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Evaluating Your Publishing Options Copyright Ownership ISBN Print File Publishing Costs Books Editorial Design Trim Size Time Frame Printing Technology Profit per Book Retail Price Printing Distribution Marketing Recycled Paper

Traditional Royalty They own all rights They assign and own They own They pay They own They control They control They choose Up to two years Traditional Approx. 10% of retail They set 3rd party Them Them They decide

If a traditional publisher selects your book to be published, they will offer you a publishing contract. In essence, they are offering to purchase the publication rights to your work, usually for an advance and a share of the profits (a royalty). They take on all the risk and expense of editing, designing, printing and distributing the book, and thus, the control is theirs – they decide how it is edited, presented, titled, designed and when it is released. If you submit your book to a POD service (also called author services companies, subsidy or self-publishing companies), it is virtually guaranteed to be accepted. These publishers will agree to publish your book if you pay the costs to edit, design, print and distribute it. They are taking no risk. They will likely tell you that you will “retain all your rights,” but that can be a tricky statement. You will retain your copyright, but give them the right to publish your book – as well as the rights to the artwork

POD/Subsidy/Vanity Depends on contract They assign and own They own You pay No books printed till ordered Varies Varies Limited options 3-12 weeks Digital Split They set 3rd party with markup 3rd party with markup Additional cost Not available

Custom Publishing You retain all rights You decide You own You pay You own You control You control You choose 10-14 weeks Depends on quantity All yours You set 3rd party with markup You You You decide

you are paying them to create! They pay you a share of the profits (a royalty) and (very rarely) a small advance if they are attempting to masquerade as a traditional publisher. In a traditional publishing contract, you are compensated for the rights you are selling. In subsidy publishing, you are giving away your rights… for nothing! There is a way to have your work published and retain all your rights (copyright, publication, and artwork)—independent custom publishing. Forever Books will help you consider options for your book and, if requested, prepare your book for printing and recommend resources to help you market your book effectively. When YOU publish your book YOU retain all the control, rights—and profits!

A book can be used to ❍ introduce yourself ❍ give as a gift ❍ raise money for a ministry ❍ develop an income stream ❍ proclaim a message ❍ establish credibility ❍ instruct and educate ❍ develop prayer support. Let us Help You Tell Your Story 888-485-2224

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