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There are rumors, there are speculations and there are theories on the Apple iPad 3: the unclaimed product. Why do I say that you ask? Well purely because of the fact that Apple hasn't yet confirmed the iPad 3 and yet we're being flooded with rumors and features that Apple has yet to confirm. There is truth to these facts, but to what extent? And what can we actually believe? Well quite simply put, we're not going to know for certain until Apple has made the confirmation but this article will give you an insight on what people are saying and also who's going to be battling the beast known as Apple in this new-gen Tablet in 2012. About the iPad 3: If you haven't already heard, it's been speculated that the iPad 3 is already being produced in China with factories that are said to be running twenty four hours a day, seven days a week, this however, was claimed from an unknown source. The iPad 3 is said to be coming with 4G as Standard and a screen resolution of 2054x1536, that's better than most tablets by it's competitor Android which produces a 1080p resolution so it looks like the iPad 3 will certainly be kicking things off with a WQHD resolution screen size. Inside the iPad 3: The new tablet is said to be coming with an A6 Quad Core processor which will make the iPad 3 as powerful as the standard desktop machine that most users are using right now to read this article, it's predecessor, the iPad 2 only had a 900 MHz Dual Core A9 processor, this is a massive jump in power. Although, even due to the jump of power, technology always changes meaning the new applications and games will obviously require a larger source of power, which the Quad Core will provide. You will have features such as application switching, notifications and background sound, which the Quad Core A6 will cater for. The OS (Operating System) in the iPad 3 is said to be coming with Apple's latest iOS 5 that provides users with multi-touch gestures similar to the ones that we're used to on the MacBook range. Some people are suggesting that the iPad 3 will come with the OS X Lion however, these are just rumors. What else is coming? The iPad 2 was rumored to be coming with the Retina display feature, it was discussed, rumored and then it never ended up coming out, this is said to be coming with the iPad 3 as Apple has been working on a new re-produced version of it.

There have been rumors blossoming around about the iPad 3 having 3D functionality but I think that this is still something that we will have to see in the foreseeable future as I think it's too soon for Apple to jump to a 3D tablet product however they may implement the necessary hardware for it in the iPad 3 for later deployment with a software update. The iPad 3 will have a better camera, said to be 5MP at 60 FPS (Frames per second) and likely to be shooting in HD, it is rumored to be in 1080p but I'm leaning towards the highly likely chance that it will be 720p HD. A new and interesting addition to the iPad 3 which is said to be coming is that the casing is going to be fingerprint proof, meaning that you won't be leaving your oily fingerprints on the new iPad 3. I however, am hoping they release the NFC (Near field communication) with the new release of the iPad 3. When is it expected to arrive? As per usual with Apple products, there's no official release date yet however rumors are circulating around that it will be making an appearance in March 2012, some are even saying as early as February 2012. So who is really going to compete with this top-notch product by Apple? Some say the Kindle, but this is very unlikely as the Kindle range is usually much more affordable than the iPad 3 and thus the features implemented are not as highly regarded and of quality as the iPad 3. The competitor will be Google. Yes that's right Google. This will definitely be an interesting showdown. Eric Schmidt says that they are getting prepared with their own highly powered tablet to compete with the iPad 3. The tablet is set to be a Nexus tablet, even though this tablet was rumored way back in 2010, Schmidt says it's going to be coming Mid 2012 to take the iPad 3 head on. The Google Nexus tablet is rumored to be 7 inches. Conclusion: There isn't much to say for certain as this stage as both products are highly circulated by rumors and anticipations but one thing I can say for certain is that 2012 will be highly revolved around tablets as they take on the world. Who will be the victor? Google or Apple? Regardless of which product will be better there will always be fans for both and I'm sure that the end products will both be marvelous.

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