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SUMMER 2015!



Gallaudet University Regional Center Exciting Seasonal News from Gallaudet University Regional Center - Southwest

GURC-SW Moves To New Office Space! Our office space has been moved upstairs near security in the Honors English office space. We are much happier with our new office space!

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When you come to visit us, be sure you come to the second floor of:

Sometimes in life, we need a fresh start and sometimes we just need a fresh new environment. From Fall 2010 - Summer 2015, our office has been located on the first level of the Austin Community College - Riverside Campus Building A, across from the student cafe.


Austin Community College Riverside Campus 1020 Grove Blvd, Building A Austin, TX 78741 Office 2270: Interim Director Office 2288: Administrative Assistant.

For more information, visit our website at:



SUMMERTIME CONFERENCE SEASON! During the summertime, things for the regional center slows down a bit to allow planning time for the Fall and Winter school year to occur. So, in between planning future events, GURC-SW attends various conferences for professional development, networking, and/or to provide youth leadership trainings.

provided a Youth Leadership Training at one conference. The conferences we attended were: The National Student Life for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing, Deaf Women United, National Black Deaf Advocates, Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf, and the Hands and Voices Leadership Conference.

This summer, the center attended five different conferences, co-coordinated one conference, and

The next few sections will share our highlights and experiences at each conference. Enjoy!

NATIONAL STUDENT LIFE FOR THE DEAF AND HARD OF HEARING CONFERENCE The purpose of this conference is to “promote a professional development For the past year, GURC-SW has worked closely with the National Student Life for the network for individuals involved in Student Life Programs through exchanging ideas, Deaf and Hard of Hearing organization sharing best practices, and developing offering our technical assistance in planning their 2nd biennial conference that was held in resources.” Austin, Texas from June 22-25, 2015. This conference had a total of 96 attendees that came from 22 different residential schools. They invited two special guests: Frank Turk, the “Father of the Deaf Youth of America,” as a keynote speaker and Dwight Benedict, Dean of Student Affairs and Academic Support at Gallaudet University, to provide the closing remarks during the closing ceremony.

For more information on NSLDHH, go to:

The conference chair, Wilmonda McDevitt, did a fabulous job of coordinating the conference with an amazing team. They planned great presentations, local activities, and a nice closing ceremony to wrap up the conference with a bang.



SOUTHWEST NEWS DEAF WOMEN UNITED CONFERENCE The Deaf Women United Conference was held in Berkeley, California from July 15-19, 2015 at the Claremont Hotel. This year, it was hosted by the Deaf Women of the Bay Area. This conference was an amazing experience as there were topics discussed from mental health, wellness, social media, suicide prevention, educational advocacy, yoga, mentoring, entrepreneur, business owners, and many others. We were honored to have Ella Mae Lentz, Najma S. Johnson, and Flavia Fleischer as the keynote speakers.

All of the DWU Conference Attendees

JoAnn Benfield - Interim Director with fellow DWU attendees.

Overall, this conference was an opportunity for women from all walks of life to gather together and unify. This was a weekend to educate, learn, network and bond as deaf women. Kudos to the Deaf Women of the Bay Area for hosting a great conference. The next conference will be hosted by the Phoenix Deaf Women Organization. For more information on the Deaf Women United conference, visit their website at:

The new DWU Board Members 2015-2017

NATIONAL BLACK DEAF ADVOCATES CONFERENCE GURC-SW had the honor of providing another Youth Leadership Workshop for their Youth Empowerment Summit (Y.E.S.) students, who are our future leaders. The training went very well and the students shared their cultural knowledge and learned from one another when it comes to personal experiences. Our center looks forward to future The Youth Empowerment Summit The conference provided a trainings and/or collaborations. student leaders with JoAnn Benfield wonderful evening on a steam boat Interim Director, after the Youth Overall, the conference was (pictured above), had the Miss Leadership Training. great. Some workshops entailed Black Deaf America pageant, and The National Black Deaf of discussing Dr. Andrew Foster’s an awards banquet evening to Advocates Conference was held contribution to deaf education in conclude the conference. Hands from August 4 - 8, 2015 in Africa and America, Courtroom waving for another amazing Louisville, Kentucky at the Hyatt Rules, Black Deaf Children, conference. Regency Hotel. The NBDA had a Progress on Diversity in Higher For more information on the wonderful committee that worked Education, Jobs, Black Deaf NBDA, go to: hard and made this a successful Certified Interpreters, Leaders, conference. etc...



SOUTHWEST NEWS REGISTRY OF INTERPRETERS FOR THE DEAF The Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf conference was held in New Orleans, Louisiana from August 7-12, 2015 at the Hyatt Regency hotel.

The city of New Orleans allowed conference attendees to experience the rich history of jazz, cajun food (especially oysters), and various music. To beat the heat, the hotel had a pool where people could relax between sessions or after the long day of sessions were completed.

This conference brings in professionals, interpreters, and interpreting students from all over. The conference presentations focused on a wide array of topics such as: Certified/Deaf Interpreting, The mission of the RID is to establish a national Educational Interpreting, Leadership, Mental standard of quality for interpreters and Health/Legal Interpreting, Ethical Business transliterators. For more information on RID, go to: Practices, Discourse, Social Justice, Advocacy, Deaf/ Hearing Interpreter Teams, VRS Interpreting, Diversity/Trilingual Interpreting, V.I. Interpreting, Healthcare Interpreting and several others. This was The new RID Board of Directors. a jam packed week all about interpreting, CEU’s and networking. The opening ceremony was colorful, musical, and fun, which was a great way to kick off the week. The closing ceremony, “Night of the Stars,” was a great way to wrap up the week with performances by both JoAnn Benfield - Interim Director deaf and hearing performers and awards given to performing with CM Hall. those deserving.

HANDS AND VOICES LEADERSHIP CONFERENCE families and professionals to consider all options for deaf and hard of hearing children. Some topics focused on the ADA law, Supporting Families Without Bias, Leading WITH the System, Social Media, and more.

Betsy Meynardie from the Clerc Center gives a presentation on Gallaudet University and the Clerc Center’s programs.

The Hands and Voices Leadership conference was held from September 18-20, 2015 in New Braunfels, Texas at the T Bar M Resort.

GURC-SW and the Clerc Center teamed up for an exhibit to provide in depth information and resources to the professionals and families that attended this conference. Betsy Meynardie, from the Clerc Center also briefly presented on the great programs that Gallaudet University and the Clerc Center have to offer.

For more information regarding the Hands and Voices organization, This conference brought families go to: and professionals from all over the U.S. This conference focused on providing information that allowed


Betsy Meynardie of the Clerc Center and JoAnn Benfield of GURC-SW providing an Exhibit for Gallaudet University and Clerc Center’s programs.



ARTICULATION AGREEMENTS ACC/FRCC/GALLAUDET On September 10, 2015, Gallaudet University and Austin Community College as well as Front Range Community College signed articulation agreements that connects each community college to Gallaudet University for their 2+2 Transfer Program for their Interpreter Training Programs. To read more about the articulation agreement signing ceremonies, visit our website at this link:




ATTENTION! Be on the lookout for a special Fall Edition with some exciting news from the center!





This workshop is beneficial to the deaf and hard of hearing young individuals of varied cultures in giving them a “voice”in sharing what they know about their own identity, culture, and community. youth-leadership-training.html

Gallaudet University Regional Center - Southwest provides a series of training that include hands on activities with young varied cultures. esol/deaf/




Youth Programs

Check out the weblink for more Youth Programs information.







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