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9-11 Evil

Because they know, if ever given a genuine opportunity, there is no doubt that the masses would shred them limb-from limb (and rightly so). The psychopaths in power hold no illusions about this fact, because if the everyday man ever re-took control of their destiny, we'd kill them all. We're at war, yet the only ones who realize it are the Talmudic plutocrats who have no compunction whatsoever about taking human lives. And who is the war between? Them and us! Why do you think it's always us being manipulated to kill our own - Christians vs. Muslims, Americans vs. Russians, blacks vs. whites, etc. all the way back through history? To understand 9-11, and to understand the criminally insane, one must begin thinking (or at least viewing the world) like they do. If you're not willing to make that leap, you'll never comprehend the machinations surrounding you. The first elemental truth is as follows: those who were behind all of the atrocities listed a few pages earlier are the enemies of mankind. The reason why is simple: these men and women are outside us ... modified ... imprinted with an entirely different set of values and lack of morals (all via their twisted DNA). Their nature - so alien to ours - is undoubtedly a source of power; but in the same breath also their greatest fear. Imagine: if their crimes against humanity were exposed for all of humanity to see, the masses (hopefully) would finally swell with such fervor that we'd rip those bastards to bloody pieces. Let's do away with the pleasantries. These diabolical vermin attacked us, killed our people, and put us through hell with


Thorn victor 911 evil  
Thorn victor 911 evil