruction in the principles and techniques of management with specific subjects, the successful completion of which leads to a degree. Management education is targeted to develop management knowledge, understanding and competence. This is imparted

Career in


Because of increasing demand in market and industry, there has been excellent opportunities for them who would like to make their career in business management. through two learning methodologies: classroom and online tutorials. Management Entrance Exams are the qualifying check post for students to develop their management skills and knowledge, and tend to be focused on specialization of a skill resulting in a formal degree. The first step in the MBA selection procedure is a written aptitude test. Normally, the areas in which students are tested include:

1. Quantitative ability 2. Analytical 3. Logical reasoning 4. Data interpretation 5. Reading comprehension After a person graduates from this tedious degree program, he looks for a job to recur the education expenses, utilize his business acumen and explore entrepreneurial capabilities.

List of the Management Institute in Assam 1. Guwahati University, Guwahati 2. Dibrugarh University,


3. Tezpur University, Tezpur 4. Assam University, Silchar 5. Assam Down Town University,


6. Assam Institute of

Management, Guwahati

Some of the main Management entrance exams in India are

7. Royal Group of Institutions,


8. GIMT, Guwahati, Guwahati 9. ISBM, Guwahati

1. CAT (Common Admission Test)

10. Kaziranga University, Jorhat

2. MAT (Management Aptitude Test)

11. NERIM, Guwahati

3. XAT (Conducted by XLRI Jamshedpur

12. AIMT, Guwahati

4. Indian Institute of Foreign Trade (IIFT) MBA Admission Test

14. Don Bosco Institute of

5. ATMA (AIMS Test For Management Admission)

15. Guwahati Commerce College,

6. IBSAT (ICFAI Business School Aptitude Test)

16. KK Handique State Open

13. NEF, Guwahati

Management, Guwahati Guwahati

University, Guwahati

GETTING IT RIGHT The Key is to make the right career choice


choice is always difficult to make, and one about our careers, probably more so. Youngsters today are spoilt for choice with literally hundreds of career options, each exiting in its own way. The roads are many, and the path is one. It is up to us to make the right choice, the one out of the many, which will shape our lives for years to come. A career choice is one of the most difficult, significant and important decisions we will ever make. And one that we have to make relatively early in life. We must all embark on our missions of finding our career with much thought and deliberation. This is not a choice one can make based on few criteria alone. We must take into consideration all possible factors, and search within ourselves to understand what drives us. Will monetary benefits and perks overshadow our need for job satisfaction? But money is also important; we all need it to survive. So if a job is all satisfaction and no pay, things could get tough. Before you go about choosing the perfect career, you need to first discover who you are. How many of us actually

take time out to evaluate our likes and dislikes? Our first task should be understanding what our interests are, and where our passion lies. Looking at a few basic questions, our answers will tell us more about the kind of job/ lifestyle we aspire for. For example: Would you prefer working alone or in a group? With fixed office hours or flexible timings? Are you a person who would prefer to travel extensively on the job or are you more of a homebody? Ask yourself where you want to be in ten years. Does a particular job fulfill your need for continuous growth? Does it provide enough challenges for you to move ahead on your career path? Think about your hobbies. A lot of us are very passionate about a hobby, like photography for instance. Today, many career considered ‘non-mainstream’ options earlier have proved to be very lucrative careers. Do you want to be your own boss? Or would you rather follow the leader? Do you want to work in a fast-paced world, or would you rather do something that moves slowly? Accept your own realities. Know your capabilities.

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The Big Ban


The ban on Gutkha and smokeless tobacco has been ineffective

Dr.Bikash Rai Das, Consultant Cardiac Surgeon


he ‘Kamur of the week’ in a previous issue of G-Plus summarised the dismal and ineffective situation of banning the sale on smokeless tobacco in Assam. Although, we the concerned citizens whole-heartedly welcomed the decision, it has been seen that every pan shop is still selling these products! It has been almost a year since the government introduced and passed the Bill and thereby, Assam became the first state to legally ban consumption of all forms of smokeless tobacco, including pan masala containing tobacco and nicotine, through an act, which came into effect on February 13th, 2013. Taking note of the fact that smokeless tobacco accounts for 90% of oral cancers; the act also bans the advertisement, trade, storage, distribution and sale of the substances. Governor JB Patnaik had given assent to the Assam Health (Prohibition of manufacturing, advertisement, trade, storage, distribution, sale and consumption of zarda, gutkha, pan masala, etc, containing tobacco and/or nicotine) Bill, 2013. According to this law, violators can be punished with imprisonment up to seven years and a fine between Rs 1 lakh and `5 lakh. Consumption or possession of zarda, gutkha and pan masala containing tobacco is punishable with a fine of `1,000 for the first offence and `2,000 for each subsequent offence. But, we are yet to see any person going to jail under this law. The irony is that although the health department has banned the consumption, but the production aspect has to be handled by the agriculture department. If any company produces such products, it has to sell them outside the state. The state stands to lose `20 crore annually as a result of the ban. According to wikipedia, Gutkha or Gutkha is a preparation of crushed areca nut (also called betel nut), tobacco, catechu, paraffin, slaked lime and sweet or savoury flavourings. It is manufactured in India and exported to a few other countries. A mild stimulant, it is sold across India in small, individual-sized packets that cost between 2 and 10 rupees per packet. It is consumed much like chewing tobacco, and like chewing tobacco, it is considered responsible for oral cancer and

other severe negative health effects. Consumption of gutkha is the leading cause of oral cancer across the country. India enjoys the dubious distinction of being the oral cancer capital of the world due to the high levels of smokeless tobacco use. Besides, gutkha and smokeless tobacco consumption causes a host of other medical problems like cardiovascular diseases, infertility, hypertension, nervous system disorder, liver and kidney diseases, metabolic disorders including diabetes and obesity, and psychological disorders including addiction. Excessive gutkha use can eventually lead to loss of appetite; promote unusual sleep patterns, and loss of concentration along with other tobacco-related problems. Many states have sought to curb its immense popularity by taxing sales of gutkha heavily or by banning it outright. Almost all tobacco consumers, adults and kids, like Gutkha. Highly addictive and a known carcinogen, gutkha is currently the subject of much debate in India. According to a recent study approximately 42% of the people surveyed preferred to chew on Gutkha. However, only 34% of tobacco users are aware of the pictorial warnings and harmful effects of chewing tobacco. Despite the fact that smoking in public places was banned with effect from October 2, 2008, most government offices are yet to display the mandatory “No smoking”sign in their respective premises. Most of the tobacco users started consuming tobacco in several forms before they turned 18.

Health Tip

Unlike alcohol and tobacco products, there is no ban on the advertisement of gutkha. Often tobacco companies advertise paan masala as gutkha in order to skirt the ban on advertising tobacco products. Most of them were not aware of the harmful effects of tobacco use at the time when they started consuming tobacco products. A gutkha user can easily be identified by stained teeth, ranging from dirty yellowish-orange to reddishblack. The stains are difficult to remove by normal brushing and usually need the attention of a dentist. Unlike alcohol and tobacco products, there is no ban on the advertisement of gutkha. Often tobacco companies advertise paan masala as gutkha in order to skirt the ban on advertising tobacco products. Surrogate advertisements use images of a gutkha packet instead of a pan masala. According to the Food Safety and Standards (Prohibition and Restriction on Sales) Regu-

lations, 2011 of the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India, misleading advertisement of such products invites a fine of `10 lakh. In the context of India where a large number of children are falling prey to the “wicked” product, the age for initiation for gutkha consumption has been reported between 8-14 years in India. Contrary to this, it’s only after ten years of age that a child starts taking tobacco in any form. But what sends the alarm bells ringing is that initiation age is reported to be declining on a regular basis. Figures show that more than 55,000 children in the country start consuming tobacco everyday and about 5 million children, under the age of 15 are addicted to gutkha - the Indian avatar of tobacco. Gutkha is projected as a harmless mouth freshener and therefore consumed in larger amounts by unaware and ignorant children. In a survey of 986 school children in rural parts of Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh it was found that the precursor of mouth cancers is present in 16% children. More statistics show the same. A survey of school children in the coastal villages of Kerala showed 29 per cent of them chewing tobacco. Another survey in Mizoram showed the incidence of 56.5%. The age incidence of oral cancer is going down and is significantly lower than reported in rest of the world. An Indian Dental Association (IDA) survey found that 10%-40% of school students and 70% of students in colleges of Mumbai chew gutkha and paan

An antioxidant supplement daily helps to prevent any free radical damage in the body.

masala. The role played by films and media in popularising tobacco is also highly regretted. A WHO study report released recently, reviewed 440 Bollywood films released between 1991 and 2002, it found that tobacco consumption, mainly in the form of smoking, was shown in nearly three out of four movies. It said, earlier only villains were shown smoking on screen but later they were joined by an increasing number of lead actors as well. Superstar Shahrukh Khan was reported to have smoked 109 times on the screen while legendary south Indian actor Rajnikant smoked 103 times! Icons like SRK, Rajnikant, Amitabh Bachchan must use their popularity to create awareness against tobacco. Apart from taking lives of eight lakh natives every year, tobacco is also responsible for cancer in 1.5 lakh men, heart diseases in 4.2 million people and lung diseases in 3.7 million persons. However, while we welcomed the government’s decision, it is also of paramount importance that the administration gears up to put a system in place to effectively implement the orders. These products are still being sold in a clandestine manner. To combat this, the health department will have to take responsibility to conduct regular raids to implement the laws and thereby curb this menace. We know that Assam has a dismal record in tobacco control. This ban on marketing and sale of gutkha and smokeless tobacco in the state was the most important public health measures taken in the recent past. This had culminated incessant campaigning by public health experts and voluntary groups to some extent. The starting point of such drastic measure attracted lots of wrath especially from the very powerful business and distributor lobby. The government, until now had circumvented the vested interests of people in government, industry and other pressure groups. The Right to health is a fundamental right flowing from the right to life guaranteed under Article 21 of the Constitution of India. Article 47 casts a fundamental duty on the State to improve public health and to endeavour to prohibit consumption of intoxicating substances, which are injurious to health. In any case, the decision on ban was a welcome step but it needs to be enforced honestly which till now can’t be appreciated. We also need to continuously generate scientific evidence on all aspects relating to both pan masala and gutkha. Public awareness should have followed the ban. We have the law, now it’s our duty to implement it.


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Buon Appetito



Sanjukta Dutta food enthusiast


ou don’t really need any special reason or occasion to go Italian from time to time. So here you are, two delicious Italian delights

For Alfredo Sauce, you will require the following ingredients:

1. ¼ cup butter (I have used the regular Amul Butter readily available in Guwahati Shops) 2. 2 tablespoon of fresh minced garlic 3. 2 tablespoon of all purpose flour (Maida) 4. ¾ cup of milk (I have used Amul Taza) 5. ¾ cup of heavy cream (I have used the locally available cream as I find it heavier than the readymade ones 6. One and a half cup shredded Parmesan Cheese (Sometimes if you get lucky you will find it in Big Bazar’s Forzen Section and if you don’t, then use any other cheese that you get to lay your hands on) 7. Parsley (since there is no fresh parsley available here, I used the dried variety and it is available in shops around the city) 8. Salt and pepper for seasoning.


1. In a medium saucepan, over medium heat, melt the butter 2. Add garlic and saute until the garlic is lightly browned 3. Add a dash of salt and pepper. 4. Sprinkle the flour over the garlic-butter (one would need enough flour just to soak up the butter-but here is the trick-do not put more flour than just asked to as too much of it can make the sauce a super heavy one with floury taste) 5. Cook the mixture stirring consistently to keep it from burning and this will also help to get rid of the raw taste. . Slowly start adding the milk, and gradually the cream while constantly stirring the mixture to avoid lumps. 7. Now add the shredded parmesan cheese and keep whisking this mixture. Now add the parsley and keep whisking till the cheese is incorporated. 8. Remove from heat after adding some salt and pepper to taste.


FARFALLONI: ( a pasta variety that looks like a ‘bow’ and Guwahati can surprise you with the various types of Pasta that are sold in packets in the markets. The best place to locate them is at ‘Big Bazar, Taanz, Nayantara etc) 1. Heat water in a deep pan. Add the farfalloni into it (about 200 gms) and allow them to cook 2. As the farfalloni is cooked (check if with a fork), drain the water and leave the pasta under running water (to avoid stickiness) 3. Once the farfalloni is cooled and is separated from one another, sprinkle some salt and pepper into it. 4. Add about 2 tablespoon of olive oil and toss it so that the pasta is mixed well with the seasonings. 5 Now add the pasta over the sauce that we have already made and throw in a few green and black olives over it. One can also add some chilli-flakes for that extra zing. Serve if hot and almost immediately garnishing it with olives and basil- along with a side dish like a pan fried chicken or a fish fry or some crisp potato fries……goes well with sparkling wine or any such variety.


I had chicken crumb fry for the first time in a club in Guwahati. It was so yummy that I had to go to the kitchen to tell the cook that the chicken was awesome. Here in the kitchen I learnt that it was indeed tasty and yet at the same time very simple to make it. So I decided that I will treat my family with this and from then on, my family and friends request me to make this every now and then. So here I am sharing with you all, how to make this at home and get tremendous applauds for the same. WHAT TO DO AND HOW TO GO ABOUT IT? 1) Cut the chicken into pieces you desire to fry. 2) Wash properly and rub gingergarlic paste and boil it for about 6-8 minutes in high flame 3) Now after the chicken is parboiled leave it to cool down 4) Sprinkle salt and pepper on the boiled chicken. 5) In a separate dish, add 2 eggs (well beaten) and in a flat plate put generous amount of crumbs (ready made is available) OR you can make crumbs at home by grinding ‘Rusk biscuits’ in a mixer grinder. 6) Now, in a deep pan, add refined oil and put it on high flame till the oil is hot enough for frying the chicken pieces. 7) Now dip the chicken pieces into the beaten eggs, and rub the crumbs all over the chicken. 8) Fry the chicken in the oil till they are golden brown 9) Serve hot as snacks/main course.


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Sunsilk Mega Miss Northeast 2014 Date: 12 April, Venue: ITA Cultural Complex, Machkhowa th

The glamorous event, featuring the most beautiful young women from across states of north east was Sponsored by Sunsilk a brand from Hindustan Unilever Limited, Styling Partner was Lakme and Fashion partner was Reliance Trends. The Sunsilk Mega Miss North East 2014prize package included `50 thousand cash, a custom American diamond tiara, gifts from pageant sponsors, extensive travel opportunities representing sponsors and charitable partners and professional representation by Mega Entertainment Apart from Sunsilk Mega Miss North East title the Winner Ms Natasha Wahlang was awarded a ticket to walk Lakme Fashion Week in Mumbai for Reliance Trends who is the official Fashion Partner of the event. The event styled & powered by Fashion Designer/ Choreographer Abhijeet Singha and produced by Mega Entertainment.

Winner, Ms. Natasha Wahlang (Shillong) 1st Runner Up, Ms. Archana Barman (Guwahati) 2nd Runner Up, Ms. Leni Ralte – (Aizawl)

Gplus Miss Page 3, Arifa A. Begum

Fashion Designer/Choreographer Abhijeet Singha

Winner Siddharth, Dingo Diago Nameirakpam (Manipur) as the 1st Runner up & Bibek Bora (Assam) as the 2nd Runner up

G plus Mr. Page 3 - Brian Richard Chatelier

Fair & Lovely Men’s Mega Mr. North East 2014 Date: 13th April, Venue: ITA Cultural Complex





19th April

Pragjyoti ITA Cultural Center

Brahmaputra Valley Film Festival

19th April

Hotel Nakshatra

Fund Raising Dinner – in aid of UTSAH child protection centre

19th April

Terra Mayaa

DJ Nash India Tour 2014 – NashtyTv HD

20th April

Greenwood Resort

Farhan Live – Get ready to Rock On!

25 April

Terra Mayaa

SuidAkra Live – Headlining Wacken Metal India

26th April

Terra Mayaa

DJ Pearl


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Accomplished, Striving as well as Aspiring and very charming young men from all corners of the region geared up as the quest to become the next most desirable man of north east; the region’s biggest and creatively produced contemporary man hunt contest which got underway on 13th April Live from ITA Cultural Complex, Guwahati. The Mega Mr. North East brand is being produced by Mega Entertainment. Event powered by the power house of fashion & pageant industry Abhijit Singha The prize package for the 5th edition of Mega Mr North East 2014 includes: cash prize of `50,000/-, official sash, gifts and extensive travel opportunities representing sponsors and professional representation by Mega Entertainment


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Director: Abhishek Verman Cast: Arjun Kapoor, Alia Bhatt, Ronit Roy, Amrita Singh, Revathy

TRANSCENDENCE Director: Wally Pfister Cast: Johnny Depp, Morgan Freeman, Rebecca Hall Kate Mara, Cillian Murphy, Cole Hauser, Paul Bettany


ranscendence” is a movie that’s of two minds. It’s well-grounded, but also over the top. It’s a man-vs-machine epic and also an intimate drama. It’s quirky-smart yet sci-fi silly. And it winds up being half as good as it could be. Johnny Depp is Dr. Will Caster, a brilliant scientist working with his wife Evelyn (sexy Rebecca Hall) and fellow researcher Max (Paul Bettany) on startling advancements in artificial intelligence. The team hopes to build a computerized “brain” that would be self-sustaining and everevolving, able to cure diseases and save the planet. But while at a conference, an anti-tech terrorist shoots Will with a radiation-tipped bullet. With weeks to live, Will, Evelyn and Max decide to plug electrodes into Will’s brain and “upload his consciousness” into



a supercomputer they’ve built under a desert town. Will dies — but his brain lives. As everyone knows, that’s asking for trouble. Two years later, Will’s sentient, computerized self is an omniscient, powerful force that uses nanotechnology, and his own brilliance, to heal people. Except he doesn’t just make them well. He makes them stronger, and implants chips in their heads that allows him to communicate with these “hybrid humans.” As Max teams up with the leader of a radical group (Kate Mara), the government “shuts down the Internet” to shut Will himself down. Meanwhile, Evelyn attempts a dangerous gambit by begging Will to upload her into the computer, too. That’s a lot of plot. And there are additional twists that link the movie to everything from “Frankenstein”

to “Colossus: The Forbin Project” to “The Terminal Man,” “The Matrix” and even last year’s artificialintelligence love story “Her.” Director Wally Pfister was the director of photography on “Inception,” which is yet another strand in the DNA of Jack Paglen’s script. This all works for a while in a spooky way. Depp is skittish and sadeyed. Once in the computer, his HAL 9000-like calmness and image on multiple screens is supremely weird. (The production design, though, veers from “12 Monkeys”-style rustic to a computer-filled bunker that feels like an aisle at Best Buy.) Hall and Bettany lend solid support. There are also good actors around the edges — Mara, Morgan Freeman, Cillian Murphy, Clifton Collins Jr. — playing characters without much to do. Then the film implodes. It doesn’t make much sense when Will’s creating particles to float up from the ground and impact the atmosphere. The limitations of the story become obvious, battling the energy and verve Pfister’s plugged into. In the end, the ideas in “Transcendence” may be electric, but a lot goes haywire.


Swing into action in The Amazing Spider-Man 2, a third-person action-adventure video game that builds on the story of the previous game with an alternative take on the events of the movie sequel, while also giving players an enhanced, free-roaming webslinging experience through a greatly expanded New York City. As Spidey, players will be able to free-roam through a greatly-enhanced Manhattan cityscape, one set to offer livelier, more engaging opportunities with which to put his sensational skills to use.

Now Showing

2 States

Apsara Cinema

Daily at 11 AM, 2, 5 & 8 PM

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Daily at 11 AM, 5 & 8 PM


Bhootnath Returns

Main Tera Hero

2:40 PM 5:30 PM 5:45 PM


States is the story about two varied cultures coming together. This is the story of Ananya and Krish, bounded aesthetically in the chains of religion and caste. It showcases how even after so many years of independence India is still entangled in the chains of caste and creed. The world has moved ahead but their families are still stuck upon the old hypothesis of ‘same caste marriage’. Ananya is the South Indian sweet and charming lady with wits and looks in a perfect combination. Krish the IIT passout on the other hand is very timid and shy. The first day in the canteen they encounter each other and the story begins. This tale of pure love and laughter takes you all from the college corridors to classrooms, from Chennai to Delhi and from Ananya to Krish’s family. Love does not come easily as they say!! That is where the whole family drama starts. Ananya’s parents have problems with Krish, and krish’s parents have problems with Ananya. Both their families have problems with each other. Quite confusing it seems, but real tragic it is. Talking about the cast, Alia Bhat the newbie is all ready to set the theatres on fire with her innocence. While, our hero Mr. Arjun Kapoor’s mushy lines to his lady love makes the audience fall in love with him. This is the strug-

gle for love. This is the struggle for freedom and this is the struggle to break all the bonds between their families. This story creates love, spreads love and teaches love. How beautifully have everything been crafted in the story is worth some hundered bucks. A perfect cast with an excellent director and producers. A Karan Johar film never fails on the screen. Plus being an adaptation from Chetan Bhagat’s novel it is sure to make its piggy fill with some money. The last adaption from Chetan Bhagat’s ‘Five point someone’ gave us ‘3 idiots’, the movie that stole billion hearts. That was the kind of movie everyone cherished so well. Audience this time expects much more and something new from 2 States. The fine pairing between Alia and Arjun is most hyped about and is sure to steal billions of hearts. The movie gained too much popularity when the trailer was launched due to high reach and success of the novel ‘2 States’ by Chetan Bhagat. The sizzling chemistry between the stars and the light tragic comedy will keep you on your toes. Like Chetan Bhagat’s ‘Three Idiots’, ruled the silver screen for quite a time, even ‘2 States’, has a lot of expectation from the movie lovers. The directors job is appreciable and overall the film is a must watch atleast for the young modern lovers.


G PLUS APR 19 - APR 25, 2014

Web Watch

UC Browser for Android woos IPL fans

Project Ara Modular Phone will be out in Jan 2015

Microsoft launches Office 360 for `330 per month


s the 2014 season of the Indian Premier League (IPL) kicks off today, UCWeb has launched a special “cricket 2014 version” of UC Browser for Android. The cricket version features a new interface as well as detailed IPL content and services aimed at cricket and IPL fans. With the new version, users can stay updated with the latest IPL information including live scores, previews, commentaries, interviews, stats, pho-

Block annoying TV show spoilers

tos, videos and more. Also included in this update is the “Cricket” add-on, which can remind users of key upcoming matches. As part of UC Browser’s new user interface, a “Cricket - Sport” folder is now visible on the browser homepage. A quick click on “Cricket - Sport” reveals live scores of current matches. Clicking on the scoreboard quickly leads to more match information including news, commentaries, stats, photos, videos and more. The newly released “Cricket” addon, available on UC Browser’s Add-on Center, is a smart widget that serves as a news feed and reminder. This lightweight add-on generates a shortcut on your phone’s home screen for easy access to breaking news and scores. You can also keep track of upcoming matches important to you with automatic notifications to remind you when the match is about to start.

roject Ara, Google’s modular smartphone project, is expected to be available for purchase early next year. The phone is also expected to cost $50 (`3,000 approx.) and will be available in plain grey colour in order to encourage buyers to customize it. All of this was revealed by Paul Eremenko, the team leader of Project Ara at its first developers conference. Eremenko also weighed in on the fact that even though Project Ara supports Android, Android, as yet, does not support the drivers required for modular hardware. He said that because Google owned the project, that problem should be solved soon.


oogle has improved its photo-sharing experience and now allows users to send photos stored in their Google+ account through Gmail on the web. Google introduced a photoattachment button in Gmail that

Iphone App to help you get rid of jet lags


athematicians at University of Michigan have created an app called Entrain which works on an algorithm that helps users calculate the hours of sleep and exposure to daylight necessary for travellers to get rid of jet lags caused due to traveling over different time zones. Whenever a person travels to an area that is 12 hours behind the place where he/she was first, body’s circadian rhythms fall out of sync with the surroundings thus causing jet lag. Naturally, cells in the retina help us adjust to the new place by detecting the exposure to sunlight but that can take

Microsoft is also offering Office 365 Home Premium subscription, which allows users to connect up to five PCs. The company plans to retain the option, but will remove the “Premium” branding. So, it’s just Office 365 Home. Microsoft is offering both the plans with 60 minutes of Skype calling per month and 20GB of additional OneDrive storage.

Google adds ability to insert and resize Google+ photos in mails


ot of users are getting annoyed by spoilers of their favorite TV shows on their social media networks. One of the best examples is the recent episode of Game of Thrones which was trending so much on major social networks that users (who were yet to watch it) were left frustrated by the spoilers in their feeds on Facebook and Twitter. Now, to get rid of those spoilers there’s a new way out provided you are not a Mozilla Firefox fan. A handy Google Chrome extension has been released called Silencer which lets you block all the spoilers from your Facebook and Twitter feeds. All you need to do is install the extension in your Chrome browser and type in the keywords that you don’t want to see in order to avoid any spoilers. You have to be specific when you declare the words that you want to see blocked. Once done, check your feed and all the related status updates or tweets should disappear from your feeds.


icrosoft has introduced a new subscription offering mainly aimed at individual users. The Office 365 Personal allows users to run Microsoft’s cloud based document creating and editing suite on one PC or Mac and one tablet (including the iPad). The service is available for $6.99 a month or $69.99 a year. In India, it is priced at `330 a month and `3,299 a year.

a lot of time (usually 13 days). With the help of Entrain, users could be able to adjust in the new surroundings in just 48 hours. The app uses a model created by the mathematicians from Michigan which evaluates different scenarios to determine how our bodies react when thrown out of rhythm and how to make them adjust. The mathematicians working on the project found that in order to restore individuals’ circadian rhythm, periods of light and dark need to be simulated to trick the body. The app has already been tested by many and has generally been receiving positive reviews.

allows users to see previews of their photos in Google+. Users can browse through preview images and add pictures into an email simply by selecting them. Users also have an option to attach full albums. Google has also added the abili-

ty to re-size the images inline. Users can click on the image while composing messages and then drag it to re-size. Google has also added a few pre-set scaling options like small or best-fit. The new features is already available for users.

Auto Reply to Facebook and Twitter Posts With Relaxed


n email services, there is an option for vacation auto responder, where one can set a custom reply message for all incoming emails. Some people also use this to send auto-reply to all emails they receive. What if you want to have this kind of feature in your Facebook or Twitter accounts? “Relaxed” is a nice web application that lets users set auto responder in Facebook and Twitter. You can also use it as a vacation responder for your Facebook and Twitter accounts. Relaxed is a simple and easy to use web application. You only need to follow three steps to set vacation responder :

Connect your social media accounts : Visit

and connect your Facebook and Twitter account. You can either

connect both accounts or any one which you want.

Select your message : Select an

auto reply message from the given list. If you want to add custom message, you can edit the given auto reply messages to create one. This auto responder message will only be valid for a week.

Activate auto responder : Once you have selected the auto responder message, click the ‘Activate’ button. In Facebook when someone writes on your wall, it will send the response. In Twitter when someone mentions you, it will respond with the custom message you selected. It also works with Twitter and Facebook messages. And once you are back from vacations you can disconnect your accounts from Relaxed.

Indrajeet Bhuyan is a 16 year old tech blogger and security researcher. He is passionate about computers and believes in sharing knowledge and information . He uses his spare time helping people and companies secure themselves.


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Does media play a big role in the elections? Anjan Jyoti Gogoi

Moumita Deb Choudhury Journalist

Employee, Gauhati High Court





es, definitely! Media has been extensively playing a huge role in almost every aspect of life and when it comes to the issue of politics it has always been taking a great deal of interest in all the political matters, be it the political leaders, their personal or political affairs or the elections. Today, a major portion of the Indian citizens have gained access to the various modes of communications like television, newspaper etc which are considered to be a vital source for forming of opinions and views. The viewers are deeply influenced by the exit polls and talk shows being telecast on national television and interestingly, over the years it has become an integral part of elections taking place not only in India but also across the globe. But, at the same time, it has got another tale to tell. Biased news in favour of a particular party being telecast before or during the time of elections can condition the viewers into liking and voting for the party. During the campaign of the Lok Sabha elections too, the Election Commission has asked the Centre to take ‘appropriate action’ in the matter on a complaint by the members of a political party on alleged manipulation of opinion polls by some organisations. Because, these ‘fixed opinion polls’ or paid news which come across to the layman as genuine piece of journalism will ultimately help the candidate with money power and not the honest deserving candidate. As the fourth pillar of democracy media do have a big responsibility towards conducting free and fair elections. Since media has the great advantage of reaching the masses with ease, it should be giving equal time and space to all the political parties, so that each party could put forward its views.

The viewers are deeply influenced by the exit polls and talk shows being telecast on national television and interestingly, over the years it has become an integral part of elections taking place not only in India but also across the globe. In the recent episode of an editor’s resignation from a news channel over an alleged fixed interview of BJP’s prime minstrel candidate Naredra Modi, we have witnessed the kind of pressure being put on the media to give good publicity and advertisements of a particular figure or party. But, again, you can never be so sure of the truth behind such stories. Whatever the media shows or writes, it is true that media plays a big role in the elections. Therefore, some say it is the actual ‘kingmaker’ of the government.

edia is the preacher and the people involved are the vicars. Whatever the media breathes out is news. Bu then media does not really play a significant role in the nooks and corners, and so the media does not necessarily play a big role in the elections. If the means of communication is the newspaper, TV and radio then there’s zero role for the media to play in election because not everybody in the country is touched by the influential media. There are many under-developed places in the heart of India and mostly it is rural India, which makes the

For the less privileged people that is the rural or the backward people it is the delivery of the promises by the candidates which works as a factor for voting. This grass root people will go by their little knowledge and thus vote for their candidates

vote count in elections. There is a zero existence of communication channels in rural places and so the voice of the media is not disseminated to rural people. This fact makes it very clear that media does not play a so-called big role in elections. If we try and look out of the belief that media plays a role everywhere, then we will see how fictitious it is. Opening our insight will let us see that there are various other influences on the people which lead them to make decisions during elections. For the less privileged people that is the rural or the backward people it is the delivery of the promises by the candidates which works as a factor for voting. This grass root people will go by their little knowledge and thus vote for their candidates. The rural people do not have the ability to understand and analyse. They relate to the words delivered by the candidates. For a mass like them, it’s the face of the candidate which is sometimes enough for them to vote. The ignorant India does not know the media but the candidate who has fulfilled their needs and thus earning the vote in his favor. The decision lies in the performance of the candidate and whether or not he maintains the peace and growth of the people and their place. Though media plays a critical role in the human society, it does not play a big role in the elections. Society needs communication for the benefit of its constituents. And when there is no media there is no communication, which in turn leaves the people to decide on their own to cast their votes. Media can never be solely responsible for the success of any system or behind the elections. Media cannot always facilitate participation by citizens and cannot enable voters to make informed or right choices.


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Your weekly dose of HOROSCOPE ARIES

Monday morning may find you raring to go, but beware: Your enthusiasm may cross a certain line at the beginning of the week. Yes, you want what you want, but don’t forget the golden rule when you’re going about getting it. Around Thursday and Friday, your vision is clear, whether it’s work-related or personal — putting together a plan for the future is a terrific idea. However, when the weekend comes, you may want to get a little rest and do some relaxing. Lying low now helps keep you from getting yourself into a problematic situation.

TAURUS To start your week off on the right foot, be extra sensitive in your interactions with others on Monday. By the afternoon (and through the beginning of the week), your keen awareness offers you insights about the world around you that others miss. Around Thursday and Friday, someone may be trying to rattle your cage or otherwise shake you up. It’s unsettling, but instead of a knee-jerk reaction, ask why. When the weekend comes, you’ll have more fun (and get more done) with a friend, a partner or a group. Hook up with those who share your aims and values.

GEMINI Be ready for some extremes right off the bat on Monday morning. Think fast, and think in a different way — by the afternoon and through the first few days this week, you’ll have to push hard and try unique ways to gain understanding. Shedding light isn’t necessarily easy now, but it’s worth it; by Thursday and Friday, a whole new vista can open up to you, giving you all sorts of ideas about your life path. (Of course, you’ll be changing your mind frequently, too.) This weekend, resist the urge to tell all, at least for the moment. Remember: Timing is truly everything.



CANCER Monday morning calls for a special treat — something just for you to get you in a happy, motivated place. By the afternoon and through the beginning of the week, you want a cando, optimistic attitude to help overcome some minor obstacles. Money’s in the stars around Thursday and Friday, so make sure you’ve got a good understanding of any financials (and a good understanding with anyone else who’s involved, too). You’re very philosophical this weekend, and you’ll love exploring new territory, both in the world around you and in your head.

LEO Monday morning might serve up some fun, if you’re awake enough to take advantage of it. Later in the afternoon (and through the beginning of the week), take care to present the best possible version of yourself. What’s most impressive now: Knowing when to hush up and listen. Around Thursday and Friday, relationships of various kinds may present a challenge, and trying to control the situation is likely futile. Letting go a bit may cast it in a different light. If you don’t know where others’ reactions are coming from this weekend, why not ask? Your instincts are also an excellent barometer.

VIRGO You’re likely in ‘hurry up and wait’ mode on Monday morning, and setting your alarm early won’t necessarily help. But by the afternoon and through the beginning of the week, some can-do energy comes your way — work’s likely fun now, and romance may even rev up. For best results, flex your creative muscle. Around Thursday and Friday, your willingness to try new things and test new ideas and attitudes shows the universe you’re ready for what it has to offer. Resist the urge to judge now and through the weekend — there’s far more to what you see than initially meets the eye.

You’re an ace with communication as Monday begins, so get through that brimming inbox. By later in the afternoon and for the next day or two, you may be grappling with some old business, whether at work or personally. Get some help putting it to rest from a friend, mentor or whoever’s appropriate. Around Thursday and Friday, you’ve got a knack for understanding others — and generating heat, if you like! Big plans may hit snags this weekend, so tackle some smaller projects and enjoy the little things — a talk with a friend, a walk, a nap.

SCORPIO Monday morning’s not the time for experiments or risks. If someone’s urging a different course of action now or during the next couple of days, be shrewd and ask yourself (and them), ‘why now?’ People are likely to open up to you now, and you might just hear the most interesting thing. Around Thursday and Friday, are you controlling your emotions, or are they controlling you? An outburst in the wrong context could be a problem — take it easy. Save some of your passion for this weekend, because love is in the air! If you use your imagination, you can really take things to another level.

SAGITTARIUS Hop out on the right side of the bed on Monday morning, and let the cosmic energy kick-start your week. From now until Wednesday, your frankness (and not to mention your sense of humor) earns you respect and appreciation. Look at things objectively for the best results. You love fresh ideas, learning new skills and connecting with different people around Thursday and Friday, which is an excellent headspace for both your work and personal life. When the weekend comes, warn those around you that you may be a bit absentminded — and try not to lose your keys.

CAPRICORN Monday morning may bring a mishap (or two), but keep your chin up and keep going — by later in the day (and through the next couple of days), the energy shifts in your favor. What would you like to accomplish now — at work, at home and in romance? Choose an objective and take it by storm. Around Thursday and Friday, give your mind some space to explore, and you might just develop a fresh, innovative vision. Seek out something that inspires you, which might include some music or art this weekend. Show somebody your creative side, and they’ll be even more impressed.

AQUARIUS Your mind’s in a fruitful place on Monday morning; you might have several great ideas before you even brush your teeth. Take some notes, because by the afternoon and over the next day or so, you’re occupied with keeping up with your busy life. Just wait until Thursday and Friday, though — you’re a force to be reckoned with if the stars have their say. Smart, sexy and (of course) putting your own spin on every situation — that’s you. When the weekend comes, don’t overlook a financial matter. It may be dull by comparison to what else is going on, but it’s necessary.

PISCES Monday morning may find you prone to saying things you haven’t quite thought through, making for an interesting start to the week. But over the next couple of days, you’ll find help when you need it — and likewise, those around you can count on your care, compassion and excellent timing. If you’ve been wishing for something (or is it someone?) different, Thursday and Friday present a good time to focus those desires and use your amped-up brainpower to make a plan. The weekend should provide plenty of great energy for you, so get ready to use it!

JUST FOR LAUGHs On some Air bases the Air Force is on one side of the field and civilian aircraft use the other side of the field, with the control tower in the middle. One day the tower received a call from an aircraft asking, “What time is it?” The tower responded, “Who is calling?” The aircraft replied, “What difference does it make?”


The tower replied, “It makes a lot of difference... If it’s a commercial flight, it is 3 o’clock. If it’s an Air Force plane, it is 1500 hours. If it’s a Navy aircraft, it is 6 bells. If it’s an Army aircraft, the big hand is on the 12 and the little hand is on the 3. If it is a Marine Corps aircraft, it’s Thursday afternoon and 120 minutes to ‘Happy Hour.’”

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Ambulance 102 Arya Hospital, Ulubari 2606888, 2606665 Downtown Hospital 9864101111, 9435012669 GLP Social Circle 2737373 GGUMTA (Mirza) 03623-227109 Marowari Yuva Manch 2542074, 2547251


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Arya Hospital, Ulubari 2606888, 2606665 Ganga Blood Bank 2454742, 2455029 Lion’s Club of Ghy Central 2546611 Marwari Yuva Manch 2546470, 2547251 Saharia’s Path Lab (24 hours) 2458594

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Ph- 2548281


Sahida Mkt, Lakhtokia, Gh-1

Ph- 2602071


Beltola, Gh-28, Ph- 9954052156, 9706052156



Athgaon, Gh-1, Ph- 2520266



Arya Hospital, Ulubari (2606888, 2606665) B Baruah Cancer Institute (2472364/66) Brahmaputra Hospital Ltd (2451634/678) Chatribari Christian Hospital 0361-2600051, 9207044374 Downtown Hospital (2336906, 2330695, 2331003) Guwahati Medical College (2529457, 2529561) Guwahati Medical College Emergency (2263444)

RP Rd, Ganeshguri, Gh-6, Ph- 2592346, 2561195


OP- AT Rd, Gh-1, Ph- 2591884, 2540303


BR- Islam Mrkt, Lkhtokia, Gh- 1, Ph-2600634

At Rd, Gh-1, Ph-2591884, 2540303


Nr. Asian Palace, GS Rd, Gh-7, Ph-2463731


Voltas Lane, Chandmari Colony, Gh-3, Ph- 9864091777

JK- Fatashil Ambari, Gh-25 Ph-9954099920 RG CMPLX, Panbazar, Gh-1, Ph-9435046725


Radha Plaza, Ulubari, GS Rd, Gh-7, Ph-9864408813


TK- Pick me Bldng, Kamarpatty, Gh-1 Ph-2601716, 2514329




Opp. DDK, AIDC, Gh- 24 , Ph- 9864085930


Jail Rd, Fancybazar, Gh-1, Ph-2638655


Voltas Bldng, Chandmari, Gh-3 Ph- 2662816

PK- AT Rd, Bharalumukh, Gh-9, Ph- 2606194


Chandmari, Gh-3, Ph- 9435046352, 9864841387

JS Cmplx, Ulubari, Gh-7, Ph-9864103250


Opp Sainik Bhawan, Lachiynagar, Gh-7, Ph-2528728




AK Azad Rd, Rehabari, Gh-8, Ph9435035481


Opp. Bora Service, Gh-7, Ph- 2456656, 9864018658

Srimanta Mrkt, AT Rd, Gh-1, Ph-2523403


OP- Ananda Plaza, Ganeshguri, Gh-5, Ph-2593816

Nahar mansion, Lakhtokia, Gh-1, Ph-2631943


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Fancybazar, Gh-1, Ph-2514631


HB Rd, Fancybazar, Gh-1, Ph- 2554266


Gopal Rd, Panbazar, Gh-1, Ph- 2545340

International Hospital 0361-7135005 Mahendra Mohan Choudhury Hospital (2541477, 2543998) Marwari Hospital & Research Centre 0361-2602738/39 Marwari Maternity Hospital 0361-2541202/01 Nemcare Hospital 0361-2528587, 2455906, 2457344

Pratiksha Hospital 0361-2337260, 2337183/84 Basistha Military Hospital (2304617/0351) Railway Central Hospital Casuality (2671025) Redcross Hospital (2665114) Sri Sankardeva Netralaya 0361-2233444, 2228879, 2228921 TB Hospital (2540193) Wintrobe Hospital 0361-2519860, 98647-77986 GNRC Hospital 03612227702 GNRC Life First Ambulance 9401194011

24-HOUR PHARMACIES Arya Hospital, Ulubari (2606888, 2606665)


MN Rd, Panbazar, Gh-1, Ph-2512618, 2521047


SUNRISE CONSULTANCY SERVICES Hotel Abhijat Cmplx, Ganeshguri, Gh-6, Ph-9435402774


RK Arcade, Chatribari, Gh-1 Ph-9864501051


Chatribari Rd, Gh-1 Ph- 9435104368, 9207040241


Kejriwal Cmplx, Athgaon, Gh-1 Ph- 2735212


Sreemanta Mrkt, AT Rd, Gh-1 Ph-2511673 2735212


DEAD BODY CARRYING VAN GLP Social Circle 2737373, 9435047046 Marowari Yuva Manch 2542074, 2547251 GGUMTA 98640-16740 ELECTRICITY SUPPLY Call Centre – 9678005171

OTHERS Fire Emergency 101 State Zoo 2201363 GMC Carcass Pickup 9435190720, 9864047222 LPG Emergency/Leakage 2385209, 2541118

RADIO TAXI SERVICES Prime Cabs 0361- 2222233 Green Cabs 0361-7151515 My Taxi 0361-2228888 Cherry Cabs 8876222288

Cinema Hall Anuradha Cineplex – 0361-2656968, 99545-44738 Fun Cinema (HUB)- 98648-00100, 98648-00200 Gold Cinema (Paltan Bazaar) – 98540-66166 Gold Cinema (Salasar) – 0361-2735367, 98540-77177 Gold Cinema (Narengi) – 88110-01898 police station SP, Kamrup District: Ph- 2540278 DGP Control Room: Ph- 2540242 SB Control Room: Ph-2261511 Police Control Room: Ph-2540138, 2540113 Azara PS: Ph2840287 Basista PS: Ph-2302158 Bharalumukh PS: Ph- 2540137, 2731199 Borjhar PS: Ph-2840351 Chandmari PS: Ph- 2660204 Chandrapur PS: Ph-2788237, 2785237 Dispur PS: Ph-2261510 Fancybazar PS: Ph- 2540285

Fatasil Ambari PS: Ph-2471412 Geetanagar PS: Ph-2417323 Hatigaon: Ph-2562383 Jalukbari PS: Ph-2570587 Jalukbari Out Post: Ph-2570522 Jorabat: Ph-2896853 Khanapara: Ph- 2281501 Khetri PS: Ph-2787699, 2787220 Latasil PS: Ph-2540136 Noonmati PS: Ph- 2550281 North Guwahati PS: Ph-2690255 Paltanbazar PS: Ph-2540126 Panbazar PS: Ph-2540106 Pragjyotishpur Ps: Ph-2785237 Women PS Panbazar: Ph-2524627


G PLUS APR 19 - APR 25, 2014

Catching Up

Headlining acts! Tiger Shroff WHO’S HE Shroff was born as Jai Hemant Shroff on 2 March 1990 to Indian film actor Jackie Shroff and Ayesha (née Dutt). He has one sister, Krishna, who is three years younger. His maternal grandfather was Air Vice-Marshal RanjanDutt, a Bengali, who was married to Claude-Marie de Cavey, a Belgian countess. SO WHAT In September 2009, Shroff was said to have declined the lead role in the remake of TV show Fauji. In January 2010, it was reported that SubhashGhai would be launching Shroff in the remake of Jackie Schroff ’s 1983 film Hero. Now what News came in February 2012 that Shroff had refused to star in the remake of Hero. In June 2012 Shroff ’s father clarified that the rumors of Shroff being launched by Khan were unfounded. In the same month, Shroff was finally signed on by Sajid Nadiadwala to make his debut in Heropanti.

World’s most haunted place up for sale If you long to own an asset with a reputation, the most haunted place in the world is for sale. Poveglia, an island situated between Venice and Lido in the Venetian lagoon that’s probably deserted for a reason, is going up for sale next month. The trouble started back in the late 19th century when Poveglia served as a checkpoint for ships going to Venice. After a pair of ships carrying plague victims arrived in 1793, the island was sealed off and turned into a quarantine zone for people with infectious diseases, a role it served for over a century. It goes without saying that many of these people died on the island during this time, leading to the widespread belief that Poveglia is haunted. A price has not been listed and it’s apparently not as bad these days, but the afore mentioned story is the type of information you want to know before signing a 99-year lease.

To subscribe type GPLUS and send it to 56677

Zooey Deschanel WHO’S SHE Zooey Claire Deschanel is an American actress, musician, and singer-songwriter. In 1999, Deschanel made her film debut in Mumford, followed by her breakout role as Anita Miller in Cameron Crowe’s 2000 semi-autobiographical film Almost Famous.

Enough of s***, Meet Mr. Poo

pick of the week In a historic judgement that put personal autonomy and right of choice on par with human dignity, the Supreme Court recently granted constitutional recognition to transgender as a third gender and also gave them the right to have family. The court directed the government to treat transgenders as a socially and educationally backward class, entitled to quotas like OBCs in educational institutions and for public appointments.

Meet Mr Poo: The lumpy, brown anthropomorphised faeces that is the face of UNICEF’s latest public health campaign in India. Accompanied by an insanely catchy techno-Bollywoodstyle anthem, Mr Poo features in a very silly and surreal new video aimed at raising awareness of the health dangers associated with public defecation in India. Though the video is light-hearted; the issue is a serious one. Globally, India has the largest number of people, more than 620 million, still defecating in the open. Only about half the population of the country use toilets.

SO WHAT Deschanel was born in Santa Monica, California, in 1980. She is the daughter of Academy Award– nominated cinematographer and director Caleb Deschanel and actress Mary Jo Deschanel (née Weir). Now what ZooeyDeschanel has teamed with Tommy Hilfiger for a capsule collection of apparel, jewelry and handbags called “To Tommy, From Zooey.” Designs incorporate Deschanel’s 1960s-flavored style with a contemporary flair for clothes and accessories the actress has coined as “modical.”

What did I just hear? 12 gold biscuits, each weighing 33 grams, have been found inside the abdomen of a businessman in Delhi. The 63-year-old had approached the Sir Ganga Ram Hospital in the national capital for a surgery, stating that he had swallowed a water bottle cap and wanted to get it out of his body.

Kamur of the week

POWER CUTS: The summers are not even here and the power cuts have already started. With the sweltering months about to arrive, we shudder to think if this is what is in store for Guwahatians this season!

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