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9-11 Evil

• Dr. Baruch Goldstein walking into a solemn Arab mosque filled with worshippers, then assailing them as he opened fire with a military assault rifle. 29 were killed, and many more wounded. • The deicide of God's son. Jesus Christ, by whipping, beating, abusing, spitting upon, and terrorizing him until he was a bloody mess (all the while as an angry Jewish mob incited even more violence), then nailing him to a cross and letting him die of asphyxiation (the most torturous form of execution known to mankind) — then denying their role in his crucifixion for 2,000 years. • The demonic Talmud - the root of Judaism - describing Jesus' mother as a common whore who conceived the Savior during menstruation. • Twenty Irgun terrorists (wearing Arab garb) storm-trooping Jerusalem's King David Hotel and detonating 495 pounds of explosives. 91 innocent people killed, many of them British soldiers. • The Alabama Church Burnings where three Jewish teenagers set fire to nine Christian houses of worship using specially-designed thermite and incendiary magnesium to light the fires, thus satisfying their sick thirst for arson. • Ariel Sharon's appalling war crimes in which he commanded Lebanese soldiers to massacre more than 1500 weaponless Palestinians in the Shattila and Sabra refugee camps. • The detestable Balfour Declaration, written by Zionist Chaim Weizmann. which led to the slaughter of World War II where tens of millions of people were killed, all so that Israel


Thorn victor 911 evil  
Thorn victor 911 evil