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VOL 01 | ISSUE 17 | JAN 25 - JAN 31, 2014

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IN THE CITY The recent incident in the city involving the burning and ultimate death of an alleged transgender has shifted the spotlight to this often derided community and their woeful conditions in Guwahati.

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G PLUS JAN 25 - JAN 31, 2014

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The recent incident in the city involving the burning and ultimate death of an alleged transgender has shifted the spotlight to this often derided community and their woeful conditions in Guwahati.

Rahul Chanda


he word ‘hijra’  is an  UrduHindustani  word, derived from the  Arabic root  ‘hjr’  in its sense of “leaving one’s tribe,” and has been  borrowed  into Hindi. The Indian usage has traditionally been translated into English as ‘eunuch’ or ‘hermaphrodite,’ where ‘the irregularity of the male genitalia is central to the definition.’ However, in general, hijras or transgenders are born with typically  male  physiology, only a few having been born with male intersex variations. Some transgenders undergo an initiation rite into the hijra community called ‘nirwaan,’ which refers to the removal of  penis, testicles and scrotum. According to an international news portal, Hijras were once respected by the Mughals, but considered criminals by British colonisers. Today many live as sex workers and beggars. Even the city of Guwahati has a good number of transgenders. G Plus enters their terrain to explore their livelihood and woes.

The Silpukhuri murder case Recently a horrifying incident took place in the city which raised a lot of concern among Guwahatians. A transgender named Suman Singh was set ablaze and later succumbed to injuries. The victim was partying with two females, Heena Khan and

Bornali Das. Police recovered alcohol and dendrite from House number 45, Shankardeep path, Pub Sarania, where the party happened. All three were inebriated and a small dispute ensued after which the two females poured kerosene on Suman and burnt him alive. To save his life, the transgender started running with his body ablaze and reached Silipukhuri where police patrolling party took him to the Guwahati Medical College and Hospital. He breathed his last later. Police arrested both the girls and according to Heena Khan, Suman Singh was her husband. Investigation is still going on for the true story.

they manage their survival, Kinnar added, “We go around the city asking for donations and we manage our survival somehow. We are sometimes invited to some marriage and birthday parties to dance and we earn some money.” On being asked if there were transgender people who are into prostitution, Kinnar answered, “There are a few but we do not have any relation with them. We live our life with pride and hard work and do not want to even mingle with people who are in the business of prostitution.” Kinnar lives with Kajal and some relatives from Mumbai.

The lifestyle

Third sex and prostitution

To know more about the lifestyle of the third sex in the city, we visited some transgender people at their houses, various spots and discos. We met one Haldi Kinnar, 55 years, at Bhootnath who has been staying in Guwahati for the last 20 years. Kinnar expressed, “Many people came to us and promised various ways of help, but we did not receive it. It is very tough for us to get a rented house in the city. We used to stay at Aathgaon before but now, one Panda has offered us this place to stay and we have been here since then. We are very thankful to him. We don’t even have a voter’s card.” Enquiring further about how

There are many bars and discos in the city, which host bar dancers and along with that, a lot of immoral activities too take place in the discos. On a visit to a bar based in the Paltan Bazaar area of the city which is usually packed with girls and transgenders in the evenings. There we received information about a bar dancer who also works as a sex worker. Our sources informed us that she stays somewhere in the Gandhi Basti area and we reached her house. She was not at home but we managed to get her number and after calling and requesting her, she called us to a club based in Fancy Bazaar for an interview. However, once we met her we re-


Hard to get a job Difficult to get a rented house Neither a man nor a woman Initiation pain Can never get married Survival on donations and sex work Hard to get documents like voters card, pan card and passport alised that she was in no condition to give us an interview and after rescheduling it for the next day, we got a chance to speak to her. On condition of anonymity, she said, “I m from Dibrugarh and because of the way I look, I was always neglected in the society. I have a brother who is a boy and lives with dignity, but I being a hijra always faced disgrace about my existence. My family members are ashamed of me and so I left them. I met some people from my community and became friendly with them. I started asking for donations in trains and started living with them. Now in Guwahati, I go out at nights to different bars and discos because after I apply makeup, many men mistake me for a girl. I hang out with them and later on I get paid for being with them. Sometimes, I sleep with them too for extra money.” On being asked about other transgenders involved in the sex trade business,

she said that there are many who are good looking and are involved in sex business. This is because they are neglected in the society and this way they can earn easy money without much of trouble.” There is no end to the woes of the third sex in the city, as the transgender people are neglected, looked down upon and mostly forsaken by the society, which gives birth to it. In spite of being human beings, they are treated as outcasts. They can never fulfil their desires, can never get married and even to survive, they have to beg, dance and even get into the soul slaughtering business of prostitution. Adding to the pain was the recent ruling of the Supreme Court declaring homosexuality as illegal. But, how and when will the government think for this community in a positive way so that even these group enjoy all the rights which normal human beings do?


G PLUS JAN 25 - JAN 31, 2014


GUWAHATI TURNING INTO DRUG TRANSIT POINT Addiction to party drugs, pharmaceutical drugs and adhesives are becoming a cause of concern for the city youth as they are readily available with Guwahati being a hub. rahul chanda


arcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act, commonly referred to as the NDPS Act, is an Act of the Parliament of India that was assented to by President Giani Zail Singh on 16 September 1985, and came into force on 14 November 1985. Under the NDPS Act, it is illegal for a person to produce/manufacture/cultivate, possess, sell, purchase, transport, store, and/or consume any narcotic drug or psychotropic substance. Under one of the provisions of the act, the Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) was set up with effect from March 1986. In the entire northeast, there are two NCB units - at Guwahati and Imphal. GPlus reviews the narcotics scenario in Guwahati and explores NCB’s 2013 tasking.

Cases Total seizure by NCB in 2013


1 major ganja racket busted (5 people arrested) Cases registered


Cases charge sheeted


Cases further investigated


Total persons arrested


Number of convictions


(1 person convicted for 12 years of rigorous imprisonment and a fine of Rs 1 lakh for ganja trafficking, 1 person convicted for 4 years of rigorous imprisonment and a fine of Rs 40 thousand for Pseudoephedrine trafficking) Drugs seized in 2013 Ganja – 200 kilo (approx) Pseudoephedrine – 700 kgs (approx)

The Guwahati NCB, in various raids and encounters made 10 seizures in Guwahati last year. The major narcotic drugs seized was Pseudoephedrine and Ganja. Approximately 700 kgs of Pseudoephedrine and 200 kilos of Ganja were seized in various raids. Out of 10 cases registered, seven cases were dealt with and successfully charge sheeted, whereas three cases are still under further investigation. Two people were convicted out of the trials, which took place in 2013. One person was awarded 12 years of rigorous imprisonment and a fine of Rs 1 lakh was slapped on him which if not paid, the convict will have to face an additional punishment of 2 years in prison. This convict was accused of smuggling Ganja in a huge quantity. Another accused was convicted for trafficking a huge quantity of Pseudoephedrine. He was awarded 4 years of rigorous imprisonment and was slapped a fine of Rs 40 thousand, which if not paid, will ensure another 1 year of simple imprisonment. One major Ganja racket was also busted in the city where five people were arrested.

Total amount of seizure

The price of the drugs varies depending upon the quality, time, place

and the market. The narcotic drug Ganja is usually available in the illegal market for a price of Rs 2500 to Rs 5000. Similarly, Pseudoephedrine costs approximately Rs 2500 in the market. Heroin and Brown sugar are almost similar, costing Rs 2000 to Rs 5000 per gram in the drugs market.

Guwahati and the drug scenario

According to highly placed sources in the Narcotics Control Bureau, Guwahati is the hub of the Northeast and directly or indirectly, the drugs smuggled to various Northeast states and the nearby countries has to cross through Guwahati. It is a transit point for the smugglers. Pharmaceutical drugs like Pseudoephedrine are collected from the local market and are smuggled to Myanmar in huge quantities, as Myanmar is one of the largest producers of party drugs in the entire world. Pseudoephedrine is majorly used for making party drugs like WY tablets (world is yours) and Yaba tablets.

Investigation chaos

There are many nexus of various narcotic drugs in Guwahati. According to sources, the investigation process of any drug pedlar or trafficker is very hectic and time consuming

as, most of the time, the accused gets the benefit of doubt. Previously there were some known pockets in Guwahati, which were famous for drugs. The pockets were Uzan Bazar, Gandhi Basti, Maligaon, Manipuri Basti etc. But, according to NCB sources, now the entire city of Guwahati has turned out to be a drug pocket. The pedlars are always on the move and the agony is that the key person spending money on the business never comes to the fore and commits the crime through different people. Sometimes, the law is a bit soft towards the addicts as the victims of drug abuse are considered as patients and they are expected to be sent to rehabilitation centres to get cured. Many a times, the pedlars or the traffickers present themselves as addicts after getting caught, so that they can easily get out from the hands of law. The NCB has to make sure that whatever cases they register, the paper work has to be well organised and the evidence should be described efficiently, so that, there are no loop holes left, which can help the criminal to go scot free.

City consumption

The sources in NCB said that according to their analysis, it is seen

that there is an increasing trend in the consumption of drugs in the city. The seizure detail in the last couple of years triggers concern on the drugs used by city youths. Drugs like Spasmo Proxyvon, Nitro and Heroin are commonly used by city youths these days.

Rubber Adhesive

It is also seen that dendrite is very commonly used by kids these days to get high, but, the substance is not listed under the narcotics act. Hence, the NCB cannot act on the issue of dendrite addiction. There are many reports submitted to the home ministry to amend the act and put substances like rubber adhesive under the narcotics act. Whatever is the scenario, the city is almost becoming a hub for drugs, which raises serious concerns towards the future of Guwahati youths. But if the law is scrutinised well and bodies like NCB are given a bit of more liberty to work efficiently to bar the menace, the problem, if not fully eradicated can be at least checked and controlled. The awareness level among the youths and the parents is also something, which has to be given proper attention to combat this major social problem.



G PLUS JAN 25 - JAN 31, 2014


NEEDS AWARENESS The Solatium Fund is provided by the government to victims of road accidents but due to lack of awareness, very few people avail the scheme.

Mrinmoyee Hazarika


ndrajit Roy, a youth in his twenties fractured both of his legs in an almost fatal accident that happened on the night of 31st December 2013 on the G.S. Road. The boy was hit by a vehicle driven and occupied by some guys who were in a party mood on that night. But, the boys had managed to escape from the scene just after hitting Indrajit and left him alone on the road injured. Indrajit, who was lying alone on the road, could not get hold of any information of the people who had hit him. The road too had little traffic at that time of night. He was admitted to a nearby hospital by some passersby after a few hours. He also had to bear all the cost of his treatment by himself. In the absence of any information on the car or the driver of the car, which had hit him, the insurance company as well as the police could not help him in anyway. This is just one instance of the victim of a road accident who has to bear all the expenses of his treatment even after having a valid insurance scheme. But due to non-production of any evidence of meeting with an accident, he could not claim any insurance benefits. There are hundreds of other instances where the road accident victims do not get any aid because of their inability to produce evidence of the accident.

Victim’s woe

There is a government scheme called the ‘Solatium Scheme’ available for the victims of hit and run motor accidents, under which they are compensated with even if they are unable to produce any evidence of accident. But due to the lack of awareness of the scheme among the general public, hundreds of road accident victims who are unable to produce any relevant evidence or documents are being deprived of their reimbursements. “It’s very unfortunate that people hardly take aid of the facility provided by the government if they are hurt in road accidents or somebody dies. We have not seen people come up and avail the Solatium Fund Scheme which amply compensates the victims,” Kushal Chandra Hazarika, Dep-

uty Commissioner of the transport department told G Plus. He also said that the victims just have to apply at the nearest police station or revenue circle office to avail the facility. This is later submitted through the Deputy Commissioner of respective districts. On the order of the DCs of the respective districts, the insurance companies will have to pay the victims from the fund provided by the government to them. Under the Motor Vehicles Act 1988, compensation is given to the victims of hit and run accident cases through the National Solatium Fund Scheme, 1989. The amount of compensation in respect of death is a fixed sum of rupees twenty five thousand and in respect of disablement of any person, it shall be a fixed sum of rupees twelve thousand five hundred. In case of claims arising out of the death, the payment shall be made to the legal representative of the deceased. “Such incidents are very less in the DC office as people are not aware of the fact and the insurance companies also remain silent in this regard so that they don’t need to pay extra bucks to the applicant,” Hazarika said.

The city story

The number of people being compensated under ‘Solatium Scheme’ is very nominal. According to the data available with the district administration, Kamrup (M), only 77 people have been provided with financial assistance under the scheme during the

It’s very unfortunate that people hardly take aid of the facility provided by the government if they are hurt in road accidents or somebody dies. We have not seen people come up and avail the Solatium Fund Scheme which amply compensates the victims”

Procedure for making the claim application The applicant shall submit an application seeking compensation under this scheme along with the discharge receipt and under taking to claims enquiry officer of the district. An application shall be made within a period of six months from the date of accident but not after 12 months of the date of accident accepted by the Claims Enquiry Officer.

Payment of compensation In case of claims arising out of death the payment shall be made to the legal representative of the deceased (Rs 25,000). In case of claims arising out of grievous hurt the payment shall be made to the person injured (Rs 12,500).

period of 1993 to 2011. A five-member district level committee has been consisted under the chairmanship of the DC (claims settlement commissioner) for the purpose where the DTO and the divisional manager of the insurance company are also members. The New India Insurance, situated at G.S. road is responsible for providing the compensations under the Solatium scheme.

“People are hardly aware of the scheme and therefore, the number of claimants is very minimal. The administration too has not taken up much initiative to make the public aware of it. There is a need to make them aware, so that they can apply for the financial assistance in case of accidents,” sources at the district administration office, Kamrup (M) told.


G PLUS JAN 25 - JAN 31, 2014



Models shown are merely creative representation and not the actual product

Mrinmoyee Hazarika

Metered taxis are set to begin services in the city by the first week of February, with an aim to provide city commuters comfortable and affordable transportation.


ere is a good news for the city commuters. The regional transport authority’s (RTA) decision to ply metered green cabs and mini taxis on the roads of Guwahati will definitely be a sign of relief for those who commute hours every day from their respective homes to their workplaces. As a part of the new project, the city will get more than hundred such mini taxis and green cabs in this year. Tata Nano cars (AC) will be used as ‘green cabs’ and assurance letters for 20 such cars have already been issued by the RTA, Kamrup (M). On the other hand, Tata Iris cars (non AC) will be used for mini taxi service and 25 assurance letters have been issued for the same. “Initially, a total number of 100 permits for Tata iris and 50 permits will be given to Tata Nano on experimental basis. Twenty Nano cars and twenty five Tata Iris cars will be plying on the roads of Guwahati by the first week of February,” secretary, RTA, Kamrup (M), Dwijen Das, who is looking after the project told G Plus. Mentioning the idea behind the introduction of green cabs in the city, he said that Tata had approached the chairman of RTA, Kamrup (M) who is also the DC, with the proposal of using its cars as metered taxis in July last year. Following that proposal, the RTA, Kamrup (M) in its meeting held on the 7th of December, 2013, had taken the decision of plying metered taxis in the city under ‘Mini taxi and green cab scheme -2013-14’.

Tata Nano cars (AC) will be used as ‘green cabs’ and assurance letters for 20 such cars have already been issued by the RTA, Kamrup (M). On the other hand, Tata Iris cars (non AC) will be used for mini taxi service and 25 assurance letters have been issued for the same

“The decision came at a time when the tussle between the auto rickshaw owners and authority was reaching its peak. Some have speculated that the RTA took the decision of introducing metered taxis in order to give a tough time to the auto rickshaws, who were adamant not to ply on meters. But, there is no such thing. The timing was just a coincidence and the decision of running metered taxis was announced. It might affect the authorisation who refuse to ply on meter, which in turn will help the common public,” Das said. The operators of the mini taxis will have to follow the fares as prescribe by the government and at present, the fare fixed by the state transport department for metered auto rickshaws, which is Rs 30 for first 2 km and Rs 3 for every subsequent 200 meters, that is Rs 15 for every subsequent km. Besides, Rs 3 on every 5 min, that is Rs 36 per hour will be charged as waiting charge to the customers. Night charge is applicable between 10 to 5 pm and the customers will have pay 50% more than the normal applicable fare. Also, the customer will have to pay the parking fees if any for the car during hired time. “The operators will monitor the vehicles with the help of GPS and as the implementing agency of the scheme, they all come under the RTA. In case of any emergency, the operators will have to share data with us and anyone who defies RTA rules will be punished,” the secretary of RTA informed.

Tata Nano as green cab should be in green colour with checker decal Tata Iris as mini taxi should be in yellow and black colour On the roof, there should be a display board as GREENCAB in case of Tata Nano and MINITAXI for Tata Iris Vehicles must be fitted with GPS/GPRS based tracking devices Vehicles must be equipped with first aid boxes Meter based fare and on the spot receipt print out Display of different road safety slogans on the body of the vehicle and vehicle operator’s helpline number 4+1 seating capacity Seat belt

Vehicle profile for both Green cab and Mini taxi Dress code for drivers Green coloured T-shirt, green coloured cap, black trousers, black shoe

Driver profile Drivers must have a valid driving license Drivers should have read at least up to 10th standard Drivers must be of good character without any criminal record


G PLUS JAN 25 - JAN 31, 2014

In The News


City to have 24x7 drinking water An awareness meeting was recently organised by the Guwahati Metropolitan Development Authority to make people aware about the new water supply project in Guwahati. The meeting held at Kalyankami Mahila Samiti in Paschim Boragaon area on January 21. To provide the Guwahatians 24x7 clean and treated drinking water with adequate pressure, GMDA is implementing a new water supply project with brand new infrastructure in the western and south-western parts of the city. The project will benefit people of several localities including Bharalu, Pandu, Maligaon, Borjhar, Azara, Mirza, Jalukbari and Fatasil. In the meeting, the project team also informed about a Customer Care Centre that has been established by GMDA to provide more information to the people regarding the project. It will also resolve the public grievances related to the project in future. A documentary film of 15 mins, based on the project’s on-going activities with a presentation was also screened at the meeting.

100% scholarship for NE students in over 30 national institutes A national scholarship scheme called Brilliance that grants scholarships between 10-100% for aspirants at both under graduate and post graduate levels was announced on the 20th January by leading global education strategy firm, Skill Tree Knowledge Consortium. This social initiative will exclusively cater to the students of this region with the intent of connecting the region’s brightest of minds to some of the finest institutions in the country. The programme seeks to bring various scholarship opportunities available in over 30 institutes across India under one roof, granting scholarships based on parameters like previous academic record, entrance examination and extracurricular activities undertaken. The member institutes include some of the finest names like Jagran Lakecity University, Bhopal; Global University, Mirzapur; IMI, Bhubaneswar; Imperial College, Bangalore; Garden City College, Bangalore amongst others. An interactive website has also been developed to provide information about member institutions, available courses and type of scholarship offered by each member institute. Expressing his happiness on the new initiative, Mr. Shekhar A. Bhattacharjee, Founder , SkillTree Knowledge Consortium said “ We want to maximize awareness amongst the students in this region regarding the various scholarship opportunities available at some of the finest institutes in the country, and ensure that no meritious student loses out due to financial constraints or lack of knowledge.”

3rd National Children’s Theatre Festival held in Guwahati To boost the theatre talent among kids The National Children’s Theatre Festival was organised by the Guwahati Shishu Natya Vidyalaya at Rabindra Bhawan. It was kick started on January 18 and concluded on January 22. The five-day long festival witnessed ten plays - three from Assam and the rest from children’s theatre groups from Pondicherry, Kerala, Gujarat, Bihar and even Bangladesh. The festival opened with a Tamil play titled ‘Nilevi Chedi’ from Pondicherry and ‘Lorali Lakhminath’ by Guwahati Shishu Natya Vidyalaya. Manik Roy, the festival organizer and director of Guwahati Shishu Natya Vidyalaya, said, “The best thing about this festival is it has plays from different states which gives the children a glimpse into different cultures. Even if they don’t understand the language, they can at least get familiar with them and enjoy in any case”. A script writing competition also held as part of the festival which met the huge response from children. The Directors came from different places to attend the Festival, agreed that this kind of Fests are essential to encourage the children towards theatre.

118TH Netaji’s birth anniversary c elebrated The 118th birth anniversary of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose has been celebrated by The All Assam Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose Birthday Celebration Committee on January 23. The birth anniversary was celebrated on January 22 and 23 in two different venues of the city. On January 22, an art competition and other patriotic song and dance competitions were organized at Binova Nagar LP School premises, Colony Bazar, Kahilipara, where the renowned violinist Sunita Bhuyan took part besides other artistes. On January 23, the celebration programmes held at Netaji Chowk at Paltan Bazar and also at Binova Nagar. An open session held at Paltan Bazar, was attended by Chief Minister Tarun Gogoi. The general secretary of the committee, Sajal Sengupta said,” The objective of this committee is to highlight the value and ideology of the great patriot among the people of Assam and more particularly, among the young generation”. On the occasion of the birthday celebration of the national leader, Father Lukose Cheruvalel, director of Snehalaya, and former Governor of Meghalaya Ranjit Shekhar Mooshahary was honoured with the Netaji Smarak Garima Award 2014

KMSS occupies 35 bighas cement firm land Following a massive drive carried by The Kriskok Mukti Sangram Samiti against the land encroachers, have occupied about 35 bighas of land belonging to the Topcem Cement, a Guwahati based cement company on January 23 at Khetri, Senabor village. The land was illegally procured by the Topcem Cement. Ramabatar Agarwal, one of the directors of the cement company, said they were not sure whether the land occupied by the KMSS belonged to them. He adds that they have some land there but they cannot comment without confirming with the circle office. Land has been a burning issue in Assam with business groups increasingly looking for land. Therefore organisations like the KMSS announced that they would forcefully occupy agricultural land being illegally used for non-agricultural purpose from the various business groups. “According to our ceiling act, no person can occupy more than 50 bighas of land. But RTI applications have revealed that business groups possess hundreds of bighas which is illegal”, said Akhil Gpgoi.

Irked student bodies seek Northeast Youth Convention held apology from Amrit Cement A three day programme of Northeast Youth Convention was organised by the Foundation for Social Transformation at Kalaguru Bishnu Rabha Hall and Talimeran Ao indoor stadium at Cotton College from January 21 to January 23. The objective behind the youth meet was to find development based initiatives in the Northeast. The event began with a Manipuri Drum performance followed by a Naga Dance on the second day. The three day event witnessed various activities like talks, interactions, film screening and powerpoint presentations by the participants. A discussion on the lives of youths of the Northeast also took place during the convention. There was a panel discussion on Career for Youths: New Age, New Opportunities on the concluding day. Gayitri Buragohain, the executive director of the group said, “We are a apolitical indigenous philanthropic organisation led by people from the region, which supports the development based initiatives in the region”.

Assam Pradesh Youth Congress, All Assam Students Union, Assam Sahitya Sabha and many other local organisations in Assam demanded an apology from Amrit Cement, a private cement company, office at Zoo Tinali that had decided to fine Rs. 5 from those who found to be spoken in Assamese Language. A circle of the cement company issued a notification asking its employees not to speak in any language other than English and Hindi. Here, on January 19 the management of Amrit Cement issued a public apology and withdrew its recent notification. The company on the same day held a meeting with the Assam Sahitya Sabha, where they decided to teach its employees (those not from Assam) Assamese. Local organisations have demanded that banners and billboards of all companies and organisations should be written in Assamese, apart from English.


G PLUS JAN 25 - JAN 31, 2014


Election within Congress for Guwahati candidate Guwahati among 15 centres chosen by the AICC to select candidate on basis of inner party elections.

G Plus Network


t will be a double election for candidates who will be contesting the Lok Sabha elections from the Guwahati constituency. The reason being that AICC has taken a decision to enable party workers at the grassroot to directly elect their candidates to fight the Lok Sabha elections. In a unique initiative, the All India Congress Committee has decided to select candidates in 15 parliamentary seats in the country on the basis of inner elections in the party going down to grass root workers. The Guwahati constituency is one among the 19 centres chosen by the party. As a part of the pilot project taken up by the AICC, electoral rolls are being prepared in all these centres of Congress workers starting from MLA/MLC/ MP to the block level presidents. An AICC note by the general secretary CP Joshi which was sent to Assam Pradesh Congress Committee has asked for the details of all the party workers in respect to Guwahati Lok Sabha constituency of Assam. After the preparation of electoral

rolls of the party in Guwahati, AICC will send a returning officer (RO) to conduct the elections. “This is a noble initiative that the party has undertaken to involve grass root workers. It’s our effort to democratise the selection process in the party,” C P Joshi, AICC General Secretary and In-charge of Assam said. Rahul Gandhi had announced the experiment during the AICC meeting, promising that the formula, if successful, will be replicated elsewhere as well, Joshi added. However, Joshi added that in other constituencies the decision will be taken on the basis of feedback of the local observers who are being sent to interact with the party workers at block and district level. He said that as many as 54 facilitators were selected by the AICC for the exercise and they were assigned 10 constituencies each. The facilitators were selected from among MPs and former MPs of the Lower House. He, however, made it clear that the list was only advisory in nature and only those candidates who have been

This is a noble initiative that the party has undertaken to involve grass root workers. It’s our effort to democratise the selection process in the party.”

forwarded by the Pradesh Election Committee to the Central Election Committee could be considered for tickets. Notably, before Delhi elections AAP had also taken feedback from people while selecting candidates for the Delhi Assembly polls. While speaking on the prospects of the party in Assam, Joshi said that

he is hopeful that the party will do well in the Lok Sabha elections, however, added that party workers should work united leaving all difference. “We should open a new book and work towards achieving success in the ensuing elections,” Joshi said. He however dismissed reports that there is dissidence in the Congress camp.

Vehicular traffic diversion/restrictions on the movement of vehicular traffic on 26th January, 2014 around the Veterinary College field, Khanapara on the occasion of the Republic Day celebration.



Diversion of vehicles in general and parking arrangements: During the programme, movement of all heavy commercial goods carrying vehicles coming towards Guwahati through National Highways 31 and 37 shall be regulated as and when necessary on the following places for the safety of the general public on the roads: i. Khetri, Sonapur, Byrnihat and Jorabat ; ii. Jalukbari, Amingaon and Bongara (City border)

Restrictions around the venue: i. Vehicles with “RED, BLUE and YELLOW passes” shall be allowed to move upto Koinadhara point either via GS Road, Khanapara Rotary and NH 37 or via Assam Rifle building (IG Prison office gate) point and park at the earmarked places. ii. No vehicle shall be allowed entry from the Research Gate point and Koinadhara point to the Science Museum point. iii. From the Science Museum point to Koinadhara point, only the vehicles with “RED, BLUE  and YELLOW passes” will be allowed entry. iv. Commercial goods carrying vehicles shall NOT be allowed to ply on GS Road from Khanapara to Sixmile. v. Commercial goods carrying vehicles shall be allowed to ply via Tripura Road – Joyanagar – Sixmile road and viz.-a-viz. only.


No Parking:


Parking arrangements in and around the field.

i. The stretch of the National Highway 37 from Koinadhara point to Khanapara rotary ii. From Koinadhara point to I.G. Prison office (Assam Rifle building) point iii. From the AASC gate to the Research Gate point. iv. GS Road, B. Barooah Road, KLB Road, GNB Road and MG Road.

i. Vehicles of police officers / security personnel / parade contingents / cultural troupes etc. are to be parked on the road along Veterinary College campus wall or on road from the AASC gate to Joyanagar. ii. The public coming by vehicles “without vehicle pass” to attend the function from Dispur, Beltola, Noonmati, Narengi side shall be allowed to park vehicles either at Ganesh Mandir Indoor Stadium Complex or bring their cars up to the Assam Administrative Staff College Gate via Sixmile and Joyanagar chariali point. iii. The public coming by vehicles from Basistha Chariali side to the venue may move via NH–37 upto Koinadhara point and park on southern service road of NH 37.


G PLUS JAN 25 - JAN 31, 2014

In Conversation Photo: Rahul Chanda

Birubala Rabha, a name synonymous with the fight against witch-hunting, talks about her mission to save the society from the evil superstition.

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t first sight, she will seem like just another lady in her 60s, till you get to know about her enormous efforts to bring about a change in the society. You will then understand her real worth. Meet Birubala Rabha, who almost single-handedly has been fighting against the social evils of witch hunting despite the threats to her life. Since the mid 1980s, the lady from Thakur Villa village in the Goalpara district of Assam, has been fighting to eradicate the superstitions of slaughtering innocent people in the name of witch hunting. Altogether 72 people were killed on suspicion of practicing witchcraft, besides 437 were accused of witchhunting killings in the state between 2005 and October 2013 according to government records available. Her name was also referred for the Noble Peace Prize in 2005. In an interview with G Plus, Birubala Rabha shares her experience and upcoming projects at her home.

Do you have any new plans towards making society free from superstitions like witch hunting?

We have decided to create more awareness by visiting people and having personal interaction and also via public meetings in various parts of Assam which starts from next week. Initially, we will go to Tinsukia and then to several places of upper Assam. Here, the important thing is that we will also take the women who have been targeted as witches at some point or the other in their lives. In our 15-member team, Anjali Hajong and Padumi of the Lakhipur area, who were targeted as witches, will also accompany us. I think it will help the people understand the reality. They are such beautiful women… how can they be witches? Moreover, the village heads where such incidents have taken place will also be with us in the journey.

Once my husband went to a quack to know about my son’s status but he said that my son Dharmaswar would die within three days. But he is still alive.”

ANTI-WITCH HUNTING CRUSADER ON A NEW MISSION Who are the people helping you in this mission?

Initially, I had to face tremendous problems as everybody would react against me. The village heads and the general people in the village never listened to me. But gradually, things started changing as I grew stronger in my mind to fight the evil. The media also started to highlight the issue and people started to understand. Several people have come forward to join hands with me to complete my mission. Starting from Tinsukia to Goalpara many people who are doctors, teachers and social activists have come forward but the mission is still far from being accomplished.

Why and when did you start your battle?

When I saw people brand my eldest son a witch after he suffered from a mental illness, I was pretty determined to fight against it since 1985. Once my husband went to a quack to know about my son’s status but he said that my son Dharmaswar would die within three days. But he is still alive. That was when I realised how people are fooled by these quacks and similar incidents continue to occur in

my neighbourhood. In many cases, their own families distance themselves from the victim. Whenever I came across these cases of witch hunting in the area, I felt disturbed. But for an uneducated rural tribal woman like me, I had no idea how to fight. After that, I joined the village Mahila Samiti and was invited to a discussion by the Assam Mahila Samata Society (AMSS) in Goalpara on the issue of witch-hunting. There, the local women were silent even after knowing the fact that five women of that locality were branded as witches without any reason. The local women’s behaviour enraged me and I spoke on their behalf. This is how the journey began.

getting married and I’m going to stay back here. I used to travel with NGOs to campaign against witch-hunting and I have even walked for several kilometers to save the girls. It’s a fight for womanhood against patriarchy, because most of the quacks are men and most of the witch-hunting victims are women. Out of the 35 people I have personally rescued, 33 are women and two are men. Then there are financial problems as always. I’m a very simple village woman with hardly any earnings. We need money to travel to places and work. So it’s another major worry for me. At the same time, I also need to run the family along with my two sons and a daughter in law.

What are the major problems you have had to face?

Why do you think people are targeted as witches?

The road has been tough… in fact very tough at times. On many occasions, the miscreants had threatened to kill me because I advocated for the innocent women who have been branded as witches. Initially, the people here boycotted me socially. I fought back and said I was born and brought up here besides

This is the moot point of this entire issue. The miscreants try to achieve their goals by killing innocent and helpless people by branding them as witches. Recently, when we were fighting the case of Anjali Hajong, I came to know that a village youth had tried to establish physical relations with Anjali, who is a widow. But when

she refused to do so, she was branded a witch. On the other hand, on some occasions, the unscrupulous and greedy people try to kill lonely and helpless couples and old people to acquire their properties. These innocent people are tortured and the villagers are also misled by these groups.

How is the support from the state government?

Very poor! The state government should have played a more pro-active role in this regard and this is also a major worry. So far, many innocent people have lost their lives and many others have been tortured. Government can do a lot more if they want to. Besides, an act should be enacted to stop the crime. We need a strong law to curb it.

Any other project for the coming days?

We have to make Mission Birubala, which was formed in 2011, stronger and we need to have a wider reach to interact with the people. If the state government allots us a plot of land for an office we can further progress in our mission.


G PLUS JAN 25 - JAN 31, 2014



Simultaneous practices of different art styles, both at individual and organisational levels, on the urban life of Guwahati emanate a positive mood, but it needs preservation as well. Subhrajit Roy


n the last couple of years, various locations in the city of Guwahati have witnessed the beautification drive carried out by the civic authorities in association with school and college students. Social issues, cultural diversity and city landmarks are portrayed in this project whose two fold motto includes making the city look vibrant and attracting tourist attention. Last year, terracotta elements have also been used in the city walls. In this regard, noted artist Noni Borpujari says, “The said terracotta on the city walls, used as decorative elements, are mostly made of ceramic. The actual terracotta art is still practiced in Gauripur by a couple of families there. Some such works are preserved at the Shrimanta Shankardev Kalakshetra. As far as ceramic work is concerned, one of my projects (40 feet x25 feet) portraying the folk life style and diverse culture is kept at the city NABARD. But the city is yet to taste the full flavour of Urban Art which is practiced across the globe. The Urban Arts of Orissa and Rajasthan are rich in content. We need to focus on those so that the culture can be developed here as well. In Guwahati only wall paintings are visible and those projects are given to contractors by the authorities. Artists are not given the responsibility for such drives.” Urban Art, which is art related to a city and its life combes street art and graffiti. Urban Art is often used to summarise all visual art forms arising in the urban areas, being inspired by urban architecture as well as other social issues, which need projection. On the same topic artist Rabin Bar says, “Urban Art in Guwahati is nothing more than copies of others. There is nothing original, unique or extraordinary. The progress of Urban Art is not commendable as compared to Fine Arts and other visual art forms.” Bar, a popular name in the field of Fine Arts in the state had recently portrayed Lakshminath Bezbaruah and Dr. Bhupen Hazarika on canvas with a record numbers of human hand impressions in the 15th North East Book Fair. Expressing satisfaction on the success of his initiative, he says, “My main motto behind this project was to unite people from all walks of life for a common cause as well as paying tributes to both the legends. Though only 3,000 people have registered their names, approximately over 50,000 impressions can be seen on the canvas. Any kind of creative impression on canvas, as well as the play of colours is all about modern art and progressive Fine Arts.” Similarly, visual artist Hemanta Debnath is optimistic about the Urban Art culture of the city as he says, “The present scenario of the Guwahati Urban Art culture is promising. New talents are surfacing from time to time to make their presence felt in the

An art work captured at Metroplolis 2014.

Portraits of Lakshinath Bezbaruah & Dr. Bhupen Hazarika painted with human hand impressions at the 15th North East Book Fair by Rabin Bar.

Urban Art in Guwahati is nothing more than copies of others. There is nothing original, unique or extraordinary. The progress of Urban Art is not commendable as compared to Fine Arts and other visual art forms”

Guwahati art scenario. Art galleries are showcasing works of various artists regularly. Art and culture promotional activities have been rising and the general masses are accepting these positive changes in Guwahati. The Metropolis Urban Festival is indeed a nice concept and has a very promising future in the coming days, as it

aims to showcase the culmination of both traditional as well as modern art cultures under the same platform. But while promoting the ethnic culture and art of the region in combination with World Art and Fusion Art among the masses, self identity should be preserved, promoted and projected with priority.” It is to be mentioned that the recently held Metropolis 2014 has projected the issues like wrath of corruption, changes in political equations, violence on women as well as youth power through various displays. On the other hand journalist Suchibrat Roy has presented his works on the Illusion Art form recently at a function held at the Regional Science Centre. A silent creator of collages, Suchibrat has crafted his works on black sheet with food grains. “In my work, I have tried to present the alphabetic meaning of a particular word as well as lyrical and thematic meaning of an event or issue.” He has already created portraits of Dr. Bhupen Hazarika and Mamoni Raisom Goswami,

A collage by Suchibrat Roy showing a Rickshaw Puller, whose Assamese alphabetic existence can be observed within it.

themes like ‘Mamatar Chithi’ and ‘We are on the same boat’ and alphabetic meanings of ARTIST, SILENT and RICKSHAW PULLER through Illussion. Urban Art is often used as a mean of protest and thus often categorised as works of vandalism and destruction of private property. “Since the emergence of ULFA, artists protested through various art forms. So far as awareness is concerned, since 1967, Assam Fine Arts Society, Guwahati Artist Guild, Jorhat Fine Arts Society and Kallol of Nagaon, have been working for the promotion of Art in the state. In one way, beautification is going on but nothing is being done to preserve those. Only a few art works are preserved at the Shrimanta Shankardev Kalakhetra. Simultaneous practices of different art cultures, both at individual and organisational initiative on the urban life of Guwahati indeed portray a positive feel, but need preservation as well”, concludes Borpujari.


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Tax planning and tax saving It is time to plan your investments and sort out your income tax.

RASHMI BAJAJ Chartered Accountant


anuary 2014 - the red pullover, which was a special pick for the theme party on Christmas eve, is back in the old almirah. New year cards and e-cards have found their respective folders; snaps of the family picnic in the outskirts of the city have been uploaded and the sound of bihu festivities have faded away as the engines of daily work roar back to life. Yes, the festive season is over. It is mid-January, and there are roughly two months to witness the close of yet another financial year. By this time, one should ideally be sorting out investment plans for the year. Self-employed, salaried and professionals alike, everyone needs to plan and make necessary payments/investments. After all, strategic investment of your hard-earned money is essential to further enhance its value. A word of caution to the active members of the procrastinators’ club - hurry up, time is running out! Though every individual’s investment portfolio shall differ depending upon their risk appetite and desired return, there remains one factor which binds all these earners and investors – tax saving. Keeping in mind the social security aspect of its assessees, the Indian tax regime has incorporated various provisions that provide tax benefit on spending money for specified causes and on making investments in specified schemes. However, more often than not, people are not aware of these benefits, and restrict themselves to the traditional deduction under section 80C. Before delving deep into the nitty-gritty of tax planning, a bird’s eye view of the computation procedure may come in handy -

For employees paying house rent, the House rent Allowance (HRA) component of their salary is eligible for deductions, depending on the defined parameters.”


Amount (`)

Income from Salary


Income from house property


Profits and gains from business and profession


Capital gains


Income from other sources


Gross total income


Less: Deductions under chapter VIA


Section 80C Section 80D Section 80E Section 80G, etc.. Total income


Tax computed on total income Upto Rs. 2 lacs


From Rs. 2 lacs to Rs. 5 lacs


From Rs. 5 lacs to Rs. 10 lacs


Above Rs. 10 lacs


* Variables


For salaried individuals, tax planning starts right in the first month of the financial year. The components of the pay slip have a large role to play in determining one’s tax liability. For employees paying house rent, the House rent Allowance (HRA) component of their salary is eligible for deductions, depending on the defined parameters. Professional tax paid by the employee is eligible for full deduction. Conveyance allowance received by an employee is eligible for deduction up to Rs. 800/- p m. Employees’ contribution towards PF is deductible u/s 80C, and employers’ contribution is exempted. For those planning to move into a dream home, availing a housing loan can give tax benefits. The principal amount repaid during the year is eligible for deduction u/s 80C, and the interest paid for such housing loans is deducted from the head “Income from house property”. These exemptions reduce the Gross total income of the assessee. Chapter VI/A provides further deductions to arrive at Total Income. Section 80C is undoubtedly the most popular tax saving tool, which the common man identifies with. The

commonly used sub sections provide deduction for payment of LIC premium and investment in PPF. However, deduction of LIC premium payment can be availed only upto 10% of surrender value; and the minimum tenure of PPF investment is 15 years, thus blocking the funds. It is here that the unexplored sub sections come into play. National Savings Certificate (NSC) present themselves as a lucrative investment avenue, as the amount invested in them is deductible from the Gross total income in the year of investment; at the same time, the interest accrued and reinvested during the tenure of investment is also eligible for this deduction. Investment in NSC can be done for 5 years, or 10 years, depending upon the fund planning of the individual. Further, tuition fees paid, except amount paid towards development fund, is eligible for deduction, for maximum 2 children (including adopted children) of the assessee. Section 80D provides deduction of amount paid towards medical insurance premium for self, spouse, children and parents, subject to upper limits. Section 80E provides de-

duction of interest paid on education loan, taken for higher education. Section 80G provides deduction of 50% or 100% of the amount paid as donation, depending on the organisation to which such payment is being made. Section 80GG is available for those who are paying house rent but are not in receipt of HRA. Deduction of rent paid is available subject to upper limits. Section 80DD provides exemption on incurring expenditure for disabled assessees, and Section 80U provides deduction for incurring expenditure on dependent disabled person. For those who are interested in the equity market, but are risk averse, Rajiv Gandhi Equity Savings Scheme was introduced in September 2012. Amount invested in this scheme is eligible for 50% deduction u/s 80CCG. To sum it all up, there are a host of options through which assessees can increase return on their investment, and at the same time, save tax. Effective tax planning is an exercise that begins with the financial year. Last moment investments do save a penny here and there, but cannot compete with the results obtained after proper research and planning.


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If you are planning to invest in mutual funds and are not sure how to go about it, then the following tips and suggestions should help you decide.

Know yourself Investing is a way of making your money work harder for you. You need to know yourself as an investor, by asking these three fundamental questions. – your requirement, time horizon and risk appetite. The first question talks about your gain and we are very much clear that, there can be no gain without pain. The second question talks about how much time you can wait to achieve the target and the third question checks your ability to bear setbacks. The wrong funds Be it equity, gold, debt or a mix of these three main asset classes, unnecessary risk never pays off. As a first time investor, one should clearly avoid sector funds.

Investment in any single sector doubles the risk even if the sector could be the month’s favourite. Also, one should check the expenses for buying a particular fund. Another important point to consider is the geography of the fund - whether the money is invested into national or international. Avoid taking themes which have not worked. While for an experienced investor, a theme which has not worked could signal an opportunity. But for the first timers, it’s a clear ‘No.’ For a first time investor, the fall in value of his equity portfolio may be tough to handle. The right decision Even if you are a first-time investor and are confused by the fund’s investment strategy, it’s better to stay away. Rather, Balanced Funds are the best way to start the equity MF journey or select a debt mutual fund as this will assure minimum volatility in returns. Balanced Funds offer a judicious mix of debt and equity. They try to offer an asset allocation tilted a bit towards equity. Typically, these funds invest 65% - 75% of their corpus in equities and the rest in fixed income instruments. Balanced Funds make a good portfolio choice for first time investors who are not aware of their risk taking capacity. They bring in discipline in asset allocation that an individual investor may not necessarily have. Investing in a portfolio that offers both equities and debt works better for investors. The interest income from such investments offer some cushion. That is why these funds do well in downturns than diversified funds. In CY 2008, balanced funds lost only 37.88 % against a fall of 53.08 % in large-cap equity funds. Also, In CY 2011, balanced fund lost only 13.47 % where as large-cap funds lost 24.33 %.

Hookah Stand

WORTH `1200/FOR ONLY `499/-

58% 50%


Balanced Funds are best way to start the journey First Time investors often end up buying their first fund without knowing what is right for their portfolio and realise only later that their investment decision was wrong. So, what should be the first type of mutual fund product that a novice should buy? With options like Gold Funds, Capital-Protection Oriented Funds, Diversified Equity Funds, Balanced Funds or low-cost funds in the market, first time investors often get confused where to invest their money to get the best of returns. Most investors have an uneasy relationship with volatility in the stock market. Most of them get attracted at times when the market is in a bull phase and panic when the market turns downside. A balanced fund could offer some comfort to such investors. Balanced Funds are less volatile compared to their diversified equity counterparts. Following key points to be taken care of before arriving at a reasonable investment decision.

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Cash on delivery (within Guwahati city) Delivery charges `50 Delivery in 5-7 business days


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G PLUS JAN 25 - JAN 31, 2014




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ELLA Understanding DIABL

a woman better RAHUL CHANDA

I answer all your questions on life, love and sex

Everyone says to plan ahead about sex, but I don’t know how to bring it up with my boyfriend. How should I do it? What should I say? -Name withheld

If you have to do it than you will do it. Point is, you have to protect yourself against pregnancy and STDs. At the very least, that means using a condom. Your boyfriend needs to understand that’s important to you. Exactly what words you use to tell him depends on your personality and his. But you might want to practice saying the words to yourself or with a friend so you’ll feel more comfortable having the conversation when the time comes. Till than, all I can do is wish you luck.


hile men and women deserve to be treated equally, the fact of the matter is that there are certain biological and mental differences between the two genders. The differences force both the genders to believe they are different but in the meanwhile, somewhere or other, both the genders need to spent their lives together in some or other relationship status. It is a common gossip among the males that understanding a woman is the most difficult task in life. Some even exaggeratingly say that even God finds it difficult to understand a woman. GPlus tries to solve the mystery.

Systematic lifestyle

Studies suggest that women have slightly sharp senses of smell and vision than men do. This is a possible explanation for why women are considered to be more “detail-oriented.”A city based 29-years-old husband who is also an artist said that it is always easy to woo females by being a bit disciplined in life. He explained, “As you know that artists are basically very nature loving but their rooms are mostly in a much disarranged state. My wife after getting married to me used to initially fight a lot for my habits of maintaining things in a much disoriented order. My habits used to disturb her, and I was finding it difficult to change as I was used to whatever I was doing. Later I realised that being a little systematic can not only make my partner happy, but also make our relationship healthier.”

Mood swing

Women menstruate once a month for two days, on average. Menstrual cycles affect each woman differently, and can cause mood changes, hormone fluctuations, physical pain, lethargy, nausea, increased appetite, and heightened emotional sensitivity. While some women experience little to no pain at all, others become close to bed-ridden during this time of the month. Don’t underestimate the physical strain of a menstrual cycle. So, this is a period when dealing with women is very tough and sensitive as their mood is very different and is emotionally very sensitive. Women are more likely to lose interest in sex due to emotional factors than men are. These may include problems in the relationship, coping with loss or death, and so on.

First move

It’s the 21st century, but in general, men are still expected to approach women first. Of course, some women are more bold and proactive than others, so she might surprise you by asking you out first. Be confident and have a sense of humour. Women appreciate these qualities, especially when it comes to finding a boyfriend or spouse. This doesn’t mean you should try to be somebody you are not, but make an effort to highlight these characteristics when trying to impress a woman. Every woman

needs to be reminded of how beautiful, smart, and sweet she is every once in awhile. It’s especially important to compliment a woman you are dating or interested in romantically. But, it’s very important that a guy approaches first, as no matter he is accepted or not, females love to gain attention and proposals make them feel complete.

Feeling special

Wooing females is what the youths keep dreaming of these days. It’s also a natural phenomenon that anyone would like to make his partner or any female he is interested in happy by any means. But, it is not an easy an art. The way men like good looking females, even females have all the right to choose men by looks. Men should try to get a bit stylish and should invest in a fool-proof man outfit: nice jeans, a T-shirt and unstuffed trainers and for more smart-casual occasions, substitute in a good quality shirt and some leather shoes. Also, when men don’t know the direction of a place they should admit it and not pretend about knowing it. So, the moral of the story is that females love to feel special and making them feel special is really a task. These were just some common instances of understanding a woman, but, completely knowing takes almost a lifetime. So, don’t worry and be happy, just try your best to be what you are and at times just cooperate when it is required.

My boyfriend and I have recently started to have oral sex. We have not yet had vaginal sex. Is it possible for me to get pregnant? - Name withheld Excuse me but its really sad considering the amount of knowledge most of us have about sex. Blame it on the society or education system but yes the answer to your question is a big No. You can’t get pregnant from oral or anal sex alone. For a girl to get pregnant, the guy’s sperm has to get into her vagina and eventually up through the cervix into the uterus and this can’t happen physically with oral or anal sex. However, if a couple has anal sex and some of the guy’s sperm ends up near the opening to the girl’s vagina, there is a chance she could get pregnant. Although you can’t get pregnant from oral and anal sex, you can still get STDs like herpes and HIV (the virus that causes AIDS). So if you’re having oral or anal sex, always use a condom.

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Migraines cause pain as real as the pain of injuries with one difference – healthy habits and simple nonmedical remedies sometimes stop migraines before they start.


edication is a proven way to treat — and prevent — migraines. But medication is only part of the story. It’s also important to take good care of yourself. The same lifestyle choices that promote good health can reduce the frequency and severity of your migraines. In fact, combining lifestyle measures with medication is often the most effective way to handle migraines.

Seek a calm environment

At the first sign of a migraine, retreat from your usual activities if possible. Turn off the lights. Migraines often increase sensitivity to light and sound. Relax in a dark, quiet room. Sleep if you can. Try temperature therapy. Apply hot or cold compresses to your head or neck. Ice packs have a numbing effect, which may dull the sensation of pain. Hot packs and heating pads can relax tense muscles; warm showers or baths may have a similar effect. Massage painful areas. Apply gentle pressure to your scalp or temples. Alleviate muscle tension with a shoulder or neck massage.

Drink a caffeinated beverage. In small amounts, caffeine alone can relieve migraine pain in the early stages or enhance the pain-reducing effects of acetaminophen (Tylenol, others) and aspirin. Be careful, however. Drinking too much caffeine too often can lead to withdrawal headaches later on.

Sleep well

Migraines may keep you from falling asleep or wake you up at night. Likewise, migraines are often triggered by a poor night’s sleep. Here’s



T h t l ea

help encouraging sound sleep. Establish regular sleep hours. Wake up and go to bed at the same time every day — even on weekends. If you nap during the day, keep it short. Naps longer than 20 to 30 minutes may interfere with nighttime sleep. Unwind at the end of the day. Anything that helps you relax can promote better sleep: Listen to soothing music, soak in a warm bath or read a favorite book. But watch what you eat and drink before bedtime. Intense exercise, heavy meals, caffeine, nicotine and alcohol can interfere with sleep.

Minimize distractions. Save your bedroom for sleep and intimacy. Don’t watch television or take work materials to bed. Close your bedroom door. Use a fan to muffle distracting noises. Don’t try to sleep. The harder you try to sleep, the more awake you’ll feel. If you can’t fall asleep, read or do another quiet activity until you become drowsy. Check your medications. Medications that contain caffeine or other stimulants — including some medications to treat migraines — may interfere with sleep.

Eat wisely

You’re eating habits can influence your migraines. Consider the basics: Be consistent. Eat at about the same time every day. Don’t skip meals. Eating breakfast is especially important. Avoid foods that trigger migraines. If you suspect that a certain food — such as aged cheese, chocolate, caffeine or alcohol — is triggering your migraines, eliminate it from your diet to see what happens.

Exercise can be done at any age , the point to be kept in mind is that exercise should be done under a trained professional & his training intensities should match according to his/her needs.


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Date: 22nd January Venue: Hotel Brahmaputra Ashok

Neil Nitin Mukesh & Bipasha Basu with Bollywood’s ace designer Rohit Verma


Date: 19th January Venue: Club Ozone


Gold’s Gym Ganeshguri launched international Group Exercise Studio




25 Jan

Madhushala @ Raj Mahal

Saturday Night Fever – Dj Marun

26th Jan

South Point School, Lal Ganesh

2nd Rhino Riders Carnival 2014

27th, 28th, 29th Jan

Deepor Beel

Deepor Beel Festival -Photography Contest

30 Jan

Hotel Brahmaputra Ashok

MTV Unplugged - Papon & East India Company



30th Jan

IIT Guwahati

Alcheringa – Saaz

30 Jan - 2nd Feb

Chandubi Lake, Mirza

2nd Moto Camp G2G


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Gold’s Gym Ganeshguri, as a part of expanding its fitness profile, launched a Group Exercise Studio in a newly set up 800 sq. ft. area on January 22, 2013. This studio of global standard will be carrying out internationally certified group exercise classes ‘Les Mills’ like RPM, Zumba, Pilates, Aerobics, Body Pump and many more taught by certified instructors from next week. German trained ballroom and Latin dance expert Mr. Sandip Soparrkar was present for the launch along with directors of Gold’s Gym Ganeshguri.

G PLUS JAN 25 - JAN 31, 2014




G PLUS JAN 25 - JAN 31, 2014


Cast: Priyashree Kashyap, Bhagirathi, Pranami Bora, Biki, Simashree Bora, Director: Kangkan Rajkhowa


Cast: Salman Khan, Tabu, Suniel Shetty, Danny Dengzongpa, Sana Khan, Daisy Shah and Nadira Babbar Director: Sohail Khan


n Sohail Khan directed Jai Ho, Salman Khan plays a patriotic Indian army officer Jai Agnihotri who’s stripped of his powers when he disobeys his boss during a terrorist operation. He’s suspended and the disillusioned high-ranking officer becomes a car mechanic. But although he tinkers with jeeps he still jumps to help people in trouble. In the first half, he’s shown helping a disabled student (Genelia D’Souza) write her exams and reunites a kidnapped toddler with his distraught mother. It’s all in a day’s work for Jai. But he doesn’t want to hear ‘thank you’ and asks them to help three people around them instead (he says it’s a way of forming a human ‘goodness’ chain.) So we get it. He’s an angel with

rock star looks. But the problem is that they drum his goodness and his Gandhian philosophy into our heads with irritating frequency. Just like Dabangg and Bodyguard, he’s like this incredible hulk. When provoked, this gentle giant turns into an animal. He snarls, he bites and sucks blood. His punch line: “The common man is like a sleeping lion, so don’t poke him” is laughable on paper, but Khan persists. Agreed, he has incredible star power but even he seems to be skating on thin ice here. The story of  Jai Ho  is far too simplistic to be taken seriously. While it’s laudable that Khan plays the righteous Samaritan, he doesn’t progress beyond the help-eachother-out phase. The gory action

sequences are all orchestrated to highlight Khan’s buffed- up body and there’s one too many. The climax in which Khan’s shirt rips to show a gleaming, magnificent torso might make this journey less painful. Tabu of The Namesake  fame plays the token elder sister who supports her brother unconditionally. She’s good but when you are watching a Salman Khan, it’s all about him.  Jai Ho  isn’t any different. Physically, Khan, 48, doesn’t look a day older than 35 and is in fine physical shape. While the notion that the power of the common man shouldn’t be underestimated is noble in  Jai Ho, I wish its makers had also remembered not to underestimate their common sense.

ecently released Assamese feature film Shinyor is an attempt of director Kangkan Rajkhowa to explore the lives of sex workers. Undoubtedly, it is a brave attempt by Rajkhowa in his directorial debut to present before the Assamese audience, the tragic circumstances that drag a girl into prostitution, a source of livelihood which has always been looked down upon by society but at the same time generating some amount of curiosity among people. The literal meaning of the word Shinyor is ‘scream.’ In the film it is the scream of sex workers that never reaches the hearts of the people. Through the eyes of protagonist Priya, a young female journalist, the director takes the audience into the world of the sex workers in Guwahati. Priya visits a brothel with the hope of getting exclusive news with the hope that it will catapult her to success. Un-

Devil’s Due

Cast: Allison Miller, Zach Gilford, Sam Anderson, Roger Payano and Vanessa Ray Director: Matt Bettinelli-Olpin, Tyler Gillett Devil’s Due” uses the increasingly unimaginative found-footage gimmick to try to juice up the tired trope of a woman who is carrying a demonic foetus. That’s not a spoiler. The movie’s two-word title is the world’s shortest plot synopsis, and the trailer gives away even more. What few surprises lie in store arrive very late in the film and consist of generic supernatural horror cliches. To the film’s credit, the appealing young performers Zach Gilford and Allison Miller are well cast as newlyweds Zach and Sam, who find themselves expecting a child after a drunken night on the town in a creepy subterranean

Now Showing Jai Ho

nightclub while on their honeymoon. Most of the film is presented as Zach’s home movies, though directors Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett (who worked together on “V/H/S”) supplement that with footage from other cameras. Conveniently for the filmmakers, Zach and Sam’s house gets broken into shortly after they learn she’s pregnant, and several “Paranormal Activity”-style surveillance cameras are hidden by the intruders, unbeknownst to Zach and Sam. This results in a movie that, as with most other examples of the genre, looks like it was shot by a 13-year-old with a $2,000 gift card from Best Buy.

fortunately, it turns out to be fatal for her and in a chain of events, Priya becomes a victim of misunderstanding of her family and gets repeatedly abused by a goon who runs the brothel. She becomes pregnant, gives birth to a girl child who is looked after by a homeless woman and afflicted with an incurable disease. Perhaps, in no other Assamese film has so much of slang used as in Shinyor. The film, produced by Sanjive Narain, is based on the novel Sayelika’s Diary by Govind Khound. The director has stayed away from the tradition of casting stars. As a matter of fact it has helped audience go into the story. They may not be prominent yet but Pranami and Bhagirathi, alumni of National School of Drama, have played their parts well. Being her debut film Priyashree has also shown promise.

Pranjal Baruah

There’s virtually no suspense here. What’s most irksome about “Devil’s Due” is the sloppy logic of the found-footage concept here. The movie opens in a police interrogation room, where a bloodied and handcuffed Zach — denying that he “did it,” whatever it is — is being grilled. What follows is supposed a documentary record of “it,” except that, by the end of the film, much of the footage that we’ve just watched is shown to have been lost. In one scene, an entire cache of Zach’s digital-video storage disks — ones we’ve just seen, by the way — is stolen from his home office. So how exactly did they wind up in this movie? And wouldn’t it be simpler if Zach, instead of protesting his innocence, just bought the cops a ticket to “Devil’s Due”? So, if you love chaos without any sense, please watch it.

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How to set a strong password


e now know that “password”, “iloveyou” and “123456” are some of the most common passwords in use. If you are still using a similarly weak password, it’s time to


Security technologist Bruce Schneier suggests constructing a password from a sentence, such as “This little piggy went to market”, which might become “tlpWENT2m”. Or “wizard, you shall not pass” might become “wUshallNOTp”. I wouldn’t advise constructing one from “hackmeifyoucan”, though. That’s tempting fate.


Or, take a line of a song, and use the initial letters of each word. “You know you make me wanna shout” would become “ukuMAKEMEws”. Don’t choose a catchy song. It might give the game away if every time you log on you start singing Shout for no apparent reason.


If you have to pick a number to go in your password, steer clear of addresses – and birthdays. Pick a number that means something to you but isn’t so blatantly obvious. Use the latest unemployment figures, or the number of miles from your desk to your

change to one that’s so secure and unguessable that it stumps even the cleverest of computers, robots and devious humans. Here are a few tips to creating a secure and memorable password:

favourite place, or the temperature at which a pigeon would spontaneously combust.


Don’t let your browser remember the password for you. A browser cannot be trusted – it’s open to hackers, and if your computer is stolen your passwords are as good as plastered on the screen. Anyone who has ever left their Facebook page open with cheeky friends around has felt the sting of a wide-open browser.


A nonsense word made up of several words is another winner for a secure password. If I felt like recalling the months of the year with 30 days I could make my password SeApJuNo. But length is an advantage. The longer the password, the more secure, so don’t be afraid to smoosh together as many words as you like. For example, if my family members were Bart, Lisa, Maggie, Marge and Homer, my password could read BaLiMaMaHom.

Google, Facebook refuse to sell ads promoting marijuana


oogle and Facebook have refused to change their policies on selling advertisement for legal weed, for now. National Cannabis Industry Association, a trade group that lobbies for weed-related businesses in Washington, said that Facebook turned down its offer to promote stories covering marijuana since its policy did not allow it. Marijuana was made legal for recreational use in Washington and Colorado, with Colorado opening its

first cannabis shop this month, The Verge reported. While Facebook believes that the risk of promoting the sale of weed through advertisements is too high at this point of time, the social network does not mind posting ads promoting marijuana advocacy or legalization. The AdWords policy of Google too does not allow it to run promotional ads on drugs and drug paraphernalia, although it has been actively reviewing its policies.

Web Watch

Homeland Security Hauls Man From Movie Theater For Wearing Google Glass


t was bound to happen sooner or later: a man has had his Google GOOG +0.13% Glass headset ripped from his face and been questioned by the Department of Homeland Security over suspicions of piracy in a movie theater The Ohio man, who hasn’t been identified, was watching Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit at an AMC theater on Saturday. He wore his Google Glass, he explains in a blog post at Gadgeteer, because it contained prescription lenses, but left the device turned off. It was the third time he’d worn it at that theater. “About an hour into the movie… a guy comes near my seat, shoves a badge that had some sort of a shield on it, yanks the Google Glass off my face and says ‘follow me outside immediately’. It was quite embarrassing and outside of the theater there were about 5-10 cops and mall cops,” he says. He was held for several hours, he says.

Interestingly, copyright groups like the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) haven’t made any public statements specifically about Google Glass (I asked for their thoughts quite a while ago, and will update if I get them, but don’t hold your breath). In its guidelines for theater owners, the MPAA recommends that they ban filmgoers from using recording devices – including Glass, presumably – but not from bringing them into the theater. Indeed, just imagine the

outcry if people had to hand in their phones – which can also be used for piracy – every time they went to the movies. Google Glass really shouldn’t be much of a piracy threat, though. It has pretty poor video quality and a onehour battery life when filming, for a start; and that’s before you consider the difficulty of keeping your head still for the duration of a whole movie. Professional bootleggers could probably do better – and without looking like idiots in the process.

Facebook asks users to ignore bikini picture spam link


acebook has warned its users of a viral bikini picture launched by scammers and asked them to ignore it. If users click on the link it directs them to what looks like an embedded video and then immediately gets shared on their profile to trick others. The video titled: “Look what this girl is wearing at the beach in front of thousands of people!” has already been shared by thousands of users. The picture shows a woman in a bright pink bikini and its description says: “During the summer

holidays, this girl took the opportunity to do something unheard of! I bet no one can do the same.” The purpose of the link is to direct users to dubious websites riddled with malware. Security expert Graham Clueley told the site, “Clearly if they [the scammers] manage to trick *many* Facebook users into sharing the link, and use a sensational video as bait, they’re going to get a lot more people clicking on the link.” He further added, “Don’t let the fraudsters and online criminals win. If you really want to watch a

video, go to a site like YouTube which will never force you to share a link on Facebook or complete an online survey before you get to watch the content.” Recently a new bug was reported in the Google Chrome browser. The bug lets malicious sites to activate your microphone and record your offline conversations around your laptop even after you’ve closed the tabs. The bug was reported by developer Tal Ater in September but even after 4 months the solution has not reached the desktop users.

NRI develops antenna that lets you watch TV channels wirelessly via Internet


het Kanojia an Indian immigrant has built Aereo- a stamp size antenna that can grab over the air TV signals and stream them to subscribers on the Internet on any device, whether it’s a smartphone, tablet or even your laptop. Users will be able to even record shows for later viewing with cloud-based DVR for a few bucks a month. The new device has lead to a legal battle between the American Broadcasting Companies and. Aereo that will come up in the Supreme Court in April. A case of copyright infringe-

ment has been filed by 17 broadcasting giants ranging from Disney’s ABC to Comcast NBC to 21st Century Fox against Aereo. The TV giants have stated that the device is a threat to their business model, and undermines the cable re-transmission fees. Broadcasters maintained that Aereo’s transmissions constitute a “public performance” that requires Aereo to pay for retransmitting them. However, the federal appeals court have ruled that Aereo’s streams to subscribers were not “public performances,” and therefore does not

constitute copyright infringement. This has shook the TV giants and lead them to file a court in the Supreme court. Some of the channels are even considering taking themselves off the air and converting themselves to a cable-only channel. Kanojia who won the case in lower courts and is confident that the Supreme Court will rule in his favor. “I can’t imagine they won’t be on the side of innovation,” he says, “cloud-based innovation, in particular, because it is so consumer-friendly. This is the first battleground for the next 50 years of how copyright is going to extend or apply to the Internet and the cloud,” he said in a recent interview. Kanojia who has an engineering degree from the National Institute of Technology and has a mechanical degree from Northeastern University, US holds patents in more than 14 fields ranging from robotics to data. He sold his first company, Navic Networks, to Microsoft in 2008 for a reported $250 million.


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Your weekly dose of HOROSCOPE ARIES

The beginning of the week is about renewal. Don’t make any sudden moves or you might disrupt the process. Come Tuesday or Wednesday, you can make all the sudden moves you want you can do jumping jacks to your heart’s content. After a long process of figuring out what you desire, this week is about striking out into the world and getting it. Keep all your ducks in a row and make sure especially on Thursday and Friday that your reputation stays in tip-top shape. At the end of the week, you’re going to be surprised by what you’ve accomplished.

TAURUS Your world is flooded with emotion at the beginning of the week. You may need knee-high boots just to get through Monday without getting wet. Try to keep your sensitivity in check on Tuesday, especially around others. And on Thursday, when you run into someone with dogmatic opinions, be more open-minded than you usually would be you never know what this person might have to say. This weekend, you might find yourself rubbed the wrong way by something someone says. And you might have a point. But there’s a chance they don’t mean it at all.

GEMINI Someone’s health is on your mind on Monday, and you may spend some time doing some Internet research to figure out exactly what they’re going through. You are drawing closer to your good friends this week than ever. On Tuesday and Wednesday, the connection between you and a pal is extreme and deep an exhilarating bond. The latter half of the week will be consumed with work stuff (bizarre personalities, hidden agendas, hard deadlines), but this weekend is a good time for reflection. It will also be good for some risk-taking in the restaurant department.

CANCER Someone wants you to shake hands on a deal on Monday, but you should keep your hands firmly in your pockets. No handshaking until you know for sure that this is what you want. Spend Tuesday and Wednesday doing something nurturing yourself (food, music, books, long walks) and weighing your options. Later in the week, if you don’t want to go out and be social with a friend, just let them know. This weekend, keep it low key, but don’t bore yourself. You’ll get a lot more joy out of a smart, challenging movie than a weepy, predictable one.



LIBRA Change is in the air Monday, and you can’t stop thinking about it. You may feel like it’s selfish to dwell on all the good things that are happening in your life, but that’s ridiculous. Find ways to express how you’re feeling about everything on Tuesday and Wednesday, but on Thursday you might want to zip it and just play cool. Your moods are up and down and up and down this week — it’s important to recognize that that’s natural. But the weekend will be two great days in a row, full of creativity and romance.


Everyone is bringing their own motivations to the table, and you’d be wise to figure out what they are before trying to broker a deal. But, you know, good luck. You’ll have to rely in large part on your masterful intuition. You don’t have a lot of time to listen to other people’s minor grievances this week, especially on Wednesday, when you’ll be so busy with romance that you won’t have time for anything else. (Or at least you won’t want to make time for anything else.) On Friday, you’ll be possessed of a strong sense of what you want. Just be sure not to cling to anything too much this weekend.


All you have to do is snap your fingers and everyone is at your service on Monday. You have a unique kind of social power, and you should use it sparingly. The connection between you and your friends is intense. It’s so intense, especially on Wednesday, that you might get caught up in a kind of crowd mentality — which, of course, is something you should try to avoid. At heart, you are a determined and individualistic person. Friday is a great day to propose a new plan to the group, and this weekend is a good time to forget about the group entirely and focus on your family.


The people you’re sharing your ideas with on Monday have radically different perspectives than you do — and that, you’ve come to realize, is a good thing. It keeps you honest. And it makes you think about things you wouldn’t normally consider. This week will be good practice for going with the flow (especially on Wednesday) and for getting along with strong, creative personalities (especially on Thursday). On Friday, recent efforts in your love life are going to pay off big time. What with all the change in the air, you’ll feel like a completely new person come Sunday.

You are feeling a bit slow at the beginning of the week, most likely because the weekend was exhausting and you’re still stuck in a sort of dreamland. But starting Tuesday you’ll be bounding out of bed every morning. You may even be bouncing off the walls. You are a true original, and when someone asks you for your opinion on Thursday, you are going to give it to them, no holds barred. People love you for your directness. Continue to communicate in bold ways over the weekend, even with people you barely know. You make friends quickly.

CAPRICORN You’ve been holding off on deciding your next move for a while, but Monday is the day to make the big leap. You know all the facts and your friends are ready to help. By Tuesday, you’ll start to have second thoughts, but everyone always has second thoughts after they’ve made a bold move. You will start to see the wisdom of your ways by Thursday, and on Friday someone is going to admit how impressed by you they are. This weekend, your plan will come into fuller focus: The end result won’t change, but your plan on how to get there might.

AQUARIUS You know that the way to get what you want out of this scenario is to take your time and approach this methodically. Think of Monday as a chance to practice being patient. Your friends know just where your head is these days, and they’re great sources of support, particularly on Tuesday and Wednesday. You know that discipline is key, and you’ll have to resist extravagance on Thursday or Friday. This weekend, a sudden surge of energy (coupled with some exciting progress) is going to put you in the greatest of moods.

PISCES Someone is ready to finalize a plan with you on Monday, but you’re still a little fuzzy on some of the details. Make sure you’re getting out of this what you want. As long as you pay close attention on Tuesday and Wednesday, luck will be on your side. So, incidentally, will all of your friends and coworkers. You have an amazing support system, as you’ll be reminded later in the week, and you also have friends in high places. You might want to go to them for advice sometime this weekend. You have big dreams, and they could help make them come true.

JUST FOR LAUGHs One day Mulla Nasrudin visited a large department store to buy his wife some nylon hose. Inadvertently, he got caught in a mad rush at a counter where a bargain sale was going on. He soon found himself being pushed and stepped on by frantic women. He stood it as long as he could. Then with head lowered and elbows


out, he plowed through the crowd. “You there!” said a woman. “Can’t you act like a gentleman? “NOT ANYMORE,” said Nasrudin. “I HAVE BEEN ACTING LIKE A GENTLEMAN FOR AN HOUR. FROM NOW ON, I AM ACTING LIKE A LADY.”

Solutions (Last Issue)



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Trip to Maharashtra M

aharashtra the third largest state in India and has tremendous wealth in the form of tourist places. Numerous caves, attractive hill stations, virgin beaches, and wildlife in plenty, revered holy places- you name it and state of Maharashtra has it. However, it is Bollywood that gives

Maharashtra an edge over other states of India. Maharashtra is a complete tourist destination in itself and a delight for those fond of traveling. With all its attractions, Maharashtra exudes a mesmerizing aura which is hard to ignore. GPlus discusses about some must watch places in this state.

Panchgani Surrounded by five hills, Panchgani is a heaven on earth. The place has absolute beauty and picturesque surroundings. This hill station is quite popular among travelers. You will find farm houses of many rich and famous personalities in Panchgani.

Aurangabad Elephanta Caves Only 10kms off the Mumbai Coast, a host of caves are located in an island amid the Arabian Sea. The caves, dating back to 450 to 750 AD display fine sculptures depicting the glory of Lord Shiva. Regular motorboats from the boat jetty in from of the Gateway of India would take you to the islands. The caves are declared an UNESCO World Heritage.

Pench National Park Sprawling over an area of 257 sq km in the lower southern reaches of the Satpura hill ranges, it offers a splendid opportunity to see a wide variety of wildlife in the spectacular natural setting. Pench is also home to tigers, panthers, chital sambhar, barking deer, nilgai, black buck, gaur, wild boar, chausingha, sloth bears, langurs, monkeys, mouse deer, hyenas and flying squirrels are to name a few.

The city of Aurangabad is particularly famous for the heritage sites of Ajanta and Ellora. A plethora of 29 rock cut Cave Mountains, these caves stand tall as an important symbol of architectural achievements of the country. The mural paintings in Ajanta and the sculptures in Ellora along with their picturesque location would cast a spellbinding effect on you. The city owes its name to Aurangzeb, the Mughal emperor, who made it a vice regal capital to rule over Deccan. Here, the emperor built Bibi-ka-Maqbara as a tribute to his mother. It is an imitation of the famous Taj Mahal. Pan Chaaki and the Darwazaas are examples of exceptionally skilled architecture of the bygone days.

Mahabaleshwar, Lonavala and Khandala Ganapatipule Ganapatipule is a small village in Maharashtra which has a long stretch of beautiful beaches. A beach itself named Ganapatipule is the most beautiful and stunning of all the beaches. Sun kissed beaches and lush greenery seem to be in an eternal love affair in chaste lands of Ganapatipule. There are also some water sports facilities here. Besides, a Ganpati (Lord Ganesha) temple is also located at the beach.

Pune Well known as the “Queen of the Deccan” and “Oxford of the East”, Pune is one city in Maharashtra worth visiting for its rich historic past as well as dazzling modern charm. The green hills and beautiful lakes of Pune surely mesmerize the visitors.

Most of us have witnessed breath taking beauty of the hill stations of Maharashtra at least on television, if not in reality. Thanks to Bollywood and Aamir Khan, Khandala has been immortalized through a popular song in the conscience of every Indian. Mahabaleshwar is known as much for a temple as it is for being a renowned spot of honeymoon. The clean air, calm surrounding, placid lake and cascading waterfalls offer a retreat in striking contrast with the bustling cities.

Shirdi Shirdi is a town located in Ahmednagar District of Maharashtra. Devotees from across the world visit the Shirdi Sai temple, built over the Samadhi of Shri Sai Baba. Besides this temple, Shani Mandir, Narsimha Mandir, Kandoba Temple, Sakori Ashram and Changdev Maharaj Samadhi can be visited when one travels to Shirdi. Mumbai is the capital city of Maharashtra. The city is known to give shape to dreams of many because of its plentiful resources, this is the reason it is often termed as the ‘Dream city of India’. Mumbai is also the financial capital of India. So, when you plan your trip, it is pretty obvious that you have to touch the dream city at least once. For time explore these places and have fun.


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Samujjal Bhattacharyya

Ex Director General of Police, Assam

AASU advisor



es, of course Guwahati should have a police commissionerate. It is already too late; we should have had it long ago. A lot of people are not aware that this has been recommended in the Shanti Prasad commission report in the late 70s, and attempts had been made since 1984 onwards to bring the system in place in Guwahati. Moreover, the subsequent police commissionerate reports of various police commissionerates in the country says that any city having a population of more than 10 lakhs should have a police commissionerate. More recently, the Assam Police Act has also made a provision of posting a police commissioner in Guwahati. The present day population, crime and law and order situation requires very close monitoring and for quick and better results, one needs to think of a single window concept authorising the police officers to take decisions in the matters without waiting for another agencies to decide and communicate for action. There is an increased sense of responsibility among the police administrators who become totally accountable for most part of their action in handling the situation. In fact, a close study of the new act and rules indicate that whatever continues to cause crime and leads to the breach of peace or law and order situation, comes under the control of the police administrator, which allows them to have an integrated approach towards problem solving. People who have respect for law and are largely law-abiding, will really like and welcome the system when it is in place. But those who do not have even scanty regard for the law and those who only believe in being contrasuggestive to any modern idea or tools of administrative reforms and are generally at the other side of the law will always dislike and oppose. The people of Guwahati will have to grant some time to the pres-

COUNTERPOINT People who have respect for law and are largely law-abiding, will really like and welcome the system when it is in place. But those who do not have even scanty regard for the law and those who only believe in being contrasuggestive to any modern idea or tools of administrative reforms and are generally at the other side of the law will always dislike and oppose.

ent police system to get transformed and deliver the benefits as envisaged. The magisterial power being made available to the police officers in a limited way makes them more effective in discharge of their duty. Special soft skill training also makes the men on ground more acceptable and responsive.


irst of all, Guwahati does not need to establish a police commissionerate. It is not at all necessary in the city. There are three important factors that the police need to take care of while providing security to the public – crime control, traffic control and safety for the women and children. There is paucity of manpower in the police force and with the existing size, they cannot control crime and maintain law and order. As a result, criminal activities like theft and robbery have become rampant in the city. Now the situation is such that thefts are happening in the broad daylight. Same is the situation with traffic control. Because of the manpower shortage, the traffic condition of the city has reached its worst level ever.

Police does not require magisterial power to maintain law and order. Government is just trying to create some gimmick by announcing the constitution of a police commissionerate in Guwahati.

Similarly, there is only one police station for the safety of girls and women, and this is also short of manpower. The number of women police stations as well as women police personnel should be increased. The condition of the police barracks are totally deplorable and unhygienic they are not worthy of living. A Police commisionerate is not the answer to all these problems. It will hamper the democratic rights of the public and will be an obstacle to the democratic process. If the police is provided with magisterial power, there is a chance that it will increase police autocracy. There is already a separate system of police administration put in place in the city of Guwahati, which is nowhere to be found in any other districts of the state. As per this system there are two SPs under an SSP to look after the entire law and order scenario of the city and this system should be established as a full-fledged one. Therefore, instead of constituting a separate police commissionerate, importance should be given to increase manpower and strengthening of the police force. Equal importance should be given to modernisation and infrastructural developments of the police force. Police does not require magisterial power to maintain law and order. Government is just trying to create some gimmick by announcing the constitution of a police commissionerate in Guwahati. If Guwahati needs a police commisionerate, then what about the other districts and border areas? If the government decides to set up a police commissionerate in Guwahati, then they will have to set up a police commissionerate in every district and border areas. Therefore, the chief minister should intervene and strengthen the police force and initiate development of the police infrastructure.


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Fabrication HOUSEs G Plus will keep on publishing such relevant and useful information in this page in the coming issues.


Compiled by Rangman Das

Panks Glasses

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Sarada Steel Fabricator Rajgarh Road Guwahati -781007 Phone No – 98641-57995, 98640-76348


Opp. Hotel New Castle Machkhowa Guwahati – 781009 Phone No – 92070-01747

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RR Body Construction

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Kuber Techno Craft

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Maa Lakhi Store

Nr. ISBT, NH-37 Guwahati – 781034 Phone No – 98642-20613

Mechfab Engineering Industries (P) Ltd.

Haldi Gali, Athgaon Guwahati – 781001 Phone No – 0361-2737842, 94012-28653

Shiv Sadhana Welding Lutuma, Lukhora Road Guwahati – 781018 Phone No – 97077-74789

Shutters India

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Industrial Estate Bamunimaidam Guwahati – 781021 Phone No – 99543-43873

Branch – Anil Plaza

Talukdar Industry

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N T Industries

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Orient Enterprise

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PSB Electrical & Engineering Works Near Nemcare Hospital Bhangagarh, Guwahati – 781005 Phone No – 98640-28981

R L Agencies

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Techno Craft

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Industrial Estate Bamunimaidam Guwahati 781021 Phone No – 94350-49429

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Katy Perry WHO’S sHE?

This babe is an American recording artist, businesswoman, philanthropist, and actress. She was born and raised in Santa Barbara, California. Having had little exposure to mainstream pop music in her childhood, she pursued a career in gospel music as a teen and released her debut studio album, Katy Hudson (2001).


Priyanka Chopra tagged “an Arab terrorist” by Americans In a recent interview to The Wall Street Journal, Bollywood`s leading actress Priyanka Chopra has revealed that she faced racist attacks and was even tagged as “an Arab terrorist” by fans of a football league in America sometime back. The actress was left in a state of complete shock after being called a `terrorist` and believed that one shouldn’t be passing such remarks on the basis of one’s skin colour. Chopra, who was crowned as Miss World way back in 2000, said that she has been in the limelight for long and knows how to deal with both brickbats and bouquets. She has also been subjected to racial slurs in her childhood and has learnt how to deal with it.

Obama launches initiative to combat college sexual assault President Obama is launching an initiative to combat sexual assault, particularly on college campuses, turning the spotlight on a problem that has devastated millions of Americans yet rarely receives such White House attention. Obama planned to sign a presidential memorandum Wednesday creating a task force to protect students from sexual assault, with a new White House report declaring that no one in America is more at risk of being raped or assaulted than college women. The report, “Rape and Sexual Assault: A Renewed Call to Action,” says that 1 in 5 women have been sexually assaulted at college but that only 12 percent of student victims report the assault.

In April 2007, Perry signed a recording contract with Capitol Records. She rose to prominence with the release of her single “I Kissed a Girl” followed by her second album, One of the Boys (2008). The album is predominantly pop rock and features themes of heartbreak and teenage adventure. Perry’s third record, Teenage Dream (2010), was preceded by the Billboard Hot 100 chart-topping singles “California Gurls” and “Teenage Dream”, and later produced the number-one singles “Firework”, “E.T.”.


Katy Perry is embracing her sexy side in the February 2014 issue of GQ. Perry plays up her inner vixen by donning a revealing $225 OMO Norma Kamali swimsuit on the cover, and she models Cosabella and FifiChachnil lingerie inside the magazine. Perry, the daughter of two preachers, admits that she’s been obsessing over her bust since childhood. Maui. The couple, who have been enjoying a relaxing break on the Hawaiian island, were ready to say aloha as they were spotted with luggage heading to the airport.

RBI to withdraw all pre-2005 currency notes to curb black money

US military releases new instructions on religious garb In a major decision that might have a far reaching impact on Sikhs joining the US military, the Pentagon has issued new instructions relaxing norms to allow troops to wear jewellery and apparel to comply with their religious requirements. However, the new instructions still stress on wearing protective equipment like helmets. The relaxations in the norms might still not be enough for letting the Sikh community to join the American armed forces in large numbers, a long pending demand of the Sikh-American community.

pick of the week Acclaimed theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking, one of the creators of modern theory on black holes, has now questioned the existence of the phenomenon known as event horizon around them. In a paper posted online on University of Cambridge, Britain, Prof. Hawking has proposed a new theory called ‘apparent horizon’ — a surface along which light rays attempting to rush away from the black hole’s core would be suspended.

What did I just hear? Shiv Sena chief Uddhav Thackeray hit out at the Aam Aadmi Party and termed its dharna in Delhi an ‘act of madness’. In a stinging editorial in the party mouthpiece ‘Saamana’, Uddhav compared AAP to a item girl and said that Rakhi Sawant can govern better than Arvind Kejriwal.

The Reserve Bank decided to withdraw all currency notes issued prior to 2005, including Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 denominations, after March 31 in a move apparently aimed at curbing black money and fake currencies. “After March 31, 2014, it (RBI) will completely withdraw from circulation all bank notes issued prior to 2005. From April 1, 2014, the public will be required to approach banks for exchanging these notes,” the RBI said in a statement.

EU Warns Against Ukraine Violence as Talks Fail to Ease Tensions Ukrainian opposition leaders emerged from crisis talks with President Viktor Yanukovich on Wednesday saying he had failed to give concrete answers to their demands, and told their supporters on the streets to prepare for a police offensive. Boxer-turned-politician VitalyKlitschko told the thousands of protesters gathered in Kyiv’s Independence Square that during three hours of talks the president remained vague about opposition demands that his government be dismissed and sweeping anti-protest laws ditched.

Kamur of the week

Republic Day on Sunday. It is great to know that the nation is going to celebrate the Republic Day on the 26th January and in spite of various rebel groups calling for a boycott in the northeast, Guwahati too, seems enthusiastic to join the celebrations. But many people are upset that this year that the day has fallen on a Sunday which will kill one of the regular holidays which they deserve.

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