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The Internet certainly has changed in recent years, and the entire face of the Internet is different than where it was just four or five years ago. One of the most important changes that has taken place for those of us that are into Internet marketing is the advent of social networking. This is part of the new Web 2.0, and it is something that we should be taking advantage of on a regular basis. To get involved with social networking, you need to choose the platforms that you are going to use regularly. Typically, people use Facebook, twitter and perhaps YouTube. Having these three social networking opportunities working for you at the same time can really drive a lot of traffic very quickly. It is important for you to understand how to handle the marketing of these networks, however, in order to make sure that you maximize your results. One of the most important things to remember is the fact that you are going to be connecting with individuals who are real people. If you connect with them on a personal level, which is what social networking is all about, you will gain a level of trust from them that will show in your bottom line. If you simply go in headstrong and begin posting links to your website, you are not going to see very much for your efforts. Finally, make sure that you are diversified in the type of social networking that you do. Keep in mind, somebody else's finger is always on the button so do not put all of your eggs in one network basket.

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==== ==== Advice on the Buzz PC networks set up From JPComputewrSolutions Guru ==== ====

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