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Gallaudet University Regional Center-Midwest John A. Logan College 700 Logan College Road Carterville, IL 62918

Salutations! Training Opportunities! Free Webinar! More Than Meets the Eye: An Introduction To Autism Spectrum Disorders A new webinar with Dr. Christen Szymanski Thursday, April 18, 2013

3 to 4 p.m. EST

In this second webinar on deaf and hard of hearing students with autism, Dr. Christen Szymanski will explain the early warning signs of autism that may present in young deaf or hard of hearing children. She will also discuss how some of the current characteristics, warning signs, and tools for diagnosing autism in deaf or hard of hearing children may not apply. Autism and Autism Spectrum Disorders are diagnoses that consist of lifelong challenges in communication, socialization, and behavior for both the children who are given the diagnoses and their families. Children who receive early and accurate diagnoses often receive earlier interventions-supports, services, and treatment-that can lead to greater benefits later in life.

If you are a parent or a professional working with a deaf or hard of hearing (d/hh) child with additional disabilities, then you know how challenging it is to find helpful resources and guidance. The result of the 2009-2010 Annual Survey of D/HH Children and Youth conducted by the Gallaudet Research Institute shows that 39% of d/hh children in the nation have one or more disability. The needs of d/hh children with additional disabilities vary considerably and there is no specific educational technique that is appropriate for all deaf children with special needs. Gallaudet University and the Laurent Clerc National Deaf Education Center continue to work towards providing better training opportunities and useful information for parents and professionals. Please take the time to explore what they have to offer in this newsletter. I encourage you to contact me at if you need assistance or training in your area. Thank you!

Register today for this free webinar.

Sheri Co ok

GURC-Midwest Spring 2013 E-Newsletter  

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