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Gallaudet University Midwest Regional Center at John A. Logan College 700 Logan College Road, Carterville, Illinois 62918

Make reading fun and accessible—the Shared Reading Project way The Clerc Center's Shared Reading Project (SRP) is a nationally acclaimed program designed to teach parents and other caregivers how to read to their deaf and hard of hearing children using American Sign Language (ASL) and how to use strategies to make book sharing more effective. The Shared Reading Project: Keys to Success training is designed to prepare site coordinators to establish the SRP at their own schools, programs, local libraries or community centers. The Clerc Center will be offering its comprehensive three-day training, The Shared Reading Project: Keys to Success, at Deaf Inc. in St. Louis, Missouri from March 27-29, 2012. Workshop participants will be introduced to all facets of setting up a program-from setting up the location, training tutors for home visits, communicating with parents and caregivers, setting up an SRP book bag lending library, and suggesting ideas for sound financial management. One past SRP workshop participant expressed the experience this way, the training on "how to establish an SRP site really equipped me to begin a SRP program in my school. I was challenged...and provided with opportunities and strategies to work with tutors, families, administrators, and funding resources." Since the inception of SRP in the early 1990's schools and programs across the country have set up sites using a wide variety of formats to suit the needs of their local areas and school systems. For example, Barb DiGi in Miami-Dade County in Florida funds an SRP for 22 families where 461 students are enrolled in mainstreaming programs for the deaf and hard of hearing. An SRP site in Washington State created a video outreach project using videoconferencing to help reach families across a broad geographic area. SRP sites are currently located in 31 locations in 22 states and the District of Columbia.



Continued from first page The Shared Reading Project: Keys to Success March 27-29, 2012 Hosted by the Missouri School for the Deaf Location: Deaf Empowerment Awareness Foundation, Inc., 25 East Frisco Avenue, St. Louis, MO 63119 Register: SRP registration Early bird registration: $250 ($325 after February 1, 2012) Registration deadline: February 27, 2012 Registration fee includes all materials, lunch, and snacks. Resources: • SRP website • SRP Facebook page • SRP Directory of Sites

New online training outlines nine strategies for improved reading and writing The Laurent Clerc National Deaf Education Center has developed a free, self-paced, online course, entitled Literacy-It All Connects, that provides teachers with an overview of the components of a balanced literacy program for deaf and hard of hearing students from preschool through high school. This research-based training reflects effective teaching practices in schools around the country and highlights a literacy program based on nine strategies for encouraging the development of reading and writing skills. The nine literacy strategies are: • Reading to students • Dialogue journals • Shared reading and writing • Writer's workshop • Independent reading • Journals and logs • Guided reading and writing • Language experience • Research reading and writing The course features presentations in American Sign Language on each of the strategies, as well as suggestions for, and real-life examples of, application of the strategies in the classroom. Online course participants will come away with an understanding of the nine strategies and their importance in supporting the literacy development of students. Register now: Literacy-It All Connects For more information, contact




This is a wonderful link for those who want to know the 15 principles for Reading to Deaf Children. All these vlogs are very clear and in American Sign Language. _Literacy/15_Principles_for_Reading_to_Deaf_Children/The_15_Principles_from_1_to_15.html

The purpose of GURC?

The Gallaudet University Midwest Regional Center is one of six Gallaudet University Regional Centers (GURCs) in the United States that partners with Gallaudet University. Based in Washington, D.C. and chartered in 1864, Gallaudet University is recognized as the premier educator for the deaf community. The GURCs help bring the resources and expertise of Gallaudet University and the Laurent Clerc National Deaf Education Center to sites across the country through extension courses, training programs, workshops, conferences, enrichment programs, and technical assistance.

We provide information on professional development opportunities.

We provide assistance in planning programs or workshops.

We provide academic excellence through Gallaudet University courses.

We provide technical assistance related to the education of deaf and hard of hearing students

Contact Information

The Midwest Regional Center serves Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, Ohio, South Dakota, and Wisconsin. Sheri Cook, the Center’s Director, started in October 2010 and Misti Harrison, the Coordinator, started in December 2010.

Sheri S. Cook, Director Office C202B John A Logan College 700 Logan College Road Carterville, IL 62918 VP: 618.565.0054

Sheri and Misti will send out the Midwest GURC e-newsletter quarterly to keep you informed about available conferences, and workshops.

Misti Harrison, Coordinator Office C202A John A. Logan College 700 Logan College Road Carterville, IL 62918 VP: 618.565.0055

Email Misti Harrison at if you want to let us know about upcoming events, etc. 3

GURC for the Midwest's February Newsletter  

The February Newsletter focuses on literacy.