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9-11 Evil

towers to crush human beings into nothingness; or to lace the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building with bombs right below a day care center. Messianic egotism run rampant. Literal gods (at least in their own minds) commanding the forces of life and death in plush, sequestered boardrooms. The global elite - those pathological, incest misfits - commanding their demonic forces to attack America: the ultimate betrayal - treason - an inside job of horrific proportions. High-level personnel in this very administration were instrumental in decimating our own country. But why should we be surprised? To them, the end still justifies the means as their patron saint Machiavelli chortles with delight. The superior minds - lords of the earth - consumed by sewers of unbridled deviancy. Murderers. Traitors. The morally devoid anointed sow seated atop their rotting, Animal Farm thrones. But do they see themselves as being different than us? Absolutely. They know precisely how alien they are from their subjects, and the Machine they created around them is a reflection of their abnormality. The deceit, infanticide, genocide, addiction, fear, and obsession can no longer be masked by what is purported to be an upstanding political system. Rather, their insanity is oozing to the surface like poison through the scales of a reptile. This leisure class - so privileged - exerts every form of control possible, including a mass murderous plot like 9-11 to somehow assure themselves that they're still safe from us.


Thorn victor 911 evil  
Thorn victor 911 evil