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accredited by University of Massachusetts Amherst

Critical Studies on

6 week full immersion program designed, promoted and managed by

Gustolab Institute Center for Food and Culture. Academic curricula for

Critical Studies on Food in Italy Summer Program (CSFI) is developed in partnership with the

University of Massachusetts Amherst. The Critical Studies on Food in Italy Summer Program (CSFI) in Rome is open also to non-UMass students.

Italian Language Provider: Scuola Leonardo da Vinci, Rome Officially recognized by the Italian Ministry of Education (MIUR)

Summer Program

Rome 21 May - 29 June 2012

Courses descriptions All course topics are accompanied by practical activities, ranging from classes in professional kitchens to food and wine pairing and tasting workshops. The lecture series is delivered by prestigious experts for each specific course topic, thus providing a dynamic learning environment with an interdisciplinary approach.

Critical Studies on Food Culture 3 credits Course taught in English at Gustolab Institute Center for Food and Culture. This course combines traditional lectures and discussion meetings with hands-on co-curricular activities and field trips in and around Rome, as well as in the Lazio region and Cilento. The course presents food in all its complex connections with culture, nutrition, environment, society, economics and politics.

Curricular activities included: • 1-day excursion in Agriturismo/Slow Food farm (with cheese making and bread laboratory sessions) & lunch included. • 1-day excursion to an Organic Vineyard (with wine making and laboratory session) & dinner included • 1 educational dinner (workshop with the Chef + dinner)

• Wine tasting and Food & Wine pairing workshop. • Eating Inside and Out tour and coffee tasting in Rome • Food street market and food shopping workshop • 2 Cooking Sessions

Elementary Italian language ITAL 110 3 credits Intensive Elementary Italian Language ITAL 126* 6 credits Both courses are applicable toward UMass Amherst language requirement. Scuola Leonardo da Vinci Rome is the official Italian Language courses provider. Higher levels of Italian language and Italian Conversation
courses are available at Scuola Leonardo da Vinci. Please contact us to receive more information on this. * min 8 participants enrolled

Food Media, Communication and Trends 3 credits Course taught in English at Gustolab Institute Center for Food and Culture. This course focuses on the intersection between food and media, a connection that has elicited much interest in communication studies over the past few years. Food has become a hot topic on TV, the Internet and new media. The goal of this course is to enhance the students’ competence both on the subject matter and in the practical skills necessary to produce good communication about food and wine. Students will be able to take advantage of handson practice with different kinds of media, including digital video. Guest lecturers include local and international journalists, writers, and bloggers. Students will complete an original video research project customized to team interests.

Curricular activities included:


Services included

• Food and wine blogs; workshop and creation of students’ blog. • EATainment workshop • TV STUDIO/CHANNEL visit • Food&culture documentary production (15 hours handson classes: Camera, framing and shooting technique, shooting, editing, final public presentation)

Activities included for all students: • Co-curricular activities with specialized tutoring for 6 weeks • 3-day excursion in the South of
Italy – Cilento seaside area (accommodation and meals included)

• Transfer to/from airport to apartments & residence • Orientation – 1st day walking tour of Rome • Emergency Facilitator
 • Welcome & Farewell dinners
 • 1 month and 2 weeks Rome public transportation card
 • Accommodation in shared Apartments (double rooms) • Italian prepaid cell phone


• Italian Elementary Course or • Critical Studies on Food Culture (3 cr) or • Food media, communication and trends (3 cr)

3 cr

OPTION A: Intensive Italian Elementary (6 cr) +

9 cr

OPTION B: Intensive Italian Elementary (6 cr) + Food media, communication and trends (3 cr)

9 cr

OPTION C: Italian Elementary (3 cr) + Critical Studies on Food Culture (3 cr )+ Food media, communication and trends (3 cr)

9 cr

OPTION D: Italian Elementary (3 cr) + Critical Studies on Food Culture (3 cr)

6 cr

OPTION E: Italian Elementary (3 cr) + Food media, communication and trends (3 cr)

6 cr

OPTION F: Critical Studies on Food Culture (3 cr) + Food media, communication and trends (3 cr)

6 cr

Critical Studies on Food Culture (3 cr)

Accommodations Students are housed in shared apartments, located in the centre of Rome (Trastevere area) at a 20 minute tram ride from Gustolab Institute. The comfortable, fully furnished apartments feature multiple double occupancy rooms, bathroom and kitchen. Free Internet access is available in each room.

Program Supervisors:


Roberto Ludovico (Italian Studies Program Coordinator UMass Amherst) CSFI Program Supervisor at UMASS Fabio Parasecoli (Food Studies program Coordinator at New School NYC) CSFI Program Advisor Sonia Massari (Gustolab Institute Director) CSFI Program Coordinator in Rome

Gustolab Institute instructors and professors are specialized in food studies, nutrition, media and communication studies, Italian culture, literature, arts, social science, history, marketing and advertising, technology, hospitality and tourism management.

Where and Who Courses will be held at Gustolab Institute. Gustolab Institute is the first Academic Center for Food and Culture Studies in Italy and study abroad programs in this field. Our headquarters and classrooms are located in the historic center of Rome, steps away from Piazza Navona. Gustolab Institute academic programs include: lectures

on cultural, social and economic aspects of food in Italy; hands-on workshops with chefs, TV directors, journalists, nutrition experts; guided visits to farms, vineyards, “artisanal botteghe,� fishing boats, coffee shops, TV studios, Food Channel TV studio, Food Magazine headquarters, Web and Advertising agencies,

and ... lots of fun! For a critical investigation of food, culture and media communication in Italy, it is not enough to read about it, you must live it. The Critical Studies on Food in Italy Summer Program in Rome and the South is both academic and experiential. It challenges students to grow on an academic, professional and personal level.


For more information

While most participants are enrolled in college, the programs are also open to those in graduate programs or not currently enrolled in school, including sabbatical teachers, gap year students, and others looking for the skills and experience offered by Critical Studies on Food in Italy Summer Program. Academic credit for Critical Studies on Food in Italy Summer Program is granted through UMass Amherst and is widely transferable to colleges and universities across the country.

College students can receive more information through UMass International Programs Office (IPO). For other students: E-mail Prof. Roberto Ludovico: or E-mail Gustolab Institute Director:

You can find more details on: our Institute, instructors bios and cvs, activities and excursions, calendar and deadlines, tuition & fees, registration, download application, records and transcripts, grades, transfer credit, course policy notes in Gustolab Institute website GUSTOLAB INSTITUTE: Via dei Banchi Nuovi 21 A, 00186, Rome, Italy, T. +39 06.68.804.073, F. +39 06.92.912.046, E-mail:

Critical Studies on Food in Italy 2012  

Small Brochure - Umass Summer Program 2012

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