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The basics of installing a gutter in your home! When homeowners perform regular home improvement check-ups, they often overlook their gutters. Plant debris can decompose and rust gutters at times and damage them so much that an immediate replacement is needed than performing repairs. Gutter installations may sound like a big job to be done by a homeowner, but it is actually not that difficult. Let me make it easier for you by sharing some few necessary steps to be followed. Steps to Take Before Installing New ones Before you plan to purchase new gutters, map out the house and it's current gutter system wherever you wish to replace. Also, determine how long the gutter run is and calculate the number and length of downspouts. By looking at all these calculations write down separately a list of materials and all measurements as needed. If the gutter run does not exceed about 35 feet, then it will definitely have its highest point at one end, with the run sloping downwards toward the downspout. Whereas, if the gutter run exceeds 35 feet then the high point will be at its centre, with the run sloping down on both sides to their respective downspouts. For both these types of lengths, the high point should be an inch below the fascia board that the gutters attach to and should slope Âź-inch for each ten feet of run. Try drawing a chalk line while holding one end of the gutter at the correct angle so that it provides a guide to follow where the installations need to be done.

Steps to be followed while installing them The downspout outlets can be installed with 1 Âź-inch deck screws each and they should be close enough to the run but not at its end. Also, note that one end needs to be attached to the other end of the house along the chalk line only. Attach gutter hangers to the fascia at 24-inch intervals each and try using only 1 Âź-inch deck screws for them. Fasten them at one inch from the roof ends, following the chalk line and leaving enough room at the ends for gutter caps to be fixed then. Remember that not all corners feature a downspout and are not at the end of a run. Hence, try avoiding them to be covered with gutter covers. Now the next step is to cut the gutter sections with a hacksaw so that it fits between the end of the roof and the downspout outlet. Place a necessary cap on the end and try snapping the gutter section into the nearby downspout outlet, and hook it on the hangers, following the chalk line. Nothing should be fixed here and there since you need to strictly follow the chalk line. And the final step involves cutting off the drainpipes to fit between the elbow joint on the downspout outlet and the joint on the wall and between the wall elbow and the ground.

Conclusion If you would like someone to handle your gutter installations or any other roofing project, please visit Guttercraft today for more information on customer service, performance and pricing.

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: 675 Eltham-Yarra Glen Road Kangaroo Ground VIC 3097

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: 0417 312 212, 1800 448 883

Business Email : Contact Person : Jonathon Rice

The basics of installing a gutter in your home!  

If you would like someone to handle your gutter installations or any other roofing project, please visit Guttercraft today for more informat...

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