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100% Working Home Remedy to Cure Low Blood Pressure Blood pressure is the pressure that blood exerts on the walls of the blood vessels. The blood pressure of a healthy person shall be 120/80 mm hg. In this upper one is called systolic pressure whereas the lower one is called diastolic pressure. When this level goes down say 60/100 then the person is said to be suffering from low blood pressure and such a person starts felling following issues: • • • • • •

Dizziness Unconsciousness Weakness Fatigue Frustration You feel like to vomit but do not vomit

Afore-listed are the symptoms of low blood pressure, which may not be good for a human. There are various reasons that may reduce the blood pressure generating afore-listed issues. Mentioned below are those reasons due to which the blood pressure gets reduced on blood vessels: • • • • • • •

Dehydration i.e. excessive loss of water from body Excessive exercises Hectic work schedule leading in body exertion Stress Lack of salt in body Malnutrition Blood Loss

Amid afore-listed reasons, stress is the most dangerous reason for reducing blood pressure. Recovering the blood pressure to 120/80 can be easy if stress is not a reason behind the reduced blood pressure. However, if the blood pressure has gone down due to stress then until the person will not come out of the stress, taking blood pressure back to the normal state is not possible. There are several ways to get relief from low blood pressure in allopath but here in this article, you will know about 100% home remedy, which gives you permanent relief from low blood pressure. The best thing about the remedy that I am going to describe here is it will not put any side effect on your body because it is all about using almonds and raisins that will only provide you nutrition whereas curing low blood pressure completely. Let us see what

you have to do to get advantage of this 100% working home remedy for low blood pressure: • • •

Soak 5 almonds or 32 raisins in water over night. Peel off the almonds next morning and consume them raw. Make sure that you are empty stomach. If you have soaked raisins then chew them completely.

Repeat this for 40 days at least. If you can make it a habit then it will be good for your health because there are various other benefits of chewing raisins and almonds early morning. However, in case you are suffering from severe low blood pressure then you are suggested to consult an allopathic doctor and once your blood pressure comes to normal or around that only then tries the above treatment because it may take 4-5 days in showing its affect. Another thing that I would like to suggest you is try to remove stress from your life as soon as possible if you want to live healthy and diseases free life. Do yoga and meditation regularly for at least 30 minutes a day. Doing this regularly will definitely puts positive effect in just few days. You May also Like

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100% Working Home Remedy to Cure Low Blood Pressure