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Birthday Dinner

Is Saturday morning and I am feeling so excited! Today is my father´s birthday and my mom is cooking a delicious dinner, but we still have to go to the supermarket to get some groceries. As my dad is a vegetarian we cannot cook anything with meat so we are buying lots of vegetables. My mom told me I was in charge of making a shopping list. Dad´s favorite vegetable is eggplant, so that has to be the first item on the list, next some potatoes, and carrots, we are also buying avocado, pumpkin, tomatoes and peppers.

Now we are heading to the town market, once we have everything in our list we´ll start cooking. All my family is coming to this event, and I hope everybody enjoy dinner. My mother received a call while we were shopping, it was my aunt from California, she said she will be coming to my father´s birthday dinner and, as she is an awesome chef, she´s helping us cook. We´ve buy every item on the list so we are ready to impress… Is time to start cooking. Mom said that my job is to keep dad out of the kitchen so we could surprise him when the food is ready. To keep him away I am taking him to the park, I hope he has no idea. We played for a while until my mom told me to go home, everyone is already there waiting for my dad to arrive, they congratulate and hug him. My aunt and mom are now taking the food to the table, I can´t wait to taste all those flavors in my mouth, there is even a cake and a pie, the whole family is enjoying dinner, tasting casseroles until the end. Suddenly my mother walked in the door of the room with the most beautiful birthday cake I've ever seen and certainly the tastiest.

After a long and fun day we are all tired so we are going to bed to get some rest. This day was the best!

birthday dinner  

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