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How to Access Lions Training Resources Online Training for all Lions

Overview Many members are unaware of the powerful training resources that they have at their fingertips just by being a Lions member. There is no requirement for you to hold a Board position within your club in order to access these resources, all you need to do is register! Please note that this Training site operates independently from the myLCI website. You will need to register separately in order to access your training resources.

How to Register Pre-requisite You will firstly need to obtain your Lions membership number in order to register as a new user to the Training portal. If you are unsure of your seven digit membership number here are some ways to obtain it. 

If you have received a LIONS magazine recently, your seven digit membership number is displayed above your name on the address label

Your Club Secretary will likely have given you a membership card with your number on it

Ask you club Secretary or President to log on to myLCI – Club member details are available to them at all times, including individuals membership numbers

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Accessing the site From your preferred internet browser (all major browsers are supported), you can access the Training logon page by using the link below:

Click the link below, or copy the URL into your web browser

You will be met by this Logon Screen:

First time user? If you are accessing this site for the first time you will need to enter some basic details I order to register to the page.


Once your new account is created you are free to access the training site.


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How to Access Lions Training Resources  

How to Access Lions Training Resources  

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