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Express THURSDAY OCTOBER 29, 2009




Bullring bomb plot: 12 arrests

12 Asian youths are arrested in the Bullring By Gurpreet Bajwa THE POLICE made 12 arrests after Asian youths were caught planning to bomb the entire area of the Bullring city centre just yesterday afternoon. Officer Marshall William’s searched through the whole of Bullring after overhearing a group of Asian boys discussing the matter just outside the Bullring. Marshall William’s said ‘I made 12 arrests as soon as I saw one of the male’s in a group holding a black ruck sack I became suspicious’ A young man named Iqram Shaheen, 18, was seen taking out several pieces of equiptment by the bullring cctv just outside the NEXT store. Police were then called in to check the building whilst some of the members of the asian group were followed. The police claim the same group of boys were later seen walking out of the male toilets dressed in plain, long black clothing. Police came charging in to find material and plans made in order to bomb the whole of the Bullring city centre. A member of the public witnessed this as they saw one of the youths named Mohammed Iqbal take out planning from his bag. The group were then arrested on suspision of bombing the Bullring building. Bomb Plot: Bullring, Birmingham city centre. INSIDE TODAY


Teenager killed in gang attack By Gurpreet Bajwa

FAMILY and friends of a Birmingham teenager who was murdered by a gang of 13 black teenagers in Handsworth came together. This afternoon, Birmingham has remembered him at his funeral. Amari Johnson, 17, was stabbed to death on Rookery road on November the 30th in the early hours of the morning. The teenager was stabbed 9 times in his chest and stomach with a kitchen knife. The gang who attacked Amari beat him and stabbed him until he was no longer alive. A man named Tom Simmons was passing by and saw the gang running into a black range rover and a black mercedes van after they killed the teenager. He said ‘The gang continuously shouted at each other, they were argumentative with each other as if they weren’t suppose to end this attack with murder’. Today was full of tears and we hope the teenager rests in peace.


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Birmingham Express Thursday, October, 29, 2009


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TRAGEDY: Woman dies in train tracks

Woman gets stuck in the train tracks

By Gurpreet Bajwa

YESTERDAY, Anne Bartley, 37

fell into the train tracks at hamstead train station and was dragged underneath a train.

Paramedics urgently came rushing through to try and save this woman’s life. Suffering from multiple injuries and a broken, stuck leg, Anne fell into the train tracks whilst taking just two steps back. Anne fell just a metre away from a passing train. Anne was then rushed into Dudley Road Hospital. ‘Unfortunately Mrs Bartley could not be helped as she past away shortly whilst being taken into the ambulance’ said an Ambulance spokesman. He said ‘The paramedics crew tried as hard as they could but the incident was too bad and her injuries were major. We are all sinply devistated’. Jenna Lee’s, 27, witnessed the tragic accidental incident ‘It was a simple and sad accident which couldn’t be helped as she fell right into the tracks as soon as the train appeared. I wish that I could of done something but couldnt’. Hamstead train station: Handsworth wood, Birmingham

Many Sikhs came together for 1984 OVER 500 people of the Sikh community gathered together yesterday to remember the 1984 genocide in Birmingham city centre. The crowd got together and lit candles around the tent where free food and drink was given out. A perfomance consisting of swords was also presented to the crowd. The unions leader Vadbhag Singh said yesterday: ‘25 years ago, the Golden temple was invaded by militants. This left over 10,000 pilgrims dead and 30,000 homeless. Woman and

children were killed on the streets of India when the assassination of Indra Gandhi (India’s primie minster) occured. Sikh women were raped and men were slaughtered. Every year we offer candles to be lit by the public to remember our loss of innocent sikh people’. Between 4.00 pm to 9.00 pm more of the public joined the crowd to observe images of the drastic days of violence which India suffered. The events of 1984 have been engraved in the memories, hearts and lives of thousands of Sikhs

‘The presence of the public who arrived yesterday showed everybodies respect and maturity. It showed how many people care for Sikhi and we, Bibi Nanaki Gurdwara appreciate this.’ A member of the Sikh punlic Taranjeet Johal said: ‘I learnt from my parents that many Sikh officers and men in uniform were murdered while non-Sikh soldiers watched in silence. I am angry and have come today to show my respect for the innocent Sikhs who struggled’.

Missing: Sheena Kaur


TEENAGER:Sheena Kaur, 17, was last seen two weeks ago by her mum in Smethwick, Nation Park. Officers are leading the search for a missing teenager. Police said that the teenager was seen in a crowd of 12-17 Asian female and male teenagers the night before her disappearance in Smethwick, Nation Park at 8pm. The Police feel the crowd of teenagers could have something to do with her sudden disappearance. The police spokesman said ‘The fact that she was seen with a group of teenagers that were majority of asian males creates a dangerous story. We acknowledgde that this is a worrying case because Sheena’s mother is terrified of where she is and even more because of the group she was last seen with. Its vital that we hear information from the public, if any.’ Sheena’s mum Rani Kaur is pleading for any of the publics information if they have some. ‘Please if you’ve seen my daughter, please make sure you contact us so I can bring her safely home. Please, if your reading this Sheena, please tell me that you are safe. Everybody is worried about you. I love you so much and need to know that you are ok,if you tell me over a phone call, please do it.’ Sheena was last seen wearing a short, black leather jacket, blue baggy jeans and white adidas trainers. The group of teenagers were last seen wearing black hooded tops. If you have information on the case of Sheena’s dissapearance call West Midlands Police on: 0121 343 6811


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