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Jacey Chen Iain Carter Humanities 8-5 3/13/2018

Gone - Dec 26, 1968 Today seemed to be a normal day as the snow gracefully floated down and hit the jagged cement that caked the ground. Two years ago, Mao had launched the Chinese Cultural Revolution. However, nothing has changed. Until today, before the incident, I still lived peacefully and comfortably with my proud and happy family. That happy feeling quickly faded after we heard a harsh knocking on our front door. "Open the door!" a man shouted from the other side. Hearts beating, breath shaking, we all understood who was knocking on our front door. The Red Guards. The Red Guards are made up out of high schoolers who strongly believe in Mao and his unreasonable choices. My family despises all the things he does to this country. We wouldn't really call ourselves supporters of Mao. Because of that our family name has been added to the Blacklist. "Go hide! Don't let them find you!" my father quietly yelled as my mother and I ran to the back of the house. "Nothing will happen father, we're safe," I replied back. Figure 1: The Red Guards were young pioneers that Mao Ze Dong a godeyes filled with fear. "Go now,� hetreated said staring at measwith He then slowly treaded towards the front door as the Red Guards kept pounding at it. As my mother and I waited for my father to calm the Red Guards our breathes were lowered into a small but steady pace. 'Click' the door unlocked, our breathes suddenly hitched as the door swung open. "Hello Mr. Wang, is your family with you today?" one of the young men asked in more of a command than a question. Being the man my father was he puffed up his chest and replied confidently. "No, they are currently out to the market." after his statement silence was the only thing filling the air. My breath involuntarily sped up making my breathing rough and unsteady. A loud thud came after the pain-staking silence my little brother silently gasped at the sight. My father fell back flat onto the floor and was groaning in pain. "Search the house," one of the Red Guards ordered.

The Red Guard's heavy boots could be heard from in every room of the house getting louder and louder as they got closer and closer. Until they finally found us. They dragged my whole family out of the house and on the streets. I could feel the cement scraping my face as the dragged me by my shirt down to the town square in front of all our neighbors and friends. "Kneel!" One of the Red Guards commanded Figure 2: This is a struggle session. During this time, red guards as his boots scraped the back of our legs. My mother, brother, and I kneeled in the middle of would drag the people Mao didn't like a do a struggle session on them. the square facing our father. During the time, we've been dragged it could be seen that my father has been beaten. Bruises caked his face while his nose had velvet blood dripping from it. His head hung low as he was forced to kneel shards of class and nails. The nails and glass pierced inside his knees as all of his weight pressed into the jagged floor. The Red Guards made us watch my father slowly die as they brought over a heavy wooden board that hanged onto a thin wire. As they set it onto the back of his neck, the wire seeped into his skin as blood started to slowly drip down the wires onto the jagged floor. After hours of torture and crying they finally stopped after my father fell over. As the Red Guards left I quickly ran to my father along with my mother and younger brother. "Father?" My voice quaked as I shook him, hoping he would magically wake up. "Father?" I said my lip quivering as I stepped back. My mother then came up to his lifeless body and started bawling. Because of Mao he was dead. Because of this revolution my father was gone.

Lin Biao's Dead? - 1969 A year later… Sitting near the window I could hear the Red Guards stomping outside still checking from house to house. As I stared at them in fright my mind wandered to when they mercilessly kill and humiliated my father. Being a part of a small percentage who disagrees with Mao, I can gladly explain why he goes around demanding high schoolers go kill who they despise. As the days pass on and he gets older, Mao feared that his place as the president of China would be overrun by one of his four communist party officials. To assert his authority, he decided to do the dreaded action of starting a revolution just to benefit himself. The radio I had near my side stopped playing as the host of the channel started to speak. ‘So, have you heard about the incident with Lin Biao?' I heard a man say through the radio. I quickly turned around and concentrated on what the man was saying. If you live China you know everything about the 'Lin Biao incident'. 'He's very interesting, isn't he? Why would he go against Mao Ze Dong?' 'I have no idea, all of Mao's ideas are amazing! Why would he disapprove? And to plot his assignation? What a disgrace!' I silently dozed off as the two men in the radio started chatting on a different subject. Lin Biao had his own ideas and was subjected to them. However, he and Mao were never in a good relationship any way. I never thought it would get so bad that Lin would try to murder Mao. After his plans were found Figure 3: Lin Biao, Mao's Second-in-command. he's been labeled a traitor and a fool, but of course my family also disagrees with Mao's choices. Even if I were able to be a part of the unforgiving Red Guards I wouldn't be able to. Being on the Black List means I can have no part in government situations. Everyone calls it the 'Lin Biao incident' but in reality, it's 'The traitor's death'. After his plans were found Lin Biao's plane was shot down and landed in Mongolia. His plane was shot down right from the blue sky, hues of red and orange flames painted the sky as the flying machine lit up the night like fireworks on New Year’s Day. As the plane hit the ground, the news spread like wildfire. Even though Lin Biao was Mao's Second-in-command men mistrusted each other immensely, because of that Lin Biao thought it was an amazing idea to plot Mao's assassin without being caught. Of course, in the end, he did get caught. Which led him to get tailed and shot down. I sighed as I finished my thought. If that happened just a few days ago I wonder if Mao's anger has peeked? My breath stopped for a second. What would Mao do if someone did something out Figure 4: Lin Biao's body after the crash. of line? Would it be worse than a struggle session? My heart stopped as I heard stomping coming to my direction. I held my breath as I quickly shed away from the window. A few

minutes later the stomping quieted down as the Red Guards passed. I steadied my breath as I got up from hiding. I closed the curtains as my mind wandered off. Would Mao find and shoot us down just like Lin Biao?

The Death of Revolution – September 9th 1976 It's over. It’s over! It's finally over! After seven years of hiding and avoiding the Red Guards everything is over! Blood still stained the street as everyone, even the families on the blacklist were sent to mourn for Mao Ze Dong's death. We all stood in front of a podium as a man stood in front of all the people there. "Our beloved Mao Ze Dong," The man started, "Has sadly left this world to be in a better place. Unfortunately, he didn't die peacefully his heart gave away at the age of Figure 4: Mao's funeral. 82." He droned on talking about how great Mao Ze Dong was and how everything he did led us to our future now. Everyone stayed for 2 hours as we all mourned for Mao's death. But all of this was not worth it. The bloodshed, the turmoil, and the cries that could be heard at night. All of that was not worth it. Every time I close my eyes, I go back to the day my father was being tortured in front of hundreds of people. Even on the radio, news of all the other countries accomplishments were being told, while the only accomplishment we have is the death of more than millions of people. Walking home I prayed and prayed for our country, China, to thrive again in the future.

Chinese Cultural Revolution  
Chinese Cultural Revolution