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Winter 2016: Vol.4


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Exciting Seasonal News from Gallaudet University Regional Center - South

Meet Our New GURC-South Intern Diara Johnson

Diara Johnson, a Senior from Texas School for the Deaf, joined our center in February 2016. She comes to our center every Thursday and helps us with inventory, data entry, and making sure our bulletin board and resources are up to date. Diara also helps ensure that any materials we

need for school visits, parent nights, and/or expos are available to us. If not, she lets us know and we make requests for more to be sent to us.

South. In the past, I have worked in the Deaf Smith Center at Texas School for the Deaf and TJ MAXX.

With Diara’s experience here, she says: “I like woking at ACC Riverside Campus, because it enhances my experiences for my future by attempting different jobs. If my future boss has questions about my job experiences, he/she will more likely hire me, because I have a lot of experience. I currently have two different jobs. I work Tuesdays at NuturMe and on Thursdays here at ACC Riverside campus with GURC-

My career goal is to be an Accountant, because I am good at math. I was supposed to work at a hotel, but they were fully staffed. Working at GURC-South prepares me for some accounting experience. After I graduate, I will attend SWCID/Howard College for 2 years, and then transfer to Gallaudet University.” We enjoy having Diara with us and wish her the best of luck when she graduates this May.

E-Newsletter Winter 2016  

GURC-South's Winter 2016 E-Newsletter

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