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BENEFIT HIGHLIGHTS • GURUCAD CATIA V5 POWER COPY FOR JIGS & TOOLS DESIGN improves and standardizes the design process of Jigs & Tools profiles based constructions in CATIA V5




Business Challenges Design in CATIA V5 of aerospace jigs & tools using skeleton method is based, most of the time, on profiles of aluminum and/or steel. These profiles are welded or screwed together and they must accommodate on the skeleton master parts for easy modification on parameter change. Designing this profiles each time for a new construction and linking this profiles with the new skeleton is a time consuming task.

• Intelligent profiles that are fully linked with the contextual skeleton Solution CATPart, easy transfer and integration of profile section GURUCAD CATIA V5 POWER COPY FOR JIGS & TOOLS DESIGN suite of parameters from skeleton level to products provides a standardized and improved set of tools to automate the profile CATPart level

integration of new profiles CATParts inside Jigs & Tools product structures. • Time reduction of up to 90% in This intelligent CATIA V5 Power Copy automatically link to the skeleton creation and instantiation of these profiles via CATIA V5 Power Copies components and also adapt their geometry (length, profile section parameters) compared with traditional/manual to the parameters found in skeleton CATPart. approach

Building a profile welded/screwed structure is done in only few minutes by editing some specific profile section parameters, without editing geometrical features (pad, pockets...).

GURUCAD CATIA V5 POWER COPY FOR JIGS & TOOLS DESIGN Based on software: CATIA V5 Operating System: Windows, Unix and all other OS compatible with CATIA V5 Price: Profiles 100,- €/Power Copy Other components Power Copies price will be based on customer specification.

Being based on skeleton method these profiles will be linked with the skeleton driving part providing clean linking structure and stable design. All this CATIA V5 Power Copies can be integrated in a CATIA V5 Catalog for easy reuse and access by the design team.

Result Standardized design of Jigs & Tools components in CATIA V5. Easy reuse and modification of existing design because of the standardization of the features used to build the Jigs & Tools components. A time reduction of up to 90% can be reached by using this customized CATIA V5 Power Copies instead of manual creation and instantiation of profiles.

CATIA V5 Releases The product is running on CATIA V5 starting with Release R16.

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