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Gutsy Goodness brings you heartfelt handmade jewelry that makes the precious moment in life a bit sweeter and the bittersweet a bit easier…

Gutsy Goodness is a line of handmade fashion message jewelry designed in San Diego, CA. Inspired by the moments in life that are both joyful and bittersweet, we offer a wide variety of necklaces, keychains, and bouquet charms. Each piece is designed to bless the recipient through wearing the jewelry piece, as well as the unwrapping of the sentimental packaging, oftentimes given as a gift.


Who knew that jewelry could touch a little piece of your soul? It is our mission to give each person who opens a Gutsy Goodness box the experience of feeling cared for and her journey acknowledged. Through the meaningful message card inside each box to the sweet organza bag, we take time to make every piece feel as special as each person receiving it. A family-owned small business, Gutsy Goodness began in 2015 by husband

We are a husband & wife-owned USA company that loves to inspire and encourage people through written quotations on rustic style bronze and glass jewelry, handmade one piece at a time by us or a member of our team. and wife, Joel and Lisa Copen. Born out of a moment in their lives that could be labeled “Plot Twist!” it became their full-time venture in less than six months. Today, they have sold over 170,000 pieces and have over 3000 5-Star reviews on platforms such as Etsy and Amazon Handmade. In 2019 they launched their own website

and began wholesale and subscription box inclusions, with plans to reach more people with their message of hope.

Lisa and Joel employ 8-10 men & women, moms and students, who truly love being part of making jewelry that brings comfort and joy to thousands of people.


Many of Gutsy Goodness’ items are gifts, ideal to offer encouragement, congratulations, and comfort. We are humbled to be entrusted with such meaningful moments in one’s life and honored that we can provide keepsakes that will last for years to come.


Thank you for inviting us to send you wholesale information about Gutsy Goodness. As business owners ourselves we know how precious your time is. I have created this enhanced Line Sheet / Look Book in order to give you a quick glimpse into the themes of jewelry we design that your customers may adore. This booklet contains just a sample of the 1500+ SKUS we carry but I hope it introduces you to Gutsy Goodness so that when you log on to OVER 50 PRODUCTS our web site it helps you narrow down what you are looking for.

You will see this label on most pages that shares how many SKUs we carry for that particular theme. Not all themes are represented in this booklet. So don’t miss the extensive menu on our web site. Each item can be ordered as a necklace (24” or 36”) or as a keychain. Some keychains also have additional charms, tassels, and beads. We also have a extensive selection of wedding bouquet charms for brides to honor a loved one who has passed. Please feel free to ask if we have a particular theme or a design you are looking for. We will do our best to accommodate whatever needs you have. If you are placing your order online we can make you a custom listing for any items you do not see. More information is on the following page. My husband Joel and I are the owners of Gutsy Goodness. We have different responsibilities so during the course of ordering you may hear from each of us. I design all the pieces, take the photography and do the online design, marketing, advertising, and customer service. Joel is responsible for all packaging, including message cards, shipping, and inven-


tory and a bunch of other things behind the scenes. Abby is our Marketing Specialist and helps oversee our wholesale program. Our assistant, Dahlia, assists with a little bit of everything! We have a fabulous team. During the course of an order you may coordinate it with me, have Abby answer your questions, Dahlia prepare it, and Joel take it to be mailed. We work well together and are eager to include you! We are eager to partner with you… Here are some of benefits for you: •

Handmade in San Diego

RTS, TAT 1-3 days

Free shipping

Ready to gift

$100 MOQ

Includes a quote card

50% off MSRP

Sezzle available

Curious what kind of company we are? We have gone to great effort to define the beliefs and values of Gutsy Goodness. You can see our Manifesto on page 9. It’s who we are… and we hope you may find yourself and your customers represented in it too. We strive to be the kind of company you are proud to do business with.

All the best,

lisa GUTSY GOODNESS 13741 Danielson St, Ste H, Poway CA 92064 213.493.1281 | ABBY FULOP LISA COPEN


© 2021 GUTSY GOODNESS LLC All rights reserved


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Introduction ······································ 2 Welcome letter from Lisa ·················· 5 Steps to take ····································· 7

Summer style ··································17

Gutsy Goodness Manifesto ·············· 9

Good times and hard times ·············18

About the Jewelry ························· 10 About the packaging ······················ 11

Faith-based ·····································20 Motivational mantras ······················22 Southern style ·································24

Details ············································ 12

Farm Life ·········································26

Orders ············································ 13

Dogs, Cats, Animals··························28

Fulfillment ······································ 14

Sewing ············································30

Stock balancing ······························· 15

Beach ···············································32

Pricing ············································ 16 Shipping ········································· 56

Gardening ·······································34 Grandmas ········································36 Friendship ·······································38

Returns ··········································· 57

Moms and daughters ······················40

Liability and pricing policies ············ 58

Special women ································42

Bonus goodies ································ 60

Memorial ········································ 44

Made in the USA ···························· 62

Dad ·················································46

Custom designs ······························ 63 Packaging ······································· 64

Outdoors, Sports······························48 Boho ················································50 Western ···········································51

Display options ······························· 65

Teachers ········································· 52

Size reference ································· 66

Hobbies ···········································53

Fun facts about Lisa & Joel ·············· 67

Wedding Bouquet Charms ···············54

Order form ····································· 68

*See more themes on our website




All glass pendant pieces are 30mm / 1.18” All metal is zinc alloy with a bronze tone finish.

Necklace lengths: 24” & 36”

Chain style: link chain

Keychains: ring size: 30mm


Lisa designs each typography/image

Every pendant piece is hand-sealed to a 30mm glass bezel

Pendant are placed in a metal tray with industrial strength adhesive

Charms and beads are added and item is placed in sealed bag and decorative organza bag

Each item is affectionately packaged


AFFECTIONATELY PACKAGED Each pendant has a specific message card that accompanies the jewelry piece, complimenting the theme of the jewelry. Inside every box you will also find care instructions. The jewelry has little maintenance, but simple steps will en-

sure it looks its best for years to come. After the jewelry piece is packaged in a decorative bag it is placed in a box with the cards. A decorative gold bow keeps the box sealed. For display we recommend removing the lid. See page 59. 11

Our website has very specific categories making it easy to browse.

Wholesale shopping is available on our site. Please fill out our wholesale application to be approved. You also have the option to start a Wish List – or place items into your cart and do not check out—to stay organized.

Dimensions are approximate and sizes or colors may vary slightly due to the characteristics of handmade products. Feel free to ask any questions.

Any substitutions, such as charms, will be agreed upon by both Gutsy Goodness and buyer before production.

All prices are subject to change without notice. The most current price list (included) supersedes any previous pricing or price lists.



MOQ is $100

Opening orders must be paid by major credit card on our website or through other arrangements such as PayPal.

Order payment is due upon ordering unless other arrangements have been made with Lisa Copen.

Additional orders will not be processed before receipt and clearance of the previous payment.


Reorder minimum is $70


Our wholesale customers are our first priority. We typically stop what we are doing and get your orders out as quickly as possible. There may be occasional delays up to 2-weeks, however, so please communicate your needs so we can best accommodate you. •

There is a 1-4 day fulfillment time for orders and reorders.

If buyer requires a faster delivery time than the promised ship date which is given upon order confirmation, a rush charge of 25% may apply.

Any items that are missing from a shipment and appear on the invoice must be reported within 14 days of receipt of order. At that time Gutsy Goodness will re-ship missing items. If Gutsy Goodness is not previously notified of missing items, buyer is liable for amount due stated on invoice.

We do not accept cancellations since we begin preparing your order within hours of it arriving. However, we can make adjustments, so please contact Lisa as soon as possible to see what changes can be made.

An email to is an acceptable form of notification, but please call and let us know to look for the email and we will confirmed it has been received.



Keeping buyer’s Gutsy Goodness stock fresh is important for sales. We will happily exchange and update buyer’s stock at a rate of 2 to 1. This means $100 returned must be accompanied by a new order for $200 or more or $200 returned is accompanied by a new order for $400.

Order payment is due upon shipment. Checks must be deposited and cleared prior to shipment.

Additional orders will not be processed before receipt and clearance of the previous payment.

NEED HELP DECIDING WHAT TO BUY FOR YOUR CUSTOMERS? Set up a 15-minute appointment with Lisa to tell her about your customers, their style, interests, and more and she can give you suggestions based on our experiences, sales, and research.


We offer the following wholesale prices: $100 MSRP……………………………………..50% off


ROSE CHAINS ADDED TO NECKLACES ….$1.75 (24”) WP ...MSRP $3-4 ….$2.50 (36”) WP …...MSRP $4-6




It helps to have a little something to hold onto... This was a gift for my sister who is battling cancer. I saw this and knew it was perfect. When she received the gift, she sent me the most beautiful text ever, saying the gift was absolutely perfect.



She loved it. I cried as I read her text and am so extremely grateful for this seller and the attention and care they put into this item as well my situation. I will always appreciate it. -Kim

BEST MOST PEOPLE CARE… they just don’t know how to help Gutsy Goodness was formed from the desire to provide people with gifts they could easily share to encourage someone through tough times. Encouragement can come through a mantra, a scripture, congratulations and even a giggle. We provide jewelry that is a thoughtful way to tell a friend you care and “see” her.


We celebrate the women who find strength in their faith. Gutsy Goodness has a wide selection of faith-based jewelry that are encouraging gifts to pass along to a friend or claim for yourself on a day that you need a little reminder that there is a purpose in it all. I received this in the mail last night after coming home from a very long day. I am in LOVE!!!! I could not wait to get up this morning so I could wear it. It is beautifully made and high quality. The packaging was an extra special treat too. My husband commented how much he liked the necklace. We will definitely be making purchases in the future! Thank you, Lisa, for extending encouragement in such a special, Christ-honoring way. Praying God will bless this business!! LOVE! LOVE! LOVE!!!!! -Danielle 2020




We celebrate the woman who works through the night…

We believe living this life takes guts! And when you combine that with a whole lot of goodness you’ve got what you need to propel yourself forward. Our motivational and inspirational jewelry is one of our customers’ favorites because each piece speaks to someone in a unique way, depending on circumstances. 2222

... and the woman who learns to find rest for her soul

Whether it is a new business owner or a graduate, a woman training for her first marathon or undergoing chemotherapy, she is brave. And when she gets up in the morning sometimes she wants a personal pick-me-up. She can display it proudly and use it to start a conversation… or she can wear it for her own strength and avoid those conversations by tucking it behind her shirt.




Put on a piece of jewelry with a Southern attitude and be transported to a front porch sippin’ sweet tea


Share your love of feeding the chickens, considering your pigs as pets, and an afternoon at the rodeo with jewelry that expresses you.



Dogs & Cats

Men & Women Versions

Memorial Pieces too


My mom loves her dogs and this was the cutest keychain for the hook by her door for when she takes them out for a walk. She loves it! And the packaging is adorable. - Kendra


Whether your heart belongs to your chickens or a quick cuddle with your cat makes everything better, Gutsy Goodness has animal themed necklaces & keychains for whatever makes you go “awwww…” •

Dogs & Cats

Frogs, Turtles

Chickens, Goats

Butterflies & Dragonflies

Horses & Pigs

Dolphins & Starfish

Elephants, Giraffes, Lions, Monkeys

And many more




Sewing, knitting, quilting… all keep the seamstress connected to them people she loves. These make sweet gifts and many have been used as door prizes for quilting retreats. 30




Don’t forget! All necklaces are available as keychains



When you need a little escape grab the fashion piece



My friend loved her necklace and wanted to know exactly where I found something that describes her love of gardening so well. Thanks for making such a fabulous birthday gift!” -Sarah





ALL MY BLESSINGS… Available as a necklace or keychain for these grandmas…

Abuela (English) Abuela (Spanish) Busia Gammie Gigi Glamma Grandma Grannie Granny

We make the kind of jewelry that makes grandmas cry a few tears of happiness. Whether grandma is called Mimi, Lola or Mamaw, ask us about what versions we have to best meet the needs of your customers.

Lola Mamaw Mimi NaiNai Nana Nonna Oma Savta Yaya


I have lost track of how many necklaces and keychains I have purchased from Gutsy Goodness. Every time I starting looking I find exactly what I am looking for --plus a few other gifts, and even one for myself. It's hard to resist all of them I want to buy! I love this small business and am happy to support them with my repeat business." Susan

Whether you’ve been a friend for 20 years or 20 minutes we have something that will make her exclaim… “I Love it! It’s so me!”


Best of Friends

Silly friends

Long distance friends

Friends through the years


Moms to Daughters

Daughter to Moms

Daughter in Law

New Mom

Bonus Moms | Bonus Daughters

Adoptive Moms


By far one of the best purchases I ever made. This was beautiful and the most sentimental necklace I've ever given to my mom. She was so touched and we both cried. It was such a perfect gift and a perfect moment I shared with my mom. The quality of the product was worth it and I appreciated the extra touch of the packaging, card, and great customer service. I was able to make a great friend out of it as well. Thank you!!! Brianna



cannot even begin to say enough about the attention to every little detail that makes my purchase of a small gift for my mother beyond special. I know I will buy other items for friends and family for any occasion or just because. I will also buy for myself because they are such a beautiful and meaningful treasure. The small details say so much about Gutsy Goodness. I am a loyal customer. You have certainly created something so special that will be a very special part of Christ-


OVER 100 PRODUCTS • • • •

Aunt Sister Cousins Daughter In Law

• • • •

Sister In Law Her Mother In Law His Mother In Law Step | Bonus Daughter

• • •

Step | Bonus Mother Adoptive Mom Niece 43

“Absolutely amazing quality. I love this constant reminder of the blessings I have in my life. The little insert card was so sweet and moved me to tears. I love it!’ - Brittany “So very happy to share this precious gift with my husband and our 17 month old who has 2 angel siblings looking out for her. Words can not express the comfort it’s given me just to have it. The keychain is beautifully made, the message that came with it is heartfelt! Thank you!” -Alexis


“Amazing!! Perfect gift to remind my wife and I of the love we had for a moment that will last for a lifetime. Thank you…” -Kyle


All of the extra touches weren’t necessary, but made a HUGE impact. It this keychain was perfect gift for my dad. It brought tears to his eyes--not easy to do! Thank you!!!” -Kelly

“My dad is the type of person who takes the time to read cards and pick them out for you. He is kinda secretly sentimental. He REALLY liked it.” – Meagan 4646

• • • • • • •

Dad New Dad Adoptive Dad Step Dad Grandpa Papa Husband / Dad

Best. Gift. Ever. Gave this to my Dad (step) and almost brought tears to us both. "Brought my dad to tears!” -Niki "This keychain brought tears to my husband's eyes. He loved it! Great quality, beautiful message, and worth every penny.” -Amy



Gave this to my father. He says, to this day, it's his most prized possession. It's beautiful. - Jo





“She said it was the most sentimental gift she had ever received because she tries to hard to make a difference in the life of every child. Perfect! Brought tears to her eyes.” –Melanie




OVER 50 PRODUCTS “This piece was so special to me, and I loved it! Carefully and thoughtfully packaged with great instructions. Will absolutely recommend to others needing something special like this on their day!” - Kellie “My sister had just got engaged a few months before my dad past way. I had been looking for something that she can have in her special day. This was perfect she loves it and is something that she can always carry with her. Thank you for making this special charm.” –Debra “Stunning. I bought this for my niece and she opened it at her wedding shower. It was passed around and we were all bawling. The note inside was so beautiful too. Highly recommended! Just give it to the bride before the big day so as not to mess up her makeup.” - Diana


ur bouquet charms are some of our most loved designs. With a variety of quotes and charms specifically for dad, mom, grandparents, and more, they are a beautiful way to honor a loved one on a wedding day. Each item comes with a cutting template and instructions for the creating the photo for the frame. The charms are easily tied to the flower bouquet. They are the only piece we offer with silver findings. 55

Orders will be shipped to arrive in the time decided upon by the buyer and Gutsy Goodness. Our TRT is approximately 1-4 days.

A tracking number will be provided. If you need a rush order please contact us. Depending on the weight of the package it will be shipped via USPS, Fed Ex or UPS. If you have a preference it must be noted at checkout. We reserve the right to ship with the carrier we select.

PLACING AN ORDER OF 100+ ITEMS? Note: For example, if buyer needs a package in 2 weeks of 80+ items, the fee would be 25% rush charge for jewelry production, plus shipping time. To guarantee delivery buyer may have to pay a very high postage fee for guaranteed delivery. Buyer needs to order as far in advance as possible to prevent extra costs from adding up. Contact Gutsy Goodness to see if buyer’s needs can be met.


. •

All sales are final unless an agreement has been reached between the buyer and Gutsy Goodness / Lisa or Joel Copen. No returns allowed without authorization.

If a return is authorized, return shipping is the responsibility of the buyer. Items lost in shipping will be the financial responsibility of the buyer, so insurance is recommended.

Returned items must be in re-sellable condition only and Gutsy Goodness reserves the right to refuse any items that do not meet this requirement. Damaged returns will not be accepted. Items must arrive “like new” -including the packaging materials (so do not write on the back of the box, please). This includes the organza bag, insert card, and box), so package them carefully.

If necklaces are “like new” but packaging is dented or otherwise unable to be used, a return fee of $1 per item will be charged (this includes box, organza bag, and/or insert card.)

Returned items will not be credited to current or past invoices or outstanding balances.

All claims for returned goods or adjustments must be made within 5 days of receipt of order.

All returns are subject to a 25% restocking fee. Non-authorized returns will not be refunded.


specifically for an event and the package was lost, Gutsy Goodness will not be responsible for loss of income due to items not arriving in time for the event. But the buyer may adjust the order without penalty if the quantity of items is no longer as large.


If a shipment to the buyer is lost or delayed, Gutsy Goodness will file paperwork with the shipping company and resend the order as quickly as possible.

If buyer needs to adjust an order, this can be accommodated. Gutsy Goodness is not liable for loss of sales buyer may accrue, however, due to product not being available on that date that the shipment was expected.

For example, if order was placed

If the buyer has does not receive the item, but the tracking information from the shipper verifies that it was delivered, the buyer is responsible for contacting the shipping company and trying to locate the package. Gutsy Goodness will make every effort to assist. However, if the package is has a confirmed delivery, the buyer is responsible.

Buyers should inform front desks, door men, spouses, and others who may intercept buyer’s package, that it is to be expected and given to buyer directly.



If for any reason a product has a defect or a broken piece, it will be

promptly replaced by Gutsy Goodness. Lisa may or may not ask for the return of the item, but if it is to be returned, Gutsy Goodness will pay for the shipping to return the item. If a customer has purchased a necklace from the buyer and there is a defect (like a broken clasp), the customer or buyer can contact Lisa at Gutsy Goodness and a replacement of the broken piece (in this case a new chain) will be sent directly to the customer. THEFT No credit will be extended for loss due to theft after delivery.

PRICING RESTRICTIONS | MAP Any items sold online must be priced at the same or increased price as MSRP/Gutsy Goodness price. This is the price Gutsy Goodness sells the item for at This does not include sales items, clearance items, etc. You are able to increase the price for increased profits. For example, items sold on your website, or in person, ie. retail establishments, book tables, coffee houses, etc. can be priced at whatever buyer decides and prices can be adjusted as desired. A buyer cannot resell items on large online retail stores. For example these include but are not limited to: Etsy, Amazon, eBay, and Walmart. 59

Who loves bonus goodies? Wholesale orders are eligible for a free gift! The gift is meant to be used to increase your business. So use it as a giveaway, run an online contest, gift it to an influencer, etc. And if you are using it on social media be sure to let us know so we can share it too. Orders placed of the following amounts will receive: •

25+ items - buyer will receive one free jewelry piece of our choosing to give away as a door prize, raffle, or personal gift.

When you place your order, do NOT order the item(s) that are to be gifts. Just message us what items you have chosen for your freebies and we will include them.


Join our Facebook Group for Wholesalers We have a private Facebook group for our wholesalers. Here we will share… •

New designs coming soon

Social media you can share, including promoting items in your own shop

Exclusive coupon codes for wholesalers

Special designs that are perfect for upcoming unique holidays

Photos of your shop, your displays, and anything else you’d like to share

Clearance items

Your ideas! Let us know what you need, would like to see and how we can work together so we can all find success!


MADE IN THE USA We know it is important to be aware of where the products you sell are made. We handcraft each item from our studio office in San Diego, CA. Our jewelry falls under the category of Made in the USA “and imported.” What this means is that we purchase many of our metal findings from international sources. We currently have over a hundred thousand charms so we can assure you that many supplies we have purchased up to 2 years in advance. Our employees make every bead and include the rings and on the beads and the charms. We also purchase from vendors we have worked with for up to five years. Many of them are women-run small businesses with under 10 employees who are working hard to support their families. We are proud of the relationships we have developed with our international suppliers and consider them colleagues on a similar journey of entrepreneurship. 62

Every glass image is uniquely designed by Lisa Copen (who confesses to having a bit of a font addiction). She delights in every step of the design process from choosing and writing quotations to designing every millimeter of the image. Custom designs can be requested. The custom design for the first item is $35 which includes 1 bead and 1 charm. Each additional item would have the wholesale price applied. Gutsy Goodness keeps all rights to use the design and resell it online. To request an exclusive design for buyer’s use only, it is $100 to own the rights to the design. Special orders and custom combinations are not returnable, exchangeable, or refundable. All sales are final on custom orders.

“I received the necklace today, and my appreciation and admiration go beyond words. I literally began to cry when I opened the package. It is so completely precious. Your caring details went far beyond my expectations. The message on the card said exactly the sentiment I was wanting to express to the person I am giving it to. You are truly a gem! I am so thankful I found you and your gifts.“ 63

Every jewelry piece is layered in goodness so the recipient feels like she is opening a multitude of gifts! Every box includes: 

Care instructions

Message card with theme of jewelry

Jewelry piece sealed in a zipped bag

Jewelry piece tucked into a decorative organza bag

Closed in a box with a gold band


Display options can vary. Below is how one boutique displayed items with the jewelry still sealed in the zip bag, in the box with the card. Upon purchase the customer was provided with the organza bag and the box closed with the bow. Necklaces can be dangled on a display rack without the sealed bag. Let us know if this is your intention and we can include a few extra chains so you have a few fresh chains in case humidity creates more patina than you wish. We can discuss the best ideas to meet your needs and display preferences. Currently we are working on additional display arrangements with a greeting card style packaging.


Chains are 24” and 36” | Which ones to choose? We have found that 24” is the most popular among those who are <40 years of age. 50+ prefer the 36” chain. They are link chains. A couple pairs of pliers can easily shorten a chain, so when people are debating which to choose for a gift, we recommend the longer chain, as it can always be shortened. For a small fee we can include extra chains in case your customers want to swap out a 24” for 36” chain. 6666

Curious about the couple behind Gutsy Goodness? You can read a bit about our story on our website or sign up for our mailing list and you will get the whole enchilada about how we went from writing books (Lisa) and making video games (Joel) to making jewelry. We thought we’d share a few quick fun facts though just so you know who you are working with behind the scenes.

Favorite place: My late Mamaw's house in the woods of West Tennessee Travel claim: I've been to all 50 states

A family heirloom I have: quilts my great grandma made, even picking the cotton for. A favorite current TV show: Zoe’s Extraordinary Playlist Something in my past that would surprise people: I sang in a Gospel choir in college at the University of Oregon and still love gospel music

Silly collection: I have 300 unopened Hot Wheels cars

Favorite comfort food: biscuits and gravy, especially my mom’s

Night owl or morning person? Both, actually! Doesn't help with getting enough sleep, lol!

My song of the season: Anything Kenny Chesney

Winter lover or Summer lover? I used to hate hot weather, but now I thrive on sunny skies

A kid’s toy I secretly like: my son’s ant farm. When I got up in the middle of the night I felt like they were up working hard, keeping me company.

Favorite childhood memory: Family camping in a WV camper all across Canada

A favorite quote from a movie: “I’d rather have 30 seconds of wonderful than a lifetime of nothing special.” (Steel Magnolias)

Beach or mountains? Any place cozy I can read a good book

A scar I earned: a big one on my ankle from surviving the flesh eating bacteria in 2009


14260 Garden Rd. Ste B13, Poway CA 92064 213.493.1281


Or order at

Order Date: __________ / _________/ ________Buyer Name:__________________________________ Business Name:_______________________________________________________________________ Buyer Email: __________________________________________________________________________

Email for Invoice _______________________________________________________________________ Billing Address:________________________________________________________________________ Shipping Address:______________________________________________________________________ QUANTITY




24/36/KEY/ BOUQ

She Leaves a Little Sparkle








24/36/KEY/ BOUQ




______________% $



Thank you! We will send you an electronic invoice due at the time of receiving it that includes the subtotal, discount, postage costs and estimated shipping date. 69

Sign up for our mailing list, Gutsy Goodness Glimpses and get our free download “40 Things to Write in a Card.” 13741 Danielson St., Ste H, Poway CA 92064 213.493.1281 | LISA COPEN