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Pedal Update No. 196, May-June, 2010

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When: Saturday May 22nd, 12.30pm SHARP. Where: at the The Box Factory Community Centre, Regent St South, Adelaide. Pedal Update is the newsletter of the Bicycle Institute of South Australia Inc., and is published six times per year. BISA is incorporated in South Australia and is a member body of the Bicycle Federation of Australia (BFA). Material published in Pedal Update is copyright. Articles and graphics may be copied and republished by non-profit organisations, provided that the author and Pedal Update are given credit. Opinions published in Pedal Update are not necessarily those of BISA. The Editor endeavours to ensure that information published is accurate, but recommends that readers contact the authors for confirmation if necessary. BISA on the Web: BISA’s Mission: To promote cycling for transport, fitness & recreation in S.A and to represent all cyclists at the local, state, and national levels by working collaboratively with other interest groups and governments.

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Chairperson’s Report, May-June, 2010.

Greetings to one and all as we head into the winter months of the year. For some, this time of year means less cycling, sometimes it is too dark, cold or wet to really want to hop on the bike and ride, for others (my self included I have to admit) winter is a time of challenges, getting over the physical and mental objections, cajoling children onto the bike, and gradually waiting for the seasons to turn again. Not that Adelaide really has seriously fierce winters; generally they are relatively mild, though sometimes the days of leadened skies, wind and rain can be boring and I have to convince myself that I should not actually ‘complain’ when it rains! I do wonder about some of my fellow cyclists out there when it comes to being visible. Sometimes I think that you can never be too visible, and it always concerns me when I see cyclists at dusk and dawn without lights and in dark clothes. Sometimes I feel invisible, even when I am ‘fluroed out’ with bright lights and appropriate clothing, in the way that some motorists do not see cyclists!

Unfortunately the first few months of 2010 will go down as being a sombre time in the history of cycling in South Australian. As I write this report three cyclists have been killed on SA roads and there have been several bad accidents leading to multiple hospitalisations. In a number of these cases the driver of the vehicle that struck the cyclist gave the reason that they had not seen the cyclist, that the “sun was in my eyes”, and all the other excuses that we have come to expect. The Magee brothers were acquitted of attempting to pervert the course of justice, and though we have to respect the court system, and the judgements that civil society hands down, many in the cycling community felt aggrieved by this decision, and have grappled with the notion of justice and decency. There has been some very interesting commentary on this case on the Adelaide Cyclists web site. When cyclist Simon Whitley was killed on the morning of Monday 12th April there was an outpouring of grief and sympathy within the cycling community. Within a few hours of his death, a memorial ride, to finish his ride, was organised. Demonstrating the power of social networking and the Internet, with posts via Adelaide Cyclists, Facebook, Twitter and emails, and via cycling clubs, Bicycle SA and BISA, somewhere near 1000 cyclists took time-out on the following Saturday to honour a man they had never met, but who was a fellow cyclist, killed while undertaking the activity that we all love. I was a moving tribute, and one that I am glad that Adelaide Cyclists and BISA were involved in. I wish that I could say the same for some of the posts that were published on the AdelaideNow comments section immediately following the ‘news’ of Simon’s death on Monday. The anti-cyclist vitriols that spews from the keyboards of many of these cowardly and anonymous posters is something to behold. I wrote about this in a previous issue of Pedal Update when un-moderated rants vilifying cyclists and cycling, and pedalling hatred furthering the ‘cyclists vs car’ drivers divide, are allowed to be published. These people, who seem to think that it is ok to express their hatred when someone has been killed as a direct consequence of another’s inattention, should hang their heads in shame. Cowards, bullies, and self appointed judges, juries and executioners have no place on our roads, and the sooner these people are removed from owning and driving a motor vehicle the better. 2

Pedal Update

Chair’s report. cont.

On May 22nd BISA will be hosting the 4th Adelaide Ride of Silence to remember all cyclists killed or injured while cycling. This year we plan to meet at Victoria Square at 10.30 am and do an inner city loop of Adelaide ending up at the Box Factory Community Centre for our Annual General Meeting. Details of the ride have been posted on the BISA website and Adelaide Cyclists. I hope that all those who rode in the Ride of Respect will join us to again remember the fallen, and campaign for better cycling facilities, driver education and behavioural change that gets more people cycling more often and makes the roads safer for all road users. Hope to see you all there! Happy Cycling, Jeremy Miller,

Cycling Update. 1. The City of West Torrens has two new bike paths. The shared-use pathway at Adelaide Airport runs off Watson Avenue at Netley, follows the perimeter of Adelaide Airport and offers easy access to other surrounding shared-use pathways. Cyclists will also benefit from the shared-use pathway linked with the Glenelg Tram Overpass project on South Road. See WT Council: cfm?u=1341&c=13414 West Torrens BUG: group/bugwesttorrens or Terry Grealy at: grealy[at] 2. Temporary Changes to the Coast-to-Vines Rail Trail. Construction of the Seaford Rail Extension will commence in late March 2010. Works to be undertaken at this time include the construction of a road bridge at Goldsmith Drive and drainage works in the rail corridor between Lynton Terrace and Seaford Road. The Coast to Vines Trail will be temporarily detoured from late March–September 2010 from Lynton Terrace where it will follow a temporary sealed path which will then link into Farrow Court. The path will continue all the way along Farrow Court, cross Seaford Road and link back into the Coast to Vines Trail just north of Seaford Road. Look for on-site signage outlining these changes. Please contact the project information line on 1800 791 883 or email: . 3. Dutch Bicycle Study Trip 2011. Gazelle Bicycles Australia is organising, “The Netherlands Bicycle Study/ Social Tour 2011”. The aim of this trip is to experience how the Dutch have integrated cycling into everyday life and how we could learn from the ‘#1 Cycling Nation in the World’. Especially encouraged for people involved in implementing cycle policies and infrastructure projects in Australia. See: or contact Paul van Bellen, Ph: (02) 9666 9497. Email: 4. New South Australian Road Safety Strategy. BISA is participating in a series of workshops in development of S.A’s new Road Safety Strategy. The first workshop was held on April and the next will be on 18th May. The objectives are to raise issues and ideas that should be considered No. 196, May-June. 2010.

over the next 10 years to improve road safety in South Australia. The May seminar will present outcomes from the first stakeholder workshop with presentations by Professor Fred Wegman, Managing Director of the Dutch Institute of Road Safety, Professor Ian Johnston, one of Australia’s leading road safety experts and former Director of the Monash University Accident Research Centre and Dr Robert Anderson, Deputy Director of the Centre for Automotive Safety Research. Look for a report in Pedal Update. 5. Adelaide Bicycle Co-Op. Adelaide’s cycling community has a new home. For over a year a group of cyclists have been searching for a suitable location to operate a bicycle cooperative and with the help of Renew Adelaide we’ve finally found a fantastic site, a former mechanical workshop on the corner of Franklin and Elizabeth streets in the city. The idea behind the co-op is to become a dynamic and welcoming space for members of the community, guided by a group of dedicated bicycle enthusiasts, to have a space to service and repair their own, or donated, bicycles. Visitors and volunteers without experience will be encouraged and empowered to learn. ‘Recycling‘ would be a very suitable definition of the Co-op’s activities - it will re-cycle bikes, make them reliable again and get them back out to low ACC staff, BISA and AC check income or high needs out the new Co-Op site members of the community. Any money generated will be put back into buying tools and workshop requirements. We hope that the Co-Op will encourage bicycle use and a healthy lifestyles to the community. BISA’s Bicycles for Refugees project will be incorporated as well as a calendar of workshops and seminars open to everyone. Opening date is tentatively mid-May with a grand opening early June. Interested in being involved, donating bicycles or parts? Please drop me a note From: Angus Kingston, Adelaide Cyclists. AdelaideCyclists page: group/bikecoop Photos: Angus Kingston.

Pedal Update


The Insurance Question - A Summary. Stephen Janes, Treasurer.

Through 2008 and 2009 the BISA committee began a search for options to add value to BISA membership. We sought the views of members and investigated options for providing insurance, conscious that we had discarded an earlier ‘3rd party property only’ policy as poor value for money. In our survey, in which about 100 members participated, over 85% responding were in favour of BISA providing insurance. Three options for providing insurance have been considered; 1. Affiliating with Cycling South Australia (CSA): This would provide our members with an opt-in choice. BISA would pay annual affiliation fees of $900. As this would provide ‘directors insurance’, BISA would be able to reduce its current organisational policy to compensate. Single members opting for insurance under this scheme would expect to pay $55 - $60 extra. 2. Corporate Partnership with BIKE SA: This option is not possible at this time as BIKE SA have ceased providing corporate membership and are reviewing other structures. 3. A Corporate Policy for BISA: A special policy with an insurer such as Cyclecoverwould be quite expensive on a per head basis (due to BISA’s relatively small size) but may be cheaper than individuals securing their own insurance. If our membership grew the per-head cost would likely decrease. Investigation of option #3 has determined: • that “Cyclecover” Insurance would cost an extra $50 per member • much larger cycling organisations appear to be able to provide effective insurance for as little as $10 per member, however these organisations have 10 times or more the membership of BISA • this group insurance covers personal liability and excess medical costs but does not cover theft or damage to your own bike where judged to be your fault BISA could initially purchase comprehensive insurance out of accumulated funds and then increase fees gradually in anticipation of attracting further members. However if no membership increase occurred the fee increase would peak at $50 per member. This option would erode BISA’s accumulated funds by up to $20,000 and affect its ability to sponsor or take up other projects. Property insurance is available at a cost of $100 to $200 per year with insurers who offer comprehensive insurance. It is tailored to the individual and the total value of your bicycles. These policies might be obtained at a discount for members via organisational agreement with an insurer. They would be tailored to each individual and would not be part of the membership fee. These policies would ensure that members are insured to their own needs. Such policies are available from Swann Insurance and Cyclecover. We anticipate discussion of these insurance issues at our AGM on 22nd May. Stephen Janes, Treasurer.

The Insurance Question - The Context. Jeremy Miller, BISA’s Chairperson.

For a number of years now, BISA has been grappling with the issue of insurance for members and the cost that such insurance might bring to the organization. For many years we offered a third party property damage only policy as part of membership fees. This only covered the member if he or she damaged another person’s property (ran into a Mercedes for instance!) It did not cover personal or third party injury, nor did it cover the member’s bicycle or property. This policy was dropped several years ago due to skyrocketing premiums and its lack of relevance. Currently BISA has a policy that covers the committee’s public liability, but offers no insurance as part of membership. A couple of years ago the committee felt that they should examine the option of reintroducing a comprehensive insurance policy with the aim of attracting new members and in a sense ‘matching’ what was offered by other cycling organizations in SA. Members were surveyed to guage interest and overall were very much in favour of having such a policy. The details of that insurance questionnaire and the results are attached here (hyperlink or later in the document see attached + financial modelling) Since then the Committee has engaged in much debate and some ‘soul searching’ as to what the reintroduction of insurance could mean. There has been passionate and robust discussion of various alternatives with considerable difficulty experi4

Pedal Update

Insurance - Context (cont). enced in reaching a decision. The issues involved cut to the fundamentals of what BISA is all about, what the future of the organization could be and its growth, viability and long-term sustainability. There are also important questions of financial governance, prudence and responsibility involved as well as consideration of the capacity of a voluntary committee to continue to promote BISA’s objectives within current resources. To complicate matters, after the member survey, BISA was offered affiliation with CyclingSA (who oversee the velodrome and SA’s cyclesport activities) which would include member insurance and some administrative support. While attractive on the one hand, elements within the BISA committee were concerned as to the ‘loss of identity’ and independence such a move might entail. There were also questions regarding ‘opt out’ possibilities for those not wanting the CSA option and what it might mean for BISA’s household membership. The opportunity has not been dismissed, but needs some further thought and of course needs to be taken to an AGM or special general meeting for ratification. Essentially, with any form of insurance, increases in membership fees would be inevitable to meet the cost of annual ongoing premiums. The BISA committee has sought to understand the financial implications of all of the options, including affiliation with CyclingSA. It has been argued that by investing BISA’s savings on insurance we will attract more members, grow our membership base, and thereby increase capacity to pay for the premium in the longer-term (at approx $10,000 per year) without having to continue to increase membership fees too much. It is argued that nsurance is attractive to members, and could be marketed as part of a more comprehensive membership package on par with like organizations. It could be a key strategy to grow BISA in the coming years. Several models of membership fee increases have been examined, each assessing different scenarios and costings with the aim of BISA eventually ‘breaking even’. Some scenarios involved eliminating Adelaide Cyclist magazine and/or a printed Pedal Update to help pay insurance costs while keeping membership fees as low as possible. Of course there are already cycling organizations out there with higher profiles than BISA with existing insurance products in a competitive market. We have to ask ourselves if BISA has the capacity as a ‘grass-roots’ community organisation to compete on an equal footing by offering similar products to existing and new members? Questions have also been asked about the degree and form of governance the BISA committee should employ in best spending the substantial financial reserves that the organisation has. Should we be focused on building Government and community interest in bicycle use and encouraging membership through ‘grass-roots’ initiatives rather than by strategies such as insurance? Our recent partnerships with the Adelaide Cyclist website and forum and with the developing Bicycle Cooperative have demonstrated that perhaps new media projects, social networking and community development initiatives could be other (and perhaps more innovative) ways to ‘grow’ BISA’s membership. It has also been pointed out that even amongst existing members there are those who simply wish to support BISA for it’s advocacy potantial and do not wish to pay an extra ‘insurance premium’. The committee is at something of a stalemate in discussions, with some issues still unresolved. Some on the committee have expressed a degree of frustration, feeling an obligation to respond on the one hand to member interest in the insurance option, and to concerns regarding the history, role and future of the organization on the other. Whether insurance has to be a part of that future is being questioned. More fundamentally, we are also asking what the future form and function of the Bicycle Institute should be as we seek to engage with government and the wider community in a rapidly changing world. So, it is to the AGM that we take these issues. There is likely to be a motion on the table for adopting a particular option. Jeremy Miller,

A Case for ‘All-Member’ Insurance Policy for BISA. Richard Bentley, BISA Committee.

In researching membership insurance with other organisations in Australia (particularly Bike Tasmania and Pedal Power in Canberra) I have come to the conclusion that an ‘all member’ policy is the best option. Both these organisations have reported a substantial growth in membership since introducing insurance and that many people find the insurance the most valuable part of membership. While a few BISA members (myself included) who hold dual membership with BISA and Bike SA may be disadvantaged because they would be paying for insurance they already hold, most would be advantaged. Long term I know what my decision would be about dual membership. One of the big advantages of a Cyclecover policy is the household membership which offers insurance for a reasonably flexible number of adults and children in one house. The Cycling SA insurance benefit requires each person to pay a fee (even if less than full fee). Over a third of BISA members are household members. We also have 15% of concession members who could become household if insurance was offered as there are two or more people in the house who ride. We have No. 196, May-June. 2010.


‘All-Member’ Insurance cont.

50% individual members, many of whom would also become household because there are more than one bike rider in the house (there is currently no value for them in becoming household members in our current structure). I have put some costs in tables below but these are not exact. We understand that Pedal Power get these products for a total of about $20 per member, we were quoted about $50 a year ago and these will need to be re-quoted. In the weeks before the AGM I will try to secure more accurate figures and refine these comparisons so we can make an informed decision. Accident medical: Insurer When


Income Excess Cover 80% of 7 days Salary to max of $800 and 104 weeks 14 days 75% of income to max $500 and 52 weeks


Total Student Incapacity benefit $100,000 $200 per week to max of $10,000

7 days

Proportion of $50

See policy

7 days

Proportion of $77

Cycle Cover

Any time Australia/ riding (no NZ only racing}


Any time riding

Everywhere except USA and Canada

When covered 24 hrs/7days 24 hrs/7days





$20 million


Australia and NZ

Proportion of $50

$20 million


Everywhere except Canada and USA

Proportion of $77

Liability: Insurer CycleCover CSA


$100,000 in formal activity otherwise $50,000

$100 per week except if in formal activity then $200 for 52 weeks



In summary I argue that: 1. The Cyclecover style insurance is better value for the majority of our members and will be particularly attractive to our Household members. 2. Experience has shown that the provision of insurance is attractive to prospective members and thus our membership should grow. 3. With additional members the cost per head will reduce substantially. 4. While our organisation is different from Cycling SA and Bike SA it is not different in that members would appreciate and benefit from insurance. 5. The initial cost of insurance would involve a hefty rise in fees and thus I propose that we increase fees over a three year period and utilise our accumulated funds in the short term to pay the premiums. 6. These accumulated funds are the result of the work and investment of many long standing members present and some past. As the membership indicated by survey that 85% desired that we provide insurance I do not see anything unethical in spending their money on a service for them. While we would not want to bankrupt the organisation we do have accumulated funds and investment of up to half of these funds on this proposal is reasonable if at the end our membership has grown substantially. I note that Pedal Power in Canberra, - not the ACT’s only cycling organisation - has a membership of some 4,000. In Adelaide, a city of at least 4 times Canberra’s size, I would see room for a BISA of comparable membership. Richard Bentley.

Pedal Update Contributors: Jeremy Miller, Stephen Janes, Richard Bentley, Sam Powrie, Pam Andritsakis, Angus Kingston, Andrew Yip. 6

Pedal Update

Linear Park Review - Preliminary Report Coming Soon. In recent years many BISA members have commented on their Linear Park Cycle Path experiences - good, bad and indifferent. Our own survey a couple of years ago discovered that while some members had resolved never to use the Park again, others had several years of trouble free cycling. Most reported experiences between these extremes. Concerns ranged from poor riding surfaces and inadequate widths through to clashes with pedestrians, joggers, pets and other cyclists. Following two recent infant drownings, a safety review was undertaken and Linear Park users may note that some resurfacing and barrier erection has commenced. However this work does not seem sufficient given all the issues raised. URPS, together with Tonkin Consulting, Swanbury-Penglase and Environmental & Biodiversity Services, has been engaged by the six local councils along the River Torrens east of the Adelaide CBD and the Department of Planning & Local Government to prepare a Management Plan for the Eastern Section of the River Torrens Linear Park. The portion of the Linear Park in question extends from the Adelaide Park Lands (Port Road) to the western boundary of the Adelaide Hills Council. Recently I and several other BISA members joined a group of about 30 participants in a public forum at Norwood to consider a range of issues identified in the review process. The review has considered several key issues: 1. Primary Purpose: What is the primary purpose of the Linear Park (or what combination of purposes does it have) - stormwater management, environmental biodiversity, recreation or transportation? 2. Management: What style of management structure is required to oversee the Park? Options considered included: • An Authority as a regional subsidiary of the Councils (under section 43 of the Local Government Act). This could be a similar body to that of the Adelaide Park Lands Authority, but should have decision making powers. • Establish a joint State/Local government management committee administered by a dedicated State agency (i.e. Natural Resources Management Board or Public Space Advisory Committee). • Establish a management committee comprising relevant Councils with input from State agencies as required • Establish specific legislation for the Park, similar to the Adelaide Park Lands Act, or enter into a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the Councils and the State government which clearly sets out responsibilities. This fourth option was well received at the public forum and it was pointed out that this style of authority could have a place in managing the expected expanding Adelaide Greenways network. 3. Shared Use: Should some users take priority over others? As discussed at the start of this article cyclists have a number of views about these matters. Not surprisingly other user groups have equally diverse views and experiences and not all will be favourably disposed to cyclists. Options considered included: • Maintain the existing informal shared use. • Identify user groups who can currently use the facility in its current state and restrict use by other groups. This scenario could result in only pedestrians using the Linear Park Safely with cyclists restricted or banned. • Undertake a works programme to upgrade the facility to make it suitable for all current user groups. 4. Legibility and Way-Finding. The Office for Recreation and Sport has made substantial progress in implementing its Linear Park Signage Plan. This Plan has resulted in greater consistency as well as improvements in way finding, safety, aesthetics and promotion of the Linear Park. It has led to the consolidation of the number of signs, lowering of maintenance costs, creating an improved park environment and improved linkages between the Councils involved. However, feedback suggests more needs to be done, particularly to ensure users are on the right track to where they need to go! Other matters discussed included Safety and Risk Management, Environmental Performance, Balancing Commercial Opportunities and Community Use and Access, Cultural Values Associated with the Linear Park and Managing the impact of Increasing Residential Densities adjacent to the Linear Park. If you wish to view the issues document in full go to . A preliminary report is due for release soon. If you want a copy contact URPS. As this is a preliminary report you will still have an opportunity to comment and possibly influence the final report. From our own observations the standard of the Park facility varies from council to council and any measure that will offer uniformity and a facility equal to the demands of existing user groups will be welcomed. BISA awaits the preliminary report with hope for positive recommendations supporting a bright future for our unique Adelaide park and its well used cycle paths. Richard Bentley, No. 196, May-June. 2010.


Unley Cycling Routes to be Upgraded. Pam Andritsakis, Technical Officer with the City of Unley writes (15/4/10): “The City of Unley has commenced works to upgrade cycling facilities along the tram corridor between the South Road Tram Overpass and Greenhill Rd. We are currently working on the west side of King William Rd, removing protuberances, constructing wider footpath to continue shared path as close as practicable to/from Greenhill Rd and guiding cyclists onto King William Rd via a graded protuberance and wide kerb ramp into a bicycle lane for northbound cyclists. Advanced notice signs will be installed between Norman Tce/Leah St and Greenhill Rd advising of the lighting installation works to be conducted along the West Unley Commuter Route (WUCR). I understand that works will commence next week and will take approx. 10 weeks. It’s best for cyclists to seek an alternative route if possible or expect delays and interruptions. Upon completion, all signage will be replaced, new line marking will be installed and trees will be pruned to ensure clear visibility and access along the path. I understand that tender process for construction of a shared path on Norman Tce is underway or completed and works should be commencing within the next month or so.”

In further conversation with BISA Pam has noted: • Northbound cyclists on King William Rd will have the option of staying on the road or accessing the shared path at WUCR. It is anticipated that confident cyclists will stay on the road and the less experienced or recreational cyclists, including children, will use the shared path to travel as close as possible to Greenhill Rd. • The constraint to constructing a shared path for the entire footpath length between WUCR and Greenhill Rd is Tram Stop 1 and Bus Stop 1 that are located close to the Greenhill Rd intersection. Both are highly utilised by pedestrians commuting to the city, Annesley College, residences and commercial precinct. The conflict between cyclists and pedestrians, particularly at peak times, would potentially create an unsafe and hazardous environment for both road users at this location. Pam assures bicycle users that ‘every effort is being made with this project to improve infrastructure for today’s cyclists and those who will join us in the future, young and older folk alike.’ Please contact: Pam Andritsakis Technical Officer Traffic, Transport & Traffic, City of Unley. Ph: 08 8372 5195. E-Mail: 8

Pedal Update

Government Releases Greenways Policy! On the 13th May (that’s right - just prior to the election) the Rann Labour Government released a new Greenways Policy we believe the first ever for South Australia. Perhaps our elected leaders are starting to understand the meaning of those ‘I Ride and I Vote’ stickers and that there just might be a significant ‘cycling constituency’ out there... The Government’s media release stated a re-elected Rann Government ‘will commit $12 million over four years towards the construction of dedicated cycling and walking paths known as ‘Greenways’ that safely link people with their home, workplace, schools and local open spaces.’ Premier Mike Rann said: the “next projects will be rolled out along our revitalised rail corridors and our waterways. This is about helping Adelaide become a sustainable and liveable City for many generations to come... Our long-term plan is to create a linking network of cycling and walking paths that stretch across the metropolitan area These greenways will improve our natural environment and provide a cooler, greener city through the planting of more native trees and shrubs. The first priority will be a 15-kilometre Greenway from Adelaide to Marino Rocks* that will link the City to the southern suburbs along the electrified Noarlunga rail line. We will also begin planning Greenways along other rail lines such as Gawler and Outer Harbor to complement our visionary plans for TODs in places like Cheltenham, Bowden and Port Adelaide, and on waterways like the Sturt River.” “A network of linking Greenways will provide a safe travel alternative for commuters and families away from busy traffic on arterial roads. Our plan brings together our investment in cycling, open space development and biodiversity restoration to create a network of green corridors. We want everyone to have the opportunity to enjoy clean, green and safe open spaces that link places of work and recreation. Our vision of a linked network of Greenways will build on Adelaide’s reputation as the Capital City of cycling.” “To further reduce our reliance on cars, we are investing more than $2 billion to revitalise the public transport system to make it cleaner, faster and more efficient. New electric trains, trams and environmentally friendly buses will complement a network of Greenways to help people travel to work, school or recreational activities without a car. A re-elected Rann Labor Government will continue to fulfill a vision of greener, more sustainable communities in which to live, work and enjoy.” Greenw


ays and

* Ed; our emphasis




Fair Safe

Cycle Pa




SA’s New Greenways Policy- Key Points. • •

We are committed to helping our communities become greener and more sustainable. We need to retain our green open spaces and also provide safe walking and cycling paths for both recreation and commuting. Our $106 million investment in cycle-related road projects has helped South Australia become the premier State for cycling.. we remain committed to this vision and will continue to invest to ensure more South Australians can enjoy clean, green and safe open spaces that are linked to their places of work and recreation. This policy outlines plans for new greenways and cycle paths commencing with a project that will link Adelaide with the Southern suburbs. A greenway is a clean, green cycle and walking path that safely links people with their home, workplace, schools and local open spaces. Greenways will provide better access for commuter cyclists and they will also promote community recreation by linking community open spaces. All greenways will include a commitment to improving our natural environment, and providing a cooler, greener city, by planting more native trees and shrubs All greenways will include a commitment to improving safety, through lighting, road upgrades and cycle crossings. We will commit $3 million per year towards the construction of Greenway projects across the State. The first project to be funded will link Adelaide with Marino Rocks along the Noarlunga rail corridor. We will begin planning Greenways along our revitalised rail corridors. Printed

• • • • • • • • • •

and Author

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M. Brown

, 141 Gilles



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See: No. 196, May-June. 2010.


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2010 Ride of Silence and BISA A.G.M - Saturday 22nd May. Saturday 22nd May is a date to keep free in the diary. This year BISA will be holding the 2010 Ride of Silence and our AGM on the same day. The route for the RoS will be a little different than previous years, with a circuit of the City & Parklands (starting and finishing at Victoria Square). After the ride we will be holding our 2010 AGM at the Box Factory Community Centre, 59 Regent Street South, Adelaide. All are welcome to join us. As cyclists we don’t want anyone to go hungry, so before we get the AGM proceedings underway we will host a BBQ lunch with some refreshments provided. You can purchase soft drink and real coffee at the venue and we’ll have other goodies as well. Several Committee positions will be up for election and we are looking for active members to fill them. Nominations are now open, please use the form on page 12 and forward through to BISA. Please check the BISA website for further details of the Ride and AGM as we get closer to the date, including final route details. If you would like to contribute to running the Ride or the AGM please contact us ASAP. Look forward to seeing you all there. Jeremy Miller,

Committee Nominations - April 6th: Luke Hallam, Stephen Janes (Treasurer), Jeremy Miller (Chair), Angus Kingston, Richard Bentley (Membership).

Please Note - 10 positions available! Nomination form on page 12! 10

Pedal Update

Draft Agenda - BISA’s 2010 Annual General Meeting. When: Where: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9.

Wednesday May 22nd, 12.30pm SHARP. The Box Factory Community Centre, Regent St South.

AGM Guest Speaker Stephen Yarwood

Opening and Welcome: Chair, Jeremy Miller. Apologies & Call for AOB Items: A/Secretary, Stephen Janes. Minutes of the 2009 AGM: A/Secretary, Stephen Janes. Introduction of guest speaker: Chair, Jeremy Miller Guest Speaker: Steve Yarwood, Deputy Lord Mayor, City of Adelaide. Reports: a. Chair’s Report Jeremy Miller b. Treasurer’s Report Stephen Janes Election of Officers: A/Secretary, Stephen Janes. Any Other Business: a. Discussion on membership insurance. Chair b. BISA Goals 2011 – 2014 Vice Chair, Sam Powrie Close.

Want to know more about Stephen? - see: “I am campaigning for Adelaide to be a world’s most liveable city, positioned for the 21C Economy, sustainable city and more! Tell me what you think...” Stephen is on FaceBook...

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Ride For Respect - Simon Whitely. On Monday 12th of April at 7.15am cyclist 46 year old Simon Whitely was killed at the intersection of Anzac Hwy and Cross Rd while riding to Glenelg. An estimated 500 cyclists attended a 'Ride For Respect' in his memory on Saturday 17. Organiser Jeremy Austin had never met Simon but he felt so affected when he heard the news he rode to the intersection where Simon was killed. Reflecting on the tragedy he sought the support of the cycling community in where he was encouraged to create a spontaneous event to remember Simon and symbolically 'complete his ride'. By Tuesday morning Jeremy was interviewed on ABC Radio and the message about the ride was spreading fast via the online social media tools of Twitter and Facebook and word of mouth. His idea touched many.

Jeremy Austin & Chris Morrison address the peleton. (Photo: J Miller).

More than 500 cyclists were waiting in the carpark of Marcellina's at 7.30am Saturday morning. Jeremy addressed the crowd as well as a work colleague and Simon's cousin Chris Morrison who said "Simon would have been humbled embarrassed at the attention." Jeremy told ABC TV news that "it showed that Adelaide had a really strong cycling community and despite this terrible loss they really rally together to show their respect." A minute silence was observed before the peleton, a wide mix of roadies, kids and social riders, escorted by police, made its way to slowly Glenelg then dispersed onto their usual Saturday group rides or grabbed a coffee. Many were surprised at the turnout but I could be put down to a few factors. A reaction to the comments that appeared on Adelaide mainstream news websites when stories like this are reported and the power of online social networking tools, especially The site produced flyers for printing and distributing and acted as a place for members (over 100 new ones signed up) to comment and express their sympathy. More than 40 comments were posted to the discussion, including responses from Simon's family here and from the UK. It was clear that there was going to a good turnout with members creating bike buses to cycle to the event safely.

The ride was reported on ABC TV and Nine News that evening and did a lot to raise awareness of cycling on our roads and display a strength in community you can't bottle. Angus Kingston.

AGM Nomination Form 2010. If you intend nominating for the BISA Committee please fill in this form & return to A/Secretary, Stephen Janes by post or on the night at the AGM. BISA: GPO Box 792, Adelaide 5001. Committee Nomination Form, BISA Committee 2010/11 at the AGM Elections, 22nd May 2010. I, ___________________________(Member’s name) of______________________________________________ (Member’s address) being a current financial member of the Bicycle Institute of S.A Inc. nominate _________________________ (Nom’s name) for the position of____________ for election at the 2010 AGM. (Nominator’s signature) ____________________ I accept this nomination ____________________(Nom’s sign) Ensure this form reaches BISA’s A/Secretary by post, 10th May, 2010 or promptly by hand at the AGM. 12

Pedal Update 196 May-June 2010  

Pedal Update 196 May-June 2010

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