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Garrett Jackson Account Management Portfolio

Northwest beaches

aren't the ideal location for sunbathing, but they are a haven for kitefliers. You drive down the icy beach on a winter day and the beach is still dotted with upturned heads. The whipping wind jerks the kites towards the sky and sets them weaving. But the author of this is down on the beach, looking up. He keeps it there.

Creativity loves restraint is what I've been told a hundred times. Just like the kite in the sky that falls when it's not bound by string, so too does creativity need to be bound to a strategy, an idea, an insight, a movement. I believe in creating enduring strategies that set creatives free to push an idea as far as they can.

Every brand has endless opportunity that is begging to be explored. With technology revolutionizing the art, I look ahead and upwards to the unexplored heights while keeping my feet on the ground.


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Created by Garrett Jackson & Roger McMullan


I was once a Boy Scout. Trail mix flows through my veins. Outfitting at REI makes preparing for a 50 miler as easy as a day hike. REI knows how to cater to the needs of the outdoorsman. In this campaign, our objective was to build brand awareness among the hesitant wilderness explorer.



[ Brief ] Build brand awareness and product sales. Target is to get the ‘non-outdoor’ consumer, 25-54, to participate in healthy outdoor activities, and choose REI as his/her outfitter store of choice.

[ Insights ]  Our campaign must remain faithful to its base of religious REI fans, but not intimidate the new target market  Unsure consumers browsed the store with interest, but insecurity  Newbies relied on REI staff to guide them  Newbies were concerned they would forget to pack something on their adventure.  REI staff built the confidence of the consumers

Key Insight


The unsure explorer wasn't unsure about going on an outdoor adventure, he/she was insecure about his/her ability in the outdoors.

For outdoor newbies 25-54, starting your adventure with REI will conveniently prepare and give you the confidence to overcome any challenge you find on the trail.



Naturally, we jumped to the warm inviting glow of the king of convenience: the vending machine. Besides, who hasn't been outdoors and forgotten mosquito spray, water bottles, or the almighty air mattress to protect oneself from malicious 'bed'rock? Newbies could find solace in convenience.



Newbies will no longer live in fear of nature when they shop at REI. They will hit the trail with the confidence that REI prepared them for every step. [ Print ] These print ads are as comforting to the newbies as they are understanding to the exhausted outdoorsman. No matter where our hikers go, REI will be the guide.



[ Landing Page ] Making navigating REI easier will reflect REI's desire to work with Newbies. The page shows the four most important sections to prepare for an adventure in a matter of seconds.

Web II

[ Expert Advice ] Newbies will find their Scoutmaster here providing training videos and advice. This page will give them the confidence to tackle any adventure and highlight (on the right side of the page) the gear needed to do it.




[ Outfitter ] We want newbies to find gear in an interface that's simple and intuitive. The customers select the weather and entire page (weather, model, and gear) changes accordingly.

Web II

[ My Adventures ] With a username, customers can track their progress and accomplishments as they explore. The page reveals all local adventures, advice from others, and the weather conditions. The trails are listed from easiest to most difficult on the bottom of the page.



Non-Traditional Geocaching has encouraged all types of people to go outdoors and explore. Harnessing that spirit, we launch our newbies into the outdoors with technology. [ Phase 1 ] The REI app will be introduced with all the functionality of our My Adventure page. The app will be free and be a convenient way for customers to find nearby trails to hike on via REI.

[ Phase 2 ] Soon after REI will announce that it will begin the Treasure Tracker promotion. REI will periodically be placing a mock vending machine on a trail packed with free REI gear. The GPS coordinates for that location will be released periodically via the REI tweet. All followers will then be able to immediately download the coordinates to the treasure.

[ Phase 3 ] In conjunction with the US Forest Service, we would place REI vending machines down the trail on the date the tweet is released. We would pursue working with US Forest Service trails that are in need of more traffic. This will encourage our hardcore customers and the newbies to be seeking treasure on the same trail.

Non-Traditional II [ Phase 4 ] When REI customers arrive at the vending machine on the trail, they will type in their username into the machine and will be given one of whatever item the machine is stocked with. It will also take a picture of the person as their prize is being delivered to them. The locations can be varied from hiking, to kayaking, to biking trails.

[ Phase 5 ] The pictures of the people that visited the site will be uploaded to the REI website. On the website they can click and see all the people that visited that site that day. This will connect all the hikers together and capture the spirit of the trail.









[ Television Spot ] The spots were created to mock the exaggerated fears of newbie adventurers of getting lost in the woods or being with another person that was a poor guide. The spots emphasize that going to REI would prepare anyone for what they’d find on the trail.


Created by Garrett Jackson & Shannon Jensen


Working for BYU Independent Study for the last 2.5 years has been a treat. Offering online courses for high school and university students, the target market was ready for something new. With the Advertising Director, we created the new face and brand for the new generation.



[ Brief ] Rebrand BYU Independent Study to pique interest for university students. Increase brand familiarity among counselors. Develop all marketing materials for conferences, outdoor advertising, television, and print.

[ Insights ]  University students are unaware of what BYU IS offers  Advertisements and materials make the coursework look dated and dull  University students in a bind need BYU IS to help them graduate on time  School counselors need hardsell and transactional information in advertisements  New brand needs to reflect and appeal to both the styles of the students and the counselors

Key Insight BYU IS needs to show the fascinating lives students lead while taking our courses and demonstrate that BYU IS is as modern as them. Strategy For college students, BYU IS is the key to having courses follow your schedule and let you engage life in the way that you want to live it.



We began with a new art direction that resonated: a grittier, modern, and more mature direction. We wanted to capture students in their element. [ 2009 ]

[ 2010 ]

[ 2011 ]

The first rebranding began with a message about our employees. Most are students too and know how to create courses that appeal to their peers.

The next year, we turned to our students and asked them what interesting things they did. The campaign focused on how our courses put the student in control

This year, to celebrate our 90th anniversary, we are developing a campaign that reflects on the history and the future of BYU IS.

[ Everyone Has A Story ] We ran a promotion in 2010 to get stories from our customers. It resulted in great stories including Johnny Collinson who was the youngest person to climb Mt. Everest.



The audience for our advertisements range from High School counselors to teenagers. Making our ads speak to a broad audience became our objective. [ Counselors ] Our counselors come from a different era and expect a level of conservative look and feel. They felt less appeal towards soft sell advertising and required hard facts and transactional information to convince their district to endorse our courses.

[ University ] University students previously saw BYU IS as dated and distant from their modern lives. Our art direction and branding was directed to help them realize their goals through our services. All advertisement were written with their concerns in mind.

[ Parents ] While many of our advertisements were run to pique the High School students curiosity, we began a conversation with the parents. They are the decision makers in the purchase of our courses. Our advertisements aimed to advance their children’s education.


Ad Variety Working in a variety of media including outdoor, posters, online, social media, and marketing events moved BYU IS to the forefront of our customers minds. [ Shift to Online ] Previously, BYU IS had been advertising almost entirely in print and outdoor. Ironically, their online presence was limited and waiting to be tapped. We developed advertisements to direct traffic to our website.

[ Research ] During my time with BYU IS, I have performed innumerable customer interviews and developed, created (Qualtrics), distributed, and analyzed the data for our department. Our research has yielded important insights that have changed our direction.

[ Facebook ] Our Facebook advertising boosted our online traffic and spiked during the months we ran the advertising campaign.



To step up awareness of BYU IS, we strengthened the brand by creating a more professionial television presence. [ Achieve the Impossible ] Our in-house production team had previously created our television spots for BYU Broadcasting networks. We wanted to expand our presence to other networks and needed to create advertisements on par with most network advertisements. The message that we wanted to share would encourage students that were struggling and students that wanted to be challenged more to “Achieve the Impossible� in their lives. The advertisements would be high-spirited and entertaining for all audiences.

[ Production ] Working with Green Light Productions, we oversaw the production of the commercials. We met with our production team to develop a solid concept. I was on-site for the filming for all three advertisements managing and reviewing the film that was shot.

[ Post-Production ] We met with the DP, Producer, and Director to select the best cuts. I reviewed all of the edits and cuts for the advertisements and managed editing process.

View the spot at

Created by Garrett Jackson & the BYU Vittana Marketing Team


Living in Peru for two years taught me the importance of education to lift people out of poverty. I interned with Vittana, a non-profit microcredit organization that helps fund impoverished students’ college education, to raise funds and awareness.



[ Brief ] Vittana has little name recognition or brand awareness. Increase the number of donations through social media, establishing donor groups, and support from marketing events.

[ Insights ]  The target market could be reached through two main vehicles: student activities and blogging  Students wanted to be involved in humanitarian causes, but felt their time and money limited them  Large percentages of college students are avid blog readers and have lengthy blogging social networks  The personal nature of family blogs would help Vittana gain credibility on a close-to-home level

[ Tactics ]  Create marketing events, Vittana blog, blog network, and intercollegiate competition  Reach students through Facebook, Twitter, and Blogger

Key Insight


College students are sympathetic towards impoverished students, but don't believe their contributions can make a difference.

For college students 18-24, Vittana provides a simple way to lend to a fellow struggling student and help fulfill both of their dreams.



Vittana was pleased with the following results our campaign produced. [ Research ]    

Nearly 500 participants in survey Data analyzed and tested for Vittana Focus groups and in-depth interviews Secondary research summarized and presented  SWOT analysis of Vittana and campaign

[ BYU Lending Group ]  BYU Lending Group became Vittana’s top lending group both in number of members and loans donated  44 members  $3,167 in loans contributed

[ Outreach ]  4000+ potential donors reached in person and introduced to Vittana  3500 contacted via Facebook  178 unique blog visitors

[ Blog ] The BYU Vittana blog increased exposure to Vittana’s cause. The twitter functionality of the page and instructional video helped increase the participation rates. I designed the blog page, wrote copy, and edited HTML to meet specifications.

Events We teamed up with the BYU Hunger Banquet and spread awareness about Vittana's cause. We committed 160 people to spreading the word about Vittana. We set up a booth and talked to students about the cause. As they gained interest, we had them pledge to donate to Vittana.

We also held a fundraiser in the BYU community with an Acoustic show and Comedy show. There was no cover charge, but donations were given on computer stations we had set-up around the venue.


Created by Garrett Jackson & Travis Meidell


Advertising is evolving with new media. We employed alternative media throughout this campaign to make an old medium new. In response to the advent of DC Entertainment Inc., we created a campaign that harnessed the power of the DC brand and characters across all platforms.



[ Brief ] Warner Bros. Entertainment has created DC entertainment Inc. to refresh and fully realize the power of the DC comic brand.Build a large fan base through instilling excitement about the DC brand, merchandising, and sales opportunities.

[ Insights ]  Comic book fans are tech-savvy and interested in new developing technologies  The recent super hero box office hits made fans less conscious about their once “shameful” hobby  Fans find fulfillment in close bonds and friendships with other fans  Comic book stores and conventions were a haven  Many of these fans try daily to downplay their “nerdiness” and appear like everyone else

Key Insight


Comic book fans no longer need to hide behind secret identities, like their heroes, but can reveal their true self.

For years, ordinary people have been comic book fans in secret, but now DC entertainment will transform the brand into something they will want to share with the world.



Secret Identities have always resonated with fans of comic books. Their super heroes were experts at acting like the average Joe, but vigilantly fighting villains by night. Our fan base consists of average men and women by day , but true comic book fans by night. The advent of DC Entertainment would allow them to finally reveal their true identities. The True Face campaign would connect fans together through new media that would create millions of conversations about upcoming releases from DC Entertainment Inc.



[ Posters ] Fans were asked to shed their secret identities and embrace their comic side. These were to be placed in comic book stores in order to get fans to start the conversation. Creating dialogues about DC would help promote the alternative media employed through the rest of the campaign.


Alt Media Incorporating the iPhone and other smart phones, Augmented Reality, and some sweet shades, this campaign promotes a stronger, excited, and more unified fan base

[ Phase 1 ] DC augmented reality sunglasses are sent to comic book stores and retailers. The glasses are free with the purchase of a DC comic.

[ Phase 2 ] The DC iPhone App is released. The app includes DC themed mini-games updated every week where fans can compete. The app will also let fans represent their favorite DC superhero by joining a team dedicated to that hero.

Alt Media II

[ Phase 3 ] Each of the glasses corresponds to a DC hero. Put the camera on a fan with glasses and the app will sense the shape and markers on the glasses. It will read what superhero will be placed. The app will then build, on the phone, a 3D face onto the fan. They will transform into their favorite superhero, revealing their true face. The application will allow people to take pictures that they can send. Each fan will start sending out mini advertisements to all their friends. The application will also allow thought and speech bubbles so that fan’s can customize their pictures.

[ Phase 4 ] Fans will start to see others wearing the glasses, building a connection among the fan base and creating excitement about the DC comic brand. DC Entertainment will begin to build a larger fan base, but it will be even stronger. Fans will see other fans wearing these glasses, sparking countless conversations about upcoming films, comics, and merchandise. The true face campaign will create not only a word of mouth campaign, but a societal bond between fans.


More work at

C: 360.219.7650 E: W:

Garrett Jackson Experience Brand Assistant, BYU Independent Study Distance Education – October 2008−Present Refreshed brand and developed strategic marketing Wrote advertising copy and designed print, online, and outdoor advertisements Oversaw the production of six television spots as assistant executive producer Planned photography and assisted on set on photo shoots Quantified marketing data and presented findings Multi-tasked and executed all of the advertising director’s delegated assignments

Account Planner, Brigham Young University – January 2008−Present Created advertising campaigns in conjunction with BYU AdLab for clients including Gatorade, REI, and Ortho Engineered campaigns with alternative and social media emphasis Produced creative briefs, strategic planning, copy, and advertising design Achieved effective branding, strategic marketing, and creative execution for clients Marketing Intern, Vittana – January 2010−April 2010 Developed and executed a social media campaign for micro-credit organization Vittana through blogs, events, and alternative media tactics Generated primary and secondary research regarding SWOT, consumer insights, and strategy

International Experience Peru Lima North Mission – November 2005−November 2007 Fluent in Spanish Served as a volunteer representative for the LDS Church in Peru Assisted mission president in creating Excel spreadsheets, coordinating flights, training, and organizing conferences for over 200 volunteers Managed group efforts and reports of volunteer groups

Education Brigham Young University, Provo, UT – BA Communications/Advertising, Minor Sociology, April 2011

Skills Proficient in Adobe Creative Suite, iLife, Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and Qualtrics Experience with Final Cut Pro and SPSS





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