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QUALIFICATIONS / EDUCATION > Masters of Science (Management of Innovation & Business Development) – Copenhagen (Denmark) Graduated August 2007 – 10.1 GPA – Thesis: Sustainable Development & Innovation > Masters of Science (Agricultural Economics & Business) University of Guelph – Guelph (Canada) Graduated December 2000 – Thesis: Supply Chain Management in Canadian Agriculture – B Average > Bachelor of Business (Agribusiness) University of Queensland – Gatton (Australia) Graduated December 1996 – Thesis: International marketing in SE Asia. – Credit grade average.


Employer: Freeprint ApS Employment Period: June 2007 - June 2009 Job Title: Director - Marketing / Sales & Organization Summary: Co-founded the startup company Freeprint. Key Achievements: Raised 1.7 million Danish Kroner in capital, successfully completed trial project, implemented concept at both Copenhagen Business School and Aarhus School of Business. Closed the company due to technical, market and sustainability reasons.


Employer: Niels Brock Gymnasium Employment Period: January 2008 – June 2008 Job Title: Teacher Summary: Taught International Economics to 1st year Gymnasium students (16/17 year olds)


Employer: Outward Bound Australia (Winner - Australian Training Awards – National Employer of the Year 2001 – 2003) Employment Period: June 2003 – December 2004 Job Title: Outdoor Educator / Facilitator Summary: Assisted in the coordination and delivering of staff training programs ranging from classroom to remote wilderness based settings. Key Achievements: Winner of Australian Capital Territory Training Excellence Awards 2004 & Finalist of Australian National Training Excellence Awards 2004 (One of Eight)


Employer: Australian Federal Government Department of Agriculture Fisheries Forestry Employment Period: September 2001 – June 2003 Job Title: Project Manager (New Industries Development Program) Summary: Lead a team of industry specialists in the development of educational tools and training of clients. Additional Responsibilities: > Client management > Liaison with both government, Industry and non-government organizations > Management of third party consultants & commercial partners from both education, public & private institutions Key Achievements: Winner of Australia Day Award for Best Program Design & Delivery (Team Member). Representative on the Human Resources Committee

UNIVERSITY EMPLOYMENT Employer: Copenhagen Business School (CBS Junior Consultants) Employment Period: September 2006 - June 2007 Job Title: Administrator/Consultant Summary: Sales, design, pricing, delivery and management of CBS Junior Consultants. Employer: Alt4Kreativ Employment Period: September 2006 - June 2007 Job Title: Project Manager Summary: Design and delivery of projects Employer: Copenhagen Business School (Career Center) Employment Period: January 2006 – December 2006 Job Title: Event Coordinator Summary: Sales, design, pricing, delivery and management of Company Presentations at CBS. Employer: Andersen og Bjørnskov (Manova) & Banff Outdoor Group Employment Period: January 2005 Job Title: Process Consultant (Freelance) Summary: Delivery of facilitation, team-building, leadership, initiative and problem solving processes. Employer: Copenhagen Business School (Dept. of Industrial Economics) Employment Period: September 2005 – December 2005 Job Title: Research Assistant Summary: Conducting research on organizational investments, focussing on intangible assets.

VOLUNTARY POSITIONS Institution: Institute of Industrial Economics & Business Strategy (CBS) Period: August 06 Responsibility: Creation and management of the Management of Innovation and Business Development (Cand. Merc.) Introduction program. Institution: Rural Fire Fighters – Tharwa Period: June 02 – December 04 Responsibility: Volunteer fire fighter, on-call during peak bush fire season

AWARDS/ACHIEVEMENTS Institution: Copenhagen Marathon Recognition: Completed in a time or 3 hours and 27 minutes. Institution: Grundfos Challenge 2007 - Case Competition Recognition: One of three graduate students selected to represent CBS Institution: Australian Capital Territory Training Awards Award: Recipient of 2004 trainee of the year Institution: Ontario Universities Athletics Association Award: Selected Member of 1998 Ontario Universities All Star Rugby Team Institution: University of Guelph, 1998 Championship Varsity Rugby Team (1st time since 1974) Award: Captain, Most Valuable Player and Honors recipient

PERSONAL INTERESTS I enjoy traveling and living abroad (much to the displeasure of my parents), keeping active, reading books and being in good company.

CV - Gus Murray  

Basic description of my work experience and education.

CV - Gus Murray  

Basic description of my work experience and education.