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In August, in partnership

LCCA has received a valuable

pleased to announce a new

with the South African

donation of fabrics from the

collaboration agreement with

Chamber of Commerce, LSBF

leading British fashion house

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CONTENTS 5 Aaron’s message 6 The Queen’s Award 7 Global campus collaboration 7 Investors in people 8 Collaboration with NCUK 8 Bem-vindo Brasil! 8 LSBF expands its portfolio 9 LSBF partners with University of Lincoln 10-11 E.L.I.T.E.S. 12-13 Clearing campaign gives students reasons to smile 14-15 Mamba Mentors launches 16-17 LCCA Fashion & Arts exhibition 18 Viva Vivienne & LCCA 19 LSBF & LCCA photoshoot 20 Outstanding activities by the HND team 20 Student Loyalty Programme 20 Mini MBA 21 Summer School 22-23 Support one in London - help thousands in Ghana 24 Maurits receives EAIE Award 24 Virgin founder discusses role of education 25 The Language Gallery 26-27 LSBF takes aim 28 Charity begins at home 29 An appointment with Royalty 29 Wedding bells

Issue 0


Message from

Aaron Etingen

Founder & executive chairman

Welcome to the first edition of Chat!, our new monthly staff newsletter that is aimed at keeping us all better informed. We’ve started this new edition with content from previous Friday Roundups, but Chat! will evolve into a publication that will contain much more news and information about what is going on across all institutions. Please feel free to email your ideas and suggestions for the magazine to and the team will look to cover your stories in a future magazine edition. I hope you enjoy it and would welcome your feedback!

- Aaron -


Issue 0


Queen's Award The

Aaron Etingen and Yulia Etingen with her Majesty the Queen

LSBF was presented with the 2013 Queen’s Award for Enterprise for its achievements in international trade at two events, firstly the unveiling and presentation with the Queen’s representative at mansion House and secondly a small ceremony with Her Majesty at Buckingham Palace. Both events were historic moments in our journey and the culmination of a huge amount of hard work by everyone involved. LSBF is one of the very few private higher education institutions to have won the award. As the UK’s highest and most prestigious business accolade, the Awards are conferred by HM Queen Elizabeth II, on the advice of the Prime Minister, to organisations with outstanding performance in international trade, innovation and sustainable development.


Global Campus Collaboration We’re pleased to announce a new collaboration agreement with Global Campus in South Africa, through which we will offer Interactive online programmes for ACCA, CIMA, CFA and Executive Certificates. Global Campus will act as an “i-hub” for InterActive’s programmes, and as well as recruiting onto them, they will be offering local support to the students. This is an important step for LSBF and InterActive in the blended learning sector. We have already made some fantastic progress in India, where we have several similar collaborations for Certificate programmes. For more information on i-hubs, please speak to Nicole Edgington or Andrew Malley.

Investors in people

LSBF is proud to announce it has been awarded with the Working with Investors in People interim certificate, the UK’s leading people management standard. Devoted to the development of both students and employees, LSBF will now be working alongside Investors in People to further develop its performance worldwide. Investors in People is the UK’s highest authority in people management, specialising in transforming the performance of thousands of organisations. With around 1000 employees worldwide, LSBF is fully committed to the continuous development of its staff, aiming to provide excellence and the best opportunities for both career and academic progression. LSBF has numerous policies in place to protect the interests of staff and to create an environment where teamwork and individual effort are recognised and celebrated. This latest achievement can be attributed to several policies, including the fact that LSBF encourages its employees to attend events, careers workshops and to take courses, such as academic degrees, to enable growth and development within their careers.


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Collaboration with NCUK

Bem-Vindo Brasil!

We’re delighted to announce that LSBF has agreed a partnership with the Northern Consortium (NCUK). The agreement will see LSBF offering the NCUK International Foundation Year Programme in London, with a potential expansion into our international locations. The NCUK International Foundation Year Programme has been running for the past 25 years, providing students with access to the UK’s leading Universities. Many of the 11 universities are part of the Russell Group, and Top-20 in the UK.

LSBF has entered into a new partnership with the Methodist University of São Paulo(or simply Metodista), one of the leading private universities in Brazil. Under the agreement, the university will offer LSBF’s Executive Programmes to their postgraduate students. Our courses will become part of the university’s international module curriculum. During our visit to Metodista’s campus in Sao Paulo, LSBF’s wide range of executive courses was presented to the university’s staff and students during a presentation delivered by Anton Baboglo.

The first intake for the Foundation in Business & Humanities will be in January 2014. Foundation in Arts & Media, and Foundation in Music, will join LSBF for the September 2014 intake! The NCUK story was covered in the media by several publications as it was deemed of importance and newsworthy. Congratulations to all those involved in this major achievement. The new programme is a great addition to our course portfolio.

Through the partnership, LSBF and the University will also deliver the miniMBA Executive Development Week in Brazil. There is much more to come and several new developments in the region. If you want to find out more keep an eye on the website.

LSBF expands its portfolio LSBF has introduced an exclusive Professional Financial Trading Programme to its portfolio of online courses. Delivered in partnership with the London Academy of Trading (LAT), the programme is designed for high-achieving students who are interested in learning how to trade in financial markets across the major asset classes used at banks and financial institutions worldwide. As an entry-level programme, it is ideal for young professionals who want to start a career in trading areas such as foreign exchange, commodities and stocks. Offered through online and in-campus modules, the three-month programme gives trainees a comprehensive understanding of trading techniques, enabling them to practise their application in real-life situations through real-time trading systems, such as Bloomberg and Trading Technologies terminals.


LSBF Partners with University of Lincoln Earlier this Summer we were happy to officially announce that LSBF has entered into a strategic partnership with University of Lincoln. Under the agreement, we introduced a suite of ten undergraduate and postgraduate programmes. Developed and awarded by the University of Lincoln, these are world-class programmes covering the most essential areas of business, including accounting & finance, international business and marketing. This partnership highlights the exponential growth LSBF has had over the last years and paves the way for even further development worldwide. Professor Maurits van Rooijen said: “At LSBF, we are passionate about excellence in Higher Education. Our programmes are totally focused on shaping the careers of global citizens with industry-relevant skills that will ensure they are ready to work anywhere in the world�. The courses will be delivered at our London campus, with the first intake taking place in September 2013. Congratulations to all those involved in this fantastic milestone!


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E.L.I.T.E.S. In June 2013, LSBF and Liverpool FC hosted the first intakes of the executive programme delivered through the exclusive partnership between the two institutions. The agreement, announced in May, paved the way for the creation of E.L.I.T.E.S, an institution focused on teaching skills such as team building, motivation and strategic management via football and management classes.

E.L.I.T.E.S South Africa In late August, Managing Director of LFC E.L.I.T.E.S, Nicola Schaefer, flew to South Africa to officially launch the LFC E.L.I.T.E.S initiative at a press conference in Johannesburg. The press conference was filmed by SuperSport TV, the largest sports broadcaster in Africa, and promoted across the network to 53 countries, further cementing LFC E.L.I.T.E.S’ position as an ever-expanding global partnership.



CLEARING CAMPAIGN gives students reasons to smile

Clearing is an extremely stressful process for students trying to secure a place on a course. So our aim was to cheer them up with some cute animal facts – and the fact that we have course places available for them. You would have a lot more of these adverts on bus supersides, underground stations and inside tube carriages across London and in newspaper ads in Birmingham and Manchester. As a fully integrated campaign, you probably have also seen the message spread across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, Google pay-per-click ads and of course emails. The campaign was not only clever, but also brightened up the day with cute facts about monkeys, penguins, puppies and many more animals!


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Mamba Mentors


In August, in partnership with the South African Chamber of Commerce, LSBF launched Mamba Mentors, an initiative aimed at providing young entrepreneurs with investment and guidance for the launch and establishment of their own companies. Inspired by the popular BBC show Dragon’s Den, Mamba Mentors will have a major focus on business ideas that promote a stronger link between the UK and Africa. In order to participate, candidates had to submit their business plans which will then go through a pre-selection process led by our academics, who will review the viability of the business idea. The best plans will be distributed to a board of investors – the so called Mamba Mentors – who will then potentially invest on the businesses and help the entrepreneurs to achieve more. The feedback has been fantastic. In two months of promotion, over 70 budding entrepreneurs sent their business plans – a remarkable number that highlights the incredible variety of business opportunities and the growth potential of African markets.


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LCCA fashion & In late August the SFD London Fashion Exhibition took place at the gallery in the Sheraton House campus in Soho, central London. The catwalk show featured menswear and womenswear collections and gave an insight into the creative process behind each collection. We were told that all those that attended and took part had a great evening.

The catwalk show featured menswear and womenswear collections and gave an insight into the creative process behind each collection.



ARTs Exhibition

Viva Vivienne & LCCA

London College of Contemporary Arts has received a valuable donation of fabrics from the leading British fashion house Vivienne Westwood. Our LCCA team is currently actively discussing placements and job opportunities with the legendary design brand. In addition, a significant donation of fashion materials was also granted by The White Company, a renowned high-street brand. Commenting on the received donations, Sofia Shtaigman, Executive Director of LCCA, said: “These emerging contacts with some of the British leaders of fashion and design are very important to us. They provide a valuable endorsement to our brand and contribute to the development of dialogues with quality employers in the sector. We will continue focusing on expanding the placement and recruitment opportunities for our students. We look forward to further establishing our foothold in the talent and skills market in fashion and design�.

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LSBF & LCCA Photoshoot

A team from LSBF’s Marketing department and LCCA coordinated a shoot for the upcoming course selector app and print ads. The interactive app will help prospective students select the LSBF course best suited to them. The photography for the shoot was led by Roulla Georgio, Programme Leader for Photography at LCCA assisted by students Edward Robinson and Creston O’Raine Hamilton.


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outstanding activities by the HND Team A quick focus on the achievements of the HND team so far sees them having recruited over 2000+ students in August onto LSBF HND courses - a very impressive piece of activity by a focused team! Looking at the August intake, LSBF Manchester and Birmingham have or are about to offer over 960 and 1250 students’ courses respectively with students joining both Business and Hospitality HNDs. At the same time academic strength has risen to 21 tutors in Birmingham and 11 in Manchester to cover the popularity of the courses. Student figures will grow as more people enrol, making the combined team activity the fastest growing programme and on some sites, the largest programme being offered by LSBF. This represents most impressive progress so far from a motivated team that has a ‘can do’ attitude. Well done to everyone!

Student Loyalty programme Students from our London campus recently attended the official launch of our new LSBF Student Offers programme, an initiative designed to further enhance students’ experience by introducing them to a range of exclusive offers. Hosted at our New Court campus, the event allowed students to find out more about the new benefits which they will be eligible for thanks to the programme. Whether it’s a discount on the latest iPhone or 2 for 1 theatre tickets, there’s something for everyone with the programme set to grow in future months. Those who attended the event also had the opportunity to watch a keynote speech from motivational speaker Dean Williams, who shared his own story to inspire students to achieve their own greatness.

Mini MBA As part of our sustained effort to expand access to executive, high-quality education worldwide, LSBF was pleased to launch a mini MBA Executive Development Week in London. Kick-started on 30th September, the five-day programme is part of our Global Executive Development Series and is targeted at ambitious professionals striving for career acceleration. Participants will be able to establish a holistic overview of the business management on a very senior level. The first four days were delivered through a combination of lectures, presentations, workshops, role playing and sector specific case studies. The week will conclude with a leadership conference and networking event on day five. This is another important and innovative step taken by LSBF to reach an even bigger audience and give business leaders the chance to gain access to our programmes from anywhere in the world.

Summer School The end of the Summer marks the end of the first LSBF London Summer Schools that ran with great success. The schools saw high class numbers, excellent teaching and a fantastic social scene and learning experiences for all those that attended. The LSBF range of Business, Law and Arts schools attracted high numbers with students from all around the world flocking to London to enjoy a practical mix of high quality teaching, field visits and social activities. Students had the chance to visit world renowned companies such as Bloomberg and the Bank of England and look internally at the running of companies that related to their studies whilst enjoying life in the financial capital of the world.

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Support one in London

help thousands in ghana Supporting students globally comes naturally to LSBF and one good deed can change the life of thousands in another country. Recently, former student Isaac Gyimah dropped a line to Aaron to thank LSBF for its support and updating him on his current activity. Isaac was given a 100% scholarship for ACCA & MBA and later a part-time job with us as he was unable to afford the associated costs of living and studying in London. This small act of kind support has gone on to pay dividends as Isaac has since set up his own college in Ghana and is also now Director for Education in Ghana for ACCA. We asked Isaac his views on LSBF and whether he would like to have an on-going relationship between his business and ours and he said, “Anything for Aaron, Valery and Max. Yahweh bless you guys. Whatever will work for the LSBF brand and recognition, I am happy to be part of it.” This was an extremely positive comment and shows exactly what we all strive to achieve daily – happy students that want to be a part of our success story into the future. The relationship with Isaac is now set to continue as he wants his college to be a partner with InterActive so that his school can run MBA and MSc online programme in Ghana.


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Maurits receives EAIE award Our Chief Executive, Prof Maurits van Rooijen, has been awarded with the Constance Meldrum Award for Vision and Leadership. The prize, given by the European Association for International Education, is one of the most important awards in Europe in the field of international education. The official awarding ceremony will be taking place in September during the EAIE 25th Annual Conference, in Istanbul and we’ll bring you further pics then.

virgin founder discusses role of education

Times Higher Education featured the LSBF video interview with Richard Branson in its own weekly roundup. During the interview conducted by David Blunkett MP, Sir Richard Branson discussed the role of education in providing support for young entrepreneurs. It was kind of Richard to get involved with our ‘Great Minds’ video interview series – keep an eye on the website for the next great mind to be filmed.


LSBF School of English is now

The Language Gallery The Language Gallery

Introducing a new look for one of the world’s fastest growing and most dynamic language schools – LSBF School of English is now The Language Gallery. With a fresh and innovative approach to global education and language tuition, The Language Gallery offers a wide range of programmes that meet the needs of students worldwide. “This isn’t just a name change; the rebrand has involved comprehensive improvement of our existing services, and the introduction of new courses,” says Fay Drewry, Managing Director at The Language Gallery. Under the new brand, The Language Gallery will diversify and expand its programme portfolio, introducing courses in other languages, teacher training programmes, and executive English packages that include modules from London School of Business and Finance’s (LSBF) Executive Education courses. Fay concludes, “We were one of the first schools to offer a wide spectrum of career-focused programmes with our English for Specific Purposes courses, and we are now expanding our portfolio with courses that not only teach a new language, but also prepare students for careers in a globalised world.” The Language Gallery’s new website was also recently nominated for a CSS Design Awards – congratulations!

LSBF takes aim In a quest for team building, our colleagues Denis Elvis Omara and Nick Bursey organised a fun, eight-hour paintballing session in London! There were two teams - Alpha Headed by Nick Bursey and Team Omega headed by Denis Elvis Omara. Sounds like it was a fun filled adrenalin fueled event!

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Charity Begins at home

LSBF staff member Bilal Mazhary and his brother are fundraising for the construction of a hospital facility in Aleppo, Northern Syria, which will be equipped with an Intensive Care Unit. So far through selling baked goods, sky diving, sports challenges and more, they have raised a whopping £9,392 and they would like your generous help to reach the £10,000 target. The total cost of the project is £650,000 and this £10,000 will contribute towards a specially equipped ICU bed, as part of the project. This initiative will be providing much needed hospital facilities to those who desperately need them. Please support this important cause by donating at the following link: Thank you for your support!

The recent ACCA intake made us all want to do crazy things, and it looks like it claimed another victim! Andrea Hughes, in the Professional Marketing team, signed up and completed a gruelling 5-hour swim in the Thames for JDRF, a type 1 diabetes research charity. She has managed to raise a fantastic £800 so far and is appealing for more donations to help make a cure for this life-long disease a reality. If you would like to contribute, please visit

Having taken part in the British Heart Foundation 10km charity run in October, LSBF staff member Ketan Patel completed the run and in doing so supported a great cause raising £259.63 for the charity! It was above the target had set for himself and wouldn’t have been possible without those who made invaluable donations to the cause so thank you for your support!


An appointment

With Royalty Girish Chandra, Chief Executive of St Patrick’s, attended a reception at Clarence House on 9 July in aid of raising funds to help save the endangered Asian Elephant – ‘The Animal Ball’. The attached photo shows him chatting to HRH the Duchess of Cornwall and briefing her about our College. At the same time, His Royal Highness Prince Charles personally congratulated Aaron Etingen, Executive Chairman and Founder of LSBF on the company’s recent Queen’s Award for Enterprise.

Wedding Bells

Congratulations to LSBF’s very own Rouje Begum & Shebul Ali who tied the knot on Wednesday 21st August 2013!


Global University Systems Monthly staff news roundup Issue 0


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