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Gallaudet University Regional Center Exciting Seasonal News from Gallaudet University Regional Center - Southwest

Our Intern is Graduating! Guadalupe is a Senior at Texas School for the Deaf and she will be graduating on June 4, 2015. She has offered to volunteer with us throughout the summer, and we welcome her support with the center. We wish her luck in her future endeavors. CONGRATULATIONS GUADALUPE! ------------------------------

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Youth Leadership Trainings SWCED Meeting Start Here...Get There! Lyman Grant’s Performance SXSW Edu Conference National Outreach Conference CEASD Conference Regional Academic Bowl National Academic Bowl Coming Soon! Attention! Youth Programs VL2

To learn more about Guadalupe’s experience as our intern, go to:

This 2014-2015 school year, we had the pleasure of having Guadalupe Luna as our Office Assistant Intern. She has been gurc-sw-intern-guadalupeworking closely with our luna.html Administrative Assistant, Libby Allen, who has guided her through the internship since September.



SOUTHWEST NEWS YOUTH LEADERSHIP TRAININGS (JANUARY - MAY) GURC-SW provided a total of six trainings within the months of January May. The schools we traveled to were: El Paso ISD in El Paso, Texas on January 6 and 7, 2015; McNeil High School in Austin, Texas on February 5, 2015; Phoenix Area Schools in Phoenix, Arizona on February 19, 2015; John Marshall High School in San Antonio, Texas on February 23, 2015, Tulsa Community College (TCC) on March 5, 2015 and Arkansas School for the Deaf in Little Rock, Arkansas on May 21, 2015.

awesome, very simple, and easy to understand for leadership participants to follow through with developing good leadership.” He highly recommends every deaf and hard of hearing students as well as adults to take this workshop.

Rhonda Wilhite, also from TCC said, “The Youth Leadership Training is wonderful and excellent for the high school students to learn about themselves. They can also learn about their cultures and communities to help them to identify with.” She wishes she had the training when she In El Paso, trainings were given to was in high school. both middle and high school students. This was the second time we have We enjoyed working with the middle traveled to Arkansas School for the school students, with their wonderful Deaf for the Youth Leadership creativity. The high school students Training and this time we had the shared a lot about their local cultural privilege of training their middle experiences. school students. It is always a pleasure to see a group of younger kids At McNeil High School, we participate in such activities within presented some new aspects of our the training. training that incorporated role play and it was really fun to see the creativity of the students and how they blossomed from start to finish. When we went to Phoenix, we had the opportunity to train students from all over the Phoenix area. These students had diverse communication needs, which allowed everyone to experience something new. This was overall a very insightful training.

Whenever we go to any school to provide the youth leadership training, there is always something to take back home within our reflections. The trainings are one of our favorite outreach programs that GURC-SW provides. For more information on the Youth Leadership Training, go to: and At the John Marshall High School click on Youth Leadership Training. in San Antonio, it was wonderful to If you are interested in having a see students truly share their cultural Youth Leadership Training at your viewpoints and how it impacts their school, email us at: daily lives. Traveling to Tulsa, Oklahoma was wonderful, as we continued the collaboration with one of our Advisory Board members; Glenna Cooper. At TCC, we trained three new trainees - so that they may provide the Youth Leadership Training if GURC-SW is unable to make a trip to Oklahoma. Tony Kirby of TCC said, “Your training was





Let the planning commence! On February 9, 2015, the committee members for the Statewide Conference for the Education of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing had its first planning meeting in San Marcos, Texas.

On February 11, 2015, GURC-SW collaborated with the Austin Community College (ACC) English as a Second or Other Language for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing (ESOL-DHH) and current/former ACC and Gallaudet students to develop a presentation to encourage prospective and current students to “start at ACC and continue onto Gallaudet and/or to pursue an undergraduate degree.”

GURC-SW serves on several committees which include: Bilingual/Bimodal, Family Involvement and Interpreters/CEUs. It is our goal to ensure that we provide accessible programs and services for all attendees at this conference. The meeting allowed us to reflect on the 2014 conference and begin planning for the 2016 conference. We are very excited for what’s to come. More information about SWCED can be found at:

Our presentation included information about the programs and services that ACC and Gallaudet provides, local vocational rehabilitation program requirements, a Q&A session through reflections and current and past student testimonials. This information was vital to the attendees and allowed them to ask questions for their benefit. Refreshments were kindly sponsored by the ACC Arts and Humanities program. For more information on Start Here, Get There, go to: and click on Start Here...Get There. For more information on ACC’s Arts and Humanities, go to:

Dr. Ron Stern, New Mexico School for the Deaf ’s Superintendent - as one of the Keynote Speakers at the 2014 SWCED Conference.




LYMAN GRANT Everything You Could Hope For (And So Much More)

Photo By: Vive Griffith from

Photo By: Lyman Grant - doing a Photo By: JoAnn Benfield (Photo of duo #selfie with GURC-SW’s Interim Lyman performing and the group from Director: JoAnn Benfield GURC-SW.)

Lyman Grant is the Dean of the Arts and Humanities program at the Austin Community College. He is also one of the supervisors for the GURC-SW staff. He is a writer, an educator, and an outstanding performer. He is also an avid traveler. On January 29, 2015, Lyman took us on his sabbatical journey with him. Along the ride, he shared insights, stories, and images of the experiences he encountered - all along with various hats to accompany his vision.

- that took us right alongside with him on his year long expedition with his family. To read more about Lyman’s performance, go to: . To view parts of his performance, go to: and subscribe to Lyman Grant.

In this amazing performance, he shared his stories that made us laugh, cry, trigger goosebumps and “so much more.” His sabbatical journey took him to states all over the US and national landmarks such as: Emerson and Cotton Mather’s grave sites, a Holocaust Museum that sent shivers down his spine, the Gettysburg, and the four-corners at the Grand Canyon, where his son achieved being in all states at once, by doing a back-bend. He opened and closed his performance with a beautiful metaphor of playing catch - that brought tears to our eyes. You have to have been there to appreciate his insightful words, pictures, and videos


Courtesy of Lyman Grant’s Facebook Page



SXSWEDU CONFERENCE (South By Southwest Educational Conference 2015) From March 9 - 12, 2015, the team from GURC-SW attended the SXSWEdu Conference that was held in Austin, Texas.

presentation was funny, fascinating and informational. To learn more about Guy, go to .

Aside from the horrible traďŹƒc and the expensive food and parking, the SXSWEdu conference was an amazing experience. With appreciation, the encouragement and sponsorship from the ACC Arts and Humanities allowed the GURC-SW team the opportunity to attend the conference for the full week.

Goldie Hawn is a well known actress that has acted in movies such as: Death Becomes Her, The First Wives Club, and Overboard. We all know her for her quirky personality. She came to SXSWEdu to speak about mindfulness in the classroom. She also shared her experience as a person with dyslexia and how her mindfulness program helps students work better in the classroom. For more information on Goldie Hawn, you can visit her IMDB page.

Each morning, the GURCSW team hustled through the infamous I-35 traďŹƒc and settled into several wonderful workshops and panels throughout the week. Our favorite presenters were: Guy Kawasaki and Goldie Hawn.

Other than the famous keynote speakers, we were able to attend workshops and panels such as: educational policies, using hiphop in the classroom, 55-social media tips, and data analysis.

Guy Kawasaki presented on: If I Knew Then, What I Know Now. Guy is an author, a speaker and an evangelist of Canva, that travels Overall, the conference was around the world. He is also an well worth it, and we highly entrepreneur that used to work for encourage you to attend. Go to: Apple and Google. His to learn more.

Guy Kawasaki (www.sxswedu)


The GURC-SW team posing behind the SXSWEdu backdrop.

SXSWEdu Logo

The exhausted GURC-SW team after the conference was over.

Goldie Hawn speaking at the conference.


SOUTHWEST NEWS NATIONAL OUTREACH CONFERENCE The National Outreach Conference (NOC) was held in Tacoma, Washington from April 16 - 17, 2015 at Hotel Murano. This was a two-day conference that addressed many educational topics of interest such as: Partnerships, Networking, Statewide Services, Collaboration, Transition, Child First, School Administration Partnerships, and National Outreach Resources. The NOC welcomed presenters: Pam Snedigar (the conference chair), Rick Hauan, Maureen Irons, Bridgetta Bourne-Firl, Elizabeth Meynardie, Scott Falcone, Corey Clark, Rebecca Butz-Houghton, Maura Berndsen, Jennifer White, April McArthur, Cathy Corrado, Amy Kyler, and Nancy Fitta. These presenters displayed their programs and services with exemplary confidence and attendees were able to go home with newfound and updated information.

Bridgetta Bourne-Firl and Elizabeth Meynardie. Scott Falcone.

To learn more about the National Outreach Conference, go to: www.nationaloutreachconference.orgx Kris Ching, Joan Macy, and Pam Snedigar.

CEASD CONFERENCE conference welcomed Legislative, Diversity, and the administrators and educators from Deaf Community. all over. The Keynote presenters were: Dr. Kim S. Benton, Dr. Mark Connolly, Dr. Gene Sharratt, and Dr. Tom Humphries. Session and Panel presenters were: Dr. Flavia Fleischer, Mr. Jeff Bravin, Dr. Ron Stern, Jane Mulholland, Dr. Barbara Hecht, Maura Berndsen, Mr. Rick Hauan, Dr. Gerry GURC Directors - Kathy Vesey, Judy Coryell, Buckley, Claire Bugen, John Superintendent of Missouri School for the Pam Snedigar, Karen Sheffer, JoAnn Benfield Serrano, Sandra Edwards, Bradley Deaf Ernest E. Garrett and MSD Alumni/ and Regional and National Outreach Director GURC-SW Interim Director JoAnn Benfield. - Lisa Jacobs (center). (MIA - Sheri Cook) Porsche, Shauna Bilyeu, Barbara Raimondo, Dr. David Geeslin, The Conference of Stacey Shapiro, and Ernest E. The conference also included Educational Administrators of Garrett. an auction, a film, “No Ordinary Schools and Programs for the Deaf These presentations varied on Hero,” evening activities in Conference was held after the Tacoma, and the closing banquet. topics that include: Deaf NOC Conference, in Tacoma, Education, Leadership, For more information on Washington at Hotel Murano Organizations, Mentorship, CEASD, go to: from April 17-19, 2015. This



SOUTHWEST NEWS GALLAUDET UNIVERSITY SOUTHWEST REGIONAL ACADEMIC BOWL The Southwest - At Large Regional Academic Bowl competition occurred on March 26-29, 2015 in Santa Fe, New Mexico at the New Mexico School for the Deaf. The school’s host coordinator, Ursula Smith, who is also the school’s librarian, worked extra close with the GURC-SW and Gallaudet Academic Bowl Office staff.

Deaf, Riverside: Champions, Texas School for the Deaf: 2nd Place, Oklahoma School for the Deaf: 3rd Place and Taft Charter High School: 4th Place. The two Wild Card teams that also went were: New Mexico School for the Deaf and Rocky Mountain Deaf School.

For more information on the Southwest - At This year’s regional competition was a fierce one. Large regional competition, go to: We had a total of 11 teams. The teams that competed were: California School for the Deaf, Riverside, Central Texas Area Schools, Jean Massieu School of the Deaf, Mississippi School for the Deaf, New Mexico School for the Deaf, Oklahoma School for the Deaf, Phoenix Day School for the Deaf, Plano Senior High School, Rocky Mountain Deaf School, Taft Charter High School, and Texas School for the Deaf. This year, the schools competed in one pool, which allowed more opportunities for the teams to compete against each other. It was exhausting, but there was a lot of hot and friendly competition. The teams that won and went to Washington, DC for Nationals were: California School for the

California School for the Deaf, Riverside (Photo compliments of GU Youth Programs and Outreach.)

GALLAUDET UNIVERSITY NATIONAL ACADEMIC BOWL The team awards went to: Indiana School for the Deaf: Champions, Rockville High School: 2nd Place, Maryland School for the Deaf: 3rd Place, and Monroe #1 BOCES: 4th Place. The schools that were honored for the sportsmanship awards were: Mountain Lakes High School and Taft Charter High School. The National Academic Bowl competition was held in Washington, DC at Gallaudet University from April 25-28, 2015. 24 teams from all regions came to compete.

The most outstanding player out of all 24 teams went to Tayla Newman, Senior, from Maryland School for the Deaf. For more information on the National Academic Bowl, go to:

This competition was by far one of the most exciting weeks in a long academic_bowl.html while of the Academic Bowl history. A lot of the matches were nail-biting and close in points.


Gallaudet University’s Chapel Hall.



NSLDHH Biennial Conference Austin, Texas June 22-26, 2015

Coming Soon!

RID National Conference New Orleans, Louisiana August 8-12, 2015





This workshop is beneficial to the deaf and hard of hearing young individuals of varied cultures in giving them a “voice”in sharing what they know about their own identity, culture, and community.

Gallaudet University Regional Center - Southwest provides a series of training that include hands on activities with young varied cultures. esol/deaf/




Youth Programs




July 9–17, 2015

July 9–17, 2015

Do you know what you’d like to be doing 10, 20, 30 years from now? Discover Your Future this summer at Gallaudet!

• • • •

Tons of popular team-building activities develop leadership and teamwork. Self-assessment activities reveal more about your strengths and weaknesses, potential careers, values, and interests. Develop a mini-portfolio that you can use with your parents, school counselors, and potential employers. Explore career options through stimulating workshops.

For deaf and hard of hearing students entering grades 9 through 12.


New to American Sign Language? Already know a little and want to learn more? Immerse into ASL! at Gallaudet and watch the words flow!

• • • •

Three different course options match your current skill level, from intermediate to advanced.


Learn alongside fellow signers from all over the country. Get tons of neat information about Deaf culture and deaf history. Attend class during the day and practice nonstop while you sightsee in Washington, D.C., attend social events, and more!

For deaf, hard of hearing, and hearing students entering grades 10 through 12.

All work and no play? Not here! Explore the world-famous museum and monuments of Washington, D.C.; swim and shop until you drop at Rehoboth Beach, DE; and much more!

SIGN UP TODAY! For more information about summer youth programs at Gallaudet University, including registration, course descriptions, fees, and scholarships, visit


800 Florida Avenue, NE Ÿ Washington, DC 20002


202-618-6866 (voice/vp)






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