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With six people in 1992, we had a dream to start a church for people who didn’t like church in Tulsa, Oklahoma. In December, that number had grown to over 60 and the first service happened in an old warehouse at 41st and Memorial. Over the last 23 years, we have seen hundreds of thousands give their lives to God through our church services and outreaches like The Nightmare, the Tougher Than Hell Motorcycle Rally and Friday Groceries. We’ve made a lasting impact on our community through city-wide outreaches, and every week we minister to thousands at our Tulsa, Skiatook and now, Sapulpa campuses. All this has been facilitated because people like you have poured their lives out and rallied to “Help People Win.� This is an exciting time in our church! It’s absolutely clear that God is doing something extraordinary here, and I truly believe there is nothing that we can’t accomplish as a church. We are going to raise $3 million by the 25th anniversary (December 2017) of Guts $IVSDI5IJTJOWFTUNFOUXJMMIFMQVTGVMmMMUIFWJTJPOUIBU*CFMJFWF God has for our church, and it’s my prayer that you will join us. I’m appreciative of your faithfulness, support and prayers. Together, nothing is impossible for us. Let’s commit to winning the world for God! Stay Strong,

Changed Lives

Bill and Sarah Stokely Sarah and Bill Stokely’s first service was Guts Church’s 20th anniversary, and they have been part of the church ever since. “It’s a very welcoming church,” Sarah said. “The people at the door, the people directing the traffic. The congregation is friendly. It’s a great atmosphere.” It was the message that drew the Stokelys in and kept bringing them back. “It’s that constant reminder to keep your life

going in the right direction,” Bill said.

Bill and Sarah are energized as they look at the future of Guts Church. Building a legacy is about the people, which means expanding the reach throughout the greater Tulsa area and well beyond. “We are really excited to start the new churches and continue growing our church,” Bill said. “It’s the opportunity to create multiples -- to go out and do what we have done well for so long.”

Chris and Molly Hart Years later, Chris and Molly are now married with two children, and they both have had countless opportunities to grow in their ministry and giftings while at Guts Church.

Chris Hart was in college when he first heard Pastor Bill Scheer speak. “He said, ‘You should come check out the church and bring some friends,’” Chris recalled. The next Sunday, Chris showed up with about 40 guys. During a tour of the Guts Church Tulsa campus, he knew this was where God was leading him. Chris would go on to help launch Sub30, the church’s young adult ministry and the very place Molly began attending as a student in college. “I was looking for an outreach-oriented church, a place that had a vision for reaching the lost. The only place I knew of was Guts,” Molly said.

“Pastors Bill and Sandy set people up to do the purpose that is inside of them,” Chris said. “We want to be trained, developed and have an impact. This has been a safe and healthy environment for us as a married couple, and now as a family.” The Harts are “All In” when it comes to the future of Guts Church because they know it directly impacts not only them, but also their children. “This is our house and where our kids are getting fed,” Molly said. “This hits right where our kids are going to be. There’s no one that is excluded when you are talking about legacy and vision.”

Mike and Charlotte Van Valkenburg

Flipping through the channels more than 10 years ago, Mike and Charlotte Van Valkenburg came across something called “Guts” on television. The Word they heard was “life-changing.” “It was so anointed and so powerful, and we were in awe,” Charlotte recalled. They gradually began attending the church, first on Wednesday nights, then Second Mile which had just kicked off on Tuesday and Thursday evenings. “I felt this tugging that I needed to go to Second Mile,” Mike said. “Finally, we knew this was where we needed to be.”

Victoria Brooks Victoria Brooks was in fifth grade when she attended her first Guts Church service. “I started in Guts Kids and immediately loved it. They gave me free candy and I told all my friends about it.” She is now an adult and Guts Church remains a place that she raves about to family and friends. “My mother and I have built our foundation here. It’s pretty much like our second family. We’ve been able to see God work in our lives through the teaching here.” She has been involved in just about every area of the church from the coffee bar to the kids and youth departments to Guts Music. When she turned 18, she took her commitment to another level.

Victoria joined the Guts Internship after she saw her mother’s life impacted through the program. However, without a job, Victoria was believing God for her tuition payment. The day before the internship began, she was blessed with the exact amount she needed. “That was the first real moment that I saw God’s provision.”

It did not take long for them to get connected and plugged in. “We’re all in,” Mike said. “We’ve done just about everything. You name it, someone has had a spot for us.” Through being planted at Guts Church, the Van Valkenburgs say God has opened doors for their family, their careers and their marriage. “We have been blessed amazingly,” Charlotte said. “Pastor Bill has stressed speaking the Word and declaring it over our lives, and that has blessed us so much. That Word has made all the difference.”

That moment elevated her faith and taught her the power of standing on God’s Word and sowing into good ground. “I have seen God come through in so many ways. I haven’t been in lack since I started tithing and giving at Guts Church.”

WHO WE ARE Through more than two decades of ministry, Guts Church has impacted the greater Tulsa area through its outreaches, weekly services and mission to “Help People Win.” • Guts Church holds several weekly services, including Iglesia Guts, across its three campuses in Tulsa, Skiatook, and most recently, Sapulpa. • The Guts Distribution Center outreaches each week impact thousands with free groceries, fresh produce and clothing. • Each year, the Tougher Than Hell Motorcycle Rally draws thousands to the campus and funds local outreaches and feeds starving children in Haiti.

• Guts Girls is all about helping women of every age win. Pastor Sandy Scheer offers a number of exciting events throughout the year, including Guts Girls Gives Back and the Guts Girls Brunch. • Children and youth ministries ensure fun, safe and clean learning opportunities and faith-filled lessons that are geared specifically for each age. • The Nightmare has become a Tulsa tradition that attracts thousands from around Oklahoma and the United States.

Everything we do comes back to building a legacy.

Everything we do comes back to building a legacy.

IT’S GOD’S HEART FOR US TO FULFILL HIS WILL FOR OUR LIVES AND LEAVE A MARK ON THIS WORLD — A MARK ON PEOPLE, FAMILIES, COMMUNITIES, REGIONS AND GENERATIONS. 5IBUJTPVSXPSLJOHEFmOJUJPOPGMFHBDZ We are embarking on a two-year campaign that we believe will build a legacy and have an incredible impact on our world. As a church, we are taking new ground.


Building the legacy initiatives vital to the culture of our church

Sanctuary Upgrades Improve the audio experience

Upgrade the lighting and video presenta Replace Main Sanctuary roof

Increase seating with additional elevatio

Church Launches Sapulpa March 2016 An additional two locations launched by December 2017



Distribution Center


Create a Field House in the back half of the building, which includes batting cages, an indoor soccer field and training area

Hospitality space Expand Coffee Bar Build out an extended plaza outside West Entrance and a deck off south dock doors Upgrade restrooms

Kids department along with upgrades and expansion of playground areas


Build and renovate the kids and nursery areas of all our properties

How will the upgrades in the sanctuary help us reach more people? The upgrades planned for the Main Sanctuary will ensure every guest has the most enjoyable experience when visiting our weekly services. When distractions from poor lighting, sound, etc. are eliminated, every guest will have the most positive environment for God to speak to their heart and their life be changed.

I/We believe t in the history God is workin lasting legacy. to step out i following abo



Why are we launching additional locations?



To reach more people! The vision of Guts Church has always been to reach those who are not typically drawn to attend a church service. We are launching new campuses in communities that currently cannot experience the type of changed life that comes with the impact of the local church. We want to Help People Win!







I would like to giv security assets as

What will the improvements to the Guts Kids and Preschool spaces produce? We put a premium on our children and nursery areas, ensuring they are safe, fun and secure. Currently, the Guts Preschool and Guts Kids facilities are at maximum capacity. By renovating and expanding our playground and kids’ church areas, we can continue to be a church that is attractive to young families.




Phone Number

When is this happening? The Sapulpa launch is already underway, with plans for initial services to be held by Easter 2016. The goal is to have funds raised for all four projects by Guts Church’s 25th Anniversary Service on Sunday, December 3, 2017.



Your commitment is an intention DIBOHFZPVSQMFEHF ZPVDBODPOU

This chart shows the when it is spread over WEEKLY


$10,000 $9,000 $8,000 $7,000 $5,000 $3,000

$43,3 $39,0 $34,6 $30,3 $21,6 $13,0



How and when do I give to the Building the Legacy campaign?

this is a defining moment of Guts Church, and that ng through me/us to leave a . I/We prayerfully commit in faith and pledge the ove my/our regular tithe.

There are four ways to give:

eekly for 104 weeks

2. You can give by mail or online at

onthly for 24 months

1. You have the opportunity to give in service during the offering.

arly for 2 years

e-time gift

tal over the 2 year period

ve a gift of stocks, bonds, or other noted here:




to give only. If in prayerful consideration you need to UBDUPVS#VTJOFTT0Ăľ DFBU

e great impact your gift can have r time.




333 000 666 332 666 000

$520,000 $468,000 $416,000 $364,000 $260,000 $156,000

$1,040,000 $936,000 $832,000 $728,000 $520,000 $312,000




3. Your can text the AMOUNT (space) GUTS (space) LEGACY to 45777. 4. Some may choose to give stocks, bonds or some other form of security as part of their gift. Email if you have any questions. Additionally, you can make your pledge commitment over and above your regular tithes at any time by filling out a Commitment Card and placing it in the offering during services or at and click on “Commit.�

A FOLLOW US: f facebook/gutschurchtulsa l twitter/gutschurch I instagram/gutschurch


9120 E Broken Arrow Expy | Tulsa, OK 74145 GUTSCHURCH.COM


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Legacy Booklet  
Legacy Booklet